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Full text of "The works of William Shakespeare : in reduced facsimile from the famous First Folio edition of 1623"

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1Rc\\ lb. C. Sca^^lno, 2).5). 

to tbe Xibrar\> 
of tbe 

TTlnivereitv of Toronto 




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Ei)t JFirst iSDition of Sftafeesprare* 











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TT may be safely asserted, without fear of the 
writer being accused of exaggeration, that the 
First Folio Edition of Shakespeare is the most in- 
teresting and valuable book in the whole range of 
English literature. There is no work in that litera- 
ture at all approaching near to it in critical value. 
When it is mentioned that this volume is the sole 
authority for the texts of such masterpieces as the 
Tempest, Macbeth, Twelfth JSIight, Measure for 
Measure, Coriolanus, Julius Caesar , 'Timon of Athens, 
Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline, As you Like It, and 
"The Winter's Tale — were the rest of the book waste- 
paper, enough will have been said to - confirm 
its unrivalled importance. And its value increases 
every day, for day by day it is more clearly ascer- 
tained that many of the subtler meanings of passages 
in the works of Shakespeare depend upon minute 
indications and peculiarities which are alone to be 
traced in the original printed text. 


A few of the dramas iti the First Folio were 
possibly edited from Shakespeare's original manu- 
scripts. This n>ay be conjectured to have been 
probably the case with some of the author's latest 
productions, single copies of which might have 
sufficed for some years for the necessities of the 
theatres ; but there can be no doubt that most 
of the autographs of the plays had been lost some 
time before the writer's decease, many possibly having 
been destroyed by the fire at the Globe Theatre in the 
year 1613. The editors of the Folio, however, 
boldly assert that they "have published them as where 
before you were abused with divers stolen and 
surreptitious copies, maimed and deformed by the 
frauds and stealths of injurious impostors that exposed 
them, even those are now offered to your view cured 
and perfect of their limbs, and all the rest absolute in 
their numbers as he conceived them ; who, as he was 
a happy imitator of nature, was a most gentle ex- 
presser of it ; his mind and hand went together, and 
what he thought he uttered with that easiness that 
we have scarce received from him a blot in his 
papers/' This evidently is meant to imply that the 
whole of the volume was carefully edited from the 
author's manuscripts, whereas it is certain that in 



several instances Heminge and Condell used printed 
copies of the old quarto editions, in which were 
certain manuscript alterations, some of the latter being 
valuable, but others the reverse. Home Tooke, 
indeed, inconsiderately followed by numerous others, 
goes so far as to say that " the First Folio is the only 
edition worth regarding ; " adding, — " it is much to 
be wished that an edition of Shakespeare were given 
literatim according to the First Folio, which is now 
become so scarce and dear that few persons can 
obtain it ; for, by the presumptuous license of the 
dwarfish commentators, we risk the loss of Shake- 
speare's genuine text which that Folio assuredly 
contains, notwithstanding some few slight errors of 
the press." Home Tooke was not so well read as 
were the commentators, none of whom could have 
exhibited such an entire ignorance of the value of the 
Quartos. Every one, however, who has really 
studied the question, must admit that his opinion is 
correct in regard to no inconsiderable portion of the 
Folio volume, and that, even in those cases in which 
the texts of the Quartos are on the whole to be 
preferred, no student of Shakespeare could possibly 
dispense with incessant references to the collective 
edition. The value of the First Folio is so unequi- 

viii PREFACE. 

vocal, that there is no necessity for its wildest partizan 
to resort to exaggeration. 

The reader will more readily understand the pur- 
port of these observations, if we add a list of the 
plays in the order in which they are here printed, 
with observations on the relative authorities of the 
texts. It will, of course, be understood that the 
mention of the circumstance of any drama in this 
volume being a first edition, conveys also the fact 
that it is the only authoritative text: — i. The 
Tempest. First edition. Perhaps edited from the 
author's own manuscript, which we know was not 
amongst those destroyed in the fire at the Globe 
Theatre. 2. The Two Gentlemen of Verona. First 
edition. 3. 7 he Merry Wives of Windsor. First 
edition of the play in its complete state. A surrep- 
titious quarto appeared in 1602, but it is merely an 
imperfect copy of the author's first sketch of the 
comedy. 4. Measure for Measure. First edition. 5. 
Comedy of Errors. First edition. 6. Much Ado about 
Nothing. Printed from a quarto edition which ap- 
peared in 1600, with a few omissions and variations. 
7. Lovers Labour's Lost. Printed from a quarto 
edition published in 1598, with a few alterations of 
slight consequence. 8. A Midsummer Nighfs Bream, 



Printed from Roberts's quarto edition of 1600. 9. 
The Merchant of Venice, Printed from Heyes's quarto 
of 1 600, with a number of variations and corrections. 
10. As Tou Like It. First edition. 11. The Teaming 
of the Shrew. First edition. 12. AWs Well that Ends 
Well. First edition. 13. 1^ w elf th Night. First edition. 
14. T^he Winter's 'Tale. First edition, i^. King John. 
First edition. 16. Richard the Second. Mainly- 
printed from the quarto edition of 16 15. 17. First 
Part of Henry the Fourth. Chiefly taken from the 
quarto edition of 16 13. 18. Second Part of Henry the 
Fourth. There was a quarto edition issued in 1600, 
but the editors of the FoHo appear to have used a 
manuscript playhouse transcript of the comedy. 1 9. 
Henry the Fifth. First complete edition. The earlier 
quartos were surreptitiously printed, and are very 
imperfect. 20. First Part of Henry the Sixth. First 
edition. This play could not have been written by 
Shakespeare, though he may possibly have added a 
few touches to it. 21. T'he Second Part of Henry the 
Sixth. First edition. It is an alteration of an older 
play called the " First part of the Contention betwixt 
the Two Famous Houses of York and Lancaster, with 
the Death of the good Duke Humphrey," 1594. 22. 
The Third Part of Henry the Sixth. First edition. 


It is an alteration of the " True Tragedy of Richard 
Duke of York, and the Dcatli of good King Henry 
the Sixth, with the whole Contention between the 
two Houses, Lancaster and York," 1595- 23. 
Richard the 'Third. Edited from a playhouse copy 
of the quarto edition of 1602, which must, howcwer, 
have had numerous manuscript alterations and ad- 
ditions. 24. Henry the Eighth. First edition. 25. 
'Troilus and Cressida. Printed from the quarto of 
1609, with certain omissions and some valuable 
additions. 26. Coriolanus. First edition. 27. Titus 
Andronicus. Edited from a playhouse transcript. It is 
nearly impossible to believe that this drama could have 
been written by Shakespeare, and I rather incline to 
conjecture that the editors of the First Folio inserted 
the older play on the subject, first printed in 1594, 
through either mistake or ignorance, knowing that 
Shakespeare had written a drama on the same theme, 
and finding no other version of it in their collection 
of plays. 28. Romeo and Juliet. Edited from a 
playhouse copy of the quarto edition ot 1609. 29. 
Timon of Athens. First edition. 30. Julius Caesar. 
First edition. 31. Macbeth. First edition. 32. 
Hamlet. Edited from a playhouse transcript. 33. 
King hear. Edited from a playhouse transcript, cer- 


tainly not from the author's manuscript. 34. Othello. 
Edited from a playhouse transcript, i^c^. Antony and 
Cleopatra. First edition. '}^(). Cymheline. First 

The First Folio was originally issued at the selling 
price of twenty shillings. The present average value 
of a perfect copy is ;^500j and one very fine example 
in the possession of Lady Burdett-Coutts cost that 
lady, at the Daniel sale, no less a sum than £ji^' 
There is no doubt that these prices will be largely 
exceeded in the future. It is scarcely necessary to say 
that the volume has been for generations the almost 
exclusive property of wealthy collectors, and a sealed 
book to the generahty of readers and students. By 
the aid of modern science it is now placed in a con- 
veniently reduced form within the reach of all. It is 
not of course pretended that any facsimile of any old 
book will in all cases of minute research entirely 
supersede the necessity of a reference to copies of the 
ancient impression, but for all usual practical objects 
of study this cheap reproduction will place its owner 
on a level with the envied possessors of the far-famed 




^ i^etfuceti dFacsiimile. 

To the Reader. 

This Figure, that thou here feeft put, 

It was for gentle Shakcfpeare cut; 
Wherein the Grauer had a ftrite 

with Nature, tooucdoo the life : 
OjCould he but hauedra wne his wit 

As well in bradc, ashehathhic 
Hisface , the Print would thenfurpafie 

All, that was euer writ in bralTe. 
But, fmce he cannot, Reader, loolce 

No: on his Pifture, but his Booke. 





PublifKed according t<5 the True Ori'ginall Copies. 

L ^D J^ 
Fi-mioiby iliac la^g^ir), aod Ed« Bl oimc. i6iy 






EarUof Pembroke, &c. Lord Chamberlaine to the 

Kjp^^ ff^^ft Excellm zlMaiclly. 



Earic of Montgomery, &c. Gentleman of his Maiefties 

Bed-Chamber. Joth Knights of the mod Noble Order 

of the Career, and our fingular good 


Right Honourable, 

\HilJlxi?eJlucfie to be thanl{fuimwrpartictJarifi>r 
themany fdttors vpe haue recemedfromjmr L.L 
T9e arefalncj vponthe ill fortune, to mingle^ 
two the mojl dtuerfe things that can bee^feare, 
andrajhnejje ■ rajhneffe tn the enterprii^e, and 
feare of the fuccejfe. For, n>hen Vdc valew the places jour H.H, 
fijiaine,ytie cannot but knoVf their dignity ^-eater , then to defcendto 
the reading ofthefe tnjl£s:and,'vr>hile vve name them trifles ;»e haue 
depriudourfelues of the defence of our Dedication, T^utjincejour 
L,L. haue beenepleaJd to thinly thefe trifles fome^thing, heereto^ 
fore^ and haue pro fe^Uftted both them, and their (lAuthourliuing, 
V\fithfo muchfauour : toe hope,that(thej> out-liuing him,andhe not 
hauing the fate, common Voithfome, to he exequutor to his owne nr/- 
tings^jouvfillvfe thelike indulgence toward them^jou haue done 

<*J i vnto 

The Epiftlc Dcdicatone. 
'vnto their parent . There n d great difference y^hether any 'Bcto^e 
choofehts^Patrones, or fnde thcTiL^ : 7^ his hath done both. For, 
fo much were-^your L L. ItJ^ngs of the^ feuerail parts, yyhert 
thejn>er coded, as bejon they werepubLJhed, the f^olurru- ail{dto 
be yours . fVe bauc but colleBed therrL^^and done an officL^ to the 
deadjtoprocHrehu Orphancs, Guardians :^ without ambn ion a- 
ther o/jel/e -profit, orjame : onety to l^eepe the memory offo "Worthy 
a Friend, (^ Fellow aliuCjUs was our Shakespear e by hum^ 
ble offer ofhisplayes^tojowr mojl noble^ patronage. IVherem, as 
ipe haue iujlly obferued^ no man to come neereyour L.L. hut with 
a J^ndofreltgwusaddrejfe-j-ithath bin the height of our care, who 
are the Tre/enters,to mal^ theprefmt worthy of your //. H. by the 
perfeBionfButJthere'ipe rauft alfo craue our abilities to beoonfderd, 
my Lords. We cannot go beyond our cmme powers. Country hands 
reach foortb mi/l^,creame,fruites, orTphat they haue : and many 
V^^ationsQwe haue heard") that hadnotgummes (s* wcenfe, obtain 
nedibeir recjuejls with a leauened Cal^e. It "Wa^ w fault to approch 
their Qodsy by what meanes they could: <ijndihe mofly though 
meanefl, of things are made more precious, when they are dedicated 
to Temples, In that name therefore, we moft humbly confecraUL^ to 
your H. H. thefts remairtts ofyourferuant Shakefpeare ^ that 
"what delight ts in tbem^, may be eueryour L.L. the.^ reputation 
hiSj^ the faults ours yif any be committedyby a payre^fo carefullto 
fh^ their gratitude both to the Imng^ndthe dead, as is 

Your Lordftiippes moft boundcn. 

Torh Memikge, 
h&nrt c okd e ll« 

To the great Variety of%eaders, 

Rom che mod able,to him that can but fpell: There 
you arc number'd.We had rather you were weighd. 
Efpecially, when the fate of all Bookes depends vp- 
on your capacities : and not of your heads alone, 
but of your purfes. Well ! It is now publique, & you 
wil ftand for your priuiledges wee know: to read, 
and cenfure . Do fo,but buy it firit That doth befl: 
commend a Booke, die Stationer faies. Then, how oddcfoeueryour 
braines be, or your wifedomes, make your licence the fame,and fpare 
not. ludgeyour fixe-pen'orth, yourfhillings worth, your fiue kil- 
lings worth at a time, or higher, fo you rife to the iuft rates, and wel- 
come. Bur, what euer you do, Buy. Cenfure will notdriueaTrade, 
or make the lacke go. And though you be a Magiftrate of wit, and (it 
ontheStageat 'Black-Friers, or the (^oc^'f if, to arraigne Playes dailie, 
know, thele Piayes haue had their triall alreadie, and ftood out all Ap» 
peales; and do now come forth quitted rather by a Decree of Court, 
then any purchas'd Letters of commendation. 

It had bene a thing, we confeffe, worthieto haue bene wifhed,thar 
theAuthorhimfelfehad liu'd to haue fet forth, and ouerfeen his owne 
writings ,But fince it hath bin ordain'd otherwili;,and he by death de- 
parted from that right, we pray you do not envie hisFriends,the office 
oftheircare,andpaine,to haue coll edted & publifh'd them; and fo to 
liauepublilVd tliem, as where (before) you were abus'd with diuerfe 
flolne, and furrcptinous copies, maimed,and deformed by the frauds 
and ftealthes of iniunous impoflors, that cxpos'd them : euen thofc, 
are now offer'd to your view curd, and perfedl of their limbesj and all 
the red, abfoiute in their numbers, as he conceiued the.Who,as he was 
a happie imitator of Nature, was a moft gentle expreffer of it.His mind 
andhand went together: And what he thought, he vttered with that 
eafinefle, that wee haue fcarfe receiued from him a blot in his papers. 
But It is not our prouince, who pnely gather his works, and giue them 
^ou, topraifehim. It is yours that reade him. And there we hopc,to 
your diuers capacities, you will finde enough, both to draw, and hold 
you : for his wit can no more lie hid, then it could be loft. Reade him, 
therefore ^ and againe, and againe : And if then you doe not like him, 
furely you are in fome manifefl danger, not to vndcrftand him. And fo 
welcaueyou to other of his Friends, whom if you need,can bee your 
guides: ifyouneede them not, you can leadeyourfelueSjand others. 
And fuch Readers we wifh him. 

A 3 JohnHemtn^. 

iicnru Conddl. 


To the memory of my beloucd, 


Mr. VV ILL I AM Shakespeare; 


what be bath left vs. 

1 draff m cnuy CShakcfpcare) on tfn rucnUt 
' Am I thui ampU to thy Booke^ and Fame : 

_ \whiiej ccnfe[fetbyvmtif3gttoi;efuch, 

Ai neither Man, nor Muie, eanfraifi too much. 
'Ti' true^ and M mens fifffira^e. But theJeTfajes 

were not the paths I meant vnto thjprai/i: 
fcrfeeliejl Ignorance on theft may light ^ 

Whioj^ wsen it founds at befi^hut euhcs right j 
Or blittde jlffeUinty which doth ne're aduanu 

The trutb^ hut gropes^ and 'orgethaUtrj chance i 
Or crcfty M^iUce^ might pretend thispraife^ 

jindthinke to ruine^ where ttfeemdto raife, 
Tisefe are, at fame infamous haud^ or where , 

should praiji a Matron. What could hurt her more f 
But thou art prcofeagamfi them , and indeed 
Aboue tVdl fortune ofthem^ or the need, 
/, therefore mH begin, Soultof the Age f 

The appbuje ! delight ! the vender (four Stag2 \ 
Mf Shakdpcare, r^e\ J will not lodge thee by 

Chaucer, or Spoiier, or bid Beaumont lyo 
A little fitrther^ to make thee a roeme: 

Thou art a Mooinsenf, wthout a tombed 
jind art aftue pm, while thy Booke dothlitee. 

And we have wits to ready andpratfe to gnu. 
That I not mixe theefo^ tnj braine excufes \ 

I meane with ff eat, hat difproportion'd Mufcs 
Fer^tf J thought my fudgement were ofjeeree^ 
jjhould commit thee fitrely with thy peeres. 
And tell, howfarre thou didHfi our Lily oat-jhine, 

Orfporting Kid » or Marlowes mighty line, 
Andthot^ thou hadftfmaU Latine, atid te/fe Gttekt^ 

From thence to honour thee, 1 would notfeeke 
For nametc but caU firth Aundring iEichilus, 

Euiipaes. and Sophocles to vs , 
Paccuuius, Acdus, him (>fXDordcma dead, 

.To life ^aine, to heare thy Buskin tread, 
And /hake a Stage ; Or, when thy Sockes were on, 

Leeue theeabm,for the cempartftn 


OftJ^A"^ "jfolcnt GrCf CC, er hdughtte Rome 
fnit forth ^ or fnce dtdjrom their djhfscome. 
IriMmphy my Britainc, thou ha/i oru tcP>cm, 
To Tvhom all Scenes fff Europe homage trtH. 
Ut WiU not ofdn age, hut for all time ! 

Andallthe }A\jitifttUrf(retn thurfrtme^ 
when Itke Apollo he came forth to varme 
Our eareif or like a Mercury to charme [ 
T^ure herfelfe xoajprcud ofhu defipnes^ 

Andioydtoxeeare the drefstng ofhu linei \ 
which were fo richly/pun, andrfouenfo fity 
As,fince^ (he villvouchfafe no other Wit. 
the merry Greeke, tart Ariflophanes, 

Neat Terence, wittv Plautus, wv notpleafe^ 
But antiquated, and defer ted lye 

As they were not of Natures family . 
ret mujtimtgiue Nature all: Thy Arty 

My gentle ShzV^^tzieymuflenioyapart. 
Tor though the Poets matter, Natttre w, 

His ylrt dothgiue thefafhtort. And, that he, 
who cafls to rvrite a lining line, mu/ifrveat, 

(fuch as thine are) andftrtke the feccnJ heat 
Fpcn the Muies anutle : tume the fame, 

(And himfilfe vith if) that he thinkes to front j 
Crfor the Umreltyhe ma^ geine a fcorne^ 

For a good Poet's made, aivellashome. 
Andfuchveert thou. Loeke how the fathers face 

iJues in his iffue^ tP.enfo^ the race 
Of Shakefpeares mmde, and manners hrightly^rM 

In his tfell tornedy and true. filed Una : 
In each of which, hefeemes to /hake a Lance, 

As brandffh't at the eyes of Ignorance, 
Sweet Sxpon of Auonl what a fight it were 

Tofes thee in our waters yet oMtearey 
Andmake thfe flights vpon the banket of Thames, 

Thatfo did take EJ iza, arki our laines ! 
"But flay y J fee thee in the Hemifpbere 

Adtcanc'd, and made a Conflellaticn there \ 
ShtYK forth, thou SturreefPocxz, and with rage. 
Or infiumce^chide^cheere the ir-'oping Stage ; 
which, firm thy flight fro hersceftath mourn d like ntght. 
And def^aires a^^ ^tfhr thy Volumes light* 

Ben: IoNSO^^» 

Vpon the Lines and Life of the Famous 

Scenickc Poet, Mafter W i l l i a m 


Hofc hands, which you fo clapr, go now, and wring 
You Brit sines braucj for done are Sbak^tdres dayes : 
H IS dayes aie done, that made the d«inry Playes, 
Which nude the Globe ofheau'n and earth toting. 

_^_^____ Dry'de istbarvcine,dry'd is the ThilfUn Spring, 

Turn*d ail to teares,and Phabm clouds his rayes : 

Tbai corp's, that coffin now bcftickc thofc bayes, 

Which crown'd him /*«<?/ firft, then fw/i King. 

XiTtigedifs raight any Prol»gue haue, 

Allthofe he made, would fcarfe make one to this : 

Where J/ww/, now that begone is to the graue 

^Deaths publique tyring houfe^ the Nunctus'n. 
For though bis line of Lfe went foone about. 
The life ya of bis lines Ifaail ncuer out. 



of the deceafed Authour Maifter 

W, Shakespeare. 

JHake-fpeare, at length thy pious Jellowei giue 

\The world thy Workes : thy Workesyby which,out-bue 

' Thy Tombe, thy name mujl when thatjlone is rent, 

And Ttme dijfolues thy Stratford Montment, 

Here yi>ealiue (hall ijiexp theejlill. This 'Booke, 

When (Braffe and Mar hie fade, P*jII make thee looke 

Frejh to all Ages: when Tojleritie 

Shall loath what's neTt>,thinke all isprodegle 

That w«o;Shake-fpeares,f«'/;)' Line, each Verfe 

I1erejhallreuiue,redeeme thee from thy Herfe. 

Nar Ftre^or cankrwg Age, as Nafoy^/^/, 

OfhK,thylt>it'fraught Booke pjall once inuade. 

Norjhall I ere heleeue, or thinke thee dead 

(Though mijl)<vntill our bankrout Stage be fped 

(Jmpofsible) with fame ne"^ ft ratnet' out-do 

^afsions of\\i\\Qi,and her Romeo ^ 

Or till J heare a Scene more nobly take, 

Then M>henthy half Sword par lyingKomans /pake. 

Till the fe, till any of thy Volumes rejl 

Shall with more fire, more feeling be exprefl, 

'Befure^our Shake^fpeare, thou canjl neuer dye, 

iBut croipn'd with L^relljiue eternally. 


To the memorie oi^A.W.Shaf^e'fpeare, 

Vr\/'jB E wondred(S\\?kt-i^tzx€)that thou went'flfofoone 

From the Worlds 'Stage, to the Graues-Tyrwg-roome. 
Wee thought thee dead, but this thy printed T^orth^ 

Tels thy Spe Gators, that thouTirent'Jl but forth 

To enter Tfith applaufe. An JSlors Art, 

Qan dye,and liue ,to aBe a fecond part. 

That's but an Exit ofMortalitie j 
77>M, a 'Re-entrance to a 'Plaudite. 

1. M. 

The Workes of William Shakcfpearc, 

containing all his Comedies, Hiftories, and 

Tragedies ; Truely fet forth, according to their firil 

The Names of the Principall A£lors 

Illiam Sha{ejj)€are. Samuel Qilburne . 

%obert Qjfrmin. 
Wtlliam filer. 
!h(athan Field, 
fohn Vndervoood. 
!7^holaj Tooley. 
William Scclejlone. 
fofeph Taylor. 
I^bert Goughe, 
lohn Shancke. 

^R^hard 'Bur badge, 
fohn Hemmings, 
(lAuguJline Thillifs 
William K^nft. 
H^ry Condell, 
William Slye. 
SamueU CroJJe. 
^Alexander (^oo^' 


of the feuerall Comedies, Hiftories, and Tra- 
gedies contained in this Volume. 


HeTmpeJ}. Folio i. 

The tl>o Gentlemtn of Verona. 20 

The Merry Wiues ofWindfor. 3 8 

MeafurefirMeafure. 61 

The Comedy ofErrours. 8 5 

Much adoo about Hothing. tot 

Loues Labour bSl. 122 

Midfommer Nights Vredme. x^^ 

The Merchant ofVenice. l6^ 

As you Like it, i S^ 

The Taming of the Shrew. 208 

AH isjvell, that Ends well. 2 j o 

Twelfe-Night, or what you wilL 255 

The Winters Tale. 504 


ThelfiandT>eathofI^tngJohn. Fol. i. 
The Ufe c death ofT{ichard thefecond. 2 j 

The Firjlpart oftQj^ Henry the fourth. J^6 
The Second part ofJ^. Henry the fourth. 74 
The Life ofI{ing Henry the Ft ft. 69 

The Firjlpart ofI{tng Henry theSixt. 96 
The Second part ofl^tng Hen. the Sixt. 120 
7%e7Tiird part of IQng Henry the Sixt. 147 
The Life Zsr Veathof l^chardthe Third.iy^ 
The Life of^ng Henry the Eight. 2 05 


The Tragedy ofQjriolanus. 

Titus Jndronicus, 

T^omeo and Juliet. 

Timon of Athens, 

The Life and death of Julius Q^far. 

The Tragedy oj Macbeth. 

Tl)e Tragedy ofHamttt. 

^ing Lear. 

Othello jthe Moore ofVenice^ 

Anthony andQeopater. 

QmbeUne I(ing4>fBritaine. 








^ UuspiimuSi Scena prima. 

j^tempe/fuow noift ofTbunJer aid Liihtnmg heard : En. 
ttraSbtp-mt^fr, and a Bonfwaiii/. 

Batef. HcefcMifJet: Wbatcbfcre? 
M«j}. Cood:Speakctoih'Marinn$: fall 
too't, yarcly } or we run our felues a ground, 
befbrte,beflirre. Exit. 

Enlif iMonntrt. 
Bettf. Heigh my hearts, cheerely, cheercly my harts : 
yarc, y vc : Take in ihetoppe-falc : Tend coih'Maflers 
whifile: Blow till ibouburll thywinde, if roome e 

£^nttr jilenfo, Seh»^ite»^ Anthnio^ Ferdinands, 
CM*a!o,and ether t, 
Jilan. Good Botcfwalnchaue care: wbcte** the Ma- 
fttr.? Pity the men, 

^ottf, 1 prey now kecpe below, 
Amh. Where u the Maflet, Bofon ? 
£flr#yrDoyounothearehim? you marre our labour, 
Keeps your Cabines : you do afsift the f^orme* 
Cent., Niy, good be patient. 
Bettf. When the Sea is-: hence, what cares thefe roa- 
rers for d>c name of King ? to Csbincj filencc t trouble 

Geit. Good, yet remember whom thou haft aboard, 
Imf. None that I nvsre Ipuc then my felfe. You arc 
a Co'jnfd!or,'.f you can command thefe Elements to (i- 
ler.c«>»ud worki the peace of the prefent, wee will not 
hand « rcpe more, vfe yofr authoritie: If you cannot, 
Rlue»wjnke» you haue liu'd fo long , and make your 
Idfe teadie in your Cabinc for the mlfchance of the 
houre, iHt fohap. Cheerely good hearts: out of our 
way Kay. Exit. 

Gxi. I nauc great comfort from ;his fellowm;ethinks 
he hath no dro\7njng marke vpon him,, his complexion 
Ispcrfe^ Gallowcs : fiandfaft good Fatetohis han- 
ging, make the rope of his de^liny our cable, for our 
oiwi»iidct^linleadu3nri(je! >lfh€ be not borne to bee 
hsiig'd, our cafe is miferabte. Exit. 

Etifer "BstufvjMtt. 
fsX^j'TDownc with :hc top-Maft : yirc,lower,lower, 
bring her to Try with Mainc-courfc. A pUgUe 
Acyy witljin. Eatsr Se{>afiupi, Afithostie dr (j3r.x,tdo. 

vpon cbis howling: they are lowder then the weather, 
or our office : yet againe ? What do you heete.' Shal y/e 
giue ore and dtowne,l)aue yoa a minde to finke ) 

Schaf. A poxc o'yoxir thro3t,you bawling, blafpbe- 
moas incharitableDog. 

"Botef. VVorkc you therk 
Amh.Win^ whorefon infoleni Noyfe- 
msker,we are leHe afraid to be drownde.then thou arr. 

^»»*. llevMarranthim for drowning, ihoogh the 
Ship were no ftrongenhen a Nuit- (hell, and as leaky as 
an vnftanched wench. 

Botef. Lay her a hold.a hold , fet heriwo coucfes off 
to Sea againe,lay her ofF. 

Eitttr Mar men wtl, 
MrrL Anion,topr3yets,iopraycr5,all loft, 
'Batef. Wliat muft oat mouths be cold t 
Gant^Xnt King,and Prince,« ptayer»,lct*s a£[iA.(hem, 
for our cafe is as theirs. 
Sebif. Tarn out of patience. 

At.VJe are meerly cheated of our lioesby ditinkards. 
This vu ide-chopt'rafcall, would thou mighiA lye drow- 
ning the wafhi4ig often Tides. 

Ce^a. Hec'lbs hanp'd yet, 
Though euery drop of wacet fweare 3gain(l it. 
And gape at widft to glut him. jicanfufedaajfiwithfff. 
Mercy on vs. 

We fplitjWe fplit , Farewell my wife and ckiidretif 
Fiiewell brother : we fp]it,we rplit,we fpjjr, 
Anth- Let's all finke w'hW King 
5r#. Lee's take kauc of him. Exit. 

CanK,. Now would I giue a thoofand furlongs of Sea, 
for an Acre of barren ground .• Long heath, B<rowne 
firrs , any thing; the wills aboue be done, but I would 
faioe dyea dry death* Ejsiu 

Sccna Secunda. 

Enter yrofprre md Miraxda. 
Aftra. If by your Art (my dicrcft father^ you haoe 
put the wild waters in this Rorcjalay thsmi 
The »kye it feemci would powre down ftinksng picch. 
But that the Sca.mounting to th' welkins cheekf, 
Dafhes the fire out. Oh ! I haue fuffered 
With ihofe that I law faffer: A braae ?«fiell 

A (Who 


^WT>o had oo doubt fonKnobfecrcaturr inbcr) 
Dani'dalUopcecci :Othccr7dtJkjft<Kkc 
AgainO my rcry heart ipoo«:foiiIf».thcyp<rTll}»'d. 
Had 1 byn any God ofpowrr.I would 
H»uc funckctbeSra within the E;nh, or era 
It rhould the good Ship fo haue fwallovt'dftnd 
The frsughting Sojka within ha. 

No root c arcAzcnKnt t Tell y«jar plncooi heart 
there's no harme done. 

Mir*. OwoCjthcdjy. 

Frtf, Noharmc: 
I haue done nothing,biit in care of thee 
(Of ihce ciy decre one j th«c my dtothter) who 
Arc ignorant of what thou art . (uugTit knowing 
Of vvhencc I am .• Dor iHk I am more better 
Then Preff>tro,lA»Rct of a fuH poccc cell. 
And thy no greater Father. 

iMira, More to know 
Di'J neuer medic with my thoughts. 

Pnf. Tii time 
£ Acmld iribrme thee farther : Lend rhy Htind 
Andplucke my Magick garment from me: So, 
Lye there rtiy Art: wipe thou thine cyes,haue comfoii, 
Tne diicfitil fpectade of ihe wracke which touch'd 
The very vertce of compalfion in ibee : 
I hane with fuchprouiiion iomirK Art 
Sofafeiy otdcrcdithatthcBCitno ibule 
No not fo touch perdiiioo at an hayrc 
Betid to any crezcureln theve(fcll 
Which thouheardf^ crye! yrhicb thou faw'A (tnke : Sit 
For thou maR now know faithec fdowne, 

Mird. YouiuneoftcQ 
Begun to telitne what I am,bnt flopr 
AndieftoJetoabooceteHe loquiGtion, 
ConcJudingjflay,' not yet. 

PrfJ^ The hpwr'a now cotDC 
The very minute bydi thee ope thine eare, 
Ohey-.and beaitenciue. CanH <hoa remembet 
A time before we came vnto tiiis Cell ? 
I doc not thinke thou canft/oi then tbcu was't not 
Om three yeeres old. 

CUi'*. fcertiiedy Sir,*l can. 
Prtf, By what ? by any other ljotiCf,orp«rfon ? 
Of any thing the lfE3ge,tejl mc,tbat 
Hath kept with thy remc»braDce. 

LMfTn. TijfiineofF.- 
And rathetlikeadrmme,thcnana*{rurance 
That my remembrance wamets .* Had I noc 
Fo wrc,oriiu?women once,tlMt tended me f 

TVof.Thouhadft; and more //ir^iid.-Butbowisit 
1 hat this liuej in thy minde ? What fecil thoo da 
In the dafk'backward and Abtfme of Time? 
Yf thou remembrcft ougbteie thou caoilft bete, 
Hov7 thou c3,m'R herethoofsati)* 

Jifira. But that I doe noc 

fraf. Twelue7rrefece(iW>vew(«)tr«ioeycre&ice, 
Thy father was ths .Doke oiMiSdme acd 
A Prince of power/ 

MirtL SJi; ire nbtyooftjy Father? 

Pn/i Tliy Moihervras tp«sce of 7Ctt»e, and 
She faid tbou waft my datigwer ; «nd thy fatbct 
Wat Dtilce of .i^tao»r,aod his ondy beii^ 
And PrinrefTe ; no w«fe Ilfiied. 

if/zhi, Othe h««!et». 
What fovie pliy had vre,that we caimyficni thence ? 

Or bleiTcd wai't we did ? 

Prtf Bofii>o(biryGirle. 
By rjw!e-pUy(ai thou £ajft)wcie webe»*'d limit. 
But blcITcdly i>olpe hither. 

Mird, O toy beart blcedes 
To ihiiikc oi^i lerae t)ai I baor taoi'd yoa to, 
W^iich h from ory rascaibraBce,pleafeyc«/aiih«T; 

Prtf My bioiher •'d _tmimit : 
Ipraythevnuikemc, th*t a brorf»r: ftiouli 
Be (<j pcrfidioua : he, whom n;xt tVj ftlfc 
Of ail the world 1 lou'd,and to htm put 
The msnnage of ray flare, aiKthir ctrae 
Thtough all the fignotjet it wu the firfl. 
And Pr*ff>tn,t}ie prime Duke, betng Co rrpttttd 
In dig3i:y j and for the Uberali /jrtea, 
WitSoot aparaltl! ; thofc bcog tU my ftudie. 
The Governrocnt I cafl ypon my brother. 
And to my Stzte grew ftrangiT.bcing trai^portcd 
And rapt In feaet ftudiei,thy faii rock 
(Do'ft tbou attend me ?) 

(.MfTM. Sir,mon heedefully. 

Prtf. Being once perfc^ed bow co gratsit faites, 
liow todeny tbem : who ('aduance.znd who 
To trifli for oucr-topping; new crcittd 
Tl>e rreatarcs that were mine.l faf, or charsg'd 'eo». 
Or els new form'd 'em ; bauing both the key. 
Of Officer.and office,faall hearts i'th flate 
To whu tune pleat'd his eare,chac now he wai 
The luy which had hid my princely Trunck, 
And fuckt my verdure out on'c : Tbonaacnd'fiBOt? 

Mir4. O good Sir, I doe. 

Prtf. I pray thee marke me : 
I thus negleiSiing worldly endsoll dedicated 
To dofenes.and the bettering of my miisd 
with thIt.^^hichbut by being foretir'd 
Ore-prii'd all popular rateiin my f»lfe brother 
Awak'd ao euiil nature, a.nd my troft 
Like a good parcnt,did beget of htm 
A falfehood in it's great 
As my uuft was,whicji hidindeeder.onmit, 
A confidence (ins bound. He beiifg thus Lorded, 
Not onely with what my reueocw vctlded, 
But what my power might dse.'UCT. Likeoos 
Who haaing into truth, by idling of k. 
Made foch a fynner of his m?a>or:e 
To credite bis owoe lic,he did bdeeve 
He was indeed the Duke,ooto*ih' SubftimticD 
And eiecutlag tb'outward face of Roialtie 
With all prerogacior.beace his Ambition gro^bg : 
Do'fttboo heart? 

M/rt. Yoor uletSlr, would cere deafeoefTe. 
?ri^To haoc BO Scbreme between this p«R he plaid, 
And him be plaid itfor>he aeedef will be 
Abfolute MHUirrr, tie (poore man) my Librarie 
Was Dukedoroe Urge enough : ofterr-pcralltoaUiei 
He thinks me now incapible. Ccsfedrrates 
(fo drie be was for S wz^} rri'ji King c^NefUt 
To giue him Annual] tribute,doe him honugc 
SjbieS his Coronet,to his Crewnc and bend 
T^e Dukedom ye t rabow'd (alas poore 2tl(£f«if(r) 
Toiaoft ignoble fto(^>iag. 
THigA. Oh the heanena : 

Prtf Marke his condizroo^d th'siiffl^thsattH tse 
If this tcight be a brorhtr. 

MwK, 1 (hoold finite 
Tothin^ebutNobiieofisy Grtn<}-mother, 




Good wombes luue boync bad foiines^ 

pro. Now the Condition. 
Th;i King o£ Naples being an Eaeray 
Tome inuctcratc,hcarkcni my Brothers Tait, 
Which waj,That he in lieu o'th prcmifes, 
Oniomage,and I know not how ranch Tribute, 
Should prcfcntlytxtirpateipe and mine 
Out of the Dukcdomc, ai^ cCnfer faire MiHawe 
Wuh all the Honors, on my brother : VVhcrcoa 
A treacherous Armielcuicd, one mid-night 
Fated to ih" purpofc. did Anthanio open 
The gates olMtHwie, aatiith' dead of darlceneiTf 
The miniftcrs for th* purpofe Jiurricd thciKc 
Me, and thy crying felfc. 

CMtr. Abckjforpitty: 
I nc*t rcmembring how I cridc out then 
Will cry it ore againe : it is a hint 
That wrings mine eyes too'u 
Pr». Heart a little further, 
Apd dicn lie bring thee to the picfcni bufincfle 
Wlwch Dow's Ypon 's : without the wbich^this Stocy 
Were mod impel cinciit, 

tJW/r. Wherefore did they not 
That howrcdeOroy vs ? 

Prf. Well demanded, wench . 
My Tale proookes that queftion : Dejre,they durftnot. 
So deare the louc my people bore me : nor let 
A tnarkc I'o bloudy on the bulineffc; but 
With colours fairer, painted iheii foulceods. 
lofcw, they hurried vs a-boord » Barkr , 
Bore vsfofwc Leagues to Se3,v;l)cre they prepared 
A rotten cai kaflc of a Butt, not rigg'd. 
Nor uckle, fayle, nor mart, the very rats 
InftiniSiuely haue quit it : There they hoyft v» 
To cry to th* Sea, that roard to t$ ; to figh 
Toilv' windes, whofepittyfighingbackcagaine 
Did vs but louiiig wrong. 

Afhr. Alack, wlut trouble 
Was I then to you ? 

Vra, O, aChctubin 
Thou vnas't tlwt didprefcrue me ; Tl»ou didfl fmite, 
Infufcd withafottimdc fromhcaucn. 
When I haue li.eck'd the lea with drops full fait, 
Vndcr my burthen groan'd, which taif 'd in me 
An vndcrgoinq (lomacke, to beare vp 
Againdwhat (hould enfue. 
Mir, Howcamcwca(h«e? 
Pro. By prourdence dioine. 
Some foodtvve had.and fomc frelK water, that 
A noble Netfotit/ot Gmx^h 
Out of his Charity, (who being then appointed 
Mafterofthis dcfigne) did g]iuevs, with 
Rich garmerKs, linnens, ftuffs, and neceffarics 
Which fincc haue fleedc d much, fo of his gcntlcncffe 
Knowing I lou'd my bookes, he furni(hd me 
From mine ownc Library, v/ith volumes, that 
I pri^e aboue my Dukcdomc. 

iWrr, Would I might 
But eucr fee that man» 
Pro. Nowjlarifc, 
Sit rtill, andheate the fafl ofoiir Ica-forrovr: 
Hcete in this Hand we arriu'd, and hccrc 
Haue I, thy Schoolemafter, made thee more profit 
Then other Princcffc can, that haue more time 
For vainer howrcs ; and Tutors, not fo carefull, 
A/ir. Heuens thank you for't.And now 1 pray you Sir, 

For fiill 'tis beating in juy minde ;.yonr tcafoti 
For rayHag ihi* So».ftorrac ? 

Pr*. Know thus far forth, 
By accident mofl ftrange, bountlfuU ForiUMg 
(Now my dcere Lady) hath mine enemies 
Brought to this fhotc : And by nty prefciencc 
I finde my Zmith doth depend vpon 
A moftaufpitious ftarrc,whofc infigeiue 
If now I eouit not, but omit;-(nyfbitiui«v 
Will euer after droopc : Hcare teafe more t^irefh'oo j. 
Thou art incUnde to flcepc : 'tis -a good dulnefic-. 
And glue it way : I know thou can^ not chufe : 
Come away, Sctuant, coi«e ; I ais ready now, 
Approachmy >Yr»*/. Come. Eirrer Arid. 

jiri. All haile, great Mafitr, grave Sir, I>»ik:I come 
To anfwer thy bed picafute ; bc't to fly. 
To fwiro, to diue into the fire : to ride 
Onthecurldclawds; to thy (trong bidding, uskc 
tyiriel^ and all his Qoalitic. 

Pro. Haft tliou. Spirit, 
Pei^ormd to pomt, the Tcmpefl that I bad thee, 

%/ir. To cuery Aiticle. 
I boorded the Kingi fliip ; now on the Beake, 
Now in the Wafle, the Dcckc, in euery Cabyn, 
I flam'd amazement, fometime I'lddiuide 
And burnt io many places ; on the Top.maft, 
The Yards and Bote-fprilt, would I flame diliindlly, 
Then meete,and ioyne. huu Lightning,theprccurfer3 
O'th dreadful! Thunder-claps more monicntarie 
Andfightout-running were not; the firc.and cracks 
Of lulpburout roaring, the moft mighty iVr;>r»</i^ 
Sceme to befiegc, and make his bold waucs tremble, 
Yea, his dread Trident fliakc 

Pro. My br«K Spirit, 
Who was lofirmcjfoconflantjtharthit coylc 
Would not infe(5l his reafon ? 

*At. Notafoule 
But feh aFeaucr of the hnadde, and plaid 
Some tricks of deiperation ; all but Mariners 
Phiog'd io the foaming brync, and quit the vefTel! ; 
Then atlafire with me theKmgs iot\nt FtrdinAttd 
With haue vp-Uaring (then like reeds, not haire) 
Was the fitft mar> that leapt ; cridehcU is cmpi y. 
And all tbeDiucU are hccrc. 

Pro. Why that's my fpirit: 
But was not this nye ftiorc ? 
Ar. Clofcby,myMartcr, 

P>o. Bttt arc they («4r;ri?) fafc ? 

Ar. Not a haire pCTilhd : 
Oil their fi»ftairttng garments not abkihifli. 
But frcflicr thenbcforc : and at thou badft me. 
In troops 1 haue difperfd them 'bout the Ifle : 
The Kings fornic haue I landed by himfelfe. 
Whom I left cooling of the Ayrc with (ighes^ 
In an odde Angle of the Ifle, ahd fitting 
His armes in this fad knot. 

Pro. Of the Kings fbip. 
The Marrincrs.fay how thou hail difpofdy 
And all the rert o'th' rieete ? 

Ar. Safely in harbour 
Is the JCings fliippc, in the dccpe Noolre.whcrc once 
Thou caMdft nic vp at midnight to fetch dcwe 
From the ftiII-vext'Z?«'««»»A'«, there ftie't hid; 
The Marriners all vndcr hatches floy«d. 
Who, with a Charme ioynd to iheirfuffrcd labour 
I haue left afleep : aod for the reft o'th* Pkct 

A X WWch 


(VVliKh I dirpMi'dJ ihry «li h»uf fDf i agiinr, 

An<> llf Vpon the MtAiitrrsinait Flotc 
B"un.| fjiJly home for NfUi, 
Supporing thtt fh«y fi w ihc Kmgi (hip wrtclct, 
A;id hii jTcit prrfoit prrifh. 

Pea y^riW, ihy chjfgc 
F.«idUy II prrforni d ;but ihere'imore workei 
VVh»i itclieiimr o'thday ? 

A'. Pift the mid frjfop. 

/''ff. Ai Icift tw/oGl.iCTci: the time 'twjxt fn & now 
Murt by »4 both be fpent mofl precioufly. 

yfr. It there more toy le / Since ^ doll giucme PiinJ, 
Let me trmembcr thee what thou haft promii'd, 
VVhitt) u not yet pcrform'd mc. 

Pro, Howiiovv* moodie * 
What li't thou canO demand? 
At. My Libertie. 

Pro Before the ttmc be out? no morn 

A'. 1 ptethcc, 
R emembct I haue done tjiee worthy feruicc, 
ToWthce nolycs, made thee no miflekmgs.rerv'J 
Without or grudge, or grumblings ; thou did promifc 
To bate nc a full yeerc. 

Pro. Do'ft thou forget 
From whatatd^mcnil did freciViee* Ar. No. 

Pro. Thou do'ft : & thinkft it much to tread y Ooze 
Ofthefilt deepe; 

To run vport the Hiarpe winde of the Nonh , 
Todoemebufineffein the veincso'th" earth 
When it IS bak'd with froft. 

Ar. I doe not Sir, 

Trt. Thoiilieft.malignantThing J haft thou forgol 
The fowlc Witch ir;ftfrAr, who with Age and Enuy 
Wasgrowne intoahoope? haft thou forgot her ? 
jir. No Sir. 

Pro. Thou haft: where wai fliebom?fpeaX5tcnme: 

Ar. Sir, in Argttr, 

Pro. Oh, was Ihe fo:Imuft 
Once in a moneth recount what iV.oo haft bin , 
Which thou forgctft. This damn'd Witch Sjctrtx 
Pormifchicfei manitcld, and forceries tcrr'blc 
To enter humar.c hearing, from Artier 
Thou know'ft was banifh'd : forone thing fhe did 
They wold not take her hfe: Is not this true t ^r.I, ?yx- 

Pro. This blew cy'd hag , was hither brought win 
And here was left by th"Saylor$; thoumyftaue, (child, 
As thou rcportft thy fdfe.was then her feruant. 
And for thou waft a Spirit too delicate 
To »S her earthy, and abhord commands, 
Refiifing her grand hefts, (he did confine the« 
Ry hclpe of I>er more potent Mmifttrs, 
And in her mofi vnmittigabie rage. 
Into aclouen Pyne, within which rift 
Imprifon'J, thoudidftpaincfuliy temainc 
A doien yeercs : within which fpacc fhc di'd, 
And left thee there : where thou didft vent thy greanes 
As fift as MiU.whceles ftnke : Then was this Iftind 
(Sjuc for the Son, that he did littour hecre,^ 
A frekelld wlielpc, hag-borne) not honout'd with 
A huiTvane fhape. 

ylr. Yes: O/i^rf^her fonnc. 

Pro Dull thing, 1 fay fo: he, that C^.^iTi 
Whom now I keepc in fetuice, thoubcft know'ft 
What torment Ididfinde th e in;thy grones 
Pid make woiueshowie, and penetrate the breaftt 
t>feu«-angryBeaicj; it was a lormeni 

To l«y vpon cS« itmn'd, which Sjctr*» 
Could no! agime vndoc : it wai nnr< Aft 
When 1 jfiiu'd, and Heard ihc«,thu rr.ade ope 
The pyne, and let thee out, 

Ar. Ichanke theeMafler, 

Pr0. Jf thou more rr'irTwuf "ft, Iwill rcadanOaVc 
And peg-thce in hn knotty enirtrtt^ ti!l 
Thou haft howld awiy twclue winteri, 

Ar. Pardon, Mifter, 
I will be correfponderr to command 
Ar.d doe my fpiyting.gtntly. 

Pt$ Doefo: andatttr'.flodaiei 
1 Will difcharce thee. 

Ar. That I my r.oble Mifter: 
What fhail I doc > fay what > whw fliiJl I doe ? 

Pro. Goemakc thy felfe like a Nymph o'th' St?, 
Be fubied to no fight but thine.and mine • iDUifible 
To cuery eye-biK tlfe : goe take this fbipe 
And hither come in'i : goe : herKC 
With diligence. Exit. 

Pro. Awake, dcete hart awaVc,thon haft fleptwdl, 

Afir. Thefttargeneiofyoarftory,put 
HeaumcfTe in me. 

Pr0. Shaken off: Ccme on, 
Weeil vifit Cafitan, my flaue, wlio neuer 
Yeeldj v$ kindc anfwere. 

Mtr 'Tisa viiliineSir, I doe not loue toit>okeon. 

pro. But as 'tis 
We cannot miffc him : he do'i make our fire , 
Fetch in our wood, and ferucs in OfStei 
1 liat profit vs : Whit hot : flaue : Ctlikui : 
Tbou Earth, thou : fpeake. 

Cat, wiihw. There'i wood enough withirv 

Pr». Come forth I fay, there's other bufnes for t^ee: 
Come thou Tottoys ^ wheii ? Enter Anell^ a meter' 
Fmeapparifionrmy queint ^^r»e/, Sjtnph, 

Heaike inthineeare. 

j^r. My ftiallbc done. Exit. 

Trt. Thou poyfonous flaue, got by Jdiuell bimftlfe 
Vpon thv vMcLed Dam : come forth. Enter Cthhm. 

CaI. Ai wicked dewe, as ere my mother brufVi'd 
With Raucns feather from vn whoiefame Fen 
Drop on ycu both : A Southwcft blow on yee , 
And biifter you all ore, 

Pr#.For this be fure, tc night thou fhah haue crftups, i 
Side.ftitches, that fhall pen thy breath vp, Vtclii.'u 
Shall for that vaft of night .that they may workc 
All exercife on thee ; thou fhalt be pinch'd 
A; thicke as hooy combe, each pinch more ftinging 
Then Bees thatmade'em. 

ChI. Imuftoaimy dinricr: 
This Iftjnd's mine by Sjcerax my mother. 
Which thou tak'ftfrom trie: when thoucim'ftfirfl 
Thou ftroakft rre,& made much of rt>e; wooldll gioe n»e 
Water with beniei in't : and teach me how 
To name the bigga Light, andhowth.elcff: 
That burne by day .and night : and then I lou'd the* 
And fbew'd thee all the quiJiticj o'th" I(le , 
The frcfh Springs.Brine-pit: ; barren plsce and ferull, 
Curs'd be I that d;d fo : All the Chcrroes 
Of Sjccrjs : Toidcs, Bec;le«, Batt s light oa jcu : 
For lam iJI to eSubie^ts that you haue. 
Which firft Wis min owr.eKing : indhereyou (bf-ate 
In this hard Rock e.whiles ycu doe kcepe from tue 
The reft o'th' IGm J. 

Frt>. Thcj 


S ' 

. Pre. Thou moft lying fla«e. 
Whom ftrjpcsmsy moiie,not kindncs:! haucvs'd thee 
(Fihb astboUSrtJwith humane caie,and lodg'd ihcc 
In mine owneCell, till choU didft feeke to vioitte 
The honor of my chjldc. 

C«/. OHhoj oh bo, would't had benedone : 
Thou didft preuent me, 1 had peopel'd elfc 

//«•*. Abhorred Shoe, 
Which any print of goochjefle wilt not tale. 
Being capable of all ill ;Ijpitti«d ihee. 
Took pains tomakeihee (peak, caught thee each hourc 
One thing or other : when thou didft not (Sauage) 
Know thine own^ meaning ; but wouldll gabble, like 
A thing moft brutifh, I endow'd thy purpoles 
VV'ih wordithat madcihemknowncjBut thy Ttldracc 
(Tho thou didft leam)had that in't.which good natures 
Co'ild not ab ide to be with; therefore waft thou 
Defcrucdly confin'd into this Rocke, who hadfV 
Df fcru'd more then a prifon. 

^ot'. You taught me LanguaEe,and my profit on't 
!s, ! know how to curfc : the red-plague rid you 
For learning me your language. 

Prof. Hag-Tccd, hence: 
Fetch v« in Fewell, and be qulckc thou'rt beH 
To anfwer other bufinefTc : (hrug'ft thou (Malice) 
IT thou negleftft.or doft vnwiinngly 
What I command, lie rackc thee with old Cr ampci, 
FiU all thy bones with Aches, make thee rof c, 
That beads (hall tremble at thy dyn. 

Co/, No,'pray thee. 
I muft obey, his Art it of fueVpowV, 
It would comroUmy D»mt ^oi Setek'h 
And make a vaHaile of him. 

Pre. So naue,hencc. ExitCal. 

Enter FrrdinMd& Ariel, ifiuifthUflsjiHg^ fiugitig. 
Aritl Song. Come vnto tbefijieSerpfanJs, 
and then take handt : 
Curtfied vhenjoH haue^nd^jt 
the wiide wMtes whijl : 
Toetc itfeMllj htere, ttnd there, Mtdftveete Sfrr^it hexrt 

theiurihttt. Burthen difperfcdly. 
HtvkeJjArktfiattgh wanfh : the watch' Doggis Otrl^e, 

Ar. Iler^jLirl^ I hetrejtheflrMnenfprkttiug(T}4KtkUre 
cry ceck/tdidleJtswe, 
F/r. Where (hold this Mufick be? I'th aire.or th'canh? 
It founds no more : and fure it waytcs vpoti 
Some God 'oth'Iland, Htting on a banke, 
Weeping againeiheKing my Fathers wracke, 
Tlus Mufickc crept by me vpon the waters, 
Allaying both their fury, and my padton 
With it's fwcet ayrc : thence I haue follow'dit 
(Or it hath drawnc me rathn) but 'tis gone. 
No, it begins againc. 

Ariei S orrg. PuRfademfiste thy Fat her lief. 
Of kid bonts 4Br« {orraS mndt : 
Tni[e jtrefeMrfei that vere hit eie i, 
J^otb:w »fhm th«t dethfade, 
Btit dothfuffer a Sea-change 
Jvttefcmtthnig rkkjc^Jhanfe: 
Sea-J^stnphiteMr/j ring hisl(ffeB. 

Burthen: ding dmg. 
tIxrlcKa» Iheareti/rm^dirsg-deir^M. 
fUr. The Ditty do's remember my drown'd father. 
This it nomcrtallbuflnei, nor no found 

That the earth owes : I heare it now aboucnie. 

Pre. The fringed Curtaincs of thine eye aduancc; 
And fay what thou fce'ftyond. 
Mira. What is't a Spitk? 
Lord, how it lookes about : Belceue me fit. 
It carries a braue forme. But 'tis a Ipirit. 

Pre.So wench,it eats,and flecps, & hath foch fenfea 
As we haue: fucb. This Gallant which tliou feeft 
Wasin the wracke t and but hee's forocthing flain'd 
With greefe (that's beauties canker) ^ might'ft ciU him 
A goodly pcrfon ; he hath loft his foUowcs, 
And flraycs about tofinde'em, 

Mir. I might call him 
A thing diuine.for nothing natutali 

Pre. It goes on I fee 
As my foulc prompts it.- Spiril,finc fpitit,ll( free ihce 
W ithin two dayes for this. 

Per. Moft fure the GoddcCfc 
Oji whom thcfe aytcs attend : Vouchfafe aiy pray'i 
May know if you remajnc vpon this Idand, 
And that you will fomegood inftruftlon giue 
How I may beare me beere : my prime requeft 
(Which I do laft pronounce) ii f Oyou wonder) 
If you be Mayd, or no ? 

Tifir. No wonder Sir, 
But certainly a Msyd. 

Per. My Language PHeaoeost 
I am the beft of them that fpeakc this (peecb. 
Were I but where 'tis fpoken. 

Pre. How? the beft? 
What wer't thou if the King efNepks beard thee ? 
Per. A finglc thing, as I am now.that wonders 
To hcareihec fpeakc ofNap/ei .- he do's heare me. 
And that he do's, I weepe : my felfi am N/tples, 
Who, with mine eyes (neuer flncc at ebbe) beheld 
The King my Father wrsck't. 
t-Mir. Alacke, for mercy. 

Per. Yes faith,& all his LordsjShe Dvkeof MUUxe 
And his braue fonne, being twzine. 

Pre. ThtDuVe ofMilJaint 
And his more brauer daughter, could conuoU tllid 
I f now 'twere fit to do't : At the firft fight 
They haue chang'd eyes : Delicate uiriet, 
lie fee thee free for this. A word good Sir, 
I fearc yoO haue done your felfc fomc wrong : A Wotd. 

THir. Why fpeakes my father fo vngently ? This 
Is the third mantbat ere I faw : the firft 
That rte I (igh'd for : pitty mouc my father 
To be endio'd my way. 
Per. O, if 8 Virgin, 
And your affe6^ion not gone forth, lie m^eyou 
The Queene afNaplet. 

Pre. Soft fir, one word more. 
They are both in eythcrs pow'rs : But thi: fwift bufines 
I rouft vncafiemake, leaft too light winning 
Maketheprize light. One wordmore: Ichargetfcee 
That thou attend me : Thon do'ft heere vfurpe 
The name thou ow'ft not, and ha.t put thy felfc 
Vponthislfland.a* afpy,towtnu 
From me, the Lord on't. 
Per. No, as I am a man* 

Mir.Thti'i nothing ill, csndwell In fucKa Temple 
If the ill-fpiric haue fo fayre a boufe. 
Good things will ftriuc to dwell wJth't 
Pre. Follow me. 



Trof. ipa)L*n«Kjoahrh\ra:h€cttTniiotxoac, 
{Icmanftcie thy nuke andfLctcto^tther: 
Sci waitr (ht\i ihou drinkc : thy food fhill be 
Th«fic(K-lKoolic MufTtli, withcf'd roo(i^ andbmka 
Wherein the Acofoc cradled. Follow. 

F«r. No, 
f 'A/ilI fcfWt Tijch rmcrtJiinment, till 
Vtlue enemy h»'j more powV. 

He dr,it>ti, aiul it ckarmtdfiuu mturfj^. 

MirA. O dccrc Faihcr, 
Make not cootafh atriall ofh'un, for 
Hcc'i gentle.and not tearfijlL 

/•/■«/ What 1 fay, 
My footc my Tutor ? Put thy fword »pTraitor, 
Whomak'ft a fhc*f,but dar'ftnotftnke:thy confcicncc 
IsfopofTcfl with guilt rCome.from thy ward, 
For I can hcete difarme thet: with this fticke. 
And raakc thy weapon drop. 

(Jiijrd, Bcfecch you Father. 

Pro/T Hence : haog not on my garmenii. 

Mirif. Sir hauc pity, 
lie be his furcty. 

Fr»f. Silence : One word tuorc 
Shall make me chide ihce, if not hateihee : What, 
An aduocate for an Impoflor f Hufh : 
Thou think'ft there is no nvorc fuch (Tiapej as he, 
(Hauingfecnc but him and Cd/iimi:') Foolilh wtnch. 
To th'moR of men, this i< a CAltbmi, 
Atwl they toKim are Angels. 

tJHirA, MyaflFcQion* 
Are then mod humble: Ihaueboan^itioo 
To fee a goodlier man. 

Fref, Corns on, obey : 
Thy Ncracs are in their infiuicfagainf. 
And haue no vlgonr in them. 

Ftr. So they are: 
My in a dreame, are all botmd rp i 
My Fathers lolf e, the wesknefle which 1 feel?, 
Tise wTackeorall my friends, nor this man^ ihttau. 
To whom I amfubdade.arebut light to me. 
Might I but through my prifon once a day 
Behold this Msyd : all earners clfe o'th*Eartb 
Let liberty make vfe of: fpace enough 
Hiue I in fuch aprifon. 

frof. It woiVes : Come on. 
Thou haft done w.'ll, fiiie AncR : follow cic, 
Harke what thou elfe fhait do mse. 

AUra. Eeofcomfoii, 
My Fathers of abetter nature (Sir) 
Tbtnheappcatesby fpecch: this is vnv70iit<?d 
Which now camefrcm him. 

Pro/l Thou (halt be as free 
As mountaine windci ; but then cxa^ly do 
All points of my cortiraand. 

^ruS. To th'fyllablc. 

frtf. Come follow ; (^eakenot fcr him. Exeuat. 

MusSecundus, Sc(Bna*Pnma, 

Franctfi^ mdahers. 
Guts.. Befeech you Sir, be meny ; you haue ciuff, 
(3o haue we al?) of ioy ; foroui efcape 

I s much beyond «ar lo& I Mr btot of woe 
Is cootmcD, -J'."; (iiT, (bm Stytors wife, 
The MaOen of fume Mcrchaot, tod the MacJMoc 
Haue i jfl our Theame of woe : But for ut minck, 
(Imeanc onrprcfCTuation) few in miliioos 
Can fpeake like vs : then "wifdy (good$ir)wei|h 
Our (orrow, with our comfort. 

j1t»nf. Preihfe peace. 

Sit. Herectmtjco.-nfbnlikecddporredge. 

jif. The Vilitor will rwtgiae him ore fo. 

Sii. Looke, hee'f wiodiog rp ti»< wuch ofhta wir. 
By and by it wiU ftxike. 

<j*m. Sir. 

Sth. ()ne:TelL 

Cm. When cuery grecfe is rctertaind, 
Thic'i o^^er'd comei to ih'eniertaiaer. 

SA. AdoUor. 

(7^. Dc loar cotnes to him tndeeti,you Hroe fpcltcs 
trwer iheayou purpoj'd. 

S*i, You haue taken it wifeljet then I »eant too 

Cm. Therefore my Lord. 

jint. Fic,whata(j>erd-ih/ifiUt>eonuttoog»e. 

j^Un. Ipre-thee(pare. 

C»n. Well, I hioe done: But yet 

Sci. H« will be talking. 

jilt. Which, ofh«, or Adriiii,fof a good wager, 
Firft begins to crow f 

^r*. The old Cocke. 

>/*r. TheCockrelL 

Sth. Done: The w? get T 

jint. A Lau&hter. 

S<i. A maun. 

Aiiy. ThooghttijlP.iadfeeTnelobedefert. 

Stk. Ha.ha.ha. 

offit. So : yfw'r paid. 

jidr. Vnlnhabicable, and aksoA ir>tcce^ible. 

Scb. Yet 

Adr. Yet 

j{nt. He could rot mifie't. 

^dr. I; n:uil needs be (>ffuln]c, tender, and dcUeaie 

jmt. 7Vwp<T«»ff w«as 1 de^cate *?njch. 

Se^, I.and a fubtle, as l»e moft learnedly defisa'd 

jlJtr, The ayre"breathcs i pon 7i here moft fweedy. 

Sei. As ifi: hid Langs, ar.drctteaones. 

t/fst. Or, as 'twere pe rfum'd by a Feo. 

Cn, Heaeif euerythingaduancageoutto li£e. 

tytiit, TntCtnuieiseaacsto'iue. 

Sti. Of tha* tbett't r oc ;, or litt>. 

Con. Howiulhaodlcflydx gca^eleokes? 
How greeoe ? 

jSnt, Tnsgroctdindcidii tawny. 

Set. Vinthaneyecfgresncn't. 

%/iHtt HcmilTesnocmuch. 

^. No : be doth but miibke the tmdi tocafy. 

Cm. BsttbeoxietyofitiSjWSuch isiodeed &!moft 
beyond aeiiit. 

Sti. AsnunyToscbtrarietiesBre. 

(7M.That our Guiacnts bctog(as tbcy weTt)dbeccbt 
in the Sea. bold noc\QttbAasdine their frefli aeS g aod 
glolTcf, bei&g r^hc." cew o v'tlr aen ftuo'd with Cikc 

^nt. Ifbut cue cfhk poc^cu co3ld Q>«ak«« y^vM 

St^. IjOtTeryfalfidy fc^fcetTptaJiepott. 

I'he Temfefi, 

GiH. Me chinkes our garments ate now as fcedt as 
when we put themonfirR in AfFricke , at the tnatriag« 
of the kings faire daughter CUribel to the king oiTiuiu. 

Sell. Twas a fwcet marriage,and we pro/per well in 

jfiri. Tunis was neuer grac'd before with fuch a Pa- 
ragon to their Queene. 

Gm, Not Ancc widdow Dido's time. 

Ant. Widow? A pox o'that : how came tliat Wid- 

Sch. What ifhe had faid Wlddower tA.mas too ? 
Good Lord, how you take it ? 

Airi. Widdow Dtdo faid you ? You make me ftudy 
of that : She wis oiCarihagc, not of Tffiii, 

Con. JhiiTnuu Sit Vtas Carthage. 

Adri. Cartiytgti C««. 1 alTureyou C4rrA/«f». 

Ant. His word is more then the miraculous Harpe. 

Seb, He hath rais'd the wail.and houfn too. 

AnuYifhv. impofjibfe matter v»il he make eafy next? 

Sth. I thinkchee will carry this Idand home in his 
pocketjBnd giuc ithisfonnc for an Apple. 

Ant. And fowing the kernels of it in the Sea, bring 
forth more Idands. - 

Con. 1. Ant. Why in good time. 

C»n. Sir.we were talking, that our garments feemc 
ijow as fircfh as when we were at Tttnit at the marriage 
of your daughter, who is now Queene. 

Ant, And the raieft that ere came there. 

Stb. Bate ( I bcfeech you) widdow Did» . 

Ant. O Widdow Dtdo ? I, Widdow Dido. 

Con, Is not Sir my doublet as fre(h ac the Hrfl day I 
wore it? I mcane in a fort. 

Ant. That fort was well fifh'd for. 

C«n. When I wore it at your daughters marriage. 
. Attn, Yoo cram thefe words into mine eares^gainft 
the ftomackcofmy fenfe : would ] had neuer 
Mairied my daughter there : For comming thence 
My Tonne IS loH, and (in my rate) (he too, 
Who is fo farre from//*/; rcmoued, 
IneVe agUne fhall fee her : O thou mine heire 
OfNaptertni of (JMiSaief, whzt (Grange fi(h 
Hath made his meale on thee ? 

Fran. Sirhemayliue, 
1 faw him beate the furges vnder him, 
And ride vpon their backes ; he trod the water 
Whofe enmity he flung afide : and breOed 
The furge mo(^ fwoine chat met him : his bold head 
*Boue the contentious waues he kept, and oared 
Himfclfe with his good armes in luily Hroke 
To (h'fhotc ; that ore hit waue-wome batisbowcd 
As floo)>mg to releene him : I not djoubt 
He camealiue to Land. 

AUm, No,no,hee'3gone. . 

Set. Sir yog may thank your felfe for this great iofle. 
That would not bletTe our Europe with your daughter^ 
But rather loofe het to an A^ican, 
Where (he at leaft, is banifh'd from your eye. 
Who hath caufc to wet the grcefeon'u 

A/ott. ?re>thee peace. 

Set. You were kne^M too, & Importun'd olherwife 
By all of vs : and the faire foo!e her felfe 
Waigh'dbctwetneloathncffe, and 
Which endo'th'beame (hould bow: we haue loft your 
I feare for euer:Afifi«iw and N4*>itt hsue (fon, 

Mo widdowes in them of this bufineJTe making, 
TRoawe bring men to ctmrfbrt them : 

The faults your owiic. 

Aiov. Soisthedaer'rioth'loflc 

Gin. tAf 1.016 Selrdfitan, 
The truth you fpeake doth lacke fome gentlenefle. 
And time to fpeake it in : you rub the fore. 
When you Should bring the plaiHcr. 

Seb. Very well. .(<(»/. And mofl Ctirurgeonly, 

Con. It is foulc weather in vi all.good Sir, 
When you are cloudy. 

Se^. Fowle weather? Ant. Veryfoule. 

Con. Had I plantation of this Ifle my Lord. 

Ant. Hee'd fow't with Nettle-feed. 

Se!>. Or dockes, or Mallowes. 

Con. And were the King on't, what would I do ? 

Seb. Scape being drunkc, for want of Wine. 

Con. rth'CommonwcaUh I would (by contraries) 
Execute all things : For nokinde of Trafiicke 
Would I adnut : No name of Magidratc; 
Letters fhould not be knowne:Riche$,poucny, 
A nd vfe of fcruice, none t Contra£V, Succefsion, 
Borne, bound of Land, Tilth.Vincyard none 1 
No V fe of Mettall , Come, or Wine, or Oy le ; 
No occupation, all men idle^ all : 
And Women too, but innocent and pure i 

Seb. Yet he would be King on'c. 

Ant. The latter end of his Common-wealth forget} 
the beginning. 

C«n. All things in common Nature (hould produce 
Without fwcat or endcuour j Treafon, fellony. 
Sword, Pike, Knife, Gun, or necde of any Engine 
Would I not haue : but Nature (hould bring forth 
Of it owne klnde, all foyzon.all abundance 
To innocent people- 

Seb, No marrying 'mong his fubie£b/ 

Ant, None (man) all idle ; Whores andknawes, 

qo». 1 would with fuch pejfe<aicngouaoe Sit : 
T'Excell the Golden Age. 

Seb. 'SauehisMaiefty. ./^Hr.Longlioe(7«»t4*>. 

Con. Anddoyoumarkeme,Sit? (mt. 

Alon. Prerthee no more: thou dofl talkenocfaingto 

Con. Ido well beleeuc your Highne(re, and did it 
tomini(ler occa(ion to ibefe Gentlemen, who arc of 
fuch fenfible and nimble Lungs, that they alwaycs vfe 
to laugh it nothing. 

Ant. Twatyou welaugh'dac. 

Con. Who,in this kind of merry fooling am nothing 
to yoo : fo you may continue,aod laugh at no^^g tUlL 

Am. What a blow was there giuen? 

Seb. And it had not falne flat-long. 

Con. You areGcntlemen ofbrauc mcttal: yeu would 
lift the Moone out ofher fphcare, if (he would contiouc 
in it fiue weekes without changing. 

Enter AutHflayinffUtmnt Mufieiie, 

Seb. We would fo,and then goa Bat-fcwling. 

Ant. Nay good my not angry. 

Con. No I warrant you, I will not aduencure luy 
difcretion fo weakly : Will you laugh toe sikqpc, for J 
am very heauy . 

Ant. Go fleepe, and bearers. 

Al«m. What, all fofooneafleepe?Iwi(hmhtf«ye« 
Would(with thcmfelues) (hut vp my ihoughta, 
I Hnde they sre inclin'd to do fo. 

St6. PleafeyouSir, 
Do not omit the heauy offer of it : 
It ftldome vi(its forrowtwhcn tt doth,U is a Comfortet, 




Am* W« two OBJ Lord, will (^Jti A yoarprrfoe, 
WWe y«« t»kc your i t({jmA w it^Ii yoM Gtvy. 

.^tfjM. Thtokc vcu : Won«hrctt', rt.*aii». 

^. What • (tnngc drowfion pr>(Ic€lt thriD^ 

^/t». It Lithe qUALijo'iti'Q^imur. 

Stb. Whv 
Doihitnottnmourtye-luJtruikc ?I(ind« 
Not luy fdfc dtt'pos <i lo Hcep. 

^\f. Nor I, nrifrj;>tiit tare rumble: 
The^'frU together »!!, msbyconfent 
"Hvcy dfo^tiibyaThonder-ftroket vthji might 
Worthy Srl.tHi^ O, wbat inieht ? no more : 
And yet, tr.c ihbkcs J Pec it in thy fret, 
W'h» thou (hould*ft bet th'occifioa fjpczki thee, aad 
My R . ong in»8ginitk>n fce'i a Crowne 
Dropuin^ Tpon thy head. 

Sto^ Wbat* aitthou wafcinn ? 

A'lt. Doyounotheaicmc/frake^ 

Sti. I do, and fairly 
It is a (Icepy Language ; and thoa fpcik'n 
Ont of thy fleq>e : What i» it tlvjo didA lay? 
This is a ftxnngc tcpofc, to be aflce pc 
With eyes wide open : (bndiiig, fpcakiog, raouing : 
And yet To ftfk aflccpe. 

Thou ict'ft thy fornineftcept:dkra:IiCT: wink'ft 
Whiles rhoii art waiting. 

fcS. Thoudo'ftfiioredjflinajy, 
Tbere's tneaning in thy (hcKs. 

jfmt, 1 aoa mote ferioui then tny rafl ctr.e : yoo 
Mufi be fo too, ifbccd ne : which to do, 
Ttebblcs shce o'te. 

5f*^ Well: I wnflanding water. 

>#»t, De teach yoo how wfiow: 

Sei. DoCoitottitxc 
HaedkarySletbtqfttufis me. 

jlM. O! 
If yon but knew bow yea the ptirpofe'cheriffi 
While tiuu yoamocke it : how in Aripping it 
Yoomotcinuefthi ebbing mer.indce.l 
(Moftofeai) dot'o S£zr« the botz^saettiQ 
By their owne feare, or doth. 

S«6. Tie-theefayeo, 
The feitine of thine cj'c, and cbeekeprodasne 
A matter fiotn tbee ; and a biitb, t j>teed. 
Which throwej thet much to yecld . 

j^Kf. Thus Sir: 
A!cbougj»UiM Lord of wcakermKinbrsnee; this 
Who ihsll fceof asljtdc memory 
When be is earrh'd, Iwth here ahnoft pef^aded 
(Tor hee*« s5|«rJ« of perfwafioa, oneiy 
Pfofcffestc-perr^acU) iheKing hisfootx'salm, 
"T"!! 35 impoiiible that bee's Tmkovia'd^ 
As he diat (kt^^ hecre, fwhns. 

5#Jv Ibauenohopc 
That hee's vn^ovm d. 

y4-ff, O, outcfibattwhspe, 
WhatgMftt hcpobancyou? Nc horse thas STCy, Is 
Another w*y (o high z hope, that eucn 
iVsubitioa cwwoi pierce a wiSra-: bsyaid 
B'Ji doubt dsfooueff there. Willfcu grantwhli me 
Xhs: F«nlwM»rfii drdwtf d. 

^. He's gene. 

^a*. Then teU me/ivbo's the next btare oiNa^Us i 

Scb. CUrihS, 

^A, 5)iecbatb^ietceof7'«3<3'.'(he:iiac4v3re!« 

Tai Ictgwabtyeod omas liic tfbe ths hvm Niflu 
Caa bauc no note, vnletfc ihe S-Ti were pofl : i 
TheMani'th Moone^i ti>oflow,riilnew-berr<eefaB)acf 
Be roogh, and Raior-abic : She tlox frotn whccn 
We all wcrefca-fwalloiw'd, iiMugh irAnt (.i^tei'iL*. 
(And by that dcAiny) to pcrfanae ao lA 
V/licTCof.what'ipaft u Prologue j what to come 
In youri, and my difchargt. 

St^. Whatfhiffruihu?Kov»ftyyoB? 
*Ti» inic my btotltcri dagg'nt ct'i Qu^rfw of Tioti, 
Soij (he beyre of ATi^/. iwijitvrhichRrg>oni 
T hci e i I f ome fp ac e. 

jltt. A fpaee, ^rhc/fc en'ry Cibit 
S^rcmea to cry oot, bow (hall that CUhitl 
Meafurc vi back* to Ntfks t kcepc in 7Mi>, 
And let Xi*-/?u» wake. Say, tbia were de«.h 
That now hath fctx'd tbetw, wfav tbej' were no wcrft 
7 hen now they art : There be that can rale hl/:pUi 
As well as he ti tat dcepei t Lords, that can prate 
As amply, and Toneceflanly 
At this GmKMSt : I tny fclfc eoold take 
A Chough of as deepe chat : O, that you bor« 
The miade chat I do; whjiaCcepewerethia 
Fcryouf aduancetnentPDayourndfrilaodmc ? 

Sei. Me chinkes I do. . 

jitrt. And how do'i yoor ccr.trnt 
Tender your owne good foRutx i 

Se^. I remember 
Tou did (iipplant your Brothet Prtj}'er0. 

^*t. Trui t 
And looke bow well my GannTntt fi: rpon me, 
Mnchfcater then before : My Brothcri femacii 
Were then mj fellowes, now tbey are my tnca. 

Sti. Butfuryour eonfoence. 

^%i. IStr: where lies that Mf'rvvert a kybe 
Twould pm roe to my flipper : But I fcrie not 
This DeityinroybolotDezTwentiecoiirciencei 
That (land 'cwixt me, and lMcMmmc, candied be they, 
And melt ere they molloQ : Hecre liei your Brother, 
No better then tne earth be lies vpon. 
If he were that which now hee's like (that'r dead) 
Whom I with this obedient fieele (three Lnchei of ii) 
Can lay to bed for euer: while? you doing tbes, 
To the petpetuali wink: for aye mi^ pat 
This ancient morfdJ : this Sir Prudence, who 
Shoold not vpbraid otir couie : for tl\ the refi 
They^ takt (uggeflioa, at a Cat laps miiie, 
Theyl tcU the docke, to any baluHdli: ihac 
Wefaj befits the boore. 

S(k* Tby cafe, deere Friend 
Shall berrjrpTcfidcnt : As tbca get's AflSjum^ 
rie c Tine bv Nt^ : Drtw try fword, one ftroke 
Sba.1 frc: il>ee from the tribir.c trhkh tbo« paieTt, 
And I die Sag (lull iouc tbec. 

Ajs, Dx£-i7 :cgr:ber : 
And v?h«d ! resre tny h£:d, do JOQ the li3ce 
To foil : t oa G9in.tU, 

Sd. O. b«t pec word. 

£kr;r ^it^miiii C^A^fio^ MK^Simg. 
.^i^ii. My Mafter tfatoi^ bis An tordbs cbe dacger 
Thit yoo (his frief>d)are IB} aiid feads tsefboh 
(For eUe Us protoA dks) to keepe dkealisiog. 

Siaj^ia Genslatt am*. 



IfofLiftjtu kgefi a curt, 
Shc^ ^ fmmbtr xnd bcwttrt, 

Jlnt, Then ki v» boch be fodaine. 

Con, Now.good Angels ptefctuc the King. 

,/lle. Why ho w now hoa;avvakc?«(by arc you drawn? 
Wherefore ihii ghaftly looking? 

Ctt. Whai't the matter^ 

Stb. Whiles we flood here fccoring your rcpofe, 
(Euen now) we heard a hollow burft oTbellowing 
Like Bols, or rather Lyoni, did't not wake you i 
It flrookc mine eare mod terribly. 

M*. 1 heard nothing. 

Am, 0,*twai a din to fright a MonReri ciK J 
To caake an earthquake : fure u was the roate 
Ofa whole heard of Lyon J. 

Al' . Heard you th is CtnzjiU ? 

Gtn. Vpon friiic honoiJr,Sir, I heard a humming, 
(And that > ftrange one too) which did awake me : 
I Oiak'd you Sir,and cride ; as mine eyci opcnd, 
I f«w their weapons drawne ; there was » noyfc. 
That's vcnJy : 'tis beft wc (land vpon our guard; 
Or that we quit this place : let's draw o'M weapon!. 

Ai*. Lead off this ground 8£- let's make further fcarch 
For my poore fonne. 

Cow. Hcauens keepe him from ihcfc Beafti : 
For he it fure I'th lilind. 

^/a. Lead away. (done. 

AruB. ProU^cro my Lord, (hall know what I hauc 
So CKing)goc fafely oo to fccke thy Son. Extent. 

Smna Secunda. 

Enter Caliban, with 4 imtketi oflVtod {*»«](* *f 

Cdl. All the infefltons that the Snnne fuckei vp 
From Bogs,Fcnt, (-lata, on Prtfptr fall, an J make htm 
By ynchmeale adileafc-hisSptrits heart me, 
KnA yet 1 nerdcs muft curfe.Bul they'll nor pinch. 
Fright me With Vrchyn-fhewes, pitch mei'ihmirc, 
Nor lead me like a fire-brand, in the darkc 
Out ofmy wayfVnlefTchebid em; but 
For tuety trifle, are they fccvponnie. 
Sometime hkc Apes. that moc and chatter at me, 
And afte- bite me : then like Hcdg-hogs. which 
Lye tumbling in my bare-foote way^ and mount 
Thfi! prick* at my foot-fall ; fomctimeaml 
AU wound with Adilers.who wuh cloucn tongue* 
Doc hifTf m- into madnf fl'c : Lo, Entc 

He:e<':)iTJCiaSptritofhis,j'id to torment me Jrattiilo. 
For bringing wood in flowly : I'lc fill fliti 
Perchance he w>ll not mmdc mc. 

Tri. Hcres tseither buili, nor (hrub to beare off any 
weather at all: and another Stormc brewing, Iheate it 
f>ngith*'wmde.- yond fame blacke cloud, yond huge 
one, Jookf»likc afoul-bumbatd that would (hcd his 
licquoi; ifit(hould thunder, as it did before, 1 know 
not where to hide my head: yond fame cloud cannot 
choofe but fall by pailc-fuls. What haue w« here,a man. 
orafifli? deadoraliue? afifh.heefmelslikc afifh: a 
very ancient and fifh-like fmell ; a kinde of, not of the 

neweft poorc-Iohn : a fttangefifli: were I in J£»g/anJ 
now (as once I was) and ha'd but this Hfh pjiiitcd ; not 
a holiday-foole there but would giuea pecceof filuer.- 
there, would this MonfUr, nia'KC a man: any flrancc 
beaft there, makes a man i when they will not giuc a 
doit to relieue a lame Begger.xhcy will lay out ten to fe< 
3 dead Imduut: Leg'd like a man; and hi» Finnes like 
Armca: warmco'my troth : Idocuowlei loofcmyo- 
pinion; hold it no longer; thii iinofifli, but snlflan- 
der, that hath lately fuffcred by a Thunderbolt: Alas, 
the ftorme is come againe : my beft way is to ere epc vn- 
det his GaberdLic : there is no other (lieher nciea- 
bout : Mifety acquaints a man with ftrangc bedfcl- 
lo wci : 1 v»ill here Tnto wd till the dreggcs ol the (lorroe 

Enter Stefhsno jinginf . 

Sfe. lfhAHn«meretofi4,tofea, here fhall I djt aJhoTt, 
This if a very fcuruy tunc to fing at a i«an» 
Funerall; well, here** my comk<rt. lyrinket, 

Sittgi. Tht Mtfler.tht SteMer^tht BMtf-fi9Mi»t £*• /; 
Tlj^Chtmer, Arid hit {^4tc 
Lou'd MAil.Mtg.^ttdCMtrrim^tjid LMargtrit, 
But n«»e tfvi car'd far K*tt. 
Torjhe hid * tongue wttha tdng^ 
ff<mld err tt <• Satlcrgtehan! : 
Shelott^dwet ih*f»m«HrefT«rnor«fPttch, 
Ttt A Tiller might fcrtttch Iter rrlurt trtfhi titditeb. 
Then to Sf4 Boj/et, sjtd Jti hergtt iimg. 
This is a fcuruy tune too : 
But here's my comfort. Jrsjftf, 

Ctd. Doe not torment roe : oh. 

Stt, What's the matter? 
Haue we diueU here? 

Doe you put trickcs vpon's with Saluagei, and Men of 
Inde? ha? I hauc not fcap'd drowning, to be afcard 
now of your foure legges : forit hath bin faid ; as pro. 
per a man as euer went on foure legs, cannot make him 
giue ground; and it (hall be faid fo agaioe, while J;«. 
piuMoreathes at'nodrils. 

^«l. The Spirit torments me.- oK. 

Stt. This is fome Monfler of the Ifle.with foure legs; 
who hath pot (as I t;«kcit)an Ague: where the diucU 
fliould he learne our language ? I will giue him fome rc- 
licfc if it be but for that : if I can recouer him, and keepe 
him tame , and get to Nnflct with him, he's a Pre- 
fent for any Emperour that eucr trod on Neate$-Ica- 

Cft. Doe not tomjcnt mc prcthce ; I'lc bring my 
wood home fafler. 

Stt. He's in his fit now ; and doe's not taike after the 
wifcfl: liecfhalltiflc of my Bottle: if hec hauc neucr 
drunkc wine afore, it will goe ncere to remoue his Fit : 
If 1 can recouer him,and keepe him tame, I will not take 
too much for him ; hec (hall pay for hiin that hath him, 
and that foundly, 

CaI. Thou do'ftmeyct but little hurt ; thou wilt a- 
non, I know it by thy tamblhig : Now Profptry/oikcs 
vpon thee. 

Stt. Come on your wayes . open your mouth .-here 
isthat which will giue language to yon Cat; open your 
mouth ; this will (hike your fiiaking, F can tell you.and 
that foundly ; you cinnot tell who's ycur fticnd ; open 
your chaps againe. 

Tri. I Oiould k.novj that voyce ; 
It (hould be. 





Bd( Kcc if droimd ; and ihcfc are diucU 
fend rti«. 

Jrt. Poorelegge»andfv»o»oycc»; a moOdeltcile 
Monrtfr:hii forward »ovfC oov/ n to fpcike well o( 
hii ffi«nd;hijb«cl(watd vorce.ii to vttcr fonlr fpceclie», 
and lo detract ; if all the wine in nry bottle \« ill rrcoucr 
him, I will helpc hn A{5ue: Come: Aruen, I will 
pourc feme lo thy other mouth. 

Tn. Snf>h*ao. 

Ste. Dorli thy other mouiS c«il me ■* Merfy/nercy; 
TSif isadiiiell, indno Monf{er : I will leauc hirn . 1 
liiueno JonrSpoone, 

7>». SfcP*>'ti»»: if ihoubccdStef h4»0 touch mr, >nd 
fpriketomt . for 1 am7>««f««/a; be not alicard, ihy 
good friend TrmcuU. 

St*. I f thou bee' ft /""af*/*: come foorth: Tie pull 
tlKcbythclefTer Icgge* r if any be Tntcnlt's Icggei, 
thcff are thty : Thou art very Tn^fn/o indeede i how 
cain'll thou tobc the fiegc of this Mooiie-calfc ? Can 
he vent TrmcuU's ? 

7>^ Itookchimtobekirdwiih J thiindcr-nroVjbut 
art thou not dround St/pha»*: I hope now thou art 
not dround : Is tbcScormcouer-blowne; | hid mce 
vnder the dead Moone.Calfcs Gaberdine, forfeare of 
theStorme: Andartihouliuing5';<]pW»? OSirphtni, 
two Henftliltuits fcap'd? 

Stt. Trethec doc not turne me about, myflomadie 
iinot conftartL Thcfe be fine iJiingv" ^ iflhey be not rprightJ: 
that's a brauc God, andbearesCeJeflullJiquor j I will 
kneeie tohim. 

Ste. How did'ft thou fcipe? 
How cam'ft thou hither ?. 

Swearc by this Bottle how thou cam'ft hither : I efcap'd 
rpoo a But of Sacke, which the Saylori hcau»d o're- 
boord, l)y this Bottte which I made of the barke of 
a Tree, with rtune owrte hinds, fince 1 wa* cart a- 

Cat. He fwearc vpoo that Bottle, to be thy true fub- 
icft, forihc liquor IS not earthly. 

St. Hecre : i'wcare then how thou efcap'drt, 

Tri. S,wom a{bore(n:»jn)]ikeaDackc; Icanfwia) 
like aDucke j'lebc fworne. 

Ste, Here, kifle the Booke. 
though ihoucaoftfwim like a Ducke> thou ait made 

Fri. 05rrf64««,ha'fl any more of this? 

Ste. The whole But (nun) my Cellar is in t'rocke 
by th'fea-fidc, where my Wine is hid : 
How now Moone-Calfc,how do's thine Ague ? 

C4I. Haft thou not dropt from heauen ? 

Sie. Out o'thMoonel doeaflurc thee. 1 was the 
Man irh' Moone.when time was. 

Cal Ihiucfccnethce in her: and I doc adore thee : 
My MiOris (bcw'd me rhce.andthy Dog.and thy Buih. 

Stt. Cotpe.fwearetothat: kiffe the Booke : I will 
fumifb It anon with new Contents • Sweare. 

Tri. By this food light, this it a very fhaliow Mon- 
ger: I afeard of him? a very wcake Mouflei : 
TlieManitb Moone ? 
A mo(^ poore creadolous Monfter ! 
Well drawre Monflei, in good foosS. 

Cal. lie fbc w thee euery fet till yncb *oih Ifland : and 
I will kiffc thy footc . I prethccbe my god. 

Tri. By this light, a iiioft perfidious, and dninken 
MonBef . whens god's a (leepc he 11 robhis Bottle. 

Cti. lie kiflie thy fooc.ll^fif c«re0>y rtifr tiiy Subject. 
Stt. Come 00 then ; <lo«7>« and fwrire. 
7rt. I fhall laugh my fclfe to death u Hill pMppt-ho- 
ded MonArr . a moB fnmiic Monflrr : i cc^M fictdc u- 
njy heart to b'ate hinj. 
Sti. Come.kiiTc 

Tri. Hut tliattltepootvMonAct'i rndrioke; 
Anabhominibte Monfler. 

(aI. i'lcfhcwtheethebeftSprin^;i:I1t^iicketi*ee 
Brrriei: I'lefifbfor thrc ; and qet ihcc «* 
A plague vpoD the Tyrant that I ferue; 
i'lc bcarc him no mote Siickca. but follow thee, tlwu 
wondrous man. 

Irt. AmoftrcdiculoaiMonAer.tomtkeaworukzof 
a poore drunkard. 

CaI. 1 'pretbee let rt>e bring thee vthcic Crabs grow; 
and I with my long naykt will digge thee pig-not«; 
(bow thcca layeaned, and inflru^tthee h^wio fnan 
the nimble Mirmazct : 11: bnng thee to clufUmg 
Philbirt*, and fomeumes Tie get inee young Scamcls 
fiomthcRocke: Wilt thou goc with mc ' 

Ste. Iptc'theenow lead the way without any mote 
talking. 7>.)«««/», the King, and ail our company elfe 
being dround, wee will inherit here : Here; beare my 
Dotlle .• Fellow TrtMHlt ; we'll fill him by and by a- 

^Altlftn S'mgt druH^lj, 
Farev/ell Milter 5 farewell, farevvell. 

Tri. A howling Monller : a drunken Mcrifla« 
CaI. N« m*TC idmi lie niAteftrfp?, 
JVor fetch PI firrnf ^ 41 remuirin^. 
Not fcTjfe trenc^tring , ner mApi Jjih, 
"Bah k Ait' (^ACalilfAm 
H*t A new Msfier, fet 4 new Mtm. 
Free Jome^iigh-day ,high-day freedome,freedcar.e high- 
day, freedome. 

St*. O btaucMonfler; lead the way. Exenut. 

J&us Tertius. Scixna Trima, 

Enter FerituAtid (h<*ritig a L^g.") 

Fer. There be foine Sports are painful!;& their labor 

Delight in them fet off : Some kindcs ofbafeneflc 

Are nobly vndergon j and mofl poote matteri 

Point to rich ends.- this my meaneTaskc 

Would be as heauy to me, as odious, but 

The Miftni which I ferue, quickens what's dcad^ 

And makes my labours.plcafures : O She is 

Ten times more gentle, then her Father's crabbed ; 

And he's compos'd of harQincfle. I muft remoue 

Some thou finds of thefc Logs, and pile ihero vp, 

Vpon a fore iniunSion ; my fweet Mirtris 

Weepes when (he fees me worke, & faies.foch bafenes 

Had neuer like Executor.- I forget .- 

But thefc fweet thought$,doe euen refreOi my labours, 

Mcft bufic lert, when I doe it, Ewtir ^.o-amAa 

C^ir. Alas, now pray yon atidPrc^er^. 

Workc net fo hard > I would the lightniag had 

B-Jmt Tp thofe Logs that you are cnioynd 10 p Je .• 

Pray fet it downc, and refty ou : when this bumcs 

Twill -^^er^ for bauing w?caricd you : my Fsihcr 

Is h::id atftcdy ; pray nor rrft y oor fdfc. 




Hce's fafc foi thcfe three houres. 

Per. OmoftdeereMiftrii, 
The Sun will fet before I {hall difcharge 
WHat 1 inu ft flri uc to do. 

Mir. If yowl fit downe 
Jlc bcare your Loggcj the while: pray giue toe that, 
]!c cany it to the pile. 

fer. No precious CrcMorr, 
I had rather drackc my fine wes, breakeniy backe, 
Then you fhould fuch diHionot vndergoe. 
While Ifulary by. 

Mir. It would become me 
At well as It do's you; and I (hould do ic 
With much more cafe : foriny good will isioit. 
And yours it it againft. 

Ttq. PooTCwormc thou art infe£led. 
This vifitatiop fhewcs it, 

cMir. You lookc wearily. 

Fer. No.noblc Miftru, \\i frcfh morning wiili me 
When you are by at night : 1 do bf fccchyou 
Checfely, th»t I might let it in my jTjycra 
What is your name ? 

Mir. /W/r^wij, O my Father^ 
I haue broke your heft to fay fo. 

Fer. Admir'd iW"«r<w<t«, 
Indeedc the top of Admiration, worth 
What's dcereR to the woi Id : full many a Lady 
I haue cy'd wiih bcft regard, and many a time 
Th'hormony of theii tongues, hath into bondage 
Brouglu my too diligent eate : for fiucrall veiiuei 
Haucllik'dfeuerill women, neucr any 
V Vith fo full foule, but fome dcfcft in her 
Did quatrcll with the ndbleft grace fhc owd, 
And put it to the foiie. Btit you^ O you, 
SoperfeA, and fo peetlefle.are created 
Ofeucrie Creatures beft. 

Mir. I do not know 
One ofmy fcxe ; no womanj face remember, 
Saue from my glaffe, mine ownc: Nor hauc I feen« 
More that I may call men, then yoti good friend, 
And my decre Fathci .- how featurts arc abroad 
1 am skilleflc of; but by my modcftie 
(The iewcll in my dower) I would not wift» 
Any Companion in the world but you: 
Nor can imagination forme a fhane 
Befidei your felfe, to like of: but 1 prattle 
Soraetbing too wildcly.and my Faiheri precept* 
I therein do forget. 

Per, I am, in my condition 
A Vunce (A-fn-ancU) IdoihinkeaKing 
(I would not fo) and would no mote endure 
This wodden Qauerie, then to fulfcr 
The nefh-flieblow my mouth :heaie my foule fpeake. 
The terie inftant that Ifaw you, did 
My heart ftie to your feruice, there rcfides 
To maki: me flaue to it, and for your fake 
Am I this patient Logge-roan. 

iJUir. Do you loue me? 

Fa-. O hcaucn ; O carth,bearc witi\es to this found. 
And crowBC what 1 profefle with kinde euent 
If I fpeake true : if hollowly, inuert 
What bcftisboaikd me, to mifchiltfc : I, 
Beyond all limit of what elfc i'lh world 
Do loue, prixe, honor you. 

Mir. I am a foole 
To weepc at what I am glad of. 

Pr9. Fairc encounter 
Of two moft rare affcQjons : hcaueni raioc grace 
On that which breeds bctwccne '<m. 

Fer. Wliereforc weepc you > 

c^ir.Atroinc?nwotthincffe, that dare not offer 
What I deHrc to giue ; and much Icffc take 
What i {haU die to.want : But this Is tnfliog. 
And all the more it feekes to hide it fclfe. 
The bigger biilke it fhcwes. HeiKC bafbfull cunntog. 
And prompt me pi sine and hoty innocence. 
1 am your wife,if you will marric me ; 
If not, lie die your maid : to be your fellow 
You may denie me, but He be yonr feruant 
VVhctlKryou will or no. 

Fer. MyMiftrii(dcerea) 
And 1 thus humble eucT. 

Afir, My butband then ? 

Fer. I, with a heart as willing 
Asbondage ereof freedome : hecre's iry hand. 

lUir. And mine, withmy heart in'[:aDd oow forewel 
Till halfe as hourc hence. 

Frr. A thoufandjthoufand. fxeron. 

Pro. So glad of this as they I cannot be, 
VVho are furpriz'd with all; butmy rcioycing 
At nothing can be more : lie to my booke. 
For yet ere fupper time, muft I pciforme 
Much bufinefle appertaining. £xlt. 

Sc(sna Suunda . 

Enter Calth*», Stefbtne^ 4ad Trncitio. 

Sie. Tell not me, when the But is out we will drinkc 
water, not a drop before ;therefoicbcaire vp, gibootd 
cm' Seruanc Monfter^ Hrinke to me. 

?>"». SeruantMcxiflcr • tl.e tolly of this Hand, they 
fay there's but fiuc vpon this Ifle ; we art three of ihcm, 
if ib'oih^r two be brain'd like vs, the Sure totteis. 

Sie. Drinke feruant Monftcr when I bid thcp, thy 
eics are almof) fet in thy head. 

2 >(». VVhere rtioulii they bee fet elfe ? hec w«re a 
brauc Monftcr indecde if they were fet inbistaile. 

S'e. My man-Monf^er hath drown'dhis tongue in 
fi eke .for my part the Sea cannot drowncmce, I fwam 
ere I could recouer the ftiorc, fiue and thirtic Leagues 
9ff and on, by this light thou /halt bccmy Lieutenant 
Monfter,ormy Standard. 

Trim Your Lieutenant ifyou lift, hee's no ftandard. 

5:?, V Veel not run Monficur Monfter. 

Trm. Nor go neither ; but you'l lie like dogs, and yet 
fay nothing neither. 

Sie. Moone-calfe,fpeak once in thy life, if thou betft 

(lal. How docs thy honour ? Let mc lickc thy (hoot : 
He not fesue him, he is not vahant. 

Tn>i. Thou lieft moft ignorant Monfter, I am in cafe 
toiuftleaConftable: why, thou debofii'd Fifti thou, 
was there euer man a Coward, that hath drunk fo much 
Sackc as I to day? wilt thou tell a monftrous lie, being 
but halfe a Fifln,and halfe « Monftcr? 

^ai. Loc, how he mockcs mc, wilt thou let him my 



Tnn. Lord, quotit he t that i Mortftf r fltould be fach 
aNiiurall } 

^*1, \.ot, lot »R«int : bitf him »o dcith I prcft»«. 

Sti. 7V»»/«r/». kccpc 1 good tonpiif in your hciH ; If 
ynuprour * mulinecre, the nrrt Tice rlicpooic Moi>- 
ftet*« my fuhieit, ind hcfhjll noftfuffcr mdigrjiiy. 

C»l. J thinke my noble Lord. WiU iIkhj be pirii'd 
to hearken once igaine to ilie fuite I mi<le to ihec f 

Stt. MirtywillI : kncele, Jnd repeat* It, 
I will nuid. and fo null TrmcttU. 

Enlrr ^riell inrntftkU. 

Ctl. A 1 1 told ihee before, 1 am fubiefl to a Tlrtnr. 
A Sorcerer, ihac by iiucunnjng hath cheated me 
Olthe Ifland. 

jtr,t\l. Thou lyeO. 

Cal. Thou lyeft, thou iefling MonVey ihoo : 
I would my valiant MaHer would dcOroy thee. 
I do not lye. 

Ste, T''/>M'«/»,ifyou trouble him any more instale, 
By thij hand, I will foppbm fome olyout tenh. 

TVi*. Why. 1 Ijiil nothi ng. 

Ste. Mum tl»cn,and no more : proceed. 

Cal. I fay by Sorcery begot thiJ Ifle 
From me, he got it. JftKy GrratnefTe will 
Reucnge it on him, (for I know thoudit'fl) 
But thuThing dare not. 

Stt. Thai's mod certaine. 

CaU Thou fhah be Lord of it , and He ferue ih»e. 

Sie. Hownow f}iall thisbtcompan? 
Can(\ thou bring me to the party ? 

Ctl, Yea, yea my Lord, He yceld him ihee aflerpe. 
Where thou maift knocke a naile into hu head. 

yinelL Thou heft, thou canft not. 

("aJ. What a py de Ninnie'* iliu? Tbou fcuruy pitch: 
I do befcech tliy GreatnefTe giue him blowej, 
And take hi» bottle from him : When that'j gone. 
He (ball drinke nought but brine, for lie not fhrw bitn 
Where the quickerre fliet are. 

Stt. Tnneitlo, run into no furtlier danger : 
Interrupt the Monftcr one word further , and by thii 
hand, lleturnemymcrcieout o'doorci, andmakea 

Trit. Why, what did I ? I did nothing : 
lie go farther off, 

Srt. Didftihounotfayhelyed? 

^ruU. Thoulicft. 

Stt. Do I fo ? Talcethoo ihat, 
A» yoa like this, giuc noe the lye another time. 

jriH. I did not giuc the lie: Out o'yout wittej,and 
bearing too? 

A pox o'yonr bottle, this can Sacke and drinking doo : 
A murrcn on your Monftcr, and the diucU ukc your 

Cul. Ha.ha.ha. 

Ste. Now forward with your Tale! prethec {land 
furthCT oft. 

Csl. Bcate him eaough : aftrt a little lime 
Uc bcate hiin too. 

Ste. Stand farther ; Come proceede. 

Cit. Why, as I told thee, 'ii» a cuftome with him 
I'tb afternoone to fleepe: there thou main braine hirr, 
Hiuine firf\ feiz'd his bookes : Or with a loggc 
Batter nis skull, or paunch him with a flake. 
Or cut his wexand with thy knife. R emcmbcr 
Firft to poffcfTc his Bookci ; for without thcra 

Her'ibutaSoc,ai I am ; nor HmK set 

Ortc Spirit loconimvi J : tbcy all do hart Kim 
At rooirdly at I. huntc but hit Eookri, « 

He til 1 biauc V(rnrili(forfobcraIlciihcm) 
Which wlxf» he ha 1 1 hoofc, heel deck* walt:JL 
And ilut fnoft deeply to coaAder. ti 
The beautie of hu djogWter . he hrfflfclfi 
(^ilthrr anort-pireill : I rtcucr fiMra woman 
f',ut oncly5;rOT^Arrrry Dam,and ftie ; 
(>ui flie at fatrr furpadeih iptr*r. 
Ai greai ft do*ilei/t. 

Ste. It It fobtaac a Lade I* 

r<i/ I Loid, flie will bccomctby bed,I warrant. 
And bring tliee forth braue b«ood. 

Ste. Monfta.I Will kill thu hit daugUrr aro 
I will be King and QiMme, fauc ou; Citcei : aod 7, m- 
cmU and thy (elfe flL»lll>e Vuc-royei : 
Doft thou like the plot TrmcmU ' 

7>/<». Lxcelleiu. 

Ste. Giuemctliy harul, lamforry Ibcate dxYi 
But »vhilc thou hu'ftkcevea good tongue in thy kr^ 

Cal. Within ihiihilfe home will he ocaflccpt. 
Wilt (houdcftroy him then > 

Ste, I on mine honour. 

•fr«//. This Willi tell my Mafter. 

C*'' Thou mak'ft nx merry. I am fyll of pleafurc. 
Lei vsbciocond Will you trouletlic Catch 
You rioght mc but whiltare > 

Sit. At thy requeft Monfler, I will do re»fon, 
Any reafon : Come on Trmcttlt, let v s fing. 

Fltft 'em, d^dcomt 'em . tuui il^a/i 'rw, mtd fiem Vb». 
Th^'hl II free. 

CtL Thai's not thf tune. 

jhitllfUni thttunt #• a Tdb^ tud pift, 

Sff What 15 ihis fame # 

7"'^«»i This I* the tune ofouf Catch, plaid by ilw pic- 
ture ofNo-body. 

,S'^. If thou bceft a fnan,fKew thy felfe in thj likencs : 
If thou bceft a diuell, take't as ihou lifL 

TriH. O forgiue mc my fmrvet. 

S/t. He that dietpiycsall debts; I dcSe ihcc; 
Mercy rpon v«. 

Cm/, Art thou affeard ? 

Stt. No Monftcr, not I. 

Cdl. Be not affeard, the Ifle is fullofnoyfes, 
Sounds,and fwcet aires , that giue delight and hurt rtot: 
Sometimes a thcufer.d iwipglir.g Inftt umecis 
Will hum abcnit mine caies ; and fometime voices, 
That if I then had wak'd after long fle^e, 
Will make mc (kepe againe, ai^d then in drcaroing. 
The clouds meihought wculd opc(i,aod Q«w ji«hc3 
Ready to drop vpoo me, that wbcn 1 wak'd 
I crrdetodreameagairjc. 

Stt. This will prouc a brauc klngdome totiK, 
Where ! Oiill hauemy Mufickc forncthiiig. 

{'ai. When T^offtra is defco^'d. 

Stt, Tbatffjallbeby andby : 
I TeroembcT the ftorie. 

TVi*. The found is going awa^. 
Leti follow it, and after dc our woike. 

Sit. LeadcMor.ftef, 
VVce'l follow : I would I cotild f« tbis Tabcrcr, 
Helsyes it on. 

Trin, WiltcotTiC' 
He foUovf Stepbvto. IxrU^t 

1 1 



Scetia Tenia, 

Eatsr jiletsfi,Seij^i/in, y1nthenhfi9nx,aSo, 
Adrum ^Fr/mct(ce,(!rc. 

C«tf. By V lakin.I can goe no further ,Sir, 
My old bones alecs : here s a maze trod indeedp 
Tluotjgh fourth ngh(s,& Meanders : by your pttifnce 
I nccdet murt reft mc. 

jit. Old Lord, I cannot bisme thee, . 
Who, am my felfe attach'd with wearineflc 
Toth'dulhng ofmy fpirits : Sit downc.and reft t 
Euenhcrc I wiilputoffmyhope.andkcepc it 
No lorjgcr for my Flatterer .• he is droun'd 
Whom thus wc ftrsy to hnde.and the Sea mocks 
Our frufttstc fearch or» land • well, let htm'goc. 

jilt, I am right glad,thachc*s fooutof hope : 
Doc not for one repulfe forgoe ihe purpofe 
That you refolu'd i'efte6>. 

Seff. The next aduantagewill we take throughly. 

ylnt. Let It be tonight. 
For now they are oppref«'d with rrauiile.rliey 
Will not.not cannot vTc fuch vigilance 
As when they are frcfli. 
Suietrne imdjlrimiTe Mufekf '• tvi "Prafprr »n tt>e isf (tHHt. 

fiole .- ) £)it€rjt«cra/lflrar^c/haptj,lnin£i)r^ ma Bm^t ; 

aid ditnct abaui it wilbgintleoBioni af [aiuiatuns. tnd 

iHuiltng the Kitig^c laeAICflhcydrfort. 

St^. I fay to night .• no more. * 

^/. What harmony is this ? my good friendi.harke. 

^•5j». Maruellout fweet Muficke. 

^lo, Giue v$ kind keepers, heaucs; what were thefe? 

Sg^, A liuirg Drolerie : now I will belceue 
Thjt there ue Vnicoinei : thai in^rjiia 
There isoneTree.thc PhcenixthroncontPhocnii 
At this houre reigning there. 

ylnt. lit bcleeue both : 
And whatdo'ielfe want credil.cometome 
And lie befworne 'tis true :Traucllerj ncrc did lye, 
Thodgh fooles at home condemne cm. 

I Oiould rrpori ihis now, would they beieeuc me ? 
If 1 Hiould fay I faw fuch Iflands ; 
(For certcJ.thefe are people of rhe Ifland) 
Who though they arc of monftrous ftiapc.yet note 
Their manners are more gentle, kmde, then of 
Our humaine generation you fhall finde 
Many, nay almoft any. 

Pro. Honeft Lord, 
Thou haft faid well, for fomcofyou*hereprcftnt; 
Ate worfe then diueli. 

/1l. I cannot too much mufc 
Such fhapes,fuchgefturc,and fuch found fxprefTing 
(Although tliey want the vfe of tongue) a kiiidc 
Ofevcellcni dumbe difcourfe. 

fro. Praife in departing. 

fr. They vaniOi'd ftrangely. 

Stt. No matter, fince (mackt. 

They haue left their Vunds behinde ; for wee haue fto- 
Wilt pleafeycu tafte of what is hereC 

///». Not 1. (Boyes 

Cot. Faith Sit.younccde not ftsre.' when wee were 
Who would beUeue ihat there V4S:c Mountsynevres, 
Dew-lapt.likc Bu!s,whofe throats lud hanging at'ena 
Wallets of Bcfh >or ihat there were fuch men 

Whofc heads Aood in their brefts ? which now wc finde 
Each putter out of fiue for one, will bring vs 
Good warrant of. 

Al. I will Band to, and feede. 
Although my laft,no nutter, fincc I fccle 
The beft ti paft : brother : tny Lotd,the Duke, 
Stand too, and doe as we. 
Thttnder ittid Lightmtngi Enttr ytrieU {dike a Harjiry) eltft 

hit wings x>f0ti rhe Tatle, attd wah m qnitnt dtuici the 

finn^itet vantft>ts. 

%ylr. you are t hree men of finne, whom deft iny 
That hath to inftrumeni this lower world. 
And what is in"t : the neuer furfeiied Sea, 
Hath caus'd to belch yp you ; and on this Idand, 
Where man doth not inhabit, you mongft men. 
Bring nioft vnfittoliue: I haue made you mad ; 
And eiicn with fuch like hang, anil drownc 
T hetr proper felues :youfooles,Iandmy ftUowcs 
Are miniftcrs of Fate, the Elements 
Ofwhom your fwords are tempet'd.may as well 
Wound the loud windes,or with 
Kill the ftill (lofing wafers, at diminifh 
One do wie that's in my piumbe : My fellow miniftcrs 
Are like-invulnctable : if you could hurt. 
Your fwords are now too maidc for your ftrcngthi , 
And will not be vpliftcd : But remember 
(For that's my bufinelTe to you) th*.t you three 
From mi//t«<*rdid fupplant good Pro/pert, 
Expoi'd vnto the Sea (which hath requit u) 
Hi^m, and his innocent childc .• for which foule deed, 
The Powresjdeljying (not forgetting) haue 
Inccns'd the Seas, and Shores ; yea, all the Creatures 
Againft your peace ; Thee of thy Sonne, y^/aw/i 
They haue bereft ; and doe pronounce by me 
Lingring perdition (worfe then any death 
Can be at once) ftiall ftep at tend 
You, and your wayes, whofc wraths to guard you from, 
Which this moft defolate Iflc.elfefjls 
Vpon your norhing but heartt-forrow, 
Ajid actecrchfecnfuing. 

He vanifiei t<t Thunder : then (lo (oft Mupckf.) Eater the 
/Jjapej dgMine, tndd*t$iice (with mockti Aid in«vrej) *>id 

CitTrjing ottt the Table. 

Pro. Brauely the figureof this f/4rp»>,haft thou 
Pcrform'd(iny Ariell)» grace it had dcuouring; 
Ofmy Inftruflion, haft thou nothing bated 
In whit thou had'ft to fay : fo with good life, 
And obferuation ftrangc, my meaner miniftcri 
Their fcucrallkindei haue done: my high charrucswoiki 
And thefe (mine enemies^ are all knit vp 
Jn their diftraAions; they now are in mypowrc; 
And in thefe fits, I leauethem, while Ivifit 
Yong f*r</«nrt<»a[(whomthey fuppofc is droun'd) 
And his,and mine lou'd darling. 

GtH, rthnameoffomethinghoIy,Sir,why ftandyoo 
In this fttangeftare.' 

e^.'. is monftrous . monftrous : 
Me thought the biJlowes fpoke.and told mi ofit, 
The windes did ling it to me .• and the Thunder 
(That dcepe and drcadfijll Organ-Pipe) pronounc'd 
The iMtae of Prefper : it did bife my Trefpaffe, 
Therefore my Sonne i'th Ooze is bcddsd ; and 
I'lc feckc him deeper then ere plummet founded, 
And with him there lye mudded. Exit, 

Set. Butonefeendatatimc, 
lie fight their Legions ore. 

E /toe. 



jimi. llrbrthy Strond. Eirmm. 

Can AII(htreof(hcmire<kfpcTi(c:cK«iTfrr*t gaili 
f Like poyfon ^lurnio woikc t grcit time •her) 
Now f>i»i (o bite (he fpiritt ; I doc btfcrch you 
(TKii Iff of fiipplrr leynuj tollow ibcoi fvxiAIy, 
And hioctrr (hrrri from tMhtc ihii ckU&c 
M>y oow prouokc ihcm lo. 

A^i- Follow, I pr»y you, Bxnentowmti, 

Aclus Quartus. Seen a T*rima . 

Emiir froffer»,F€T^in*)iA,and MtraniA. 

fro. K 1 h»uc too luftf tely pumrtid you. 
Your compcnfjiion makes imendj, for I 
Hiuc giutrvyou here.i third of mine ownr life. 
Of that fot which ] liur : who,once ag«inc 
I tendei tothy hand : AH thy »exiiioni 
Were but ray trial j of ihy loue, and ihot» 
HaO ftt ingcly f\.nr>& the tefl : hcie^fore heauen 
I tatific thu my rich guift : O I'rrJimaMd, 
Doc not fmilc at me. that I boafl hei of. 
For thou (halt finde fhe will out-fttip allpraiff 
And make it halt.bchinde her. 

fer. I doebeleeucii 

Vrt. Then,aimygueft.«f>d thine owneaequifitioo 
Worthily purchat'd.iakcmy daughter But 
If thou do'ft breakc her Virgin-knot, before 
All fanfkimoniouj ceremomcs m*y 
With full and holy right, be mininred, 
?sJo fweet afperfion fhall theheaocnj let fill 
To make this con tra£\ grow; but b«tr tine hate, 
Sowcr-ey'd difdaine. and difcord fliall be(\rew 
The vnion of your bed, with weedej fo loathly 
That you fhall hate it both : Therefore take hcede, 
A* Hymens Lamps flialJ light you. 

fn Ail hope 
For quiet dayes/aire KTue.and long life, 
Wiib fuch 'tis now the murkief^ den. 
The mofl opportune place.the ftrongfi fuggcflion. 
Our worfer G etiiu cxn.^^iW r»euer melt 
Mine honor into luft, to take away 
The edge of that dayes celebration. 
When 1 fliall thinke.or Phtriiti Steeds are (oxaAttA. 
OtNight kept chain'd below. 

Pro. Fairely fpoke ; 
Sit thcn,3nd talke with heT,fhe iithine owne ; 
What /1rull,my induftrious feruit /frttU. Lnler AneL 

A'. What would my potent maf^er ? here I am. 

fro. Thou.sod thy meaner fellowes, yout laft feruicc 
Did worthily performe .- and I muft wfe you 
In fuch anoiiier tricke . goe bring the rabble 
(Ore whom 1 giue thee powre) here,to tliis place : 
Incite them to quicke motion, for I rooft 
BeOow vpon the eyes of this yong couple 
Some vanity ofmine Art : it is tny promife* 
And they etpeft it fiotn me, 

Ar, Prefently ? 

'Tre. I.-withatwincke. 

%^T. Before you can fay come.and gtje. 
And breathe twite ; and cry , 
Each one tripping on his Toe, 
Will be here with mop .and mowe. 
Doe you loae me M&fter ? no ? 

fro. deliut* AthU do* oot apff Mch 

Till thou do'ft berrew caJJ. 

Ar. Well I concriuc. LmH. 

?r0. Lo«lreiho«betn»e. doertorgiacdarrianee 
Too much the raigne : tKc f)rungcflc>Jcbrs,Mc/W»w 
To ihTiie itK* blood . be more abftcnaiM, 
Of elfe good night your vow. 

Ftr, I warrant you. Sir, 
The whitecold virgin Snoiw.vpo* By i«a/t 
Abates the ardour of my Lmer. 

T-r. Well. 
Now come my ^>rl,bf ing a Ceto'^tr, 
Rather then want iSpiri(;ippeaf^ pczl}y. Scftmufr^. 
No tongue; alley w ; be hient. E.fU4rtru. 

Ir. {.trti, mon bounicoui Lady ,thy rich L«a« 
Thy Turphie-Mountaioei, where liue n»blj.Tg jhtcpe, 
Aoil flat Medcs thetchd with SrouCT,:hem to kecfc; 
Thy bankes With pioned^andtwiUedbrvru 
Which fpungie /4^i/?,ai thy Sefibetnmt; 
To make cold Nymphes chsfl crowne* ; & thy broome> 
Whofc fViadowtbe difmiffed Batcheloclcut:, ^gfovet. 
Being Iifle-lome: thy pole-clipt vneyatd. 
And thy Sea-marce flirrile,androekcy-hard, 
Where iliou thy (cite do'll ayre.iRe Quecnco'ibSkte, 
Whofe waity Arch, and meffcnger.aml. 
Bidi thee leaue tli«re,8£ with bw foueraigne grace, /•»• 
H»re on this gra(Te-plot,in this trry place dtjctndj. 

To coitu-.and fport ; here Peacocks flyt amaine .- 
Approach, rich Cfr^;, her lo cntertairte. knterCtra. 

Cn. Haile,many.colouredV1e(rcngcr, thatooe 
Do'ft difobcy the w i fe of /K^iwr: 
Who.with thy faffion wings, vpon my ficwtei 
Diffoftft hony drops, reficfliii^ ftiowres. 
And with each end of thy blew bowe do'A aowoc 
My boskie acres, and my vnfhrubd downe, 
Rich fcarph to my proud earth; why bath ihyQaeervc 
Summond me hither, to this {hon gras'd Grceoc ! 

Ir. A contrail of true Loor, to celebrate. 
And fome donation freely toeftacc 
On tiK blesd Loner*. 

Crr. Tell n>e beaueiJy Bowe, 
l^Vewia or her thou do'\\ know. 
Doe rwDw attend the Qneetie ? fu^ce they did ploe 
Themeanes.thjtduskieOi/.my daugsttr got, 
Her.and her blind-Boye* fcandaU coopaoy, 
1 haue forfwome. 

Ir. Of her focietie 
Be not afraid : I met her deit'ie 
Cutting the clouds towards Pafhof.zn^htx Son 
Doue drawn with her: here thought they to haiietksiS 
SoRX wanton chartne.vpon this Man arrd Maide, 
Whofe vowessrtjthat no betJ- right Ihofi be paid 
Till Hymens Torch be light«J : txit in vzioe, 
Mdr(is hot Mioion is returrid aga;i}e, 
Hrt wafpifli headed forme.hit broke hij arrowej, 
Swears he will (Tioote nonfoce^ut pUj wruii Spanov>'S, 
And be a Boy right out. 

Or. Highefi Queece of State, 
Great /mm comet,! koow her by her ga;e. 

/(/. How do's my bouRteoix fifter ? goe with tne 
To blefle th»tvif3Jne,th3t they cuy pro-fperoos be. 
And honourd in their Iffi^ Thtj Si>*g. 

Im. HfKT .rt(k) ,marrufe ,Ue^mff 


Sartht tiltreafe,fojt.(m flentie^ 
lUrnti, aad Corner j^ nemtr cmftj. 
f^nttt, with cluflrm^ bunches fre^rmg^ 
Pi*>its, ftth^Bidijf burthen bttvmt i 
Spring come t»yvu tu thrfurthffiy 
/» the very endof Harneft. 
Scarcitj did t^ tit fh.iU/}>U0 1411^ 
Q«ti'hleffingf»a enyau. 
Fcr. This U a moft maicfticke •ifion, and 
Harmonious charmingly troay I be bold 
To thinkc thefe fpirits? 

Pro. Spirit»,which by nunc A rt 
I hauc from their confines call'd to ena (V 
My prefcnt fancies. 

Per. Letmelkuchcrecucr, 
So rate a wondred Faiher, and a v»rf# 
Makes this place Paradife. 

Pre. Sweet now, filencc: 
/ttrte and Ceret whifpcr feriouflv. 
There's fome thing e!fc to doc zhudi, and bcmute 
Orelfe our fpcll is mar'd. 

luno «i7</Ceres whifptr^d fend Iris cwemftfjment. 
/rw. You Nicnphs csld Najadts of y windnng brook $, 
With youf fedg'd crowncs^ndcuer-harmekfTclookcs, 
Leaue your cr ifpe channels, and on this grcenc-Land 
Anfwcre yout fummons. /<«* do'j command. 
Come temperate Nimfhes, arul helpe to celebralc 
A Gintraft of true Loue : be not too late. 

Enter Certtme Nimfhes. 
You Sun.bucs'd Sicklernen of Auguft weary^ 
Come hethcr from the ftirrow, and be roerry, 
Make holly day : yourRye-ftraw hats put on, 
And thcfcfrcfli Nimphcs encounter cucry one 
In Country footing. 
Enter ctrtaine IRjiafert (preper/yhaiitmi: ) they iojne with 
the Nimphcs.ui a^racefnt! dunce ,tcwards the end tvhere- 
af, PtofpcTofiarti (odMinly mdfpeakft, ^tertphich to a 
firan^e hollow anJeotfufednajfo, they he<mly vrniifr. 
Pro. I bad forgot that fouleconfpiracy ' 
Of the bcaA ^<(J!f«M», and his confederates 
Againft my life : the minute of their plot 
1$ almod come : Well done, auoid: no more. 

Per. This is Hrange : your fathers in fome palTio* 
That workes him ftrongly. 
Mtr, Neuer till this day 
Saw I him touch'd with anger, fo diftemper'd. 

Pro. You doc looke (my Ton) in a mou'd fort. 
As ifyou were difmatd : be cheerefull Sir, 
Oui Reuels now are ctvled : Thcfe our a£tors , 
(As I foretold you) were all Spirits, and 
Are rocked into Ayre, intoihin Ayrc, 
And tike the ba/Ueffc fabricke of this vilion 
The Clowd-capt Towres, the gorgeous Pallaces , 
The folemne Tewpies, the great Globe Jt felfc, 
Yca^all which ii inherit, flial' drfToluc, 
And like this infubflantiill Pageant faded 
Leaue not a rackc behinde : we are fuch fluffe 
Ai dreames ate made on ; and our little life 
I» toundtd with aflcepe i Sir, I am vrtt, 
Beare with my old braioe a troubled : 
Be not diQutb'd with my infirmitie, 
Ifyou be pleas'd, retire intooiy Cell, 
And there repofc, a turne or two, He walkc 
To ftill my beating minde. 

tsT. Mtr. We Ntiftj your peace. f*". 

Pre.Qomt with a thouglit; I thank dice jiruU : come 

Enter AritU. 

Ar. Thy thoughts I cleioe to, what's tliy pleafure > 

Pro. Spint : We muft prepare to meet with CtUekan. 

Ar. I my Cotsmander, when I presented C^;> 
I thought to haue told thee of it, but J fear'd 
Lealt 1 might anger thee. 

Pro. Sayagain.wheredidft thou leaue theCevarlots^ 

Ar. I told you Sir.thcy were red-hot with drirJtirrg, 
So full of vaIour,that they fmotc the ayre 
For breatbine in their faces : bcate the ground 
For kilTing of their fecte; yet alwaies bending 
Towards their proied^ : then I bcate my Tabor, 
At which likevnback't colts they prick t theit carts, 
Aduanc'd their eye-lids, lifted vp their nofcs 
As they fmelt muficke, fo I charm'd their cares 
ThatCalfc-likc, they my lowing follow d, through 
Tooth'd briars.fharpe nrres, prickiog goric ,& thorns, 
Which entred their fraile rtiins : at lajt 1 left them 
I'lh' fihhy maptied poole beyond your Cell, 
There dancing ? p to th'chins, that the fowle Lake 
Ort-ftunck theit feet. 

pro. This was well done (my bitd^ 
Thy fhape inuifible retainc thou ftill ; 
The trumpery in my houfe, goe bring it hither 
For ftale to catch thefc iheeues. y<r.T go, I goe. Exit. 

Pro, A Deuiil, a bome-DeuilI,on whofe nature. 
Nurture can ncuer Aicke : on whom my paines 
Humanely taken, all, all loft, quite loll. 
And, as with age, his body ouglier gro wes, 
So his minde cankers: I will plague (hem all , 
Eucn to roaring : Come, hang on them this line. 

Enter Ariell , loaden wnbglijlermg Afparell, cJ-c. Enter 
Caliban, Stepbano, «n<^Ttinculo, all wet. 

CmI. Pray you tread foftly , that the blindc Mole may 
noiheare afoot fall .- we now are neere his Cell. 

St. Monfter,yow Fairy ,sfc you fay is a harmlcs Fairy, 
Has done little better then plaid the lackc with vs. 

Trin. MonftcT, I do froell all horfe-pilTe, at whith 
My nofc is in great indignation. 

Ste. Soismine. Doyouhcare Monfteri iflfhould 
Take a difpleafureagainftyou : Looke you, 

Trin. Thau wcrtbuialoftMonfter. 

CJ. Goodmy Lord, giuc me thy fauout ftil, 
Bcpaticnt, forthc prize llcbting thcc too 
Shall hud winke this mifchance : thetefoic fpeakc fofsly, 
All's hudu as midnight yet. 

Trin. I, but to loofc our bottles in the Poole. 

^rr. There is not onelydifgrace and diilMnotir. that 
MonfteT,but an infinite lollc. 

T>. That's more to me then my wetting : 
Yet this is your harmlcfle Fairy, Monder. 

Ste. I will fetch off my bottle, 
Though 1 be o're cares for my labour. 

Cal. Pre-thcc (my King) be quiet. Secft thoo heert 
This is the mouth o'th Cell :no noifc,and enter : 
Do that good mifcheefcwhich may make tba IHand 
Thine owne for cuer, and! thy CeUibt-tt 
For aye thy foot-licker. 

Ste. Giue me thy hand, 
I do begin to haue bloody ibooghts. 

Trtn, O King Stefkmu, O Pecre t O worthy Stifhttno^ 
Looke what a wardrobe hccrc is for thee. 

Col. Let it alone thou fooie, it is but trafh. 

Trt. Ob, ho, Monfter : wee know what belongs to a 
frippery, O King Stefh***. 

B a S:f. Put 



Sii. PuioBihit govync (7>«>r«/«) by ihiihani) lie 
liauc(lu( gownc. 

7'ri, 1 hy grwe (hall luue ie. (mf inc 

Ldl. Thcdropfic drowncihis foolc , vrtuc doc you 
To dojic (hut on (uch lugpap.c /Ici'i ilunc 
Aixl Joe (lie rrtufiKrr firfl : if he iwjke , 
\ roin toe to crownc licc'l fill out vkin* Mithpirulxs, 
Make VI Dranp^r KulTc. 

Ste. B< you quiei (Monger ) Miflnt line , n not thi» 
my Icrkin^ now ii ihc Jcikin vntJci (he lire : now Ict- 
kii) you are like to lofc your hairc.&prouc a bald Icrkin. 

Triir^ Ooe, doc ; wc Acalc by lyae and Icuell , and't 
like your ^lacc. 

Sit. I ihank thy for that iefl ; hect's a garment for'i: 
V*/it fhallntK gocvn-rewardcd while 1 aai Hiagof thii 
Couiury : Stcalc by line and Icuell, it ao excellent paCTc 
of pace : there's aooihcr garment for't. 

Tn, MonHcr , come put Tome Linic vpon your fin - 
gen, and away with ihercn. 

CaL I will houc none on't : we (hall loofc our time, 
And allbciurn'dto Barnaflcs.ot to Apes 
With forchcadj villaiioui low. 

Stt. MonHcr.lay toyourfinpcrs: Iidpc to bcarc (hit 
away, where my hogfheaJol wine it.or llciurne you 
out of my kinpdome : goe to, carry thii, 

Tn. And this. 

Sit. 1 , and this. 

j1 may ft ffHitaters 'hctrrA. Cuter diutrj Spirits f«i/i<p* 
•/ Dor I /uid HomaAiy huHtitf n'ftm tboHt t FrojJKre 
ind tytrtel fetttiig them oi. 

Tr; Hey UW#*ji/d»»e, hey. 

Ari. Sdmer : tlictc it goes, SU^ifr. 

Pr». Fury, Fury : there Tyrant, i here .harVe.harkf. 
Goe, charge my Goblins that they giindeihcit loynls 
Witi^ dry Convulrions, fhorten vp their frnewei 
VVith aged Cramps, & more ptnch-fpoitcd inakc thnc, 
ThcnPard, orCaio'Mouiuaiiic. 

J9rx. Harkc, they rortu 

Pro, Let them be hunicd foundly : At ibis houre 
Livs at my mercy all mne tmemies : 
Sliortly fhall ail my labours end, and thou 
Shalt haue the ayre at frcedonic : for a liitk 
Follow, and doc (DC fcruicc , Exeurt. 

^clus (jtiintui: Scsna T^rima. 

Pre. Nowdo'smyProicfi gailiercoahead: 
My tharmcscrackcnot: my Spirits obcy.andTirnc 
Goes vpright with his carriage ?ho\v's the day ? 

•yfr. On the fixt howcT, at which umc, my Lord 
You faid our workc (liould ccafe. 

Pra. Ididfayfo, 
Wben 5rft I tais'd thcTcmpcft : fay my Spirit, 
How fares the King, and 's foUowets ? 

ylr. Conhn'd together 
In the fame fafhioii, as you gauc in charge, 
luft as you left ihcm ; all prifoncrs Sir 
In the Line-p-im* which weather. fends your Cell, 
They cannot boudge till your rekafe : The King, 
His Brother, and your$,abidc all three diftraded. 
And the remainder mourning ouer them. 
Brim full of forrow, and difawy t but chiefiy 

Mimitoiyou icrm'd :>ir,iltcf,ood old Le«<i Cml^^*, 
Iht tcurct rant dowrc Kit bcwd hk« wmim dro?t 
horn c»4>e$ of reeds t yoaichsrm fwflrongly wotJU'rm 
IhaiifyowDowUikcldihcm, yourtfic^Uoca 
Woold betoaic ler.dtr. 

Pr». DeH ihoMthirJtefo, Spirtt^ 

j4r. MirK would ,Si(, were 1 hamtae. 

Fr0. And n.Kic fhsU. 
\\»n thou f wiiich art but »ire; a touch, a feeling 
Ofchcir afHidtons, aod D>all cmi my (c^:r. 
One of their kinde, that rellifti aJl ai fr.jtpciy, 
I'jfTion at they, be kindlier raoc'd th'-n thow ui ? 
Thogh with tJieir high wrongs 1 im ftrook to to'qjick, 
^'et, with my nobler reafoo, gainft my furie 
Doc I take part : the rarer A6lion is 
In venue, (l^en in vengeance: iSry.bongpenifenr, 
The fole drift of my purpofc doth nrerxl 
Not a frowric further : Goe,releafe tbetn yfr«rf , 
M y Charmcs i Ic breake,thcir fences lie tcflore. 
And they fhallbc themfelucs. 

ytr. He fetch thcm.Sir. Eja. 

Prt. Ye Elucj ofhili,brooVs,fladine lakes & groocj, 
And ye, that on i}>e faads wiihpruitlcnr fooie 
Doe chafe the ebblno-/Vy^«j», and doc fiie him 
When he comes backe : you demy -Foppctt, that 
By Moone-rninedoctliegteene fowre Ringlcxtmakc, 
V^hereoftbe Ew»e not bites : and you, wroCe paflitK 
Is to make midnighi-MuGirumps, that reioyce 
To heare the folcmiie Curfcwe, by whofe aytJc 
(Weake Maficts though yebe) I hauebcdymn'd 
The Noone- tide Sun, cali'd forth thcmuienouswindcs, 
And iwizt the greene Sea, and the azut'd vault 
Set roaring warre: To the dread ratlirg Thunder 
Haue I giuen fire, and rifted lauei fto wt Oke 
With Ins owne Dolt : The fttong bafs'd pronoonioi le 
Hxuc I made (Hake, and by the (purs pluck t vp 
The Pyne, and Cedar. Graues at my g:>mma(ul 
Haue wak'd their flee^r j, op'd,jnd let "em forth 
Bymyfo potent An. But thisroughMsgukc 
I hcete abiure : and when 1 haue rcquir"d 
Some heaucniy Muficke (which cuen now 1 doj 
To worke mine end vpon their Scnccs, that 
This AvriC'charme is for, Me breake my iiiSs, 
Bury k certaine fadorT>es in the earth , 
Anti deeper then did eucrPlutamet found 
Iledrowncmy booke. S»Um»emmf>fl-t. 

fferre nrrr-r Ariel Itfftrt: Tbm Alonfo with a ^roitic^t ft. 
five^txtrnitdhj Gonrilo. Sebaflian taii Ar.tbor.ic rf 
lirx m/utner ttctniei ^Adrian tmi Fran c i fco : T^rj cl 
tMK-T tin cirde whirh Pro fpcro had meat ^dtbert JF0^ 
ekma'd: wlncb Profpcto eifirikn^, ^ttkti , 

A folemnc Ayrc,and the bcfl comforter. 

To an vufetled fancie, Cure thy braines 

(Nov/ vfcleffe) boilc within thy skull : ih«re fbnd 

For you are Spell. ftopc 

Holy C#«Jt<<fi», Honourable man. 

Mine cyeiev'n fociable to the (hew ofthitje 

F*il ftllowly drops : The charme difiblues apace, 

And as the mor ciog ftcales vpon the night 

(Melting the darkeoeffe) fo their riling fence* 

Begin to chice the ignorant fumes that mantle 

Their cleerer reafoo. O good Cartg^h 

My CT'ie prcfcTuer, and a loyaU Sir, 

To iii'n thou foUo w*ft ; I will p ay thy gncts 

Uoox both in word,aad defde: .Mo<^ crudly 

Did thou Alonfo, v(e vm, aad my duugheec : 

Thy brother waasfurchcm in the a5. 

Thou art pindfd for't now Stha^lmi. ReOi^arK) btoud. 

You, brocher nunc, that enccrraine ambition, 

£zpe)ld rooorfe, and naturr, whom, with Stinjiuim 

(Wbofe itrwatd phichts cKercforc ire moft Otong) 

Would heere haue kill'd /our King ; I do forgiue thee, 

Vnnacurall dtough thou an :Th«ir vndcrAaodJng 

B«gi(u to fwell, and the approcbing tuk 

Will (horrly fill the resron^ble /hore 

That now ly foule, and muddy t not one of them 

That yet lookes on rae, or would know me : /intfl. 

Fetch me the Hat. and Rapier in my Cell, 

I will difcafc mc, and my felfe prefe nt 

At I was fometime TUtlUme ■ quk kly Sptrifi 

Thou (halt ere long be ftee . 

ffbtrt tbt Bcejifcks, thcrtfKck.1, 
In A CmffliffotH, lltf, 
'I'hcre / covch when Oivtei dMcrie, 
0" tht Batu hack! I dee pe 

dft<r Sammfr mtrrdj . ' 

Mtrrtly , mrrrtij,P>alI I lii*t n«w. 
VndtrtheHofom rhut hangs on ckt Sew. 

Pro, Why thit'i my dainty ^xl7.- JlhsllmifTe 
Thee, but yei thou (halt hauc fteedome : fo,ro/o, 
Jo the Kings Diip, inuifible as thou art. 
There (halt thou finde the Marriners adccpe 
Vnder the Hatches : the Maflcr and the Boat-fwraine 
Being'swake, coforce them to ibis place ; 
And prefenijy, I pre^tbee. 

At. Idrinke the aire before aie^ndretuxn« 
Or ere your puUe twi ce beate. Exit. 

Com, /dltorni«fu,troable,woader,andamaz.eaKnt 
Inhibits heere : Tome heauenly power guidevs 
Out of this fearefull Country. 

Pro, Behold Sir King 
The wronged Doke of MiBaimt^ Prefptn: 
For roorealTurance that a liuing Prince 
Do's now lf>eake to thee, I embrace iKy bo<ty , 
And to chcc, and thy Company, I bid 
A hearty Swclcome. 

jSla. Wlierethoobee'ftheorno, 
Or fomc inchanted triflle to abufe me, 
( A s iste I hauc beetle) I (!ot know : thy Polfe 
Beats as of Be^ ,and blood : and lince I faw thre, 
Th'tfBidionofmy minde amends, with which 
I feare a madnefle held me : this inuA aaue 
(Andtfthisb«atall)amoft (Vnogeftory. 
Thy Dukedome I rciigne, and doe entreat 
Thou psrdon roe my wrongs : But how fHoid Pre^0^ 
Be Uuiog, and be heexc ) 

Prg. Firft, noble Frend, 
L«{ me embr^ct thine age, whofcboQorcaoaot 
Be ineafur'd, or conltn'o. 

C«»«.. Whether this be. 
Or be ooc, lie not fweare. 

Pr», Youdoeyettafte 
Somefubtleties o'lh'iOe, that will nor let yoa 
Beleeue thtogt certaine : Wellcome) lay fricods tSL, 
But yoo,my brace of Lords,wcre I fo minded 
I bcerc could plucke his Highnede froww vpon yoo 
And luftifie you Traitors :k this cime 
I will teil no talee. 

St*. ThcOlucU fpeakninbimi 

Pre, No> 

For you (rooft wicked Sit J whom to call brother 
Would euen lofet:^ my mouth, 1 do forgju« 
Tliy rarifccft fault | all of them ; and require 
My Dukedome of dice, which, pexfoice I know 
Thou muft refiore. 

AJe, IfthoahetRPro^a 
Giue vs paniculais of thy preferu ation. 
How thoii haftmt t vs heere, whomthfce howrcs fhice 
Were wrackt vpon this fhore r where I haue lo{l 
(How (Iwrp the{>otiit of this remnnbrance is) 
My deere loune Ftrdhutnd, 

pT». I am woe for't, Sir. 

ytle. Irreparable is the tofle.aod patience 
Saies, It is paft her cure. 

Prt. Iiaiher thkikc 
Younaue not fought herheipe, ofwi.ofe foft grace 
Fot die like loffe, I haoehct louciaigncaid. 
And reft my fclfe content. 

a:*. You the like lo{re? 

Prf Asgrtattome,aslaic,aud(<ippoRable 
To make the deere lofiTe^haue J meanes much weaker 
Then you may call co comfort you ; foe I 
Hauc lod my daughter. 

jii*. A daughter } 
Oh bcaucii], that they were Uuiog both vnNalfet 
The King and Qyecnc ihetc, that they were, 1 wijii 
My fclfe were muddcd in that oo-zic bed 
Where my fonne liest when did you lofe your daughttt? 

Pn. InthislaQTcropefU JpercciuethcfeLorda 
At this eneoumer doe (o muck admite, 
That they deuoure their rcafon, and fcarce ih'mke 
Their eics doc offices of Truth : Their words 
Are naturall breath : but howCoeu'r you hauc 
BceiK iuAled from your fences, know for ccitaiit 
That I am Prej^rrt, and that very Duke 
Which was thruft forth of JdiUttne , vf ho mof^ Araiigely 
Vpon ihn fiiotef'where you were wrackt) was U-ndtd 
To be ihcLordon't :Nomorey«t ofihis. 
For 'risaChronicleofdayby day. 
Not a relation for a break- fa fl, nor 
Beficcing this fit ft meeting -. Welcome, Sir \ 
This Ceir$ my Court ; hecrc haue I few attendants, 
AndSubiedb none abroad; pray yop looke m . 
My Dukedome iinceyouhauegiueameagiinc, 
I^villrequiteyou withasgoodaihing, 
At leaft bring forth a wonoer, to eooteuc ye 
As much, as me my Dukedome. 

Hm Projfe re dtfcM<r$ Ferdir.and and Mtntn cL., / !^ 
prgat Cbffe. 

Mir. Sweet Lord, you play mefalfe* 

Ftr. Nomydeareftloue, 
I would not foe the world. (wrar.glt 

Mir. Yes, forafcoreof Kiogdotntt, ytwj fhoald 
Artdlwould callitfaireplsy. 

Alo. Ifthisproue 
A vifionof the iflmdjonc dcoc Sonne 
Shall I twice loofe. 

S*$. A moft high miracle. 

Per. Though the Seas ihteaten they ar« mWciEuII, 
I haue eurs'd tnem without caufc. 

AU. NowalltheblciTiogs 
Of a glad father, compafTc thee about : 
Arife, attd fay how tliou caro'A heere* 

A^jr. O wonder! 
How many goodly creatures are there heere ? 
How beautifous nwikinde it ? O bruie i;£ w wcri 3 

bt Ihit 



Thit K*< fuch people in'i. 

yf9. 'Tit ncvDio ihet. (p'»y^ 

yf/«. WKai II ihii Miid, with whom tKoa wai't u 

Yoyr tiA'(} icquimtmcf <anno( be «hrce hoiuei ; 

I%rV)c ihcgoddcircihat htiMcuer'dvi, 

Andbrouc^hi vv thui together,, 

Frr. Sif,rhcittTiOtl»Tl ; 

Biu by immortjil pto\iidfnct,(}i«'HTiine; 
I chofe het when I couKl not »»Ve my Father 
For tut aduitc ■ not iKoughc I had one : She 
It dau|jhtcr to thii famcui Duke of y4/i/Z«iae, 
Of w hom, fo ofic'i I hjur heard renowne, 
Bui nriict faw before : ofwhomlhiue 
Receiu'd afecond life ; ind (rrond Father 
Thu I.ady maVei him to mt. 

A/t. 1 am her J. 
But O.hoiw oily will it found, that { 
Mufl 4iVe my childc forgiuc ncfle ? 

fro. There Sir flop. 
Let »iooi burthen cur remembni^cti.wiih 
A heauinsfTe thati gon. 

Cf. I haue inly wept, 
Oi fhould haucTpoke ere thit : loeVc downeyougodt 
r^nd on thit couple drop a blclTed crowne ; 
For it n you, that haue chaU'd forth the way 
Which brought ■»! hiihet. 

/1(a. I fay Anien,(7#«Mrf«. 

C»i. Was Miff4»»# thruft from MiH*we, that hi» IfTue 
Should become Kings of NajUi ? O teioyce 
Beyond a common toy, and fet it downe 
With gold on lafting PiDert : In one voyage 
Did fUri^Hhet husband findc at Tunu. 
And Ftriinandht: brother, found a wife, 
Where he himfelfe wailof> ■ /'r«/^r#,h»iDukedonr>« 
Inapoorelfle. and all of v$, our feluet. 
When no man was hi J owne. 

AU, due me your hindt ; 
Let gtiefe and forrow (till embrace htsheto, 
That doth not wifli you ioy. 

Cen, Be it fo. Amen. 

Siair AricU.Ttth tht Mafher <mi Btaxfmtitu 
amatjeiiiy foUavtng 
OlookeSir.looke Str.herciimoreof »i : 
Iprepheri'd.if aGallowet were on Ljnd 
Thit fellow could not drowne . Now blafphemy, 
Tt»at fwcar'ft Grace ore-boord,ooi an oath on ftorCt 
HaA ihou no mouth by land } 
What is the newes? 

«*», The be(t newes ij, thai we haue fafcly found 
Our Kirtg, and company ; The next our Ship, 
Whichbut three glafTes fince, we gaue Out fplti. 
Is ty le, and yare, and brauely rig'd, as when 
We firft put out to Sea. 

Ar. Sir, all this feruice 
Haue I done fince I went. 

tra. My trickfey Spirit. 

^/Ilo, Thcfc arc not natarall euens.they ftrengthen 
From ftranger : fay, bow came you hither f 

"Bot. If I did thinks, Sir, I were well awake, 
rid ftriue to tell you : we were dead of flcepe, 
And (how we know not) all clapt vr>der hatches, 
Where.but cueri now,wiih (^T3nge,afldf£uetall noyfcf 
And mo diuerficie of founds, all horrible. 
We wereawak'd: flraight way, Jt liberty i 
Where wc, in all our trim, frefhly beheld 

Our toy all, good, and gallart Ship / our MlArr 
Capnng to eye het . on a trice, fo f\tt(t yea, 
Euen In a dreame, were *« driilded from the f», 
And were brought moaptng huher. 

Ar. Wu'i welJ dont^ 

Pt*. Brauely (my diligence) thou Ovah te free 

All. ThiauasftrangeaMiie, aiercmtnnod, 
Artd there ii in il.ii buf>nc(fc,rr>o(e ihenrkMiite 
Wat tun condud^ of : fcrreOride 
Muf> ted^ifie our knowledge. 

frt, Sir,myL<ige, 
Doe not infef) ynur minde, w iih beating en 
The flraneeneffe of this bufirtcfle^at pickt le.fure 
(Which fhall be fhortly f.ngle) Me lefolue you, 
Thefe happend accidents • till *«^en,be chtt ft full 
And thinke of each thing well : Come hitbei ipiin. 
Set Caliisn^ and hii compimont free : 
Viwyethe Spell Howfarct my grsciouiSn/ 
There are yet miffing of your Companie 
Some few odde Ladt , that you remember not 

Eittr ArttH, drtumfmCAlibAH, SitfhAjto, tr>d 
Trmcul* tn ihtirjitl'H Aff^'tll. 

Str. Eurry man fhift for all the ltd, and let 
No man take care for himfelfe j for all it 
But fortune :^»f4fi«BulIy.Monf>et Cerjij 

Tri- If thefe be true fpiei which 1 weare inttty he»d, 
here's a goodly fight. 

Ctl. O Stitbit, thefi be braue Spirits indeede 
Howfinemy Maf^cr is? lamjfraid 
Hewill chalhfeme. 

Stb Ha, ha! 
What things are thefe, my Lord /fi>r^*» ? 
Will money buy em/ 

^nt. Vtry like .one of them 
It a pltine Fifh. and no doubt nut ketable. 

frt. Marde but the badges of thefe men, my Lords, 
Thmfay if they be ttue:Thijmif>>apenknaaei 
Hit Mother was a Witch, and one fo f^rong 
That could controle the Moor^e ; make f1o«es,and eb« 
And deale in her command, without her power : 
Thefe three haue robd me,and this demy-diutll ; 
(For he's a baftjr done) had plot ted with them 
To take my life ; two of thefe Fellowes. ycu 
Mu(^ know,and owne.this Thing of datkc/icfTe,! 
Acknowledge mine 

Cat. I fhallbepinchttodeath 

Ali. It not (his Stefk^nt^ my drunken B Jtler t 

Sei, Heitdrunkenow; 
Where had he wine? 

yiU. And TrtncmU is reeling ripe : «/kere fVioutd they 
Fmdethis grandLiquor thachachgilded'em? 
How cam'it thou in this pickle ? 

Tti. I haue bin in fuch a pickle fince ICawyaaUR, 
That 1 fcare me will neuer out of my bones : 
I fhall not feare fly-blowing. 

S*i. Whohownow J/?^i!wM? 

Stt. O touch me not,I am not Srtyftona^m aOantp. 

7>r#. You'ldbcKingo'thelfle,Si:ha? 

$tu I fViould haue bin afore one then. 

AU. Thisisaflrangethmg aserellook'don. 

f«. Heisas difproportion'dir.hia Manners 
AJtnhisfhape:GoeSirha, tomyCell, 
Take with you your Companions : as yoo looke 
To haue my pardon, trim it handfomely. 

Cil. I that I will : and He be wife heresOrr , 




And feekc for gricc : whac t chtice double Afie 
Was I to take this drunkitd far a god / 
And worOup this dun foolc ? 

Pr«. GoetOjAway. ("found it 

Jh. Hence, and b«fto«yo« luggsgt where you 

St6. Orflole it rather. 

Fra. Sit, I inuite your HighnefTc, and your trattw 
To my poore Cell ; where you ftiall take your reft. 
For this onenighc, which part ofic , I le wafte 
Wkh fuch difcourfe.aa I not doubc,(haU make it 
Goe quicke away : Thefiofy of my life, 
And the particular accidents, gon by 
Since I came to ibis Ifle : And in the morne 
Tie bring you to your (hip , *nd fo to Nafla^ 

Where Ihauc hope ro fee tne nuptitli 
Or thefe our de«r«-b6lou'd, folcmnizcd. 
And thence retire mc to my AfilUiitt, when 
Fucry third thought (Kail be my g taue. 

AI0. I long 
To hcare the ftory of youi life j wliicb muft 
Take the eare flatngely. 

Pr». rie deiiuer all, 
And promife you caimc Seai, aufpiciouf gatet* 
And (a ile, fo expeditious, that (hall catch 
Your Royall fiettC fane off :My ^rit/ ; chicke 
That i» thy charge: Then to the EltrntnU 
Be free, and fare thou well : pleafe yott draw neerd 
ExtuMt tmati. 



NOwmyChermes arealtero'threvi'niy 
Jndwbatjlrength ihaue'tmiaeowne. 

Wbichistwjlfunt: now* tit true 

/ muj} be htere cmfinik hy yeu^ 

Orjtrrt w Naples, Let menin 

Since I bane my DukeJomegot , 

And far don i the deceiuer^ dwtO 

/nib/J IfartjJlanJ, hjyour SpeQ^ 

But reUafi me from my bands 

mth the helye cf y our ge^d hands ! 

Gentle breath af yours ^ tny Saittt 

MHJiJt/I, ffretfemy freie£ifuleSy 

which Wits tooleaft: Naw Ttvint 

Sf'urUstoenforte: ArttojnchaJit, 

Arid my etidtng it dcj^re^ 

Fnieffel be relieud byfraier 

Ufhsch pierces fa, thatit^ults 

Mercy itjelfi, and frees all fiults. 

As you from crimes would parden'dbf^ 

Let your Indulgeitet fetmepee. Exit. 

TheScene,an vn-inhabitcd Ifland 
U^mesofthe AUors* 


Sebafitan his Brother, 

FrojjxrOjtbe right DukeefMilluTte. 

Anthoniahis btother^tbevfurptng DultofMlCunt 

Ferdinand^Son to ilje King 0/ Naples. 

ConcaU, an heneft oldCouncelkr, 

AdriaTK & Franci/co, Lords. 

Caliban, afaluage and deformed Jlaue, 

Trtncuio^a leBer. 

Jtepbanoy a drunken Butler, 




Miranda^ daughter to Pro^erOk 

ArteUyan ay rie ff iris. 



luna |> Splritu 





b 2 



Two Gentlemen of Verona. 


VtUtntm : Frtthtm, and Spttd, 

ilaf« to pcrfwide, my looing fr*thfHi ; 
Homt-lce<pingyouth,h*u«cueT homely wiM. 
Wer't not »ffeflion ch»inci thy tender dtyf i 
To the fweet glwnces oCthy honour'<i L«uc, 
I rather would entreat thy company, 
To fee the wondert of the world abroad , 
Then (liuing dully fluggardiz'd at home} 
Weare out iby youth with OiapfleflTe idl^neflV, 
But fince thou lou'f>{ Iou«/\ill,andthruje therein, 
EuenasI would, when I to loue begin. 

Pro. Will thou be gone.'Sweti VtUnitn* adew, 
Thinke on thy Freibntt, when thou(h»p'ly)feeft 
Somerare note-worlhy obiefkmlhy triuaile. 
Wifh me partaker in ihy happineffij, 
When thou do'ft mfel good hsp; and in thy danger, 
(If euer danger doe enuiron tliee) 
Commend thy giieuance to my holy prayerj, 
For I will be thy beadcf-man, V»lentitf. 

Vol. And on a louc-bookepr»y for rrry fucceffef 

Pre. Vpon fomebooVt I loue, I'lc pray for thee. 

fal. Thai'i on fomc Oiallow Stone of df epe loue, 
Howyong Le/ndrrcTo(\ the HtBeftcn. 

Pro. Thac'sadeepeStorie.ofa flecker loue. 
For he wjj more then ouer-(}^oocs in lout 

Vd. 'TiJirucj for you areouer-booUs in louc, 
Aod yet you neuer fwom the He3<ff«nt 

Pro. Ouer thtBootjj? nay giue me not the Boots. 

Val, No, I Will not; font boots thee not. 

Pro. WI«t^ (grooej: 

Zfal. To be in loue; where fcomeis bought with 
Coylookr.withhart-forefighcj: one fadmg moments 
With twenty watcbfull.weary.tedioui nightj; (mirth, 
Ifhap'ly won, perhaps a hapleffc game , 
If Ion, why then a grtftloUj labour won , 
How euer -. but a folly bought with WH, 
Orelfe awit.byfollyYanquifhed 

Pre. So, byyourcircumrtance.youcanmefoole. 

ZJtil. So, by your circumftancc,! fe«re you'll proue 

?r», Tis Loue you csuill at, I am not Loue. 

y«l. Loue IS your mafter, for he mafterj you ; 
And he that is fo yoked by a foole, 
Me thinkcjfhould not bcchronicled for wife. 

Pro. Ycl Writer* fay ; as in the fwet teft Bud, 
The eating Canketdwels; fo eating Loue 
Inhabits m the fincft wits of all, 

r^i. And Writerafay; ai the mo{\ forward Bud 

Is e»«en by the Canlf erere it Wow, 
Euenfoby Loue, the yong, and render wU 
Is turr.'d lo folly, blafting in the Bod, 
Loof ng his Tcrdurej even in the prune. 
And all th* faire r^t&t of future bopea. 
But wherefore wrfte I time to eounfaile \\iet 
That art a votary to fof»d defire ? 
Once more adteu : my Father at the Road 
Ejfpe^smy corommg.there tofeemeftup'd, 

Pr* And thither will 1 bring thee FtUntmt. 

yj, SweefpTK&rw^no.-Nowlct vuiic our leatc: 
To LMilUtn* let me heare from thee by L etters 
Ofthy focceffe m loue ; and what rxwei tl(e 
Beiideth here in abfence of thy Friend : 
And I likewifc will rifite tSee with mine. 

Pr: A!! happinefle ^chance to iKee in Miltm. 
y^l. As rruch to you at home.- and fo farewell r*^ 

Pro. HeiHer Hanojr hunts, lafter Loi.*! 
He leauej h\i digmSc them mere; 
1 loue my felfe, my ftieruJs, and all for loue / 
Thou /»/i4 ihouKafimetamorphu'd mt.- 
Mide me neglefi my Studies, loofemy ilrre; 
Warre with good counfaile, fet the world at nought ; 
Made Wit with muring,wtake;hartfick with thought. 

Sf. Sir Proihtm ; 'faueyotJ • fa w you rt.y Mtfler } 
Pr9.But now he parted hence to rmbarque (otMtS^m, 

Sf. Twenty to one then, he is fnip'd already, 
And I hauepisid theShecpcmloofinghim. 

fro. Indeedc a Sheepe doth »cry ofrcT rtrsy, 
And iftheSSepheard be awhile away. 

5^. You conclude that my Maf\erisiShephaid then, 
and I Sheepe^ 

Pro. 1 doe. 

Sf. Why then my homes are his homes, whether I 

fro, A filly anfwere, and fitting well a Sheepe. 

Sf. Thisproues mefiill aSherpe. 

Pr». True: and thy MafleraSbepheatd, 

j^. Nay, that 1 cinder.y bya arcumftance. 

Pro, It (hall got hard but ileproue it by another. 

Sf. TheShcpheardfeekes the Sherpe, and not the 
Sheepe the Shepheard; but Ifeekt my Mafter. ard my 
Mafter fetkes not tae : therefore 1 am no Sheepe 

Pro, The Shfepe for fodder follow the Shepheard, 
tl»eShepheardfortoodefbllowesnoithf Sheepe ; thou 
for wages foDoweft thy Mafter, thy Mafier for wages 
foUowes not thae : therefore thou an a Sheepe. 

Sf, Such another proofe will make mecryliai 

Pro. Silt do 'ft thou heare- gaof\ thou myietttr 


^he tj»o gentlemen of Verona. 


Sf. I Sir : I (a loft-Mutton) gauc your letter to her 
(alac'<{-Mutton)aad/be (4lac'd-Mu(U>n)gaue mec(& 
loft-Mutton) nothing for my labour. 

"Pro. Here's top freall a Failure foe Cucb (lore of 

Sf. If the ground be oucr-charg'd, yoa were bed 

"Pro. Nay^in that you areaftray : 'c\NC[ebe& pooai 

Sf. Nay Sir, Icflc then a pound (hiUfctuetnc for Or- 
ry log your Letter. 

Pre. You miftake ; I meane the pound, t PinToIl 

5p« From a pound (oa,pin? fold 7t ouer and ouer, 
Tis threefold too little for carryingalcUci coyouibucr 

Pn, Bui what faid fhc f 

Sf. 1. 

Pn. Nod-L why that's noddy. 

Sf. YoumiftookeSirclfayfhedidnodj 
And you aske me if Oic did nod, and I f»y I. 

Pro. And that fet together is noddy. 

Sf, Now you hauc taken the paines to fci & (OgV* 
iher^take it for your piines. 

Pr». No,tTo,yoti rhallhaue it for bearing the leK«R 
Sf. Well,l perceijuc I muftbefaine to beare wUhyoO* 
Vro. Why doe you beare with me ? 
Sf. Marfy Sir, the letter very orderly, 
Hauing nothing but the word noddy for my palocfc* 

Pre. Bcfhrew mc,but yon haue a quicke wi€. 

Sf. And yet it cannot ouer-takeyour flowporfe. 

Pre. Come, come, open the matter in brieici tihitt 
faid ftie. 

Sf. Open your pnrfe, that tt»c nioney,sad the vavixa 
may be both at once dcliuered. 

Pre. Well Sir : here is for your pa iness what ftid Qo^ 

Sfk Ttoely Sir,I ihinke you'll hardly win her. 

Pre. Why? could'ft thou pcrceiue lo much from ha? 

Sf. Sir, I could perceiuc nothing at all ftom her ; 
No,not fo much as a ducket for dcliuering your letter .■ 
And being fo hard to me,that brought your minde; 
1 feare fhc'll pconc as hard to you in telling yotir nrinde. 
Ginchcr no token but ftones,for fbe's u hard U fteck. 

Pre. What faid (he, nothing^ 

Sf. No,not fo much at take this for thy pains (mq 
To teftifie your bounty ,1 thank you, you haue ceiWto'd 
In requital wheri!of,henc«forth,carTy your letter* yoor 
fclfc \ And fo Sir, Tie cdmmend you to my MiftCT' 

Pre. Go,go,becone.tofaue your Ship ^pmwiackj 
Which cannot perim hautng thee aboard^ 
Be'mg dcftirt'd to a drier death on fhorc t 
I muft goc fend fomc better Mcfieogeri 
Ifeare my Itdis would not daigne my IfasMi 
Receiutog them from fucbav/ortblwepc^ 

Scosna SecunJa* 

EvttrlidunDdi Ltum^, 

M, BtttrtyJ[>«rrrff4(howwearealofse) 
Would'fl thou then coanfaile me to fall in iaec f 
Ixc. I Madam, fo you fiumble not vnhocdfilQyt 
/«/. OfaUthefairerefortofGenttomeiif 
Hut eociy day with pule encounter ee. 

In thy opinion which is worthieft louc ? 

Lm. Pleafe yoo repeat their nameipJe fltsv^oiy Rdc^Ci 
According to my (hallow fimplc skill. 

/««. What thiiikrt thou of thefaire fir Sgramemei 

Lu. AsofaKnight,wcll-fpoken,neat,arldfuK| 
But were I you he neuer (hould bemine. 

/». What think'n thou of the rich t^trcatioi 

Lu. Well of his wealth ;butofhirofflfc,fo,(o. 

/*. What tbink'ft thou of the gentle Prethem ? 

(.*. LotdjLord : to fee what folly raigncs in vs. 

If. How now? whatmeanes this pafTjon at hii atXDtf 

Lu. Pardon dearc Madam,'ti$ a pafTing {hjn>«. 
That I (vnworthy body as J am) 
Should ccnfure thus on loucly Centlemero 

/*. Whynoron^»rfc*/«,a$ofalithercfl? 

XrH- Then thus .-ofmanygood^Ithinke himbcfi. 

Ar^ Yourreafofi? 

Lm, I haue no ether but a vromans reafon/ 
Ithinkehim fo.becaufe I tblnke him fo. 

Jul. And would'll thou haue me caft my loue on him? 

Lm, I •' if you thought your loue not caA away. 

InL Why he,of all the refl, hath neuer roou'd me. 

La, Yet he.of all the reft.I thinke beft loues ye. 

/«/« HU little fpcaking.fhewes his loue but fimalL 

L». Bre that's clofeftkcpt,bumes moftofall. 

/«/. They doe not loue,thac doc not fhew their lout. 

La. Oh,they loue lead, that Ice men know theidoue. 

ift, I would 1 knew his minde. 

£». Perufe this paper Madam. 

taL To /*/««: fay ,from whom? 

£j>. That the Contents will (hew* 

It^ Say /ay ; who gaue it ihcr i 

L§. Sirf^rf/flfrw/pageifc fentlihinkfromPror^rw; 
He would haue giuen i t you,but I being in the way. 
Did hiyouroanK receiue it .-pardon the fault I pray* 

M, Now (by my modcfty) a goodly Broka : 
OarCTOuprefume to harbour wanton lines f 
To wnifper, and confpire againft my youth ? 
Now tniftme, 'tis an office of great worth. 
And you an officer fit for the place : 
There i take the paper : fee it be retum'd. 
Or elfe tetinnc no more into my fight. 

Lu. To plead for loue, defcrucs more fce.tlien hue 

ikJ: Wlllyebegon? 

Lit, That you may ruminate. Sxit, 

InL And yet I would I h&d ore-look'd the Letter i 
It were a lliatneto call ha backe againe. 
And pray her to a fauk,for which I chid bfr. 
WhatToolcis (hefthatknowet I am aMaid. 
Asd would not force the letter to my view^ 
SfQ€eMiudes,tnmodefty, fay no,to that, 
Which they would haue the proffcrer conftrue, U 
He, fie .■ how way-ward is this foolidi lotre i 
That (like a teflie Babe) will fcvatch thcKuife, 
Aod ptefently, all humbled kHfe tfaeRod ? 
How cburlifnly, I chid Lucetu hence. 
When willingly, I would hzue had her here ) 
How angcily 1 uught my brow to frowne. 
When inward ioy cnforc'd my heart to ftnile ? 
Ikfypeorunce it, to c^U Lnem* backe 
f^a aske rcminion, for my folly paiL 
Wbat hoe : Liuetttu 

L". What would youcLadilbip 
M. Is't neere dinner time ? 
Lm, I would it were, 
ThatjoamightkillyourfiomtckeoQ yourmeat. 



The npo ^enlkmen of Verona, 

And not Tpoii your Mud. 

In. What II t ititt y^tt 
TooWe yp fo gmgeilyr 

L". Noihuig. 

;» Why didft thou ftoojctfifn^ 

Lu. To like 1 paper Tp,thatl lex faU* 

ImJ. And iiihac pjptc noHiing> 

L". Nothing concerning mt. 

lul. Then let u lye.for thofc that it concrmei. 

Ln. Madam, ic will not lye where it c<«nccmc«, 
Volcflc It hjuc a falfc liitrrpreter. 

Itl, Some lone ofyour $,haih writ to yo*i tn Rim<. 

Ln That I might ring u/ Madam) loatunci 
Giu« me a Note, yo«r Ladiflup can (a. 

lul. Aslidlcby fuch ioyei,at may bepotTible: 
Bcft fing U to the tune oiLiiht O^Lmt. 

Lm. Itij toohcauy rbrfoliflht atune. 

In. Hcauy^ belike ic hath (omc burden rhm ? 

Lm. I rand mctodiout were it^would^ou Ting It, 

Ih. And why not you ? 

Ln, I cannot reach fo high. 

/*. Let'i fee your Song 
How now Minion? 

Lm. Kcepe tone there Hill ;rojrou Will Ito^ it eui I 
And yet me thinkcs \ do not (ike thii tu&C« 

In You doe not ^ 

Lu. No CMadam) tii too fhirpt 

Jm. You (Minion) are too faucie. 

L,M. Nayinowyou aretoofUi J 
And itiitre the concdrd.wjth too Karft i drfcam ; 
There wanteth but a Meine to fill your Song. 

/«. Themcane it droundwith you vnrulybafc 

LtK Indcede I bid the bafe for Prtibttm. 

/h, TWs babble ftiall not beocefottfi trouble me j 
Hercija cotlc with proteflation . 
Goe.get you gone: and lex the paper* !ye .• 
You would be fwgring il»e«n,to anger rT>e. 

L». She make* it ftiage,bot (Vie woirid bebeflpleas'd 
To be fo angred with tttothcr Letter. 

/«. Nay, would I were fo angred with the fuoi: 
Oh hatefull handt,to teirc fuch touing word* | 
Iniuriouj Wafpcs, to feede on fuch I weet hony , 
And kill the Beesthat yceldeit.with yow ftingif 
lie kiffe each feucrall papcr.for am«»di : 
Looke,hcre is writ,kin4e fniia : vnkinde Mis, 
As in teuenge ot'thy ingratiiode, 
1 throw thy name againft the bruzing-fteoc«» 
Trampling contempmouny on thy difdain*. 
And here i« writ, Leae vamtded Vmitta. 
Poore wounded name .- my bofotrx.aa a h^i, 
S hall lodge thee till thy wound be throughly beai'd ; 
And thus I fcarch it with a foueraigne kifle. 
But twice,otthricc,wajPrflri«w written downex 
Be calme (good witidc) blow »ot a word tvwj, 
Till I haue foundcach letter, in the Letter, 
Except mine own namecTba.fome whirk-wifidc bcare 
Vnto a r3gged,fearefuIl,haoging Rocke, 
And throw ic thence inro the raging Sea. 
Loe.hcre'in oik line is his name t\ricc writ f 
ftareferlcne Prtibtm, fajfvvale Pntbtia i 
Tc tbefwett IuUa .- that ilc tcare away : 
And yet I will not, fith fo prettily 
He coupks it, to hii cotnplaioingNamtt j 
Thus will I fold them, one rpon another ; 
Now kifrc,embracc,contend,do« what yoo wilL 
Lm. Madam: diooer is ready, and jc«r£ctbafbt€i. 

/•. Wrll^ »i g«e. 

Lm. What/haU thefe paptri !ye,like Td-'.itnlMit > 

lm. If you refpcA thrm ; bcft toiakc tSerr. v^. 

Lm. Niy.l wai taken «p,fof !a>rr.g ^owee. 
Yet hf 'eihry fhiU oot lye, tor catching cold. 

/•. I fee youhaof afT»onthi mindeiothtTB. 

L- 1 (Madam) you i»ay fay what figKuyoofft ; 
I fee thii^i too.althoaeh you lodgc I wtnkr. 

/•, Come, conK, will ptcafc yea goe. Lriw^, 

Scosna TertU, 

Emtr,4Mt»mt»m»dTxaihmt, fraihnu. 

^ c^.r. TeU me Pmtk,a4, what .^ad ta'.ke wai that, 
Whoewithmy brother held you io the Cloyf-r: > 
Pdfi. 'TwasofhiiNcphcw^#flkrt,,your;3a'iC. 

./imi. Whyrwhaiofhirr, ? 

fm. He wondred rhat your LordfhM 
Would fuffcrhim.tofcerxibii youth at hooie, 
WHiU other men, of {lender reputation 
Put forrhrheirSoonci.tofeekeprcfrrmentotit. 
Some to the waaei, t« try iheu fortune ihtte j 
Some, to difcouer Iflaada farreawaj i the fludious Vniuer<;iic» ; 
For «ny,or for aJI ihde cxeKifei, 
Hefaid,that/r#<in*,yoor fonne,waj meet; 
And did reqoeft me, to importune y cu 
To let him Ipeod his time no more at homj ; 
Which would be great impeachment to hi* age, 
In hauing knowne no trauaile in his youth. 

yf*f. Norneed'AthoumiKh itnporranecietothK 
Wbereon.thii month I haue bin lianierirg, 
I haue confider'd well, his loiTe of ticne. 
And h.ow lie cannot be a perfeft msn. 
Not being rryed.ind tutord ir the worti : 
Eaeerience is by induthy atchieu'd. 
And perfefted by the fwift courft of time •• 
Then tell me,whcthef were I beft to (cod him f 

Pom. I thinke yoor Lord/Tiip it not ignow-aoc 
How his companioti, youthful! ya^evim, 
Attendt the En^erour m his royail Court. 

Aft. Ikijowitwell. (thitier, 

Psn. 'Twere good, I thinke, yotn LxwdCup fenthaa 
There (hall he pcftAfe TiltJ,and Turtiamem j ; 
Heare fweet difcourfe, conuerfe whh Nobk-roco, 
And be in eye of euery E tercite 
Wonhy hit youth, and noblene{!£ of b'lrth. 

yi^. I like thy counfajlc : well haft thou aduis'cL- 
And that thou maifl perceiue bow well I Lke itj 
The execution of it (hall make kocwse ; 
Euen with the fpeediefl expedition, 
I will dilpatch him to the Emperorr Court. 

P** To riKWTOW.inay it pleafe yoUjUcB jHftTtJi, 
With other G endemcn of good efteetnc 
Are iouraying, to Ctlutc the Emftrsr, 
And to cora.T>end tbeir feruicc tc his wilU 

Am. Good company ; with tbemlhall Prtthmr^ : 
And in good time : now will we breake with hua. 

Pn, Swe«Loue/we«Iine6,fwsetlife, 
Here ii her hand, the agcit ofherhean ; 
Heie i> her oath for l^uejhcr hono3 p«une ; 

ThetvoGentlemenof Verona. 


O that out Fathers would applaud eur loucs 
Te fcaic our KappinclTc w'ich their confentt. 

Fr». Oh heauenly /•/«>. 

AitMo^ now? What Letter arc you reading there? 

Pr$. May't pfeafc your LordHiip, 'tij a word or two 
Ofcomroendationj fcnt from f^^Uminei 
Dcliuct'd by a friend, that came from him. 

^«r. Lendror the Letter : Let me fee what newes. 

Pr«. Thert it no newrt (my Lord)but that he wril*» 
How happily he liuet, how wcll-belou'd. 
And daily graced by the Emperor; 
WiCbing me with him, partner of his fortune. 

^m. And howftind you affed\ed to hit wifh? 

?r». Aj one relying on your Lordfhipi will. 
And not depending on hit friendly wi{h. 

yirrt. My will is fomethingforted with his wid^ t 
Mufe not that I thus fodainly proceed t 
For what [ will, I will, and there an end : 
I am refolu'd, that thou (Vialt fpend feme lifn« 
With KalfHtinMi, in the Emperors Court : 
What maintenance he from hit friends recriues, 
Like exhibition thou (hale haue from me , 
To morrow be in readineffe, to goe, 
Excufe it not : fori am peremptory. 

Pro, My Lord 1 cannot be fo foonc prouided , 
Pleafe you deliberate a day or two. 

yiut. Look what thou want'-ft fh albc fcnt after thee: 
No more of flay : to morrow thoumuft goe; 
Come on Panthme', you (hall be Imployd, 
To haflen on his Expedition. 

Pro. Thus haue 1 (hund the fire, forfeare of burning 
And drench'd mc in the fea .where I am drown'd. 
I fear'd to fticw my Father ImUm Letter, 
Lead he (hould take exceptions to my lose, 
And with thevantage of mine ownc excufe 
Hath he excepted mofl again(\ my loue. 
Oh, how this fpring of loue refemblcth 
The vncertaine glory of an Aprill day. 
Which now fhewcs all the beauty of the Sun, 
And by and by a clowd takes all away. 

Pttn. Sir Protheus, your Fathers call's foryou. 
He IS in haft, therefore I pray you go. 

Prt. Why this it is : my heart accords thereto. 
And yet a thoufand times it anfwcr't no. 

Sxeumt. Finit, 

^Uusfecundus: Scoena ^rima. 

Enter Vdlntinc, Sftcd, SiImU. 

Sfttd. Sir. your Gloue. 

VMlcn. Not mine : my Glouet are on, 

5f. Why then this maybe yours: for this is but one 

VaI. Ha? Let me fee : I, giue it me, it's mine : 
Sweet Ornament, that deckes athiog diuinct 
Ah 5</«M, 5(/i«iVr. 

Sfetd. Madam SilmU : Madam SiUiU, 

fsl. How tu>w Sifha? 

Sperd. Sheeit not within hearing Sir. 

fW. Why (ir, who bad you call her ? 

Sptfd. Your worfhip fit, or clfe I miftoobe. 

r«/. Well tyoulJ (till be too forward. 

Spttd, And yet I wit laft cbiddcn for being too flow. 

fW. Goe to,fir, tell me:do you know Madam iSi/m4? 

Sp«*d, Shec that your worship loues ? 

f^at. Why, how know you that 1 am in loue ? 

Sptid. Marty by thefe fpeciall markcs : banc 
learn'd (like S\r Prttheui ) to wreath your Armrs like a 
Male>content: to rellifh a Looe.fong, like • T(^hn-:cd- 
breaA : to waike alone like one that had the peftilence : 
tofigh,rikeaSchoole*boyihathadloAhit/^. 7. C. to 
weep like a yong wench that had buried herCrandam : 
to faft, like one that takes diet : to watch, like one that 
feires robbing : to fpeakc puling , like a beggar at Hal- 
low-Ma(fc:You were wont, when you laughed,lo crow 
like a cocke; when you walk'd, to waIke like one of the 
Lions : when you faAed , tt was prefently after dinner: 
when you look'd fadly, it wat for want otmoney : And 
now you are Metamorphis'd with a Miftrij, that when 1 
lookeonyou, Icanhardly thinkcyoumy Mafter. 

^«/. Are all thefe things perceiu'd inme? 

Spttd. They are all perceiu'd without ye. 

f 4/. Without me ? they cannot. 

Speed. Without you /nay, that's certaine : for with- 
out you were fo fimple, none elfe would ; but you arc 
fo without thefe foiries,that thefe folliet are within you, 
indfhinethroughyou like the water inan Vrinall : that 
not an eye that lees you , but is a Phy ficiao to comment 
on your Milady. 

Kal. But tell mc:do*ft thou knew my Lady Siljti* f 

Speed, Shce that you gare on fo,as (he fits et fupper? 

ydl. Haft thou obferu'd that ? euen Q\c 1 metne. 

Speed. Why fir, I know her not. 

yai. Do'(t thou know her by my gazing on her.ind 
yet know'fi her not ? 

Sfeed. It (he not hard- fauour'd , fir ? 

yal. Not fofaire (boy) ai well fauour'd 

Speed, Sir.lknow that well enough. 

Val. What do(t thou know? 

Speed. That (hee is not fo faire, as ( of you ) well-fa* 
uourd f 

fAl. Itneane that her beauty it exquifite. 
But her fauour mfinite. 

Speed. Thai's bccaufe the one it painted , andtKeo- 
ther out of all count. 

yj. How painted ? and how out of count > 

Speed, Marry fir, fo painted to make her faire, that no 
man counts of her beauty.' 

y^I. Howe(leem'(t thou me?IaccotintofheT beauty. 

Speed. You neuer faw her fince (he was deform'd. 

1)4/. How long hath (he becne deform'd ? 

Speed. Euer fincc you lou'd her. 

K*/. I haue lou'd hf r euer fince I faw her. 
And (till I fee her beautifulU 

Speed. If you loue her, you cannot fee her- 

V4I. Why? 

^^fri/.BecaufeLoueisblinde : O that you had mine 
eyes, or your owne eyes had the lighti they were wont 
to haue, when you chidde at Sir Prethem^fot going vn> 

r*!. What (houldl fee then? 

Speed. Your owne prefcnt folly , and her paiTing de- 
ftvmitie :for hee beeing in loue, could not fee to garter 
hishofe;andyon,beeinginlouc, cannot fee to put on 
your hofc. ("'"g 

AV. Belike (boy) then you are in loue. for laft nior- 
You could not fee to wipe my (hooet. 

Speed.Trut ftr : I was in loue with my heA, ^ thankc 
I you, you fwing'd me for roy loue, which makes mee the 



The irpo (jentUmenafOgrcum, 

boliicT to G^ld« you, for yown. 

I' at. Inronclvjfion,! Aind affc^cd tohn. 

SpM^. 1 would you wen £ci, U> yout affc^ton <MOuld 

rW. Ltft night fhc cniovn'd rnc , 
To wriic Come linct to one (he louo- 

5f«»<'. AndhMcyou^ 

Z;«/. Ihauc 

£^««U. Arc they not limcly writt? 

yal. No f boy) but •! well u icandoihcm. 
IV«cc, here fht comet. 

Sfrtd. OhcKcdlenimotionj ohcMCcdiog Poj»p«t; 
Now will He intcipiec to her. 

y^. MiMhm 8c Mifttcj, athoofind fiood-monowi, 

S^td. Oh,*giucye-good-cv'n ; hcei'»amtlI>oQof 

SiL S\i y*ttntiit,%nA ftrusm, to yoo two thouftnd. 

Spted. He fhould giue her intereft: & ftie gioei it him. 

y<d. Asyouinioyndme; Ihauc wntyout Letta 
Vato the frcret, namclcj friend of yourf : 
Whirfil w»« much vnwilling to proceed m, 
Butformyduty toyour L«difhip. (done 

5/7. I ihinke you (gentle Seniant) 'tii very Clerkly- 

fV. Nowtruftme(M«d»m^itc»mch*tdlty-off; 
For being ignorant to-whom it goci, 
I writ at rtndoroc, very doubtfully 

Sil. Perchance you Ibink too much of fo moch paitii? 

y^. No(M8d»m) fo it fteed you.I will write 
(Vleafeyou command} a ihouFarMl timet >i much > 
And yet 

SU. A pretty penod : well; I ghefTe the fequcll ; 
And y«l I will not name it : and yet I care not. 
And y«, take this againe : and yet I thankcyou ; 
Meaning henceforth to trouble you no mote. 

Sfttd, And yet you will : and yet, arvHh«r yet, 

V4I. What meancsyootLadifhip? 
Dc>e you not like U? 

SU. Yes, yet : the lines are »ety qtxintjy writ , 
But (fince vnwiU'ingly) take tbcm agfint 
Nay, lake them. 

V4I. Madam, they art for you. 

Sittt. 1, 1: you wnt them Sit .at my reqoeft , 
But I will none of there : they «« for you : 
1 would houe had them writ nwrc mccingly t 

y»l. Pleafeyou, He wfiteyourLadifntp another. 

SU. And wiicn ii't writ : Cor my fake read it ouet , 
And if it pleafe you, fo : if not : why fo : 

yd. If it pleafc mc, (Madam? ) what then > 

SU. Why if it pleafe you. akc it fot your labour ; 
And fo good-morrow Sitvanu ExU.Stl. 

SpMd. Ohlcftvnfeenc :infcrutible:iruifible, 
As s nofe on amans face/>r a Wether cocke on a fteeple : 
My Maftcr fucs to her : and (he bath taught ber Sutw, 
He being ber Pupitl, to become her Tutor. 
Oh trxccllent deuife, w»« there eu« heard a better ? 
That my mafter being faibe , 
To himfelfe fhould write the Letter? 

yj. Haw now Sir? 
What are you reafoning with your felfe? 

J))mi.Nay:Iwasr}miDg:'iityou^ bsae the reafoo. 

yoL To doe what? 

Sp**d. To be a Spokef-pan from Madam SUmu. 

Vd/. To whom ^ 

Speed. To your felfe j why, (he woes you by a figorc. 

yal What figure/ 

Spttd, By a Lcacr, I (hould dy 

Vd. WhyAveKaih not writ lom«? 

JpW. What rvced the, 
When fhet hath made you wrkr to y«*w (cli« ? 
Why, doc you rMtpcrcciM thcMft? 

yd. No, btlrcue rtw. 

Sf*tiL No belceuinf; you Irdeed fw } 
But did jrou percr.iM ber eamcft t 

Vd. She gave m«nofte, except an angry wot4 

Sf4*d. Why rhc hath gjucn you a Lettn. 

yd. Thu'i the Letter 1 wntto ber fr»«t>d. 

Sfrtd. Aod f letter hath (he de)iuei'd,te tWcMciid. 

yd. Iwouidit wereooworic. 

SftnL lie warraot you,'tu u wcil : 
For ofteo hauc you writ to her : artd Ax tn u > od< fly , 
Or elfe for wan: of idle tlmccottld rtot aga«tc rrplv. 
Or feahng clt foooe mr€eger,^ might he mtnd ci(cooer 
Her fdfhjth taught bei Louehtmfrlf, to write fctto her 
All thij lfpeakinpritM,formprint 1 found it. (looet* 
Why mufe you fu, "ni duwer iitT>e. 

Vd. Ihauedyn'd. 

5'/#M^ I, but hearken nr: thotighibeCfcaeleor Looc 
can fctd or the ayrr, I am one am neuriA'.'d by roy 
viiHuali -. and would fame t-au«n>cate : ohbtt rtotlike 
yourMinrcfTcbctnooctiibctnoucd. fxrmi. 

Sccena fecwida. 

Lftrt frttbtm^ Idm, Pimimm, 

?rt, Haue patience, gentle Idka : 

Id. rmuftwhereiiDoretBedy. 

Prt, WhenpoHibly Ic«D,I willmeme. 

Id. Ifyou (ume not :jou will return the footKT I 
Kerpeihii rerT^crobrancc (or rhy/W»«'/ false, 

Prt. Why then wec*fl make eicbaogc-, 
Here, take yoo thit. 

Id. And (eale the bargainc with t holy kifle. 

Pr». Hcreitmyhand, formy true conftaociC; 
And when that howre ore-flipt roe ir the di)-. 
Wherein I figh not (/«&») for thy fake, 
The next enfuing Scrwre, fooie fbule tmfcbaocc 
Torment me for my Loucs fbrgetfubeffc : 
My father ftaict my comtmng : anfwerenot : 
The tide is now ; nay, not thy tjde of tear « , 
That tide will (Uy me longer then I IV.ould, 
Iu!t», farewell : what, gofl without a word ? 
I,fo true loae(hould doe .■ it canoot fpeake, 
For truth hath better deeds, then wordt to grace iu 

P4Mth . Sit Prttltem : you ax« (laid for. 

Prt. Goc: I come, I come 
Alai, thii parting (kikci poore Louen diBiibe. 

Satna Tertia, 

EmtfrL^ncr, Pantkim. 
Lannce. Nay, 'rwiU bee thit howre ere Ihatte^orte 
weeping : all the ktnde of the Ltmmsn , haue (Hit very 
fauk; I hatK receiu'd my p tc p o n ion^like the p todigioas 

fonrw, f 

IThe OM Qefitkmm efVerooa. 


Sonne, and tm going with Sir ^ntbtm to the ImpcrialJs 
Court : IthinkeCr4^inydog,bethefowreftna(ured 
dogge that Hues : My Mother wcepiog : my Father 
waylrng: ray Sifter crying : our Maid howltngi: our 
Cactewtingingher hands, and allburhoure in a great 
perpleKit>e,yet did not thit cruelUhearted Caxjf fhcdde 
oneteare : hci(aftone,averypibblcnone,<i\dhaino 
morepitty in him then a doggc :a lew would haue wept 
to haise fcene our parting : why my Grandam hauing 
noeyes, lookeyou, wept her felfeblindcat my parting: 
naytlle (hev; yoO the manner of it, Thii flioc e is hiy fa- 
ther : no, this left (hooe it my father ; no, no, thij left 
fhooe ii my mother : rtsy, that cannot hec fo neyther : 
yci ; it ti fo, it ia (o i ithaththe woircrfolc:ihjslhooc 
with the hole )n it, i> my mother .- and this my father : 
areng'«nceon'c,there lis:. N6wnr,thiiftaffeitmy(i- 
fter : for, tooke you, (he it ai white as a liily, an4 at 
foiall at a waitd t tint hat i< /y/'4i> our maid : I am the 
doggc : no, thedoggeishimrclfeiandlamthedS^ge: 
oh.thc dogge is me, and I am my fdfe : I ; fo/o : now 
cwme I to nny Father j Father , your blcflTng : now 
Aiould not the (hooe I'peake a word for weeping : 
no* rtiovild IkilTcmy Father j well, hec weepcs on : 
Now come I to my Mother : Oh that (he could fpeakc 
now, tike a would-wofflan I wclMkiffeher : why 
there *tii ; hcere't my mothera breath vp and downe : 
Now conie I to my fif^er ; marke the inoane (he makes : 
now the doggc all this while (hedi not a t^are .• nor 
fpeaket i word : but fee how I lay the duft with mj 

Ptmb, L/dneff away, away : a Boord : thy Mafter it 
fliip'd, and :hou arttopoft after withoares i what's the 
matter ? why weep 'ft thou man ? away aCTe, you 1 loofe 
the Tide, ifyou tarty any longer. 

Lam. It it no mattei if the tide were Ioft,for it it the 
vnkindcft T>de,that euer any man tide. 

P4Hih. What** the vnkin Jeft tide ? 

Lmh. Why ,he that's tide \\er%,Crak my dog. 

• Pjnt, Tui. man : I meane thou'lt loofe the nood,and 
in loo(uig the flood.loofe thy voyage.and in loofing thy 
voyage, loofe thy Matter, and in loofing thy Mailer, 
loofe thy icruicc, and in loofing thy feiuice : — — — why 
doft thou (lop my mouth } 

iMNPt. For fetrc thou fhouldft loofe thy tongue* 

pMtb. Where (hould I loofc my tongue ? 

LoMtt, In thy Tale. 

Pautb. In thy Taile. 

Ld«w. Loo(e the Tide, and the voyage, and the Ma* 
fler,and the SerUke, and the tide: why man, if the Riuer 
were drie,I am able to (ill it with my tearet : if the winde 
tvcrc downe, I could driue the boate with my (ighcs, 

PMtb. Come: come away man , I was fcnt to call 

/.«•. Sit: call me what tboudai*fi. 

Pint. Will thou eoc? 

liMtt. WeH, I will goe. 


Scena Quarta* 

Sit, Scnnnt 
Vol, Miftris. 

Sfte. M aiicr , Sir Titittit (swnKX on 7.0a. 

FaL IBoy,it*sforlotie. 

Sfit. Not of you. 

r^l. OfmyMtftreffethen. 

SfM. 'Twere good you knocfcthtiD.. 

StL Seruant, you are fad. 

fW. Indeed,Madam,lfeemero. 

7hM, Seeme you that you are fiot ? 

y^l, Hap'lyldoe. 

7**. So doe Counteifeyu. 

Vtit. SodoeyoiL 

Ttm. What feeme I thatLwi oos? 

rat. Wife. 

Tht. What inftance of the contrary f 

r»l. Your folly. 

Tht. And how quoat you my folly ? 

Val, Iquoatit Inyourlerkin* 

Tbu. My lerkin is a doublet. 

r»l. Well (hen,Ile docble your foUy. 

Tbn. How ? 

Sil. Whar,angry,Sir7i«ri»,do you change coloia? 

y^l. Giue him' ICaue.Madam.he it a kind of Ctttatlion. 

Tin. That hath more minde to feed on yeiu bloud, 
then liue in your ayre. 

r^t. YouhaucfaidSir. 

TiM. I Sir,and done too for this tlmf » 

f^4t. I know it ^Vcl ( alwaiet end ereyoD begin. 

.S*/. A (ine ToUy ofworcls,genilemc,& quickly (hot off 

K(/. Tis indccd,M3dam,we thank the giucr. 

Sif, WhoisthatSeruant? 

frf/. Yoiwfclfc(fwcet Lady)foryou gaue the fire. 
Sir 7W(«borf6ws hit wit from your Ladifhips lookei. 
And fpends wliat he borrowet kindly in your company. 

Tha. Sir,if you fpend word for word with me, 1 (ball 
make your wit bankrupt. (words, 

FW. I know it well (ir > youh^uean Exchequer of 
And I thinke. no other treafurc to giue your foUowcrt: 
For itappeares by their bare Liucriea 
That they Hue by your bare words. 

Sit. No more, gentlemen, no raorr: 
Here comas my father. 

Duk: Now,daughter iiluid, you are hard bcfeu 
Sir rdIetitine,.yoat father it iti good health. 
What fay you to a Letter fioia your (heads 
Of much good ne wet ? 

rat. MyLord.Iwillbcthaokfull, 
To any happy melTcnger from thence* 

Dm^ Know ye Ikm j4atomo,jo\n Countrimao f 

Vdl. I,my good Lord,l know the GentlemaA 
To be of worth, and worthy cfiimatton. 
And not without defcrt fo well reputed* 

Dukj Hath he not a Sonne? 

V«l. I, my good Lord, a Son.that well dcfenies 
The honor ,and regard of fuch a &ther* 

/)M^ You know him well ? 

Vol. I knew him as my felfe : for from oor TttTanne 
We haue conuerft.and fpent out howret together. 
And though my fclfe haue beene an idle Ttewaat, 
Omitting the fwcet benefit of time 
To cloatn mine age with Angcl-ljke perfefiioa : 
Yet hathSJr ?r»f*^«i( for that's his name) 
Made Tf«,4nd fairoaduantage of bis daies : 
Hit yeares but yong,but his experience old / 
His head vn.recHowcd,but his ludgement tip< 
And in a word (for far behinde his worth 
Comet all the praifes that I nowbeftow.) 

c -Ut 


He it complcat in fcatiuc, and in mindc, 
Wiihall good grace, (ogrict aficnileman. 

2><i^. Befhrow mr fii, but ifhc make thu good 
Me It at vfonhy for an Emprtfic louc, 
Atnieet tobcan Hmperort Counccllor : 
Well, Sir : ihu GcmJeinan ii come lome 
With Comtnendaiion from great Potencaut, 
/nd hcere he meanet to fpcnd hit cime a while, 
I thinke*tij no vn- welcome nev»ej toy om. 

VdL Should Ilijue w»fh'daihing,ithadbceT>eKe, 

Dmk^ Welcome liimtlienaccordinL; tohit woith' 
5</nm,I fpeake to you, and you Sit Th>tri» , 
For ZJdlfrimf, I need not cite him to it, 
I will fend him hirhcr to you prefcntly. 

yaL This is the Gentleman I told your L*3ifhip 
Had come along with me, but that hit MiftrefTc 
Did hold hit eye*, lockt in her Chnflall looket. 

5//. Be-like that now ftie hath cnfranchit'd ihero 
Vpon foroe other pawnc for fealty. 

f «/. Nay fure.I thmke fbe holds them prifoneti flil. 

Sil. Nay then be rtiould be blmd.and being blind 
How could he fee hit way to fecke out you ^ 

Vdl. Why Lady,Louc hath twexity paire of eye*. 

Thttr They fay that Louc hath not an eye at all. 

f^Ml. To fee fuch Louets,Tfc»r«,»syout felfe, 
Vpon a homely obiedl, Louecanwinke. 

Sd, Haue done.haue done : here comet ^ gentleman. 

yoL Welcomc,deet Pr»them : Miftrii, I befeeeh you 
CooHnnc hii wcl.-omc,with fome fpeciall fauor. 

Sil. His worth it warrant for hit welcome hethcr, 
if this be h€ you oft haue wifh'd to heare from. 

Vol. MiAtit, it is : fwcci Lady.enfertaine him 
To be my fcllow-feruant to your Ladifhip. 

Sil. Too low a Miftret high a feruanc 

Pro. Not fo.fweet Lady, but too mcanea feru^nt 
To haaealooke of fucb a worthy a Miftreflc. 

rw/. Lcaucoffdifcoutfcof dil'abilitie: 
Sweet Lady.cntcnaine him for your Seruant. 

Pro. My dutie will I boaft of,nothing clfe. 

Stl, Anddutieoeueryet did want his meed. 
S«raaDt,you arc welcome to a worthieflc Miftreffe. 

Pro. He die on him that faics fo but your felfe. 

Sil. That you aric welcome? 

Pr9. That you arc wonhlcfle. (yo*"- 

7htr. Lord vour father wold fpeak with 

Sa. I wait vpon his picafure : Com* Sir Tiiino, 
Goe with mc : occe more,new Seruant welcome ; 
lie leaue you to confer ofhomcafiFaires, 
When you haue done, we lookc too bcare from yoo. 

Pro. Wecll both aucnd vpon your Ladifbip. 

r<il Now tell me: how do alfirom whence you came? 

Prv.Yoni frenda are wcl ,& haue the much comcndcd. 

fW, And how doe yours I 

Prp. 1 left them all in hcaltK 

Fal. How does vour Lady ?& b^w thrtues yoot louc? 

Pre. My talcs ol"Louewcrc wont to weary you, 
I know you toy not in a Loae-diCcourfc 

yai. 1 Protb*us,bvt that life it altet'd now, 
I haue done pennance for contemning Louc, ^ 
Whofc high empcriout tboughtt hauepunifh'd me 
Wuh bitter faft*,vrith penitemiall grones. 
With nightly ce3rcs,aad daily hart-Core fighes, 
For in rcuengoof my contempt of loue, 
Loue hath cha«*d ftcepe from my enthralled eyes, 
And made them watchers of nnine ownc hearts forrow. 
O gentle Prgtheiu, Loue't a mighty Lord, 

The irpo (jentlemcn of Verona, 

And hath fo humbled mc^t I oonfcCc 
There It r,o woe to his corrcAton , 
Nor to hit SeruKc,no fuch loy en eaah i 
Now,no dlfoourft, encept ii be of loue 
Now can I b;cakcnr?y fan,dine,fup,and{lecp<, 
Vpoo thevery naked rtamr of Lour. 

Pro. ErwMigh ; 1 read your fortune in yotu eye t 
Wji this the IdoH.that yoo wcrfhip fo*" 

f4/. F.uenShetanditOtepot a KcwirnlyStmi 

Pro. No; But (hcisanearthlypaxagi/Ti. 

yaL Call i>er diutne. 

Pr0. I will not flatter her. 

Z^0L O flatter me : fot Lotie deUg^ti in praifei. 

Pro. When I wai fick, you gau:mc bitter pilj. 
And I nsuO mimner the like to you. 

fW. Then fpeaJte the truth by her; if ncxdkiac 
Yci let her be a prmcipalitic, 
Souaaigneioail the Creatures on the earth. 

Pro. Eacepc my MiOrefle. 

y^tL Sweet seiccpt not any. 
Except thou wilt except agamft ntj Louc. 
Pre. Hauelnot reafonto piefrrrmnco'jvnef 
fV. And I Will help thee to prefcr her to; 
She* fhall be dignified with ihit high boooJt, 
Tobearemjr Ladicitrairve.Ieft tbebafeetrth 
Should from her teflure chance to ftcale a Icifle, 
Andof fogmia fauor growing pro jd, 
Difd tine lo roott the Sommer-TwcUing BovrrCj 
Aod make rough wiiMcr cuerlaf^gly. 

Pre. Why ti>4/mr»w, what Bi£gadirme is this f 

r^. Pardon me (Prothnu) all 1 can it nochxg, 
To her.whofe worih,make oihci wonhiet rwxhun^; 
.Sheets alone. 

Pro. Thro let her alc»ne. 

rtl, Nbtfof the world: why nun,(h€ is ndnc ownc. 
Aod lat richinhauing fuchalewell 
As twenty Seatjifall their fand were pearle, 
The waier,Ne£tar, aod the Rocks pure go]d« 
Forgiue me.that I doe not dreaox on thee, 
Becaufe thou ferft me doate vpon w/ loue: 
My foolifhRiuallthat her Fathn likes 
(Onely for hij pofTefTioni are fo huge) 
Ii gone with her along, tn6 I mull after, 
For Loue (thou know A is full of icalouiie.^ 

Pro. But(heloucsyoa? (howr«, 

fW. I,and we are betroathd : nay mere, our czuriage 
With all the cunning manner of our flight 
Determin'd of: bow 1 muft dimbe her ^ndow. 
The Ladder made of Cords, and all the'mcToa 
Plotted, and 'greed on for my happiDefCe. 
CooiWrotbem goc with mc to my chamber , 
Id thefe affaires ro aid me with thy counfaxle. 

Pro. Goe on before: I fhall enquire you fbnh. 
I muA f nto the Road^odif-cmbarque 
Some neceiTarics, that I needt muft vfc. 
And then lie prefcntly attend you. 

rj. Willyou makeha(lc.? Exit. 

Pre, I will. 
Euen as one beate, aootber heateexpelj , 
Or as one fkeogtb driues out another. 
So the remembraocc of my>formcr Loue 
It by a mwer obied quite forgotten , 
It is mine, or FdlaitiiHi praife? 
Her true perfe^oo, or tny fdfe tnafgre{{ioii i 
That makes tnr reafonle{&, to rcafon thus ? 
Shee is faire ; aod fo ia IttUs that I louc, 


Thetripo QantlemenofVirona, 


(Ttai I did lou«/orflOlv my toue \t tb«T;'d# 
Which like * vvazea Imtge '^nft afue 
Bearei no imprelTion of thcikuog »« wM.) 
Mc thiokci roy i^ak id f^aJtmiot is cold , 
Xod ihat ll<j«e him n©t ott Iw«» iwont J 
O, bu: I l«tt« bii Lady ««to,.too ODUch . 
And that s ibe icafoQ I'louc bimfoliwle. 
How fiiallVdowc on bsj with wore idoicc , 
Th«f thus without iimcc begin to Joue hei ? 
Ti* but h€T plfture I t«tf€ ?« bch«ld, 
And that hath dazerd.ioyirea£3ni.lighc: 
Butv»hnvWool(c ©»herp«M6Vicm9 , 
Tb««l>»orc»fen,.ht>ilfl>ell be blmda* 
Ifl can chccjtefc^ en jng »*tte, I wi» , cQn>p»flfc Ket Hole iny »lull. 


iS'c^.'j^ Quinta. 

£arrr Speed iOM' Launcc 

5m«<{, Lamet^y mine honefty-welcome to Ptidtta, 
Laim. ForiWcare trot thy fclfc, fwcet yoiuh, for i »tn 
DOC vrelccs»t< I reckon tbu alwates,tha( a man is neucr 
TndoatiU hcebc hang'd,nor neucr welconK lo a place , 
till fotne ccnaine (hot be paid^and the HoAcfTe fay wcl> 

Sfitd. Come-oo you mad-cap : lie to the Alcboore 
with you preffnrly ; where, for one fbot of fiue pence , 
tboo (hek haue fiae thoufand welconnei : But liriu,how 
<&d thy M&IVer pan with Madam luHa f 

Laii. Matry after they cloM'd lo eariicH, tUe^ parted 
veiy feitely in ieft. 

Sp*ti But {hall (hereirry ^m^ 
LoM. No. 

^ftt. How thm? /hall hi marry her? 
Lao, No, neither. 
Sf*t. What, ate they brokeA ? 
Lau, No ; they are both 3f whole as a fi(h 
Sftt. Why then,how <^ands the matter with them 2 
L^m. Marry thus, whenuAandt well with bim, ir 
ftands well with hct. 

Sfte. What an aiTe an ihou^I vndernand thee noc 
ttu. Whatablockeanthou«cbuthou cantliiet? 
My RiSe vitderftandsine t 
Sftf. Whatihooiaifl? 

Lm^ I,ao<i wbatldotootlookctbce.Ilebutleane, 
Mkd my (blfe vndefftandt mc. 
Sft«, tt ftands vnder thee mderd. 
Lm. Wbyjftsnd.viukn and vndcr.ftand is all ofte. 
Spet. Bat teli tne trtie, wiPt be a match ? 
L4M. Askemydogge, ifhefay I,itv«iil > if hee fay 
t>o , it will: if bee (bake hisiaile, and fay tu>thiag , \t 

Sfat. Th«C9ncIalioi)isthea,thaiitwin. 
Lea, Theu (halt itcvet gee fucb .1 fccretfrom me, but 
by a parable. 

Sfm, • n« well that 1 get rtfo: but l^ssWB, how fai ft 
thou that thtt toy nufla is beeome a notable Louh ? 
Lm, Ineuerlmewhimocherwi(s. 
Sfit. Then how ^ 

Lou, Anoe^de'Lubbct : asthoureponcft him to 

Sf«t. Why,thou whorfon A(fe,thou nii(^ak'ft mc, 

Lmt. Why Foole , 1 meant not thee , I meam ihy 

Sftt. I tell thee, nty Maftcr is become a hoc Loueri 

Ltit. Why, I teil thee, I care not, though hee borne 
bimfelfeinLoue. If thou wilt goe with me to the Ale- 
houfe ; if 001, thou tn an Hebre w,a lew^nd not worth 
the name of a ChriSian. 

Sfte. Why? 

Ltm Becaufcrhouhsnnot (b much chuitym thee «i 
to got to the Ale with a Chiifiiao .• Wilt thou goe ? 

Sf<i. Actnyfcruicc. 


Scoma Sextd. 

tnttr ^twittOi folui 

Pre. To leaoc my JhIm; (hall I be forrwoTf>e> 
To lout fairc SiUtut\ (hall J be ferfwornc 7 
To wrong my friend, I HuU be much forfworne. 
And cv'n that Powrc which g»ue rec firftiRy oath 
Prouoket me 10 thu thre«.foid periune, 
Loue bad mcc fweare,snd Loue bids mc for ■ fwean t 
Ofweet-fucgethng Loue, ifthouhsfl fm'd, 
Teach me(tny tempted (iibied) toe«cufe it. 
At fiift I did adore a twinkling Siartc, 
Bin Qow I worship a ccle(iiail Sunne ; 
Vn-hecdfuU vowct may heedfuUy be broken. 
And he wants wit, that waots refolucd will, 
TolcaTnehiswir,t'eichsnge the bad for beaer; 
Fie,(ie,vnreucrend tongue, to call hci bad, 
Whofc foucrsigmy fo oft thou ha(\ preferd , 
With twenty thoufand foulcwcoufitmuig oathcs, 
I cannot leaue to loue ) and yet 1 dae t 
But there I leaue to kme^where I (hould Iou& 
ImltM I loofctandf'dilrMim I loofc. 
If Ikeepc them,IneedsmuAlo«rerT»yretfe: 
If lloo|ethem,thus8nde 1 by their loffe^ 
For VaUntrnt, my fetfe ; for lidu^Stlmt*^ 
I to my felfe am deera then a finend. 
For Loue is ftill ti>oft precious in it (elfc* 
And 5(/Mii((wttncfre bestien that maxle her fsire) 
Shewes lutut bat a fwnttky Echlope. 
I will forget that luUa is aliue , 
Remembring that ray Loue to ber is dead. 
^ And ViUnttw He hold ao Eoemie , 
Ayming at S^* as a fweetet frkcod. 
I caonot now ptxNie cooftaot to my felfe. 
Without fome treachery vs'd to Vd«mmt, 
Thia night he meaneth with a Cor ded -ladder 
To ciimbe celefliall Siluia'j chamber window , 
My (clfe m coudbiU his competitor. 
Now prefeimy He giue her £>thei notice 
Of their and pr«ended flight ; 
Who fall inrag*.!) will banish rtUatint: 
For Th-no be intends (hall wed hu daughrer . 
Bat faimUvt being gon, He quickcly croCk 
By fome (lie trickc,bitmt TTninc's dull proceeding. 
ZMflendmc wings, to make mypurpofefwift 
Aa thou haft lent roe wit. to plot this drift. 







ht iTfo (^entUmen of VeroM . 

Scoena feptima. 

Enter luJiaoiiLucrtti. 

/idJ Cour\Ui\e,Lttcrtu ,gtnt\t giilcalTin im. 

And eu'iNn k mdt louc, 1 do« cooiurc tK*«, 

Who *Tt the Tible wherein ill my ihrtugSti 

Are vifibly CK»r»flcr'd, ind engrau'd, 

To leffon me, andic)! me fomegood m<»ne 

How wilh my honour I may vnderuk* 

A lourney to my louing Prtthem. 

Lttt. Alas, the w«y ti wtarifome and long 
/«/. A true-deuotcd Pilgrlmeu not weary 

TomeafareKingdomrjvvKb hu feeble Ocpt, 

Much IclTe fliall (ht that hath Louei wingi to {lie, 

And when ih« flight ij made w one fo dr etc, 

OffochdiuineperfeftiontiSir Prothfiu 

Lie. Better rorb««i«,(ill Pruhtm rRtke lelurne. 
In!. Oh.know'ft ^ not.his look* arc my foulcj food? 

Pitty the dearth that 1 bane pined in , 

By longing for that food fo long i time. 

Did(\ thou but knowtheioly touchof Louc , 

Thou v»ouidft ai foonc coc kindle fire wicb fnow 

tki fceke to queiwh the fire of Louc with wordi. 
L»c. I doe not fccke to quench your Louci hot fire. 

But qiulifie the fires extreame rage 


IkI. The more ihoudam'flit vp.the more it burner: 

The Current that with geniletinitmure glide* 

(Thou know'ft) being f^op'd,impatientTy doth nge J 

But whenSis/iirecourfeiiriot hindered , 


Giuingtgendekiflctoeuery fedge 

Heoucr-takcth in his pilgrimage. 

Andfo by many winding nookei he (\raie» 

With willing fpon to the wilde Ocean. 

Then let me goe,and hinder not my courfe . 

lie be aj patient as a gentle (Ircame, 

And make a paftime of each weary ftcp , 

Till the lart ftcp haue brought me to my Loue, 

And there lie teft^j after much turojoile 

A bleffed foule doth in tUz^tcm. 

L»c. But in what hibit will you goe along ) 
/«.', Not like a woman, for 1 would prcucnt 

The loofe etKountert of lafciuious men 

Gentle Lwtna, fit me with fuch wcede j 

A» may befecicfi fame well reputed Page. 

Luc. Why thenyovr Udifhip muft cut your haire. 
lul. No girlcjllc knit ii vp in iilken Otings, 
W lib twcnrie od-conceited irue-louc knot* ; 

To be fantaflique. may become a youth 

Of greater rime then 1 fhall fhew tobe. (chei. 

Uc. What f?<hion (Madam; (V.all 1 make your bree- 
/«/. That fits as tell mc(good my Lord) 

Wh at compaiTe will y ou wcare your Farthingale ? 

Why cu'n what faOiionthou bcft Vkti{tjuti:*.) 
Lie. You muft needs haue th« witha codpeece (Ma 
Jul. Out,out.(L«:rt ''«)thal wilbc illfauourd. (dam) 
L>K. A round hore(Madam)ncw*i not wonh a pm 

Vnleffe you haoe a cod-petce to ftick pins on. 
IhJ. £,4«-rrM,astheolou'ftmcI«mehaut 

What thou ihink'fl meet,»nd is mcft mannerly. 

But tell mc(««nch)how will th« world repute me 
For vnderukiDg fo vnftavd a loutne;' > 

\ feare me it will make me fcandal'a'd. 

LiK. Ifyou tbinkc fo, tKmf^ay athome.ttd goBot. 

ItU, Nty, that I Will no:. 

L»e. TKenrKuer dreameon Lnfany,butge: 
IfFrtlmu like your lourrwy, when you (oree. 
No maitct who's difpleas'd.wben you tre tont: 
I fearr me ha will (diet b« pJeat'd woh aji. 

/mi. Thai IS tht leti^f Lucttu)cf my fntt i 
A thoufand oaihes, an Ocean ofhis tca/ci, 
And inf^anccs of infinite of Louc, 
Wairant n>e wcJcotne to my Pmhnu. 

Lmc. AJI thefe ate feru&nu to deceirfli!] men. 

/W. Safe men. that vfe them to fbbafie eAc^t ; 
But truer flarres did gosierr^c h-tthttm btnh. 
His words are bondt,hii oaiiics are orades , 
Kis loue fincerc, bis thoughts immacttiate. 
His icaxes,pure nsefTengeri, ftnt from bis Sean, 
His far from friud,at bfauenfrom earth. 

Lite. Pray heau'n he prcue fo when you come to him. 

/«/L thou lou' him not thuwron^ 
To bcare a hard opinion of his truth.- 
Onely deferuemy loue,by louinjhjra, 
And prefently goe with me to roy chamber 
To ttVt a note of what I ftind in need of, 
To furnifh me vpon my longing ioumry • 
Ad that IS mine 1 leaucatthydifpofe , 
My Lands, my reputation. 
Onely, in lieu thereof, difpatch me bence : 
Come ; anrwere not : but to it prefcotiy, 
I am impatient of my tanuocc. 


JUus Tenius^Scena Trim a. 

Eattr Daks, T^i*, "Prti^M^ydlntnt, 

Dmkf Sir7i«ri«,gio«Tileaue(Ipray)a while. 
We haoe fomcfecrefa toeonfn about. 
Now tell me Prttbtta, what's your will wuh me > 

Prt. My gracious Lord, that which I wold difc&uei, 
TbcLawoffrieodibipbids me toccmceale. 
But when! call CO minde your gracious fauouri 
Done to me (»ndeferuing at I am) 
My dutie pricks roe on to vtter that 
Which worldly good fWould draw from ate: 
Know (worthy Prince) Sit ^a/rtrrnrrncy frictjd 
This n:ght intends to Heale away your daughter •• 
Myfelfe am one made priuy to the plot 
I know you haue detenn:o'd to beftow her 
On Thm-it, whom your gentle daughter hate* , 
And fhould fhe thus be Itobe away firem you , 
it would be much vexanon to your age. 
Thus (for my duties fake) I rather chofe 
To crcfle my fnend in his intended drift. 
Then (by coocealing h) heap on your head 
A pack of fonovres, which would prefTe you downc 
(Being vnpreucnted) to your timelefTe graue 

7)ukf. Pribna, I tb&nk thee for thine hocct) ctre, 
Which to r»!quite,command me while 1 hue. 
This loue of usein my (elfe haue often fecne 
Haply when they haue ludg'd me faft afleept. 
And ofteotimes haue purpot'd to forbid 


Tife tm gentlemen ofVeroua. 


SixVtUntiu* her companies aod my Coart« 
But feariog left my iealous tymo might arc. 
And fo (vnwonhiJy) difgrace th« man 
(A ra/hncfle ibat I tan yet huiefliun'd) 
I gane hire gentle look et, thereby to fiode 
That which thy felfe hall now dilclos'd ro tnf. 
And that thou nulft perceiac my feare ol ihit , 
Knowing that tender youth is (oonc fuggefled , 
I nightly lodge her in an fpp« Towre, 
The key whereof, my fc!fe haue euet kept •. 
And thence fhe cannot be coauay'd away. 

Prv. Know (noble Lord)theyh«tiedeuis'd«lDeaae 
How he her chamber-window wiUefVend, 
^nd with a Corde<^Udd«r fetch her downe; 
For which,the youthfull Louer now is gone, 
And this way comes he with It prefetuly. 
Where (if it pleafe you) yoo may incercepcluok 
Bat (good my Lord) doe it focunningi]f 
That my difcouery be not aimed at : 
For, loueofyou, not hate vntomy friend. 
Hath made me publifher of ibii pretence. 

Dmkt, Vpon mine Honor, he n>iilneuetkoow 
Tbarl had any li^ht from thee of this. 

Pro. Lord,SirP^4/!»(/»#tt comming. 

Duk,. Sir Fatemtmt, whether away fo faft ? 

yj, Plcafc It yourGtace,thcre is a MWTcnga 
That (laycs to beaie my Letters lo my fticadt. 
And I am going to deliucr them. 

Dikz Bethey of muchimpoit? 

Vdl. The tenure of chero doth but (ignlfiis 
Mj health, and happy being at your Court. 

"Duki Nay then no m«tter : Hay with mc awhile, 
I am to brcakc with thee of Come aifaixes 
That touch me necre : whereio thou mu(Vbr fecret. 
Tis not vnknown to thee, that I haue Cwght 
To match my friend Sir TbMrio^ to my daughter. 

ytd. I know it well (my Lord) and fure the Match 
Were rich and honourable 1 belidcs, the gentlem40 
Is full of Vertue, Bounty ,Worth, and Qualities 
Befeeroing fuch a Wife,as yout fsire daughter > 
Cannot youi Grace win her to fancie him t 

Dtk. No,tniftme,She is peeui(h,fulUn,fioward, 
Prowd, difobcdient, (lubbome, bcking duty. 
Neither regarding that fhe is my childe. 
Nor fearing me, as if I were her father: 
And may I fay to thee, this pride ofhers 
(VponaduJce)h3thdrawnemyloue fromliert 
And where I thought the reinnaot of mine age 
Should haue beene cheri(h d by her child>Ukc dutic, 
I now am fbll refolu'd to take a wife, 
And tume her out, to who will take her in > 
Then let her beautybc her wedding dowrr. 
Forme, and my pofleffioneOMieReemesnot. 

fal. What would your Grace haue roe to do to tbnf 
£)d^. There is a Lady in ytrma heer e 
Whom I affeci : but ftic is nice, and coy. 
And naught efteemes my aged elo<]uence. 
l^ow therefore would 1 haue tb^ to my Tutor 
(For long agone I haue forgot to coun . 
Befidcs tnc fafhion of the time is chang'd) 
How. and which way I may beftow my fclft 
To be regarded in her fun-bright eye. 

FdL Wit) hct with gifts, if^ereipeaoot words. 
Dnmbc lewels often b their (ilcnt kiode 
More then quicke words,doc moue a wotmns mindc. 
Dak, But (be did fcortie a prdent that I font ha. 

Vitt. A woman fomtime fcoms what beft c6tauaiict. 
Send her another : ncu€r giue her ore. 
For fcome at fixft, makes after*loue the more* 
If (lie doc (rownc, 'tis not in hatecf you. 
But rather to beget more loue in you. 
If ihc doe chide, 'tis net to haue you gone. 
For why, the fooles are mad, if left alone. 
Take no repulfe, what euer die doth fay, 
For.get you gon, (he dotli not mcanc away. 
Flatter, aiKipraife,commcnd, extoll their graces ; 
Though ner* fo blacke, fay thsy haue Angeils facw, 
That maji that hatha tongue,] fay is no man. 
If with his tongue lie canntx wins woman, 

Dmk^ But (he I mcanr, is promit'd by her (ikndd 
Vnto a youthfull Gentleman of worth. 
And kept feuerely from refon of men, 
That no man hath acceffe by day to her. 

yj. Why theni wooldtefon toberbynight. 

Dakj 1, but the doores be lockt, and kcycs kept iefe , 
That no man hath recourfe to her by nighr. 

Z^id. What lata but one may enter at her window ^ 

Oir^. Her chamber is alofi.far from the ground. 
And built fu (hcluing,ihai one cannot dimbcit 
Without apparant hazard of his life. 

Vol. Why then a Ladder quaintly made of Cords 
To caO vp. With a paiteof ancltoring bookes. 
Would ferue to fcale another //<r«'/towTe, 
So bold hfandrr would aducnture it, 

D-k^ Now at thou art a Gentleman ofblood 
Aduffc me,wh<re I may haua fu^h a Ladder. 

yat. When would you vOeit ?pray fir.iell me that. 

Duki This very nrght ;for Louritltkeachilde 
Thai longs for cuery thing that he can come by. 

yaJ. By fcaucn a clock,'tie get you fuch a Ladder. 

Duk, But hatkcthce: I will goe to her alone. 
How (hell I beOcoouey the Ladder thither ? 

fV. It wil^ be light (nw Lord)ih3i you ouy beare it 
Vnder a cloake, chat is ofany lengi h. 

7>0^ A doake as long as duoe will fertK the tume ? 

XJoL I my good Lord. 

Ddij Then let me fee thy cloake , 
He get nte one of fuch another length. 

yat. Why any cloake will fcrue the ram Cmy Lord^ 

/)M(^ How (hail I falhion mc to weare a cloake } 
I pray thee la me feele thy cloake v pon me. 
What Letter is this fame ? what's hete f to Stlma ? 
And heere an Engine fit for my proceeding, 
llcbefobc^dtoDreaketheCrale for once. 

C^fy iljotfghs da harifiitr with mj Siluia nightly , 
ytwdJLutet thtj are to mr, tbet Jend ibem flying, 
OhfCeuldiheir Mafitrcomef tatdg«e tu It^tbj, 
fttrBftlftueiddledgt yfbert (^fenttlci') thej arc If toe. 
CMy Herald 7%oH^hti , m thy pute^Jittic refl-them , 
h'idi f (tkeir Kmg^ that thaberthent imfgrtmir 
Dot nrfi tbrgrate^bas wtth fiicb grace bjtb bUfi ibcm, 
Bxatifa mj Itljfe dot warn myfcruaiut fonmn. 
I ntrftmy felfe,fer ibej art fmt lynat, 
TIm tbtjJhouJd babour mhert tbtn Lard/baald be. 

What's here ? SUmU^ thu tuebt J wiBetifraicbt/i Am. 
Tis fo : and hceic's the Ladder for the purpofc. 
Why Pkoiua (for thou art mttraft fenne ) 
Will (hcuaTpire to gukfe the heauenJy Car / 
And with thy dario^lUiy bumr the world t 
WUc diou r»cb (bn,bccaii£: they Quae eo thee ? 

C J Go< 


TbeiTPo QeniJcmcno/ Verona. 

Cocbalclnnudcc, oucr-wrouog SImk* 

Lcfiow ihy fawning fmilrion «<^uall m«ici. 

And thinkr my pacunce, (morcthco ihj Aden) 

1 1 pnuilcdgc for ihj dcpinure hence . 

TWankctnc for ihi», more ihrn ior til ihcfauori 

Which (all u>o<««u«i>) I h»ac bcHovf cd oo dKC 

Buj if thou linger vptny Tcrritofio 

Longci ihrn f««iftcO ciprdiiton 

Willgiuc iltcciimctolcMicouxJoyaliCoun. 

Uy hcjucn, my wrxhfhaU fan< r«<re<i thclocu 

I cticT bore my (iaoghccr, or ihy fclfr. 

Be gone, I Mill not hrarr diy vatoc cxcufc , 

But ai thou lou'd thy lifc.nvakc rpc'c4 from bcocc. 

l^aJ. And wby not druh,rathicTihtDUuicgtQcnxnu' 
To liic. It to be biniftK from my fclfe , 
And StJmts n my felfc : banilh'd from her 
lirelfcfromfeife. A deadly bn«i(hmcnt i 
What li^tu.ti tight, if 5//Mitf be oof fecoci 
Wlat toy u loyjif Sums b< thh by/ 
VntcfTc it be to«hu>kcc{)at Ok ii hj 
Sad feed vpon ihc(hadow ofpcrfcdjoo. 
Eicrpil bcby5f/!M«in themglu. 
There It no muficke in ibc Nightuigalc* 
VnlelTel lookeon5</*MioLbcd<y. 
There is no day forine to lookc vpoo. 
SKec i t my c(Irncc, and I Icauc to be i 
If I be (tot by bee fairc influence 
Foflcr'd, lUufflio'd, fhCTifti'd, keptaLoc 
I flic noc death, to fiic hii deadly dootstt 
Tarry Iheere.Ibutatiend oo death, 
BuL flic I hence, I flte away from bfe. 

Pt0. Run(boy)tun,niD,andfcekchtfDOSi. 

L^a, So-bou£b, Soa hougb 

frv. What (ceQ thog ? 

Lsttr Him we goc t*fin<ic. 
There's not « haircxxi't bead . bm ^'u a/^<ifai:<v. 

fn. VJtmximi 

VoL No. 

/rA. Whotheo?bi«Spuu^ 

f^aL Neither. 

Pr». What then ? 

V4L Nothing 

tait. Can nothtog fpeake ? Mafkr^IhaO I Btiktf 

Pro. Who wouldft chop finke' 

Lda, Nothing. 

/V*.> Villainc, forbcsre. 

La». Why Sir, Uc flrikc nothing : I p«y yoo. 

Prt. Sirlia, I fay fotbcate ; friend VaUKtim^t wortL 

Vol, My earcj are ftopt,& cannot hear good ocv»e*. 
So mu^txtbad already hath poffcft thetn. 

Pn. Theo in dambefilcnce Willi bury iniitt. 
For they are hai&,vt>-«u>c«ble, aad^ad 

y^L liSilaiaAoA} 

Pre. ^Oy^alcatnu. 

ral. No f^di»t»« indeed, fbriaaed£fiiri;<. 
Hath (he forf>»orDe me ? 

Pre. tichVaieaiiM. 


iMt. Sir,theicitaprocU"n«tion,^yoa«revtmiljed, 

Pr^ That (hoo an baoifh'oi oh that's the newti. 
From hcnce,from5i/«*»,*nd frocn meihy firkud. 

FtL Oh, I haue fed vpon thit y»o« ilf«*4y» 
And now exccfTe of it will make roe furfeu 
Doth 5iAM#know that I ambaniflj'd ? 

Pn. I,l:aod{bebatbc&^dtoihedoaBS 

(Which TiMwcia RmUm tSMdtm^ fmux) 

A Seaof mdttof peafkyUffatdtlooKcallicwcs; 

TWc at her fuKcu chwtiAt (acxc Otc tendcxd, 

Wuhthcmrponhok/tees,hcr hymbteUlic, 

Wringing hn bandiiwltofc whitened fo bacKac ih(B 

Af if butrwyw they waicd pak (or woe. 

Bui rtndicr bended k/>cet, pure haadri bdd «p, 

Sad hghei, dcrpe grooca. ooc fUMci-Zboddaotf imvo 

Co«ld pencCTue her TOcotDpaAooau Skc t 

Bat K'flZnaav, if he be t«oe, OMifl die. 

RcMn, bcT latRcetftoo cba£'d bus (o . 

When (he for ih« rrp<-ak WM iuniuaif 

That to clofe pnioa be ooavnaodrd ber. 

With tnaoy biua thoJU of biding there. 

y^. No more: voka the acau word that iboQlfok'n 
Haue (one tnafigtaocpowc vpoo oiy Ufc : 
If fo : I pray thee biosb a B flaine care. 
At ending Anthetne of my cndk^Tc dolM. 

Prw, Ccafe to lament fcxcha thou caxsfl oat tKJpc, 
Aod ftudy hdpc for that which tliou Lamcxuft, 
Time ifthc Nurfe, artd breeder of all good ; 
Here, if thou iiay.thoQ caofl oot tec thy Umk i 
Be(idci,rhy flaying will abridge thy Ufe : 
Hope ij a loucri flatfe, walkc hence wuh tbac 
Add manage 11, agauifl defpauing thought! : 
Thy lencrt may be herr, though thoo an beiaec. 
Which, bang writ to me, {bail be deiiorT'd 
Eueo in the imlke-wbite boforac of thy Louc 
The tnne now (enici c^oc to czpoflalj»e , 
Come, He coo uey tb«c through the Qry-gicc, 
And«rc I pan with thee, cotiier at laree 
Ofalltfaatouycoticemetby Looo-afi^xcs: 
As tboti lou'ff SUtaa (ihoogh rwc tor thy (dSt^ 
Rrjard thy dangrr.aod alockg witb mc 

fM. 1 pray the: LMocr^aod if tboQ lecft my Boy 
£id him rnake haflt,3ad meet me ai the Nonh^gacc. 

1r». Goc fir Ka, 6itdc bus out : Come XJaiamm^, 

VaL Oh my dooe StbuM \ hapldle VaUmtimt. 

LtatMC*. I am bo: a focklc, lookc yoo , sod'yet Waat 
thewitro ihinkemy MaflcTU akiadeofaknaix : btu 
that't all one , if he be but one knaae : He hues oot dow 
that koowes me to be in louc, yet I am ic loue , but a 
Tecme ot hotie flull (tot plucke that from me : txx who 
'cis I lose : axtd yet 'tis a wotnao ( bcr whac wootan , I 
will rtoi cell my lolfe : and yet 'tis a Milkc-tnaid : yet 'tis 
not a noaid : for fbce hath bad Go£p« : yet ^ a maid , 
(brfhcis ba Mai^civa>aid,aad(enjesforw2ges. Stxx 
hath more qo^cies then a Wsccr-Spackll , v:bich u 
rauch in a b&ic Cbht^as : Hcercisthc Catc4ogaf be: 
Condition. Inpamtt Sbee ran firtcb and carry :vtby 
aborfecandoeaotnore; o»/,aboife<aBnocfisdi,btu 
ODdy cany, tbercfetc is (bee betrertben a lade. /usn. 
Sh:canml!lce,loo]Kjog, afwecftvetcueioacaaidwitb 
ckaoe hands. 

Sftsd. HownowSigoloc I«BBcr ? wb» newet witb 
yoor Maftedhip ? 

L*. Witha^l&afiei{hip?vhy,his«Se%: 

5^ WeQ,yt>groMTiceffiIl:oufbLXe the word: what 
oewestben In ytMU- paper? 

La. Tlteblack'flDewesdtat oaatboabeatdU 

Sf. Whycsan/bowblacke? 

La, WbytSjblackeaslai^ ■«' 

Sf, Let me read thetn? 

LOs Fi«cocbeeI(tIx.b«ad,dtca.ctoltsRXC2d 

^i Thou tyefl : I csd, 

Sf, Marry, 


The tDio (jentttnun of Verona. 


Sf. Mufy.cbcCoaofmyGttoci-father. 

La, Oh ilUteratc loytercr ; it was cbe foDfic of thy 
Gnnd-mothcr : thii proucs that thoo canft not read. 

Sf. Cook ibole, corae .■ try roc in tby papa. 

L*. There .-ati<iSJVir^0/4v be chyfpcc^ 

Sp. InprimitftKcaamiike. 

La Ichufbccaa. 

Sp. Iteai, fhe bre we< good Ale. 

L». And thereof comes the prouerbe: {BUJft^i »f 

Sf. ltem,(hecanfowe. 

L», That's as muck ac to (ay (CtnUttfoi) 

Sp. Itcmlhecankiiit. 

La. Whatneedeamaa care for a (lock with a wench. 
When (he can knit him a Aocke ? 

Sp. Uem,(he an wa(h and fcoure. 

L*. Afpcciall verluc: for then ftice needc tjot be 
waO>'d,and fcowr'd. 

Sp. Item, (he can fpin. 

l^. Then may I fei the world on wheelei. when Qie 
can fpin for her liumg, 

Sp. Item, (he hath many nameleffevertuej. 

La. That's as much ij to iif Baftard.vtrttifi : that 
Indeedeknow not theu fathers; and therefore baoe 00 

Sp. Herefoilowhervicei. 

Z-4. Clofe ai the h*el«j of her rerUaea. 

Sf. Item, (hce isoot lobe fatling in refped of her 

L». Well . that fault may be mended with a break- 
faB read ob. 

Sf. Item.fhc hith a fweet mouth. 

La, That nukes amends for her foure breath. 

Sf. Item,(hedotht3lkein herdecpe. 

L*. It's no matter for that ; fo fli** flecpenot in hei 

Sp. Item.fhe is flow in words. 

L*. Oh villainc,that fet this downe among her vices; 
Tobeflow in wordf.itawomatisoncty vatur 
I pray thee out with't , and place it for her chicfe wertuc 

Sf. Item, (he is proud. 

Lt. Out with that too ' 
It was Zmcj Iceacie.and canaot be t'ane from her. 

Sf. Item, me hath no leeth. 

L». I care not for that neither : becJUlfel loue craftv 

if. Item,(heitcur{l. 

La. Well: the beftiJ.fhe hath 00 teeth to bitt. 

Sp. Item.lhe will often praife her liquor. 

La. Ifherljquorbegood,(he(hall.- if(hc will not, 
I will i for good things (hould be praifed. 

Sp. Item,(heisu>oliberalL 

La. Ofher tongue (he cannot ;forthat*t writ downe 
(he It flow of; of her purfe, (hec (hall not, for that lie 
kecpe(hut.Now,ofanotherthing(heem9y, and that 
cannot I helpe. Well, proceede. 

Sf. Item, (hee hath more haire thenwit, erd more 
faults then haires, and more wealth then faults. 

La. Stop there : He hauc her : (he was mine, and not 
mine, twice or chfice in that U(l Article: reheafle that 

Sf. Item, (he hath morehaire then wit. 

La. Moroihaire then wit : it may be lie prone it : The 
conerofihe fait, hides the fait, and therefore it is more 
then the fait; the htirethat couen the wit, u more 
then the wit; fot the grater hides the IcITe: What's 
next t 

Sp. And more faulu then hairef. 

La, lliat's monBrous : oh that that were our. 

^jp. And more wealth then faults. 

La. Why that word makes the faults gracious: 
Well, ile haue her : andif it be a match, as nothing is 

Sp. What then? 

La. Why then, wi(i I tell thee, that thy Miftcr ftaics 
foi thee at the North gAte. 

Sp. For mef 

La. For thee? I,whoartthou}hehath (laid for a bet- 
ter man then thee. 

Sf. And muft I goetohim > 

La. Thou muft run to him;for thon haft Raid fo long , 
thil going Will fcirceferue the turnc. 

Sp. Why didft oot tell me looner / 'pox of your loue 

La. Now will he be fwing'd for reading my Letter, 
An vnmsnnerlyflaue, that will thrufl himfclfe into fe- 
CTei! ; He after, to reioyce in the boyei correAio. Exemnt. 

Scena Secunda. 

Enter DmI^i, Thttrio, Presbew. 

Dm. Sir TW»p,fcare not. but that (he will lot>e you 
NowK«i//i.r/»jf n banifh'd from her fight. 

Tb. Since hisexileOiehathdcfpis'd me tnofl. 
Forfworne my company, and taii'd at mc. 
That 1 amdcfperjteof obtaining her. 

JPi*. This weake impreflc of Loue, is as a figure 
Trenched in ice, which with an houres heate 
Diifolues to water, and doth loofe his forme. 
A little time will melt her froicn thoughts. 
And worth!e(re f^a/eatime (hall be forgot. 
How now fir Vrtthetu, is your countnman 
(According to our Proclamation) gon ? 
Trt. Gon,my good Lord. 

"Dm. My daughtertakes his going grieuoufly? 

Tra. A Imle time (my Lord) will kill that gnefe. 

Da. So I beleeue: butT^Mnothinkcs notfo : 
Pnthemt. the good conceit I hold of thee, 
(For thou halt (howne fome figne of good defert) 
Makes me the better to confer with thee. 

Prv. Longer then Iproue loyall to your Grace, 
Let me not liue,to looke vpon your Grace. 

Z)«. Thou know'ft how willingly,] would effeA 
The match betwecne fir Tlnpic,in6 my daughter i 

Pro. I doe my Lord. 

Dm. And alfo.Ithinke, thou art not Ignorant 
How (he oppofcs her againft my will ? 

Pra. She did my Lord,when Vditnnm was beok 

Dh. Landperucrfly/heperfeuersfo 
What might we doe to make the girle forget 
The loue of f4^r«iie,and loue fir Thterio } 

Pro. The beft way (Unda t'tf/m/Mr, 
With falfehood.cowatdize, and poore difcent : 
Three things, that women highly hold in hou» 

Dtt. I, but(he11thinke, thatittsfpokciohatc 

Pre. l.ifhis enemy deiiuer it. 
Therefore it mud withcircumflance be fpokco 
By one,whom{he eftecroeth ai his friend. 

Dm. Then yon muft fitdCTakera {Undo hiOK 



The ti»o gentlemen of Verona. 

frt. Andih»( (my Lord) IfhalJbclotihiodoc/ 
Til »n ill office for • Gcnclcman, 
Efpccialiy agiinO Wii vcty tricnd. 

'Dm VVhcic your gootJ woidctnnot i(JiMnn|c him. 
Your fl»f>(lrf ncucr cin eoH jmige tiiin j 
Therefore ii>e office ii indifferent, 
Being inireaied lo it by your friend. 

Pr0. You haoc prcutil'd (my Lord) ifl can doc it 
By ought (hit Ic»n fpcike in hit difpraifc. 
She fhall not longconnnuc Ioucto liim : 
Dui r«y thii wrcdc her louc from yd/mm*. 
It foUowci not that fhe will loue fir TAw»#. 

Jii. Therefore, »» you vnwiode her louc from hiir; 
Le*ft u ^oulJ riurll.and be good to none, 
You rnuH prouidc to bottomc it on me : 
Which mu(\ be done, by praiftng me ai much 
A» you^n wonh difpiiife.fir Valentlmt. 

Dm, And Prttbf>u,vie dare truflyou lo chit kiade, 
Bccsufe we know Con y^miiwti report) 
You are already louei firme votary. 
And cannot foone leuoli, and change your minde. 
Vpon this warrant, (hali you haue accefTe, 
Where you, wi^h5;iW/4,miy confcrreat large 
For fhe it lumpifh, heauy . mellanc holly, 
And (for your friends CiVe) wiU be glad of you ; 
Whereyou may temper her, by yourperfwjfion, 
To hste yong Valxmimi,%n6 loue rfly fnend, 

Pn, A I much ar I cm doe, I will effeft : 
But you fir 7l)iiri»,iTc not fhirpe etiough : 
You muO lay Litne,io tangle ber defiret 
By «ilcfi»ll Sonnets, whofecompofed Rimei 
Should be full fraught with ferulceable vowes. 

Dm. I.tnucb if the force of heanen-btrd Poefie. 

Prt. Say that vpon the altar of her beauty 
You facrifice your tearet.youi (ighes,your heart : 
Write till your inkebe dry: and with your tcaru 
MoiA ic againe : and frame fome fecLng hoc, 
That may difcooer fuch integrity : 
For OrfhtHd Lute,was ftrung with Poeti finewn, 
Whofe golden touch could {"often fteele and Aooes ; 
Make Tygeri tame,and huge LutuKh^oti 
Forfakevnfoundeddeepeiito dance on Sands. 
After four dirC'lamentmg Elegies, 
Vi(it by night your Ladles chamber^window 
With U)me fweet Coi\fon ; To their laf^ruments 
Tune • deploring dumpe : the nigbts dead filence 
Will well become fuch fweet complaining grieuance : 
This, OTcife nothing, will inherit hn. 

Z>a. This difcipline,{bowet thou hafl bin in looe 

Tb. And thy aduice.this nipht,ile pot in prtdife ■ 
Therefore/weet Pretltem,mj aire6Hoo-giucr| 
Let Ts into the City prefcntly 
To fort Come Gentle(nen,well ikii'd in Mofickc. 
I haue a Sonnet.that will ferue thetume 
To giue the on>fet to thy g(x>d aduife. 

Dm. About it Gentleroca 

Pro, We'll wait vpon yourCrace, till after Supper, 
And afterward determine our proceeding! 

7>M. Euen now about it,l will pardon you. £jrmf. 

t/iBus Quart US, SccenaTrima. 

Enter f^dfe7itiMt^petiL,JSulcendiirt 0nt44Bst:. 
x.OMt'L FeIIowet,ftand&ft:Ifeeapt£cnger, 

1 0-f.Jf there bctcn^iok<,xM>tMdowBwitk'«m 
j.Ow. SttJKifif,and throw ft that you K*o«ai>»«»t'yt. 
If not. well mike yotj fit, »n^ rifle you. 

Sf. Sir we are undone iiKef^t ire the ViUiinei 
T>iat all ihc Trauiileri doe feiie fo much. 
V»l. My friend*. 

I 6*/. Thii'i rot fo.fu: wear? your mttBie* 

x.Omt Pearr.- wellheiiehiin. 

j.O*. IbyrrrybeardwiUweforheliapro^fi^t 

V»l. Then know tliat I haue hale wealth to locfc; 
A inan I ara.crofi'd with adutrfitie ' 
My riches, are thefe poore babiUmetm, 
Of which, if you fhould here ditfurnifh tnr, 
You take the fum ao4 fubllaoce that 1 b&»c. 

j.Omt. V/hctha aaocUyoM^ 

Vtl. InyrTTUit. 

1 .Om. Whence came yoo ? 

Vtl. From MiiUmt. 

3.0m. Haur you long foKMiro'd there' ffWd, 

V»l. Some fiateene monethi, and longer might baoe 
Ifcrooked foitunehidnot ihwarted mc 

I .Out. What, were you banj(!b'd ihcoce ? 

y*l. Iwaj. 

x.Omt. For what offer^ee' 

VaI. Forthat which ncwtormnti me to reheatfr; 
Ikii'd » man, whofe death I much repent, 
But yet 1 flew hiro ajinfully,io fight, 
Without falfe vintage, or bafe treachery. 

i.Ow. Why nere repent It, if it wercdorKfo; 
But were you banii'ht for fofmall a fault? 

yd. I was, and held. Tie glad of fuch a dootBC. 

J. Ok. Haue you thcTtJngoei? 

y*l. My youthfull trajiile,tberfinma<letBe happy, 
Oi elfe 1 often had btene often mifcrable. 

].0w. By thcbare kiloe o( Atiim Hmdj fat Fryo, 
Thu fellow were i King, for our wddc fa^ior- 

i.Om*. We'll haue him: Sirs, a word. 

Sp. Mal^CT.beoneofihem; 
It's an honourable kinde of ihtevery. 

yd. Peace villaine. 

3 Oxr. Tell vsthit: haue youany thing touketo^ 

yd. Nothing bai my fortune. 

^.Omt. Knowthen, forrKof vsareGcoikmen, 
Such aithefury of vngouem'd youth 
Thruft fioro the company of awfull met>. 
My felfe was from k'ntrnM banifbed. 
For pradiftng to ftealeawaya Lady, 
And heire and Neece.alide vnto t.Se Dake. 

a.O«r. And I from MirtMAJat a Gendemat^ 
Wh«,jnmymoode,l f^ab'd tnto the heart. 

xDnt. And I.for fuch like petty crhnej u thefe 
But to the purpofe : for we cite our faults, 
That they may hold cxcus'd our lawlcffe liucs , 
And paniy (eeing you are bcautifide 
With goodly Qiape ; ant) by your owne cepon, 
A Lingiu(^,and a mar. ot fucn pcrfe^on, 
As we doe lo oui quality much waot^' 

s.Om. Indcetkbecaufeyouareabaai/k'diran, 
Thercfort,aboue thcrefl.vje parley to yoa : 
Are you content to be our GciienU } 
To mahe a rertue oF neccffity. 
And Due as we doe in this wildemefle ? 

j.Ocr. What faifi thou: wilt thou beof our coofon ? 
Say I,aa^ be the captaine of v$ all .• 
Well <io« thee kof3age,aod b< rul'd by thee, 
Leoe tbcc,as out Coaiaus<kr,aad out King. 

The mo gentlemen ofVtrona. 


I .Om. But if thou Tcorne our ctateric^chou dycA. 

i.Out. Thou (hale not liuc,^ brag what wehaue of. 

ytd. I take yrourofFer,and will liue with yotf, rfcr'd. 
Prouided chat you do no outrage! 
Oo filly women,or poore paiTengen. 

j.Oftr. NofWCdcceH fuch vile bafe pra£^ift>. 
Coine,goe with vi, we'll bring thee to our Crewej^ 
And (how ihce all the Trcafurc we haue gor ; 
Wbich,with our feluei .all re(^ ai thy difpofe. frttatt. 


Pr». Already haue I bin falfe to ytdemiMt^ 
And now I muA be a> vniuft to Thttru , 
Vndcr ihe colour of commending httn, 
I haue accc(re my owne loue lo prefer. 
But5'/Mi« IS loofaire.too true,too holy,. 
To be corrupted with my worchlelTe guiftt ) 
When iprotcft true ioyafcy to her. 
She twit) me with my falfehood to my friend ; 
When to her beauty I commend my vowcs. 
She bids mc thtnlce how 1 haue bin forfwome 
In breaking dnh w)ch/«/<4,whoml lou'd i 
And notwith(landing all her fo^iaine quips, 
The leaft whereof would quell a louerf hope / 
Yet (Spaniel-like^ the more (he fpurnc«my lot»e. 
The more it growei.and fawneth on her ftill ; 
But here comet TtwrrV ; now muft we to her wiitdow, 
Andgtue fome euening Mufiquc to her eare. 

Th. Hownow,(ir frotbetu.xxt you crept before r» ? 
fre, I gentle TWw/oT you know that loue 
Will creepe in ferulce,wheTeit cannot goe. 
Tk. I.butI hope,Sir,thatyou loue not here. 
|V«.Sir,butIdoe:ordfeI wooldbehcitcc. 
Th. Who,5i/«M? 
fro, I^i/m/ii, for your fake; 
7%. I thanke y ou for your owne .• Now Gentlemen 
Let's tune :and to o it luftily a while. 
He. Nov7,my yong goeftj ise cbioks yoar' allycboily 
Iprayyou why it itf 

/«. Many (mine Hof) because I cannot be merry. 
Ho. Coane,we1i haue you merry: tie bring you where 
you (hall heare MuliquCf and fee the Genclcoun that 
you aik'd for. 

/su Butihalllheirebiaifoeske. 

/?0. ItbatyooOtall. 

la. That will be MoBque. 

H», Harke.harke. 

Im. Isheamengthefe? 

Ht, I : but peace, let's heare*in. 

5«r/. Vl3»uSilti-A}r*h»tuPr.e} 
T%M MStMrSwAmftcimtmtndbtr ? 

Tin oemmtfMc'i»gr4ee didUniyir^ 
that ptt mi^ bi tutmirtd it. 

Ftr itMty Imt mtb i(miKt§i : 

Ly»K datb iQ b«r tjet t ep/urtf 
Ti *f ^ bm ffbit ifiv/wejfr ; 

j4ndt'eiif£ htlfd^akHj tbtrt. 
Thtn to SUmd ,Ut Vsjwgy 
That SilMis is exceRing ; 
Steexceh tMh vterttiixhing 
Vfon the diiBtarth di»elltntt 
T» hrr Itt vt CarUiidt eru>£. 

He. How now?areyou faddn then yoa weitberore; 
How doe yon, man ? the Muficke likes you not. 

/«. Youmi(lake:thcMu(nianiikesmeiiot. 

He. pretty youth? 

Im. He plaies falfc (father.) 

He. How,out of tune on the fttingta 

lu. Not fo; but yet 
So falfe that he grieues my Tery beart-Ortngs. 

He. Youhaueaqaickeeare (heat. 

lu. 1,1 would! were deafe.- it makes me haue a (low 

He. I percciue you delight not to Mutique. 

/«. Not a whit, when it iars fa 

He. Harke.what fifieehaoge is in the Mudqae, 

/«. I : that change is the (pight. 

He. You would haue them at waies pity but oir^ thing. 

Itt, I would alwaics haue one pfay but one thjng. 
But Ho(l doth this Sir Pretbem,ihtt we talkeon. 
Often rcfort vnto this Gentlewomm ? 

He. I tell you whit Laimct his taao told me,- 
He lou'd her oat of all nicke. 

Im. "WhatxiLawtct} 

He. Gone to fccke his dog, which to morrow,by hit 
M afters command, hee muH cany for a prefcnt to Lis 

in. Peace,(taflda(tde,the company parti. 

Pre. Sit 7*«r»»,feare not you,l willfo plevde. 
That you (hall fay,my cunoing drift eicels. 

Tb. Where meete we ! 

Pro. At Saint C»r(r^fir/» well 

Th, Farewell. 

Pre. Madam.- good en'o to your Ladi(hip. 

Sd. I thanke you for your Mu{iqtK(Geatlemcn) 
Who is that thatfpake ^s 

Pt*, One (Lady)if yoM knew his pure hearts truth, 
Vou would quickly leaine to know him by bit Toice. 

5il. Sir/'ffr^nM.asItakeii. 

Pro. Sir /*ref/(>*<«(getKle Lady)and your Seniaot. 

SiL What's^our will ? 

Pro. That I may compa(reyoun. 

Sil. You haue your wi (h .• my will is eti^ this, 
That prefently you hie vou home to bed: 
Thou fubtile,peTiur'd,faire, difloyall man i 
Think'ft thou I am fo (hallow/o conccitlelTe, 
To be feduced by thy Battery, 
That has't deceiu'd fo many with thy TOwes f 
Returne.returne and make thy lout amends : 
For me(by this pale queene of night I fwcire) 
I am fo fane from granting thy reque(}, 
That 1 defpife thee/or thy wroogfull fuite , 
And by andby ibtendtoehidemy felfi, 
Euen for this time I ^end in talking to thee. 

Pre. I grant (fwcet lotte) that I did loue » l.ti^-, 
But (he is dead. 

/•. 'Twcre falfe.if I (honld fpeake it j 
For I Am/urc (he is not butied. 

Sil. Say that fhe be : yet fCtimr^ thy friend 
Suruiues ; to whom (thy felft: tn witneflie) 
I am beuoth'd ; and art thou not a(ham'd 
To wrong hI(D,v/itb thy imporauurv i 




The in?o (gentlemen of Verona. 

ff. I likcwife h«arc that Vtlimtmt w drid. 

iU. And fofuppo(t >m I ; for inhcT gciue 
AtTuf c thy lout it buried 

Pro, Sv»«*« l.ady.lct mc t»ke U from tht firth. 

SiL Coc (o ihy Ladir; f^iuc and call bcrt (hence. 
Or at the IcaO.m herv,rcputcSct (hint 

l<tl. He heard not that, 

Pr». Midam . il your heart be fo obdurate : 
Vouchfafe cue yet your Pid<ure for my loue, 
The Piclure th»t i» hanging m your chamber • 
To chat lie that ile figh and wreepe : 
Forfinceihcfubftanceofyour ocrfcfl fclfe 
I^ cife deuoted,! am but a fhidow ; 
And to your fbadow.will I t»jke true loue. 

lul. If'twcrc a fubHancc you would fure dccciuc n, 
Andmakcit J am. 

Sd, I am Tcry loath to be yout IdoM Sir ; 
Butjfince your falfehood fhall become you well 
To worfhip fhidowci.and adore falfe fhapei, 
Seod to mc in the inorningjand ilc fend it ". 
And fo.good rcf\. 

Tro. A» wretchcjhaue ore-night 
That wait for execution in the morne. 

lul. Hoflf will you go« ? 

Ho. Bymyhallidomc^lwasfaft aflfcpe. 

lul. Pray you, where liej Sir ?''»'^'« ' 

he. Many, at myhotife: 
Tfuftmc.Uhinke'tis almoft<J»y. 

/*/. Not fo : but ithathbinihelongcrt nigh* 
Thaiael watch'd,andtheinoft heauirft. 

Sccsna Tenia. 

tnttr SgUmsri, SiUia. 

Eg. Thi« itthehoure that Madam 5'>/«/4 
Entreated tntto call, and know her minde 
Ther's fomc great matter (held employ mc in. 

Sd. Whocals? 

Eg. Your fenjam,and your friend ; 
One that attends your Ladifhips command. 

Sd, Sir EgUmare, a thoufand timet good morrow. 

Eg, Asmany (worthy Lady)to your felfe : 
According to your Lddilhips impofe, 
I am thus early know what feruice 
It ii your pleafure to command me in. 

Sil. Oh £^/.*>i»«o-*, thou art a Gentleman: 
ThinkenotI flalter(forIfweare t doc not) 
Valiant.wife, remorfe- full, well accomphft'd. 
Thou art not i gnorant what dcere good will 
I beare vnto the banifh'd ZJaltnUoti 
Nor how my father woi;ld enforce me marry 
Vaine Thm-ie (whom my Tcry fouk abhor'd.) 
Thy fclfe haft lou'd, and I haue heard thee fay 
No griefe did euer come fo neere thy heart. 
As when thy Lady,ani; thy true-loue dice," 
Vpon whole Graue thou vow'dftpurechaftjtic: 
Sir Efi'artotcre : I would loPaUnttnt 
To Mantn/i, where 1 heare,he makes aboad ; 
And for the waief arc dangerou t to palTc* 
I doe defite thy yjonhy company. 

Vpon whofc faith and hooor, I rcpoft. 

Vrj(cno<my fatbctt tn^ia (E/tmrnmn ^ 

But thinkr ypon my triefrfa Ladtra f^'.tft) 

Kiui on the lortKcoimy flyLog hence, 

To keepe rt>« from • rrwift mholy match, 

VVluch hcuicn tn6 fortar.c Oill rcwatda wtlh t>Urvca. 

I dtx d<f.rv thee, ruen from I Sc*rt 

At full offof the S«» of fandi. 

To beare me eompaoy^and goe wrth mz t 

Knot ,to hide what Ihawefud fotl.ce, 

That 1 may « eiXure tc drpait aJonc. 

EgL Madam,! pKty much your gnr.*»!jf«. 
Which. fiDce I know they vcmtoud^ ire p'i^\ 
I giue cot^Tcnt to goc along with you, 
Wreaking at litiJe what b«tidrtame, 
Ai much,! wiOiall good bcibrtune you 
When will you goti 

Sd. Th;t euening commmg. 

Eg Where 0)ali!mceteyoB? 

Sd. At Frtrr Pstric^ti Ceil, 
Where 1 inund holy Confeffion, 

Eg. I willnot faiieyour Lad.iTiip: 
Good morrow (gentle Lady.^ 

Sd. Good morrow, kindc Sir £^/>9Marr. Ex.-t.n, 

Sana Qjiaru*, 

EattrLdn-e*, >Ttihtut,Imlt4, Sdtu. 

Uid. WhenamanifciL'jot iKe Currewtth 
him(lookcyoii)itgoejha:d.- one that I brought vpof 
a puppy rone that 1 uu'd from drowning, when three or 
toure of his blinde brcthcts snd firtcn went to it : I haue 
taught him (eoen at one would (ty preofdy , thut I 
would teach a dog) I wasfert to deliucr him, atapre- 
fent to Miftn$5*/*K, from myMafttT; and I came no 
fooner loto the dyning-chambcr, but he ftcps mt to her 
Trencher, and ftealct her Capon«-!eg : O, 'tii a fouie 
thing, when a Cur cannot keepe himfelfe in ail compa- 
nies : I would haue (at one ftould fay)ooe that takei »p. 
on him to be a dog indeede, to it were, a dog at aJi 
thmgt. If! had not had raorewit then take a fault 
vpon me that he did, 1 ihmke verily hee had bm hang'd 
for't : fure as 1 hue he had (after *d for*! . you f}iall ludge ; 
Hecthruf^s me himfelfe into the company of three or 
foure gentleman-like-dogt.Ynder the Dukes obie : hee 
hadnotbintherc(ble€'cthemarke)a pif&ng while, but 
all the chamber fmelt him: out with the dog(faic$ one) 
what cm it that (faiet another) whip him our (faiet the 
third) hang him Tp(faiei the Duke.) Ihaumg biaac- 
qua!Qted with the fmell before, knew it w» Crab ; and 
goetmetothcfeUow that whips the doggei .• friend 
(ouoth I)youmear»etowhip the dog .- I marry doe I 
(quoth be)you doc him the more wrong(quoih \) 'twat 
! did the thing you wot of: he makes mc no more adoe, 
but whipi me out of th; chamber ; how many Mafleri 
would doc this for his Seruint? nay, lie be fworne 1 haue 
fat in the (Wcket, for puddings he hath ftolne.cKherwife 
he had bin executed: I haue flood on the Pillone for 
Gecfehehathkird.otherwi/ehehadfufferd for't : thou 
thiok'ft not of chit now ; nay,I remetEber the tricke you 
fou'd me, when I tooke my icaue of Madam Sdum ■ did 


The mo gentlemen o/Verona, 


not I bid thee Ml af)Su:kcm«:,an<l doe as I do; when did'ft 
ehou fee me hcaue vp 017 leg, and make wacer agamA a 
Gentlewoniant farthingale f dtd'fi tboa ener fee rtie doe 

Pn» Setejiian h thy name ; I lilce ihee well» 
Andwiilimploy thee in fomtr feruice presently. 
lu. In what ynu plcafciile doe what I can. 
?To. I hope thou wilt. 
How nov/ you v»hox-fon pczam. 
Where Haueydu bin thefe two daycsloytenng? 

Ctt, Mairy Sir, I canted M iRri$£/^d the doggeyoti 
bad ens. 

Prs. And wnst faies (he to my little lewell > 
La. Kat'fyfheCaiesyourdoe wasa (ur,ind teltyou 
currtG) thaiikt is good enough for fuch a prefenu 
jy». But (he rrccio d my dog ? 
La. No indeede did Q)C not : 
HilrcHauef brought him bacltcacame. 

fro. Whai/lidfi cbou offer her mis from me i 
L*. lSir,ihe other Squirnll wasdolnefromme 
By the Hangmans boyes in the market place. 
And then 1 offer d her mine owne.who r$ a dog 
/t$ big as ten of yours,& therefore the greater. 
Pt». Goe,gct thee hence.and flnde my dog sgaine. 
Or nere retumc agame into my fight. 
Away,iray : ftayeftthou tovcxcmeheret 
^Slaur,thatjEHU.anend,rumetmeioOia(i)e t 
St^fiuu, 1 hauc entertained thee, 
PanJy that \ haue ncede of fuch a youth, 
That can with fome difcretion doe my buAneffe s 
■ For'tUnotrufting toyondfoohftiLowt , 
' But thicfely, for ihy face,and thy bchauioufi 
j Which ni my Augury dcceiae me not ) 
I Wiroenc good bringing vp, foftunc,and truth ; - 
j Therefore know iJwe.for this I entcriaioc iK«c. 
Go prefentty,and take this Ring with thee 
Dcltuer it to Madam S$lvnt \ 
She lou'd me wcll.deliucr'd it to me 

/«/. itfrcmesyoulou d not her, not Icauchertojiirn: 
She js dead bdike/ 

TVo. Not fo '■ I thinkc Ihe iiues, 
/<!/. Alas. 

Ftv. Whydo'ft thou cry alas > 
/«/. I cannot choofe but piiiy her. 
Fn. Wherefore (hould'l) thou pi 1 ty her ? 
/W. Bffcaufc,atethinkei chat (be lou'd you a< well 
As you doeloiu! your Lady Stluia • 
5Hr drcamcs on him.thar ha> forgot her loue, 
You dcatEcn her, that cares not for your loue. 
Tii^piny Loue,fhould be (o contrary 
Aud ih^sng on tt,inzkc'r mt cry aUs. 

ytv. Weil' ghicher that Ring.and therrwithaU 
ThisLrucrjUihAhercbkrnbec/ Tellmy Lsdy, 
I (daimethe promifeforTiet hc*ucnly Pictuoe : 
Your mefiage Jooe.hy e home vnto my ch«ivrt>«r^ 
Where thou Oia|t flnd^nve idd.artd folitartc. 

Juf. H(n»rt;anyvwofno7i«;0'Jiddoefuch3nie0age^ 
AlMpoorc Pr<if4f«»,tb««»haft««t«ta»n'il 
A be the Shephcard of thv Lambs , 
-lly^pcorc tool'.*, why dec I pitiy htm 
Thai wi:h his veiy bean de.'pifcth me / 
Bteaufehcloues her^he deiprfcth me, 
Sccsofc I loue him,] muA pitty him. 
This Ring I gaae him,wnea he parted from me. 
To binds nim to rcmenher my good wtil 
And no^ am I (vnbfppyMeltengCT) 

To plead for that, which I would not obtame , 
To carry that,which I would hauc refusd 
Topraifehisfaith^wbkhl would haucdilprajj d. 
I am my Mailers true confirrred Loue, 
But cannot be true fcf uam to my Mafter, 
VnlefTc I prouc faife traitor to my Tclfe 
Yet will I woe for him^bui yet (o coldly, 
As (licaucn it knowes) I would not haue him fpeed. 
Gentlewoman, good day . I pray you be my mcare 
To bring me where to fpeike with Madam5//««. 

SJ. What would you with her,if that 1 be (he ? 

lui. If you befhe, J doe intreat your patience 
To heare me fpeake the mcflage I am fenc on. 

Sil Ftom whom ' 

W. Etom my Mailer, Sir ProrAf»# Madam. 

Sil. Ob : he fends you for a Piflure > 

IhI. 1, Madam. 

SU. yrfu/a, bring my Pi£lure there , 
Goe.giue your Mailer this -• tell him from me 
One /«//<«,that hi J changing thooghti forget 
Would better 6t his Chambcr.then this ShaciOW. 

/«/. Madam, pleafe you pcrufe this Letter ; 
Pardon me ( Madam) 1 haue vnaduis'd 
Deliucr'dyou a papei cliat J Hiould not f 
This is the Letter to yout Ladilhip, 

Sil. I pray thee let me looke on that agsine* 

Jul. It may not be : good Madam pardon me. 

Sil. Tlierc, hold '■ 
I will not looke vpon your Ma()ers!iiTfs . 
1 know they are (tuft with protcftations. 
And full of new-found o3thcs,which he w'lil brcakc 
Aseafily as Idoe teaxchtspaper. 

/«/. Madam, he fend* vour Ljdiftiip this Rmg. 

Sil, The more fhamctor him.ihst he lends it me ; 
For I hauchesrdhim fay a ihoulaud times, 
His /«/(j gaue it him. at lus drpajtute 
Though his falfelinger hauc prophan'd the Ring, 
Mine (hall not doc his /M/i^fo much wrong. 

lul. Shf thankes you. 

SU. What fai'ft thou? 

A«/. 1 thanke yon Madam.thai you tender her : 
PooreGcnrlcwoman, my MaOer wrong* her much, 

Sil. Do'rt thou know her ? 

/«/. MmoOas Wfllas I doe know toy fclft. 
Tothinkevpon lier woes, I docproteH 
That I haue wept a hundred fcurrall ttmtf ; 

Sil. Belike fhe thinks that Profheofivaih forfook her/ 

/«/. I thuike (Tie doth: and that'i her caufeofforrow. 

5«/. Is fhe not palTing fairc ? 

/««/. She hath bio faiter(Madam) then (Ue 11 , 
When (he did thinke roy Mafter lou'd yjcU ; my iudgement,was a j fajre as you. 
B'Jt fincc (he did n^gle^l her looking-gla^ir^ 
And threw hetSon-cxpcllme **i2lque away. 
The ayre hath fl^ru'dthe roles in hrrcheekes^ 
And pmch'd the lilly-tin^urc of her face. 
That now (he is bzcortic as black c as I. 

SfL How tall was fhe £ 
/«/. Aboutmyflaturc: forati'rt»;<w»^, 
\S/htn all ourPageants of delight wereplald, 
Our youth got me to play the womans part, 
And ! was trim'd m Madam laU/y gown«, 
Which (erued me all mens iu<igt:ment5, 
As if the garment had bin made for mc •• 
Therefore fltnow (heisaboutmy hsigbt, 
And at that umel made her weepe a g'jcd. 


C 2 


The ll»o (gentlemen 0/ Verorut. 

For I diJ pliy »l»mfTH»ble piri. 

(M»(lam)'(\«ji y^ruiiir, pjffioninj 

foi Thtfm penyity ,inii vcnuft flighc ; 

Wliicli 1 (0 liucly adtcd wit:, m;^ tcirci; 

That my pootc Miftfu moutd tSerewuhill, 

Wept bitterly : ind would I rnight be dcid. 

If 1 ii> thought (elt not her very furrow. 

Sil. She II beholding to thee (gentle youih^ 

Alls (poorc Lady; defolaictnd left ; 

1 wecpe my felle to thmke vpon thy wordi . 

Hfte youth: there limy purle J I giue thee thii (well. 

For thy f^vcet Miftn J lal(c,bec»uf« thou lou (I her. Fire. 
IhJ. And (he fnall ih»nkeyou toi't, ifere you know 

A vfftuout gcnilcwoman,mildc,»ndbe»utifuij. (her. 

1 hope my MaHcri futt will be but cold, 

Since fhe rcfpefti my Miftris loue fo much, 

Al»»,how louc can trifle wiih it felfe . 

Here II her Pi£\ure • let mc lec.I thmke 

Ifi had fuch a Tyre, this face of ;nine 

Were full as ij thii of hen ; 

And yet thePaimerflatier'd hera liiile, 

VnlelTe I flatter with my felfe too much. 

Her haiie u jllntrnt,m\cc ij pt.tftc\ Ttitw , 

Ifthat be all the difference in h»s loue, 

lie get me fuch a coulour'd Pertywig : 

Her eyejate gtey a$ glafTe.and lo are mine: 

I, but her fore-bead'j low, and mine'* at high; 

What fliould it be that ne refpei^s tn her, 

But Icanmakerefpe£liueinmy felfer 

If this fond Louc.wete not a blinded god. 

Come fliadow, come, and take this fliado w »p, 

For'tis thy riuall . O ihou fcnceleflc forme. 

Thou (halt be worfhip'd,kif$'d,lou'd,and adot'd ; 

And weie there fence in hii Idolatry, 

My fubftamce fliouid be ftatue in thy Head. 

lie vfe thee kindly, for thy Mifhis fake 

That vi'd me fo : ot elfc by /««e,I tow, 

1 fhould haue fcratch'd out your vnfeeing eyei, 

To make my Matter out of loue with thee. Lxtm»t. 

JHusQmntm, Sarna'Prima. 

E/l. The Sun begins to guild the wefteme ikie. 
And now it is about the very hourc 
Th»iS/i»u,at Fryer Patrtcki Cell fhould me«t me. 
She wiU not f»ilc ; for Louers brcakenot houici, 
VnlelTe »t be to come before their urae, 
So moch ihey fpur their expeditioix. 
See where (he coroes . LatJy a happy eneniog. 

Sd. Amen.Atnen .• goe on (good Egltm»mt) 
Out at the PoAcme by the Abbey will ; 
1 feare I am attended by fomeSpiei. 

Eft. Feare not : thcForreft 11 not three leagoes off. 
If wcrecoucr that,wcare fure enough. £xt»at. 

Sccsna Secunda, 

Enter Tlmrnj'PTeihmtJ'UA.Dxkf, 
Th. Sir 7r»/^K«,what faJes^t/nM co my fuit } 

7^0. OhStf.IfifMkhermJd«frf>eoft^wM, 
Aad y« /he taJiei eicepiioni at yov perioo. 
Torn. Wh*t /ihatm7lrgiito«U>n#> 

fr». No.tliat II 11 too JKtU. 


Tbm. liewea/ciBoote, tomakeiTfomc^hatfowi. 

>r* Bui 1«hk w,:i not be fpurdio whu .t lo»*tv 

Tim, Whaifaieifhciomyfaec^ 

Tr». Shefaiei it 11 1 (kite ooe. 

7f>m. Nay then th« wanton lyei : my ficf ,. M.df 

Prt. But Pea^lei are fiir t ; and the old C»yin» 11 
Blackemen arc Peirlei.m be auieotJi Ladieicyc*. 

Tkm. T.i true.fuch Peaxlet ai put oui Ladict eTei, 
For I had rather winke. then lookc on dicra. 

Thi. Howlikei fhevtydifcourfe; 

Prt, 111, whenyooialkeofwar. 

Thm. Bat weli.wSen 1 difco^nfe »f loue and peace. 

/ul. But better indeciie,wUn you boJd you p^tce. 

Thm. What fayeifhe to try valour? 

Pr*, OhSir.ffieinakonodoubt ofihat. 

/•/. She needet not, when fheknowei itcowtrdixe. 

T"^*. What faiei fhe to my buth / 

Pit. That yog are weii dcriii'd. 

/•/. True ; from « Ceniltman , to a foole. 

Tkm. Confid«ri fhe my Poffr flioni ? 

?>■•, Oh I : andpufitj them. 

7** Wherefore^ 

/*/. That fuch an AfTe fhould owi them. 

Prt. That they are out by Leafe. 

lul. Hcrecomesthe DuVe. 

Dm. How now fir Prttkttu ; hov» rww Tbmu } 
Which of you faw IrUwHmrt of late ? 
76*. Not I. 
pro. Norl. 

Du. Saw jTou my daughter' 
Prt. Nerther. 
Dm, Vf\\y th«n 
She's fled virtathatptzant.F^/nrf/w, 
And Etjavtgttrt li m her Company ; 
'Til true! for Frier A4*/f>«re met tbetn both 
As he, in pennance wtnder'd through the Forreft ; 
Him he knew well ■ and guefd that it was {be. 
But being niask'd, he was not fure ofit. 
Be!id« (he dni intend Cenfeflttm 
At PttrtcijKitW this eucn,and there (hewuDoe. 
Tbcfe hkelihoodi corfume her flight from heace; 
Therefore 1 pray you ftand.not to cJifcourfe, 
But mount you prefentJy, and mecte with tne 
Vpon the rifing of the Mountaine foote 
That leads toward >r4«»«i4,wl>«heT they are fled: 
Difpatch (fweei GeniJemen) aod follow rce. 
Thn. Why thisitis.tobea peeuiQiGirlc, 
That flies her fortune when it foUowes her : 
He after ; more to be rttieog'd on EgUmtmt, 
Then for the looe t>f reck-Ieffe SUmU. 

Pr*. Aod I will follow, more for 5</k«lo»e 
Then hate of EgUm*Mrt ihar^oes with bet. 

/mL And I will follow ,more to croS'e cSat tone 
Tbeo bate for SiJmi*jttM i» goae fix loue. S*ni», 

Scena Tertia. 


t.Ote, Coffic, cocr^ be p&iics: t 

The M^rry Wmi ofWindfar. 


We tmift bringyou to«urCtptaine. 

S^, Athoofindmorenitfchancwtheothhone 
Hwc l««m'<J rac ho'.v to bf ooke thii patitntly. 

xOie. Coai«» bring her away. 

I Om, Whae \t ihc Gentleman that wai whh her ? 

3 0«f . Being nimble footcd.he hath out-run vs . 
But A/*;/*/ and Valeriw follow him : 
Goe thou with her to the Weft end of the vfood, 
There is our Captaine : Wre'll follow bim tbat'f fled, 
1 he Thicket Is befet,he cannotfcapc 

I Qitt. Come, 1 muft bring you to ourCaptains caue. 
Feare not : he bcares an honourable minde. 
And will not vfe a woiMn Uwlefly. 

SU. O Ktlnti't ( this I endure for thcc. 


Scxna Quarta» 

Enttr f^4ileatine, Prcthetu, SituiA^ Mia, 2)#ly, T£wr»o, 

f*l. HowTfedoihbrredahabitinaman? 
Thi«(h«dowydefart, vnfrffqocnted woods 
I bcctCT brookc thcnflourifhing peopled Towncj i 
Here can 1 fit alone, vn-feenc of any. 
And to the Nightingales complaining Notei 
Tunemy diftreftes.and record my woes. 
O thou that doft inhabit In ray breft, 
Leaue not the Manfion fo long Tenant-Jefle, 
left growing ruinous, ihebuildingfill. 
And leauc no memory of what it was, 
Repaire me, with thy prefence, SibiU i 
Thou gentle Nimpb, cherifh thy for.lome fwaine* 
What hallowing, and what ftir is this to day ? 
Thcfe ate my mates, that make their wills their Law, 
Haue fome vnhappy paltengcr in chace ; 
They loue me well : yet I haue much to doc 
To keepe them firomvnciuil] outrages. 
Withdraw thee yttlfmne : who's this cornea heere } 

Pn. Madam.this feruiccl hauedonefoi you 
(Though you rcfpeft not aught your feruant doth ) 
To hiiard life.and reskewyou from him. 
That would haue forc'd your honour, and your lOue , 
Voushfafe me for my meed, but one fajre looke: 
(A fmaller boone then this I cannot beg. 
And leiTe then this, I am fure you cannot ^ue } 

Vid. How like a drcame is thisM fee,and heare> 
Lou; . lend me patience to forbeare a while. 
Sit, O miferable, vnhappy that I am. 
Pro. Vnhappy were you (Madam) ere I came : 
Butbymy comming.Inauenudcyou happy. 

So, By tby ^proach thou mak (I me moft vnhappy. 
ItU And me,when he approcheth to your prefence, 
Sil. Had I becne ceazed by a hungry Lion, 
I would hauebecne a brcak-(aA to the Beafl , 
Radier then haue falfe Trethtia reskue me : 
Oh beauen be iudgc how I loue yaJntint , 
Whofe life'i as tender to me as my foule, 
JIndfij!! as much fTor more there cannot be) 
T<tocdet*fi ftJfe periur'd Pmhctu : 
Tietefiore be gone, fi^Ikit nte no more. 

J>n». What dangerous tiJJHon. ftood it new to death 
5^ou!d I not (n:dcrgcc, for one calroc looke : 
Ob ti* the curfe in Loue,ind (Hll spprou'd 


When women cannot lou«,where they're belou'd. 

Sil. When Trttbtm cannot loue,where he's belou'd: 
Read ouer /«/m/ heart, (thy firft beft Louc) 
For whofe deare fake, tlrau didO then rend thy faith 
Intoa thoufand oathes ; and all thofeoathu, 
Defcendcd into perlury, to loue me. 
Thou haft no faith left now, vnlefle thou'dft two. 
And that's farre worfe then none : better haue none. 
Then plurall faith, which is too much by oos : 
Thou Counteifeyt, to thy true friend. 

Pr». In Loue, 
Who refpeds friend ? 

SiL All men but /Vor^ia. 
Pro. Nay,if the gentle fpirit of mouing words 
Can no way change you to a milder forme t 
He woee you like a Souldier, at £rmes end. 
And loue you gainftthe nature of Loue: force ye* 
S'tl. Ohheauen. 

Prt. lie force thee yeeld to my defire. 
y^l. Ruffian : let goc that rude vnciuill touch. 
Thou friend ofan ill fafh'ion. 

Pro. "Udentttii, 

yal. Thou comon friend, that's without faith ot loue. 
For fuch is a friend now : treacherous man. 
Thou haft beguii'd my hopes ; nought but mine eye 
Could haueperfwaded me :iiow I dare not fay 
I haue one firiend aliue ; thuu wouldft difproueme } 
Whoftiould bctruftcd, when ones right hand 
Is periured ro the bofame??r««&r<M 
I am forty I muft neuer iruft ihee more, 
But count the world a flrlnger for thy fake : 
The priuate wound is dcepeft : oh time, moft accurfl : 
'Mongft all foes that a friend fhould be the wcrft i 

Pro, My (bame and guilt coiifounds me i 
Forgiuc mcytlntine: if ncartw forrow 
Be ai'ufficient Ranfome for onencc, 
I tendet't heere: I doc as truely fuffer. 
As ere I did commit. 

r«/. Then T am paid t 
And onceagatne, I doe receiuethee honcft i 
Who by Repentance is not fstis/ied , 
Is not of heauen. nor earth ; for theJe are pleas'dx 
By Penitence th'Eternalls wrath's appeas'd : 
And that tny loue may appeare plaine and freer 
All that was mine, in 5i/»r4, 1 glue thee. 

lift. Ohmevohappy. 

Pro, Looke to the Boy. 

P'aL Why. Boy/ 
Why wag:how now ? wha^* the mattcr?look vp: fp€»k. 
ArfoO good fir,my roafter charg'd me to deliuer a ring 
to Madam^r&M : vV (out of my negle^jwatneucr done. 

*Vp. Where 1$ that ring ?boy? 

tuL Heere 'tis: this is it. 

Pro. How Met me fee. 
VVhy this is the ring I gaue to /tf/bf« 

ltd. Oh. cry you mercy fir,! haue miAooke : 
This is the ring you fent to Siluia. 

Tr». Buthow cam'ft thou by this ringPflfniy depart 
I gace this vnto Mis. 

lul. And/tt&therfelfedidgiuettme, 
And Mu berfelfe hath brought it hither. 

Pro. How} Mia f 

M. Behold her, that gaue aymeto all thy oathei, 
And entcTtain'd'em dccpely in licr heart. 
How oft haft thou with ptriury cleft the rocCe f 
Oh Prothtm, let this habit make th« bJc.'h. 
[ D Be 


The Merry l^tuei ofWtndfor, 

Bctliou aOitm'd that 1 hiuc looke vpoooit 

Such %n immodcO raymcnt ) if (hainc hue 

In adifguifcof loot ? 

It n the Icffcr blot modcfty findei , 

Women tochangr then ftijpn.tlicn men their minJj. 

Pra Tlicn men ihcir miorfi.'i.i trueioh hcuen.wetcmjn 
Bui Conftant.he were petfedt ; that one etto? 
Fil> hire With Taulif : make* hmi run Uirough all ih'fini ; 
Inconftancy fillj-off,ere it begin* 
What II tn Si/wz-t / rar(,bu( I may fpie 
Moie frefh m Inln't, with a condani eye > 

"UmI. Coiiir.comr : a hand (loin cithci . 
Let me be bic(t to mike ihii happy clofc 
'Twere puty twofuch friciidin^ould be long foei. 

Prt. Beare witnei(hcauen) 1 haucmy wifhforeucr. 

/•/. And I mine. 

Omt-l. A pnie: aprizc: a pnie. 

FdU. Forbcate.forbeare 1 fay It u my Lord the Dukf- 
Your Grace )j welcome toamandifgnc'd, 
BirtifVied y*lcnii>n 

Thu. Yonder u 5//«>4 : and ^iTWiV/mine. 

fV. TWiflgiucbackc; ot elfe embrace thy death: 
Come not within the n)cafure of my wrath • 
Doc not name StlutA ihkne : if once againe, 
"Ucrcna fliall not hold thee ; hccre fhe ftands , 
Take but poflcfiion of her.with a Touch . 
I dare ihcc, but to breath vpon my Looe. 

Tliar. Sit yalcntfut, I care not for her, I: 
I hold him but a foolc that will endanger 
His Bojy, foe a Giric that louci him not : 
I claimc her not, and therefore (he is thine. 

D/M*v. The more deeenerate and bafe art thou 
To make fuch meanes for thou hail done, 
And le«ue her on fuch flii^hi conditions. 

Now, by the kooor of my A/»f efliy , 
J doc applaud ifay (f\t\l,y»Unlmt^ 
And ibinVr the e worthy of an Emprreflit loot i 
Know then, 1 hoc/c forget aU former gr etfea, 
('•ncell all giudge, rrpealet^>ee Kottm: agamc, 
Plead J'Kw ft«te in ihy vo-riulJ d B»erit, 
To which I thui (ubfcribe Sirt^Wrrf/M, 
Thou art a Get. tier. an ^rvd vweli denu'd. 
Take thou thy SUmia, for ihou haP del'eru'd h«r. 

Val. I thank your Grace, J gift hathi made m< hap^y: 
I now befcech you (for your daughieri Cilte ) 
To grant one Eoone that I fhaij aike of you. 

/>•*/. i grant itffor thir^owne) wluicre it be. 

ysi. Thefc banifb'd meit,c>ut I haue kepc wtihall, 
Ate men cndu'd with worthy c^ahtiei . 
Forglue them what they haue comoiirted here, 
And let them be recalled from their Eiile 
They are reformed, ciuill, full of good. 
Aad fit for great employment (wort ky Lord.) 

Di^. Thou haf^ prruaild,! pardoo ihem and the* ; 
Difpofe of them,ai thou knowf) their dcfierts. 
Come,let r» goe, we wih include a!I larrcs. 
With Trinmphes, Mirth, and tare folemnity. 

FmI. And at we watke along,! dare be bold 
With out difcourfe, to make your Grace to fraile. 
What ihinke you of thu Page '^my Lot J >) 

Dmkj. 1 think the Boy hith grace in nim, he bluuicj. 

Vtl. I warrant you (my Lord)more grace.then Boy. 

"Drke. What roeane you by that dy'ne ? 

y*!. Pleafc you, lie telJ yt>«,aj v/e paCe along, 
That you will wooder what hath fortuoed : 
Corr.e Prtthem/, *tii yourpennance.but lo heart 
The Rcry of your Loucs difccucred, 
T^atdone.our day of marriage Hiall be yours 
OneFeaft,onehoufe,of«inutuilJhappineflc Bxnm. 

The names of all the A(5lors. 

Duke: Father w Siluia 
AHtko:U3: father to Prttheus . 

EgUmoure : Agcx: for Silius in btr epapc. 

Ho(l: vhere luUu lodges. 

Otu-Uveti With V<.'ur.'.tnt, 

Speed: a ilon>Ki(hftru&miof6leKtiiK. 

L*tince • the Uieett Preikem, 

Panthton: feruinttt AntiKU) 

luliAi belouedef FretheM. 

Siluu: heUttedefVakntine. 

Lttceit*. wxfghrir.^'^weTiuinttluUa. 





Merry Wiues of VVindfor. 

Q^Uus pr/muSj Sccna prima. 

Euur IufiictSM\o'n , Slender, Jrr Hugh Eo»ns,>^/i/?rr 
Page, Falftoffc, Bardolph. Nyir , Piftoll, Anne Page, 
TtTi/hcfiFoid, f-^tj?rejjf ?»ge,Siirplc. 

It Hugb^ perfwade me net : I wrll make « Star- 
Chamhec maiter of it, if hee were twenty Sir 
lohn Falfiaf/fh^ Aiall not abufe Robtrt Shallow 
Efquixc. (Coram. 

Sten, In the County o^QUctfler, luftice of Peace and 
Shd. I (Cofen Slmier) and Cuji-^eritm. 
SUn. 1, and Rjtto larum too ; and a Gencleman borne 
(Mifter Parfon) who writes himfelfe Armigsro, inaoy 
Bill, Warrant, QiiJtcanccor Obligation, Jirmigero. 

Shal. I that I doe,and haue done any time thefc thres 
hundred yeeres. 

SIfi. All his fuccefTors (gone before him)hach don't; 
And all his Al>ceftors( that come afierhhn) may : they 
TTijy giue zhz doxen white Luces in theh Cons. 
SbjJ. IcisanoldeCoace. 

Eua/ts. The dozen v;h»te Lowfes doe become on old 
Coicwell : it agrees wcllpairanc: Ittsafaniiliubc*^ to 
Tnan,andrignifie« Louc. 

Shd, TheLufeisthcfrefli fi(li,thtfalt-fifli^ianold 

Slcn, I may quarter (Coz). 
Shil. You may,by marrying. 
£ams. It is marring indeed, ifbe quarter it. 
Shd. Not a whit. 

Euisn, Yes per-iady : if be ha'i a quarter of yottr coat, 
there is but three Skirts for your felfe, in my fimple coo- 
iedtures ; but that is all one : if Sir /oi«/<s/|f4j^ haue 
committed di^aragements vnto yoivlatnof the Cliurch 
and will be glad to do my beneuolence, to make attonc- 
ments and compremifos betweene you. 

Shd. The Councell (hall hcarc it, it is a Riot. 
£«f4K. It IS not meet the Councell hcare a Riot: there 
iino feire of Got in aBiot : The Councell ( looi<e you) 
nialldeHre tohearethefeareof Got.andnot to heare a 
Riot : take your viza-mcnts in thai. 

Shal. Ha } o'my lifc,if I were yong ageine, the fword 
(houldend it. 

EmMs. It IS petier that friends it the fword, and end 
it! and there is alfo another deuice in mypraine, which 
peraduemure prings gootdifcretionswiihit. Tnere is 
AnePagtf which is daughter to MaftetT'&ffwwj Pt^t 
whlchn pretty virginity. 

S/m~ C^iflvit Anai Pagj fCbe^Ms broWDe halre, and 
fpt' es (isall like & woman. 

fuant. It is that fetry perfof for all the orld, as iuft at 
you will defnc , and fcucn hundred pounds of Moofvej 
and Gold, and her Gnnd-lire vpon his deaths- 
bed, (Got deliucr CO a ioyfulljefurre(5tJons)giuc, when 
fhe IS abletooucrtakefeucnteeneycercs old. Jc wciea 
goot mot\onjifwele8ueout pribblcs and prabblcs and 
defirc a marriage betweene Mafter jih-Ahtim,&nd Miltris 
^Mne Puge. 

Slcn, Did her Grand-fire leaue her feauco huodred 

EuffA. I, and her father is make her a petter penny. 

Slin. I know the young GenilcwonMn,lhc has good 

Euan. Seuen hundred pounds , andpofTSiUties, is 
goot gifts. 
Shdl. Wel.ltt vs fee honeft M' Vcge : is falfieffe there? 

£uav. Shall 1 tell you a lye? I doe dcfpife a Iyer, as I 
doedcfpifeonc that js fairc.or as 1 defpilc one that is not 
true : the KnighcSir lafia i; there, and I befecch vou be 
ruled by your wsll-willers: IwillpeattbcdooreforM'. 
Pitge. What, hoa ? Got-pi<:fie yout houfe heere. 

M'.PAge. Who's chere ? 

Euan. Here is go't's plcfTing and your friend, and lu- 
fiice Shallow, inA hecte y ong Mafler SUndtr : that pcraJ- 
uenrures fhall tell you another talc , if matteis grow to 
your likings. 

Af .Page, lam gild to fee your Worfhipswdl j 1 
ihankeyoufor my Vfnifon Mafter5ib(f//flw. 

Shal, Marter Pogf yl am glad to fee you : much good 
doe it your good heart : I wifh'd your Veoifon better, it 
was ill killd : how doth good MiHrcfTe Pagti and I thank 
yon aiwaies with my hcan, la : with my heart. 

M^Page. Sir, I thankc you, 

SinU, Sir,! thankc you; by yea, and no I doc. 

Af.Pa. I am glad to fee you.good MaHer Slatdtr, 

Situ. How do's your fiJiow Greyhound, Sir, 1 heard 
fay he was out-run on ^otfiil. 

M.Pa. It could not bjriudg'd, Sir. 

SUn. You'll notconfcffe s you'll not confelfc. 

Shal, That he will not, 'tisyoutfault.'tii your fault: 

M.Pa. a Cur, Sir. 

Shal. Sit : hec's a good dog.and a faire dog.ean there 
be more faid ? he u good, and faire. is Sir l«i)a Palfiaffs 

M.Pa, Sir, hee is within : andl woiUd I could doe « 
good office be t weene you. 

Euan, lets fpokeas a Chriftians ought to fpeake. 

Shot. He hath wrong'd me (M after /'.v<'.} 

M-Pa. Sir,be do;h in fome fort confcfle it. 

D a Sha/ 


The Merry If^iueioffKmJ/or. 

5W. Ifitbeconfcflcfl.ltUnotrcdrcirf*!; It not chat 
fo ( M J'^fr (• ) he hith wron^'Hmc.inHtcd hchith, at a 
word he hath ; bclccuc me, 'F^eri ShtlUw Efquitc^ith 
lie IS wronged. 

M*.Pd, HciecomeiSir /#^. 

/■«/. Now.Maflu ShMlttm, youll romplainc of tne to 
the King? 

JW. Kni^it, you hiue beaten my men, kilfd try 
derre, and' .okc open my Lodge. 

/V. But not kifk'd your Keepers daughter ? 

SbdI. Tut,apin:ihiilli»ll be anfwet'd. 

F4I. I will aiifwcre it Orait, 1 haue done all thii : 
That ii now an(wet'd. 

i'W, The Councellfball know thij. 

Fs/. 'Twcrc better for you ifit were known in cour>- 
'ell : yooll be laogh'd at. 

£m. P4itf«r<r^4; (Sii Uhn) good wOrti. 

FmI. Good worts? good Cahidge ; SUndtr, I brole 
yoiir head: what maicei haue you againft me.' 

Sten. Marry fir, Ihauematier inmy head againft you, 
and againft your cony-caiching RafcalU, 'BtD-d*lf,Njm^ 
and Piftoll. 

Btr. You BanberyChcefe. 

SUn. 1, it is no matter. 

Piji. How now, MtfheflefhilM * 

Slefi. I, it is no matter. 

Njm, Slice,! dyipjmcM.fiatcd: Slice.thai'i my humor. 

Sien, Whcte'i 5/wjp/e my man ? can you tell, Co fen? 

Ettd, Peace, I pray you : now let v$ tnderRand: there 
is three Vmpircs inthismatttt, asl vodetftand ; that it, 
Maftcr Pn^f (fidclicct H>ftcr Pa^e, ) 8c there it my fclfe, 
(fidclicct my felfc) and the thiee party it ( laftly , and fi- 
nally) mine Hoft oftheGater. 

MdPA. Wc three to hear ii,& end it between them. 

LntH. Ferry goo't , 1 will make a pnefc of 11 in my 
noic-booke,and we wil afterwards oike vpon the caufe, 
with as great difctceily at wc can. 

Ul. PifiaS. 

Pift^ He heare« with eare*. 

EtiM. The Toiill and his Tarn : what phrafc ii thit ? 
he heares with care ? it affcdbtions. 

Ttl. Pi,1oll, did you pickcM. Slfdert porfc ? 

SUn. I,bv thefe gloues did hce, or 1 would I might 
neuer come in mine owne great chamber sgaine eife . of 
feaucn groates inmili-fiapeneej, and lytoEdmsri Sho- 
uelbootds, that coft me two (hilling at»d two pence a 
fctceoiTtAd Miller : by thefeglouct. 

Fal* Itthis true, PiJJoli? 

£«(s.No,tt is falfc, if it is a picVe-purfe. 

/>#J?. Ha.thoumountaine Forrcyner : SnUm, And 
Mafter mine, 1 combat challenge of this Latine Bilboe : 
word of dcniall in thy Un^M here; word of denial: &oth, 
and fcum thou licfl. 

SlcM. By thelc gloues, rhen'r was he. 

Njitt, Be auls'd fir , and pafle good humours .• I will 
fay marry trap with you, if you runnc the nut-booki hu- 
mor on me, that is ilit very note of it. 

SUt. By this hat, then he in the red face had it ; for 
though 1 cannot remember what 1 did when you made 
me drunke,yet I am noi altogether an afle. 
F4I. What fay you Sct(rlet,tn(i /ebn ? 
Bar. Why fir, (for my part) 1 fay the Gentleman had 
drunkc himfclfc out of his fiue fentencct. 
Em. It is his fiue fences : fie,what the ignorance ii. 
B^r. And being fap,fir,w»j(a$ they fay) cafhecrd : and 
fecondufionvp^tbc Car.eirc*. 

5//W. I, yoafptlte h L«tenihent*:btjt'iiitMrrt»(« 
f er ; He nere be d/tar.k whilft I hoe againe.but ir Kooeft, 
ciiiill, godly company for ihntricke: ifl bedfunke,lle 
be dconke with thofe that haue the fear e ol God.and aot 
with drunken knauei. 

Eitan.So Fo*>udf;c me, that it a vertuons rwiode. 

FdJ. yo.:nc*rc all thcfe maiteii deni'd,CctKieme»»; 

ii/^j;r. Nsy daughter, carry the winr in, weelj 
drtnke within. 

SUn. Ohh€auen:ThiiiiMiftre(re>f«.#/*j*. 

Ai^.Pufj How now M iflni F»rd f 

Fid. AiifiritPtrd^y my uoih you wc ?cry ¥re1 OMt ; 
by youi Iraue (ood MiHiii. 

M'.f4^e. Wifr.bidihefrgenUemenwrlcomr com*, 
we haueahot Verufoo party to dinner ; Com* gentle- 
men, I hope we fhall dnnke downe all Tokindocflc . 

SUm. 1 had rather then forty fhJlingi I hadmybookc 
ofSongi and Sonnets heete r HowrM>w5'>m//r, wh^ie 
haue you beene > 1 muft wan on my felfe , moft I f yoo 
haue not thebookeof Riddles about you, haue tou r 

Sim. Booke of Riddles ? why did you not tend it to 
y^//<r5A»r/-<4^^Tpon Alhallowmailafl, afcnoight »- 
foT": Kfichaclmat. 

ShdJ. Come Co2,come Coi.,we ftay for you: a wocd 
with you Coi; marry this, Coi : there i» as'cwereaiCTV 
der,! kinde o/tc-ndet , made a fanc>o6 by Sir Htth hoc . 
doe you ynderfland me? 

5/r». iSir, you fhall Rndc cnereafonablc; ifiibc fo. 
I A>all doe that that is leafon. 

5W. Nay,but vnderftand me. 

Sin. So I doe St. 

Eiuu. Ciueeaie tohii motions ; f M'.5/<»ifr)IwlII 
dcfn-iption the matter to you, if you be capacity of it. 

SUn. Nay,I wiil£*oca$ my Coicn JA4^>» faiea : I 
pray you pardon me, he's alurticeofPeace inhuCcun- 
trie, fimple though J rtand here. 

Eujit. Buithatis not the queAioo : ibeoueflion ia 
concerning your marriage. 

Shd/. I, there's the poincSir. 

Em. Marry is it : the very point of it, lo^i. jiiT^c- 

SUk. Why if it be fo } I will mairy bet »poo any r«»- 
fonable demands. 

£«. But can you affe^ion tbc 'o.mar,lei ts comtnand 
to know that of your mouth, or of your lips ' fo; dlueri 
Philofophers hold,that the lips is pircell of the mouth 
ihcrfcreprrcifcly.c'ayoi! carry your good wtl tof nuid? 

Sh. Cofen yf^■4A*« S/ruUr^nn you loue brr f 

SUn. I hope fir, I will do u it Diall bccon>« od« that 
would doc rfafon. 

€n. Nay,got'i Lords,andhii L»dief,yoaonuftfpcake 
polfitable.if you can cany-hcr your dcAtea towardi ber. 

ShiL That you muft : 
Will ycu. Cvpon good dowry) marry her? 

SUv, fwilidoea greater U»ing then ihae,vp«j your 
rcqueft (Ccfen) in any tcafcn. 

ShdJ. Nay conceits me, ccnceioetneeYfweetG>2): 
what I doe is to pleafure you (Coz ) can you l&ucthe 

S/en. I will«DarTyher(Sir) atyourreqoeft ; bet if 
there bee no great loue in the beginning , jret Hcai»«n 
raaydecrwfe it »pcr better acqctinianee. when we« 
arc married^ and haue more occafvjn to krtow one too- 
ther : lh»pcTpon familiarity will grow more content: 
but if you fay mary-her, I will mary-hcr, tbit 1 *ni freely 
diiTolucd.and diflbiutciy. 

s. ItJ 

The Merry Wiuesofffindfir. 


Eu. It is a fery difcciion-anfwcrc ; f»uc the fall is in 
the'oid.djffolutely : the ort is (according to out mea- 
ning) refolutely : his meaning it good. 

ah. I:lthinkcmyCofcnmeant wc/|. 

SI. I,orelfeI would 1 might be hjng'tJfla.) 

Sh. Hete.conies faire Miftris Anne; would I were 
yong for your fake, Miftri» Anne. 

An. The dinner is on the Table, my Father defires 
your worfhips company. 

Sh. I willwaitonhim,(faireMiftris /f»nr.) 

En. Od's pUrtcd-wihl wil not be abfece at ihegracc. 

An^ Wil't pleafe your worfhip to come m.Sir ? 

St. No,I thank yon fotfooth.hartelyil am very well. 
An. The dinner attends you,Sir. 

SI. lamnota-hungry, Ithankcyou.forfooih: goe 
Sirha.fotall you are my man, goe wait vpon my Cofen 
3"/>4Z/#«/.-8luniceofpeaccfom«time maybe beholding 
to hufriend/oraMan; I keepe but three M«n. and a 
Boyyctjtillmy Mother be dead :but what though, yet 
I hue like a poore Gentleman borne. 

An. I may not goe in without your worfhip : they 
will not fit till you come. 

Si. I faUh.ilc eate nothing : 1 thankc you as much ts 
though I did. 
Ay^. tprayyouSirwalkein. 

SI. Ihadratbcrwalkchcrc(Ithankeyou) I bruiz'd 
myfhinth'other day, with playingat Sword and Dag- 
ger with a Mafler of Fence (three veneys for a difh of 
new'dPrunc$)and by my troth,I cannot abide the fnull 
ofhotmeatc fince. Why doe your dogs barkefo? be 
there Beares ith' Towne .' 

utn. 1 thinke there are,Sir, I heard them talk'd of. 

St. I loue the fport well, but I fhall as foone quarrel! 
3t it) as any man in BngUni : you are afraid if you fee the 
Beare loore,are you not ? 

An. lindcedcSir. 

SI. That's meate and drinketomenow:Ihtuefeenc 
SMtl^erftn loofe, twenty times,and haue taken him by the 
Chaine: but (1 warrant you) the women haue focridc 
and Oirekt at it,th3i it pafl : But women indeede, cannot 
abidc'em , they are very ilUfauour'd rough things. 
ylY4./'4.Come,gentleM..y//»«iifr,come;we flay for you. 

SI. He eate nothing, I thankeyouSir. 
. Ma Pa. By cockeandpie, youQ)allnotchoofe,Sir 

SI. Nay, pray you lead the way. 

AfaPa Come on, Sir. 

St. M\{{u^ Annt yourfclfe fhall goefirft. 

An. Notl Sir, pray you keepe on. 

SI. Truclyl will not goefirft: truely-la ; I will not 
doe you that wrong. 

An. I pray you Sir. 

SI. lie rather be vnmannerly,thcn troublefome: you 
doe your felfe wrong Exeunt. 


Enter EiMns^ nrrdSimfle. 

Eu. Go your waies, and askc of Doctor Ctf/x/houfc, 
which is the way ; and there d wel s one Miftris Quic^ ; 
which i$ in the manner of hi $ Nurfe;ot hit dry-Nurfc;or 
hit Cooke; or his Laundry ; his Wafher,and his Rtnger. 

Si, Well Sir. 

Eu. Nay,it IS pctter yet; giue her this letter j forms 
a'omanthat ahogeathcrsacquaintacewithMifliit Anie 
f»ge\ and the Letter istodefire, and require het tofoli- 
cite your Matters dcfires, to MifJril^nw^/'-ij*. 1 pray 
you be gon : 1 will make an end of my dinner iiher's Pip- 
pins and Cheefe to come. Exeunt, 

Scena Tertia, 

Enter Falflaffe^H«fi.Bardolfe,N'yM,Pifittt,Pdie. 

F/il. Mine Hefi of the Cartrr ^ 

H». What faiesmy Bully Rooke ? fpcake fchoUerly, 
and wifely. 

fat. Ttucly mine Hefi ; I muft turne away fooric of my 

Ho. Difcard,(bully HtTculeiyt{htete\\tt them wagj 

FaI. I (it at ten pounds a weeke. 

Ho. Thou'rt an Emperor (fi/ir, Keiftr and Phedt^r) 
1 willentertaine Sardelft . he I}ialldraw;he (haJltapjfaid 
1 well (bully //fflor?) 

Fa. Doe fo (good mine Hoji. 

Ht. 1 haue fpokt.lei him follow:let me fee thee froth, 
and hue .- 1 am at a word ■ follow. 

Fal. Bardolfe,iQ\\ovi\\\m: a Taffltr is a good trade . 
an old Cloake.makcs a new Jerkin, a withcr'dScruing- 
man, a ftefti Tapflcr : goe, adew. 

"Ba. It is a life that I haue defir'd : I will thriuf. 

P>fi. O bafc hungarian wight.wilt <^ the fpigot wield 

Ni.He was gotten in drink;is not the humor c6ceited? 

Fal, I am glad I am fo acquit of this Tinderbox : Kis 
Thefts were too open . bis filching was like an vnskllfull 
Singer, he kept not time. 

Ut. The good humor is tofteale at a minutes reft. 

Fiji. Conuay : the wife it fall : Stcaie? fob : a fico for 
the phrafe. 

F»l. Well firs, I am almoft out at hceles, 
Vifl. Why then let Kibcj enfue. 

Fat. There 1$ no remedy I muft conicatch,! mufl fhift. 

Pijl, Yong Raueni muft haue foode. 

Fal. Which of you Vnow Ford of this Towne ? 

Pi/l. 1 ken the wight :heijoffubnancegood. 

Fal. My honeft Lads, I will tell you what I am about. 

Pifi. Two yards, and more. 

FaJ. No quips now PificU: (Indeede I am in the wafte 
twoyards about :but I am now about no wafte. I ama- 
bout thrift) btiefely r I doemeaneto make loue to f«-<// 
wife : I fpie entertainment in her : fhee difcourfes : Oice 
carues ; (he giues the lecre of inuitation I can conftrue 
the a^ion of her familier ftile,& the hardeft voice of her 
behauior(to be englifh'd righily)i5, /i//»5/rMn fal/fafs. 

Pifl. He hath fludicd her will;and trandated her will : 
out ofhonefty,into Englifh. 

M. The Anchor 1$ decpe : will that humor parte } 
Fal. Now, the report goes, (hehasall thcruleof her 
husbands Purfe: he hath a legend of Angels. 

Fiji. Asmany diuclsentertainc-andtohet Boy fsy 1. 

A^i.The humor rifcs:it is goodibumor me the angtl j, 
Fal, I haue writ me here a letter to her i & here ano- 
ther to /*(»gw wife, whocuennow gauemee good eyes 
too;examind my parts with moft iudicious illiads:fome> 
times the beame of her view, guilded my footc : foine- 
times my portly belly. 

D I p.ft. 


Tht Merry fViuet ofWindfor. 

Pip, Then did rWe Sun on dung.Kill fVvinc. 

Ni. I tH»nl<cth«» for thii humour. 

fdl. Of)i<<lid io coMtit o'rc my extfriori with fuch 
1 greedy inMrnion,thtt the appetiw a(htr eye, did fenne 
to fcorch me vp like a buining-glifTe .- herc't »r»oibfr 
Ittier toiler. Shebeare* thePorfnoo/ She is a Region 
in 6''i)4»4 : all gold, and bountie: I wili be Cheaters to 
them both , and they fhail be Exchequers to : ch»y 
fhall bcmyliaftand WeY\ lr»dics; and I will trade to 
them both t Goe.bearc ihouchii Letcerto MiOn: Pa^f, 
and thou this to MiAiis /'«'-</■. we will chritic (Lads) we 

Pifl. Shall 1 Sir fantUrm of Tr»7 become, 
And by myfidcwearc Steele? then Lucifer takealL 

Ni. 1 will run no bafe humor: here take the bumOT- 
Lcttcr ; T will keepe the hauior of reputation. 

FM. Hold Sirhi.bcarc you thefe Letters tightly, 
Sailclikc my Pinnaffeto ihefe golden (hores. 
Rpgues,hence,auaunt,vanifh like hoile-ftoncj ; goe, 
Trudge; plod away iih'hoofe : feekc fheltfr,packe 
r<iljl^c will leamc the honor of the age , 
French-thrift, you Rogues, my fclfe, and skirted P'^t- 

Fiji, Let Vultures gripe thy guts, for gourd, and 
Fullam holds:& high and low beguiles the rich& poorc, 
Tefter lie haue in pouch when thou (halt lacke, 
Bafc Thrygian Turke. 

N: 1 haue opperati'ons, 
Whichbe humors of rcucnge. 

Fiji. Wilt thou reuengc? 

W. DyWelkin.and her Star. 

Ptji, Withwi:,orStcelcr 

"K'i. With both the humors, I.' 
I will difcuffe the humour of this Loae \o F»rd. 

Pi/}. And 1 to P0ie{hiU ckc vnfoid 
How r^ijl^aff (var)et vile) 
His Douc will proue: his gold will hold. 
And his foft couch defile. 

Ni. My humour flnall not coole : I wiU incenfe Ford 
todede witbpoyfon -. I will polTciTe him with yztlow-, 
neffe, forihercuoltof mine is dangerous: that is my 
true humour. 

Pifi. Jhoa in the [^art of Maltetmteius: I fecottd 
thee : troopc on, Exeiat, 

Scoena Quarta, 

Eater MiJhu^ttick/j.Simplf, lohn Ha^ly^'DaStr, 

„^«. "Whitfladn Kug6y, I pray thee goe to the Cafe- 
roent andfceifyoucinfeeniy Mafier^ Mafic: Dofier 
Ceskst comming ; if he doe (I'faith) and finde any bcdy 
in the houfc ; here will be an old abusing of Gods pati- 
ence,ind the Kings Englifti, 

£m, lie goe watch. 

^ Goc,and we'll haue a poflet fot't foor.e « night, 
(in faith) at the latter end of a Sea.co2e-fue : An honeft, 
wiUing,kinde fellow,u euet feruant (hall come in boufe 
wjthall : and I warrant you, no tcl-tale, nor no breede« 
bace : his wotR fault is that be is giuen to prayer ; bee is 
fcmsihiagpeeuifh that way : but no body 'but has his 
faak: but let that pafle. PeierSimplf, you fay your 

St. I. Cot f»ijlt oft better. 

^ AndMafleri/mdv^i^otnMaAcr? 

Si. Iforfooth. 

^u. Do'ihe not wrarei grett roitnd Beaid, like a 
Gloueis p»r tno. knife f 

Si. No forfooth : he huh but a little wce-^ACc j with 
alittlc yellow beard : a Cainc colourd Beard. 

Qm. Afoftly^prightedroa.n,i;henot? 

Si. I forfooth t but be it at tall a manorhish£rdt,at 
•ny IS betwccDc this and his head ; he haib fought w.'lS 
a Warret^n. 

^. Ho w fay you • oh J (bould f emcajber him : do't 
he not bold vp h»i hcadi^M it were*)4nd ftrut in bis g*rf? 

Si. Yes lodeede do's he. 

^-. V/cll,heauen fcfid jtum P^c, no worfc fonBOt: 
Tell Mafter Parfon Eii/:fu,\ w»lJ doe what 1 can foryeiit 
Mafter : A^t is a good girle, and I wifh — 

^j*. Out alas .-here comes my Mafter. 

J^. We fhall all be fhent : Run in bere.good young 
man : gee into thu Cloffct : he will not ftayTong .• what 
M/f Rueliy > Ichfi : what /ohi I fay / goe /thft, gee a»- 
quireformyMafler, I doubt he be not well, that h<c 
comes not home : (afd inmt jirt*f>* ^da^itt a.tirc. 

C*. Vatisyoufing: Idoe not like dcs-toyej ; pr*y 
you goe and vetch me in my Cloffet.vnboytecne vcrtl; 
a Box .a grcene-a-Box .- do intend »« 1 fpcakc' a ereeao* 
a-Box. " 

2*;. I forfooth ile fetch it you / 
I am glad hee went not jn himfelfe: Ifhe had found the 
yong mjn he would haue bm home-mad. 

Ca. Fe,fe f*.fe,meifej,,l fuifcr ch^de^ It man VMali 
Ceuri Ugraxi a^airtt. 

Qtt. Is It this Sir? 

C». Otfj mtut It tm mtmfoeift^.ftteh fikklj : 
Vere is d»t knaue Rit^b)} 

^ Whzt lokmRi^^ij John t 
A*. Here Sir. 

Ca. You arc lahnPMglrj, aadyouare UtkfK»gij: 
Coire, takc-a-y our Rapier, and come after my Uek to 
the Court. 

Ru. 'TisreadySir,hereinthePorch. 
Ca. Bymyirot : I tany toolongiod's-foei^tf^M 
«r^.'/>: derc is feme Simples id my Cldfct, dat I viilcot 
.for the varld 1 Oiall leauebehinde. 
Sl».,he'll findc the yong rcaa :hc:e,&: be mad. 
Ca. 07)u:ile,Di^ii ■vitiiinmyCioSu? 
Vilbnie,La-rooDe : R-riy, ray Rapier, 
^tt. Good Mafter be content. 
Ca. Wherefore (haU I be cortent-a? 
^. Theyojigmanuanhor.eftfnan. 
Ca. What fhall dehooeftma-n do in fryQoflet.-dcre 
is DO honeft man da: (ball come in my dofTet, 

^u. Ibefeechyoubenotfo fiegmaticxe: hcsre the 
truth of i^ He came of ao errand to aiec- from Pa:foa 
Ksigh. ^ 

Ca. Veil. 

Si. I forfooth : to defire her to >-> 
^. Peace, I pray you. 

Cc. Peacs-a-your tongue : fpeakc-a-ycur Talc. 
Si. To dc(:rethij hofteflGendewc<nan(your Msid) 
to fpcake a^oed word to Miftiis y*jj»f /'jsj^forroy Ma- 
fter in tbs way of Marriage. 

Qu^ This is ail inGc«k-la:biu lie nercputir.y anger 
ia the fjrc,arJ neede aat, 

paper : t3iiy j'ou 2iit:ea-a-wbilc. 

^ I J 

The Mtny Wittes ofWtndftsr. 


Qui, I am glad b« is fo quiet : if he hsd bin through- 
ly ffloued,you Aiould haue heard him fo loud,snd fo me- 
iancholly : but nocwithfianding man. He doe joe your 
MsftcT what good I can: and the vety yeA,& the no is,^ 
French DoAor my Maftn , (I may call him myMaftcr, 
looke you/oi Ikeepe his houfe ; and 1 waHi/ing, brew, 
bake, fcowEeidrede meat and drtnkc,n3akf (he beds,rind 
doe all my feife.) 

Simf. *Tts • great charge to come Tnder one bodies 

Qid. Are you a-uii*d o'chat? you CKell finde it s great 
charge : and tobc vp <iarly,and down late; but notwith- 
ftanding,(io tell you in your eare, 1 wold haite no words 
of it ) my Maf^er himfelfe is in lous with Mif^ris AnKt 
Vagt ; but notwithHanding that I know Ahi njind,chai'f 
neithei hccre not there. 

Coitu. You, lack "Nape ! giue- a this Letter to Sir 
Htifh, by gar it is a (hallengc : I will cut his troat in dc 
Patkc, and] will teach a fcuruy lack-a-napePriento 
meddle, or make : — you may be gon : it is not good 
you tarry here ; by gar I will cut all his two ftones i by 
gat, he (hall not haue a Hone to throw at his doggc. 

£^. Alas : he fpeakcs but fot his friend. 

CaifM, It is no matict'a ver dat : do nor you ccll-a-me 
dat I (hall haue Amu Ptigt fot my fclfe } by gar , I vi!| 
kill de lack-Pncft : and T haue appomted mtne HoH^f 
dc larteertomecfute oui weapon: by gar, I wil my fclfe 
hiuc dhm Page. 

Qih. Sir, the maid louet you , and all (liall bee well : 
We oiufl glue folket leaue co prate : what the goodlier. 

Cmuu H'igiyy come to the Court with me : oy gar, if 
I baue not Au:k Ptge, I (hall tutne your head out of my 
dore: fellow txsy hcelcs ^Rugir, 

Q&i. You (hall haue jin-ioolet head of your owoe : 
No, 1 know yimj ratnd for that : ncuer a woman in f<W- 
/«rkc3W£smas:eof <4)MtsindethenI doe, nor can doc 
mote thsii I Aix with her,! tha<ike heacjcn. 

Fen:oB. Wlio'a with ia there, hoa ? 

Qtii. Who's there, Ecroa? Cootc neere thehoufc I 
pfsy you. 

i*;s. IfoOT now(good wonitn)how dofl thou i 

^L Thebetccrtha:itpleafe« your good WoHhip 
to ecke* 

f<ia, Wlia!acvtet?bow do'e pretty Mi(Vis ^wnf? 

Qw. In inithair, ar.dflie^ls pretty,83)d hone(t, end 
goiUt- , sod CDC thct lit your frieiul, I can S'.'il you that by 
the vusy. \ puraiiC h2-:ucn for It. 

Ten, Sh&U I <^&&ajr gixxS duglcft theu ^ (}idl loot 

Qm, Trocli Sir, a!IUinhi»hands.aboue; butnot- 
vvithhanilitig(Mai^« f<j»»)Jleb€fworncQn abooks 
£:««!cuesyou : bviX asc ycuz Wor(htp a mn about; 

f«K. Yetonwry haite], what of that? 

QjH, Wei, thereby hangs a tale t good f aith,it is fucli 
f jiothet tlm ; ( but ( I detefi ) an lioneft maid as cuer 
brolie bread : wee had an howrcj Mlfce of that wtre i \ 
(ball neutT laugh but to that maid; company t but (in- 
dead ) dice is giuen too muciv so AUtcholy aod tnuiing : 
but for you •— . wd! — gcs t ot>- • 

Fifls. Well s I fljall fep hit to day : bold, there i mo- 
ney for d<.«» i Let ace base thy voire ia 017 behiife * if 
thcu feeiiher bcfiHcese, comu'W'd n»c — — 

Qui. Willi? Ifaiifethat wee will : And I will tell 
your WoT^Sip tnouc of ih« Wc«^« oew siflK v»« baui 

TfM, Well, fare-well, I am in great ha{^e dov». 

^tt». Fare-well 10 yout WorQiip : truely an honcit 
Gentleman '. but Amu loues hiim not : fot 1 know %yins 
minde as well as another do's < out vpon'i : what haue I 
<«8G'- Exn. Stcunduu SccenaTrima, 

cocn'Jenrc^:2iu! of othei w&oai. 

Emer Mifln, Pigt,{Jl{i/}ru PordtMafier Page, Mafier 
Ford, Piftoll,Nim, QuickIy,H(»(^, Shallow. 

Mtfl Page. What, hau« fcap'd Loue-letters in the 
holly of my beauty , and am I now a {ubie^ 
for thcTtj ? let fne fee ? 

AjI^ "5* "' re/ifam rfhj IleKtyea,faT though Lomtvfe Rea- 
fonfoT hu prtctftdn, bee adjntt/ him not for h$t (^oitnftilom . 
yoii arc MCI foirg, nc more am I: goe tc then ,there'jji'»^athie : 
joM itre merry ^ fo ant J : ha, hoy then there's more fmpMthte : 
joti Uafficke, ardfg do / .■ troKldjoK dtfire ietterfimpaibie ? 
Let itfuffct thee (CMsfira Page J at the ftajt if tkt Lfite of 
SoKldttr canfugice, that I lout thtt : I vftHnci fajfittj mee , 
'tu net a S»itlJter-lil^phrafe ; tut /fai,ieue me : 

'2?7 mt, thoic n»ija true Kntght,l>j d»j or uight ; 

Or cvj \'inde of light, with aHhu might , 

Ftr ihee 1 ofgbt . Ithn Faij}<^e, 

What a Hercdof/ttHe it this ?0 wicked,wicked world : 
One that is welUnye wome to peeces with age 
To (how himfelfle a yong Gallant ? Whatman vnwaied 
Behautour hath this Flcmirh drunkard pickt ^ with 
The Dcuills name) out of my cenuerfation,that he dare* 
in this manner affay me ? why, hee hath npi betne thrice 
In my Company : what (houl8 1 fay to him ? I was then 
Frugal! of my mirth : ( heauen forgiue mee : ) -why lit 
Exhibit a Bill in the Parliament for the putting downe 
of men : how (ball I be rejeng'd on him ? for teuene'd I 
will be ? as fuie as his guts are made of pudding*. 

Af if Ford. Mtfiru Pagt,u\if{ me J was going to your 

Af if. Page. And truft me,I was commiog to you: you 
locke veiyill. 

/><ifjicfrd. Nay, lie oere beleeee thtt ; ) haue to (hew 
to the contrary. 

UHif.Ptvi. 'Faith but you doe in my minde. 

'Mif.F»rZ Well : I doe then : yet I fay , ' ' tiUld fliew 
yoo to the cootrir" : O Miftrii Page, giue mee fotne 

Mif.pMt. What's the matter, woman > 

>ii. FdrA. O women / if it v/erc not for one trifling te- 
fpeii>t i could ro.Tie to I'uch honour. 

THi.Pa^t, Hang the trifie (woman) take the nonour 
what Is it / diCpencc with tridet : what it It ? 

Mi,F»rti. If'i would but gee to hell , for an ecernall 
iflom«hit,or fo : i ceald be knighted. 

<Jiii.P^», V/hetthou liefi ? Sir Alice Ferd > thefe 
Kr.ighti wiii hackt,£nd fothou fliouldft not alter the ar- 
ticle of thy Gentry. 

K^i.FmL Wee DunriK day-light : heere , read ,re«d j 
pcrceiue how 1 night Ixe knighted , 1 Otaii thinkt the 
«/etfeoffaraci), as long as I haue an eye co make diffe- 
rence of iraa»iiV>ng : arKlye: h*re v^ould notTweare .- 



The Men J Wiuti ofWmJfor. 

praifc w)omcftimo<lcrVy: andgiuc fuch oidrrly tod wcU 
ochaucd rrproofe lo tl vncomclincffr, iKat I would hiuc 
iMomchisclifpohiion woulil haue gone to rhf truth of 
hii wordi : but they dot no more adhrrc and kr fp place 
together, thfn the hundred Pfilmt to the tune ofGreerv- 
Occuc* : Whit tempcH (I troa) threw thu Whale,(^ith 
fo many Tuni ofoyte in hn belly) iThoire at Windfor ? 
How (hail I bee teuenged on him > I ihmke the beH w>y 
were, tocntcrtaine him vKiih hope, till the wicked hre 
ofluft haue melted him in hit ownc gtcace : Old you e- 
ucrheare the like' 

Mif.?»^e. Letter for letter ; but that the nameof 
/'o^/and FffrJdiftcri :to thy great tomfoit in thiimy- 
(lery ofill opiniona,hc«re*» the twyn-brother of thy La- 
ter : but let thine inherit firrt , for I proicfl mine neuer 
fliall : 1 warrant he hath a thoufanJ of thcle Lttieri. writ 
with blanckc-fpace for different namei (furemorej: and 
thcfeareofthe fccond edition: hce will print them out 
of doubt : for be cares not whit hec puti into the prcfTe, 
when he would put vttwo : I had rather be a GiantcfTe, 
and lye vnder Mount Pelion- W<\\ ; I will find you twcn- 
tie UfciuiousTurtles ere one chafte man. 

Mif.Ffri, Why thi» is the very fame • the very hand; 
the very words •■ what doth he thmke of vi ' 

7W»/ P'gt. Nay I know not : it makes me almoft rei- 
die to wrangle with mine ownehoneftv : He entertaine 
my felfe like one that 1 am not acquainted withall : fo; 
furevnlefTehce kr.owfomcftrainein mce , that I know 
not my Celfc, hee would neuer haue boordcd me in this 

Mf, Feri. Boording,cjJl you it ^ lie bee fure to keepc 
himaboue decke. 

^M>.P«gt, So will I : if bee come vnd^ my hatches , 
IleneuertoSeaagaine : Let's bee reucng'd on him .-let's 
appoint him a meeting : giue him a fhow of comfort m 
his Suit^and lead him on with a fine baited delay, till bee 
hath pawn'd his hotfes to mine Hofl of the Gartet. 

2W>,for<iNay,I wil confenttoa£t any villany againft 
him,that may not fully the chanoetTe of our honeOy : oh 
thst. my husband ftw this Letter : it v?ould gioe eteinall 
food to his iealoufie. 

Mif.PAgt, Why look where he comei; and my good 
man too : he^s as fane from iealoufic, as I am from gi* 
uing him caufe, and that (I hope) u an vrnnealuiable 6i- 

Mif.Fird. You are the happier woman. 

MifJ'age, Let's confuU together agsinfl this greafit 
Knight : Come hither. 

Ferd. Well : I hope, it be not fo. 

f </?. Hope.'* a curtall>dog io fome affaires : 
Sir /eA* afftflsthy wife, 

F»ri. Why fir, my Wife IS no! ysung, 

P»jf . He wooes both high and low.both rich & poor, 
bo<;h yong and old, one with aooth^r {Tord) he «C'U« the 
Gally-mawfty (Ford) perpend. 

Ffd, Louc my wife > 

Pifi, With liuei, burning hot :preuenc : 
Orgocthou'ikeSir v^flwhe, with '■ 

Ri.ig-wood at thy heeies : O,odious it thenairtc. 

Ford. What name Sir ? 

Pifi. The borne 1 (ty : farewell : 
Take beed.haue cpen eye, for theeoes doe fo«i» by ni^hi. 
Take hee<^ -re fonMner cofixs,or Cuckoo-b^rd* do nig. 
Away fir Corporail Nim 
Belceue »t (P»gf) he fpeaket fence. 

ferd. IwiUbepatieni: IwiUfud out this. 

i^im. Andthij n tiuc :IlJt«Bct thehumor r>fKring: 
hc«hath wronged mee m fome hcrr^ors : I Chould haue 
bcrrnc the humour "d Letter to bo : but 1 haue a fword : 
anditfhallbitifvponnyrKtcffiiit.helouci your wife; 
There'i tin: fhon aikj the long : My f\«rr»e ii CorporaM 
Ntm : 1 fpeik, and I auouch ; 't.» true : f»y name n A'**: 
•nd fslfimfi lout I your wife : adieu,! lo«« not ib« hu- 
mour of bread and cheeft : adiru. 

Psit. Thchumot^rof it(q(ioti,-t^)hetTr'i»fel]cw 
frights Er.glifh out of hi» witi. 

Ford I will fceke out faJft^i. 

P^t. IneiieTheardfuehadrawLng-tiFeaine ro£tM 

F»rd. If Idoefindtitrwell. ' * 

P^-tt. Iwi;inctbelteuefu<haC^^#«, though the 
Prteft o' commended hire for a true man. 

Ffd. Twasagoodfenf.blefti]ov»:»ell 

P*l'. How now c^^? 

Mift. P,»t. V/hether goeyou(Ce#r^rf)harke yoa. 

Miffrrd. How now(fweci /r*i^;why an ihcu me- 
lancholy f 

Ftrd I melancholy 7 1 am rwt rneUnrholy i 
Get you home : goe. 

7^,f.F*rd. Failh.ihou haft fomecTocbetstfi thy head, 
Now: will you goe Mi^rii PAti} 

Mif.P*gt. Haut with you you'fl con^ to dinrer 
Qtcrgt i Looke who comes yonder • fhce (hall bee our 
Meflcngertoihis paltne Knight. 

LM^.F»rd. Truftme.I thought on her: (hee'ji fit it. 

Mif.P^^t. You ue come to lee my daogbtet yfw»^? 

Smi. Itotfooth : and ] pray how do's good MtftxcfTc 

MifJ'sgt. Go in with ts and fee: we haue an bcures 
talke with you. 

Pagt. How now M after Ford? 

Far. You heard wh>t this knaue told me,did you not? 

P»gf. Ycs.and you heard what the other told roe f 

Ftrd. Doc you thinke there is truth m ihem } 

T-jf. Hing emflaues : I doe not thmke theKmght 
would offerit : But thefe that acciifc him in hisinteftt 
towards our wiues, are a yoake of his difcardcd n>en: »e. 
ry rogues, now they be out of ferujce, 

F»rd, Were they his men? 

P»lt. Marry were they. 

Ftrd. I like it neuer the beter for that , 
Do't hs lye at :hc Garter? 

P^e. I marry do's he : if hee fhould intend this voy- 
age towsrd my wife, I would tume her Icofetohim; 
sod what hee gets more of her, then Aiarpe words, let it 
lye on my head. 

Tard. I doenct mifdoubtmy wife : botl w«>ttldb« 
loeth to tume them together : a maa rmy be too confi- 
dent : I would haue nothing lye on ny head : 1 camot 

P^t. Looke where my nnung-Hoftofthe Garief 
comes : tbsrt is ey thcr liquor in his pste, or moir/ io hit 
purfc , when hee lookei fo meni^y : How zxrn mine 

H»fi. How DOW BulIy.Rooke : ibou'n a Gentleoian 
Caueleiro Iu(hce, I fay 

Shsl. I follow, (mme Hoft) 1 follov* . Good-eueti , 
and twenty (good Mafter f tf^f.) MafterJi^f.wil you go 
with ft ? we haue fport in hincL 

Hifl. Tell him Cauekiro-IuAicc : t«ll him BuUy- 

ShaB. Sir, there is a firay to be fought , betweene Sir 
H«gi the Wekb Pricft,andC4M« the French Doaor. 

Ffrd. Good 

The Merry Wittei ofWiitdfor, 


fori Good BiineHcfl o'th Gstcei: a word with you. 

Jtefi. What faift thou, my Bd!y-Ro<i»ke ? 

Sbtd. Will you goc with vs to behold u? My mttiy 
Hoftheth had the mcafuring of their weapons ; »nd (I 
thinke) hath appointed them contrary place* : for ( bc- 
le«ue me« ) I heare the Psrfon it no Icfter : hkrke, 1 w i!l 
tell you what oor fport ftiall be. 

Htfi. Hift cbou oo fuii againfl my Knightfmy gB^ft- 
Caualeire ? 

5h4d. Non<, I proteft : but He gjue you • oottle of 
bum'd facke , to giuc me recourfe to hioi , ana ull him 
my name it 'hrmnt : onely for a left. 

«.y?. My hand, fBully ; ) thou (Vialt haue egrcffe and 
regreffe, (faid I well?) and thy name fliall be 'Brocmt. It 
is s merry Knight : will you goc An-hcirei ? 

Sbat. Haue with you mine Ho(i 

fagt. 1 haue heard the Frcncb-man hath g<»d tkill 
in hit Rapiet. 

Shal. Tut fir : 1 could haue told you more : In thefe 
timesyou ftandon diftance: your P»fl"es,Sioc«:ado't,and 
I know not what : 'tit the heart ( Mafter Pagi)'^i\ heerc, 
•lithccre : 1 haut feene thctitDe.wi:hmy long-fword, I 
would haue made you fowre tall fcUowey tkippelUus 

Hffi. Heereboyet,heere,becre:(hallwewag? 

Ptri. Haue with you t Ihadiaihahearethcoifcold, 
then fight. 

ftrZ Though f rf^e be a fecure foolf , and (hndt fo 
firmely on hit wiuet frailty ; yet, | cannot put^^fftiiy o- 
pinion fo eafily : (he was in his company at Pages houfe : 
and what they made thae.l know not. Well, 1 wil looke 
further into't, and 1 haue a difguife, to found Falfta^e \ if 
I finde her honefl, 1 loofe not my labor : if Oie be other. 
wife, 'tit labout well beftowed. Ixtiaa. 

Scmta Secunda, 

£M«r Falftatfe, Plftoll, Robin, Quickly, Battiolffe, 

Fai. I will not lend thee a penny. 

Ptjt. Why then the world'i iwneOyfter, wUdil, 
with fword«vill opet). 

Fai. Not* peony 1 1 haue beenecor)tent(Sir,) you 
Qiould lay my countenance to pawne : I Kane grated jp. 
on my good friends for three Repreeues for vou , •nt' 
your Coach'fellow i^imiOT elfe you had look'o through 
the grate, likeaGemin^'ofEaboone) : latndzmn'din 
hiill,forfv/eatingtoGeficl(snenTByfr!endt, you were 
good Souldiers, and talUfiellowei. And when Mi^reffe 
Bri^tt loft the handle of her Fan, I took't vpoD mine bo* 
nout thou had{> it noL 

fif. Didft not thou Siare ? had(^ thou not nfteene 

FaL Realon^you roague,rearon i thlnkft thou lie en- 
danger my foule,fr«tiir ? at a word, hang do mere about 
mee , I am no giboet for you : gee, a (hoR knife, and a 
throng, to your Mannor olPiett-itatth ; goe. you'll noc 
beare a Letter fur mee y ou roa gue ? y ou fHnd vpon your 
honor : why, fthou vnconfinsble bafeccflc) it is as much 
as I can doe to keepe the termes cf my hooonor preeife ; 
I , I, I my felfe fotnctinies, leaulng cite feare cf bsaucn on 

th« lefi handy and hiding mine honor ino:y necdTuy^am 
bioe to {hufHle : to hedge, isnd to lurch, zodyet, yoa 
Rogue, will «>>fconce yetir »ggs; yourCst-a-MowK 
t»>ne-looke3, your red-lsttice phrafes , andyoor bcld» 
bc8ung.oathes, rnder the (belter of yoos booor / jou 
will not doe it ? you ? 

Pifi. 1 doe rctent : whet would tliou o»rr ofman .' 
I{ettn Sir,bere'« a woman would fpcakewiihyoa« 
Fit/. Let her anproach. 
^w.Giue your worfhip good moircvtb 
Fal, Good-morrow, good-wife. 
Qui. Not fo and'c pime youi worfiitp. 
fai. Good tnaid ihctu 
Q^. He be I'worne, 
As my mother was the Arfl houre I wat borne. 
Ftf/. ! doe beleeue the fwearet ; what with me ? 
^m. Shall I «ouch-fafc your woiihip a word , or 

Fai. Two thoufand (faire woman) and He youchfafe 
thee I'lie bearing. 

Qmi. Tb€reUoneMitlrc(reF«^(Sir)Ipr3ycomea 
little neeret this waies : I aij feUe dwell vTith hlDodot 

fuL Well, or; MiHteiTe r«ri,you fay. 
QiU. Youi woifhip faiei very true : 1 pray yoiu wor- 
(bip come a little nceicr thii waics. 

F«/. 1 warrant thee , oo-bodie beam : taine owoc 
peopIe,mine ownc people. 

Qm, Are (bey :o ? ht^aium-blefiie them , and toake 
thernKis Sertjants. 

Pd, WelljMiiftreffefflni,wbatofber? 
^w. Why.Sir ; Ihee't a good-creature; Lord^ord, 
your Wor(hip*s a wanton : well : beaaen forg:uc yos , 

and all of ▼», I pray . 

F»i. Miftteffe Fnd -. come. Miftrefle Ford. 
Qui. Manyihi»>t ibcft)ort,andihclonporit : yoa 
haosbrought her into fuch a Canaries , as 'os wonder- 
full : the b«ll Covtttet of ihenn all ( when the Coun Uy 
at (fmJfer) could neoer haue brought her to fu<b a Co- 
narie : yet there ha* beene Knights,and Lordt,and Gifrv 
tiemen, with their Coaches ; I wa/ranc yoo Coach afwr 
Coach,lcttcT after Lttter,gifc after 3itt,0tieiJmgiof*'eet« 
ly ( all M uske, &cd fo riubling, i w&irtvnt you, in filke 
and eolde, ind in fueh alli^art tenr<£i, andja fuch vim 
andlugerof ihebeft, and tbc fairiii , thai would hiuc 
wtauie iwiy womans heart: and I warrant ycu,ch?y cchjI i 
neuer get en eye-winke of her ; i hud myftlfetweniie 
Aogeit giuen me this morning, but I defie all AngeU(in 
any fuch (cct, M they fay) but in the way of honc^ .-and 
I warrant yeu, they could ncuc: get her fo much ai fippe 
on a cup with the prowdeA of them all, and yet there has 
beene Earlet: nay, (which it more jPentictoerst bw T 
warrant you all it onrc with her. 

Fal. But Mhst faiet (bee to mee ? be britfe oiy good 

Qm, Marry, (he hsthrecelu'd your Letter •• for the 
which (be thanke* you a thouf&r.d times t aod {he gtuet 
you to notifie, th^t her husband will beabfeace bom bi« 
boufe,betweeiic ten and eleuen. 
Fd. Ten, and eleuen. 

Qui. I.forfooth : and then you m&ycofne and fee the 
picture (<he faye9)th»t you wo? oft Maftt-t Fcrd her huf« 
band will be from home: alas, the fweet womao leades 
an ill life with him ; hee's a very iealoufie-ttiAn; (t\e leads 
a very frampold life with him, ^good harr.) 
Pal. Tett, andeleueru 



The Merry iVmi offVmdfor. 


Womin, commend mc to l»<f, 1 v»illnot f»ile h<r. 

Qjtu Why, you Uy well : But 1 t.JiJC inotha mcffcn- 
ger lo your worOiip ; MiOrefTc /'«#» huh her bewtie 
commrniljcioni CO you (o : »njler rncc («11 you in your 
c«rt,fhcc'i»i fittuouj iciuill modcftwifc, m.-lorvc (I 
tell you) thit will not mifTc you motrt:ig nor cuniiog 
prayer, 3f jny is mtymdfvr^ who ere bee the other : »»ifl 
Oitrcbidt rT»c tell your wcrftiip,thit her huibtnd ii fcl- 
dome from iiomc, but fiie hopej there will come ■ tirr^e. 
I neuer knew a wom*nfr>do»te vponaman ; (orctv I 
thinkeyou hauccharmi-t,)*: yes m truth. 
• Fal. Not 1,1 adurcthcc; feitingtheiitriflionof 
good part* afidc, I hiuc no other charmcj. 
^^'. BlcfTing on your heart foi'i 

Fal, Kui I pr jy thee tell me thii : hii Ftreu wife, and 
P*g<! wife s^quaiiitcd each other, hov.i they loue me ' 

^im. That were a icft indeed : they haue not fo little 
grace I hopc.thatwerea tricke indeed • ButMirtris /"^jf* 
would defire you to fend her your little Page otal loues: 
her husband has a maruellous inre(5lio to the little Page : 
and truely Maflet P^gr n an hone fl man . neuer a wife in 
>f'»»<//»rl«ad<s abetter life then f>iedo's: doe what fhee 
will, fay •v»hat Ct\e will, take all, pay all, goe to bed when 
flic lift, rife \\hen fhc liO, all is as fhe will : and truly fhc 
deferues it ;for if there be akindc woman in/*V»<^ffr,Oie 
is one : you muft fend her your Page, no lemedie 

Fat. Why, I will 

Q». Nay, but doe fo then and looVe you.ficcmay 
come- and goe bctweene you both : and in any cafe hauc 
anay.v.'ord, that yon may know one anothers mmde , 
and theSoy ncucrnecde to vndcrrtand any thing ; for 
'tis not good that children fhould know any wiekednci: 
olde folkes you know, haue difcretion, u they fay , and 
know the world. 

To!. Fareihec-wcli , ctsmmend mc: to them both : 
there's my purfe, l3mjrec:ihy debter • Boy.goealoog 
with this woman, this newcs diftra^s me 

Ptjt. This Poncfcc ts one of Cnyidt Omen, 
Qap en tncf c f.jtic5,purlL'c : vp with ycur figh;s : 
Giue fire : fiie is wy ptire, or Ocean whclmc them all. 

Fal. Saiftthou fo(oid /«^<f}gothy wsies: Ilcmake 
moreofchy oidc body then J haue done : will they yci 
looke after iS ce .* wilt thou after the cxpence of fo mucb 
money ,be now a gsiner ? good 3ody, 1 thankc thee : let 
chem fay 'tis grofl'ely done , fo it bee fairelydone. no 

'Bay. Sir /*&»,ihere'5 one Mafter ^rosoiv below would 
fame fpcske wtth you.ind be acquainted vruh you ; and 
hath ferrryour worfnip a rooroff!^ draught of S icke. 

Fd. Br9eiK4 li h»s oame / 

Bar. I Sir. 

FJ, Call him in : fuch Hreuvics are welcome to mee , 
that ore'fiowcsfuch liquor: ah ha,Miftrtfrcftr^ and Mi- 
ftrefie Faot, hsue 1 encompafs'd y ©u ? goe to, vut. 

Fi'i- 'Eleffeycuru. 

Ftd. And you fir would you fpeake with me/ 

Fori. I make bold, to preffe, witb fo little prepara- 
tion vpon you. 

Fd. You't welcome, what's your will ? giue vs Icaue 

Fori. Sir , 1 am a Gentleman that haue (pent m»ch , 
my name is Broome. 

Fal. Good MiflCT 5n»w»r,I dcfitc more acquaintance 
of you, 

Fari. Good Sir/eiw, I fje for yours not lo charge 
you, for I muft letyou vnderftand, 1 thinkemy felft in 

beiirr plight for a L«^drT,f Ser) y »« are ; the which twh 
fomethingemboldr.ed mt lo thia vpfcafc/u'd tnuvOor 
foriWyfay, li UMynry go< b«foie , aU wato doe lye 

l*L Mooeyiiagoo<^Soold>CT(Sir;ard*.iIloo, 

ftrd. Troth, ard I h»ue»ba|of rt>orcy»«f?c troo- 
bl«ime:ifyouwillhelpetobe»reit(Su/X») take all, 
or halfe, foe tafmg rrt* ofihe cirntpc. 

f^l S;r, I koowiK*: hc/wl may defnuc tobeeycpi 

Ftrd. 1 frii'l tell yo*i fir , if you wiil ^ti'e mee the hea. 

fd. Speake(g<x>d)ii«flera/-«»w.}IfbtU bcgladto 

Ftri. s,i,l heart you are a SthcUcr / f I will be bt lefr 
with you) and you haue been a tnan lorg Itrvovrrr to a»e, 
though! had neuer fo gocl means as dcfire, to make ir.y 
felfc acquainted with yoc. ] fhaJl d.fcouei aicmg to 
you, wherein J muft very much lay open mine owneir?.- 
pcrfeftion : but (good Sir Idtn) a* you haue otK eye »p- 
on my follies, at you heare theni vntold'.d.torne 
into ih.cRegifter of your owne, that Iniay pafTe wtth a 
reproofe thceafier, fith you your fclie know how caisctc 
IS to be fuch tn ofTcndet . 

Fd. Very vteiljir, proceed. 

Frri. There n aGitHlcwofja.ninLhis To *-? . hrr 
husbands name \%Fordi, 

fd. WeUSir 

FotL 1 haue long iou'd her, and I ptotctt to you, be- 
llowed much on her r followed her with a doaiingob- 
fauance: Ingiofi'd opportunities to nvrre her ; feed e- 
uery flight occafion that could but nigaidJy gwae mee 
fight of her : not only bought many prelents to gii.e her, 
but haue giuen largely to many, lo know what fnee 
would haue giuen : briefly , 1 haue purfu'd her, ms Loue 
hjthpurfucd mee, which ha:hb«cnecn the wirgofaJl 
occahons : but whatfocua' I hai>e mernrd, either in nry 
minde, or rn my meanes.meede lam fure I haue rccriued 
tvsce, vnleffe Espcncnce be a Jewell, ihatl haue purcha- 
fedjt an infinite taie, and that hath taughtmcc tofay 

" Lent liit tP}*dt9 jLtlyZrht* fuhftttnri LoBtytnfi/ti^ 

*' Pttr[tuugtbia th/ufl4ej^4Uidji)fa£ whM^jjei 

Fd. Hsueyocreceru'dnoproniifc of fads faiS torn 
her hands ? 

/"cri. Neuer 

Fd. Hsce you importiai'd ha to focb a purpoie » 

Ffrd. N^utr 

Fd, Of what quahtie was your loue then? 

Ftrd. Like a fair boufc bult ort another mans groiuid, 
fo that I haue loft my edif.ce , by miflaking the place, 

Fd. To what p jrpofc haueyou rofolded this to nw^ 

Fir. When 1 haue told you that,I haue told yo<j all: 
Some fay,that though fnc appcirc horcfttotnee.yet ir» 
other places fhee enlargeth her mirth fo farrc, th^a: there 
ijfnrewdconftru<SioninadcofheT. Nov, (Sa /eAwyhere 
u the heart of my p urpofe : yoa are a gemlcman of ex- 
cellent breeding, admirable djfcourfe, of great admit, 
tancc, authcntickexn your place and peri'on, generally 
allow d for your tnaoywaj,like,c6un-like, andkdrtied 

Fd. OStr. 

F«rd. Beleeueit, fcryouknowit .- there ii money, 
fpendit, fptrwlic, fpcndmore ; fpendalllhaue.onely 


The Merty Wines of IV'mdfor, 


r'.ijs ms To inuch of your time in enchange ot !t» as to lay 
linamiablefjcgetoibehoneftyof ihjjf*?'<ir wife : vfe 
ycuxActofwootngiwioheccoconfcQCtoyou : if any 
man inayvyou may as foone as any. 

Tnl, Would it apply wcJi to the Tchemcncy of your 
affc^on that i fiiould win whit you would r nioy ? Mc- 
ihinlcei you prcfcribe to your fcltc very prq>of!crou{ly. 

Tari> O.vndcrSand my drift : (he dwells fo fccurely 
en the excelkticy oflicr honor, that the folly of my foiile 
&ixt% not prefcnt it fclfe : (hee is too bright to be look'd 
tJgainft. Now, could I come to her with any dctedtiorr 
isi my band ; my dcfires had inftancc and argument to 
commend thcmfciues , I could driuc her then from the 
ward of her purity, her reputation, her marriage-vow, 
4n<!«thoufand other her defences, which now arc too* 
roo flrcngly embattaild againlt mc : what fay you too't. 
Sit hhn ? 

frf/. Mafler^y^wwe, I will firft male bold with your 
money: next, giucmec your hand : and laft,a$lama 
gcndein3n,you (hall, if you will^enioy lerdt wife 

FerA. O good Sir. 

r«/. I fay you Ihall. 

Farii. Want no money (Sir /ohn)yo\i (hall want none. 

Fal, Want no Mifirtfe Ftrd(M.i({ct Bro«mf)yo\i fhall 
want none : I dial! be with her (I may tell you) by her 
owne appointment, euen as you came in to me , her affi- 
QtinifCt goc-betweene,partcd from mc : I fay I fliall be 
with her betweenc ten and c! euen : forat that time the 
iealious-tafcally-knjue her husband will be forth : come 
you to mc at night,yoo (hall know how I fpecd. 

F<r<f. I am bleH in your acquaintance : do you know 

Fa!. Hang him (pooteCuckoldlyknaue) 1 know 
h'lm not :yc:i wrong him to call him poore : They fay 
the iealouswittolly-knauc hath nialTcs of money, for 
the which hi« wife feemes to mcwcll-fauourd : Iwsll vfe 
hct as the key of the Cuckoldly-rogues Coffer, & thcr't 

Fffrd. I would you knew fori, fir, that you might a- 
uoid him,if you faw him. 

Fai. Hanghim.niechanicall-falt-hotter rogue; Iwil 
P.arehimootofhis wits : Iwili awe-him withmycud- 
gell : it (hall hang like aMcteor ore the Cuck olds horns: 
iilafierSroewf.ibou (halt know, 1 will predominate o- 
tier the pezant, and choii H^alt lye with his wife. Come 
lomefooneat night ; F<»></'saknauc, and Iwili aggra- 
uate his ih(c : thou (MafVc: Brootne ) (hale know him for 
knaue, and Cuckold. Comctopiefoonc ai night. 

ForL What adamn'dtpicurian-Rafcallisthis? my 
heart is ready to crackc with impatience: who faicstbis 
jsimprouidentiealoufie^my wifehathfeni to him , the 
howreis fiict, the maichii made : would any oganhauc 
thoughtthi* ?{e< the hell ofhauing a falfe woman : my 
bed (hall be abus'd, my Cofferi ranfack'd, my reputati- 
on gnawne at,and I (hall not onely receiue thi? vtllanous 
wrong, but (^and vnder the adoption of abhominablc 
tcrmes, and by him that docs mee this wrong : Termes, 
names : Aminmon founds well : Lucifer, vi<\[ :'Sari>4f<m, 
well : yet they are DiueU additions,the names of fiends: 
Bui Cuckold, Wittoll. Cuckold ? the Diuellhimfelfe 
hath not fuch a name. Pti^t is an AlTe, a fccure Affe ; hee 
will tru(t his wife, hee will not be iealous : 1 will rather 
tTu(^ a f/i?WMg^wUh my butter , Parfon H»gl> t\ieff^eJJh- 
»4« wiihmy Cheefe,an /ry?»-i»M*withmy Aqua-vitx- 
botrlejOrsTheefeto walke my ambling gelding, then 
my wife with her felfe. Then (he plots, then (hee tumi- 

uates, then (hee dcuifes : and what they thinke in their 
hcarii th«y may effeift ; they will breake their hearts but 
they will c£RpiS. Hcauen bee praia'd for my ie&loufie : 
eleueno'clockeihe howre, Iwillpreuenttbit, dete£l 
my wife, bee reueng'd on Faljfitfe. and laugh ac Ptgt. I 
will about it, better three houres too fooiac , then a my- 
nutc too late : fie, fie, fie : Cuckold. Cuckold, Cuckold . 


Seems Tertia, 

Enter Caittr, Rugl>j, Page^ Shalhw, Stendtr^ Hofi. 
Cmta. Jack( Kftgij. 
Rtt£. Sir. 

Caim. Vuitthe clocVe, laclr^ 
Rieg, '1 ii paft the howrc(Sir)that Sir Hngh promis'd 
to meet. 

Cat. By gar, he has faue hit foule.dat he is no>come: 
hee has pray his Pible well, dii he is no-come : by gar 
{Jrid^Rugbj) he i$ dead already, if he be come. 

Rttg. Hee ii wife Sit ; hee knew yout worfliip would 
kill him if he came. 

Citi. fiygar, de herring is no dead, foaslvili kill 
him : lakeyour Rapier, (Uske) I vill tell you how 1 ?iU 
kill him. 

Rug. Alas fir, I cannot fence. 
Cai. ViIUn;e,take your Rapier, 
R>tg. Forbeare: beet's company, 
Hofi. 'Ble(rethce,bully-Doaor. 
ShdJ, 'Saue you M', Doaot C»im. 
Page. Now,goodM'.Do<ftorJ 
S!.n, 'Giue you good-morrow, fir. 
Ctha, Vat be all you onc,tvro,tree,fowrc,comc (oii 
Hofi, To fee thee (ight,to fee ihec foigne,to fee thee 
trauerff, to fee thee hecre, to fee thee there, to fee tbec 
pafle thy pimclo, thy (tock.thy reuerfe.thy di(}ance, thy 
manisntjs he di:ad,my Ethiopian Ms he dead, my Fran* 
cifco ? haBulJy? what faies my EfcuUfiw ? my Calicn}my 
heart of Elilet ? ha ? is he dead bully-Stale? is he dead ? 

^ai. By gar,l)t is de Coward-Iack-PrieH of de vorld: 
he It not (now iiis face, 

Jflep. Thou art a Caftalion king-Vrinall i Helper of 
C7r<vf^(my Boy^ 

C<u. I pray you bcarc witnc(re. that mehauc f\iy, 
fixe or feuen. two trerfhowrcs for him. and hee is no- 

Sh^. He ii the wifcr man (M.Do£lo)rhe is a curer of 
foij!es,andyoua curer of bodies: Ityou fhouid fighi,you 
gocaga!nft,ihehaitcofyourprofe(rion$:»s it not true, 

Page. }Ail\ct ShMllfi* ; you haue your fclfe beene a 
gte2tfighter,thoi'ghnowaman of peace. 

SW. Body-kins M. Prf^r, thoughInowbeold,and 
of the peace ; it I fee a fword out, my finger itches to 
make one .• though wee are luf^ices, and Doflors , and 
Churchymen (M.Tagt) wee haue fome fait ofoui youth 
in »s, we ate the fons of wopien (M./'^rg*.) 
Page. 'Tis true, M'. Sballttv, 

Sbdt. It wil be found (o,{U.Page') M.Do£lof Caius, 
I am come to fetch you home : I am fworn of the peace: 
you haue (how'd your felfe a wife Phyfician, and Sir 
^«gA hath (howne himfclfe a wife and patient Church- 
man : you muft goc with me, M.Dodtor. 

Htfi. Par- 


The Mfrrj iViMi ofWmifvr. 

Htft. Pardon , Gocn-Iuf\tcet a Mounfrur Mockc- 

Cdi, Moclt-Titrr ? Vit it dti } 

Hfft. Mock-wKtr, incui Englifh tongu«, ii V»1out 

CiU. Byg»r,ihcnlh«nei« much MocV-vat«ru At 
Englithman i fcuruy-Uck^og.PrWA : by Eir.mec vill 
cut hitearci. 

H»(l. He will Gipper-clivw thee tightly(Bully.) 

Cm. QippcT-de-cliw ?T»t lidit? 

//oA That ii, he vvill make thcc amendt. 

C*L By-gar, me doc looke htt (hall clapper-de^lav* 
me, for by-gar, me vill heue it. 

Hiji. And I will prouoke him t*'t, or let him wag. 

Ca, Mctanckyoufor dar. 

Hfji. And ffloreouer , (Bully ) but firO , M'.Ghoefl, 
and M. P^g*, & eeke Caiuleuo S^tadtr, goe you through 
the Towne to Frogmvri. 

Pa^t. Sit Wijf* is there, b he ? 

Hofi. He i» there, fee v»hat humor he U In : and I will 
bring the Doftor about by the Fieldi i will ji doe well > 

5W. WewiUdoeic 

olH Adieu, good M. OoAor. 

Cai. By-gar, me vill kill de Pneft, for he fpeake for a 
lack-ari-Apc to AnmP^gt, 

hoji. Let him die: (heath thy impatience : thrtrw cold 
water on thy Choiler : goc about the fielda <Mith mee 
through Ptofmere^ I will bring thee where Miftrii ^mr 
P^igtls, at e rarm-houfe < Feaf^ing: and thou (hait wooe 
he r tCride«ga{Be, faid I well ? 

Cm. By-gar,ineedanciceyouTordat:byg«rI loue 
you : and I (hall procure 'a you de goodGuen : de Eaiie, 
dc Knight, de Lords, deGentleOTcn,my patieatu 

Vffi. For the which, I will be ihy aducr^ary toward 
jin»e Pagt : faid I well ? 

Cai, By-gar,'tif good : veil (ai<L 

Hoji. Let v« wag then. 

Cak Coa«atinyheele«/«!*^.^*j*y. 


JBusTertsus, ScomaTrima, 

Enter Emdnt ,Sij»fU , Pa^e, Shdllow, SUn4tr, Mtfi, Ctim, 

EoMs, I pray yon now, good Ma Iter Slendert feruing. 
man,sndft!end5«»^i° by your name; which way haue 
you look'd for Maftet Cmm , that calls himfdfe Do^or 
of Phificke. 

Sim. Marry Sir, thepittic-ward, the Parke-ward : 
eueryway; olde Wjw^ way , and euery way but the 

EMaa. jmoft fchemendy defire yoo, yoo will alfo 
looke that wsy. 

Sim. iWiWGt, 

Ettm. 'Pleffemy foaIe:l>owruilofGv>norjIai»,and 
ticrapling of mjode : 1 (hall be glad if he haue deccioed 
ine : how mclaocholies I am ? I will kno^ his Vrinilis t- 
boulhis knaues eoIhrd,wheo I haue good oportuniue* 
fbTtheorke:'Plefiemy fouk : TofhcSanRaitrt temh^fi 
fitMt : mtladiom Birds fiigi M/uUigalb: ThtrcwiSweiBi^ 
gm- Ptis of 'Kofa : atfdath^ifaidfragrart p*/tes. To [hul- 
lem i "Mercie oo mes,I haue a great difpofitions to cry. 

tii»m : ^d^tk^m^vgrmmPtf^i. Tt/l,Mt^,(^t. 

•?«■•. Yoodcrhencomming, ihii v»»7,«ir /iv/A. 

Ejum. He«'i wclcotpt : r«.1*Ir» Xmrr!, /, wt^ftf^j, ., 
Heauen pTofpeTihe n^ : what weapon ii Kt ) 

Srm. Noweapont.Sir-.tkeracofaetmyMancT.M'. 
Sh^Otw, and another GcoUcmao j froa frtgrnt^n , oner 
ti>enile, thii way. 

fm^. P.'ayyougioeiDetttiypown«,orelfckeep«it 

m your arms*. 

Sk,L H ow no wMaflo Pa rfon? good morrow -ood 
Sir r/mih : keepe aGamcrtet from the dice, wjd a good 
Studicnt from ha bo«ke, and it n wondcrfulL 
S/en. Ah fweet Amu P^t. 
P*gt. "Saue you, good Sir rtiy*. 
Em*m. "Plefie you from hi» mtrcy-<ake,tll »f yo«i. 
5W. What ? the Sword^nd the Word* 
Doe you ftudy them both.M'.Pirfon? 

Ptg*. Aod youihfiill ftjU, in your (loobletsod hofe, 
thtj raw-rumatickeday^ 

Smam. There is rcafonj, and caafea fi)r/l« 
P*gt. WeueecmeioyoH^todoeagoodoficc.M'. 

£jM«. Fery-weD : what \\ It? 
f*g*- Yonder i» a moft reuerrrid Geotleman ; who 
(Tje-like)haumgreceiu<d wrong by fofpe perfon , ii at 
mo(i odds with hu owoe grauty and pii.encc,that cucr 
yoti faw. 

SM. Ihavelioedfoore-fcoreyeeret, arvd rpwtrdil 
Deuer heard a man of his piace.grauityi and Icamio^ fo 
wide ofhis owne refped. 
£Ma. What is he ^ 

P'g*. Iihinkcyo«iknowhra3:Mr.DodorC«n« the 
renowned French Phyfician. 

fiMir. Got**-will,andhispafl*ionofroy bean : I had 
as lief you would tell toe of a cat^t ofpotrcdge. 
P*gt. Why? 

£au3i. He has no more knowledge ia Al>i«cr«r/ and 
CtltM, and bee h a knaue befides : a cowardly knaue , as 
you would de(ires to be acquaiuted witha'.l. 

Pdgt. I warrant ytra^ee's the man (hould fight with 

SUn. Ofvtcn Amu Psgt, 

SImI. It appeares fo by his weapons .■ kee^ them a- 
(under: here comes DoAor riiicr. 

F«g*. Nay good M'. Parfoo, keepe in yootweapoti. 
Shdl. Sodocyou, goodM'.Do^or. 
Htfi. Di(ani>c ibcm, and let ihno queAico : In (her) 
keepe their limbs wbolc.and hack out cnglifh. 

Cti. I pray yoo let.a>tnee fpeake a word with your 
eare ; vherefore viU you tx>i m;et>a me ? 

€iun. Prayycn vfe your patience in good time. 
Ca. By-gar,you are de Coward : de lack dog : lehn 

Am*. Pray you let vt not belaughing-ftorks to other 
menshutnors : I defire yoain fnendfhip, and I wiJloiM 
way or other mikeyos axoejuL: I will knog your Vritul 
about yotir koaaes Cogs*combe . 

Cat'. 7>uiHt : /aei( Ragt/ : Tmns. ffefl de lartttr: haae I 
not (hy for hiin, to kluh'tm / baue I oot at deplacel did 
^po'mt } 

Eitsn. AsIamaChriftiaiisUbtite, now loekeymi: 
this is the place appointed, Dfibct'iadgesaeaXbyauac 
Hofi tftkt Gantr. 

H9^. Peace, I fay, CtSia and GatUe/rmcb U Ifeith, 
Soale.Carcr^d Sody-Curcr. 

The Mtny Wiuet of Wind/or. 


Cai. i , dacii very good, excellant. 

titft. Peace, 1 fsy : hearc mine Hoft of the Gaffer, 
Am I politicked Am I ftibtle^AmlaMachiocll? 
ShaiUloofeoTyDodor?No, heegiuesmeihe Potioni 
and the Motions. Shall I loofemy Parfoni* my PricA? 
my Sir W«ig^ ? No, hegioesmctbc Ptoucrbes, and ihe 
No-verbes. Ciueme ihy hand (Celcfliall) fo ■ Boyes of 
Art, I hauc derciu'd »ou boih . I hauc diredied you to 
wrong place* ; your hearts ate mighcy , your ikinncj are 
Vrholc, smd let bum'd Sacke be the iffue: Conie.lay their 
fwords to pawne : Folfow me, Lad of peace, follow.fol - 
low, folio VI 

Shal. Tniftme,amadHofl :followGtntlemen,fol> 

Sljii, O fweet ^«e* P«j«. 

Coi. Ha'do I petcciue dai? Haue you m»ke-»-de-fot 

Eha. This Is well, he has made v» hia viowting-ftog: 
I defire you that we may be friends -.and let wsknog out 
praines together to be reuengeon this fame fcallfcur- 
oy-cogging-tompanion the Hoft of the Ga'Cer 

Cdt, By gar, with »!! my hearc : hepromffe tobring 
rae where u Anne Pari, by gar he deceiue me too. 
faMM. Well,! will imite his noddles; priy you follow. 



Eftmt, ^4HHi, 

A1^,Pait. Naykeepeyour way (little Gallant) you 

were wont to be a follower, but now you area Leader: 

whether had you rather lead mine eyes, or eye your ma. 

ftets heeles ? 

Rth. t had ratber (forfooth) go before you like a man, 
then follovy him like a dwarfe . (Courucr. 

ylf./'<«.Oyou are a flattering boy, now I Tec you'l be a 
Tvrd.V^tW met miftris /'d^f, whether go you 
W.^«.Truly Sir, to fee your wife.i* fhe at home "* 
Ffrd.], and as idle asfhemay hang together for want 
of company. I thioke if your husbands were dead, you 
two woulci marry. 
M.Pi. Be fure of that, two other husbands. 
Fertt, ^Aictc had you this prctiy weather-cotke.' 
TH.pM. 1 cannot tell what(the dickens) his name u my 
husband had him of,what do you cal your Knights naiYie 
'Roh.S'iT/obiFdlflifgi. (firrah? 

fgrd. SU lohn Fa/Jtttfft. 

7>f./»(«.He.he,I can ncuer hit on's name; there Is fucha 
league betweenc my goodfflan, and he: is your Wife at 
Ford. Indeed (he It. (home indeed^ 

M.P». By your leaue fir.I am flcke till I fee her . 
F#r<i.Hss Pageany braines? Hath he any eies ' Hath he 
any thinking ? Sure they fleepe, he hath no v fe of ihcm : 
why this boy will carric alerter twentic miieaseafie, as 
a Canon will (hootpoint-blankctwcluefcore rheepce- 
eei out hia wiues inclination : he giucs her folly motion 
and aduaotage : and now (he's going to my wife,& fal- 
ft-tjfss boy with her : A man may hcare this (howrc fing 
in the wSnde ; and F*/nafct boy with her : good plots, 
they are laide, and our reuoltedwiuesthare damnation 
together. WtU, I will take him, then torture my wife, 
plucke the borrowed vailc of modeftiefrofD the fo-fee- 
iningMiA.P«^r, divulge /><«{« himfcUe for a fecure and 

wilfull^fM, andtothefeviolentsroceedings ali my 
n-;ighborsfha])cryaime. The clocxe glues me myQij, 
andtny afliirance bids me fearch, th«e 1 (halJ findc Fall 
/fafc : 1 {haU be rather praifd for rhis, then mock'd, for 
itisaspofTitiue, astheeanhis firnne, thtt Felfl^t it 
there: | will go. 

ShiU. Page, (ire. Well met M' Fmrl. 

fjrd^iuR me.a good knotte ; 1 haue good che«re at 
home, and I pray you all go with me. 

Sltti. I muft excufc my fclfc M' Ftrd, 

SUh. AndfomuOi Sit, 
We haue appointed lo dine with Mil^ris ^mu. 
And I wotild not breake With her for more mony 
Then He fpcake of. 

ShaJ. We haue ling«'d about a match berweene jIn 
P^gf, andmy coien5/^»<<*r, and this day wee (hall haue 
our anfwer. 

SUn. I hope I haue your good will Father P*fe. 

P»g. Vou haue M' Sltndtr,\. ftand wholly for you, 
But my wife (M' Doiftor) is for you altogether. 

Cm Ibe-gar, anddcMaidisloue-a-nic. my nur(h. 
a-Quickly tell me fo muQi. 

Ho[i. What fay you to yong M' Ftmton } He capers, 
he dances, he has eies ofyouth : he writes verfcs, hec 
fpeakes holliday, he fmels April and May, he wi) carry't, 
he will carry't, 'us in hjs buttons, he will carryl, 

P<iie. Not by my confent I promifeyou. The Gentle- 
man ij of no hauing, hcc kept companie with the wilde 
Pnnce.and Potntx, . he u of too iiigh a Region,he knows 
too much : no. hee fiiall not knit a knot in his fortunes, 
with the finger of my fubftance; if he take her, let him 
take her fimply : the wealth I haue waitron my confent, 
and my confent goes not that way. 

Ftri. I befcech you heartily, fome of you goe home 
with mcio dinner ;befides your chcere you (hall haue 
fport, I will fhe%</ you a monger : M - Dcflor, you ihal 
go,fo (hall you M' P*gt,ini^ you Sir Hfgh. 

Shal. Well.farc you well: 
Wc (hall haue the freer womg at M' T^^gti. 

Cai. Co homt lohn Rugby, \comtzt\on, 

//o/7. Farewell my hearts, I will to my lioneft Knight 
Falflafe^znd drinke Canaric wuh him. 

Ferd. I ihinke Khali drinke in Pipe-wme firfl with 
him, Ilemake him dance. Will you go,Genilei? 

All, Hauc with you, to fee this Monfter. Sreum 

Scena Tertia. 

Surer C\(.Ford, M.Page.SeruMii ^Rtbinjtlftaft, 
Ferd, Page, ClUHt^Etuni, 

Mifl.Ford. ^\\ix. 1 9hn,yi\\i\. Robert. 

M,Page. Quickly, quickly. Is the Buck-basket — 

MifFcrd. 1 warrant. What Roiia I fay 

Mif.Vage, Come, come, come. 

Mt/l.Ford. Heere.ret itdowne. 

M.Pag.Gwit yout men the chatge.we mull be brlefe. 

UW.for</.Marrie,as I told you before(/«^ii fit Rtiert) 
be ready here hard-by in theBrew-houfe, fit when 1 fo. 
dainly call you, come forth, and (without any paufe, or 
f^jggetingjtake this basket on your (houldets: j done, 
trudge with it m all haft, and carry it among the Whit- 
fters in Dttchet Mead, and there empty it in the muddie 
ditch, olofe by the Thames fide, 

Ai.Page^ You will do v^ (JtMidiSA. 

JU.Frrd, Ihatold ( hem ouet and ou«?,thry lacks no 

E Be 


The Merry l^niis ofmndfor. 

B* gene, ind conM vvhen ^ou ut call'^. 

M. />«(•. Heit comet litilr X«^ia. (wifhyflof 

yitft.Ftrd Howno>wmyEy«J-Muike«,wh»tf>o«« 

Rub My M.StT l»bm\t (vmctn Mjroucbackr do«n 
('Mlft.f#fW,iod rtqucOi vour compiny, 

M.Ps^r You liiif licK-a-lc/ii.hiue you bin iructo vi 

J^»^. 1, He be fvn>it»« i wy MiOrr koowei not of your 
being hcCTC :*ndKschthmin<d (opui me tntoeuerla- 
Hiug liberty, rn tell yoQ of II; for he fvicaiei hc'tl (urM 

Mift.VMf^. Thou rt a good boy: ihii fecrccy of thint 
(hall be a Tailor to thee. and Ovd make thct anew dou. 
bleiandhofe. Ilcgohiilainc* 

Mi.Fird. Do fo I go tell tFiy Mafta. I tm alone t Mi* 
(Hii Pie*, rewvetubcr you yout ^w. 

M'P ftfrJwtnancikwe.ifl donoit^ii.hifleme. 

Mi^.F^, Go-«oothen : *»e'l ffe thif Tnv»holfoTT»c 
hanudit/.thugroOe-wttryPiRBpkmi we'll utcb bim 
(o know Turtle* from layes. 

Fitl. Hiuc I caught ihec. my hcaucniy Icweil? Why 
now let me die, for I hauelio'd longcnough : Thiaitthe 
perio4 of my ambition O this blettcd boure. 

Mt/f.F«r4. OfwceiSit/«J!w. 

,f*/. Minri»r#r(<,I cannotcog,Ic»«rMKprJ«c(M!ft. 
Ffd) i»o*» Oiall I fin in my wifl} j I would thy Huiband 
wtrredead, lie fpeake it before the beft Lord, I would 
(n»kcih<^cmy lady. 

Mt^Feri. I yoar Lady Sir Ithm ? Alat, I (Koold bee « 
phtifull Lady. 

Fel. Lti ihc Court of France fi>ew me hjch aooth>ers 
I fee how thit»e eye would emulate the Diamond ; Thou 
haft the righc arched-beauty of the btow, ihii beconet 

{JHiJi.Terd. AplaineKtfcWefe,Sir/»i»t 
My browes become nothing elfe^nor that well neither. 

Fat. Thou art a tyrant to lay fo : thou wouldfl mate 
anabfoluteCourtier.andtbcnmie fiitorcofthy foote, 
would giue anexceUent motion to.thy gate, in a fcmi- 
circled Farthangale. 1 fee what thou w? tt ifTFoiturxe thy 
foe/w«enot Nature thy fiieod : Come, thou canft not 

A/f/.f«fJ,Belee«eme,ther$ no fuchtliing m n»e. 

Fj/, Whatjiiademelouttbct i Let that perfwade 
thee. Ther'sfomtthirvg eatraordu^ary in thee : Come, I 
cannot cog, and fay thou art thia and that, like a-mamc 
of tbefe li^ing-hsuthome buds, that come like women 
inmens spparrell, ar>d fmclUike. BocVkrs-berry io fim- 
ple time : I cannot, but I lout thee, none but thee ; and 
thou (}eri:ru*Q \\, 

M.Fard.Do not betray me (ir,l fetr you loue \A.Pefi. 

Fal. Thou miehift 4s well fav, I loocto walkebv the 
CoMntcr.gtte, which is as hitehUl to m«, as the rtscke ef 

'MifFord.VicW, heautm knowe* how I loueyoo. 
And you (hall one day finde It. 

pd. -Kt^Kpe in thtt m'mde, He defenie^t. 

a»<^ perti. Nay, I mufVtell you.l'o you^oe; 
Or die I codd not be in that minde. 

RxAM^ni forijMiAris f#n/i he£re'aMiftri«/'<^<'at 
the doore.fweatin g, anJ blowing and looVhtg wilti«!y, 
and would needs fpeake with you prefently. 

F«l. She (hall not ftemr, I will enfconce mvt behinde 
the Arras. 

M.fni.'^uj'^oM do fo, (he'f tnry Isiijj^ woman. 
Whats thetnatcer? How now ? 

Mtfi fo^« O miniiiftrii what )uiaMy*udo(>e} 
Yo«i'i (ham'fi, y a»t o«Mnhrownc, y'ar« yadorK for «Krf , 

M.Tord. WKai'atWmjOcT,^ ood nmArttf^f' 

M Poft. O weladay ,n>iA.F«rii,hMnji| tr h«>r.«fl rrio 
Io youT huiband ,io ^u« bxn fuch caiale of fufpUMO. 

M.ftrd. What caufcoffafpuion^ 

M.PM^t. What caufe of (uipitMn t Out vpoo you i 
How am I miAookc m yoa ) 

M.ffrd. Why (alai)what'i the matter^ 

>t.?Mgt. Yojt huiband*! commmg h«ii>«r fWot««) 
with all the Ofhcera m Wirxifor, to umcit f<n a Gentkr 
mao^that he faycs it hecre now in the hogfc j by your 
ronfcnt to take an Jl aduMtuge of has ab(c«cc / yoa «i 
(,MF*tL Tt5 not fo, I hope. 
yi.F^i. Prayheauenitbet^ocfb.that youhsoe fiub 
a man hecre: but iiamortccrii.neyotJThuvbarid'i lom- 
ming.wiihhalfeWindfof athrtbeelet, toCtrch/bc fuch 
a one. I come before to icll you: Ifyovknow your felfe 
deae, why I are gladofii :bii«ifyou hsueafrMndbere, 
conuey, conoty him o«. Be not amazd. caU eii yow 
fcrfei to you, defend your icpvution, <x bid Harwell to 
your good life for euci . 

MjFtri. Whatihallldo? Therena Geniienianmy 
deercfiKodiarjd I frare not mire owrtefharDefomiKh, 
ashisperill. I ttad rather tbep'atKotitaod pound be were 
out of (he hojff. 

M,P*it. For fhame, never Qand (you had rather, and 
you had rathCT:) your buiband't btcrt st 
yoooffeimeconuryince: in thchourcyoo cannot hide 
him. Oh,bcw b«Dcyoudrctiu'dmer Looke,hec?« tsa 
baikct, if be be of anv rcaforuble ftature, he may crerpe 
mheere,and throw fowlehnnen rpcn hirw,aj if u wtrc 
going to bucking ; Or it is whuirg time , ferd him by 
your two men to D«r^-K4eade. 
af.fwi. Ue't too big to go in there : what fhiM I do? 

F«/. Let mc ff e't, let me fee't, O let rt)e fee't : 
He m. He in : Follow your friend* coaafdl, Ik ia 

»f. F^a. Wbac S ir /o4b Fafi^f f Are thefe your Let. 
teri. Knight? 

Fa/. I Ic i»e thee, heipe mee away : Ui a»e ctecpt la 

h«eTe : lie neoer 

M.Ps£r. Helpcto couet yourmafter fBoy: ) Call 
four men (yA\{i.Fird.) you diflVmbiing Knight. 

ALFori, What/»A»,7jiwr,/«^;Go,take»pthere 
doathcs heere,qi:ickly : Wba's the Cowic-rtaffe<*Look 
how you drumble ? CwTy tbcm to the LandrciTc In Dau 
chet mrad : quwkly, cotne. 

Fvri. 'Pray yon come nere:in fcfpeiS without raafe. 
Why thenroakefpon at rne, then Ijt n:e be yoynefl, 
I dcfcruc It : How rvow/ Whetber beare you this? 

Str. To the Landre^e fcwfooch ? 

y*^.f»rii Why, what haae you to doe wheth« they 
beare it? Yoa were bcft meddle wi ib boc k- wafh'mg. 

Feri, Buck^l would I could wafh my fcL^e ofj Bock; 
fiocke, bucke, bocke, I burke : I warrant you Bucke, 
And of cbe leafoc coo ; it fhall appearc. 
Gentlemen, I hauedream'd tonight, He cell you my 
dreame : hecre, bevre, hetrebee my keyes, afcendrry 
Chamber*, fe«rch, feeke, fiode out : He warrant wecTe 
vtdcenneU the Pox. Let me flop this way firft : fo,oow 

"htgt. Good mafterForci, be contented: 
You wrong your reJ& too muc^. 

Fm-i. True(m8Qer^<g«') vpGemkmen. 
Yoa (hail fee fport anon: 


The Mtrty Wiuet ofW'tndfw, 


FoUov* me Gentlemen, 

£*wj. Tbi» it fery fantaAicall homors and iealoufies. 

Cum, By gtr, 'us no-tbe fafbioo of France : 
It is not iealous in France. 

r*gt' Niy follow him (Gentlemen) fee the yffueof 
bis fearch, 

TAifi- /*<«f <1» there not a double exccllenqr m ihii ? 

Mt^. Fori. I know not which plcafct me bene;. 
That my husband it decerned, or Sir hbm. 

Mt^,T»lt. What a taking was bee in , when your 
(lusband askt who was in the basket ? 

Mifi. Ford. I am halfe affraid he will haue needc of 
waOiing : fo throwing him into the water, will doe him 
a benefit. 

THifl.PAgt. Hang him difbonsftrafcall : I would all 
of the fame ftraine. were in the fame diftreffe. 

Mtfi.F»ri. 1 thinke my husband hath feme fpetiall 
fufpition of f -i/y?4jf» being hcett : for I neoer faw him fo 
groffe in his iealoulietill now. 

M^.V»gt. I Will lay a plot to try that, and wee will 
yet haue more tnckes with Falftsff* rhit diffolule direafe 
will fcarfe obey this medicine. 

MifPtrtl Shall we fend that fooli(hion Cation, Mtft. 
^ifiyftohim, and CKCufe his throwing into the w«ai, 
an3 giue him another hope , to beuay htm to another 

AtmJ'agt. We will do it : let him be fent for to mor- 
row eight a clock e to haue amends. 

Ftri. I cannot finde him : may be the knaue bragg'd 
of that he could not compaffe. 

Mif. P'g*' Heard you that ? 

Mif.Ftrd. You »fe me well,M. FerdiDo you > 

FtrxL I, I do fo, 

UW. r»r</. Heauen make you better then your ihoghtt 

Ford. CiTnen. 

0*f/.P4f *. You do your fclfc mighty wtong(M.f *r<i) 

F»rd. I,I:Imuftbeaieit. 

Em. Ifthetc beany body m the houfe,8c inihetham- 
bers.andin thccoffois.andintheprcffes : hcauen fot- 
giue my fins at the day oftudgcment 

C4IH4. Be gar, nor 1 too there is iro-bodies 

P^ge Fy,fy,P/r.f#r<i,are you not afham'd r What fpi- 
rit.whai diueli fuggtlh this imaeinaiion ' I wold not ha 
yourdiftcmpctin this kmd.for fviit\i\\ o( lymdfor cdfiU. 

Ferd.'Jii «iy fault (M.?/{f)l fuffer for it. 

£<M«/. You fuffet for a pad confcience : your wife is 
at honeft a o'mans, as I will defiret among ftue thou- 
fand.and (iue hundred too. 

Ctu. By gar, I fee 'tis an honeft woman. 

Ftrd. Well, I promifd you a dinneT:comf,come,walk 
in the Parke,l pray you pardon me: I wil hereafter nwke 
kncwnetoyou why I haue done this. Come wife.comc 
VL\,Pagey\ pray you pardon me.Pray hartly pardon me. 

Pagt. Let's go inGeiitlemen,but(iru(l mc)we*l mock 
him: I doe inuiteyouto morrow morning to my houfe 
tobreakftftiafier we'll a Birding together, Lhauea fine 
Hawke for the buQi. Shall it be fo ; 

Ford. Any thing. 

£».Ifiheicis one, Khali make two m the Compame 
C4.If there be one, or two.I (hall make-atheturd. 
Ford. Pray you go, M. f^g*- 
EtUtX pray you now remembrance to morrow on the 
lowfie knaue. mine Hoft. 

C41, Dat 11 good by gar, wuhall my heart. 
CM4. A lowne knaue, to haue his gibes, and hit moc* 
keries, Extimi. 

Sccena Quartd» 

Enter Femon, ^nme, Pdige, SbsBow, Slmdrff 
Qtitckf^, 'P'igtf Mifl. P.4ige. 
Fen: I feel cannot get thy Fathers loue. 
Therefore no more turne me to hlni (fweetNaa) 
tylnne. Alas, how then .'* 
Fern. Why thou muft be thy fclfe. 
He doth obied, I am too great ofbinh, 
And that my ftate being gall'd with my expence, 
I fecke to heale It onely by his wealth. 
Befides thefe, other barrcs he iayes before me » 
My Riots part, my wilde Societies, 
Andteis me'tisaihmgimpoiTible 
I fhould loue the, but as a property, 

jIh. May be he tels you true 
Teri^o, heaucn fo fpeed me in my time to come. 
Albeit I will confeffe, thy Fathers wealth 
Was the firft motiue that I woo'd thee {^nttt:) 
Yet wooing thee, 1 found thee of more valew 
Thenflampcs inGold,oTfummesinfealcdbagges , 
And 'tit the very nchct of thy fclfe, 
Thai now I aymeat. 

%^m G en 1 1 e M . Fenton, 
Yet fcekemy Fathers lone, ftill fceke it fir. 
If opportunity and humblcA fuite 
Cannot attaine it. why then harke you hither. 

SLU. Breaketheirtalkc Miftri$^if(^/j, 
My Kinfraan fhall fpeake for himfelfe. 
Slen. lie make a fhafi or a bolt on t,fljd, tit but ventu- 
Sh4i. Benotdifmaid. ('^S* 

SUit. No,(herhallno<dirmayme; 
I care not for that, but that lamaffinrd. 
^iiyark ye,M.5/«<ir would fpeak • w<»rd with you 
y^M. I come to him. This it my Fathers choice: 
O what a world of vildeill-fauour'd faults 
Looke« handfome in three hundred pounds a yecrci! 

^1. And how do's good Ma(^eiFr/rf0a? 
Pray you a word with you. 

5W. Shee't commjng ; to her Cou 
O boy, thou hadft a father. 

Situ. 1 had a (titUer( Af ylM)my vncU can tcl you gttod 
lefit ofhim : pray you Vncie.telMift. jiimt the left how 
my Father ftoletwoGecfeoutofa Pen,good Vnckle. 
ShsL MiOris yiamtftny Coien loucs you. 
5/;/). I (hat I do, as well as Iloacany womaoin Glo« 

JA«/. He will mamtsine you like a Gentlewoman. 
Slfi*. I that I will, come cut and long-taiic, vndcr the 
degree of a Squire. 

Sfjdi. He will make you a hundred aod fiftie pounds 

yinn*. Good MaiAcr Sbttow let him woo for hitn* 

Sbal. Mame I thanke you for it : I thanke you for 
(hat good cotcfo'rt : (he cats you (Coz) lie Ictoe you. 
ytime. Now MafterSi/»ilrr. 
Slei. Now good MiAris .Anne. 
Amu. Whatityour will P 

Sltn. My wdl ? Odd'fhart.lings, lhlt^ a pretiie 
ieft indecde : I nt're made my Will yet (I tbaoke Hea- 
uen;) lamnotfuch • fickely aeature, I giueHewcn 

E a An. 

D 2 


The Merry Wiun oj J^mdfor. 

Anmt. I mc\nt {M .SUndrr jfi\\i\, wold you /riih tnc? 

SItn. Trudy. fofn^»nc"^''«pWt, ] would liitlc or 
oorhing wiih you : your fachn trtd my vncle haih made 
motion^ litubemy lucke,fotitnof,h»ppy man bee hn 
dolc,thcycin tell yoo how ih'mci go.bciicr thcnl<»n; 
you may wke your father, hccre nc <otf\ei. 

P*t*. NowM'5/««^; Loochimd»ughta./t»i». 
Why how now? What Aon M' Fntrr here - 
You wrong mc Sir.thui ftill lo h»ont my houfc. 
T told you Sit, my daughter U difpofd of. 

Fin. Nay M' P^t, be not impaticiu. 

Milt.P'^*. GoodM.F*rf«.corBei»occoa»y child. 

Pmu. She ii no match foi yoo, 

Fn. Sir,w»Uvouht»rf me? 

P*l*. No, good M. F«w««. 
Come M. 5fc4itw. Cotne fonne SUnAtr,\t\ \ 
Koowing my mindc,you wrong mc(M. Frwim.) 

Qju. Spcake to MiftriJ Tog'. 

FtH, Good Mift. Pig*M that I kwie your daughtei 
In foch a rightcoui fafhion «j I do, 
perfbrcc.iga'mft all checkes,rebukc»,tnd numcrt, 
I muft aduance the colours o/my loue, 
.And not retire Lei mc haue your good will 

^*». Good moihcrr, do not marry me to yond fioolc. 

M<ji,P*ge. I meanc it not, 1 fecke you a bena hof- 

.J>«/ That'iirjrtw.'^er.M-Do^or. 

«-/«ff. Ala* I had rather be fct quick Tih e&rth. 
And bttwl'd-to death \iith Tumipa. 

C^ip.Page. Come, trouble not yoot felfe goodM. 
F«i»o»», I will not be yoor friend, nor e«cmy : 
My daughter will I queftionho^i (he louea you. 
And as I finde her, fo am I affeSed » 
Till then, farewell Sit.ftic muft necda gob. 
Her father will be angry. 

Ftn. Farewell gentle Miftiia : farewell Nan. 

£^. This is my doing now : Nay, faide I, will ycM 
cart away your childe on a Foolc,aDd a Pbyfuian : 
Loolfc on M. Fetrim, this is my doing. 

Fm. I thanke thee : aod I pray thee ortce to night, 
GiuemyfweetiV<wihitRing: there's for thy paine*. 

^/. Nowheauen fend thee good fortune, a kindt 
heart he hath : 3 woman would run through fire & wa- 
ter for fuch a kinde heart. But yet, I would my Maiftet 
"had Miftris >*•*•, or 1 would H-SlemUr had hen or (in 
footh) I would M. Fentom had her ; I will do what I can 
for them all three, for fo 1 haue protnifd, and lie bee as 
good as my word, but fpecioufly for M. Fentcn. Well, I 
muft of another ef rand to Sir /eht FalRaffe from my two 
Miftrcffes : What a beaft am I to flackc it. Extma 

Scena Quinta, 

Emer FJftafefiardtlft^l^iljfBrd. 

rd. '^xritlfelivj. 

'S*r. HecreSir* 

FaI. Go, fetch me a qtian ofSacke.put a toft in't. 
Hsue I lio'd to be carried in a Basket like a barrow of 
butchers Offall ? and tobethrowne hiiheTbaineiAVd, 
iflbeferu'd fuch anoibei tricke. Tic haue mybrsines 
'tane out and butter'd,' and giue them to a dogge for a 
New-yeares gift., The rogues (lighted me into the riuer 
with as little rsniorfe, as they wcoldbaue 4rowo'de a 

blindc biicbci Hwppirt, frfftCTH I'lh liitri and you m»y 
know by my file, (t>i( 1 h*o«»kindc oi tUrrity to fink- 
ing ^ifibcbottome wer< at deep* at hell, I fHoid down. 
1 had b«tn« dro^n'd.boi hit the fhorc was Q>rl*y aad 
fhtllow : a death thai I abhoffc : tor the waur fwcilcf a 
man; and what a thing (ho«ld I haut bcmt, when I 
had bctrKfwefd? 1 ftiCMild haucbcenea Mouotaiocof 

Btr. Hrre'tM.^«K^StTtorpcakewi(hyoo. 

f«/.Come,letmepourein fomr Sack to thcTnimei 
water : for my bdliei aicold u if I had f*a!low'd {oow. 
ball, for pilict to cooic the tetnei. CULberin. 

Bm. Come in woman. 

Qn*. By yowrlcaucclrryyoamcrcyf 
Glue your worfhip good monow. 

Fdl. Takeaway ihtfe ChalJices « 
Go, brew mc a pottle of Sscke fmeiy. 

'B^i. WithEgges.Sir? 

Fal. Simple of it fclfe : Uc tso Pallet-SperCvc lo i»y 
brewage. How now? 

.,^««,Mirry Sir,I come to yoirr wot (hip from U.F*r± 

Faf.Mifi.fBrdi I haue had Ford er.ougn. I wa« thrown 
into the Ford ; I haue my belly full of Ford. 

i^. AUitheday, Cgi>od-Scart^ tKat wainoi bet 
fault: (hcdo'ifouke on with her men; ibey miftooke 
tbctrereftion. ^promiCe. 

F«/. Sodidlmtne.tobuildTpon a foolifh Womtm 

^mt. Well, (he laments Sir for it, that it woulJyem 
your heart to fee it : her hiuband goes this tsomtng a 
birdmgjfhe dcfues you once more to come to her, b«« 
t weene.cight and nine : I moft cvry her word quickcly, 
(hell nuke you sineods I warram you. 

FaL Well, I wiO Tifit her, tell h« fo : and bidde her 
thinke what a<mnii: La her coofidcr his fteilety, and 
then iudgc of my ircri:. 

Q«i. I will tell her. 

Fal. Dofo. B^tweene nine and ten faiftthoo? 

Ss*' Eight and nine Sit. 

FaU Well, be gone : I will not miffe her. 

Qmu Peace be w ith you Sir. 

Fd. I meruailc I heare not of M' Bntwm : he Ceiu tee 
word to ftay within : X like bis money welL 
Ob, heere h« comet. 

Ftri. Bleffe yoo Sir. 

fid. Now M. "Brttmt, you ctKnetokixrw 
What hath paft betweene me, and Feris wifie. 

FartL That Indeed (Sir i»i»)is my bufinelTe. 

Fa/. /^.5re«w* I will not lye to you, 
I was at her houfe die hoore (he appointed me. 

Fird. And fped you Sir ? 

FmL very ilUfzuouredly M. Stmebk. 

Ford. How fo firjd'id (he change her determifiation ? 

f4/.No(M..&r*«w)bot the peaking Cornu:o her htxi* 
bandJM.i?ra«)»*)dwelhng m a continual larum of idoo- 
(}e, corns me in the inftsm of ow encounter ,3fter we hsd 
erobraft,kift,protefted,8c(t$ h weTe)fpcke the prologue 
of oar Comedy i end at bis hecle»,a raobie of his coaspa. 
nions.thithei prouoked and uiftigated by bis diftemper, 
and(forfoorh)to fetch his hoofe for his wiucs Loue. 

Ftr'i. What* While you were there? 

FaL While I was thCTe. 

Ftr. And did be fearch for yon,& could not End you> 

F*L You fhall heste. As good lucke would haueil, 
comes in one "M^. Psge. giuesiiwelligeacetrf fjris ip- 
procb : and inher inuentioo. Kid Ftrdj wjueittiflra^jon, 
they conucv'd roe into a bucke basket. 


The Mtrry WimfofW'mdfor. 


Tord. A Buck-basket > 

Fal Yes :aBuck-basVet • ram'd aicc in with foule 
Shifts and Smockcs, Socks , foulc Stockings, grcafie 
Napkins, that (Mafler £roomt) there was the rankcR 
coinpourid of vUianous fmell, that cucr offended no- 

Fori. And how long lay you there? 
Fal. Nay, you (hall heate (MaQer Broome) what 1 
haoefufferd, to bring this woman to euill, for your 
pood : Being thus ctam*d in the Basket, a coople of 
forii knaues, hii Hindcs.wcre cald forth by their Mi- 
ftris, to carry mee in the natne of foule Cloaihcs to 
7)auhet-//T7ft : they tookc mc on their fhoulders • met 
the icalous knaue their Mafter in the doorc; who 
ask"dthem once or twice what iheyhad in their Baf. 
kct ? I quak'd for featc Icaft the Lunatiquc Knaue 
would haue fcarch'd it : but Fate (ordaining he (htnild 
be a Cuckold) held his hand : well, on went hcc, for 
a fearch , and away went I for foule Cloathcs : But 
matkethefequell (Mafler ^roo/w^) I fuffcred the pangs 
of three feucrall deaths : Fitft, an iotoilerable fright, 
to be deiecfled with a icalious rotten BcIl-wcathcr : 
Nesitobecompafs'd like a good Bilbo inthe circutn- 
fereneeofa'Peckc, hjit to point, hcete to head. And 
thcntobeftopt in like a Hrong diflillatioo with Bink- 
log Cloathcs, that fretted in their owne greafe: 
thinkeofihat, a man of my Kidney; thinkeof that, 
thatamais fubicQ to heate as butter; e man of conti- 
nualldiiroluiion, and thaw: it was a miracle to fcapc 
faffocatioD. And in the height of this Bath (when 1 
was more then halfc Aew'd in greafc (like a Dutch- 
6\{h) to be throwne into the Thames, and 
coold, glowing-hot, in that ferge like a Horfc- 
(hoo;ihiakeofthat ; hilTinghot : thinkeofthat(Mancr 

ford. In good fadnelTc Sir,! am forty ,that for my fake 
you haue fufferd all this. 

My fuitc then it defperate : Yooll vndertake her no 

Fat. Madcr Broome : I will be throwne into Etn*, 
aslhaae beene into Thames .ere 1 will Icaue her thus; 
her Husband is this rooming gone a Birding : I 
haue recciued from her another ambalTie of mee- 
ting.- 'twist eight and nine is the houre ( Mailer 
Broome. ) 

ford. 'Tispaft eight already Sir. 
Fat. hit? I will then addreflc mee to my appoint- 
ment : Come to mee at your conuenient leifure , and 
you fhall know how I fpcedc : and the conclusion 
fhtl I be crowned with your enioyingher: adicw.- you 
(hall haue her (MaAct Broomt) Madcr Broome^ you (hall 
cuckold Ford. 

Ford. Hum: ha? It thisavi(ion? Is this a dreamed 
doe I flcepe ? Maimer Ford awake, awake Mafter Ford : 
thct's ahole made in yourbcft coatc (Mafter FordC)i\\\i 
'tis to be married; this 'tis to haue Lynnen, and Buck- 
baskets •• Well, I will proclaime my felfe what I am : 
I will now take the L eacher : hce is at my houfe : hcc 
cannot fcapemc: 'tis impolTible hee (hould: hee can- 
not crecpe into a halfe -fenny purfe, nor intoa Pcpper- 
Boxe: Butlesftthe Diuell that guides him, (hould 
aide him , 1 will fearch impolTible places i though 
what I am, I cannot auoide; yet to be what I would 
not, (hall not make me tame: if 1 haue homes, to make 
one mad, let the prouerbc goe with me, Hebe horne- 
mad. Exeurt 

AHus QuaHus, Scana Trima. 

Enter Miflru Page,^utcktj .iViHiam ^Fuam. 

Mtji.Pjg. Is he at }A fordj already chink'ft thou ? 

S^i. Sure he IS by this; or will be prefentiy ; but 

truely heisverycouragioutmad, about his throwing 

into the water. Miflris Ford delires you to come fo- 


Mtfl.Paj^'. Uebe with her by and by: lie but brin<» 
my yong-man here to Schoole ; jooke where his Maftc'r 
comes ; 'tis a playing day I fee : how now Sir Hngh, ao 
Schoole to day? 

Ella. UaM^nci Sltnder'M let the Boyes leaue to play. 
Qni 'BlefTingofhls heart. 

Mift Pag. Sir husband Tales my fonne pro- 
(its nothing in ihe world at his Booke : 1 pray you aske 
him fome qucAioas in his Accidence. 

Eu. Come hither It^illiam; hold vp your head;come. 

Afifl.Vag. Comc-onSirha; holdvp your bead; an. 
fwere you^Martcr, be not afraid. 

Eaa. triJliam,hovi many Numbers is inNowjxes ? 

fytU. Two. 

^ui. Truely, I thought there had bin one Number 
more.becaufe they fay od's-Nowncs. 

Eua. Pcace.yout tatlings. What it {F airt)linSiam f 

tyill. Palcber. 

^. Powlcats.' there ate faiiei things thenPowkats, 

Sita, Vouare a very (impliciry o'mao: I pray you 
peace. Whit \s (La fu)lFiliiam? 

B^itt. A Stone. 

Eua. AndwhatisaStoiie(Jriaai»/) 

ma. APeeble. 

Etta. No ; it IS Lapu : I pray you remember in your 

tViU. Ldp'u. 

Eua. That is a good fVilltdm: what is be(jr/&4>w)th3t 
do'i lend Articles. 

^yltt. Articles are borrowed of the Pronoune ; and be 
thus declined. Siigulariter lemmatmo hic h,tc,boc. 

Eua. Nomtnaimo higfi^g,hog : pray yoo marke : gtni- 
ituthuiM • Well . what is your Accufatiue^afc ? 

i^iU. AccufaHuohinc. 

Eua. I pray you haue your remembrance (childc) Ac- 
eufai^ao hing,hangj)0g. 

Qu. Hang-hog, is latten fpr Bacon.I warrant you. 

Eua. Leaue your prables (o'man) What is thefacd- 

Wia. 0,yoC4tiMo,0. 

Eiui. RtmemhtfiF$lliam,Focattue,iscarft. 

Qu^ And that's a good roote. 
fua. O'inan,forbe»re. 

^liJt.Pag. Peace. 

Eua: What is your Ge»aiutcafiflKraU(H'iium}) 

Will. Cenitmecafei 

Eua. 1. 

U^iH. Genitmehorum,hariim.harftm. 

Qii. 'Vengeance ofGinyes cafe ; fie oo her , netier 
name her(childe) iffhe be a whore. 

Ena. For fhame o'man. 

^«. You doe ill to t»ach the child* fuch words : hee 
teacheshim to hie, and to hac ; which they'll doc fafl 
enough of tliemfciurs. and tocaJlW«0>; (ic vpon you. 
E X Ena, Oman 


The Merry If^iuet oj U^mJ/or. 

f M«(. O'lMo, in ihou I-uniiif I f HiO thou no vn- 
dcffti"Jing»forthy Cifrtj^ ihcivumbcrtof ihcGcn. 
(1(r^^ Tliou arc >i foolifh ClwiHian creaiurci, ai 1 would 

iJMi.rtft. Prc'ibce bold tliy pnc<r, 

£u. Shew inc now (<Vi/^/4w^(ome declenfiofli of jout 

ITiH. Forfooih, I hiuc forgot. 

Eu. liii^K/.jw.f"'*^ ; ityouforgityour i^'«, 
your ^",»n J yotir j2«#<6.yourtiuft be pteccbci ; Ooc 
your w»ic» »nd play, go. 

/rP.«jf.HciJ« better fcbollcribfn I tSoupbt he wii. 

Em. Heiti gcoiirpr»g-mftnory:F*r«wtr/t/M./'^^'. 

Mif.Pmge. Adieu good Sir W«g6; 
Get y oti home boy, Come wc n»y too long. Extmnr. 

Seen a Secunda, 

Inierjiljf'ff, M'fi.Ford, Afijf. Pig'. SmMwti.Fmd, 
P/igt.CaiMi^Euani, Shallonf. 

fit. Mi. Fcrd, Your forrow bath "ten vp my fuffc- 
T jn(e; I recy<ju ire obfcquious in your louc, and I pro. 
feffercquitall.toshaircsbredih, notoncly Mift. F»rd, 
in th« fiirple office of louc, but in all the sccufirement, 
complement, and ceremony of it .• But are you furc of 
your hiisbjnd now? 

THif.Fard. Het's a birdingCfweet SirMw.) 

MifP'S'- What hoa.nolTip Ford : what hoi. 

CXfif.Ford, Step into tb' chamber, Sit hhn. 

Mif.P'g*' How now (fweete heart) wbofe It bom< 
bcfidcsyout felfe ? 

M'fr<^d Why none but mineowne people, 

MifPngc. Indeed? 

Mif.Fcrd. No certainly :Speake louder. 

M'fl. Pjj.Truly.lam fo glad you baue no body here. 

Olff/i.Tfrd. Why? 

fHif Pagt. Why wom3tY,yourhu»bandi»inbia oide 
lines againc : he fo take i on yom^et With my 
r»ile» againft all married mantcinde ; focurfesall Eius 
dau"hter5,ofwhat complexion foeuer jandfo buffettei 
himfelfe on the for-h*ad : crying pcere-out, peere-out, 
that any madneflc 1 eucry" beheld, feem'd but tame- 
nefle, ciuility, and patience to this his diftemper h< is ia 
now : I am glad the fat Kmght ii not heere. 

Mifi.ffrd. yj hy, do's he talke of him? 

Mi^.P^i. Of none but him.and fweares he was c j- 
riedoutthclafttimeheefearch'dfor him, in a Basket: 
Protefts to my husband he is now heere, & hath drawne 
him and the reff of their company from their fpott, to 
make another experiment ofhis fufpition : Bui I am glad 
the Knight is not heere j now be niall fee his owne foo, 


Mtft'Ferd. How ncere is be Miflris Paget 
Miff.^'*g Hard by.itftrctt end ; he wil be here looa 
Mifi.Ferd. 1 am vndone,the Knight ii heere. 
Mift'VAge, Why then you are vtictly (ham'dj& bee's 

butadeadman. What* woman are vou ? Away with 

him, sway with him : Better (hame,tnen mtinher. 
Mifi.Ferd. Which way (liould be go ?How (bould I 

beftow him ? Shall I put him into the basket againe?. 
F-d. No,l!ecoincnomore»'thB4iket; 

May I not go out ere he come f 

tJifi/f.Ps£i. Alas.tbrffofM' f W/ brochen waicb 
the doore » nS Piftoli, liOr nor»e rbdJ iffue out • ot h<r. 
wife you might r.ip tm»j crc l^e came : But wbai mak* 
yooherrr f 

Ftl. Wh»tft>»IIIdo>IIecre<pevoiinoth«chif»orT 

Mifi Ftri. There they alwa.ei vfc to ATdurgc^cix 
Birdiog-peccf s : crcepe into the KiJI-hole 

FM. Where II II f 

»J«// F^d. He will fcebe there on my word : NeytKer 
Preffe. Coffer, Chert. T. unke. Well. Vaulc.bu; he K»th 
an abrtraif) for thr remembrance of fo<h pljcei.inj goes 
to then> by b<s Note : There u no hiding you ia ihe 

Fd. lie go out then. 

iMijiFtrd. If yougoe our In your owrefembUncc, 
you die Sir /«/>*, vnlcfle you go out difguis'd, 

Mifl.Ferd. How might we difguik him f 

MinPAgi. Alaithcdiylknownot, there isnowo- 
mam gownc biggc enougli for him : othcrv* iJt he might 
put on a hat, a muffler, and ^ kerchicfe, and fo ciiape. 

Fal. Good beans, deaife foomhing ; ant exuemitu 
rather tlies a mifchicfe. * 

Mrfl.Furd. My Muds Aunt the f« woman of7r4(», 
/#r</.hasa gownc abouc. 

>iifl. P*gt. On my word it w.ll feruebim : ftite's at 
big as he M : and ihere'shcr ihrum'd hit,»Qd her nwfaa 
ttx> : r»n vp Sir lahm, 

Mifi.Frrd. Go,go,fwcetSit ithm: M-JhiuPt^tuA 
I will looko fome linnen for your head, 

M,fi P4ge. Quicke,quickc,wee'iecome dreffeyoo 
flraight : put on the gowne the while. 

Mili.f*rd. I would my husband would meetc him 
in this Ibape : he cannot abide ihe old woman of Brain- 
ford j he fwearei (he's a witch, forbad bet my bouTc^and 
hath threStned to beate her. 

M'Jl.Ptge. He»uen guide him to thy bo (bands aul> 
gell : and the diuell guide his cudgell afcerv»jrd«. 

A/'/? Ftrtl. But M my husband comming f 

Mift.Tsge. I in good fadneffe is be, and talka of the 
basket too, howfoeucr he hath had 

Tritfl.Ftrd. Wee'l try that: for He appoint my men to 
cany the basket againc, to mecic Inm at the docre witb 
it,as they did iirt time. 

THi/l.Page. Nay, but hee'l be becre prefeotly:ln*s go 
drefle him like the witch of 5r4i«/3rW, 

Mi^.fari. llefirfldireddiredmymen, wrhzt ibey 
(hall doe with the basket: Gocrp, He bring Ijaam tor 

Mi(t.P*g( Hangbimdi(honeAVaxlet. 
We cannot mifufe enough : 
We'll leaue a proofe by that which we wil] doo, 
Wiues may be nterry, and yet honeft too : 
We do not aSe that of-.en, ieft, and hu^h, 
Tisold.bui true, Still Swine eati a!! :hedraugh. 

Mtfi.Fcri. Go Sirs, take the basket againc oa your 
(houlucrs : your Mirter is hard at doore : if bee bid you 
fet It downe.obey him : quickly, difpaub. 

I S/r. Come, come, lake it vp. 

% Str. Pray hcauen it be not full ofKnight againe, 

I Sir. I hope not, I had liefe as beare fo much lead 

Ftrd. I, but ifitprouetruc (M'. Pige) haue youany 
wayihen tornfoolcme againe. Setdowr»c che basket 
»illaine : fome body call my wife : Yonb in a basket ; 
Oh you Panderly R»fcais, there'i a knot : a gm.a packe, 
a confpiracie agiinl^ me: Now fhaJl thedioelbe (l-iam'd, 
Wbat Wife 1 fay : Coitk, come forth : behold what ho. 


The Mniy IViues ofWindfor, 


ncft doathc* yau fend forth to bleaching, 

Pagi. VVhy.thitpaffes M. Ftrd: you arenot togoe 
loofc any longer, you muft bepinnion'd. 

£»4/»/. Why, (his u Lunatickj : ihij is madde, as a 
mad dogge. 

ShAll. Indeed TA. Ford, ihi i» not well indeed. 

Ford.. Sofay I tooSir, comehiihcf Miftrisfffri, Mj- 
ftris fW, the honeft woman, the modeft wife.the vertu- 
otu creature, that hath the icalious foole to het husband : 
1 fufpeft without caufe (Miftri»)do 1 ? 

Mifi- ford. Heauenbemy witDcffe youdoe, if you 
fufpef^ me in any difhoncfty. 

F*rd. Well faid Brazon-face, hold it out rComc forth 

page. Thispaffes. 

Mift-ferd. Are you not alhant'd^Iet the clotbt alonr. 

r«rd. I fhall ftnde you anon. 

Eua. Tis vnreafonable;will you take vp yout wiuei 
doathei? Come, away. 

Ford. Empty the basket 1 fay, 

>f. Ford. Why man, why .' 

Ford. Maftcr P*g*, as I am a man, there was one con- 
uay'd outof my hotifc yeftetday in this basket : why 
may not he be there againe, in my houfe I am fure he is ; 
my Intelligence is true, my icalonfie is rcafonable, plutk 
me outall thclinncn. 

JHifi.Ferd.l(yo\i find a man thetc, he (hall dye a Fleas 

Pugf. Heei'i no man. 

ShaL By my fidelity this is not wellM'.fw^: This 
wrongs you. 

£u4»/. M'F»r(i,youmuftpfay, and not follow the 
imaginations of your owne heait : this is iealoufics. 

Ford, Wcll,hee*» not hecre I feeke for. 

Pdge. No, not no where elfe but in yout braine. 

Ford. Heipe to fearch my houfe this one time:ifl find 
oot what I feeke, (hew no colour for my extremity : Let 
me for eue r be yout Tablc-fport : Let them fay of me, as 
iealous as FtfTf^, that fearch'd a hollow Wall-nut for his 
wiucs Lcmman. Satisfic me onccpore.oncc more fcrch 
with me. 

M. Ford. What hoa (Miftris P^ige,) come you and 
the old woman downe : my husband will come into the 

Ftrd. Old woman? what old womans that? 

TH Ford. Why it is my maids Aum of 'Brainfard, 

Ford.'h witch, a Queane, an olde couzening qucane : 
Hauc I not forbid her n»y houfe. She comes of errands 
do's n>e f We are fimple men, wee doe not know what's 
brought to pafTe vnder the profcfTion of Fortune-telling. 
She workes by Charmcs, by th'Figure,8£ fuch 
dawbry as this is, beyond our Element: wee know no- 
thing. Come downe you Witch, you Hagge you.come 
downe I fay. 

Mifl.Ford Nay , good fweet husband, good Gentle- 
men, let him (^rikc the old woman. 

THiJl.Page. Come mother Prat, Come giuc me your 

Ford. He Prat'het : Out of my dooie, you Witch, 
yooRagge, you Baggage, you Poulcat, you Runnion, 
otit.out : He coniureyou. He fortune-trll you. 

Afijl-Pfge. Are you not afham'd? 
Ithinkeyouhauekill'd the poorc woman. 

ty^ift.Ford. Nay he will do U, 'tis * goodly credite 
for yoa 

Ford, Hang her witch. 

Eu4. By yea.andno, 1 thinkethe o'man is a witchio- 
dcedc : I like not when a o'man has a great pcatd ; I fpje 
a great peard vndcr his muffler. 

Ford. Will you follow Gentlemen, I befeech you fol. 
low. fccbut thcilTueofmy lealoufic : If I cry out cbus 
vpon no ttaile, ncucr truli me when I open againe. 

Tage. Let's obey his humour a little further : 
Come Gentlemen, 

Ml/}. Page. Trort me hebeate him mo(! pittifuUy. 
Mift.Ford. Nay by th'M jfl"c that he did not: he bcaie 
him moft vnpittifully , me thought. 

Mijl.Ptge. He hauc the cudgel! hallow'd, and hung 
ore the Altar, it hath done meritorious feruice, 

"MtftTord. What thinkc you ^ May we with the war- 
rant of woman hood, and the witneffe of a good coofci> 
ence, puxfue him with any further reuenge > 

Af.Page. The fpirit ofwantonnefTe is fure fcar'd out 
of him, if the diuell haue him not in fee-(imple, with 
fine and recouery, he will neuet (I thinke^ in the way of 
waflc, attempt vs againe. 

Mifl Pord. Shall we tell our husbands liow wee haue 
feru'd him > 

Mift.Page. Yes, by all meancs : if it be but to fcrapc 
the figures out ofyout husbands brames: if they can find 
in thcif hearts, the poorc vnuertuous fat Knight (hall be 
any further afHifted, wee two will ftiU bee the tiuni- 

"hUfi.Ferd. lie warrant, they 'I haue him publiqucly 
fham'd, and me thinkej there would be no period to the 
icft.fhoold he not be publikely (ham'd. 

"Miji. Page, Come, to the Forge with it, then (hapc it : 
I would not haue things coolc. Ejctunt 

Seem Tenia. 

Enter Hoft and Bardalfe, 

'Bar. Sir, the Germane dcfircs to haue three of your 
horfes : the Duke himfelfe will be to morrow at Court, 
and they are going to meet him. 

Hoft. What Duke fhould that be comes fofecretly? 
I hearc not ofhim in the Court : let mee fpcake with the 
Gentlemen, they fpcake Englilh.* 

'Bar. I Sir? lie call him to you, 

Hofi. They fhall haue my horfes, but Tie make them 
pay : He fauce them, they haue had my houfcs a week at 
commaund : I haue turn'd away my other gue(\s, they 
muft come oft. He fawce them, come. Exttmt 

Seen a Quart a. 

Enter Page, Ford^ Miftru Page, LMiflru 
Ford, itrid Enans. 
Sua. "Tis one of the bcfl difcretions of a o*mao as e- 
ucr 1 did lookc vpon. 

Page. And did he fend you both thcfc Letters at an 
inftant ? 

MiJI.Vage. Within a quarter of an houre. 
Ford. Paidon me (wife) henceforth do what ^ wilt : 
I rather will fufpe(5^ the Sunne with gold,' 
Then ibee with wantonnes : Now doth thy honor Aand 



The Merry WmeiOjWmdfor, 

(Iikliimthttwif ofltK toHfretikc). 
Atfirmc I) f»itt\, 

P*%<. Ti* wrll,'(i$ more: 
B(not«t fxtrcme in fubmiffion.ji in offtncf, 
But let ouf plot go forward: Lccour wiurt 
Yf( once ag»iiie(io make VI publikr fport) 
Appoint • rPtcting \«itb thii old fat-frllovcj 
Whrtc wc may take him, anH tlifgracc hirri for it- 

FirA. There is no bctier way then thai they fpokc of. 

Ptf^i. How-to feint him word they'll mcete lum in 
the Parke at midnight ? Fie, fie, he'll neucr come. 

E». You fay he hit bin ihrowncin the Riucri : tnd 
has bin grccuoufly peaten.asanoldo'man; me-thinkej 
there fhould be terrors in him, that he fliouldnot tome: 
Me-ihinkesbi>ncfhispuoi(b*d, l>cc(ball haue no de- 
fire J. 

P4ig». So thinlrt I too. 

MFtf4* Dcuife but how youM yfe him whe be comet, 
And lct.»» two dcuife to bring him thethcr. 

MifPige. There is an old tale goes, that //«n>« the 
Hunter (fometimcakceper hcereinWfndfor Forreftj 
Doihall the winter time, at flill midnight 
VValkc round about an Oakc,wiih great rag'd-homci. 
And thciche tiafts the tree, and takes the cattle, 
And make mllch-kine yecld blood.aDd Hiakct a chaine 
In a moA Hideous and drcadfull manner. 
You haue Kcard of fuch a Spirit, and well you know 
Theluperftitiouj idlc-headcd-Eld 
Rcceiti'd, and did deliuer to out age 
This talc of //^rw the Hunter, foi a truth. 

Pagt. Why yet there want not many that do feart 
In deepc of night to walkc by this Hernci Oakc : 
But what of this? 

Jffi/l.T«rd. Marry this b our dcuife. 
That FtiHi'fffc'it that Oake (hall mecte with »». 

Pare. Well, let it not be doubted but he'll come. 
And in thi* fhape.whcn you haue brought him thethet, 
What fhall be done with htm? What is your plot? 

^(/?.7'4.TKatlikcwifc haue we thoght vpon:ei thuJ: 
A?i«» Pi^t (my daughter)and my litilc Tonne, 
And tbrec or fouie more of their grov»th,weeT drefle 
Like Vrchins,Ouphc»,»ndfairicj,greene and white. 
With rounds of waxen Tapers on their heads. 
And rattles in t^iejt hands; vpon a fodaine, 
At Fafjialp, (lie. and 1, arc newly met, 
I et them from forth i faw-pit tufh at once 
Wiih fome difFufcd fong : Vpon their ftghl 
Weiwro, in great amazedneffc will flye i 
Then let them all encircle him about, to pinch the vncleane Knight j 
And aske him why that houre of Fair)- Reucll, 
In their fo facred pathes, he daret to tread 

FcrJ. And tillbc tell the trutb, 
Let the fuppofcd Fairies pinch him, foond, 
Andburnchim with their Tapers. 

Aftfi.Page. Thetruth being knowne, 
We'll all piefent out felues; dif home the fpirit, 
Andmockehimhomc to Windfor, 

Ford. The ctiildren muft 
Be praiSis'd well to this, or iheyM ncu'r doo'u 

En*. I will teach the children their behauioun: and I 
willbellkea lacke-an-Apcj alfo, tobume the Knight 
with my Taber. 

fertL That will be eicellent. 
He go buy them viurdi. 

M>/I.P4i,. My A'*, (hall be ik« Q^tnt of all the 
Fiitieijfinely atiurd inaroheofvthue, 

7w». That fiike will I go boy, aud in that time 
Shall M.5//»rirrfteale my /Vsmtvtty, 
An-l marry h«r at Eti0m : go. fend ro F»ljlmf> fltai'>ht- 

Ftri Nay, He to him ap^aine in nirre ofirttmr 
Hee'l i«!l me all biipurpofe: fure heel Cftmt. 

Mt/I.Pdf*. Feare not you that : Co get vf proprrtiei 
And tricking for our Faynet. 

FitMni. Let »» about it. 
It II admirable pJMf'irei, and ffrry booefl knauaict 

M,fP4f(CaM,;} Ftrd, 
Send quickly to Sir /»*■, to know Utm'uiit i 
He to the Doc>or, he hath my good will. 
And none but he to marry with /^*» P'I»f 
That 5/rtio- (though well landed; it an ld««t: 
And he, my huiband beft of all affiai ; 
The DoiSor is well mo*\ied, and hn fr»endt 
Potem St Court : he, none but he fhall, 
Though twenty thoufand worthier come to jiueber. 

Scena Quinta. 

Enrn H»Ji, Hmflt, Fa/flaft. 3dra4Jft, timu^ 
Qtitu, Qmfkjj. 

WaflWliitwouldft thou haue? (Boore; whit? (ihJfk 
ikin)(J>take,bicatbe,difcuffe: brcerc, fnori, quicke, 

Simf. Marry Sir, I come to fpeake with Six /»i» Ftl- 
fltft from M. Slender. 

Holt. There's hii Chamber, his Hotife, hU Caflle, 
hi» flanding-bedand truckle-bed : 'tit painted about 
with thcftory of the P.odigail, ftefh and n«w:go,kiKKk 
and call : hee'l fpeake like an Antbtopophagituan tnto 
thee :KnockeI fay. 

Sitnf. There's an olde woman, a fat woman gone vp 
intohis chamber ; He be fo bold asftay Sir till (h« come 
downe : I come to fpeake with her indeed. 

Htji. Ha? A fat woman.' The Knight may be robb'd : 
He call. Bully-Knight, Bully Sir Mf.- fpeake fromthy 
Lungs Military: Artthou there? It u thine Hoft, thioe 
EphefiaR cals. 

FM: How now, mine Hofi? 

Htf}. Here's a Bohemian-Tartar uriei the comming 
downt of thy fat- woman : Let her deftend (Bully) let 
her defcend : my Chamberi are honourable . Fie, priua- 

Fal. There was (mine Hoft) aa old.rat-wonun cuen 
now with me. but (he's gene. 

Stmf. Pray you Sir, wai'i not the Wife-woman cf 
BrainffrA i 

Fdi. Itnarry w3sit(Mu(rel-(hell) what would you 
with her ? 

5»B». MyManer(Sir) my marter^Zf»^,fenttoher 
feclog ner go thorough the ftreett, loknow (Sir^ whe- 
therone M* (Sir) that beguil'd him of • chaine,had the 
chaine, or no. 

f«/. I fpake with the old woman about it. 

Sim. And what fayes (he, I pray Sir? 

FaJ. Matry (hcc fayes, rhac the very fapTenun that 
beguil'd Marter Slender of his Q>aine,cozon"d hjn ofit. 
Simf. I would I could haue fpekcn with the 'A'^omilT , 

her ' 

Tie Mtny Wiuts offfind/or. 


her felfe, 1 had other things to haatffpoksn wicb her 

fAl. What are xhey? let vs know 

HeS.l: comcrquicke. 

fj. I ntay )iot coHceak tb«tn (Sir.) 

Hffi. CoBcealc them, or thoa di'ft- 

Sim. Why fir, they were nothing but about Mififi* 
^wi'i^'.toknowif it were my Manect fortune to 

Fal. TM/ti« his fof tuoe. 

Sim. WhaeSifr^ 

FaJ. Tohauebtn-tOCDfti goe; fay the womtA told 
Tat Co, 

Stm. MayfblBlioIdtorayfbSir? 

Fai. 1 Sir: like who more bold. 

Sim. I thanke your worfhip:! /hall makemy Maflet 
glad with thefe cydings. 

Hofi. Thoo are clearkly : thou srt clc«rkly(Sir I^n) 
Wa< there a wife woman with thee } 

F4/.I that there wasf'mine Hoji)one that hath taught 
me more wit, then eu«r I leatn'd before in my life : and 
Ipaid nothing fot it neither, but wat paid fotmylear* 

Bar, Out «la$ (Sir) cosonage t nwere cozenage. 

Hv/f. Where be my botfei? fpcakc well of them var- 

Bar, Run away with the cozonert : for To fbone. as 
I came beyond Eaten, they threw roe off, from behinde 
ofleofthcm,inafloughofmyre; and fet fpurres, and 
aWay ; like three C^riBMnf.diueii ; three "DeClor Fau- 

Hojf. They are gone but to meete the Duke (vilUine) 
doe not fay they be fled : Germattts are honefi men* 
fnan. Where Is mine Heflf 
Hcjl. What is the matter Sir? 
Emn. Haue a care of your entertainments ; there is a 
friend ofmine come to Towne, tclsmce there is three 
Cozcn-Iermant.that has cozend all the Hafts of Headinf, 
of Maidenhead; of Cek-brooke ^of horfes and money : I 
tell you for good will (iookc you) you are wife, ana full 
ofgibe«,andv'oucing-nocks: and 'tis not conucoient 
you/houldbecozoiied. Fare you well* 
Cat. Vet'is mine Hojidt Iitrtitre ? 
H»y?. H(rTe(Mafter Daiiar)\o perplcxitie,ind doubc- 
fiill dclemma. 

Ca>; I canDOtte1Ivatisdat:butitiste1l.2-me, dat 
you make grand preparation for a Dukcd^ Ittmanic: by 
my trot: der isno Duke that thcCoortis know, to 
come : I tell you for good will t adieu.* 

Hofi. Huy and cry, (willaine) goe i afTift me Knight.l 
•m vndone : fly, tun : huy, and cry (villainc) I am tq« 

fal. I would all the world might be cozond, for I 
haucbeene cozond and beaten too : ifitfhotild come 
to the eare of the Court.liow I haue beene transformed; 
And how my transformation hath lieene waAid, and 
cudgcld, they would melt mce out of my fat drop by 
drop, and liquor Flfhermcns-boots with roe; I warrant 
they would whip me with their fine wits, till I were as 
neR>falneas acfride-peare: Ineuer profpcr'd* fincc I 
forfworcmyfclfeatPriw^ftr well, if my windcwcrc 
btidong enough; twould repent: N<iw> Whence come 


Qm. Fromthetwoparticsibtfooth. 
fat. The Diuell take one partie, and his Dam thr 
other.- and fo they (hall be both beflowed; Ihauefuf- 

fcr'dmore for their fakes ; more then the vUlanous in- 
con(}ancy^ofman« difpoHtion isabletobeare. 

Qiei. And haue not they fuflfer'd? Yc$,I warrant/ fj>e- 
cloufly one of them ; Miftris Ferd{goo6 heart)is beaten 
blTcke and blew, that yon cannot fee a white fpot about '■ 

Fal. What tell'fl thou mee of blackc, and blew? I 
was beaten my felfe into all the colours of the Rajne- 
bow: and I was Kke to be apprehended for the Witeb 
of 'Braiiteftrd, but that my admirable dcxteritie of wit. 
my counterfeiting theaflion of an old woman deliuer'4 
mejthe kiiaueCondable had fet me ith'Stocks,ith' com- 
mon Stocks, for a Witch. 

Qa, Sir : let me fpcake with you \n your Chamber, 
you mail hcarc how things goe,and (I Warrant) to your 
content : here is a Letter will fay fom«whac ; (good- 
hearts) what a-doc here is to bring you together r Sure, 
one of you do's not ferue bcauen wcH, that yoQ are fo 

Fal. Come vp into my Chatnber« Sxrmt. 

Scena Sexta, 

Entir F«»f«p, Hofi. 

ti*fi, Mafier Fe>ito», talks not to mee, my ninde is 
heauy : 1 will giue ouer «II. 

Fen. Yet hcare me fpcakc : affift me in my purpofe, 
And (as I am a gentleman) tie giue thee 
A hun dred pound in gold, more then your lofle. 

H«jt. I will hearc you{Mafter feBr<»/») and I will (at 
tbeleafV) kccpeyour counfelL 

FeH, From time to time,I haue acquajnced you 
With tl>e dcare loue I beare to falre Anne P^s, 
Who,niutually, haih anfwet'd my affedHan, 
(So farte forth, as her felfe might be her choofer) 
Euen to my wifh ; I haue a letter from het 
Offuch contents,3syou will wonder at; 
Themttthwhereof,{o larded with my matter} 
That neither (fingly) can be manifefled 
Without the (hew of both : fit faipaffe 
Hath a grfat Scene ; the image of the ieft 
lie fiiow you here at large (harke good mine //o/?:) 
To night at Hert$u.Okt,\\x^ 'twiift twelue and one, 
Muflmy fwect iViwiprefent the Fatrit'^neme; 
The purpolc here : in which difguife 
VVhile othc{ lefts are lomctbing ranke on foote, 
Het father tUih commanded het to flip 
Away with 5fr»<^,and with him,at Eattm 
Immediately to Marry : She hath confcntcd : Now Sir, 
HerMothcr,(eucn Rrong againft that match 
And fitme for Do£lor Caiui) hath appointed 
That he fhall Iikcwifc fliufllc her away. 
While other fpoits arc usking of their rfiindes, 
Acd at the Z)«'4JTr)r,wheTe a Prie/f attends 
Strait marry her : to this her Mothers plec 
She feemingly obedient) Iikewife hath 
Made proroifetothc Deiier .•Now,thus it refir, 
Het Father meanes fhe (hall be all in white ; 
And in that habit,whcn Slender fees his time 
To take her by the hand,and bid her "oe. 
She fliiU goe with him : her Mother hath intended 
(The better to deuote her to the DoEltr', 
For they muft alt be mask'd,and Vizardcd) 



Thi Merrf U^iues ofWvudfor. 

Th« qutini in grecnc, fl»« fl»»U b« loole en-rotb'd, 
Wi(hRibondt-pcnH»nt,flacing^ui her head { 
And when the \JoSlox fpici hii ?ancagr ripe. 
To pinch hci by the h»nJ, and on ih»t token, 
TbcmiiJh»ttigiuea content to go with liint. 

M|/f. Which meanci (he todccciuc 7 Ftiho, or Mo- 

Tn. Both (my good Hoft) to go tlonc with me : 
And hecTC it rcfli, th»t you'l j,rof ure (t>c Vicjr 
To fl«y foe mc ai Church, t wixt iweluc,ind one, 
TogiucourhcJrtjTnited tcrcmoiiy. 

Hoji. Weil, husbwid your deuicc; lie to the Vicar, 
Bring vou the (h»ll not lack* a Pr left. 

Vrn. So Qi all lctJ«rmoTC be bound lo thee; 
Bcfidct, He auke a prcfcnt reeompcntc. Cxttrnt 

ABusQuwtas. ScccnaTrima, 

Enter T*lfie§f, Quuk^^4BtdF*ri. 

Fdl, Prt't)>« no more pratUng : go, He hold, thij i» 
the third time : I hope good lucke lies in odde number: 
Away, go, they fay there is Diuinity in odde Nuxnbem, 
cither ia naciuity , chance; or death ; a way. 

JIm. lleprouideyouachaii;£, and lie do what I cao 
to get you a paire of homes. 

f4fl. Awaylfay.titiw w ear es, hold vp your bead k 
mine?. HownowM. 5ra«7u/M after ^r«a»»#, the trat- 
ter willbeknownetonighuotneoer. Bee you in the 
Parke about midnight, M Hcmca-Oake, and yooftiail 
fee wonderi, 

F<!rM. Went you not to her yefterday(S»r)ii yotj told 
me you bad appointed } 

¥fil. lwenttohcr(MafteT^«m^) nyou fee, like a 
poore-old-man, but I came from her (MsAer Brtvrm) 
like a poore-cld-woman ; that fame knauc f^orJhir huf- 
band) hath the fincft rpad diuell of iealoufie in him(Ma- 
fttt Br«»w*)that euer gouern'd Frenfie. I will tell you, 
he beate me grecuoufly, in thcfhape of a woman; (for in 
tKc(hapcofMan(Mafler5r«»wO I feare' not Goliab 
with a Weauers beame, b«caufe I know alfo, life it a 
Shuttle) I ammhaft, go along with mee. He tell yooali 
(MafterfiroonK:) fincelpiucktGeefe, plaideTrewant, 
and whiptTop, I knew not what * to be beaten, till 
lately. Follow mee, Iletell you ftrang* thingsof this 
knaue Ftrd, on whom to night I will be reuenged, and I 
will deliuei his wife into your hand . Follow, ftraunge 
things in hand (}A£reome) follow. Sxmnt. 

Scena Secunda. 

Enter Page,ShaScmySlnder. 

f*^. Come, come : wee'll eonch i'th Cafile.<ntch, 
tiQ we {ice the light of oDi Faiiiet. Rcmemba (on iltm' 

SIcn. Iforfooth, Ihanefjpoltewiihher, Scwehaoe 
a nay-word, how to know one another. I come to b«r 
io white, and cry Mum; (be cries Budget, aad by that 

wt kitow OM anothar. 

5ha/. That'i good coo/ B<n vh.trf^dneuliaTotf 
Mum, or her Budge: f The white witl orcipbo her vriU 
enough. IihathProoket^na'clockc. 

Pm£i. Thenight udarkc. Ltghi and Spiriu wiD be- 
come It w^i Hcaum profpcr ottr .'pen. No aua meaiiS 
euill bat the deui;i,and vkc (hai kfiow )um by bis horn«.- . 
Leu away : follow me. txrmt. 

ScenA Tcrtic. 

Etner »?»/. ?iK/,« M-ft. Fwd, Cdtm. 

MiP.Pij^t. M'Do^<»r,my uiUf h:er Is ir. grecn^wbtB 
you fee your time, take hn by t!i: band, awiy with fan 
to the Deanerie. and difpitcki: quickly : go befor<m(e 
the Parke: we two muR go together. 
Cm. I know vat Ihaue to do. adieu. 
Mifi fd/r.Fare you well (Sir.) my husband will ost 
rcioy ce fo much at the abufe oit-tlJitWt, at he wdl chifv 
at the Dolors marrying my daughter : Bui 'tis no .lu.- 
ten beucraUtdechidicg, (hen a great dcak of beart- 

Mip.Frrd. Where is Ktti now/ and her troop ofFai- 
riei? and the Welch-deuill Heme ? 

WfiJP^i*. They are all couch'd in a ph hard by Henm 
Oake.wichoblcur'd Lights; which at t!-.e rrry mftaoe 
o^FtljlMffct and our meeting ^hey w.!! at once diTpby to 

Mtjf.Fird. That cannot choofe but amaxe him. 

Mifi . pjtg*. If he be not amaz'd he will be OKKk'd : If 
he be amaz'd,he wiil euwy way be mock'd. 

"hliJi.Ftrd. Weell betray him St>e'y. 

Ttlifl.Psgt, Againftfoch Lcwdfier^.and then lecbexyi 
Thofc that betray them, do no treachery. 

AitfiScri. The boure drawea-oo : to ibe the 
Oake. £xMOjr, 

Sceru Quarta. 

Emcr Eadtu miiFarrkj. 

Smaiu. Trib, trib Fairies : Come, and rauembet y tS? 

parts : be po!d (I pray you) follow nrve into the pit, aai 

wbenlgiue thewatcb-'ords, doaslpidyov : Gxcc, 

come, uib,tnb. Exam: 

Scena Qumta, 

Cater Falfia^t, Miflru Pt^e, ^MtHrii Ftrd^Esea^ 
Anme P»l*, Fairits,'P»gt^«rd^»i(k^t 
SUndtT ,Faitcn ,CA.tit,7HlloS. 
Fsl. The Wind for-bell hath ftrokerweUe: the Mi- 
nute drawes-on: Now the hot-bloodied-Gods alfift mc: 
Remember lout, thoa wai't a Bull for thy EktmajLou: 
frt on thy bornea. O powerfull Looe. that ic lome re- 
fpe^ makes a Bead a Man : in fom other,a Man a beaft. 
You were alfo(lupiter) a Swan, fot the loue ofLetu . O 


The Merry JViues ofWindfer. 


omnipotent Louc, hownerethcGod drew to checom- 
piotion of a Coofe : a fault done firft in the forme of : 
beaft,(0 loue, a bea(^ly faulc: ) and then another fault 
in the (emblancc of a Fowlc, thinke on't (loue) a fowle- 
faujc. When Gods haue hot backet, wnatfhall poore 
men do ? For me, I am heere a Windfor Staggc, and ibe 
fatteft (1 thinke) i'th FoneR. Send me a coole rut«tim« 
(louc)orwhocanblamemetopiffemy Tallow? Who 
comet heere ? my Poei 

tM.T»r<L Sir Uhn} Art thou there (my Dccre? ) 

fd. My Doe, with the blacke Scut ? Let the $kie 
nme Potatoes : let it thunder, to thetune of Greene^ 
fleeues, haUc-kilTmg Comfits, and fnow Eringoes : Ler 
therecofpeatempeAofprouocation, Iw>ir{beUer mee 

M' ford. Miftrls ?Age is f ome with me^fweet hart.) 
Ftl, Diuide rne like a brib'd>fiucke,eacn a Hsunch : 
I will ke^pe my fides to my felfe, tny {houlden fm the 
fellow of this walke { and my homes I bequeath your 
huibands: Amla Woodman,ha?SpeakeI \\VtHernt 
the Hunter? Why, now is Cupid a child of confcieiue, 
he makes rcAitution. As I am a true fpirittWelcome. 
M.Pagt. Alas, what noife? 
M.Fard, Hcauen forgiue our Hnnet* 
Frf/ What (houJd this be? 
MS»rd.'M.T»ge. Away, away, 
fal. 1 thinke the diuellwil nothauemedamn'd, 
LeaA the oyle that's in me Ihculd fet hell on fire; 
He would neuer elfe crofTc me thus. 
Enter Ftirtet. 
Q»i. Fairies blacke, gray, grcene^and white. 
You Moonc -fiiine reuellert.and Ihades of nightv 
You Orphan helres of fixed deftiny, 
Attend yourofRcc, and your quality. 
Crier Hob-gobiyn, make the Fjiiry Oye$. 

Pifi. Eiues, HA your names : Silence you aierytoyet 
Cricket, to Windtor-chimnles (halt thou leape ; 
Where fires thou find'ft vprak'd, and hearths vnfwept, 
There pinch the Maids as blew 99 Bill-berry, 
Our radiant Queene, hates Sluts,and Sluttery. 

Fai. They are Fairiet,he that foeaks to them (hall die, 
lie winke,and couch : No man trteir workes mufl eie. 

Sh. Wher's 'Bede?Go you,and where you find a maid 
That ere flie flecpe has thrice her prayers faid« 
Raife vp tRc Organs of her fantafie, 
Slcepe the as found as catcleilTe Infancie* 
But thofe as (lecpe, and thinke not on their fins, 
Pineh themarmes, legs,backes,/houlders,fides,Sc (htDS. 

^. About, about: 
Searrfj Windfor Caftlc(Elues)within,and out. 
Strew good lucke (Ouphes) on euery faaed roome. 
That it may ftand tilt the perpetnall doome, 
In flare as wholfome, as in Hate 'tis fit, 
Worthy the Owner, and the Owner it.' 
The feuerallChaires ofOrder,looke you fcowre 
With iuyceof Balmc ; and euery precious flowrc. 
Each faire Inflalment, Coate, and fcu'rall CrcA} 
With loyaU Blazon, euermore be blcf^. 
And Nightly-meadow-Fairics, looke you fing 
tike to the CTiirters-Cotnpiffe, In a ring, 
Th'cxprelTure that it beares : Greene let it be. 
Mote fertile-frefh then all the Field to fee ; 
And, Hen^Sdit *^i Mat-jfPencey write 
In Emrolo-tuffcs, Flowres purple, blew.and white, 
I like Saphire-pcatle, and rich embroiderie. 

Buckled below faire Knight-hoods bending kneci 
Fairies vfe Flowres foe their charafterie. 
Away, difpeifc : Bat till 'tis one a dockc. 
Our Dance of Cuftooie, round about theOke 
OfHm/ethetiumet, let vs not forget. /f^j . 

f«*j.Pray you lock hand in han<l:your fdoes in ord« 
And twenty glow-wormci (hail our Lanthornes bee 
To guide our Meafure round about the Tree. 
Eat ftay, J fmell a man of middle earth. 

Fal. Hecucns defend me from that Wclfh Fairy 
Leafl be trantformc me to a pcece of Cheefe, 

Pifi. Vildcworme.thouwaflore-look'ieueniritljv 
birth. ' 

^« . With Triali-fire touch roe his fingw emj : 
If he be chafte, the flame will backe defcend 
And turne him to no paine : but if he ftari 
It is the flefh of a corrupted hart, 

Ptfi, Atrialljcome. 

EuA. Come: will this wood tske fire? 

FtL Oh. oh, oh. 

Qui. Corrupt, corrupt, ant! tainted in defire. 
About him (Fairies) fing a fcornfull rim?, 
And as you trip, ftiJl pinch him to your time. 

The Song. 
Fteefiftmifullfhcntafit • Fieon Lnfl^irndLiutwit: 
Lufi ts hm A bloudyfirt, kyuiUdwith vnchaflt dtfirt^ 
Ftd w heart vho[e flamtt a/pirt, 
tySi thought i do 6low them higher andhigtjer. 
Pinch him {Fames) mutually : P,nch him far hu vHicm. 
Pinch him, and hurytt him, and turne him. ahotn , 
T'BCatiditt,^ St or. light, <^ fJ^Mnt-Pfinebe out. 

1>age. Nay do not flye, I thinke wchaue watcht you 
now .- Will none but Htnu the Hunter feme your 
turne ? 

M. Page.lptay you come^iold vp the left nohighes. 
Now (good Sir Jehu) how like youff/W/ir wiues ? 
Sccyou thefe husband I'D© not thefe faire yoakcs 
Become the Forrefi better then the Towne ? 

Fcrd. Now Sir, whofc a Cuckold now? 
Kfr Breome, FalHafet a Knaoe.a Cuckoldly knaue, 
Heere arc his homes Maftei Treomt : 
AndMafterTrwaw, he hath enjoyed nothing of ForJj, 
but his Buck-basket, his cudgell, and twenty pounds of 
money, which muft be paid to M' "BrcoDu, hjs horfes are 
atrefled for it. M' Braofot, 

M.Ftrd. StrM«,wehauehad ill lucke: wee could 
neuer mccte: I will neuer uke you for my Loue againe, 
but I will alwayes count you my Deere. 

Fd. I do begin to pcrceiuc that I am made an AfTe. 

Perd. l,andaDOxetoo: both the proofes are ex- 

fal. And thefe are not Fairies: 
I was three or foure times in the thought they were not 
Fairies, and yet the guilimelTe of my minde, the fodaine 
iurpriic of my powers, drouc the groflcnefTe of the fop- 
pery into a recciu*d belecfc, in defpight of the teeth of 
all rime and reafon, that they were Fairies . See now 
bow wit may be toade a Iacke-a.Lent,when 'tis vpon ill 

fM«rr. Sir/fli»if4/i7<ijfi, ferueCot, and leaue your 
defires,and Fairies will not pinfe you. 

Ford. Well faid Fairy B«j*. 

EiMMSt Aod leaue you your iealouzies too, 1 pray 



7 he iSMerry IVata of Wtndfar. 

FarJL^ I w'lll ncutr m'tOruA my W^f* tgain«, tUi thou 
trt tblt to woo her In good Englifh. 

Ftf/. Htuc 1 laiJ my bramr in cite Sun, anJ dii'tk it^ 
thit u wimu nutter to pr«ucn( To aroCTcore-rctc^ingM 
ihti? AmTridtirn vvit'nt WtichCjoJie too:'S!>al Ih«uc 
• Coxcombco( Friz«> Tii iin>« I vyertchoiWd wwbi 
pcf ct of toirttd Cheefe. 

Em. Seefe is not good to g/uc puucr; j^our txlijr » kl 

f<i/, Se«f«,tndPutrer? HtiJcIlKi'iJ to Oandu the 
taunt of onciluim«kti Fnttcfi of Bnglifh - Thu ii tr- 
nough to be the decay of luAaodiatc- walking througVi 

Mi/f.Pigf. Why Sir Ms, 60 fov thinke though wee 
would htuc thrud venue out of our hnrti by 1 behead 
etid (houldcrs^ and hvic giuan our frlum witScut fcru> 
pie to hell, that euer the dcuiU could banc madc^ou our 

Ferd. Wbat.a bodge-pudding ? A bag of fl« ? 

Mifi.Part, A poftmon ? 

PmI*. OldjCold. wuha'd,andoftntolWf:iblccn- 
trailci } 

Ffrdi And one that i« as flanderous %i Saihan } 

f*gt. And aipoorcas lob ? 

ftrl. And »$ wicked a* hu Wife? 

fiMw. And gtucn to Fornicationj, and to Tiaemci, 
ondSacke,and Wine, and Me(beg1mt,3nd todrinKuigs 
and fwcaringt. and Aarmgi? Pnbles and prablcs \ 

tal. WoU, I am your Tlieamc : you haue the flart of 
me, I am dcicded : I ^rt> not able to an! wcr the Welch 
f Unacll , IgaorsDce ic felt'c is a plummet ore me, vfe tne 
ai you will. 

tords MarrySir,w«1 bring you to WindfortootK 
M' 5r*w>f,ihat you hauccoion'd of money, to whom 
you fhould hauc bin a Pander : ouer and aboue that you 
haue fuffcr'd, 1 thiakc, to repay that tuoney f?iil be a bi> 
ting affHiftton. 

P»lt. Vet be cheerefoll Knightr thou (halt eat a pof- 
fK to nlghf at my boufc, wher J will deflr* thee to Uuijh 
at my wife, that now laughet at thee t Tell hex M' SUa- 
igr hath married her daughter. 

"Mifi ?*gi. Doftori doubt that | 
If/iKMf Pagi be my daughiei, (be is Qo\ this) Dodotu 
CcMu wife. 

Slen. Wboa hoc, hoe, Father fagt. 

Page. Sont^.' How now ?How now Sonne, 
Haue you difpatch'd i* 

S/n. Difpatch'd? Ilcnulce thebeft in GloflerfliifC 
know on't : would I wershang'd la,eire. 
Pags. Of whst fonne ? 

Sliv. I came yonder at Eaen to many Mifiris jIptu 
Pege, and die's a great lubberly boy. If it had not bene 
i'th Church, I wouldbauefwing'dhim, orheelTiould 
hauefwing'dme. Ifl did not thinke ic had bccne yitiae 
Page, would I migbc oeuer ilinc,aQd 'tis APoft-oftflcis 

P^€, Vpiwimylifttk^.jroalookrtSewTooj. 

ii/zn. Whitnrcd«yo««i»lfm«i^.u> Jibmkfo.whrn 
I looke » Eoy fockOirW i Ifl had b«Tk« marned to Kjm, 
^fof all h« war m womaot appaneJi) 1 would not kua* 
bad hjm. 

Tagt. Wby thi: ii ye«r owne fol.'y. 
Did not I tcL you i»ov« jreu ftMMtid koow tBy dmtfhta 
By h<T girmenti > ' 

Slf. I went to her in ptnt, Mod akiilAam, and 
(Ke cnde budget, u tyfrnn and I had appoint«d,t»d yr t 
It was not */^«i.#,bur t Poft.m»ft*rt boy 

MiilJ'Mgt. Good 0*wf r be not ir^'y J knew of 
your porpole : turn'd my daa^Utf mio wfnrt. and.n- 
dctde (ix it now wuli tiic Dodot u the Deaarie and 
then: roirried. 

Cm4. VrtuMiftris^^rbygtrT •tncct'sr'td. Iha 
mariied 000 Garfoon.a boy ; oor. pefjnt.b; gn. A bov, 
It It not y^H Page, by gar.Iarocormt-d. 

LMJagt. vVhy>did7outjkeherinwbitt > 

Cmi. I bee gtr, and 'tis*, boy : be gtr, lie n:& »0 

ford. Thlt isftrange .- Who hath got tber-gSt jttm^ 

Ptgt. My heart mifgiue* convei m'' Fntx. 
How row M' PtnU9 ? 

y/ta* Pardon ^•od/»ibef,good rrry nothei pudoa 

Pugt. Kow Miftrit : 
How ch4n«e Tou went tx>t with MrSUnOer^ 

Af.Ptgt. whywentyoaootwith ST Doctor, mud? 

Frm. Yoo do arruze her : bearc th« truth of li. 
You would haoe manied her moft (hamefully, 
Where thert was DO proportion held inloue: 
Thetrvrt»it. nieandl(long fincecontrafted) 
Arc now fo furethac nothing can difTolue rt ■ 
Th'offcnee ii holy, that (He'hath committed. 
And thlt deceit looJcs thenameofcrafv 
Of difobedience, or roduteous ntle. 
Since therein fhe doth cuitttt and fhcn 
A ihoMfgnd irreligious cvrfed haures 
Which forced marriage wouJa haue broaght rpoo h«r. 

F0rd. Stand not amar'd, here it no remcdie : 
Tn Lou*, the hcauent themfclues do gj'ide the ftate, 
Money buyes Landt,and w'lues are fold by fate. 

f 4/. 1 am glad, though you haue tane a fpcciaJ .land 
to ftrrke»t me, that your Arrow hath glan c'd, 

Pdgf. Well, wbal remedy ? Fenr»n, hesaer giusthec 
joy. what cannot beefchev/d,muft be cmbrac'd. 

Fsl. When Digbt-dogccsrua, all forti of Deere are 

MifiJ>age. Wel!,lwiIlm3f£nofgrxhcT: WFtom, 
Heauen g'luf yo«i roary,many merry dayei? 
Good hutbar.d, let vt euery one go home. 
And laugh this fport ere by a Counaic 6r& 

Ptrd. Let it be fo (Sir /»fci:) 
To Mafter BrocttK. yoo yet Qull hold ymuttoei, 
For he, to ol ght, CmJI lye -Mth MiBii j FjnL £xfti.ft 

FIN 1 5. 


M E A S V R E, 

For Meafure. 

(iMBusprtmus^ Scena prima. 

Eater Duke, Efealu4, Lords* 



Efc. My Lord, (fold, 

DmI^. OfGouernmenr,the prooertics to vtu 

Would feeme in me t'afTe^ fpeecti & difcourfc, 
Since I am put to know,that your o wne Science 
Exccedes(in thac)chclins of ailaduice 
My ftrength can glue you : Then no more lemaines 
But chat, to your rufBciency,ai your worth it able. 
And let them worke ■ The nature of out People. 
Our Ctiits Inftiiutiens, and the Termei 
For Common Iunice,y'are as pregnant in 
Ai Art,and praAife.hath inhched any 
That we remember .- There is our CommiAion, 
From which.we would not haue you warpe ; call hither, 
I fay , bid come before v« Angile : 
What Sgute of vs thinke you,he will beare. 
For youmuB know, we haue with fpeciallfouie 
Elededhim our abfencc to fupply ; 
Lent him our terror .drcft him with our loue. 
And giuen his Deputation all the Organt 
Of our ownc powre .• What thinke you of it ? 

f/f. Ifany infT*«f»ri«bcofwcnh 
To vndecgoe fuch ample grace.and honour. 
It is Lord AngtU. 

Ewter yingth. 

Duki Locke where he comet. 

Ang. Alwayes obedient to your Graces wilf, 
I come to know your pleafure. 

2>i(i^. .Angela'. 
There is a kinde of Chara^er in thy life, 
That to th'obferuer, doth thy hidory 
Fully vnfold : Thy felfe,and thy belongings 
Are not thine owne fo to wa^e 
Thy felfe »pon thy vertues ; they on thee .• 
Heauen doth with vs, at we,with Torches doe. 
Not hght them for ihemfelues :For if our vertues 
Did nt>t goe forth of vs, 'twere all alike 
As if we had them not : Spirits are not finely tooch'd 
But to fiut; ((fues : nor nature neuer lend* 
The fmallcft fcruple of her excellence. 
But like a thrifty godde(re,(he determines 
Her felfe the glory of a crcditour. 
Both thatik{,aad vfe; but I dobcnd my fpeecb 

To one that can my part in him aduertife ; 

Hold therefore Angela '. 

In our thou at full,our felfe i 

Mortallitie and Merciein Vienna 

Liue in thy tongue,and heart : Old Efcdm 

Though firfl in qucftion,is thy fccondary. 

Take thy Commiffion. 

Ang, Now good my Lord 
Let there be fomemore tef^.made of my mettle. 
Before fo noble, and fo great a figure 
Be f^amp't vpon it. 

Dnk^ No more euafion ; 
We haue with a leauen'd.and prepared choice 
Proceeded to you ; therefore take your honort : 
Our haAe from hence is of fo quicke condition. 
That it prefers it felfe, and leaucs vnqueftion'd 
Matters of needfull value : We fhall write to you 
As time,and our concernings fhall importune. 
How it goes with vs, and (foe lookc to know 
What doth befall you here. So fare you well ; 
To th'hopefull execution doe I leaue you, 
Ofyour Commidiont. 

Ang. Yet giue leaue (my Lord,) 
T hat we may bring you fomeching on the way. 

Dukj My hafte may not admit it. 
Nor neede you (on mine honor) haue to doe 
With any fcruple : your fcope is as mine owne. 
So to inforce.or qualifie the Lawes 
As to your foule feemes good ; Giue me your hand, 
Ilepriuilyaway : I loue the people, 
But doe not like to flage me to their eyes : 
Though it doe well, I doe not rellifh well 
TheirTowd apphufe,and Auesvehemcnt ; 
Nor doel thinke the man of fafedifcretion 
That do's atfcd it. Once more fare you well. 

Ang. 1 he heauens giue fafecy to your purpofes. 

Sfe. Lead fonb , and bring you backe in happi> 

nefTe. Sxi$. 

DMkj Ithankeyoujfareyonwen, 

Efc. I fhall dehxe you, 5ir,to giue me leaue 
To haue free fpeech with you ; and It eonccroes me 
To looke into the bottome of my place ; 
A powte I haue, bat of what flrengtb and nature, 
I am not yet inAru^ed. 

Ang.'Tit fo with me : Let vs with-draw together,' 
And we may foone our fadsfa^on haue 
Touching that point. 

e/i. De wait Tpon your honor. Exeunt. 

F Scana 



Meajwre for Meajitre. 

Scena Sccunda. 

Ltte. If (he /Joi/.wnhihe o:htr Dukci.corocnotto 
compofKion with (he King of/yKjyi^,wh^thcn all the 
Dukct fall vpon ihc King. 

I Gfwf. hirnicn^r»i\titHi peace, bumoichr King 
of Hmfviii. 

i.Gcnt. Amen. 

Lne. Thoucondud'ftliVe the SindHmonioot PlrtJ, 
rhu v»cnt to fei with the ten ComaundcaKiui, but 
fcrapd one oat of the T«ble. 

z.Ctnt. Thou (h»It not Stcile? 

Lmc. I, thai herai'd. 

\.(jtiit. Why^'cwaitcommondement, toeotmnand 
the Captaine and all the reft ttom their fun^iop* : they 
put forth to ftcale: Thereinot sSouldierof»sall, that 
in the thankfgtuing before (neate,doral!i(hthepeticion 
well, that praiei for peace. 

z,(jfnt, I ncuet heard any SouldierdiOikeit. 

Luc. I belccuc thee : for I thinkc thou ocuer wai'c 
where Grace waj faid. 

i.Gffit. tlof adorentimesstleaft. 

l.Cfit. Wli3t?Inmeetcf ? 

Luc- In any proportion . or in any language 

t.fjfit, Ithinke,or in 2ny Religion. 

ltt£. I, why iioc)Crace,isGrace,deipightorallem> 
trouetfie: atforeaample; Thouihytclfe art a wicked 
yillaine, defpight of all Grau. 

iX!nt. Weil: there went bat aparrs of fhectesbe* 

Luc. I grant.- as there may betweene the LiAs, and 
I the VeluetaThou art the Litt. 

l.Ctns. And thou the Veloet; thou art good vcluet; 
thou'rtathreepild-peecel warrant thee.- Ihadas licfe 
beaLvft ot'anEngli'hKeffey, asbcpil'd, as thou art 
pil'd.for a French Veloet. Do I fpeikeffelnigly now.' 

Lmc. I thinke thou do*(^ : and indeed with mort pain- 
full feeling of thy fpeech ; I will, out of chine owne con. 
fe(non,leifne to begin thy health; but.whilO I hue for- 
get to dtinke after thee. 

i.C*)»,Ithink I hauedonemyfeJfewrong,haueInot? 

t.C/nt. Yej,chat thou h jft;whether thou art uinted, 
or free. Efter Baw<U. 

I.(v.BehoJd,behold,whereMadam./l/i/i^^«» comes. 
I haue purchafd ai many difeafes vodei her Roofe, 

Z.Gent. To what,! pray f 

Lmc. Iudge« 

t.Gent. To thriK thoutand DoOoars a yeare. 

j.Gott. I.andmore. 

Luc. A French crowne more. 

i.Gext. Thou art dwayes figuring difeafe* in tn«;boe 
thou art full of error.l am found. 

Ltu. Njy, not (a« one would fay^ healthy : but fo 
found, as things that are hollow ; thy boms ste hoUow; 
Impiety hss niadcafeaftofthee. 

t.Geitt. Hownow, which of your bips hasthetoeft 
piofound Cisdca f 

Bamfd, Wel'.,well t there's cneyonder arrefteJ, and 
canied to J)rifon,w3s worth fiu£ tnoufand of youafl. 

i Cent. Who's tbitlptay'thee? 

Bjord. Marry Sir^that i CLateLo, S'l^'ioj Qludiiat 

I. Gnu. Ll d ud tt to prifoo } 'tis pot tc. 
^Mwd. Nay, but I know "tn To : ICiw Kuu andUd- 
rawhimc«ni«dtvf*y : aiio which unM:c, wiihiflihcfc 
three dates hu head to b« chtrp'd off. 

Lite. But, after all iKu(ibolingJwottMn«ib*iM: it ft^. 
Art thou futcofihit? 

'Bawd. laTttoofurcofit: and it ia for getting Mfcd«m 

Luc. Bcleeucmcibii maybesKe prt>mis'd tomtrtc 
TM two howict fiftcc, and he ws&eucr prcaCc in pr 

z.Ctnt, Be/)dei you know, it drawn forothingrtctit 

to the fpetch vwc had to fuch s puipofe. 

i.^mt. But rT*ortofall agreeing with the ptoclam»'.>6. 

Lie. Awayslct'igoelestnethe truthofit. E^.it. 

TStimi Thus, what with ti»e war; what with the fv*eat, 

what with the eallowe»,aivd what with pouetty, i am 

CuHom-Qirunke. How now ^ what't the Dcwes with 

you. Ijrtir Clcwnt. 

CI*. Yonder mania carried to priCen, 
£«•>. Well: what bu he dooe» 
CIt. A Worrun. 
'Ssw. But what's hiiofftncef 
C/». Gropirg for Trowts.ioe peculiar Riuer. 
"Bftw. WKat ? (I there a matd with child by him / 
CU. No : but there's a womin with rrmd byhlcB^ 
you haue not Keaid of the pi ocl^ma'ioa, haue you } 
Bdw. What proclamation, man t 
C^. AIlho>Mrnin theSuburbc of j'irmu nuAbe« 

Bmt/d. And what ft all become ot'rbofe in theCitic ? 
Clew. They ftall ftand for '.tti . they ha<J gen down 
to, but that a wife Burger put >n for them. 

'Bawd. But (hall all our houTet of rfefcnio the Sub- 
urbs be puiddowne > 

Clonf. To the ground, Miftris. 
Basri. Wby-hette'i a change indeed in the Commorr 
wcshh : what fhaU become of me ? 

Ctow, Come : fcare not yoo; good CotJftf«tlo« Ucke 
no Clients: though you change your place, you need* 
not change your Trade i He bee your Tapfter Aiil ; cou- 
rage, there w,il bee pitty taken on you ; you that haue 
worne your eyes almofl out in the feruice, you will b«« 

Bawd. What's to doe heere, Thraoi FapGerr let's 
withdraw ? 

CU. Here cones Signi or C^M^ led by the Prouofl 
to ptifcn : oiHi there's Madam luUa. Ezant. 

Scena ^ertia. 

Enter Profufi, ClJudt-Jitiiet,Ogicers^LuCK\(i- i.Cent, 
Ck. FelJow.why do'ft thou fiiow n»e thut to th'wodS 
Eeire me to prifon^whcre I am committed. 

?rfl. Idoit notineuilldifpoiition. 
But from Lord .Angels by fpeciail charge. 

Clou, Thus can the dcmy-god(Authority) 
Make vs pay downs, for our offence, by waign; 
The words of heaaen ; on whom it will, it will. 
On whom ii. sf-'ill not (foe) yet ftUl 'tis ioft. (Q.-iiat, 
Z*tf. Why bow now c/jto<iy>; whence comes tkjre- 
CU, From tea much liberty, (my L tid) Libery 
A« furfet is the father ofm uch 'farl, 
So euery Scooe by :h« immoderate vfj 
Turnes to rettnint : Our Natures dc€ puiTue 




LikeRacs that lauyn do>Mne tbeir proper Bane, 
Athixftycuin,and when wedrinkc.we die. 

Luc, If I could fpeake fo wifely vnder an arreft, I 
would fend for cettaine of ny Creditors / and yei,to fay 
the truth, I had as liefhauc the foppery of freedome , a» 
the mortality of imprifooment s what's (hy offence , 

^U. What (but to fpeaire of) would offend againe. 

Luc. What, i$'i murder* 

CU. No. 

Lmc. Lecherie? 

CU. Call it fo. 

Pro. Away, S ir, you muff goe. 

pa. One word, good fuenci 
Lucio,^ word with you. 

Luc. A hundred : 
If they'll doe you any good: IsL/ctirr^rfolook'dafcer? 

Cla. Thus ftands it with me : vpoo a true contrad 
I got poffeflion of luUttatheA, 
You know the Lady, (Vte is faft my wife, 
Sauethat we doe the rtcnunciation lackc 
Of outwjrd Order. Thit wccamenot to, 
Onelyforpropogationofa Dowre 
Remaining in the Coffer of her friends, 
From whom we thought it meet to hide our Louc 
Till Time had made themforvs. But itchancej 
The flealth of our moft mutoail eniertainmem 
With Charaftcr too groflc, is writ on iMliet. 

Luc. With childc, perhaps? 

CU. Vnhappely.euenfo. 
And the new Deputie, now for the Duke, 
Whether it be the fault and gttmpfe of newncj 
Or whether that thebody pubiimie, be 
Ahorfe whereon the Gouernot aoch ride. 
Who newly in the Scare, that it may know 
He can command ; lets it (Irait feele the fpur ; 
Whether the Tirranny be in his place, 
Or \n bis Eminence that fills it vp 
I flagger in ; But this ncwGouernor 
Awakes me all the inrolled penalties 
Which haue (like vn-fcowr'd Armor) hung by th'wall 
So long, that nintcene Zodiacks hsiie gone rounds 
Anil none of them beene worne; and for a name 
Now puts the drowfie and neglc£lcd h(X 
Frc(hlyonme:'ti$ furely for a name. 

Lue. 1 warrant it is: And thy head (lands fo tickle on 
thy (}iouidcrs, that a milke-maid.if ftie be in lone, may 
(Igh it off: Send after the Duke.andappeale to him. 

CU. I haue done fo, but hee's not to be found. 
I pre'mee {Luac) doe me this kindeferuice.- 
This day, my filler (hould the Cloyfter enter. 
And there receiue her approbation. 
Acquaint her with thedangcr of my flate. 
Implore her, in my voice, that (he make friends 
To the fh'rfV deputie : bid her felfe aflay him, 
T haue great hope in that: for in her youth 
There is a prone and fpeechleffc dialed. 
Such as moue men : befide.fhe hath profperous Art 
When fhe will play with reafon, and difcourfe. 
And wtFl fhe can pcrfwsde. 

luc. I pray (hee may ; afwell for the encouragemert 
of ilif like, which elfe v.ould fland vnder grecuous im- 
pofiiion • as for the enioying of thy life, who I would be 
forry Oioiitd bee thus foolifhly loft , at a gvne of ticke- 
tacke: lie 10 her. 

CU. I thanke you good friend Lucia. 

Lae. Within two houres. 
^ CofueOflRcet,away. 


Scena Quarta, 

Cntrr Duki "wl Fritr TbomM. 

Duk. No : holv Father ,throw away that thoUghe, 
Beleeue not that tne dribling dart of Louc 
Can pierce a compleat bofome ; why,I defire thee 
To giue me fecret harbour, hath a purpofe 
M ore graue,and wrinkled, then the aimcs, and ends 
Of burning youth. 

Fri. MayyourCracefpeakeofit^ 

Dukj My holy Sir, none better knowes then you 
How 1 haue euerlou'd the life remoued 
And held in idle price,to haunt aflemblics 
Where youth, and coft.wltlelTe brauery keepet. 
I haue deiiuerd to Lord t^mgdo 
(A man of ftri^reand firme abflinence) 
My abfolute power.and place here in ZHtntia^ 
And he fuppofes rt>e trauaild to "PcUnd, 
(For fo I haue ftrewd it in the common eare) 
And fo it is receiu'd .■ Now (pious Sir) 
You will demand ofme.why 1 do this. 

m. Lord. 

Duk^ We haue ftii^Statut£$,and mofl biting Laws, 
(The needfull bits and curbes to headftrong weedes,) 
Which for this foureteeneyeares.we haue let flip 
Euen like an ore-growne Lyon in a Caue 
That goes not out to prey: Now,as fond Fathers, 
Hauing bound vp the threatning twigs ofbirch, 
Onely to fticke it in their childrens fight 
For terror ,not to vfe : in time the rod 
More mocl('d,then fear'd : fo our Decrees, 
Dead toinf)i(9ion,tothemfeluesarcdead. 
And libertie.plucks luftice by the nofe ; 
The Baby beates the Nurfe,and quite aihw ait 
Goes ail decotum. 

Fri. It refted inyourGracc 
To vnloofe thi« tyde-vp luAicCfWhen yoo pleaf^d: 
And It in you more dreadful! would haue feem'd 
Then in Lord ji>>geU. 

D»l{. Idoefeare : toodreadfull : 
Sith 'twas my giuethe people fcope, 
T would be my tirrany to ftrike and gall them. 
For what I bidthemdoei For.wc bid thitbe done 
When euill deedes haue their perm'ifTiue pafle, 
And not the punifhment : therefore indeede (my father) 
i haue on Angela impos'd the office, 
Who may in th'ambufhof my name.flrike home. 
And y€t,my nature neuet ii> the fight 
Todoinflandet : And to behold his fway 
1 will, as 'twere a brother of your Order, 
Vifit both Pnnce.andPeopIe : Therefore I pre'thee 
Supply me with the habit,and indruft me 
How { may formally in perfon bcare 
Like a true Fner : Moe reafons for this a^on 
A: our more leyfure,fhall I render you ; 
Onely.this one : Lord Afgth is precife, 
Stands at a guard with Enuie : fcarce confrfles 
That his blood flowes : or that his appetite 
Is more to brtad then fVone : hence fliall we fee 
If power changepurpofe : what our Seemers be. Exit. 
F 1 Sccens 



Mcafure for Me^Jiert, 

Scena Qumia, 

Intrr IfaStii Mjad Francifca a Nuo. 

IftL AoH htoc you Ntnt rso firchcr pf iuilc^go } 

Smt. Are notih^feljrgc rnougi^? 

/p. Yei ttuely; I fpcixc not ii dcrinngoiorc* 
Bui rithcr wiOiing a more ftriS rcQrtmt 
Vpon ibc SiAcrnood.ihc Vouxini of Sauu Claru 
Ltcxt Mtuiim, 

Luc, Hoa 7 peicc beta thii place. 

Ifa: Who'i tKit which cab/ 

Nun. It it a mint voice ■ gentle IftdtlU 
Tumeyouthekcy^and icnow hiibufincrrcorhlmt 
You may J Imay not :you treyet rnfv«orn<: 
Wh«i you hau< vend, you nmjn not fpcakc with men. 
But in chc ptefence of tnc Fntrtft ; 
Then Ifyoa muft not fhow your facfj 
Or if you Q^ mu(^not fpcakc: 
He ciJt againe .- 1 pray vou tufwete him. 

//a. Peace infiproipcritie: who it't that c*Ii' 

L'K. Haile Virgin, (if you be) as thofe cKeeke.Rofes 
Proelaunc you are no Icffc .- can you fo ftced me, 
Ai bring me to the fight of //ii*//«, 
A Nouice of thit pi3ce,ind the fiireSinn 
To her vnhgppicD. other CUudio} 

Ifa, Why her vnh3f<py Brother* Letmcaskef 
The rather fot I now mull make you koovw 
I am that IfaitlU^ and his Siikr. 

Lmc. Gcniie & faire .• youi Brother kindly gtwreycu | 
Not tobewesiy with you jhe'aurptifon. 

/fa. Woe me; for what f 

Lue. For that, which if mj fclfe mtgf>i be hit ladge^ 
Ke (hould receiue his punifhinem*in thank et .* 
He huh got his friend with chiUie. 

//4. Sir,(nake me not your Aone. 

rj«r.Tiitrue;I would noCfthough tiimyfamilurCo, 
With Maids (a feetse the Lapwing, and to leA 
Toagoe/ar from hean : pUy wtih aU Virgins (ot 
I hold you as a thing ctHtkied, and ftintcd. 
By your rcooansemani, an imortall fpirit 
And lo be u&'i with In (locaity. 
At with 1 Saint. 

Jfs. You doe bUfpheme the good, in mocking me. 

Inc. Doeootbdecueic :fewns{,and truth} til that, 
Your brt3ther^d his loucr haue embrte'd ; 
As thofe that fecd.grow fu! las blonbming Fime 
That from thef^dues.che bare fallow bringi 
ToieeTniog foyfon ■ euen fe her plenteous wornbe 
Espreflcth nis full TiUh^aod hujbandry. 

/fa. Scvneooe wUhchiLkby him?tnyooren/a&M? 
.JLtec I$n«yourcofen> 

/fa. Adopcedly,as Cchoole-rcakis change cheit names 
3y vaine.ibough apt sffeAion. 

Lee. She it K. 

/fa. OhjletbimnrnryheT. 

Cue. This is the point. 
The Dake U verv fb3ng«ly gone irombeoce'; 
Sore avxoy eeaueinea (my telte being one) 
In hand, ^M hope oi'adior,;butwedoelejme. 
By c hofe that Koow the very N erues of S tare, 
ITis giuiag.f)ot, vissi of an infinite di fiance 
From his true re€antde{tgn«: vpoohJspUcea 

( And with fuU line of hit ao'Jsorisy^ 
Gouemci Lordy^^Wi/; Arrj^.^hofr b!oo4 
Ii very L'\ow-broi>. : <>n«. wl^io ncuer fttWi 
Tbe wanton f'lngt^ndmoiicni orir^frncc; 
Bat doth ftbatr, Mid blunt hitna'urtil rr^gc 
With profits of the mmdt . ^.rudir.and fiA 
He(toBiucfcircto vfr^d htrrne, 
Which oaue, for long. roruby the hicSrouiLtw, 
Ai Lyoni)h»thpi<Wt out »n%A 
Vnder whole hetuy frote.yoar brothers life 
Ftit into forfeit h< trrrOi him on it. 
And folio wri tlofr ihe ngof cf the Statute 
Tomike him an eiample ; all hope it goof, 
Vnleffc you haue the gr*cc,by j<xu fairt prritf 
To foff en At^tlt : And thus my pith orbBrincHe 
Twi«t vou,ind«ourpoorebrT>tber. 

//- both hcfo, 

Lmc. Has cenfur'd him tlf«»dy, 
And as I heire.the ProuoU btii-. a win v.t 
Par's ei ecu lion. 

/fa. AIii : what poore 
Abilitie's in me, to dee him goo^. 

Lmc. Affay the powre you haue, 
/fa. Mypower^ alas, I doubt. 

Lac, Our doubuarcitiitott 
And niikes ts \ooic the good we ofit mtgf»t wic. 
By feai ing to attempt : (Joq to Lord vJ"^/^ 
Andictbim leatncio know, when Maidens fje 
ivlen giue like gedt : but when they weepe ana KDUlt, 
All their petitions, are ai freely theirs 
At (hey ihemfclues would owe ibctn. 

/fd. lie fee what 1 can doe. 

L»c But fpeedily. 

/fa. I willaboirticftrait; 
No longer flaying.but to giue the Vfothet 
Notice of my affaire: I humbly thankeyou j 
Commend me to my brother : foone at night 
lie fend him cenainc word of my tgcceffc* 

Lmc. 1 takemy ieioeofyou. 

/fa. Good fir,adieu. £rrrr;. 

JBus Secmdus, Sc(sna Trima, 

Enter jiifffh, Efea/Mi,adfsru^jrt:-Jtifii{t. 

Aag.VJt muffnot make a fcar-etow ofthe Law* 
Setting u vp to fear* the Birds of pt ey. 
Ana let it keepe one fbjp<,cill raftone mike it 
Their pearch, tt>d not tbidr cenoc 

efe. i, but yet 
Let 7$ be keene,aQd rather cot a Tittle 
Then fall,and bruife to dcitb : jlas,ihn gaiikmtn 
Whom 1 wouid r3u«,had a tnoR noble father) 
Let but your booour koow 
(Whom I beleeue to be moft flrait -n vertue) 
Thuin the working of your owne affieftioni. 
Had time coheerd with Place, oc place with wishing, 
Or that the r«foiute aAio^ of tjur blood 
Could h^ue attaind th'ei?eft of your owne pu?poCt» 
Whether yoti had not foroetimJ in you: I ifc 
Br'd in this poim, which now you coifarc him, 
Aad puld the Law vpon you. 

^tg, *Ti« one thing to be tempted C^)^^) 


Meafurefor Meajure. 


<4 nother chine to tall ; 1 not deny 
The lury paffjng on the Prifoncrs life 
Mav in the fwornc-twclue haue a thiefe^or rwo 
Guiltier then hin» they tryj'whai'i open made to Iufti«, 
That luf^ice ceites ; What Icnpwet the ia wes 
Thatthceuei do pafle on theeues? Ti» very pregnant, 
The Jewell that wefindc.wc noope,and take't, 
Becaul'e we fee it ; but what we doe not fee. 
Wc tread vpon,«nd neuer think e of it. 
You fnay not fo extenuate his oftence. 
Fori haue had fuch faults ; but rather tellm« 
When I, that ccnfure fo offend, 
Let mine owne ludgement pattetne out my dcach. 
And nothing come in parnali. Sir.hc muft dye. 
Enter Prouofl. 

Efc. Be it ai your wifcdomc will. 

yitig. Where l4 the Prtfiw/? 

Pro. Here if u like your honour. 

Be executed by nine to morrow morning. 
Bring him hit CotifefTor.let him be prepar'd, 
Forthat\ the vtmoft of hu pilgrimage. 

Efc. Well . heauenforpiue him; and forgiueviall- 
Semt rtft hj flrnif , and feme bf vert me fall : 
SonK run from brakes of I ce,an d anfvrerc none. 
And fomc condemned for a fault alone. 

Saterflbnr, Freth, Clotvne, Offcers. 

£A. Comc,bringrhemaw8y if ihefe be good peo- 
ple in a Common- we«.le, that doe nothing but vfe their 
abufes in common hoiifes, I know no law .- bring them 

Afg. How now Sir^what'j youriume.' And what's 
the milter ? 

£lb. Ifitpleafc your honour, lamthtpoorcDuVei 
Conrtabte, andmynameis Elhav\ I doelesne vpon lu- 
fttccSir, and doe bring in here before your good honor, 
two notorious Bcnef iflors, 

Afig. Benefaaoti^WelhWhat Bcncfaf^ots are they? 
Are they not Malcfaftors ? 

£lb. If It pleafe your honour, I know not weJI what 
they are: But precife villi incs they >re,thit 1 amfurcof 
ana void of allprophanaiion in the woikl, that good 
Chtiftians ought to haue. 

Efc. Thij comes off well : here's a wife Officer. 

Ang. 6octo: What quality are they of y EOrew ts 
your name ? 
Why do II tbou not fpeake Eihow ? 

Cto. He cannot Sit : hc't out at Elbow. 

Aig» What are you Sir? 

EW. HeSir:aTapftetSir : parcell Baud : one that 
feruesabad woman: whofehoufe Sir w8«(ai they fay) 
plucktdownc intheSuborbs: and now fhee profcffcs a 
hot-houfe; which, 1 thinke its very ill houfetoo. 

Efc. How know you that? 

Elk, My wifcSii'whonrtl deteft before he»uer,«nd 
your honour. 

Efc, How? thy Wife? 

(lb. I Sit ; whom I tbsnke hesucn is an honert wo- 

Efc. Do" ft thou Jetefi her therefore ? 

Elb. lfayfir,lwiUdeteflmyfelfcalfo,as wellas (Vie, 
that thii houfe.if it be not a Bauds houfe,it is pitiy of het 
life, for it is a naughty houfc. 

Efcy How do'ft thou know that, Conflable ? 

Stb. Marry fir, by my wife, who.if (he had bin a wo- 
man Cardinally giuen.might haue bin accus'd in fotni. 

cation,aduItery,and all vncleanlitjeiTe there. 
Efc. By the womansmeaoet? 
Elk. I (irjby Mif^ris OHtr-dani nieanes: but is Hie fpit 
in his face, fotlicdefidehim. 

(fU. Sir, if it pleafe your honor.this it not fo, 
Elb. Proue it before ihcfe vailer* hcrc,chou honora- 
ble iman.prouclt. 

Ff(. Doeyouhcarehowhemifplacea? 
Ctf. Sir, (lie came in greit with chil Je : and longing 
(fauing your honors reuerence) for ftewd prewyiu ; fir, 
wehadbu; twointhehoufe, which at that verydirtant 
timcffcood, asit were inafruitdifh(adirh offomc thrte 
ptTKcjyoui honours haue fcenc fuch dirhcs)ibey arc not 
China-difhes, but very good difhet. 

Eft. Go too ; gotoo:nomattfi forthedi(h fir. 
Ch. No indeede lir not ofa pin; you arc therein in 
the tight : but.tothc point : As 1 fay, this Mifttis E/lxm, 
being (as I fay) with chiide, and being great bellied, and 
longing (as I faid) for piewyns: and hauing but two in 
the di(h (as I faid) M after Froth here.this very man, ha- 
uingeatenthercO(a» I faid)&(as I fay) paying for rhtm 
rcry honeflly : you know Madcr />0(A,1 could not 
giuc you three pence againe. 
Fr*. Noindcede. 

Clf. Very well ; you being then (if you be remem- 
bred) cricking the f>ones of rbe forefaid pre wyns. 
Fro. l,fo 1 did indcedc. 

Clo. Why.very well ; Iteflinq you thcn(if yoii be 
rcmcmbred) that fucha one, and fuch a one, weic part 
cure of the thing you wot of,vnkfl"e they kept very good 
diet, as I told you. 
Frv. All this is triie. 
f/*. Why very well ihen. 

E/b. Come : you are a tedious foolc to the purpofe .- 
what was done to £/^«)«'#j wife, that hec haih caufeto 
coniplaine of? Come meto what was done to her. 
^. Sir.your horfor cannot come to thacyet. 
Efc. No fir, nor I meane \t not. 
Cle. Sir, hot you (hall come to it, by yourhononrs 
IfjuerAnd Ibefcechyou, lookeinroMaRer rr^iAScre 
fir, a man of foure fcore pound a ycare ; v.tiofe father 
died at tuSowmtn : Was't not at H^iowwAt Mafler 

fro. Allhallond-Eue. 

CU. Why »ety well: I hope here be truthe^: he Sir, 
fitting (as I fay) in a lower chaire, Sir. 'twas in the bunch 
of Grapes, where iiidcrde you haue a delight lo fii,haue 
you not ? 

fT», I haue {o, becaufe it is an open roome,ind good 
for Winter. 

Cle. Why very well then ; 1 hope here be trutSes. 
A'g. This will la(t out a night in i^y/M 
When nights are longefi there : lletakcmy leaue, 
A nd leaue you to the hearing of the caufe ; 
Hoping youlefinde good caufe to whip them all. fy.'. 
"■Efc 1 thinkenoUffe: goodmotrow to your Lord- 
(hip. Now Sir, come on: What was done lo Slioues 
wife, once more; 

Clo. Once Sir? there was nothing done to her oner. 
Elk 1 befecch youSir,aikc him what ihhman did tc 
my wife. 

{^9. Ibertechyourhonor,askemf. 
Sfe. Well fir, whit didthiiGentlemanroher? 
ih. I befeechyou fir,Iookein thisGentlcmanjfic?; 
good Ma(^er Froik looke vpon his honor; 'tis for a good 
purpofe : doth your honor matke his face ? 

F.3 Sfcl 


Mcajurc for Meafurt. 

£fe. 1 fir, very wt!L 

l7o. Niy, Jbcfccrbyounurkcitwcij. 

tfc. V/cll,iaocfo. 

Clo. Doth your honor frt any harmc in his £tcs 7 

Efc, Why no. 

C'/«. lie b« fuppofd vpona boolr.hii face U the worft 
thing about him: goodihm: ifhisficc be the v«o([t 
thing about him, how could hAiiicx frcthiot theCofv 
(lablci wife any harme?I would know thu of your 

Cfi. Hc'iiotlic right (Conflablr) what ftyyoa to it? 

Tib. FirA,andit like you, the houfe it ■ rrfpciftcd 
houfc ; ncxt,this is arcfpc^cd fellow ; artd hii Milhii is 
• rcfpc^ed woman. 

^/«. By this hand Sir,hU wife is a more refpe^d per- 
son then any of us alL 

8lt. Varlet,thou lyefl; thou iyeft wicked »irlet : the 
time is yet to come that fhcc was cuer rcfpcded with 
m3n,woman,or childe. 

Clc Sir.fhc was refpccted with him, before lie mar- 
ried with her. 

f/. , Which is the wifcr here ; litfiictox ImtfMnit'* Is 
this true' 

Elh, O thou cay (iffc; Othouvatirt : O thoowick- 
cd Namttialt; I icfprc^cd with hcr,befoTe I vm marred 
to her? If eucr I was rcfpc^icd with her, or (ht with n»e, 
let not your wotfhip thinVc mccihcpooTc2)jr(r/ Offi- 
cer : prouc this, thou wicked HmmiiAB, oc tie bsu« 
mine i&\on of battry on thee. 

f/c If he tookc you a box 'otb*care,yoa migbi baitc 
your aj^ion of flandcr too. 

Elb. Marry IthankcytMir good worfKip foe it :\*hat 
is't your Worfhips pleaiute I Hull doe with this wick- 
ed Caiiiffe > 

Efc. Truly Officct,bccaw(ehchathfome offences in 
biro, that thou wouldf) difcouer, if thou couldB, let him 
continue in his courfei. till thou knowA what they are. 

Elb. Marry 1 thanke your worfhip for it : T>>onf«e(t 
thou wicked vatletnow, what's cotnerpon thee. Thou 
art to continue now thou Varkt.ihou art to continue. 

Efc, Where were you borne, fiicnd? 

Froth. Hcrt m yiema. Sir. 

Efc. Are you offonrefcore pounds a ycere? 

Fretb. Yes, and 't pleafe you fir. 

Efc. So : what trade arc you of, fir ? 

Clo. A Tapfler, a poore widdowcs Tapfler. 

Efc. Your Millris name? 

C/m. Miiiili Ouer-da*. 

E/c. H«th (he had any more then one bo$band? 

Clo. Nine, fir : Oner-don by the lafi. 

Efc. Nine ? come bether to nie>iafier Fntb ; MaRcr 
Frotf), I would not haueyou acquainted with Tapfters } 
they will draw you MaRa Froth^Jid you wil bang tbesr 
get you gon, and let me heare no more of you. 

Fro. I thanke yoiTT wdrfhip: tor mine owiie part , I 
neiicr come into any roomcin a Ttf-houtc, bot I sm 
diawne in. 

Efc. Well : do tnore ef it Mafter Froth : farcweU : 
Coroeyouheiher tomc,M^TapOer:whal's yoitsn^Be 

C/». Pomftj. 

Efc. Whatclfe? 

Clo, "Stau.Sxu 

£fe. Troth.aod yoBtbooi IT the grcatefl thing abcut 
you, fochat to the btafiLeil Ceoee, you are fcx*^ the 

^icji ; ftmffj, you are parity a btw^ Ptmfrj ; bowf^* 
rueryou coloorit inbciaenTapftrr^ryMirKxycomc. 
tell me ciu«, It fhail be the l>«tt(T for yoo. 

CU, Truly fir. I am a peorc fellow that wsubJ tee. 

Efc. How wouldyou Jioc f»n»p<7'by beu>gab»¥7'-« 
whai doc you thinkt of the tragic Pi>if*J ^ is u a l^wfutl 
tratie > 

CU. If the Law would allow it, fir. 

Efc. But the L«w will aor. allow it Foafij ; noi it 
Aiall not be allowed in XJitwnA, 

CU. Do'tyour Wo;fLipmeinctogcId»(l fplr/tO 
the youth of the City ^ 

Efc. lio,PttrTftj. 

CU, Truely Sir, in ray poorc oprnic* «Sey wTJ toc'i 
then : if your woT(}up '«rill tak« order for ibc <i/ai>s aod 
the knauet, you r\eod not to fitaretLc bawds. 

Efc. Thereisprettyorticrsbcginnirjl cantdlfctB 
It is bat heading, aru! hanging. 

CU. If you bead, and harvg all (hat offrnd ikat way 
biR for ten ycarc tx>gethcr ; yoaH be glad to {^oe out • 
Comm'iiTioo for ntore hea<ls t if tbis law held in Vumim 
tcnyearr, lie rent the faircflbotjfe uiit a f:rr threepence 
a Biy : \/voa hue to fee this conie to paOe , Cay Pi »f f< -J 
told yoo (a. 

Efc Thanke yoo gond'^ony? ; and •nreq'inxll cf 
yoor prophcfx, haike yoo : I aJuifetoo in me oo« ^tviit 
you before meagaine vpon any complaint whitfoeucr; 
t>o,not Cor dwtlUng where you doc : if 1 doe Pomftf, I 
(hail beat yooroyc-T Tent , and pro ue a (haewi L^pv 
(oyo<»-. inpUit>edcilmg Pwup^r.IfhaJlhaueyouwhjpt; 
(o for this tinte, Porrfej , fai cjrou weiJ. 

CU. Iihai»keyoijrWoT(TiiproTyoutgoodcoonWlj 
bin I (>»all follow it is the flHh and forajoe fhall ben ex 
dettrtnioc.Whipaie?r?o,no,lttCirman whip hxs lade. 
The vaKantheut's.Toc whjpt out ofhii trade. Exa. 

tfc. Come hcihet to me, Mafter fVisw : comchither 
MaliCT ConAabte i bow long haoc you bb u> tbts place 

Sl^ Seuen yeerc, and a haJfe fit. 

Efi. 1 thought by the rtadineffe in the ofT\ce,«r»oh?«} 
eootinued in it Come tune : you fay feaaeo jcare»ioge. 

Eli. And a haTfe fir. 

Efe, Alas,iihathbeeo«CTtatptQe5toyoa: tSeydc 
yeuwrorgtoput yoafooctTpon'c. Are there not tueo 
in your Ward foflicient to fcrcc it ? 

£7*. faithfuifcwofaay witin fuch mattwsrasthey 
are chcf^n , thry are glad to choole roc for tbetn : I do it 
forfoii;cp«ccofniooey,and goethrongh wiibaJL 

Efc, Looke youb'inginceinthcnamesotioinefixe 
or feuen, the nsoft fuihdew of yotn parilh. 

tA. ToytjurWocfbipshoofefir? 

Efi. Tomybonfe: tacyottwdl : what's a docke; 

Jidl. £leaen,Sir. 

Ef:. IprayyouhooaetoA iiuei w iil iine. 

Im/}, I huo^Iy thanke you. 

Efc. It grieues roe foe the death of CAssKipp 
But's nomncdie: 

/»/f. Lord c/iV^c is finerc. 

Efi. ItisbntDcedfoll. 
Mercy u not it felfe, that oft looka fo, 
pardon is ftill the nurfe of fccond woe ; 
Butyet, pooie Ci»iw-, thccisooienaede- 

Come Sit. ^'''^' 


^5M^eafwre for zP^eafurc. 


SceriA Secunda, 

Ent*r Premfl, S*rnant. 

S«r. Hee't hearing of a Caufc ; he will come (Iraight 
I'le tell him of you. 

frf. "Piay you doe } He know 
Hit plcafurc, may be he will relent ; alas 
He hath bui as off^ended in a dreatne. 
All Se&ij all Ages fmack of this vicci »ni he 
To die foi't ? 

Entrr An^tlo. 

Ang. Now, what'* thomatter/'j'OK^y?? 

Pro. Is it youi will CUtuiio (hail die (o morrow i 

ylfjr. Did not I idl thee yea i hadli ihou not otder f 
Why da'ft thou aske againe i 

Pro. Left 1 might be too ra Hi: 
Vnder your goodcorrcdUon, I haue fcene 
VVhert after execution, ludgemeiit hath 
Repented oie his duomc. 

Jnj^. Goe to ; let (hat be mine. 
Doc you your office, or giue vp your Place, 
And you (hall well be fpar'd. 

Pro. I craue your Honours pardon : 
What (hall be done Sir, with the groaning lutiti ? 
Sine's very neere her ho wrc. 

j4ng. Difpofeofhet 
ToCbrne more fitter place ; and ihat with fpeed. 

Ser, Here it the (iftcr of the man condemn 'd , 
Delires accede to you. 

v^*f. Hath he a Sifter* 

Pre. I my good Lord.a very vcnuous moid. 
And to be fltoriUe of aSifter-hood, 
If not alieadie. 

j4h£. Well: let her be admitted. 
See you the Forntcatrcfie be remou'd, 
Let her haue necdfull,but not laui(h meann. 
There (hall be order for't. 

Enter Lueio and IftAtiU, 

Tro. 'Saue your Honour. (will; 

■^"l. Staya lictlewhile : y'are welcome: whai'» your 

Jfeo, I am a wofull Suror to your Honour y 
'Pleafe but your Honor hcareme. 

jinr. V^ell : what'i your fuite. 

Ifop. ThereitayicethatmoAldoeahhorre, 
And moft delire (hould meet the blow of I uftice ; 
For which I would not pleid,but that I mu(t. 
For which I mu(^ not p!ead,but that I am 
At warre, twixt will, end will not. 

^imf. Well : the matter ? 

IfiW. I haue a brother it condemn'd to die, 
I doi; befeech you let it be hit fault , 
And not my brother. 

Pra. H<:auen giue thee mou'ing graces. 

AtigtQonitmm thefault, and not the a£^ot of it, 
Why euery fault 't condcmnd ere it be done : 
Mine were the vcrie Cipher of a Funftion 
To BnethcfaulttjWhclenneAandsb record, 
And let goe by the After.- 

Ifdf. Ohiuf^butfcuereLaw: 
I had a brother then j hcauen kecpe your honow. 

hic. Giue 't not ore fo ; to him againe, entreat him, 
Kneele dovne before him, hang vpon his gowne, 
Vou are toe cold t if you fnould need a pin. 

You could Dot with more tame a tongue dclire u : 
To him, I fay. 

Jfat, M uft he needs die # 

/Inr. Maiden, no temedie. 

Ifei, Yes : 1 doe thmkc t hat you might pardon him. 
And neithct bc«ueD,norman grieue at the mercy. 

j4nf. I will not doe't. 

//4J. But can you if you would? 

jiif- Looke what I will not, that J cannot doe. 

//if. But might you doe't tn do the world no wrong 
If fo your heart wnc touch'd wrth that remotfe , 
Asmincit to him? 

^ng Hee'sfenteoc'd.tis too late. 

Luc. You are too cold. 

Ifai. Too litt ? why no ; I that doe fpeak a word 
May call it againe : well, bclceue this 
No ceremony that to great ones longt , 
Nnt rhe Kings Crowne ; nor the depured fword. 
The Marlhalls Truncheon, nor the Judges Robe 
Become them with one halfc fogooda grace 
As mercie does : If he had bin as you, »nd you at he, 
You would haue dipt like him,bui he like ycu 
Would not haue beene fo (terne. 

Atif. Pray you be gone. 

//ir. I would to hrauen I had your potencie. 
And you were IftteS .- (hould it then be thus J 
No .- 1 would tell what 'twere to be a ludge. 
And what a prifoner. 

Lmc. I.touch htm: there's the vaine. 

Ang, Your Brother is a forfeit of the Law , 
And you but waiUyuur words. 

//k^. AIM, alar: 
Why all the foules that wete, were forfeit once. 
And he that might the vantage brfl hmt tookef 
Found out the remedie ; how would you be. 
If he, which is the top of ludgemrnr, (hould 
But iudge you, as you are ! Oh, thinkc on that « 
Andmcrciethenwtllbreathe Wit bio youf lift 
Like man new made. 

jing. Beyou content, (fairc Maid) 
It it the Law, not I, condemne your brother. 
Were he my klnfman, brother, or my Tonne, 
It (hould be thus with him : he muf) die to mofriow. 

Ifii/. To morrow ?oh,that's fodaine. 
Spare him, fpare him : 

Hce's not prepar'd for death 5 euen for our kitchins 
We kill the fowie of feafon : (hall we ferue heauen 
With kfl"cTerpe^ then we doe miniftcr 
To our gto(re.felues?eood,good my Lord,bechink you ; 
Who is it that hath di d for this oflence f 
There's many haue committed it. 

Lmc. IfWellfaid. 

y/ig. Tiie Law hath net bin dead.thogh it hath Atpt 
Thofe many had not dar'd to doe rhac cuill 
If the fit(l, that did th' EdidV infringe 
Had anfwer'd for his deed . Now 'tis awake. 
Takes noteof what is done, and like aProphet 
Lookesina glalTethat (heweswh&t fuLureeuils 
Either now,orbyremi(Ten«(Te, new concciu'd, 
And fo in progrefTe to be Katc'hd, andbor ne , 
Are now to haue c)ofuccc(Iiue degrees. 
But here they liue to end. 

IjkS'.. Y« fhew fome pittie. 

■^^g. I (hew it mofl of all, when I (how lufticcj 
For thciilpirtje thofe I doe not know, 
Which a difmis'd offence, would after |aule 


S 2 


f^P^cafure for rt^\feajme. 


And doc him tiglic, thit •nfvtaing one (ouU wrong 
Liuci ^0:10 >d\ mother. BrfaniEcdt 
Your Broihcf diet to mc lovi ; bt co;»tcnc. 

//4A. So you muft be ^ fiifi that f^u<i thii fcntmce , 
And hw, thu fuffcri J Oh, it it ciceJlcnt 
To htuc 1 Ci Jnt 1 fiieflgUi : Uit it »» tytannou* 
Torfeit likf aCiant. 

L*r. Thit'iv»cUfaid. 

//i^. Could great men thunder 
A» lomi himl'dfc do't, /'rf/ would neuer be quiet 
For eucry pelting pett7 Officer 
Would yfe his heauen for ihunda ; 
Nothing buc ihunticr : Mercifoll hnuct) , 
Thou richer with thy fharpt ȣu! tulphcrooj boJt 
Split* the tn-v.edgabl: jnd ^rK:ri«d Olw, 
Then^ihe foft Mcrtill : But rnjin, pioud ruan, 
Dreft'in a litile biiefc auihorinc, 
Moft ipnorant ofwhat be'* moft affui'd, 
(His glafjie Effcncc) like an tngry Ape 
pliiet fuch pha::itaftique tr'icki before high heauen. 
As nukes the Angels weepc; who wicli oar fplecr^ct, 
Would «!i :hcn>l'elues laugh nuntalL 

Ltx, Oh,to him wcach : be will reUrvt, 
Hee^s comming : I perceiue't. 

frt, PmyaeaucnfhcwiDhim. 

IfJ>. W« cannot weigh our brother with out fclfe. 
Great raen may ieft with Saints : tis wiii m ihctn, 
But in the leffe fo wle prcphanation. 

Iax. Thoo'ft \'ih right vG«le) moreo'ihat. 

Iftb. Thit in th:; Cipuine 't but a cholkricke word, 
Which in the Sculdier »J flat Walphcipie. 

LtK. Art auis'do'that? more on'i. 

Jtnv. Why doe you put thefe fr/ings vpon me ? 

//*?. Bfcaufc Authoritie, though it crre like oihrrs. 
Hath yet a kinde of medicine in it felfe 
That skins^he y iceo'ih top ; goe to your bofon>e. 
Knock there, and aske your he*rt what it doth know 
That's like tny broilers Caolt : if it confelTc 
A nsturall 2u!ltine(re,fuch as is his. 
Let it not found aibought vpon yont tongue 
AfjuiDil pny brothers life. 

^g. Shee fpeakes, and 'tis fuch fence 
That my Serice breeds with it ; farcvou well. 

I^ab. Gentle nw Lord,turnc backe. 

Ant. I wiUbcthinketne: come againe to morrow. 

//4.Hirk,howIlebnbcyou:gocd my Lord turn back. 

Ang. How? bribe me? 

//:f,with fuch gifts that heauen fhall (hare with yoti. 

Imc. You had nnar'd all elfe. 

Jf^. Not with fond Sickles of the tefled-go!d. 
Of Stones, whofc rate are either rich, or poote 
As fjncir values *em : but with true prayer*. 
That (hall be vp at heauen, and enter there 
Ere Sanne I'ifc : praycri from preferued foules, 
FromfaftlngMaidej whofeminde* arededicate 
To not hin g temper all 

Ang. Well : come tome tomorrow. 

Ltc. Goe to : ci s wcl! : away , 

//j^. Keiueokcepe your honour fafc. 

Ang. Amen. 
For I am that way going to tcrr ptaiicn , 
Where prayers crolTc, 

I fab. At what bovJCf lO morrow. 
Shall I attend your Lordfr.ip ? 

Ant, Atanytime'fore-r.oonc. 

10. 'Sane your Honour. 

Amr^. Prooiihrc : even frooi thy rarue. 
_ What tthii ? whM s ch t ^ it Ik IS berftult, or nuiKi* 
TheTcmptcT.oT the Tcospttd, who fms moft (ftu? 
Not (he : nor doth fb< tempt : but ir it I, 
That, !ying by the Violet in (ItcSunpc , 
Doe as the CarrxKkdc'i.ociasihe fl«wre. 
Corrupt with veriuoji fcafoni Caoiibr, 
That Mo(^efty may more bcuay oar Scnce 
Then woman* light ne^c? htmng wtfiegtouod eo«urb 
Shall wedefircioraiciheSftnAnatv 
And p*t ch our cuilj there ? ok fse, M, fie : 
What doQ thou > or what art thoB»^»^«/#f 
DoH thou defire her fowly/w thoictlingj 
That make her good ? oh, let her brother liuc : 
T heeues for ihtir roSbvry haue authority^ 
When ludgn Oe«le theaCebes : what, doe I lotjeka. 
That Idrfireroheirebcrfpeakeafacie? 
And fcaft vpon her eyes ? what \-i\. I dtnme «q > 
Oh cunning enemy, that to catch a Saint, 
With Saints dod bait thy booke : moft dangeroos 
Is that icmpution, that doth goad vs or. 
To finne, in looing vertue : r.eccr cooid the Strumpet 
With ill her double vigor, Art, and Ni'ur- 
Once ftit my temper; but this vcrtuoas M2:d 
Subdues me quite 1 Euerttiirtow 
When a»en were food, J finild,and woodrcd how. tnf. 

Sc€nd Tertia. 

Dukt. Haile to 'fo>j J *r mufi J^ I chinke yog are. 

/Ve. lam the Prouoft:whau year wiU, good Fhcr? 

DmkS' Bound by my charity, acd my blefi order , 
I come 10 vifit: t'^te amided (j^irt 
Here io the prifoc : doc me toe cotst&on nght 
To In me fee them: and to make roe know 
The natureoftheir crimes,tbu I juay laiaiftet 
To them tccordirgW. 

pro. 1 would dc more then thac^froore were needfull 
Locke here cooes oce :aGer.ik-v;or!U.''.oratiae, 
Whs filling in thcflawcs ofkctowacyouui. 
Hath biifkrd her report : She is wjrh chLlde, 
And he that got it, fentenc'd : a yong njia. 
More fit to doe anotLcr t«h rfecr. 
Then dye for this. 

/v»*. Whenaoufthedye? 

/V». Asldothir>kejumorrew. 
I haueprcuidedforyoo.ftayawhili 
And you fhall be cooduehd. 

7>«»4r Rtpeot t-ou (fiure o-e) cf :he fin yoa carry ? 

lul. ! doe ;aGdbeare the (hsnte moft patiently. 

D«.I!e teacli yoo how^os fjtl jraigc jout coofoSce 
And tryyourpsnitence.itiibfiibaad. 
Or hollcwly pat oti. 

/«/. lie gladly leame. 

T>»k^ Lous y oLr the roaa rfiat vncag'J yoa? 

/«/. Yei,a3 1 lauethc wctnaczru: wicag'dhian. 

Lmkf SothenitreenjcsyowrB»t:ofeic;mlia£l 
Was mucuslly cctnaiiticd 

lid. Mutually. 

Z>«^, Then was yc-tirlToefheauierkJndecbtfibii. 

l^. ldoeceofei&jt,2.-!dr8p€nti:^Fs£h£i,) 

tLpVLe afire for ts^Mcafure. 

pukj Ti J meet Co (daughto;) but lc»ft you do rep«nt 
As tb« the fia bsihbf ought you to this ftijune, 
Which forrow it alw«i« tovi^td our iclu«a,not h«uen, 
Sliowmg we would not (pare hcaueotss we louc it. 
But as '.ve fland in (are. 

IhI. I doe rep«nt tnepui it u £□ CuiU, 
And eate the ft>ame with ioy. 

1>y\t. There reft: 
Youi partner (ji I heirc) nwrfi die to morrow, 
And I am going with infitu^eo to him : 
Grjcegoc with you, Bv-trciMJw. BxH, 

ltd, MuftdietorocHrrow?cht(viotiomLouc 
That refpits roe s lilV, wJ«c.ftf very comfort 

fn. 'TiJ pitty of him. Exinest. 

Scf.n(i Quart a. 

Cater Jla^U, 

jia. Wnen I would pray.£c think,! ihlnVe.and pray 
To feuer >U fubie^: he.iucu hath any empty \7ord«, 
Whilft my Iniwntion, h««hng tvot my Tongue, 
Anchorsoa tfalull: heauen in my mouth, 
A» jfi did but onely chiw hii ntmc , 
And in my heart ti»c firong and fwelling euiO 
Ofmy conception : the ftate wheteon 1 tludied 
I< like a good thing, being ofcen read 
Grownc fcard, andtediout : yea, my Gramtie 
V'/htrem(lct no man hcarc roe) I tal;« pride. 
Could 1, with bootCf change foi an idle plume 
V/hich the ayrc bcati for vaine ! oh place, oh forme, 
How often dofl thou with dty c&rc,ihy habit 
Wiench awe &o« foolcs, and tye the wifer foulca 
Tc thy faJfc fceraing ? Blood, thou art blood , 
Lei't write good Angell on the DeuilU hornc 
TiJtK>tthe DeuillsCrcft:how now? who's there? 
hnter Seriunct, 

Ser. One lfalreU,t Sirter, defirci accefle to yoa 

^<t^. Tsachhcrthe wsy :oh,heaurns 
Why doe's my bloud (hiis muiler to my heart, 
Making both it vnablcfor it fdfe , 
And di l][fo<rcrsiRg all my other parts 
OfnecefTjfy fitn^e ? 

So play dK foolilb throngs with one tbst fwounds, 
Come all to help hits, and fo (lop the eyre 
3y which hct ?V.«aud rea'nie .• and euen fo 
The gcneijl! fubietS to a wtl.wi{hi King 
Quit their owne part, and in cbfequious randncKe 
Crowd to hit prefcnccjwhere their vn-taught loue 
i !ul tKcdb Appear oScaet : bow now fairc Maid 
Ejfter JfiitJLs. 

tfai. lamcometoknow yourpieafure, («iie, 

^».That you might know it,wold much better pleaie 
Then to demand what tis : your Brother csnooi liue. 

lf<*ir. Ewcn To : heauen keepe your Honor. 

jtn^. Yet may he liue a while ; and it may be 
A« long at you, or I •• yet he muft die. 

If*t. Vndcf your Sentence? 

^v. Yea. 

/yi#. When, I b f feech you : that in bi« Kcpr'ieue 
(Loneer, or ftiottet) he tnay be fo fitted 
Th}t hit foulc ficken noc 

jSng. Ka'fie.lbcie filthy vice$.-It were at good 


To pardon hiin,that hath front tiature ilolne 

A ntAH already made, as to remit 

Their fawcie fweij'msi^ihat do coynshesucna IjTwgc 

In flantps thst are forbid : 'us aii 2S cafie, 

Falfely to take away 3 life lru€ made. 

Si to put mettle In re^^rained mesnckt 

To make a falfe one. 

Ifxb. Ti» iei downe fo in heauen, but no; ia ?arth, 

"^"i" Say you fot then I ffiall pozeyou^lckly. 
Which hid you ratherjthatthemoftiuft Law 
Now tooke yotir brothers lifc,snd to redtcrfic him 
Ciuc vp your body to fuch fweet vncicaonefi'c 
As <he that he hath ftaind ? 

tfab. Sir,bclceue this. 
I had rather giuemy body,then soy foulc. 

Jng, 1 talkchot of your foule :ouf comperdfins 
Stand more for number.thenfot accompt. 

[[46. How fay you? 

jin^. Nay llcnot»v8rrJntthat.-forIcanfpc3ke 
Againrt the thing I fsy ; Anfwere to this, 
I (nowthc voyce of the recorded Laiv) 
Pronounce a icntence on you: Broiliers l»fe,. 
Mt'ght there not be a chariiie in (xaae. 
To fiue this Brothers life ? 

Ifek Pleafeyoutodoo'ty 
lie take it asaperilitomyfcuU:, 
It it no finne at jll.biit charitie. 

Af^, FleaFdyou todoo't.stperillofyfiaifoule 
Were equsll poize of fianc.and charttie. 

If^. That 1 do begh'is life,ifu be finne 
Hciuen let me bcare it : y ou granting of sny fu:t, 
If that be lin,Ile make it my kiome-praier* 
To haue it added to the fjults of tamif 
And nothing of your anfwere, 

ji'>i. Nay,but hcare me, 
Vourience purfues not minceltha yois vt igsoran;^ 
Of fcemefo crafty; and that's not ^ood, 

/y4^. Let be ignoTant,and in cothiug good. 
But graciouHy to know 1 am no better. 

Afig. Thus wifdome wishes to appeare moO bright 
Whenitdothtaxeitfelfe; A? thefeblat kcMafqucs 
Proclaime an en-lhield beauty ten times louder 
Then beauty could difplaicd : But matke me. 
To be receiucd plaine, 31c fpeaketnorcgrofTe 
Your Brother is to dye. 

//4*. So. 

ytn^. And hit c^eaccis fo,as ieappearcs, 
Accountant to the Law^ vpoDihat p^ine. 

Ifcb. True. 

jtnf. Admit Doothet way to (aue bit life 
(At I (ubfcribe not thr.t,nor any other. 
But in theloflpofqueiiitm) thatyci^htt Sifler, 
Finding your {Ufs dcf»r'd offuch a perfc-i, 
Whofc cretdit with the ludge.or owue greaiplace. 
Could fetch your Brothf r from the Mar.acies 
Of the all'buildiog.Law : and that there were 
No earthly meane to faue h:m>but that either 
You muft lay downe the treadjtes of your body. 
To this fuppofcd.or e!fe to let hjm fncer s 
What would you doe ? 

tfub. As much for er,y poore Bro:h8r,8$ my fe^fc ; 
That is i werel vnder thi tearmes of death, 
Th'imprertion of kceoe whipcX^d wcarc asR»a>i<s, 
And fVrip my felfc to death.&c tc a bed. 
That longing haue bin fuV.c for^e I'ld ycsld 
My body vp to fl;iiiie« 

Jitf^. That 



ti5A4cnfuie fur (ifTs/Tcafttrt. 

Ani- TScninuft yoo» brother die. 

Ifc. Andiwct iK«chc»pcTw»ijf : 
Bci:*Tit wcrt throchcrdidctt once, 
fHen ihjit » (\{\rt, by redeeming hioi 
SKOMid d'f 'oi cuw. 

>/«;{. W« mm you thm at crod I u th* Scnteoct, 
rVut V ou hiuc Qandcf*d fo ? 

//i. Ignooiicinnni'omc.andrrcepu'ilon 
Arc of twoboufci : lawfnJl maxie. 
Is not'.iiog htn to fowlc rrdcmpcion. 

%yi'ig. YoQ fcun'd of Utc to make (he Li w a tinnt. 
And nSicr proud the fltding of youit rotbrr 
A rocrriitwnt.thcn a tIcc. 

Ifa. Ohpardonmctny 'UKd,koflf«isout 
To hauc, what wc woold houe, 
Wc fpcake not whu wc incane : 
IfbrncthingdoencTifethe thing I hale, 
Pcf oii aduonugr thai I dearct/tiMic 

aytf'g. Weareallhane. 

[Ja Elfekt my brother die. 
If not a fedanc but onely he 
Ovret »nd foccecd thy weakne^ 

jiitg. Nay.wometrweiiBile toa 

[[a I, m tht gUffes where they view fhemfelue*, 
Vhicb are ai eafic broke as they make forme* ; 
Womcn^ Hclpe heaaen j men their creation marre 
In profiling by t>vcm : Nay, call »s ttn uvnci fifaile, 
Foi we are foft, as onr complexions 
And credulous to faJfc prints. 

Aug. I ihinkeit v»dl : 
And from this leftiroonie of yow owne lex 
(Since I luppofe we arc nwde to be no ilrongcr 
Then faolts may fhake our (nioes) let me b< bold j 
I tlo^refl your Tfords. Be that you are, 
That Lsawom£n;ifyoubemorcyou'rnoo«. 
If you be one (ss yo« are well expreft 
By ailvxieriuU warrants^ fiww it now, 
Bjrpiauiagonthedenir^d Liuerie. 

tfa, 1 haue no tongue but one; gentle cry I oid. 
La me cnrrCTte yoa fp«ake the former language 

A9g. PUjolreconce^ue Iloueyou. 

//a. My brotSerdidloue/wto, 
And TOU tell ro« that be fliall die for't. 

jiitg. Hc(ViflUnocy/is^**ifyoogiuemeloii«.l 

Ifr, Iknovr yourrertoebathaiicenceio'i. 
Which C^emes a little fouler then it ii. 
To plucke on others. 

Aiig. EelcfOfcutcoomincHooor, 
My words expcc(re «y purpofc. 

Ifa, Ha/ Little be muciibeloesd. 
And moft pemitiovs purpofe » Sceming.fceniog. 
I will prodaime th« ^rigHa, iooke for't 
Signe me a prefoot pardon for my brothei , 
Or with VI oauftretcht throstc lie tell th^ woi Id aIo8d 
What nun thou art. 

^Mg. Who will bekeue cbee /fi>M t 
My vDfoiWnome.thaufteereneffeofmylife, 
My vtHJcbagainlt vou, and my place i'th Stac^ 
WiU fo your acculation onei«wdgh, 
That yoo fh«U ftiflc in your ownetq»orr,' 
And Imefl of caJumnie. Ihauebeguft, 
And now T eiue my fenfuall rate, the reifiei. 
Fit ihy conlent foroy flurpeappetite. 
Lay by ab nicetic, and prolixtous blufhs 
Tluibani/h what they foe for : Redeem* thy brotber, 
By yetlding vp thy bodie to roy will. 

Or elfe he muft nat onHtc die ttt« dcah, 
B«it thy »nkindrdrr O^all hu death dr»v» oct : Anfwer me to morrow. 
Or by iheaffcAiofl tKeitMwriJidci rrKmoA, 
licprotjca Tirani (oKim Ai.oryoo, 
Say whai y ou t an ; my fal fe, orc-wejghi ve m mw. £;.r 
/fd. To v*hom (hoMld I eompla'.nc ' Did ! tell tb»i. 
Who would bcUeoe me f^Opniiout mo«'.h«( 
1 h»j bcuc in them, one ind the fclftfarre lor.gur ^ 
Either of condemnation, or approofc. 
Bidding the Lai* make cwtheio their wBI, 
Hooking both right and wring to ih'a p ee tk e . 
To follov* II it drawci. lU to my brotrwrr. 
Though lie haih filne by prompture of the blocd, 
Yet hath he in him fuch amindeofHcoot, 
Th«t had he twcniie heads toterukr downc 
Oiuwfntiebloodic b!ockci,he«1d yecld tb cm rp, 
Before hit filler (liouldjicr bodic Boop« 
To fiieh abSord pollution. 
Then ^^Aliuechafle, a3dbr(»h«rdie{ 
"More then our Brothci, iiour Chiftjtic 
He tcll him yet of Angelt» rcq«e(l, 
And fit hit mindc to death, for hit (buler reft. Exu. 

^dus Tertiui. Sccna Trtma. 

F.nter Duke, Cbudtt, and PrcPffi. 

D«.So then you hope of pardon from LcXi j4^W$? 

C/4.Thc miferablc h»ue no other medicine 
Rut ondy hope : rnav»cbopetolim:,sndtaiprcp«r'dro 

lyuke. Besbfoluttfofdeathi either detih or I'e 
Shall thereby be the fwecco. RciCaathoswrthlife : 
If I do loofe the?, I do loote* thing 
THat none but fooles would kcepe : a breilhihcn «;:, 
Scniile to all the skyie Jnfluencci, 
That doA this habitation where tbou keep it 
HourelyafHtft: MeCTe1y,»hou art deaths toole, 
Forhimtboulabournby ihy flight to (hun^ 
And yet Tunft Toward hun ftilL Thoo art not noble. 
For all ih'accommodations ihst th<>u bewft, 
Arenurflby bafencffe: Thou'rt by no meanes raHanf, 
For thou doft fea: e the fofc and tender forke 
Ofa poore wortBc: thy heft of reft is fleepe, 
And thst thou oftprtraoskft, yet groffclic fea.'ft 
Thy death, whtchisnonsore-Tbouart not thy felfe. 
For thouexiHt on nunie a thoufand grayncr 
That i(rue out of duR. Happiethoustcnot, 
For what thou haf) not, ftill tboo ftriu'ft to get, 
And what thou haft forgetft. Thou art not cetutoe, 
For thy complexion fhiftJ to ftrangeetfci^s, 
After the Voone: If ihou art rich, thou'rt pcoie, 
For like an A(re,whofe backc with Ingots bowet; 
Thou hesid thy heauie riches but a ioumic, 
And death ytJoads ;bee ; Friend haft thou none. 
For thine ownebowtls which do call ibee, fire 
The meerectfiifion of thy peeper Icines 
Do curfc theGowt, Sapege, and theRhetime 
For ending thee no fooner.Tkouhaft oor yo«ih,not »gc 
But as it were en after-dinners (leepe 
Dreaming on bodv for all thy bleffed youth 
Becomes as aged, and dotb begge the aknes 
Of paifted-Eld : and when thou ait old, aad^iih 


aSM^eafure for z5\fetifure. 



Thdu haft neither hflJK, aftefUon, limbe,not bejutie 
Tomskerhy cicbe»plejif»m : whuls yetin ibis 
Ttut bsarei the njtnc of life? Yet in chi* li£e 
Lie lud noe ihouCm<Ji!«3iLbi; j^et dc2ch vefeare 
THat mtkes the{ie oddes, all euen. 

C^. I hnsoblie thacke vou. 
To fur to Hue. I f^ntje I TeeKe to die, 
Aa<) feekinf death, Bnde lif« > L«t ie comejoo. 
Efttr IfthtUo, 
Ifab. Whitlxo*? peace hr€re< Goce.and good c<mt». 

?/-». Who«il»«f f Come 10, the wifh defctuei t 

Cw^f. Deere fir, erelong lie vifit you againe. 
Clit, MoD boUe Sir, I cbwl^c you. 
//4. My bolinefle li a word ai two with CLtsuLix 
firt. And Tcxie welcom i lookc Sigaiot,b;ze't your 

'linie. Proucft^ word with yua. 
Pr». Aimaniei»yoaf>leafc. 
Z>»i^f.Brbg thcmtohearf n>e fpeak.wher^I tsayibe 

Cla. Now After, wbai't the comfort ? 
tfa. Why, 
/ks alt iromfotcsarei (Qoft good, moA goodindcede. 
Lord Angrit haoing atfairei to heauro 
Intends yoa forbU fwif« Ambaffjcjor, 
Where you fliall b? an cualartina Lciger ; 
Therefore your belt appointtneiii ouke vtjth fpctd, 
To Wotrowyoo feton. 
QiM. 1j there no remcdic? 
I fa. None,butru(.breaKdie,asto£ittcaheid 
To ci'-aue sbean'tD twaioe: 
Ci.-»«. But is there aoie t 
Ipi. V«l>sothet,youcoayUue; 
There 12 adjaai!& meicie in die ludge^ 
iTy }c'! impisteit, that will kit yooiliia. 
bu: fetter ydu till desth. 
CU. Perpetual! durance? 
/jfi. I iuft, perpctuall «5ursnce,areftmio« 
Throtr^ all the worlds valh ditie you tud 
To » tfcternjLB'dftopCc 
Clou, Butinv/httQaiaxe? 
Ips. Id (inch A CDC, as you c«nf}nKing too r. 
Would l^aikc your hoo«r /rom that uunkc y«s hvn^^ 
iiod icaue you naked. 

Cl<m, Letmeknowihepoitti. 
Ipt. pS, I do feare thee ClatJi^ and I qusEe^ 
Leai\ thou a feauotous life (hooldi} eotertaioe^ 
And fuc or (euen v^imers more tefpe6k 
Then a perpctuall Hooot. Dar'fttbondkt 
1 he fence of death is tooft in apprcbenfion, 
Andthe pooreBeak that wetxcaxie vpon 
in eotporallfuScrance, iindiapangas greit. 
As whenaGiar.t die«. 

CU. Why giue you roe this {hame/ 
Tbinke you 1 can a reiblution fetch 
From flowtie tettdeineire ? IfJ muft die, 
ItivtU encoHasadarkQeiTeasabridej 
Aod huggfrith) aain ; srmti. 

//i.Ther« fpa^c oiy brother ; there my faAcrs grawe 
Did yucriortha yoke. Yes,thou maft die i 
Thou atctoia noble,c9 conferue a life 
]n bafe appliances. This ourwjrd raiDtedDepwue^ 
Whofe felled vifag«t3Cd delibctate woid 
Nips youth i'thheBd,&nid £[>llics dcth emcnew 

As Falcon doth the Fowlc, is yet- a diuell : 
His filth within being caft,he would appeal e 
Apond,as Jccpc aihcll. 

Cla. The prcfiiie, ^)B^;/(j ? 

J ft. Oh 'tis the cunning Lhicrie of hcU, 
Thedatnneft bodietoiDue(^,sn<icoueT 
In Dtenzie gardes ; doft thou thinke CliHtiiJ} 
If 1 wouldyeeld hid) my virginitis 
Thou tright'ft be freed? 

CIa, Oh hcauens, i: cannot be. 

If*. YeSjhe would gju'tthce; from this rank ©(Tcflce 
So to offend him ftilU This night's the time 
That I fhould do what I abhortc to najnc. 
Or elfe thou dicft to ajorrow. 

CLm. Thou (halt cot do't. 
I fa, O, were it but my life, 
I'de throw udownc for your ddiaerance 
As fr.'vnkcly as » pin. 

Cidn, Jhinkci 6eaeIfalnB. 

tfa. 3e rcadie Claudia, for your death to laorrpvr. 

(1/vt. Yes. His he affefiions in hiio. 
That thus can make him biie the Law by th'aoffj 
When he would force it ? Sure it is no finne. 
Or of ihe deadly feucnitisthekaft. 

ift, Whifih is the leafi # 

CU. If it vy^e damnable, he being fo wife. 
Why would he for the jnommtarie tricke 
Be pcrdurabiie fio'de ? Oh (fabtU. 

Ifa. What(aie$mybroi:hcT? 

I Ia, Death i i a fcarcftiU dibg. 

Ifti. Anci (hzmed Ufe.a h-sri^roLL, 

Cla, I, but to die , and gc cc? Spaw doc Y.h«e, 
To lie in cold obftr'.i<2ic!i,ajK5 to -or, 
Thisfcofiblc waimenRotion, to become 
Aknesided clod j And the delighted fpiric 
Toh3i:hinfieriefloods,or totecide 
la thTilling Region of thicke-nbbec* Ic*^ 
To be i;TJprifoa*d in the viewlcffe wi.ndss 
And bldwnc with rcftleiTc violence round absirt 
The pendant world : or to be worfe then worS 
Of thofe, that lawleffe and ioceitaine thour>,^ 
Imagias howling, *tis too hombls, 
■fhe wearicft, and mofi Juathtd worldly life 
That Age, Ache, periury, and iinpiifocaiCTj 
Can lay on nature, isa Ptradifc 
To what we feare of <leath> 

tfa. Alas, alas. 

Cla, Sweet Sifter, let roe lioe. 
Whu finne yeu do, to Dwe a brother! life 
Nature ^fpetfes with the d«edc I'o fane,' 
Ttiar. it becomes a vertue. 

/fa. Ohyoobeaft, 
Oh iaitrHeffe Coward, oh di(h«neft wretch. 
Wilt thou be made a maa, out of my vice ? 
f s't not akinde of Incei^ to take life 
Fr om thine ownefiftersJhamc? Wharftouluuhinkei 
Keauen fiiield my Mother plaid my Father fsire J 
Fot fuch a warped (lip cf wildemefle 
Mere ifitt'dftom his blood. TakemydeJiancc, 
Di€,peri(b: Miuht bu; rny beadine, «iowne 
Reptecue thee ^romthy faec, it fivjtld pro««de. 
lie pray t tho\iCan<3 prai^rs i'ctt thy death, 
Mo wc:dto faue tliee- 

^/a. N3yheateiB</J4i*Zf. 

1(4. Oh fie, fie, fie; 
n^ Cno's no: accidetuaU, bta aTxadc •; 



fSKfeafurefor ^S\^eafure. 

Kfrriry to ihec vvould prouc It fclfe • Ctw J, 
Tlibcftilm thouditrt quicWy. 

Ch. Oh hrire mr //f *«£«. 

£</«i^ Voucltfifctword.yongfiftcT.butoocviori 

1)4. What u your WilL 

D^A^ Might you dif-tife with your Ifyforc, IwouW 
by snj by hiue lome rpc?ch with you t ihc r»t({T*&ioa I 
would require, iilikc-wcfcyourowne benefit. 

//% lb*ucnofiip<riniiou» Icyfurt. my ftty muft b« 
(lolcn out ot other tfaitci. tut I will attend you* wImU*. 

Dttki* Gon,\ h*uc ouer-hrtrd v»hic h Jih paft brt wetn 
you & yotT fifitT. Aiie!* had nenn tht Durpofc to cor- 
rupt her ; onrty he h&th mide an •(Tay of b«r rertue , to 
pridli^ehiliudgcment with th^* difpofitior* of nature*. 
5he (liautngtliclrult: ofhc.nour in hcr)hiih madchlm 
liiat j;r;ciou$ denial!, which he if moft glad to rerriue: I 
am CotifeiTor to ^it^eh^nnd 1 know this to be true.ther- 
Tore prep itc your fclfe to death : do not fititfieyour te- 
folution with hopct thr.i are {aliiblc, to morrow you 
niuft die. goc to yomkt»cct,and mike ready. 

CU. Letmeajkmyfiftcrpardon.I am fo out ofloue 
v/ith life, that I wiil fue to be rid of it. 

D*i^f. Hold you there ; fuewell . Proucfi , awptd 
with you. 

Pro, What'f your wil! (father? ) 
Dtil^. That now you trc come,you wil be gone.-leaue 
me a vvlKile with tht Maid, my mindc promiles with my 
habit, no lofTefball touch hrr by my company. 

Pro, Sn good time. £xit. 

5>)»i^ The liand that hath made you r»irc , hath nude 
you good ; the goodnes thet is cbeape in beauty, Toakcs 
beauty bricfe in gooilfles ; but gr»ce bem| the foulc of 
your complexion , Aiallkeepcihebodyof iteuerfairc: 
the affiwlt that ^eni» hath mads to you . Fortune bath 
c3nuaidtomyvndetlt»;«ndbut that frailty hath 
examples for his falling,! (>iould wonder at An^e. how 
uiU yoy doe to cor.tcnt thit Subftitutc. and tofaucyour 

//i*. I am now going to fefolue hioa ; I had rather 
my brother die by the L»w,thcnn\yfonoelT»ouldbe viv 
lawfullie borne. But (oh) how much ij-the good Duke 
<3ecei»'d in %y4ngelo : if cncr he retome. and I c«n fpcaie 
to him, I will open mylipsinvaine, otdifcouerhisgo- 

Ditkf, That (hall not be much amHfc: the mat. 
tcf now ftsndijhe will auoid your accufation : he made 
tzialiofyouonelie. Therefore f»ften your cireon my 
odd!irgs,tothelouelh8ueindoin^good ; aremedie 
prefcnts it fcife. Idoemakemyfelfebeleeuethat you 
may mofi vprightcoufly do a poor wronged Lady a n>e- 
lited benefit J tcdcon your brotHer from theangry Law; 
doc no ftaine to your ovrne graeiooi perfoo , and much 
pleafc the abfcnt Duke, if peraduenture h« (h»U euer te- 
turne to haue hearing of this bufineffe , 

J'fdb. Let me heare you fpeakc ferthen Thaue fpirit to 
do any thing that appeares not fowle in the truth of my 


J>-js>i. Vertuelsbold, andgtx5df»e»neuer fearenijl: 
Ha jc you not heard fpeake of MarisM the fifter of Frw- 
«iCTw^the great Souldier, wha mifcstried atSei? 

/yi. I haue heard of the Lady> and go&<! wordi went 
with bet name. 

2>«%. Si>ee fiioul.'i this A^gil* haue niarried .• was tf. 
fi«nced to her oath.sftd the naptiall appointed: between 
which time ofthecontraft, and limit of the fol^mnitie, 
her brother Tndcrkk* was wrackt at Sea^ halting in that 

perished vcdJLil.t'n^. Cj uv/ oiVw^^ti -.h^mukt h*w 
hicatuly tlutbcicli ic iScpeoccGtndcwom&n.tiuTcChc 
lofttnoblfand rrrovmrd brodto, inKii Wv«»rtow»r^ 
her, euermoftkmJc aiMlOMMalltwithhfmihrponicn 
aodfincwof bcT funuM, bcrsMMiu^c dow.y > wiih 
both, bci co(BbjDai*-htt»baod , tUa vtelUfennirg 

Jfii. Can »i»ii b < fo T dtd y^*tt (o Irw vr hr ? 

Dtt^r. Left bcT in her tc<teSf& dried not tmcofthcm 
wHb his cocnfort : fwallovvcd hts vowcs who)«,pfCten. 
dtP.g in her, drfcoutriei of dtlhonor : in fc//, b?ftow'J 
heron hcToWivebmmUiicn.\Thicbfl)c yet wearcs for 
his fake : and he, a matbk to hex te»Cf , u wilbal vnh 
tbem, bcK relents not. 

Ifdh. VVhatameTitwexckiadcstKtotakcthispoore 
maid from the wortd? wb»t cerruptioa in tJn* U.V , ti,Jt 
it will let this man liaef But bow out of this ca/i {Set' - 

'D'^e. U it a nipture that you may etf^y beak: and the 
cureof itoot onely faucjyow brother, but kerpes yoa 
frofwdiOvonor in doinc it. 

//i^. Slx>7mel»ov.(goodF»tl>er.) 

Tftd^ This fore-oanicdMzidKat}! yrt iahcr tie ccv.- 
ttnuerceofVxTftrflalfcftioo : hu ?niurt vnktndcneffr 
(that in all rrafon ihouid haue qcmchcd bcr Icmic ) htfh 
(like an impe^i» Xi tiie Current ) made it mo.-f rio- 
lent and vnruly : Qoc you to Atfth, aofwere his rrqui. 
ring with a plt!ir.«le obedience, agree with ais uear.ands 
to thepcint : onely icfcrreyour frtfe to ttis zduanta^e ; 
firO, that your flay wi'Ji him may rxjt be long: ih»t the 
lime toby haise iJI {})idow,n<l hknce va it :aad the place 
anfwrrcte conucnience ■* tlus being graiUed in cootfe , 
and now foUowcs all : vree dial! adIuKe this vrronged 
maid to Aetdvp your tppotntrsent. goe in y cur place: 
if the cncountri »cknowledgeit fclfc hcerealrer , it say 
contpdlhimtcherrecompcnce ; andkeeTC3 bydiisif 
your brother fijed , ycur hcrwr tntaiclrd, the poort 
MmricKs tdotr.icG'^d , and the corrtipt Deputy fcaicd. 
The Maid wK? I hf2nie,a«dinjkefit for his attempt : if 
you thinke we'i to carry th'n &$ you may, the doubleties 
cfthcb^neBi defends the deceit from nproofr. Whit 
thinke you of it ? 

//#^. The image of it gjues mecontcrrt already, sm I 
kitjft it will grow to a moft profpcrous perfe^ton, 

Da^. It lies Much Li yout holding vp : haTVe you fpce. 
dily to ji-tj^iU^ if for this niglu b« intrtat you to his bed, 
giuchiw promifcof {atiifa^hon: 1 wii!prt.''er:!y tc S. 
Lm^P t tlftreat the moaieil-GTaiige recidei this deit- 
£led i1^^2ri4n4 ; at tlu pla^e call vpcQ roe, arui difpatch 
with >^»^W.-,tri2t it rosy be quickly. 

//ii. iibankyouforihucomfort.fareyoifweilgood 
father. ^*it. 

Eater Eieay, Oam>c,0^cen, 

€t&, Nay.Lfthcrebenoremidyfcijk, b«ft that you 
wiu ricedci buy a.nd fdl a>en acd wooitn liVe brs/hi we 
fhali haue ail the world drinke browse 6i white ba/Hrd. 

Duki Ohhe£ueti$,v#hatftuffeisheere. 

Cietf. Twas naier merry world finre of twovfuries 
the merrieft was put do>ante , ti>d the worfer aliow'd by 
order of Law ; a fiir'd gowtK to keepe h jia wanrve ; ana 
iurd with Foxe and Lamb>skinstoc,to figniBcithat craTc 
belne richer then lonoceoof , {hnd\ for tht facine. 

B». Come your way & •• 'bleile you good rather 

DiJ(. Andyougoo^BrothetFaihej j \»hK ofienc? 
hath thit msataadeycUiSir? 

Sii. Miny 

Meafitrejw Meafitrc. 


Elk. Mtrry Sie, he hath ofFcnded the Lava ; and Sir, 
w« take him to be «Thcrfe too Sir . for wcc haue found 
vpon him $fr,t ftrange Pick-lock, which wc haue fcnc 
to the Dcputie. 

/5«i4f, Fie, firrah, a Bawd, a wicked bawd. 
The eo:U that thou caufeft to be done, 
Thsc ii ih^ mesnes to liue. Do thou but thinkc 
What 'tia to cram a maw, or doath a backc 
From fuch a filthie vice : fay to thy felfe , 
From their abhomtnable and beaHly touches 
I drinke,! eateawaymy felfc.and liue 
Canft thoo beleeue thy liotng m a life. 
So ftinkingly depending f Go mend, go mend. 

do. Indeed, it do's ftinkc in fome fort, Sir • 
Bot yet Sir I would proue 

Dw^c.Nsy, if the diuell liaue giuen rhce proofj For fin 
Thou wtlt proue his. Tikchim to prifon Officer: 
Corrcftion, and lnfttu6hon muH both worke 
Ere thij rude bcaft wiU profit. 

Elb. HeraufibefoTCtheDcputy Sir. he has giucn 
him warning rtheDepuiy cannot abide a Wbore-ma- 
fter : if he be a Whorc-mongcr.and comes before him, 
he were as good go a mile on his errand. 

Duk*. That we were all, as fome would feemc to bee 
From our faults, at fault* from feeming free. 
£nttr Lmoo. 
EA Hii aecke will come to your waft, a Cord fir. 
C/». Ifpycomfott.lcrybailc; Here's a Gentleman, 
and a friend of mine. 

Luc. How now noble Pnfift)} ' Vhat, at the wheels 
ofC^tftr } An thou led in triumph ? What ii there none 
oi figmtJtons Images newly made woman to bee had 
now, for putting the hand in the pocket, and extra£)ing 
d«rtchd# What reply? Ha? What faift thoo to this 
Tiu>e,Matter,and Method f Is'tnot drown'd I'th laft 
r. i.^ ?Har What faift thou Trot? Is the world as it was 
Man? Wtiichisthevvay ? Is it faii, and fcvt wotds? 
Or how ' The tricke of it ? 

Oukt. Still thus, and thus: ftill »vorfe? 
Li*-. How doth my dcetc Morfell, thy Miflris? Pro- 
cures (lie Qilt ? Ha t 

CU. Troth Gr, fhee hath eaten *p all her becfe, and 
(he is her felfe in the tub. 

l,»c. Why 'tis good: Itistherightof it: it ma(l be 
fo. Euer )ipur (tcCh Whore, and your pouder'd Baud,an 
vnCiun'dconfequcnce, it muft be fo. Art going lo pn- 
fon Pfiy^n ? 

C/a, Yea faith fir. 

Luf. Why 'tis not amiiTr Ptjyftf : farewell : goe fay 
1 fent thee thethci- : for debt Pot:^? Or how i 
Eli, For being tbai:d,fcf being a baud. 
f.AK. Well, then imprKon him: If imprifenment be 
the doe ofa baud, why 'tis his right. Baud is he doubt* 
leffe, and ofantiquity too: Baud borne. Farwellgood 
PtrufTf : Commend me to the pnfon Pemjtty, you wil\ 
turne g<x>d husband now P»mfej, you vviUfcecpethc 
*C/#.I hope Sir, your go©d Worfhip wil bemy bailed 
Imc. No indeed vtU I not P»mfej, it is not the wear: 
I will pray (Vtatptj') to encreafe your bondage if you 
t«k« it not patiently : Why, your menle is the more : 
Adieu truftie Pextpcf, 
Blelfe you Friar. 
7)«^*. And you. 

LiK. Do'a Britiget paint ftill, Ptn^ ? Ma ? 
Eli. Com? your wtiesftr, come.. 

Ch. Yoo will not baile me then Sir? 

Lae. Then Pom^fjjnox now : what oewcs abroad /Vi- 
rr^ Whatnewes ? 

Lib. Come your waies fir, come. 

Lue. Goe to kennell (Pcmpej) goe ; 
Wh»r newes Ftttr of the Duke f 

Dukf' I know none ; can you tell meofany f 

Lmc. Some fay he is with the Emperor of .^ff^: other 
' fome, he ii in Rem« : but where it he thinke you ? 

Duke. I know not where t but vvhercibeuer, ] wiflt 
him well. 

Luc. Itwastmadfaneefticilltnckeoniimto ftcale 
from the State, and vfurpeihebcgperie hee wasncuer 
borne to i Lord jtngela Dukcs it well in his abfeocc : b« 
puts tranfgreffion too't. 

Dnke. He do's well in't. 

Luc, A little more lenitietoLecherie «vould doe no 
harme in him . Something too crabbed that way,rr»#r. 

Dak. It is too general a vice, and feueritie muflcure it. 

Lme. Yes in good footh,the rice is ofa great kindred; 
It IS vTcll allied, but It istmpofTtbtero citirpeit quite, 
Frier, till eating and drinking be put downe. They fay 
this .<^»^r/# was not made by Man and Woman, after 
this downe-right VTay of Creation : it it true, thiuk* 

Dvkt. Howfhouldhebentadethen? 

Lmc. Some report, a Ses-maidfpsvfTh'd W\m, S<.w3e, 
that he vvai begot betwecne two Stock-fifhes , But jt 
is certaine, that when he makes water, his Vrine is con- 
geal'd ice, that I know to bee true : and he is a motion 
generatiue.that's infainble. 

Dfik*. You are pleafant fi7,anc( fpeake apace. 

Lmc, Why, wfiataiuthleffe thing is d\is in him, for 
the rebellion ofa Ccd-ptece,to take away the life cf a 
man ? Would the Duke that is abfenthaise done this? 
Ere he rvould haue hang'd a nan for the getting a hon- 
dred Baftardi. h;^ would hauejuiidc fof theNurfing a 
thoufuid. He hsd fome feeHog of the fport, heckncw 
the feruice, and that inftru^cd him to niercic. 

Dukf. I neuer heard the obfcntDtike much dtteAcd 
for Women, he was not enclin'd that T7ay. 

Z.«r. Oh Sir.youaredcceiu'd. 

D-kf. 'TisnotpolTiblc. 

Luc. Who, not the Duke .' Yes,youf fceggsrofS.^ty: 
and his vfe was, to put a ducket to her Clack^i'h ; the 
Duke had Crochets io him. Hee wotsid Stednmketoo, 
that let me informeyou. 

Dmkf. Yoo do htm wroag,run*ty. 

Lite. Sir,I was to inward ofhit: a Oiie fellow V7at 
theDuke,and Ifaeleetic! know ibccaufeofhis ▼•uh- 

Dmks. What ^I prcihec) might be t!je caafe ? 

Lmc. No, pardon: 'Tisafecretmuftbeelocktwltfi- 
in the teeth and the Uppes : but iliix 1 can let you vndcr- 
ftand, the greater 6le cf the fubiciS held ifae Duke jo be 

Ddf^t. Vf\(ci Why no queftion bus he was. 

L«. A very fuperficiiU.ignorant.vnwctghing fcUow 

Z^*. Either this is Enuie in you. Folly, or roifta- 
king ; The very Oreamc of hit lite, and the bufinefle he 
hath hclm^, muft vppon a warranted reede, giue him 
• better proclamation. Let bimbebuttcfiimonied in 
his ownebriogings forth, and hee fhallappeare to the 
enuioua,aSeholleT,aStatefman,«nd aSoldicr .- there- 
fore you fpcake vnskilfiilly: or, ifyowr knowWg': bee 
more, it is raacb datkncd in your onUce. 


Meajurefor Mtafvre. 


Lm. Slr,l knov* him, ind I but tilnn. 

.0«^#. LouitiJkei Willi bf'tct knowlrtge,6tkr»©if- 
Itdgs with dcirc louc 

£<•<:. Come Sif , ! knoM whit I know 

i)^». I c*3 hu iij bclreot (K«i. Tincc yoo know not 
v*hak youfpokc. But ifrucr the Duke returnc (ii our 
pralcnuenenuyjlct nKcdefnc you tocDaktryourtn- 
ivvaberorrhiro; if U bee honeO you hiuc fpokc, you 
hauc courage to malntaine It- tim bound to call vppoo 
yoa.aad Iprayyou yout nam# > 

L»c. Sir my name It L«r/i>,vtel known lo the Duke. 

'Buk*. He m«U know you bcirrrSiiy if Imay liueio 
report you. 

L^. IfcareyouncH 

Ditk». O you hope the Duke will rettime no reore; 
or you imagine me to vnburxfull in oppofite;but indeed 
I csri doc you little baimct You'll fot-fweuc this a- 
giine ) 

Liu. Uc be hang'd fir(\ . Thouari deceiu'd in mee 
Ftiar. Butno tootcofthii C4r:n thouicU if CLaidh 
die to morrow, or ao ? 

Dmk*. "ATiy (hould he die Sit ? 

LtK. VVhy? For filling a bottle with aTunnetdifh: 
I would the Duke wc tslke of were teturn'd againe: thii 
^ngenitut'd Ag-ntwill vn-pcogle theProuince with 
Ccntincnfie. Sparrowcs roufl not build m his hoofe- 
ceucs>bcc«ufe tiicy arclcxhcrcus: The Duke y ei would 
haued£rl:«deedidarkelieanl'wef.(i, hce would neuer 
brin^' them to light I would hec sr^erereturn'd. Marrie 
rii\i(l<n*di» is condemned for vnixutTtng Farwell good 
Friar, Iprethce pray forme ; The Duke (I fay to ibee 
againe) would eate Mutton onTridaies. He's nowpa^l 
it, y« (and I fay to thee) hce would tnouth wrth a beg- 
gar, though (he fmelt browne-bresd and Carbckc : fay 
thatlfaid To: Farewell. frrf. 

Duht. No mij^ht, not greainefTc in mortality 
Cancenrurefcapet Back wounding calurnnie 
The whiteft vertu* ftrikei. What King fo ftiong 
Cat] tie the gait vp in thtljanderoui long ? 
But who comw ! i?ere ? 

Enter Efiobu^ Trmeff, eni Btivd, 

Efr. Go, away with her to prifon. 

BiO^d. Good rr.y Lord be good to tnee, your Honor 
is accounted a merc'ifuli man : good my Lord. 

Sfi, Double, and trebblcadiHonitict), andf^illfot- 
feite in the fame kmde } Thta w.2u!d oiklie mercy fweve 
and play th€Ti''an», 

Pr». ABawdofcI«&eny;aritcoatiotuncc, may it 
pleafc your Honor. 

Ba-^-dt M7 Lord, this ia one Zinrie's icforroation •• 
^'ainft ir.e, Miftris Kan K«*}i'di9*4 was with chiJde by 
. i 11 in toe Dukes cinic, he procsis'd her marriage : hif 
Childe is a yccrc and a quarter olde ccme 7>/>;A^ and/>s« 
iib : 1 iuoe kept it my felfe; and fee bow bee ^ .>es about 
to it'iAifc me. 

i.fe. That fellow i$ a fcliow of much Liccnfc : Let 
him be call'd before vs, Aaray 'with her to pnfoo ; Gee 
too, no more words. Frf>uo«,my Brother ^itgtla will 
not be altcr'4, CImai* nuiA d'te to morrow : Let bimbe 
furoifh'd with Diuines, and haue all chsrirableprcpara- 
tioa I fmy brother vfreosht by my pi tie, it (hooid not 
bs fo with him. 

?T9. Soplfrareyou,xhisFriarharh beene with bins 
and aduis'd him for th'entertainmen: of death. 

Efc. Good'eiierHgoodFarSef 

1>uk^. BliiTe, and goodneiTe on yea. 

i.Jt. OTwhcTKe axe yo^ > 

Dukt'^oi of thii Countxic,(hou|h my chjncc i$ Dow 

To vfe It for my time . I tmt brother 

Of^ricioui Order, late come fromthc Sea, 

In (c4Yiali bafincdc from hit Holmefb. 
ifr. What neweiabroMi I rh Worlds 
"Diti^. None, but that there IS (cigirai apeauoe on 
goodn<(Te,that thedifToludonof itrruB cure it , No* 
ueltie ii onely in leoucf^. uui as it is ai dangnovs to b« 
aged in any kmde otcourfe, as itiiv'rtuoas to be terv- 
Oant vn any yndenaking. There** feat fe truth enough 
aiiue to mike Societies fccurc, biM Secuniie «moogh to 
nuke Feliowfhiw tccatB: Much rpon this riddle runs 
the wifedomc of the worl<J ; T>iii newes is old cnovgh, 
yet It is coeiie dales r.rwes. 1 p.ay y m Su/>f wbM djf- 
pof.tion was the Duke t 

Eft. One, that aboue all other flrifea, 
Contended efpecially to k;>ow himfcife. 
'Dmkf. What pleafurewashegiaerio' 
Efc. Rather teioycing to fee anothei merry , then 
merrrie at aoie wliich profefl to make him reio.ct. 
A Gentleman of lII Umpertnce. But leaue wee him u> 
hiseoents, with apraieithey may projc nrrfpeTOUj. gc 
let me defire to know, how you CZ/Ww prcpar'd ? 
I am made to TodCTftand, that you h»ce lent him rifta- 

Dukj. He prcfcffes 10 htHi receioed do finif^n mea- 
fure from his I»dgf, but caoft willingly humbles him. 
felfe to the determrninon of luflice ; y« had he fratr.ed 
to himfelfe (by the inflrodiion of hit frailty) manie dc. 
ceyuingpTooifesoflife,whichI(bycjy good Idfsrc) 
haue difcredited to him, and now ij he refolu'd ro die 

ifc. Yoahatiepaidtheheauens yoorFttoftiofl, atij 
the prifoncrtbetrerie debt of your Calijn", I hs'.»el»- 
bour'd for the poore Centlemaxyo the extremeft r&ore 
cfmy modcftie.but my brcrJ-cr-I jflice haue Ifowfd Jb 
reucre,Uiat he bethforc d me 10 tell hio, hee u lodeede 

2;*^/. irhisowne!ife, 
Anfwere the ftraiuKiTeof hisprtxeedisg^ 
It fhall become him well : wherein jf h< chaace to f«1c 
be hath fentrrc'd himfclfe. 

ifi. 1 atr. going 10 Tifit the prllbaer, fart yotj wck 
T^f. Peace be with yoD, 

He whothe fword t>f Hea'uen wiD b«rt. 

Should be as holr, as feuetre 1 

Pattemc in hitufelfe to know, 

Grace to f^sad, and VeTt;;e go : 

More, t)ot leffc-to other 1 payiog. 

Then by fclfe>o0fi>cet weighing. 

Shame to hixB,whofecrue!l firikio^ 

Kils for fvAa ofhi: owoe liking -. 

Twj -^a^ble Ontxr.i on Ap£(Uj 

To?vc dctnyrice, andlettiiserow. 

Oh.wbav may Mic within him'Kide, 

Though Angtl on the outward fitie? 

How may iuseneCe made in crimes, 

Making praAifs on the Thnts, 

To draw with yd'.e Spiders ftrinss 

Moftpooderouj and fobfiafK-alfthingrs ? 

Ctafi ?gainft vice, I cauflapptic. 

With ^cTth to iKgSt fhall lye 

His old bcaxothexTCbut defpifed;) 

So d'lfguife (hall by th'difguifed 

?£f with fslihood, &i& ewAing, 

Afl><$ perToniie an olde conna&in^ LaS 

Meafure/or Meafure. 


JHus Qmrtut, Scoena Tftnta, 

Sor.g. 74^, eb takf the[e lift 0waj , 

thMftfmtetlj wtrefarfworne. 
And theft ejcs the breaks 'f*^ 

tight J that dx mi/lctd the Afamr 
"But rtrj kfffit ^'■"X '£'"''* •^"i <'l"'-t , 
Sealts rflmeJiiitfeAl'd it VMuieJ^nt/ d in vAine^ 

enter Dukg- 

il//f7.Breake off thy rong.ancfKanr thee quick iwray. 
Here coroei a man orcomfort.whore aduice 
Hath^ftentlill d my brawliog difcontenc. 
I cry youn)crcic,Sir,and welUould wi(h 
You had not found me here fo muficalL 
Lei me excufe me, and belceue me fo, 
1 'jrmitth II much dirpleaf'd.butpleaf'd my woe 

Dwi^Tit good , though Mutick oft hath fuch a charmc 
To make bad, good ; and good prouoake to hatme . 
I ptay you tell mc,hath any body cnquir'd for mcc here 
today i much vpon this time haue I promiCd here to 

M^. Yoahsueoet bmenquir'd after . 1 haue fat 
hcic all day 

e^ter IfdbelL 

Duk^. I doe con(^antly beleeue you : the time is come 
eueoQow, I fhall craue your forbearance alutlc.may be 
I will call vpoo you anoa« for ronae aduantage to your 

AUr. ] am alwaycs bound to you, Sxit. 

/.:«^ Very well mei.and well come •• 
What ii the newes from this good Deponed 

ffai. He hath a Garden chcummur'd with Bricke. 
Whofe weftemefideij with a Vmeyatdback't ; 
And to that Vineyard is a planched gate, 
That makes his opening with this bigger Key 
This other doth command a little doore. 
Which from the Vineyard to the Gatden leadei, 
There haue I made my promife, vpon the 
Heauy mtdic of the iiight,to call vpon him. 

2)«^ But (hall ycu on your knowledge find this way? 
l/nk. I haue t'ane a due.and wary note vpon't. 
With whifperingjand moR guiltie diligence. 
In a^ion all of precept,he dia (how me 
The wayiwiceort 

Ditl^. Are there no other tokens 
Bctwecnt you 'gteed,conceming herobfcruance? 

lf»i. No inonebutoncly arepaitcith'darke. 
And that I haue polTcfl molt Hay 
Can be but bncfe. for 1 haue made htm know, 
I haue a Seruant comes with me along 
That Raies rpon me ; whofe petfwafion is, 
I come about my Brother. 

Duk- Tis well borne vp. 
I haue not yet made knowne to Man^m* 

Enter Aiaruaut^ 
A word of this : what hoa,w>tbin; come forth, 
I pray you be acquainted with this Maid, 
She comes to doe yoa good. 

Jfik. Idoedefusthelike. 

Dfikj Do you pcrfwadc your fclfc that I rcfpcfl yon? 

//iT. Good Frier, 5 iknowyoa tlo.anJ haue found it. 

Diil^. Take then tbij yayr compaQioa by the hand 
Who hath a ftoric fcsdic tor your care : 
] fhall attend your Icifurc, but makctuRe 
The vaporous night approaches. 

Mar. Wilt pleafe yo'j walkc afide. Exit 

DM^e. Oh Piacc.and grcatncs : millions offal fe eies 
Arc rtucke vpon thee: volumes of report 
Run with tlicfcfalfe, and moft contranousQitfft 
Vpon thy doings : thoufand efcapes of wit 
Make thee the father of their idle drcame. 
And racke thee m their fancies. Welcome, how agreed ? 
fnrrr Mar una 4ind IfubeiU. 

l(ah. Shee'll take the onterprne vpon bet fathef , 

2>«^r. It IS not my confeni, 
But rny entreaty too. 

tfa. Little haue you to fay 
When you depart from him, but fofi and tow, 
Remember now my brother. 

Mar. Fearc me not. 

'Duk^. Not gentle daughter, feaieyounotstail: 
He IS your husl>and on a pre-contrad * 
To bring you thus tog«iher'tunofinne, 
Sith that ihc luHicc of your title to him 
Doth flourilh the deceit . Come, let vs gcc. 
Our Come's to reape.for yet our Tithes to fow. Exttuit 

Scena Seamda. 

Eirttr praucfi and Q^ak. 

Pt» Com^ hither fiiha ; can you cut oiTa mans head? 

Clo. If the man be a Bachelor Str,Ic;n> 
But if he be a married man, he's his wiucs head. 
And I can neaer cut off a wom&ns head. 

Pro. Come fir^ieauc me your fnatches, and ye?Id mec 
a direct anfwere. To morrow morning arc to die CUm- 
die and Btmardlne : heetc is in our prifon a common exe* 
cutloner, who in his office lacks a helper, if you will take 
it on you to affift him , it fhall redceme you from your 
Gyucs tif fhall haue your full cimeof impnfoR- 
mcnt, and your dcliuerancc with an vnpitued whipping; 
for you haue bcene a notorious bawd. 

Ct». Sir. I haue beene an vniawfull bawd.time out of 
mindc , but yet 1 will bee content to be alawfull hang- 
man : I would bee glad to receiue fomc inOru^ion from 
my fellow partner. 

pro. Whathoa,^^ier/o<»; where'a ^bberfmthae) 
Enier /ibbtrftm, 

/fM. Doe you call fir? 

Tr«, Sirha,hcie*$ a fellow will heipe yon to morrow 
hi your execution : if you thinke it mect,compound vr.ith 
him by the ycere, and let him abide here with you.if not , 
vfe himfortheprcfent , anddifmiffchim, hec cannot 
nl:ad hu clhmation with you : he hath bettie a Bawd. 

Abb. A Bawd Sir? fie vpon huB,he will difcredit our 
my Rene. 

Pro. Goe too Sir, yon waighequaflic: a feather will 
tume the Scale . Exit, 

Cl», Pray fir, by your good fauor . for furdy fir, a 
good fauor you hauc,bai that you haue a hanging look: 
DoeyoucaU fir,youT occupation a My fteric > 

G a A^h. I, 



Meajwre for Mcufurt. 

yikb. ISif.iKTAnie. 

clo. Paioiing Str, I hiu« hnrd fjy. ii • Minmf-.M^ 
your Whotc* fir, bcmo mttnbcTi of my o<fupjiu>f» v- 
fin^' painting, 60 f toot my Oicuptilon, 1 Miflvticioui 
wtitc Mif^cric (hcrr Hiunld be in hanging, if I Qxytild 
br hane'd, 1 cannoc imagint. 
^ih . Sic. u MaMiAcrir 
{b. Pcoofe. 

•.'(iN?. EucTietni«rniruippirTenfinyooT'n>crfc. 
Clo. If It be too linle for your the cfe.your iroe m»n 
ihinVesit bigpe caouck lilt b«c coo bigge for yooi 
Thfvf«,youT7^>etfe«nink«« little oioogb : Sovocric 
intcroatMtppurcU RiiyourThcvie. 
Smrr PT09»ji. 
Prt. Arc yo« agreed ? 

Cla. Sir, I wjirrc.'urhjm :For 1 dofinde your Hang- 
nun ii a ortore penitent Trtde tben your fiawd- he doth 
ofincr iskc forgiuenefTe. 

Pro. You finah, procure your blodce sod yoorAie 
to morrowf , foore a clock. 

Alb. Come on (Bawd) I will Inflni^ ihet io my 
Trttlc :fol3ov». 

Clo. I do deltre to Icaroe fu : and I hope, ifyou Kauc 
occaflon to vfe me for jovk ownctnrfw^yotj (hall findf 
me y'aie. Tor trujjf fir, (of your krndnefu:, I ov«e you • 
good lume. Ex4 

Vro. Call Kether BtriLtrdoM d CUmAi* : 
Th'one J»t$ my pitie j not t iotth« other. 
Being a KfurcneTTr, though be were my bfolhn. 

Euter CiMtMbg. 
Looke, here's the Warrant QtuaJji, for thy death. 
Tu now de^ midnight, artd by eight to rr^orrov* 
Thou muO be made immortall. Wheie > Btirm^rdm* . 
CU. Ai fafl lock d »p in guiltlcite laboui. 
When it lies flarkely m the Traueller j booes, 

Pro. Who candogoodonhiiTi ? 
Well,go,picp»ceyour Celfe. fituharVc, whatnoife^ 
Heaucngiue yoiM fviriu comfort ^ty. and by, 
I hope It Ii fome pardon, 01 repreeua 
Forthemon gemlc^i!j«^. "Welcome Fathn. 

£w/r Do^ 

Did^e, ThebeR, »r<d wholfomfl fpintsofthenighi, 
Inuellop you,goodProuoft;whocaU'd hcetcoTbtc? 

Pro. None finer the Curpbcw rung. 

Dukt. Not;/^«tf> 

Pro. No. 

Dukt. They will ihtfBct't be Jong 

Tre. What comfort i» for Cleudii ) 

Ttukf . There'* fome in hope: 

pro. Iiu s bUcerDeputic, 

D*ke. Not fo, not To ; h;s lift is paialel d 
Euen with the flroke and line ofKu great lufHce 
He doth with holic abf^incnce fubdue 
That in himfelfe, which be fpurra onhii powre 
To qoaiific in other* : v»«Tt he rocal'd with that 
Which he correfts, then were he tirtaimoai, 
But this being fo, he's iuft. Now arc they coae. 
This u a gentleProuoQ, ftldomc vsheo 
The ftceled Gaoler is the iricnd of men : 
How pow? wbatnoife i That fpirir't pofleft with haft. 
That woimd* tKytiTifting Poftcme with thde Qrohes. 

Pro. Th«t«kcaiua(tayTOultbeOffi£a 
Anfe to let Kini In : he is call d •»p. 

but he rruifl tiitio 

prt. Nooc lit, rtenc. 

Dmkt. A*t>«trTC<hc dawntrtgPionefl uilil. 
You fhall hcaic mot ^ niMomiD^ 

Prt. Happcly 
You fomcthing know : yrti bclect»« tbere conta 
No countermand no (urh cxainple b»u( /ci 
Bcfidct, vpoocbc »crHf f>«*« of iafttct, 
I^rd A^t'l* hiih to ihi; publikc care 
Profefl ibecotxxane. 

Emcr s Mfjl*rf<ir. 

"Dtit Tliisii his Lords man. 

Pf. A.-id h*»T» conx.^ CLmtdtti ptfdoi w 

>J»^. My Locdhaih fcnt youthisooee. 
And by mee tHis further tlurpc ; 
That you fwem* oot from the fmalWft /jud< of it. 
Neither in tune, matter, <k other cite uaiftancc 
Good morrow: for at I take it, it u aimo(\ thy. 

Pr,. I fhaJI obey him. 

Dmhr. This II hit Pardon pvrrhatd by CicSfio, 
For which the Pardoner himfeife is in . 
Hence hath offence hisquickecrieruir. 
When It if bome in high Amboriry. 
When Vice makci Mercte ; Mctcjcs fo exrrtKJexl, 
T>»at for the faults loue, is ih otfetkdei ^icadetL 
Now Sir, what new« } 

prt. I told you : 
Lord y<<rf«.'#(b«-like)thir>kiDgmereniiflie 
Jn mine Office, awakens mee 

With this vnwooted putting on, mctbutksf^nDgdy . 
For he hath not vs'd n before. 

Du^. Pray you leVsheatr. 
Tlfcr Lttier. 
l*^if>rtuT you m4^i>ftrei»rhfcenrray, Ul CUaittttX' 

tcultdbyftMrtafihtcLackt m;d ur thr cf:erLoeB€ Beruar- 

dnt : per nj bttur faiufdtitoa , In tea havt (LatOnt 

UtaAfrat m*^ frut. L<1 tbti it d^^l/ prrferatd wjiks 

ll>ougkt ikat loortdiymditm a,tbrmt<H mufi ytt Jtlmer. 

ThuafojU not ledetjtttr Offitr, sttou inC a^fijvta a 

Whatfijryo to this Sir.' 

Z7(«^. What IS that ^dTiuviow, wbo II lobe uxia- 
ted in th'afterrioone f 

Prt. ABohemianbome : Butherenorflfp 8; bred. 
Ore that is a pnfoner nine yeeT« oltt 

Dmkf, How came it, that the a b fern Duke had tnc 
cuher deliuer'd him to his Lbenie, or executed htm f I 
Kauehcardit wasraerhismaroerro dofo. 

Pr». His frirti^s ftill wrtjught Reprreoes for hnn : 
And ftsdeed his fi^fi t>ll now 10 the coocrcraens of Lord 
^vgtio, caoic oot to an Todoubifull ptoofe. 

Di^k*. It istiowapparaot ? 

Pr». Moft tnanifeft.atsd not denied by hsajfdfe. 

I>ml(t. Hath he bome himfelfe pautcatiy in priCoB 
How feenx* be to be tou ch'd ? 

Prt. A man that apprehends (kati) do more diead- 
(Mily, but as a drunken (leepe, carcleiTe, wreaklrde^aid 
^treVdTe of what>pafl,prcrmt, or t<> come: iafenfibie 
ofroorxality, and tk/pcrately morrall. 

DmJ(f. He wants aduice. 

/Vf.Hc wilheareooi>e:b«hath cacrioorthad the li- 
berty of the pnroo:giiiehirolcaitc 10 «feap«. bcnce, hee 
would not. DrunJte many times a dsy.ifnot many dues 
cDtkdy dronke. WebaueTencoAa.wak\ihxiis&>^^ 
canjeh^storxrcuiioo andfluWdh*mar%aucg w2t> 
raat foe h, it hath not an^ttd htr. at aik 

Meafurefor Meafure. 


TDni^/. More of him anon I written in your 
brow (H-ouoft, honefly and conftancic ; if I rcadc it not 
truly, my ancieoc skill bcguilei me tbucinche boldnes 
of my cunning', I will lay my fclfe in hazard : CUmdia, 
whom hcffe you haue warrant to cxcciMC^ it no greater 
ftrrfeit to the Law.then tlngeioviho hath frntenc'd him. 
Tomakeyou vnderftand this in a manifeftcd effect, 1 
crauetHitfotiredaiettefpit :fot the which, you are to 
do mc both a prcfent, and a dangerous courlefie. 

Pr«. Pray what / 

Dak*- tn the delaying deach. 

Pro. Aladue, howmay Idoit . Hauing the houre li- 
miied, aod an e%ptc(fc command, rnder penalcir, to de. 
Iioer his head irt the view of AfigtU t { rmy make my 
cafe as ClAudta't, to croflc this m the fmalleft. 

Duk*. By the vow of mine Order, I warrant you. 
If my mfttoftions m»y be your guide, 
Let this Bxrnartiine be thu morning executed, 
And his head borne to utn^eU. 

Prt. y<»j<Z»hathfeenc them both, 
And will difcouer tbcfauour. 

Dk^ Oh, deadvj a great diTguifcr, and you may 
«dde to It ; Shaue the bead , and tie the beard, and fay it 
was the defire of the penitent to be fo bar'de before hi* 
death: you know ibecourfeis common. Jf any thing 
fall to you vpon this, more then thankes and good for- 
tune, by the Saint whom I profefle, 1 will plead jgainA 
it with my life. 

Prt. Pardon mc, good Father, li it againft my oath. 

Dtr^f . Were you iwotoe to ihc Duke, or to the Dc 
putie f 

Pro. To him, and to his Subftitufea. 

Dttkf' You will thinke you haue made no offence, if 
the Duke auouch the iufliceof your dealing f 

Pro. But what likelihood is in that ? 

Dmi^. Not a refemblance, but a certainty ; yet lince 
1 fee you fearfull, that neither my coace, iniegruy, nor 
perfwafion, can with eafeattempt you, I wil go further 
then 1 meant, to plucke all feares out o( you . Lookc 
youSir.hecreisthehandandScaleof the Duke : you 
know the Charra&cr I doubt oot, and the Signet ii not 
(bran gc to you? 

Pro. I know them both. 

DtJ(f. The Contents of this, ii iherctumeof the 
Duke;^u (ball anon oocr-readeit at your pleafure: 
where you (hali finde within ihcfe two daies, he wil be 
becrc, Thij is a thing that Aigtto knowet not , for bee 
thii very day rcceiucs letters of ftrange icnor.perchance 
of lb; Dukes death, perchance entering into fome Mo- 
naAcrie, but by chance nothing of what is writ-Looke, 
th'vnfolding Starrc callesvp the Shepheard; put not 
your felfe into amazement, how thcfe things (botild be; 
all difficulties are but eafie when they zre knowne. Call 
your executiotier, and off with ^^rrur Jrtr// head : I will 
giue him a prefciu fhrift , and aduifc him for a better 
place. Yctyou arcamaz'd,bii( thlifhall abfolurely rc- 
foluc you : Come away, it it almoft dcere dawne. Sieit. 

Scena Tertia, 

Emtr Clovne. 
Cto. 1am at well acquainted hcere. ul watinour 
houfe of profetueu : one would tl^nkc it rvne Miftrit 

Otter-tUui ownc hoofe, for hcere be manie of her olde 
Curtomcrs. Firfl, hete'iyofig M' ^^, hee'sinfora 
commoditieofbrowne paper, and-oldc Ginger, nine 
feore and feuentoerte pounds, of whir h hec made fiue 
Markes readic money : marrie then, Ginger was not 
muchinrequeft. for ? be olde Women fvere (ill dead. 
Then is thcte heere one M' Cxprr, at the fuiteofMaftcr 
7ljree.Pi/fihe Mcrcer.for fome foure fuites of Pesch- 
colout'd fatten, which now peaches bim i beggar. 
Then haue vvc heere, y ong Vit-it, and yx»ng M' Derfe. 
f<nr, and M' Copf/rfpiare, zndM- S'arMr latif^the Ra- 
pier and dagger man, and yong Drep-hrh-fxhii ktid lu- 
flie PmdJiog , and M' Farihlight tbeTilter.aod braue M' 
5/>(»rir the great TraucMer.and wilde //<s^-C-/»>r* that 
flabb'd PotSfSnd I thinkc fortle more, all wreat doers in 
our1'rade,andarcnowfoftbe Lords fakn:. 
Enter AifhtP'foi. 
AU>- Sirrah, bring Bmtt*rdiKt\\tr.\\i^ . 
Cia. W' ttrnoirdint, you fftufl nfc and be bing'd, 
M' Barnardine. 

Abh. What hoa Btmm-diiw-. 

Btraarditi* wtihiH. 
Bjt. a pox o'your throats : who makes that noyfc 
there? What arc you? 

CI: Youi friends Sir,the Hangman ■ 
You mof^ be fo good Sw to tife,and be put f o death. 
Bar. Away yoo Rogue, away, lam flcepie. 
*ylih. TelJ himhemuHawakej 
And that quickly too. 

Cle-. Pray Mafler Btrn/ndime, awake rilj you arcex.- 
ecuted, and Oeepe afterwards. 

Ah. Go in to him. and fetch him out. 
Cla. He is comming Sir.he is conoming : I hcarehis 
Straw rufde. 

Emrr Btr^iardime. 
Aih. Is the Axe vpon the blockf ,rirrah? 
C/«. VeriereadieSir, 
Bttr. How now AObarfi^ ? 
What's the newes VTith you ? 

A6h. Truly Sir, I vrould defire you to clap into yotir 
prayers : for; Warrants come. 

Bmt. You Rogue. 1 haue bin dcirvking all nigiu. 
1 am not fitted for"t. 

CU. Oh, the better Sir; for he that drinkes all uight, 
af d is hanged berimes in the morning , may fleepe tke 
founder all the next day. 

Emtr Duke, 
jitb, Looke you Sir. heere comes your gboftly Fa- 
ther : do wcieft now tbinke you ? 

'Duke. Sir,induccd by my charitie, and hearing how 
haftily you are to depart, I am come to aduifc you. 
Comfort you,aadpray with you. 

Bar. Friar,noi 1:1 haue bin drinking bard allnighr, 
and I will baue more time to prepare mee, or they fiia II 
beat out my braines with billets ; I will not coofcnt to 
die this day, that's cenaine. 

2)«^e.Oh fir, you muft : and therefore 1 befeech yon 
Looke forward on the iournie you (hall go. 

Bar. I fweare I will not die to day for an ie mans per- 

'Dukf. Butheareyou: 

^«r.Not a word : if you hatic anie thing to lay to me 
come to tny Ward : for thence will not I to day. 

Smter Prwcft. 
Dake. VoRt CO lics,or die : oh grauell heart. 

G J After 


Aleajure for Meajure, 

Afier him (Fellowo) bring him to (fir Uociir. 
ff. Now Sir, how do you ftfvie clicpnrunrr f 

Dnkt. A crenurc vnpcc-p«r'd. »r.m«ct kit death. 
And to trinfporc him in the mlndc li« u, 
WfTc damntblc. 

pro. Hccrf in ih« pf ►fon, F«thct. 
There died ihumorDin|(of *eru«IIFr*iOT, 
One K^et-tnt, % ruoft notorious Pjrite, 
A mtn ot (^Utidif't yaarei . hi» bur J,«rid hed4 
Iu(\ of hii colour. VVTi»i if *»t doomit 
This Reprobate, til he v»ere wel cnclin'd. 
And ratiffif the Deputic with the vilagc 
Of RsfoKMii, mute like to CU-dio * 

H>Htie. Ohj'tw an accident ih«i hciucn proiiidei ■ 
Oifpatch iLpicfenlly, thchoure dnwei on 
Prefixt by AngeiQ : See thii be done. 
And fent according to command, while* 1 
Perfwade this rude wretch willingly to die. 

Pro. Thii (haM he donf (good Father) prefentfy ; 
But R*nMr<//jrr mud die ihn aficrnoone. 
And how fhali we ctwitinue C/<u«f^, 
Tofaucmefrom the danger that might come, 
1/ be were knownealiue f 

D»kt. Let this be done, 
Put them in fccret holdt, boihSMrtiardpn and Cl^tdhy 
Ere twice the Sun hath made hi» lournall greeting 
To yond generation, you Qui Bi>d« 
Your rafetietnanifeftc<L 

yro, 1 am your firee dependant. Exit. 

Dit^f. Quicke,difp»tch,and fend the head co Angtio 
Now will write Letter* to ^»jgf/», 
(TheProooftheftialbcare th«m)whofecontenu 
Shal vwitnefle co him I am neac at home ; 
And that by great Iniundtions I am bound 
To enter publikcly •• him lie defire 
To meet me at the ^onfcaatcd Fount, 
A League below ihe Cine ; and from thene«, 
BycoLd gradation, and weale-ballanc'd fetmc 
We flial proceed with AngcU. 
Enter fromo/f. 
Pro. Heere is the bead, lie carrie it my Iclfe. 
T>ak«. Conuenient it it : Make a fwift reiume. 
Fori would commonc with you of fuch thing*, 
Xliat want r>o care but yours. 

JVtf. Ileraakcallfpeede. £-^ 


If*. Pexcehoa.bc hccre. 

DmI^. The tongue of //4^tf*. She's come to know, 
Ifyct her brothers pardon be comehithei : 
But I will kccpe her ignorant of her good. 
To make her heauenly comforts of difpatrej. 
When it is Icaft expedled. 

Enter IfahSa, 
If*. Hoa, by your leaue. 

D:t1(e. Good morning to you, faire, and gncioas 

Ifi. The better giuen me by fo holy a man. 
Hath yet the Deputic fent my brothers pardou ? 

Dukt. He hath rcleal'd him, Ifdixlt,ixoxn the wotid. 
His head is orf, and fent to AngtU. 

I ft. Nay, but it is not fo. 

Dike. It is no other. 
Shew your wifedome daughter in yourdofe patience. 

Ifd. Oh,I wil to him, and plucke out his eies. 

Z>«^. You Thai not be admitted to his fight. 

//i. Vnbappie CkxdM, wretched IfahS, 

Iniunout world, cnoA dunned Ai^tU. 

7)Uf, ThufK>r huruKim, oor profruycua lot, 
Forbearc it therefore, gitseycr*.-: Cioft to hcsw, 
Maike what ] fay, which yoo fkaifindc 
By etitry fillablc a faithful raitie. 
The Dtike comes horse to morrow : my dftc yo«r cyn, 
OfKofour Couent, and hiironfefibr 
Giuef methii inftance : Aiteady he hath carried 
Nrxice to EftMud and A»itl», 

Who do prepare to riiccte him at the prei, (dor>e, 
There togiuerp their powrr Ifyou can pice your wif- 
In that good path tiiat I woold wi^ it go. 
And you nisi haue your bofome oc this wrttcji, 
Grace of the Duke, revtnget toy cur bean. 
And general Hof>o». 
If*. I am dircf^ed by you, 
Duk This Letter then to Friw ft:rr giue, 
Tis that he fent roe of the Dukes reiume • 
Say. by this token, 1 defireh!»<rmj:)ar,ie 
At /i^«ri4W4'i houfc to night. Her ca«:(e,and v&sirs 
I Ic per fed him withall, and he thai br:r g voti 
Before the Duke; and to the head of Anuria 
A ccufc him home and home. For niy poore Ctlfe, 
I am combined by a faaed Vow, 
And fhall be abfent. Weiidyoo with this Lerrer .• 
Command thefc fretting waters from yocreie* 
With a light hean ; tnjfl not my holie Orda 
If 1 perucrt ytxir courfc : whote hecre ' 
6Hter Lkm. 
Lwc. Good*euen; 
Frier, wherc's the Proaoft } 
Dike. Not within Sir. 

Lmc. Ohprenie//^rI<«. I am paJt ti tnine he?n, to 
fee thine eyei fo red : thaomuft be patiem; I am fame 
to dine and fup with water and bran : I dare not for my 
head fill my belly. One fruitfiil Meaie would let met 
too't : bbt tbcy (ay the Duke will be herrr to M orrow. 
Bymytroth/yi^/7r lou'd thy brother, ifthtoldc f»r»- 
taHical Duke of darke comers had bene at hon>e,be had 

Dtdft. Sir, theDukets manicilotn link behotdiog 
to your reports, but the beft is, he hues not in them. 

Luc. Friar, thou knoweQnottbe Duke fo wd as I 
do : he's a better woodman then thou tak'ft him for. 
D«^*. WelhycuM anfwerthiionedayJ^arcyewcIL 
Lmc. Nay tarrie, lie go along with thee, 
1 can ccl thee pretty tales of the Duke. 

D^k** YonhauetoWtBetootnanyofhim alxeatJvGf 
if they be true : if not tree none »vere enough. 

Lucu. IwasoDce before him forgetucg a Wi3ich 
DM^e. Did you fuch a thing ? 

L*c. Yes marrie did I : boc 1 wts faine to forfwtar it. 
They would clfc haue married me to the rotten Medler. 
Dsi^ Sir your company is faira then booed,;eft yea 

Ijicis. By my trotb ile go with thcc to the lai>ei end: 
if baudy talke offimd y ou, we'el haue very UtJe of it:nay 
friar,! am i kind of Bunc, 1 ftial flick c. ExetM 

Scma Quarta, 

tcnr jt/^fie (jr Efctdut. 
Efi£wry Letts he hash writ, hath difoooch'd ether. 


•sSKfeafitre for tlM^ea/ure. 


Af>. Inmaft vneuenand(li(Ua^le<lnianner,hita^ons 
(how much like to madnc^Tc, pray tieaucn hit wife<ianie 
bcc not tainted : aod why meet him at the gates and re- 
liuer ou rauthoritics there ? 

Efe. Ighcflcnot. 

jinf. /Vttd why fhould wee proclaime it in an howre 
before his entrin^, that if any crauc redrcfle of iniuOicc, 
they (hould exhibit their petitiptvs in the Arret ? 

Efc. He rhowes his rcafon for ihatrto haue a difpatch 
of Complaints , and to deliuer vt frono deuices hcere- 
afta , which (ball th«a bauc no power to Raod agaioft 


Ang. Well ! 1 befeech you let it bee ptoclaim'd be- 
times i*(h' morne, lie call you at your hoofe : giue notKC 
to fuch men of fort and fuite as are to meete him. 

Efc. I fSaU fw : fareyoBwell. B*if. 

Ang. Goodnight. 
This deedc vn(hape$ me qoite,miVe*fnc ynpregnaot 
And dull to all proceedings. A deflowrcd nwid. 
And by an eminent body, that cnfore'd 
The Law againi) it ? But ihai hct tender (hame 
Will not pto<biin»e againft hct maiden lofle. 
How might fhc tongue mc ? yet rcafon dates hei no 
For my Authority beares of acredentbulkc» 
But it tonfounds the breather. He fhouW haue fiu'd 
Sauc that his riotous youth w ith dangerous fcnf e 
Might in the times to come haue ta'oa reueoge 
By fo receiuing a difhonor'd life 
VVith ranfomcof fuch (hame: would yet he had Uued 
Alack.when once OUT grace we haue forgot 
Nothing goes tight,we would.aod we would not. £xa. 

Scena Qutnta. 

Snlrr IV\? aXiI Fritr Prter. 
Dttkt.. Thffe Letters atfit time deliuer me. 
The ProuoA knowcs oar purpofe and our plot. 
The matter bemg a foote, kcepc your mnru^ton 
And hold you euer to our fpeciall drift , 
Thouch fometimcs you doe blench from this to that 
As cauie doth mmiAcr : Goe call at fUmimi houfc. 
And tell him where I IVay i glue the like not ice 
To VtdinciiM^ "Hfvlandf and to Craffut , 
And bid them bring the Trampeu to the gate : 
But fend me FLamm fird. 

VctcT. It Qiall be fpceded well 
Entar Varruiu 
Dvki' I thank thee j'lsn-iiH, thou Kafl made good haft, 
Comc.we will walite / There's other of our friends 
WiUgreet vtheetc aeon: my gentle Vdrrtw. Exrvn/. 

Scena Sexta. 

Efiiir Ifa^sBa aod LMeriaaa. 

Ifak. To fpeak fo indircAiy I am IcatSi , 
I would fay the truth.but to accufe him fo 
That it your part, yci I atn aduis'd «o Jock , 
He (ate<,to vaile full purpofc. 

C*fi«r. Be rui'dbyhinu 

IfiA. Bdides he tells me, chat ifperadoenture 
He fpeake againf} me on the aduem (idc, 
I (hould not thinkc it flrange, for 'da aphyficke 
That's bitter, to fwea end. 
Enter Ptter. 

JUtir. I would Fritr Fatr 

Ifab. Ohpeacc, thefrxwiscofwe, 

Ptfif. Cornel hauefound you out a ftandmoH fit. 
Where you may haue fuch vantage on the Dk^t 
He (halt not pafle you -. 
Twice haue the Trumpets founded. 
The generous ,and grauefl Citizens 
Haue hent the gates, and very necre t*pan 
The Dnkf is cntring : 
Therefore hence away. Exetmt. 

AUus Qutntus. ScwnaTrima, 

Emer 'I>uke,VaiTttu,L(rrdi,..y^e/o^nilut,L<iiu>, 
Cattjott 4t(ettera3 docrts. 

Duk- My very worthy Cofen.fairely met. 
Our otd.and falthjRiil &ieiid,we are glad to fee you 

Ang.Ffc. Happy returne be to yonr royall grace 

Da<.. Many and harry thairkingt to you boHt: 
Weh«u« made enquiry of you, and we heare 
Such goodnrffc of your luAicc.that ouf fotile 
CaoQOt but yectd you forth to publique thackcs 
Foreruoning more requitxU. 

%yiiig. You make my bonds fiill greater. 

D«tOh your dcfert fpeais loud,& I (hould wrong it 
To locicc it in the wards of coueri bofome 
When it deferues with chara^ers of brafle 
A forted refidence 'gainfl the tooth of time. 
And razure of obliuion : Giue we your hand 
And let the Subie£t make them know 
That outward curiefies would faine proctaiioe 
Fauours that kcepe within : Come SfcaJta. 
Youmuft walkeby ITS, on our other band. 
And good fuppor'crs are you. 

Enter Peter ^ /fiteJIa 

Peter. Now isyour time 
Spcake loud.and kneele before him. 

/fii. lulhce.O royall I>M^,vatIe your regard 
Vpon a wrongd (I would faine haue faid a Maid) 
Oh worthy Prince, dishonor not your eye 
By throwing it on any ot hn obie A, 
1 ill you haue heard fne,in my true coropFaint 

And giocn meluftic«,Iuftice,Iuftice4uftjce. 

D(»^ Relate your wrongs; 
In what, by whom f be briefe : 
Here is Lord jfngtle (hall gineyoajttftke, 
Rcueclc your fcUe to him. 

Ifdi. Oh worthy Duke^ 
You bid me feeke redemption ofthe dioell, 
rtearc mc ytwir fclfe : for that which I tnuR (peiite 
Muft cicherpanifh me,noc being beleeo a. 
Or wring rcdrelTc from yoo ; 
Hearc me : oh hcare mc, hccre. 

vftg. M y L ord,her wit* I feare the are not fkats : 
She hath bin a fuitor to me, for her Btotbcs 
Cut off by courfe ofTufhce 

Ifak By courfe of luftice. 

-rf«tf . And Oie wjll fpeake moft bittofy.and (inn^t. 

If*. Moil 


^Pi^cafure for tSKfeafure, 

Ifdi. MoftAringe: buiyet moft truely v»illfpc»ke, 
Th»t yif^fU t forfwornc, i j ic not iirtngcf 
Thit ^ttfrtU I a rmirtherrr. i»'t not Hrangjc/ 
Thtt Anj^tU If in »dultcT©oi ilne/e. 
An hypocrite.* virgin viol«u>c, 
!i It not ftr«ngc? indAr»n(jf? 

Dit^t, Nay »t linn timci ftr6r>^e? 

//«. It It not Uw<x Kf It Aiftile^ 
TWcn thii it ill tt true.u it ii (tringe ; 
N*y,ii ii ten timrs true. for truth ii truth 
To ih'etui 

Duke, Awiy with her : poorefoute 
She fpcaket thi» in ihinftrmity of ferKf. 

If*. Oh Prince,! coniurc thee a* thoa beleeu'ft 
iTAere it another comfort.then thirworld, 
Thit thou ncgledt me not, with thit opinion 
TK«i I am touch'd with madnefTc : make not ioipofl^ble 
Thit which but fecmet vnli'Ke,'ii« not inupcCiblc 
But onc.the wickedft caJtifTe on the grcnind 
May reeme as (hie, as lufl.ti abfoluic : 
At jing*l», cucn fo m«y jlngcLo 
In all hit dr^frings,cara(f\s,t'itles,rorme«. 
Be an arch-villame : Beleeue it.royall Prince 
If he be leffe.he'i nolhing.but he i more. 
Had I more name for badneflTe. 

T)i^. By mine honefty 
If (he be mad,as I beleeue noother. 
Her midncfle hath the oddeft frame of fenfc, 
Suchadependancy of thing,on thing, 
Ai ere I heard in madadTr. 

//iiJ. Oh gracious Duk.* 
Harpenoionihat; nor donothanlflirrafon 
For inequality, by tlet your reaCon ffrue 
To make the truth appeare,where it feun^shid, 
Aod hide the falfe feemes uue- 

Dtk: Many that are not mad 
Hsu? fure more lackc of reafon : 
Whai wouldyoufay? 

Jfah. lam the Sifter of one r/W/i7, 
Condeinnd vpon the hQ. of Fornication 
To locfe his head, condcmn'd by Af^geh. 
l,(in probation of r. Sii^cthood^ 
Waj lent toby my Brother ;onc Lwtio 
As then the Meflcngf r. 

Lac. That's I.and't like youf Grace : 
Scame to her from (lMidjo,u\d defir'd her, 
,To try her gracious fortune with Lord ji»gt}t 
ror her pcore Brothers pardon. 

ipA, That's he ind«ede. 

Tfttki You were opt bid to<jp«ke. 

iMC No.ray good Lord, 
Nor wifh'd to hold my peace. 

Ditk^ I wirti you now then. 
Pray you take note ofit; and when you haue 
A bofmefTe for your fcife : pray bcauea you then 
Be perfect. 

Luc. I warrant your honor. 

Dt^ The warrant's for yout felfe : take heed- to't. 

If«(>. This Gtntleroan told fomewba; of my Tale. 

Lkc. Right. 

Dtik^ It may be right, but you are "I'lbe wro.Tg 
To fpeake before your time : proceed, 

ifj>, I went 
To this pernicious Caitiife Deputie. 

D»k: That's fomewhat madly fpoken. 

Jfal). Pardon it, 

The phrafe is to the irvattrr. 

'Dt^i- Mtddcd again* :ih«fji«rttf."priKf«!d. 

tfr.j. fetthcrvedicile prcKcfTt b/i 
How Iprrfwadrd, Ikow I prtid,and kncci'd. 
How he rcfcid riK, arvj how J rcplide 
( For this was of mixh length ) the Tild cooHufofi 
I now bccin with gnti't, and fham< to vttcr. 
He would not, bwi by f;ift of my chaftt Scdy 
To his concopifciblc inremperitc iiHi 
ReWafe my brother ; and ati«T much debatemervt. 
My fifteriy remorfc, confutes nune honour, 
And I did yeeld to bim : But :Ke nrxc morne brutno, 
His purpofe furfcitmg, he fends a warrao: 
For my poorc brothers head. 

D-t-t. Thu ismoftHk«ly. 

Jf*i: OS chat It were as tike u it is tru& (fptak'ft, 

Ditkj By lwauen(fond wretch)^ krwwO riot vraavtr.ou 
Orelfc thouartfubomd againlihts honor 
In hacefull pradifc : full hu integntic 
Stands without b!emi(b : next it imports no rtafon, 
ThK withfuch vch<m«ncyhe ftiouldpurfue 
Faults proper to himfeife; ifhehadfooffsnded 
He would haue waigh'd thy brother by hirrfclff , 
And not hajecut him off. fome one hath frt you oo:. 
Confcffe the truth, and fay by whofe aduicc 
Thou cam'ft heere to complaine. 

Ifti. And IS this all .> 
Then oh you blifTed Miniflers aboue 
Keepe mc in patienct, and with ripetied time 
Vnfold tJie euiU, which is htere wrapt vp 
In countenance : bcauen (hie'.d you: Grace from woe 
Aa I thus wrong'd. Hence vnb-lcjued goe- 

"Dai^r. i know you'ld fame be gone: An Officer •• 
Toprifonwithher : Shall we thus permit 
A bisfting and afcandalooi bteath tc fall , 
On h'.m fo ne ere vs ? This needs mut^ bee pra^rfr: 
Who knew ofyoor intent and commmg hither > 

/yi. Cfie :bat 1 would were heere. fnrr I«um»u^. 

Dui^. A ghcftly Father, belike : 
WTho knowes that Lt^trtck/? 

Luc, My Lord, lk[>owhir3, tis tmed!i3g Fryer, 
I doe not like the man: hadhebe«n Lay my Lord, 
For certaine words he fpske agtinft your Grace 
In yourretirmcr>t, I hid fwing'd him foJniJy. 

Du^. Words tgainft mtf? this 'a good Frj-erbefike 
And to fet en this wreuhed wom^n here 
Againft OLfSubftitutc; Let this Fr^'er be found. 

Lue. But yeftcmtght my Lord, fhe and that Fryer 
I faw them at the pritcn : a fawcy Fryar, 
A very fcjruy fallow. 

'Peier. BiciTed beyourRoyaJlGracf : 
I hiue llooi by my Lord,3nd I kaae heard 
Your roysU eare abuj'd : firfth^th thii woman 
Mo(t wrongfully acctis'd your Subftitute, 
Who it 35 free from touch, or foyle with h«r 
A» (ht from cne vngot. 

Dstkc. We did beleeue no lefTe. 
Know you thst Frier Z,ad«wf^that fhe fpeakcr of? 

Post. Jkoowhimfora nundiuiacandhciy. 
Not fcuruy, nor a temporary medler * 

As he's reported by this G^nilcmta : 
And on my truft, a man that oetier yet 
Did (as b^ vsuclies) ir.if-r eport your Grace. 

Z^\ My Lord.mor^ viJl«nouCy,bdeeu« it. 

Fftct.Vr'tU : hein time may cor^c tocleerehimfelft: 
But at this inAant he is £cke, try Lord : 


ti^Tvfeafwrefar ^tSMeafure. 


Ofaftringe Feauor : vponhit mcerercqueft 
Being come to knowledge, that thcrcwM complaint 
Intended 'gainft Lord jiigeUy camel hether 
To fpeake as from his mouih.what he doth know 
Is true, and falfc : And what he with his oath 
And all probation will make vp full clcare 
Whenfoeuer he's conuented : Firft for this woman, 
To luftifie this worthy Noble man. 
So vulgarly and petfonally accus'd, 
Herlhall you heare difproued to her eyes. 
Till flje her felfe confefTe it. 

Dui. Good Frier, let's heare It : 
Doe you not fmilc at this, Lord Allele} 
Oh heauen.ihe vanity of wretched fooles. 
Giue vsforoe feates. Com* cofen ^"iclo. 
In this I'll bcimparliall : be you ludge 
OfyourowneCaufe : h this the WitnesFrietf 

Eiter Mariana, 

Firft, let her (hew your face, and after, fpeaVe. 

Mxr. Pardon my Lord, I will notfliew my face 
Vnttll my husband bid me. 
^D^kt' What, are you married* 
Mar, No my Lord. 
D*^. Are you a Kfaid } 
Mar. No my Lord. 
"Duk^ A Widow then > 
AfJir. Neither, my Lord. 

Das!;. Why you are nothing then: neither Maid.Wi- 
ilow, nor Wife? 

iM. MyLord.fhemaybeaPuncke : formanyof 
them, are neither Maid, Widow.nor Wife. 

Luki Silence that fellow : I would be had feme caufe 
to prattle for himfelfe. 
Luc, V/ell my Lord. 

laar. My Lord, I doe confeiTe 1 nere waj married, 
And I confcffe befides, 1 am no Maid. 
1 haue known my husband, ycc my husband 
Knowes not, that euer he knew me. 

iMt. He was drunk Lord,it can benobetter. 
Duki Forthe benefit of filencc.vould thou wcrt fo to. 
Liu. Well,my Lord. 
Dw^.This is no wiinefie for Lord Angtlo, 
Mar. Now I come to't, my Lord. 
Sbee that fccufes him of Fornication, 
InCclfe-fame manner, doth accufe my husband , 
And charges him, my Lord, withftich a time, 
When rie depofe 1 had him in mine Armet 

Ang. Charges flie rooe then me ? 
Mat. Not that I know. 
2)«<. No ? you fay your busband 
M«f, Why iuft, ray Lord, and that is Aigtto^ 
Who thinkeshe knowes, that he nere knew my body, 
But knows, he thinkes,th8t he knowes I^*bels, 
Ang. This is a ftrange abufe : Let's fee thy face. 
T*l»r. My husbtnd bids me,now I will vnmaske 
This is that face, thou crucll AngtU 
Which once thou fworft, was worth the looking on : 
This is the hanH, which with a vowd contt«6^ 
Was faftbelockt in thine: This ii the body 
That tooke away the march from lf«M, 
And did fupply thee at thy garden-houfe 
In her Imagia'd perfon. 

Dtift. Know you this woman ^ 
Lue. Camalliefhe faies, 

Z)«^ Sirha, no more. 
Liic. Enoug my Lord, 

Ang. My Lord,I muft confelTe, I know this woman , 
And fiuc ycrc? fince there wa» Come fpeech of marriage 
Betwixt my felfe, and her : which was broke oS, 
Partly for thar her promis'd proportions 
Came fhort of Compofuion : %ni in chiefe 
For chat her reptitation was dif.valued 
In ieuitie: Sincewhich time of fiuc yerea 
I neuei fpake with her, faw her, nor beard from her 
Vpon my faith, and honor, 

Mtr. Noble Prince, 
As there comes light from beaaea,and word* &6 breach. 
As there is fence in truth, and truth in vertue, 
I acn afHanced this roans wife, as ftrongly 
As words could make vp vowei : And my good Lord, 
But Tuffdiy night laft gon, in's garden houfe. 
He knew me as a wife. As this is true. 
Let me in fafety raife me from my koeea. 
Or el fc for euer be confixed here 
A Marble Monument. 

Atg. I did but fmile till now. 
Now, good my Lord, giue me the (cope of luftice. 
My patience here istouch'd : I doeperceitic 
Thcfr poore inforraall women, are no more 
But tni^rtHnents of fome more mightier member 
Th3tfetsihemon. Let tne haue way, my Lord 
To finde this prafiife out. 

Duk^t. I, with my heart. 
And punifh them to your height of pteafure. 
Thou fooli(h Frier, and thou pernicious woman 
Compafl with her that's gone : thinkft thou.thy osthet. 
Though they woukifwesr downe each particular Saint, 
Were tel^imonieiagainft his worth.and credit 
That's feald in approbation } ycui, Loid Efcolut 
Sit with my Cozen, lend him your kinde paincs 
To finde out this abufe, whence 'tis deriu'd. 
There is another Frier thu fee (hem on, 
Lee him be fent for. 

Peter. Would he were here, my Lord, for he indeed 
Hath fet the women on to this Complaint ; 
Your Prouo(i knowes the place where he abides. 
And he may fetch him. 

Dttke. Goe,doeit inflantly : 
And you, my noble and weli.wananted Cofen 
Whom it concemes to heare this matter forth. 
Doe with youriniuries as feemes youbeft 
Inany cha()ifement ; 1 for a while 
Will leauc you ; but ftir not you (ill you haue 
Well determined vpon thefe Slanderers. Exit. 

Efi. My Lord, wce'll doe it throughly : Signior Lk- 
c/*, did not yoti fay you knew that Ftict Ltdowickjio be a 

Lk. CucullMinimfaeit Mow4chum, honeft in nothing 
but in his Clothe: , and one that hath fpoke mofl villa-' 
nous fpceches ofthe Duke. 

Efc. We (hall inireat you to abide hcere till he come, 
and inforce them againft him : we (hall finde this Frier a 
notable fellow. 

Lw. As any in ^tmif 4, on my word. 
£p:. Call that fame IJaieSheTe once againe , I would 
fpeake with her '.pray you, my Lord.giuemee leaue to 
queftion, you (hall fee how He handleher. 
LiK. Not better then he,byherovme report. 
Efc. Say you i 

Lfc. Marry{ir,Ithinkc,ifyou baodUdherpriuately 



tilMeafure for aZKd^eaftoe. 

She would foonci conferte,pCTcluo<epublil(,cly flic*U be 

Sfe. I will gocdarkcly to workc wiihher. 
L>u. Thai'i the way : for women are light at mid- 

ffe. Come on Minrii,hete'i>Gentlewomtn, 
De'iiri all thii you haue faid. 

Imc. My Lord, here comet (he r«f<all I fpoke of. 
Here, with ihc7re«ey7. 

Efc. In very good time: fpeake 001 you to him, till 
wcctU vponyou. 
Lu(. Mum. 

tfc. Come Sir, did you fct thefe women on to flin- 
dcr Lord y^»^«/« } they Kiue confef d you did. 
Z)-^, Ti«falfe. 

Sfc. How ? Know you where you ire? 
Ditk^ Kcfpc^toyour great place; andlettbe diucll 
Be fomecime honour'd, for hii burning throne. 
Where it the Dt*ki > 'tis he fliould heare me fpeake. 

Efc. Tlic Du^js in vs : and we will heare you fpeake, 
Lookc you fpeake iufUy . 

D»k^ Boldly,at lean. But oh poore foulet, 
Come you to feeke the Lamb here of the Fox ; 
Goodnight to your redrefle: Is the 2)«^ gone 7 
Then isyoiir caufc gonetoo:The I>»j^'/yniuft, 
Thus to retort your manifcfl Appeale, 
And put your triall in the vilUioea tnoutb. 
Which bae you come to accufe. 

Lac, This it the rafcall . this is he I fpoke of. 
€fc. Why thou vnreuerend, and vnhallowedFryei : 
It'tnoC enough thou haft fubom'd thefc women. 
To accufe thta worthy man ? but in foule mouch. 
And in the wnneiTc of his proper eare. 
To call him villaine; and then to glance from him. 
To th'D^f himfeifc, ro taxe him with Iniuflice ? 
Take him hencejto th' racke with him ; well towze you 
loynt by ioynt, but we will know his purpofc : 
What ?vni lift? 

Dm^. Be not fo hot : the Dtk^ <lite 
N o more ftretch this finger of mine.tben he 
Dare racke his owne .* his Subiefl am I not , 
Nor here Prouinciall : My buGnefle in this State 
Made me a looker on here in f^ffww. 
Where I haue feene corruption boyle and bubble. 
Till it ore-run the Stew .• La wes,for all faults, 
But faults fo countcnanc'd,that the ftrong Statutes 
Stand like the forfeites in a Barbers (hop, 
At much in marke. 
> Efc. Slander to th' State : 
Away with him to prifon. 

y^«f . What can you vouch agalnft him Signior Leeioi 
Is this the man that you did tell vs of? 

Lue. Tit he,my Lord : come hicb«r goodmat: bald- 
pate, doc you know me? 

Ditk. I remember you the found ofyoor voice, 
I metyou at the Prifon,in the abfence of the "Duk*. 

Luc. Oh,did you for and doyou remember what you 
faid of the Vtk*. 

Dukj Mofl notedly Sir. 

Lftc. DoyoufoSif : AndwaJtheDttt^aflelh-nwn- 
ger, afoole, and a coward, as you then reported him 
to be? 

Dak.- You muft(Sir)changeperront with me,ereyou 
{nakethat mybeport;youittdeed€rpokefoof him, and 

nooch more, much worfe. 

Lut. Ch thou damn*b!c ftllow : did oot I pluckc the< 
by the oofe.foi ihy fpcccbcs ? 

DmI, Iproteft./loue the £>«*/, ulloue my Wfc. 
jlwf. HukehowtheYillainewo«ldcloferK>w, afut 
hit ttcafonablc abufci. 

Sfc. Such a fellow ij not to be talk d withaJl: Away 
with him to prifon . When it the Premt/I ' away with 
him to prifon lay bolts enough Tpon hm. let him fpcak 
no more: away with ihofeGigleu loo.axid with t|< o- 
thcT confederate companion. 
Cm^. Stay Sir.ftav a while. 
^mg. WhM.xcriffsfcc?helpchim£ar;*. 
Lmc. Coroefir,cortiefir,comcfu: fohfir, why jca 
bald-pated lying rafcall.youmBft be hooded muft you ? 
fii»w your kaauet vilige with a pore to you: fhow your 
fheepe-biting face, and be hangd an hour;: will't 
not off } 

Dnk^ Thou an the firfl knaue, that ere mad ft a Z)«*». 
Firft ProMtft^ex. me bavl- thcfe gentle three 
SncakcDorav^ay Sir,ror th« Fryer, and yoo, 
Muft hauea wordanoo: lay hold on htm. 
Lmc. This may proiKworfeibenhanging. 
£)»^ What you have fpokc.I pardon: fityoudownf. 
We'll borrow place of him ; your leaue : 
Ha'ft thou or word,o( vnt,or impudence. 
That yet can doe thee office ?lfthouba'ft 
Rely vpon it, till my laJe be heard. 
And hold no longer out. 

jing. dread Lord, 
I fhould be guiltier then mj guiitinefle. 
To ihmkc 1 can be rndifcerneable, 
When I perceiue your grace, like powre dioinc, 
Hath look'd ypon my piffsi. Then good Prince, 
No longer StflTion hold vpon my (bame, 
But let my Tnall.bemine owne Confc/fion : 
Immediate fentence then, axul fequcnt death. 
Is all the grace Ibeg. 

Di*^. Come hither .^^14*4, 
Say : wast thou ere contraded to this woman f 
jing. I wai my Lord. 

'Lh^ Goc take her hence, and roarry her inftanily. 
Doc you the office (/r7n-) which conrummate. 
Recurnc him here againe; goe withhjm Frm»/f. Exit, 

Efc. My Lord,l am more amazd at his diftionor. 
Then at the ftrangeneffeof it. 
Dt^ Come hiiher //*^ft 
Your frtcr IS now your Prince : At I was then 
Aduertyfing, and holy to your bufineffc, 
(Not changing heart with habit) I am ftill, 
Atturnied at your feruice, 

Jfji, Oh gioe me pardon 
That I,your vaiTaile, haueimploid,and pain'd 
Your vnknowne Soueraigntie. 

Duk^ You are pardon d//4^J?: 
AndnoWjdeereMaide, beyouas free coys. 
Your Brothers death 1 know fits at your heart : 
And you may maruaiie, why I obfcur'd my felfe. 
Labouring to faue his hfe : and would not radier 
Mskerafli remonftrance of my hidden powre. 
Then let him To be loft : oh moft krnde Maid. 
It was the fwift celeritie cfhis death. 
Which I did thjnke,with flower foot came on, 
That brain 'd my purpofe : but peace be with him. 
That hfe is better life paft fearing death, 
TbenibatwhichUuestofeare:[nake ityourcomfott. 


zIT^eaJure for aSMeafure, 


So happy is your Brother. 

IfJr. I doe my Lord. 

D«^ For this ncw-maiicd m3n,3ppro3ching here, 
Whofc fait imagination yet hath wrong*d 
Your well defeodcd honor ; you muft pardoo 
For Mxriastdi fake : But as he adiudg'd your Brother, 
Being ctinoinall,in double violation 
Offacred ChaRicie,and ofpromlfe-breach, 
Thereon dependant for your Brothers life. 
The V ery ntercy of the Law cries out 
Mod audible.euen from his proper tongue. 
An Angtlo for ^/W^.dcath for death . 
Hartc ftill paieshaftc.and leafure.anfwers leafarc ; 
Like doth quit like, and Meafure ftiJi for Aftdfurt : 
Then /4«»j<'/«>, thy fault's thu J manifcfted; 
Which though thou would'A dcny,dcnicsthee vantage. 
We doc condcmnc thee to the very Blocke 
Where Cl*udio ftoop'd to death, and with like hafte. 
Away with hiin. 

Mar. Oh my moft gracious Lord, 
I hope you will not mocke roe with a husband? 

Ditkj It is yout husband mock't you wi th a husband, 
Confcnting to the fafc-gaar d of your honor, 
I thought your marnage fit : cl(e Jmpuuiion, 
For that he knew you, might reproach your life. 
And choake your good to come : For hii Poflcdiont, 
Although by conujtation they arc ours ; 
Wc doe cn-ftite.and widow you with all. 
To buy you abelterhusband. 

Afar. Oh my deere Lord, 
I craue no oihcr,nor no better man. 

CD«^. Neucr craue him,wc are definitiue. 

W4r; Gentle ny Lieg«. 

Dute. You doe but loofe your labour. 
Away with htm to death : Now Sir,to you. 

Mm: OhmygaodLord,fwceti}^ir£,takemypatt, 
L<znd me your koees,and all my life to come, 
in lend you zi\ my life to doe you feruicc. 

£>M^. Again!) all fence youdoc imporrane ber. 
Should fhe koeele dovvne, m mercie of this fad. 
Her Brothers ghoft,hispaued bed would brcake. 
And ta'<c Ijer hence in horror. 

f- wect ffuCtl, doe yet but kncele by me. 
Hold rp your hands, fay nothing : HI fpeake all. 
They fay heft men are moulded out of faults. 
And for the moft, become much more the betiet 
For being a Iktlc bad : So may my husbaod. 
Oh /fai>tl: will you not lend a knee ? 

7)ii^, Kedies for C/^i(tiJ!i»V death. 

ffi^. MoftboiuucousSir. 
Looke ifit pleafe yoo, on this man condcnm'd. 
As if my Brother hu*d : I partly thinke, 
A due hnceritie goueroea his deedes. 
Til! he did looks on me : Since it is fo. 
La him not die : my Brothahad but luftice. 
In that he did the ibingfbr which he didc. 
For Angeloyh.i h& di 1 noc ore-take his bad intent» 
And mod be buried but as an iotenc 
That perjftj'd by the way : thoughts are no fubiefts 
Intent jjbutn-.cerdy thoughts. 

?^ar. Meeciy m7 Lord. 

"Du^ YoJjr fulte's vnprofitablc : ftand 7p I fay : 
I hauc bethought ms of another fault. 
Praeefi^ how cane it CUudtt was beheaded 

At an Tnufuail howre ? 

Pro. It was commanded (o. 

Duke. Had you a fpeciail warrant for the deed ? 

Pro. No my good Lord : it was by priuatc mcfiagc. 

DMks For which 1 docdifcharge you of yout office, 
Giuc vp your keyes. 

"Pro. Pardon me,nobIe Lord, 
I thought it was a fault, but knew it not. 
Yet did repent mc after more aduice, 
Forteliimony whereof, one in theprifon 
That fhould by priuate order eUc haue dide, 
I haue referu'd aiiue. 

D>^. What's he ? 

Pro. \i\inzxt\Q\i Bitniardlnt. 

Dukf. I would thou hadf! done fo by (yandio: 
Goc fetch him hither, let mc looke vpon Uim. 

Efc. I am forry,one fo learned, and fo v^ife 
As you, Lord Angtto.^ haue ftil appear'd. 
Should flip fo groflclie, both in the heat of bloud 
And iacke of tempcr'd iudgement afterward. 

Ang. I am forrie, that fucb forrow I procure. 
And fo deepc fticks it in my penitent heart , 
That I craue dcolh more willingly then mercy , 
'Tismy defcruiog, and I &ot entreat it. 

Entvr 'Bttrttardttte And Fronojl ,Cliuidto^ luhettt, 

"Dti^e. Which is that B/tmardine > 

Pro. This my Lord. 

Dnke. There was a Friar told me of this man. 
Sliha, thou art faid to haue a i^ubborne foule 
That apprehends no further then this world. 
And fquar'ft thy life according : Thou'rt condemned, 
But for ihofe earthly faults,! quit them all. 
And pray thee take this mercie to prouide 
For better times to come : Frier aduifc him, 
I Icaue him to your hand . What muffeld fellow's ihat? 

Pro. Tbb is another prtfoner that I fau'd. 
Who fhould haue di'd when CLmdtolod his head. 
As tike almoO to C!a0/di»,ii himfelfe. 

t)Hke. Ifhe be like yout brother, for his fake 
I« he pardon'd, and for your louche fake 
Giuc mc your hand, and fay you will be mine. 
He is my brother too : But fitter time for that : 
By this Lord ^;//<» perceiues he's fsfc, 
Kfethinkes I fee a quickning in his eye : 
Well .^»gT/*, your euill quits you vi-cll. 
Looke that you loue your wife : her wotth,worih yours 
I (inde an apt remifTion in my felfe ; 
Aitdyet heerc's one in place I cannot pardon, 
You (irha, that knew mc for a fonle,a Coward, 
One all of Luxurie. an afTe, x mad man ; 
Wherein haue 1 fo dcfcru'd of you 
That youextoUmethm ? 

Lfie. 'Faith my Lord , 1 fpoke it but according to the 
trick : if you will hang roc for it you may : but I had ra- 
t/Kk it v/ould pleafe yon»J might be wriipt 
'D.tif. Whiptfirft,fir,andhang'd3fter. 
Proclsicneit Prouoft round about the Citie,- 
If any woman wrong'd by this ];wd fellow 
(As 1 liaue heard him fweare himfclfe there's one 
vokom be begot with childe) let her appcai e , 
Aflii be fliall marry her : the nuptiall nailli'd, 
Lcttilra be whipt and hang'd. 

Ltec. I befcech your HighnctTe doc not marry one to 
aWbor: : your HigbaeHi; :'ii(!.-"jen now I made you a 
Doke,good my Lord do not ;c::s.mpence me,ui making 
me a Cuckold. 

D«^. Vpon 

F 2 


DwJ^f. Vpon mine honoi chou fbalt m»ir«t h«r. 
Thy flsndcts I forgiue.and tlicrcwithall 
Rcnut ihy other forfnts ; take him to prifon. 
And fee our pleafure herein executed. 

LMC.Marrying i punke my Lord.n prcUiag to death. 
Whipping and hanping. 

oit^t. Slandering a Pnnce dcfcrucj it. 
She Cl4tuLo that you wrong'd.lookc you reftore. 
loy to you AfarU^a, louc Let ^agelo : 
I haue eonfet'd her, and 1 know her vertuc. 
Thiakt good fiiciid, Efcalm, for thy much goodoenr^ 

iSKfeafure for aP^ealure, 

Thctc'i moic behindc that ii mote graiulaic 
Tha/iki Vrtittfiiot thy carc,aiul recfccir. 
We fhall imploy theem a worthier pbcc. 
Forgiue Kjm jtag*U,\.htx. brought you hotne 
The head of R*]^»*.un (ot^LmJ$«'/, 
Th'offence pardont it felfc. Deere /ft^3, 
I haue a motion much imports your good, 
Wheieto if youll • wrUJing eare iodine ; 
What I mine ityourt^d wrhac ii youn ii roioe 
So bring »i to our PalUcc.whae weell fhov» 
Whac'f yet behindc,thatraceu you all (hould kaow. 

The Scene Vierma. 

The names of ail the A(5lors. 

yinccKtio : the Duke, 
jittgehy the DqxiUe. 
EfiaLHy an dacten t L ord. 
CltuuBo, dyofig Ceotlemtn. 
Lucia, afdHtajiique. 
I. Other UkeGaaUmen, 

Ptter. J »-^'W"» 

Elhcrsf, aJvnvUCmjUhlt, 

Frothy afoolifb CeatUmao. 


Abhor fon^ an Executioner. 

Barnardineya dtffcluteprjfioer. 

IftbelU^ ftjier ta CUutiio. 

/Ifir/anty betrcthed i» Angtlo 



Afiftrii Ouer-dcn^ a &2»i. 


(iJHurpnmufy Scena prima. 

Euttrtht Dukf ofEpbefia , mtb rbe MercbattcfSiracMfi, 

Rcrcftfd Solin$u to procure my fall, 
lAnd by the doome of death end woes and alL 
Dukr. Met chancor5/r«*r«i/4, plead no more, 
lam not parciall to infringe our La wes ; 
The encnicy and difcotd which of Ute 
Sprung from the rancorous oatrsgc of your Duke. 
To Merchanct our ■well-dealing Countrimcn , 
Who wanting gilders to redccme their liuci, 
Haue feal'd his rigorous (htutes with theit biouds , 
Excludes all pitty from our threjtn>ng lookes : 
For fince the mortal! and inteHinciattes 
Twixt thy ftditious Countrimcn and vs , 
It hath in folomm Synodes beenedecreed , 
Both by the Siraatfitois and our felues, . 
To admit no trafficke to our aduerfe towncv i 
Nay more, if any borne at Epbtfiu 
Be feenc at any Srracufiau Marts and Fayres : 
Againe, if any Siracufidn borne 
Come to thcBdy ofEpbefut, he diet : 
Hit goods conEfcate to the Dokcs difpofe, 
Vnleflea thoufandmarkesbe leuied 
To quit the penalty, and co tanfomc him ) 
Thy fubftance, valued at the highcft rate, 
Cannot amount vuto a hundred Maikes, 
Therefore by. Law thou art condcmn'd to die. 

lUtr. Yfct this my comfort,when your words are done. 
My woe« endlikevrife with the euening Sormc. 
Dmk^ Well Sn/anfioJi ; fay In brlefe the caufc 
Why thou depattedft from thy naciue home ? 
And for what caufe thou cam'A to Sfbefw 

Wtr. Aheuuiertaskecould not haoe beene Impoj'd, 
Then T to fpeake my griefes vnfpeakeable : 
Yet that the world may wicnefTe that my end 
Was wrought by nature, not by vile offence, 
lie vtter what my forrow giuesnie leaue. 
In Sn-aeujh was I borne, and wedde 
Vnto a wom«n,happy but fox ne. 
And by me ; had not our hap beene bad : 
With her I liu'd in ioy, our wealth increaft 
By profpcTQtt J voyages I often made 
To FfiJoffjiina^tln my faAort death. 
And he great cue ofgcods at randone left, 
Drew me from kinde embrsccnents of my fpoofe; 
From whommyabfence wasno fixemonethsolde, 
Befote her felfe (almoft scfamtlng vnder 

The pleating punifhment that women beare ) 

Had made prouifion for her following me. 

And foone, and iafe.nrlued where I was : 

There had (he not beene Iong,but (ht became 

A loy full mother of two goodly fofwes : 

And, which was nrange.the one fo like the other» 

As could not be dininguiOi'd but by names. 

7 hat very hovvre,and in the felfe-fame Inne, 

A mcane woman-was deliuered 

Of fucha burthen Male, twins both alike : 

Thofe,fot their parents were exceeding poo re, 

1 bought,and brought vp to attend my fonnes. 

My wlfe.not meaoely prowd of two fuch boyes, 

Madedaily motions for our home rciume: 

Vnwilling 1 agreed, alas, too foone wee came aboord. 

A league hrom tftd^mium had wc faild 

Befote thealwaies winde-cbeying deepc 

Gaue any Tragicke InOance of our harme : 

But longer did we not retaine much hope ; 

For what obfcuredlighttheheaucns did grantf 

Did but conuay vnto our fearefull mindcs 

A doubifull warrant of iotmediaie death , 

Which thoughmy fclfe would gladly haue inibrac'd, 

Yet the inccflant weepings of my wife, 

Weeping before for what flie faw murt come* 

And pitteous playnings ofthe prcttie babes 

That moutn'd for faniion,ignorant what to fear c, 

Ford me tofeeke delaycs for them and me. 

And this h was: (for other mcanct was none) 

The Sailors fought for fafety by our boatc. 

And left the fhip then fmking ripe to w 

My wife, morecarvfull for the latter borne, 

Had falincd him vnto a fmall fpare Mart, 

Such as fea- faring men prouide for (lormrs ; 

To him one ofthe other twins was bound, 

Whil fl I had beene like heedful! ofthe other. 

The children thus difpos'd, my wife and I, 

Fixli)g our eyes on whom our care was fist , 

Faflned our fcluet at eyther end the mart. 

And floating ftraight, obedient to the flrearoe. 

Was carried towards Cormtb, as we thought. 

At length the fonne garing vpon the earth , 

Difperftthofe vapours that offended vs. 

And by the benefit of his wiflicd hght 

The feas waxt calme, and we difcouered 

Two Piippes from f arre, making aoiaine lo vj i 

0( Corinth that, oiEfidttrHt this , 

But ere they came, oh let me fay no more, 

Gather the fequcll by that went before. 

"Dukj Nay forward old man, dee not breaks offfo, 
H For 


^e Qormdie cf Errors, 

For ^e mtj pitC7,tho<]((li not pardon (hcc 

Maxh. Oh hid (he ^odi don: fo,l hid.vMaa/* 
Worthily ttirm'd them mcrcileOf to vi : 
For crc iit«(hipi coulJ 7xi>j<x by cwicr aut [ttVMi, 
We wCTccncountredty t mighty roekc, 
Which beuig violently borr>c vp, 
OurheipefulTftiip wiitpliitedin ■.Kcmidfl; 
So chat \a lUit *niu(^ diuoicc ofvi, 
Fortuoehad Ivfttoboiliofvi tlikt, 
W>,a^ to deli^hc m, wlm to fonow for, 
Hci part, poort foule, feeming «t burdened 
With leflet wiightj but not wuh leil.r woe, 
\V»i earned wimmore fntcd before the windf. 
And in ot)f fight ihcy ihrte w«« taken i/p 
Dy Fiftiermen ofCffrfcvtA.tiwt thought. 
At Jength another fliip h»d feiz'd on vs , 
Arid knowing Mho.ii u vvat their hap to faue, 
Cauebealttihinwelccmeioihcirniip-wrsckt gucCH, 
And would haue rrfr the Fi(^er$ of their BTcy, 
Had not their backc bccne very flow otlaile j 
And therefoie homeward did iltry bend iheir rourfc 
Thu«b£i)c you heard nutbuA'd trom my bl.fTc, 
That by mijfortunei was oiy liTe prolong d, 
To tel! fnd ftort<s of tuy avJ■^e tnt (hap5. 

Duke. And for the Iskcof them tbooforrowfftfor 
Doe ntethefaiiourto dilate ac fall, 
What Sauebefjlnsofthem and they till now. 

MiTih, My yorgrfv tcy.wd y« ayeldeft care^ 
At eighieenc yccrea be.-.".mc hiquifitiuc 
After hii brotl>ev ; and importun'd'fne 
That his attendant, fo his cafe wss like, 
Rett otliis brother.biK ictiiu'd S:i name, 
Mfght beare him company in the queft ofhrtn: 
Wbcun vvnil ftl laboL'ted ofz loi:. cofcc, 
I hazarded the loffe of whom I lovd. 
FtucSoiQincrs hauc I fpct^t in firthcP. C'-ww, 
Roming clcane through the bounds ofyffitt, 
And coafting hotneward, cameto Ephtftu • 
HopddTc to findo,y« ioth to leauc »nloughi 
Or thai.or any place that barbourj men ; 
But heere mim end the ftory of niy hfe. 
And happy weie I in my tinoelie oirath. 
Could aJi my traaelli yrairaru me diey liue. 

Dukf- Hspkrtie £gtrt whom the fates haii£ tcab? 
Tobcareih« eitretnitteofditemifliap : 
Now trnft me, were it not againd oinr Lawes 
Agamft my dignity, 
WhichPrincca would they rtJfyiiot dtfccdl, 
My foule (houid fuc z^ adoocate for thee . 
3ut though tbou art adiudgcd to the death. 
And paffwl fcntetwc may not be reejid 
Bat to out honours great difparagemeot : 
Y« will I fa-Jour ihec in what 1 can ; 
Therefore Marchant, Uc limit thee this day 
To feeke thy helpe by beneficiall hdpe, 
T17 all the friends thouljaft in EfiapK , 
Beg thoa.or borrow, to make vp th* furren*, 
And Uue: if no.chen thou a:; doom'd cq die: 
Iaylvr,take him to thy cD(\odrr. 

t^ler. I v;iU my Lord. 

^r-ci- Hc^lf Ue sod helpeieffe doth £/»io> wend, 
Butioprocrtflmatehtsliuele^reend. Lxtux 

Eettr yimifhoiu Erttet^ M or chart ^and Dr?rs:3 
Met. Therefore giue out you are of EptaaKimiK, 
Left that your goodi ',00 foooe be confilcatc : 

Thii very d/y a SyrMm/UmHuAtatt 
I* ippri-VtOkird (c>> a nciii l^crc , 
And r.iH bei'g able to o-tf ooi hu life, 
Ace^dinp «oil'«(UwMofir>etowT>e, 
Diet crc tbft «cafief'irm<fctintAcWcA! 
TUc/e ii y cut nict.:t tbac I had t* keep c. 

^m. Go*-. b^.c 1: ro tht C<ntinrt,wh«rt v»chc<i. 
And flay 'where 'CremH«,M I cacrK to tbec j 
V/iihin thi< h*arc tt wiU be dinocr umt. 
Till that Ila v»e^ thi mtfintrz of the toT.TiC. 
PcTufe the tradtrj^gijt tj-ct tlic buildingt, 
And then rctumc t^ f'ccpc within nne lone, 
Forwi<hi«x)girau4i]{ lusfti^e and wcaiie 
Get tbe« away. 

7)7$. Mcny a(ranxTjl<lL:JcK70uesyour«o:i, 
And goe iu!cttle,iiaoir;£, fc good emetne. 


jint. A tnirtie villaine fir.ihit rcry eft, 
VVhrnl am dull wrii care and tr^IanchoUy, 
Lightens rny humour v/':hhii merry i'.-f*: : 
Wnat will you waikc with mtaboux the rowne, 
And then go< to my lone and dint; wuh cncr 

£ JM^. 1 1 m if* i(rt .'It co c*rt iir.e Marcb' TdJt, 
Ofwhoml hopeo make much bene^t: 
r craoeyour paidor, fooneaifiucatlocke, 
Plcafe you.llcmceie With you »poo the Klar:, afterward confort yon uJ bed time 
My pre Cent bofireffe cslj me from you row. 

yf«i. Farewell tili then : I will goe loof? my felfe, 
Aodwiinder vp and dov;nc to s tcm die Que. 

£.(J)^. S:x,lrommcnd yootoyocrov^cecootsnt. 

^Ht. i-T<thatcommtn<ljnae tomineowne content, 
ComTr.«nfii me to the uHipg I cannot get 1 
I to the %vc(ld am like a d:cp of waur, 
That f n the Ocean feeke^ another drop, 
V/lw failing there toFnde hji fellow forth, 
(Vnfeene,inquifitiue) confounds hirafcitc. 
So I,to fiade a Mother and a Brcihcr, 
In qut() cfchesi(v3hsppies)lcoiieiBy felfe. 

Fnter Drcmh ofEff^fn*. 
Here comet th'j almanack? of my tvx da« : 
Whit -vjw ? How chance thot an retum'd fs (bcrj? 

E.Dre. Rerum'dfofxMie, rat^rrr approAchtcooIjce: 
The Capon bunj«, tbc !*ig fali from lae fpitj 
Tbcclockehath O.-vclen tweJuc ?pon thcDcU ; 
My Mif^ria made it ore vpcn my che«ke : 
She is fo hot brcaofe the meaie is coide : 
Tnc meate ii ccJde, becaufe you come not i>>rse : 
Ycu corae ncr. bcme,becat:fe you hajc ac l^cxDocke ; 
Ycj haue nc 3cGiacke,hai:iEg btcke ycur fiP. : 
But we thr{ kcow vvhat 'tis to fidt and pray, 
Ak peaituit for your default to day . 

JSm., Scop io your wiode fj^.celi a< Uus I pr:y ? 
Wbett bsue you left cbe ncay ihas ! gaue yoi.- 

S'Drc. Oh liie pence that I bad t weni'day laS", 
To pay the Saoler for my Miftru crupp«t : 
Tbc Sadler had it Sir J kv'p; m ooc 

Aat, I am not ia a fp^rtii^e bi^tsor wm : 
Tell ms,and cltLy 2ot,whce iatbc monie ? 
V/e ixing ihaogen bere,bow dar'ft tbeu trofi 
So great a charge f>of& ihiac owim cufioote. 

E.'Drt. I pray y»u ieftBr aa you (it at dirii^et : 
I (rominyMjIlris ^'otoe to yon in poft: 
If I mumc I fljall bcpc': ir.c;??de: 

The Gmedie of Errors, 


For flie<wsll fcoure your fault vpon tny pate . 
Mcthinkei your niaWjlike mine, (hould beyouieocke. 
And ftrUieyou home wichout a miflenger. 

yi?«*. ComeSratoMo^comc.thefc itlia are oiRof fcafon, 
Refense them till a merrier houre then thii : 
W^-we u the gold I gauein charge to ihes? 

E/Dro. To me firf why yon gaue no gold to n»c? 

^f(f J. Come on (ir knaue, hsuc done yom foolilbneJ, 
And isil ne how thou haft difpos'd ihy charge. 

EJ>ro. My charge was but t7 (Twitch you ^6 the Mart 
HoTwe to your houfe, the Fhsvix fir,to dinner; 
Mf Miftris and hecfifttft ftjiicj k«r you. 

^»^ Now«l3ifvaChriftiananfwerme, 
la what: fefc pl^eeyott hsL'cbcftow'd t?iy mooie ; 
Oe 1 ftiall b/sake that nucrrse Tcoocc of yours 
Tlist ihndg on trick(,wlu:n I am vndifpos'd: 

F..Drff. I haue fome msrkti of yo;u» vpouiry pate : 
SomeofrnyKft!?i-i5marl;esi*pon my fhoulders : 
But not a thoufatKl m«rkes bctweene you both. 
If I fhould pay your worfliip thofe againe. 
Perchanccyou will not beare them patiently. 
jiit.Thy MiSrijmatkcsVhn: Miltris (laue haft thou? 
E-T>re. Your worQiipi wife,niy Mifiiis at thcPt<?««Jr; 
She tha: doth faft till you conw home to dinner : 
And praics that ycu wiSl hie you home to dinner. 

AttS. ^Vhat wilt thou flout mc thus vtito my foce 
Bcirfg fotbid?Jhcrc take you that fir knaue. 

€.Dro. What mesne you fir, for God fake hold your 
N2y,3nd you wil! tiot rir,Ile take my l^es. (haiuis : 
ExetM Ziromo 8f. 

^nt. Vpon my bfeby fome dei:iJe or other. 
The villa<nc is oro.q*fotieht of all my tnooie. 
They fay this tovi'vie is full of cofemge : 
As nimble luglcrs that deceiuc the eic : 
Darke working Sorcerers that change the m'.nda: 
Soule.ktiline Witdies.that deforme the bodie : 
Difguifcd Cneater3,pracing Mountebankes ; 
And manie fuch like liberties of finne : 
If it proue fo,l will be gone the fooner : 
He to the Centaur to goe feekc this flauc, 
\ greatly fearemy monk is not fafe. £^> 


Snter Adriamt^wift to Antifhotii Screptut,mtl) 
L ucuuts biir Stjter. 

Air. Neither my husband nor the flauv return 'd, in fUch hafle I Tent to feeicc his Mafter > 

Sure L'MuuA it is two a clocke. 

Luc. Perhaps fome Mcrchantliath inuitcd hihj. 

And from the Mart he's fome w^ierc gone 10 dinncr> 

Cood Sifter let v$ dine,and neuer fret ; 

AlDin is MaKer of his Hbertie f 

Time is their Maficr, and when they fee tinne. 

They'll goe or come } if lb, be paiknt Sift«r. 

Air. Why fhould their libirtie then our j J}« mft« ' 
Lms. BccRuTe their bufineife ftill lies oat sd^rc 
Aif. locke when I fcrue him to,hc takes it thus. 
L\w. Oh^ow he is the bridle of your will 
Adr, There's noiicfc '.I.' siki will fcvbridlcd fo. 

Luc. Why, headftrong liberty is lafht with woe • 
Tb(.te'4 nothing (ituate vnder heauens eye, 
iSu'c hath his bound in eartl\, in fea, in skie. 
ThT beaftSjthc fiflie j.snd the winged fowles 
Are their nules fubie^s, and at their controules ; 
Man more diuine, theMafler of all thefe, 
Loird of the wide world,and wiide warry feas, 
Inflced with incelleduall fence sdd foules, 
ornaoreprehfirainencc then fifii and fowks, 
Arc maimers to their females, and their Lords : 
Tlicn let your will attend on their accords. 

Acirit Thia feruitude makes you to keepc vnwed. 

Lv^. No: this,but troubles of the marriage bed, 

yf«^,»5ai v;€re you wold beri/fomfi fway 

Luc. Erelleamcloue.Ilepraftifetoobey. 

Adr. Haw if yow husband dart foms other where ? 

Luc. 'I'iii he come homesgaine,! would forbeare. 

Air. Patience vnroou'd,no maruel though ftie paafe. 
They can be meekc, haue tjo other caute : 
A wretched foule bruis'd with aduerfitie. 
We bid be quiet when wc hcareit crie. 
But were we burdncd with like waight ofpaine. 
As much.orroore, we (hotild our fclucs compl2Jne t 
So thou that haft no vrklnde mare to greeue thee. 
With vrging Ijdpelcffe patience would releeue aie { 
But if thou lice to fee like right bereft* 
This foole-bcp'^ patience in thee will be left. 

LMCi. WdlJ will tTiSny one day but to trie: 
Heere comes your mp,now is your husband nie. 


Air% ^z^i& your ta» die mad-er now a> hand ? 

B,Drii. hiay, hee's at teo hands with niH;e,and tha j my 
two eates cat> v<7iicnei&. 

Adr. Say, didaxhouip»k« with him? iuiowjltkou 
his uiinde ? 

S. Dre. 1,1, he told his mitide vpon mine wrt, 
Befhrew bit hsadj fcafe« could vndcrftand it. 

/jrv. Spake hcc fo ^ccirifuily, thou couUift nocfeele 
his meaning, 

E. Dro, Nsy, hee ftrooke To plainly, I coulii too well 
feelchis blowes ; snd withail foduubtfully,Kh2cI could 
f<arcc vndetftand them. 

Adri. But iay,I prcthee, is he comming hoa:c ? 
It fccmes he ha';h gtest care to pleafe his wife. 

E.Dro. WhyMifircirc^fjiremy MiRctishame mad. 

Adri. Rornemad.thoavjllaint^ 

E.Dro I !ne^e nm Cuckold mad. 
But fure he is ftatf^e mad : 
. When I dt'fir'd him to come home to dinner, 
Ke ask'd ms for a htmdred markes in gold : 
'Tis dirmertimcquoth 1 1 my gold, quoth he: 
Vour meat doth bame,quoth I : my gold quoth h« : 
Will you come, quoth I : my gold, qucth he ; 
Where js the thoufand markva I gaue thee villaine ? 
ThePigge quoth J,l« bum'd : my goid,quoth b« 
My milircflc, fir, quoth I : hang vp thy MiftreiFe : 
; know not thy mifircife, out on thy mifttefle. 

Luci, Quoth who? 

E,Dr. Quoth my Mzftcr,! know qoothhe,tTO houfe, 
no wife, no miftrcfle : fo that my arrant due vnto my 
tongue,Ithankehhn,>! bare boma vpon tny fhculders t 
for in roncIuiion,he did beat me there, 

Adri. Go back againe, thou fetch him home. 

Dre. Gee backe ng3ine,3nd be new beaten honsvr 
For Gods fbke fend ib.-ne other mefienger. 

7 he Qomediv of Errors. 

Airt. B*ckr (liiM, or I vtill broke iViy pate a^rofTc. 
Vro. And he will blcitc ^ crolTc witli other bc«iuig ■ 
Bctv«ceni>you,l fHaJI tunc ■holy head. 

Airt. Hmcepritiiig pcfjnt,frich thy Maftci liornc 
JQrf . Am 1 fo roa/id with you, tt you wiih rnt. 
That like a foot -ball you doc fpurnc me thus i 
You fpurnc me hencc.and he will fpurnc fpc hiilirr. 
If I laKinthi«fcruicc,yuu muft cafe mem leather. 
LMii. Fie how irnpatience lo'Atccth in your (>£?. 

Airi, Hit company tnuA do hii mnicni grace, 
Whil'ft I at home ftarue for t n^errtc looke . 
Hath hotnelie age th'alluting beauty cookt 
Hf cm my poore cheeke < then he haih walUd il. 
Are my difcouffe* dull? Barren my wit, 
irvnlublcand Ciarpc difcourfebcmard, 
Vakindnc(fe blun'.sit more then marble hard. 
Doc their gay veAmenii his affeftiont baite ? 
Th«t"» not my fault , hce'smafterofmy fltte. 
What ruinea are in me that can be found , 
By him not ruio'd ? Then it he tlie ground 
Of my defeature*. My decayed fairt, 
A funnic looke ofhia^would foone repairc. 
But, too vnruly Defre, he breakcs the pale, 
And fccd«t from home \ poore 1 am but his dale- 

Laei, SelfeJisrmiiig 'ealoufie ; fie beat it hence 

Ai. Vnfeeling focli can with fuch wrong* difpeoce i 
I k"ow hii eye doth homage other- w,-h<r«, 

elfe, what lets it but he would be here ? 
Sifter ^you kttow he promitd me a chaine , 
Would thattlone,aloUehe would detaine, 
So he would keepc faire quartet with bis bed 
! fee the lewcli \»t^ caamiled 
WiU loofc his be«utic : yet the gold bidea ftill 
That dthers touch, and often touching will. 
Where gold and no man that hath a nime. 
By falPnood and corruption doth it fhatne i 
Since that my bcautie cannot pleafe hu ei^ 
lie weepe (what** left away) and weeping die. 

iMci. How manic IotA foobs fertK mad IclooHe? 

t-nttr Ainifhelit Emtts. 

jJBt, The gold I gaiie to DrmMo it laid vp 
Safe at the Ctntaur, and the heedfull flaue 
If wandred forth in care to fceke me out 
By computation and mine hofts report. 
I could not fpeake with Dr«B^,lince at firft 
1 feni him from the Mart .' fee here he coiner. 

£tu*r Drmsto Strncnfta. 
How now fu, it your merne humor altet'd ? 
At you loue Rroaket, ia ieA with me agame : 
You know no Cfnxjar} you recciu'd no gold? 
Your Miftrefle Cetu to hauc me home to dinner f 
My houfe wat kt the Pbanix? WzR thou mad, 
Th^t thut fo madlic thon did didft at^were me? 

S.Dr«. What anfwer fir ? when fpakc I fuch a word ? 

E^»t. £uen oow,«uen heTe.nochalfe ao howreficice. 

S.Di^ IdidnotfecyoufiDccToufetit roeher.ce 
Home to ihc ^tMrntr with the geld you gaue ne- 

A't. Villaine.thou did A denie the gelds recd(, 
And toldft me of a Miftrefie,and a dinret, 
For whichi hope thou fcltii I wes difpleas'd. 

S.Dro: I am glad to fee you in chis mcrhe vaine. 
What mcanct thit ieft.l pray you MaRer tell mc ? 

>&« . Yea.doft thou leere & fiowt me in the teeth i 
Thinkft ^ 1 lefi? hold,take thou t.hat,& that. BtatJ Dr». 
^.Dr.Hold fir,forGoda{ake,ncw your ieftu esroeft. 

Vpon what bargains do y&u give it roc? 

Aff^ l;jc*urc (hfct irirr.4la(!.e (omcttmcj 
Docffc yu«jfor my foolc, and chat with yow, 
Yoirr (rMctncdU will icH vpon my louc, 
And make a Corxunon of ir>y iJrriout howrca, 
When t^ic fuitoc (hinet.Iet tooli/h gruit rrtakc (port , 
But crecpe in cianniei,when h.e hulci hu bcaiaca ■ 
If you vrilt icfl with ant, krMw i3y a^>c£) , 
And fafhioo yout dcmeatMf to my locket. 
Or I will beat thii rrKtrxxl In ycHir fccuce. 

S.Drt. SconceciU you it? fo you would leauebat'c- 
ring, I hid rather h«uc tt a bnd, aod you vlcthcfcblcwa 
long , I mutt get a fconcc loriay head, and Infconc- ii 
to, or elfe I fh*U Uck my wit in my fhouldcii^ut I p:ry 
Gr, why am I beaten ) 

Awt, DoA thoB not Itnow * 

S. Dr», Nothri>g fu,but th«t I am beaun. 

Am. Shall I tcU you why ? 

5.£)r9 I fir. and whc.-cfore { for they fay, euoywby 
hath a wherefore. 

Aft. Wl\Tf.rftfo:flowujigtn«,:JMlth4fowbCTOOfC, 
foi vrging It the fccood tunc to mc. 

S.'Ik*. Wu tlKre eoer acic nao tbua bcat«o e«i of 
(tafoo. wheninihevi,hy aDdihewherefsre, ic ixitocr 
nmc nor reafon. Wellfu.I thanke ycu. 

Ant. ThanVc melitjfor'whai? 

J.Or*. Marry fa, for thu fomet^Mng :hax yoo gaae ae 
for nothing. 

Ant. IVc make you ameiuU oezt^ gioc you rMxhirg 
for fomethit>g. But fay Bt, is it dtnocr icmc? 

S.T)r». No iv, I thinke the tuax. wv.u that Iha^w 

A*it. In good tiin£^t'.vb«x't that? 

Sj>r9. Baftiog. 

Att. Wd! fir, then 'twill be dne. 

S.Drt. If it be ftr, 1 pray yo« eat iwMte of it. 

.<#••». Yo4ir rcafor.? 

S.7>ro. LeRic ntkeyouchollehcke,andpurduA;crc 
another dr»e bafting. 

Airt- VV'eliru,learL)e to :efiui goodtitae, tboe'ta 
time for all things 

S.I>» Iduift hauc denied that before you trere fo 

Ami. By whatnikfiT? 

5./>a. Marry (ir,byan!!ctiplaioeastbeplaiiKbaid 
pate of Father time bimCelfe. 

Am. Let's hear* it. 

S.Dn. There's oo tiae fot a man to rccotter his hah'c 
that growet bald by nature. 

Ami. MayhcDOtdoeitbyftiie andrecoiierie ? 

S.Drt. Yes.topay a^fota[>erewig, and record 
the lod haire of another man. 

><«. Why. is Time fa ;hi niggard ofhtire, beaig(S! 
It it) To plcatifull an eicretnent f 

S.Dro. BecauCe it it a blefTlns that Viee bef^owcs oo 
beafls, and what he hath ictat cd (Jbeia ia haire, b« h&th 
gioeo thenr. in wu. 

An:. Why, but cbsrea anmie a tnan hath more hi'm. 
then wit. 

5.£7*. Nccanufioftbefebot he b3thtbev7U wTcfe 
his haire. 

,/fw. Why thou didft conclude bciry men pltincea- 
lers without wit. 

S.Drt. Vac pbiner deeJer, the (bonaloR ; yet he loc- 
feth it tn akin<ie of iclLtie. 

Am. For w hat reafon. 

S.Dro. For two, and found ones to. 


The Come die of Error i. 


Afi- Nsynocfouodlprayyou. 

S.Dts- Sureoncschen. 

^H. Na/, ncc fuse in a thing falfing. 

SJDn, Cer:aine onei then. 

Ah- Name them. 

SDro. The one to Taut the money that he (pends in 
trying : th« othcr,thst at d inner they fliould not drop m 

jfv. You would all this time haoe prou'd} here it no 
time for all things. 

S.'Drv. Marry and did C\t ■. namely, in no time to re* 
couer haire loft by Nature. 

yia. But your reafon was not fubftantiall, why there 
is no time to recouer. 

^.IJr*. Thus I mend it : Timehimfclfeisbald, and 
therefore to the worlds cnd,winhauebald followers. 

jia. I knew 'twould be a bakl condufion : but foft, 
who wafts vs yonder . 

Erdtr A^riatiatadLiitnuia. 

ASi. 1,1, y^«fr^W«r,Iooke ftrangeand frowne. 
Some oihcr Miftreffc hath thy fweet afpe^ls : 
I am Dot Adnata, aar thy wife. 
Thctiftie was once, when thou vn-vrg*d wouIdO tow, 
Tbst ncuer words were muficke to thine eare. 
That neuer obied pleafing in thine eye, 
Thacneuer touch well welcome to ihy hand^ 
That ncuer meat fweet-fauour'd in thy tafte , 
VnlefTc I fpakcjor look'd,ortouch'fl,or<zru'd to thee. 
How co(7>cs it now,my Husband.oh how comes ity 
That thoM an then cftranged from thy felfe ? 
Thy fclfc I call it, being ftrange to me: 
Tharvnditiidabk Incorporate 
Ambetter then thy dccrcfclfes better pact. 
Ah doe not tcare away thy felfe from me ; 
Tor know my loue : as ca(ie maid thou fall 
A drop of water in the breaking gulfc , 
And take vnmingled thence that drop agame 
Without addition or diminifhing. 
As take from me thy felfe, and not me too. 
How deerely would it touch tlicc to the quicke, 
SJiooldft inou but hearc I were licencioui ? 
And ihatthit body confccrate to thee. 
By Ruffian Lud (hould be contaminate ? 
Wouldtl thou not fpit at me, and fpume at me. 
And ht»le the name ofhusband in my face , 
And teaie the flaio'd skin of my Katlot brow, 
And fi-or.-) my falfc hand ctit the wedding ring , 
Andbrcakcii withadeepe-dioordngvow ? 
I know thou canft, and therefore lee thou doe it. 
I am pcflefl with an adulterate blot , 
My bicud is mingled with the crime of luft : 
FoT if we two be ooc, ondthoa play falCc , 
I doc digeH ihc pokfon of thy flclh. 
Being trumpeted by thy contagion 
Keepcthco fairclcague and truce with thy true bed, 
1 liue (ii(laJn'd,thou vr)di(honotired. 

Antipi Pleadyov tonaefaire dame ? I know yoaoot : 
In Epkeftu I am but two houres old . 
Asfirargevntoyotjrtowmc.astoyour talke. 
Who euery word by all my wit being (can'd. 
Wants wit in aIl,one word to vndaftand. 

Xjk-i. Fie brother , how the world is chaog'd with yoa: 
VVheov/eteyou wort to »fe tny fitter thus } 
She fcncfor you by Dnmia home to dinner. 

Ant, By Dr»mi« } Drom. By me. 

jidr. By thce.and this thou didft reiurne from him. 
That he did buffet thee, and in his blower. 
Dented ray houfe for his, me for his wife. 

Ant. Didyouconucrfe fir with this gentlewoman: 
What is the courfe and drift of your compa^? 

S-Dr*. I fir? I neuer faw her till this time. 

Ant. Villainc thou licft, for eucn her verie words 
Didn thou deliuer to me on the Mart. 

SDre. 1 neuer fpike with her in all my life. 

Afit How can fhcihusihencfllvs by our names? 
VnlefTc it be by infpiration. 

Adri, How ill agrees it with your grauitie 
To counterfeit thus grofely with your flauc. 
Abetting him to thwart me in my moodc ; 
Be it my are from me eiempr. 
But wrong not that wrong with a more contempt. 
Come I will faficn on this fleeue of tlime : 
Thou art an ^Ime my husband, I a Vine : 
Whofc wcakneffe married to thy firanger flat «•, 
Makes me with thy flrength to communicate : 
If ought pofferiethee from me, it is diofTe, 
Vfurping Iuie,Brier,or idle MofTe, 
Who all for want of pruning, with intrufion, 
Infr ft thy fap,andliuc on thy confufion. 

Ant. Tomcefheefpeakes, fheemoues meef^r hct 
iheame ; 
Wh»t,was I matried to her in my dresme ? 
Or fleepe I now.and thinke 1 heare all this ? 
What error driues our eies and earesamifle ? 
Vnttll I know this furevncertaintie, 
Ueentertainethr frce'd fa'lacie. 

£.«■ . Drgmie, goe bid the feruants (pred for dinner. 

S.Drt. Oh formy beads, I crofTe me for a fmncr. 
This is iheFairic land,oh fpight of fpights, 
We talke with Goblins, O wlcs and Sprights ; 
If we obay them not.ihis will uifue : 
They'll fucke our breath,or pinch vs blarke and blew, 

iMC. Why prat'ft thou to thy fclfe.and anfwer ft noti 
I7rMs«#,thou27r0apw«,thou fnaile.tbou flug.thou fot. 

S.Dr^ I am transformed Maiier,am J not ? 

m^nt. I thinke thou art in minde,ind fo am I . 

SXr». Sty M3flcr,both in minde,and in my fiispe. 

ty^nt. Thou hafl thine owne forme. 

S.Dto. No.IamanApe. 

Luc. Ifthouartchang'd to ought, 'tis to an AfTe. 

S.Dro. Tis true flie rides me,and I long for gtafTc. 
Tis fo.Iam an A(re,cKe it could ntuer be. 
But I fhould know her as well as fhe knowes me. 
Adr. Come,coroe,no longer will I be a foole. 
To put the finger in the eie and weepc ; 
Wliil'fl roan and Maimer laughes my woes to fcorae i 
Come fir to dtnncr,DrMsy9keepe the gate » 
Husband He dine abouc with you to day. 
And fhriue yo«i of a thoufand idle prankci : 
Sirra,ifany askeyou fot your Maimer, 
Say he dines forth, and let no creature enter : 
Come filler, 'DrMWtf play the Porter welj. 

%/i9t. Amlinearth.mheauen.orinhcU? 
Sleeping or wak!ng,mad or well aiduifde ; 
Knowne vmo thcfe, snd to my felfe difguifdc : 
lie fay as they fay.tnd perfcocr fo : 
And in this mifl at alt sduectur» go. 

SS>r<t. Mafter^fliall 1 be Porter at the gate ? 
Air. I, and let none enter Jcafl I breske your pate 
Ijx. Cotnc,coine«.<Asr«6a/«,wedioecola(e. 

H ? */</?«/ 


The Qomedie of Errors. 

(tJTIus Terttus. Scena Trima, 

C*ldfmii>, fM aJit^fr tin MfTcbAMi 

E.Awti, Good Tigrior y^>^r/«];r>umuftcirufcvii'J, 
My wife ufKrewifh when I kcrpcnoi hovirci; 
Say thu 1 lingrrd with yoo ic you; Otop 
To fee tS« miV ing of her Cat!()inn , 
And that to morrow yoa wit! bring iihorre. 
Bui herci itilliine that would f»ce me downe 
He mc( me on (be M^re, and thit I bex him, 
And char g'd him with a tbouliuid markci in gold, 
And thai I did dcnie my wife and houfc ; 
Thou drunkard thou, what didft thou meane by thu ? 

E.Drt, Say whu you wil rw.bui 1 know what I know. 
That you beat me at the Man I hauf your hand to Hiow; 
If J skin wcTt parchment .& ^ blow* you g»oe »»ereink. 
Your owne hand-wrumg would tell you what X ihinke. 
E.y4ni. 1 thinke thou art an affit. 
E.Dro. Marry Co It doth appeare 
By the wrongi I fuffer, and the blowci 1 be ate , 
! (hould kickc being kicVt,and being at diai.pi(Te, 
You would keepe from my hetlet.and beware of an atTc. 
E.Atf- Vare fad fignior2?«/rifli^r, pray Cod our chetj 
M«y anfwet my good wiL.aud yonr good wclcom here. 
iaL\ bold your dsinues cheap fu.i; your wclcom deer. 
i.An. Oh (ieoioi Biltlnjjfr, cither at fltih or fifK 
Atablcfullofwdcome,makesfcarce one dainty difK. 
"Sd. Gocd meat fir is eomon that euci^ chutlc affoids. 
ytttti. Acd welcome more coma>oo,for chart iu>ihiag 

but words. 
BjJ. Small chccre and great welcome, make* s tnci- 

otmt. I, to A niggardly HoR.and more fpsrtng giKefl: 
But though my catej be meane, take themii) goodpixi, 
BetKT (heerc may you hiue.but not with better hart. 
But fofr, my doore is lock t ; goe bi d them let vs in. 
ESDro, Maad,Brigtt ,MiiriM,CiflijjCiinut, Gm. 
S.Dn. Moro^,MiUhorfe,Capoo. Co:;coa)be , Idi- 
ot, Patch, 
Either get thee fircm the dore.or At downe at the h«ch : 
Doft thou conjure for wenches,that ^ caW for fuchP.ore, 
When one is one too many, goe get ihee from the dorc. 
£.0r4. What patch is oude our Porter f my Ma(^er 

SJirt. Let him wslkc from whence he came^ft bee 

catch cold on'i feet. 
S.Ant. Who talks wiihin there ?h<tt,op€n the dore. 
S.'Dr0. Right (ir, l]e tell youthen, and you'll tell 

roe wheiefore. 
A»t. Wltcrefore ? foi my dtcnei : I biue not dio'd to 

5 I>r«. Not to day here you muAnoteotne agaioc 

when ycu may. 
Anti. What srt thou that kesp'fttnie out ftosntbc 

howfe I owe? 
S,Xr». The Porter for thu time Sir, and my name jj 

€.Dr*. O villair,t,thouhaftftolrebojhcr,ine o&ce 
and my name. 
The one nerc got rre credit, the other mUkk blime 
If thou hadft beav: Drfrate to day in my plice, 

Thod vvcoldH bane chaag d thf fut for a tume , oi ihy 

name for an alle. 

I.»c^. U'hatacoiJeisthocT)r3B»?wKo are tLcf« 

£1 ihegue^ 
l.Drt. Let my Miihr ir. /.Mf*. 
Larr Fftb no , hee cbmei toe late, acdfoieOjOMf 

t.Vrt. O Lord I muA laugh, have at yon wuh a Pro* 

Shi'l I fet in tny flaffe. 

Liui. Hiuraiyou With aocthef , (Sal i wbcs f can 

S.Drc. Ifthy name be exiled ZjK-«,,t*»r thc«haAaiv- 

fwrrd him well. 
Anil. Doeyoubcarc you muuoo, yooliWivsinJ 

Ltut. I ihoL-ght tohaoeaakt you 
S.V)r%. Andyou faidno. 
f./V». Socorceheipc, wtlift/ookr.ihett wu blow 

for blow. 
A'^t. Thoubaggacelct melo. 
iMti, Canyowiellfoi wKofefike.' 
£.£»«■. Mjrtff, knofkethe doorekard, 
Ltc*. IvTt himknocketiHit »ke. 
/In^. You II aie fur this minion , tfl beat tSe doote 

LMff Whatneed5al!ihat,andapatreofno(ktinthe 


£«(/f AirUMA. 
Alt'. Who is that at the doore ^ kerps all Cm\ noife f 
SXrt. By m)- troth your towns is trojb'.'.d with»a- 

xAi^t, Are yo'j tncre Wife } you iD'g^bauerome 

Ai-u Your wife (irkrvaut? go Ectywif-ofmhc dore. 
i, Drt. If you went in pame MaH tr ,:hu kniue wold 

goe fore. 
Angih. Hcere it neither cheerc fu-, nor wtic&fnc.wc 

woold fame haue either. 
B<«ii. In debating which waj Left, wee &a!l ptrt 

with neither. 
E.Drt. They Rand at tbc doore , M^Aa. bidtfes 

welcome hiihcr. 
t^wi, There is fosnething in tiwwindc.iiiuw? can- 
not eet in. 
€.!>$, You would fay To MafUr, if youi gtn^erxa 

were thm. 
Your ctke here ii vrartre within : you ftand hers in tr.e 

It would mike a man mad at a Bocke to be To bougie 

end fold. 
A^t. Go fetch tre fcroctbing. 'lie break ope the gate. 
S.Dra. B,-eake tx^f breaking ifcre.and lie brcikeyoar 

knaues pate. 
EJ>ra. A man tray breake a word witb your fir, a;^ 

words ate but wind?: 
] aod breake it in you: fact,fo be br«k it rot behiode. 
S-Dr».h fceica thou waxu'A bre&ku]g,out vpco thee 

£.l>.v. Here's toe much out Tp«nthee^ pray tls;:!:: 

me in 
5J>r»- I,whenfcrwkshaaenofeath^s,tnd&i!hr^ac 

00 Bn 
^er Wdl, He bzttkt iatgo horror? ras a crov- 
i.'Drt.A atjw w:thw;tfeubc!,M;^cr cxtzo' voo (c; 


The Qmtedie of Errors. 


For aitiQi wirKouj • 6mJ3srbet'« z fevrlc with?vy: afcthsf , 
If B crow help v« io firr *, weell plficke • crow cogethct. 

jint. Gopget thee gen, fetch n?c tn irco Craw, 

'^dlh. HaiJcf atknct fir, oh l« it no: be fo, 
HoetTJnyou w»rr« tgkinf) yoar rrsmtetion* 
And dr*w within the eeitipjffe of fufpedk 
TKvnuiol8ie<i honor of your wife. 
Once ihisyoiif long experience of yoorv/ifedome, 
Htr <"obcr vertue,yetre», ind modcftie , 
Plead on your part fomc eaufe to you vnknovme ; 
And doubt not f», but Hie wilt weli escufc 
Why »t cht» time the «4«r« are R:»dc agsinfl y«o. 
Be vul'd by mc, depart in ptnencc, 
And let v» to theTyger ill to dinner, 
A»«d »bout euening comeyour felfe alone, 
TO ^no w the resfon of thti (Grange rcftraint t 
Ifby firong hand you offer to bre<k« in 
Now in the flirring pafiFage of the day, 
A vulvar comment will be made of it ; 
And that fuppofcd by the common rowt 
Aoainftyoury«t vngafjed e(\inistion. 
TKat may with foule intrufion enter in, 
Arid dwell vpon your grauc when you are deod i 
Tot (lander liues vpon fuccefTion; 
For euer howf'd, wheeit gets pofTefTton, 

^mL You hace preuail'd,! will depart in quiet| 
And in defpight of mirth memo to be mcrrie : 
I know a wench of excellent difcourfe , 
Prtitic and wittie; wilde, and yet loo gentle ; 
There will we dine : this woman that 1 meane 
My wife(bui 1 proted without defcrt) 
Hath oftentimes tpbtaidedntewithall : 
Toher will we to dinner, get you home 
An.-l fetch the chaine, by this 1 know 'tis made, 
BtJ-TC it ? pray you to the Perpentine , 
Por there's the hoofcs That chaine will I beflow 
(Be it fcf nothingbut to fpight my wife) 
Vpo« mine hoft^e there, good firncakehafte : 
Sinfc mrnc o wne dootes refufc lo cntertaine me , 
He kivacke elfe- where, to fee if they'll difdaine me. 

^"ft lle^^eet you at that place fome hourc hence. 

/^»W. Do fo,thit (c(l (lull coft me fomecxpence. 

Entir lulieM, wHb AnUfktlm tfSiracufiM. 

tutu. And may it bothat you haue quite forgot 
A husbands ofHce t (hail Antiff>clm 
Euen in the fpring of Louc.thy Loue-fprings rot ? 
Shall loU4! iitbuilflings grow fo ruinate } 
If you did wed my filler for her wealth. 
Then for her wcalths-fakc vfc her with more IcindntOe : 
Or jfyc« like dfe-wherc doc it Sjy fteeJth , 
Moms your fatfc loa« with fom« msw of blindntCTe : 
Let not my fiftcr read it in your eye": 
Be not il'.y tongue thy owne OMines Orator : 
Locke fweet, fpeaks faire, become diiloyaltle : 
Apparell tice I'lke vcrtuei harbenger : 
Beare a faire pTcfcnce.though your heart be taint »J, 
Teichfinne the carriage of a holy Saint , 
Be fecret falfc : wbtt t»eed (he be acquainted ? 
Wi^ti (irople th'.cfe brags of Ws owne attatne ? 
T»s ioubl? wrong U> truao« with your b«d , 
And let her read it io thy lookcs at boord t 
Sharae hath e, bcftard fame, well managed, 
111 <!<«d3 h d-jubl>^d y/tth an ruiil TTord i 
Al*; poore v.o^inieft, make vf noi bele«u« 
(B#vng cootphCl of »ei]il)ilKityou kj«« «f. 

Though others haue the arroe, flicw v% the flccue 
We in your mction turnc, and you may tnou< t£. 
Then gentle brother get you in againc ; 
Comfort rui fificr, cheere her, cell her wiTc j 
'Tishcly fpi^rttabealittlerabe, 
Wheo the fvvett brearh of flatterle wnqoers Rtife, 

S. ,/fwf*. "n'.'eete Miftris, what yotu name is elfe 1 
know nut; 
Norby wi-at wonder yoti do hit of mbe: 
Lcffe in your knowledge, and your grace Jrou (how not. 
Then cot earths wonder, more theo earth ditiioc. 
Teach me deere creature how to thinke and fpcak« t 
Lay o^R to myearthie groflc conceit j 
SfT.S'.hrcd in errors, feeble, fhallow,wctike, 
Tnr fr>ulded mcanir.g of your words deeeit : 
A gjinft my foules pure truth.why labour you, 
To make it wander in an vnLnowne field > 
Arc ycj a god .'would yoo aeate me new ? 
TranjfoTtTje mi thcn^end to your powre He yceld 
But if that I em I, then welt I know. 
Your weeping After is no wife of mine. 
Nor to ha bed no homage doe I owe : 
Farre more,farre you doe 1 dvctine: 
Oh traimc tnc norfweet Merroaide with thy note. 
To dro wnc me in thy fij^cr floud cf lewcs ; 
Sirtg Siren for thy felfe,jnd I will dote : 
Spread ore the (iluer w&ues thy golden bairei ; 
And as a bud lie take ther.aod tlviiT lie : 
And in that glorious fuppoHtion thinke. 
He gaioes by death, that hath foeh meanes to die : 
Let Lo'jie being drowned If (he fioke. 

Lie. ^Vhet are you mad^chat you doercafon fo ? 

•Att, 'iJoi mad,but mated,how I doe not know. 

Lutto U i» a fault that fpringeth from your cic. 

jim. For gazing on your beames faire fun being by. 

Lttc. Gaze when you (hodd, and that will cleerc 
your (ight. 

yint As good to W!ok< fvvect loDe^ looke on uigbl. 

Lase, V/by call yoo me loue? Call roy fiftcr fo. 

jlitt. Thy fitters fjfter. 

Lne. That's my (ifler. 

^11. No : it is thy felft,mlne own* felfej better ftart: 
Mine cie$ cleeteeie, my deere hearts dcerer heart j 
My foode,my fortuae,«nd my fwcet hopes aiaie ) 
My folc earths heaacn,and my heauens clalnrte. 

Luc. All this mj fifier is,or elfe (hould b«. 

^nt. Call thy felfe fifter fweetjfoj I am iHce : 
Thee will I loue, aad with thee lead mv lift j 
71>ouh^flnohnsband yctjCo: I oc Wife : 
Give nv: thy hand. 

L»e. Oh foft fir,hoW yon (!j!! : 
lie fetch my Mt: to get ^.er good will. fuitt 

Emttr Drrnio, Siraeufia. 

t/4mts WnyhiyfiaoviDrojw, where run'ft tbotifo 

S.Dr9. Do«youk.->owiBe(ir? AmliJTTWfo? AttsI 

yoormAQ? Amimyfclfef 
^Ht. ThoHonDromit, thou art my tnao, thou art 

thy fdfc. 
Drv. Itmaoarfe, I am a wonieas, cndbe(ides 

jittt. What woosars ssmo? and how beftdcs thy 
Dr«. Marri* fir,be^det my fdfe^ swi dec to & womsn: 
One thzt daimci sn:* oqu chac haunts m«, one that will 
haue me« 

Am. What 


7'he Qmedve of Srrars, 

jittti. What dilme Uitt *" ic to tbrt t 
Dr». Marry fuifuch cliii^c ai you would Ity to tout 
hcrfe, ind(}i7 v/ouldhiucmc atttxa[t, not d.itl Dec- 
ingibcaH (Itr would tiauenr.c, but thacRtr bcirgi vc- 
lie bc«niy crc:uirc liyci claiinc to mc. 
U-ii. Whit II fhe i 

Dr», A vrry rcuercnt body . I fuch a onr, it > man 
may not fpciVc of, wiiKout lie dy fir ic utrenxe, I Kii;e 
but Icane luckc in the match, and yet ii (he a wondrout 
fill mirnast. 

y1«ti. Howdonihoumeinr artimania^c? 
Dr», Marry fit .fhc'i the Kitchiii Mcnch,St at grcafc, 
tnd f knoM net whit vfe to put too, but to mbke a 
Lampfof hn, and runfrofuhrr byherowr^clighi. 1 
\narrint. htr f aggci and the Tallow in ihrtn, will burnc 
a ?o/<»»»4^ Winter: Iffheliiie? till doomtfday.flici bo.n* 
• weeke longer then the whole World 
^ntt. What complexion i I fht of? 
Dr#. Swart like my rtKXJ.but her fice nothing like 
fo cleane kept : for why? fhe fwcati a man may goe o- 
uet-fhoociinth« grime of ft 

jlifti. That s a fsuU thit w^m will m«nd. 
Dn». Nofir, III ingraine, //««ibj flood could not 

yinti. Whii'i her name? 

T)ro, yVrlfSir : but hci ntmcit three quarters, thai a 
an £U and three qujitcri ,will no: iMafutc hn from bip 

j9mi, Tlienfhebearesfotr.ebtcdth? 
Dn, No longer firom head to foot, then from hippc 
to hippc : (he it rpbcrirai), like a globe : I could find cut 
Coontriet in her. 

jtMti, In what part ofhc: body ftandj Irc/mJ ? 
T)r«. Mury fir in het buuocici, i found it out by 

Amr. Whete 5f»r/W? 

Dro, I found it by the hanenndfe, hard in the paioie 
of the hand. 

jIm. Where fr^M-f? 

Dro. In her forhcad, arm'4 artd reucried, nukir.g 
warre agsinft her hcire. 
^*t. Where £»f/*M/? 

Dro. I lookd for thcchalkle CIiffr«>ut I could find 
no whitcnclTe io them, fiul 7 gurife.itnood in ha cMn 
by the {alt rhetime that tannc bet wccnc Frtmct, ind it. 
Alt. WhaeSpsMf^ 

Dra, Faith I faw it not: but I felt it hot tn het breth. 
jiiSt. Whcte AncruA, the Imdtts ? 
Dro, Oh fir, vpcn her nofe, all ore embelliftied with 
Rubici.Carbujidct, Saphitef, declining their rch Af« 
pedto the hot breath of Spaioe, who fcnt whole Ar- 
tnadoes of Carrccb to be ballaft at her nofe. 
Aotu Where ftood BtlgU, the Utiimla;dt} 
Dro. OKfir,Ididnot looJicfolow, To ccncludc. 
this drudge or Diuiner layd claiat to mee, calTd roee 
Drsai9, Ifioxcl wot aflut'd to her, told mc what priuie 
markci Ihadabouttuce^ aitbcmarkeofmyflioulder- 
tbe Mole in my necke, the great Wan on my left artne, 
that 1 amax'd ranne from her is a wirch. And I thiake,ir 
my breft had not bsoie made of faito, and my bra;: of 
Heeie, (he had trantfbrai'd me to a Curatlldog^ nude 
me ttirne i'lh whecle. 

Aitti. Gohieth^eprefcr.tly pcfl to tbe rod?. 
And if the wiixle blow ar.y way Sfoot (here, 
I will not harbour inihiiTotkRc to right. 
If any Barks put fenh, cocie lo the M^, 

WIh^i. I a (U walitf til! rkcHi rctwae to rnc t 
l/everie one krvowei n, md we krvow rvar>c 
Til tuDC I thinkc to tnadge, pj .Jc e,tr. '. be r-ooe. 

Dr*. Ai from a Bcart a rr. .n -I'/oU vtri Tm Uff 
So flj-rlrfomhrr ih« woaWrrrrr wiff. £^^ 

/liii. There I none b«tWittheidc/ inhabit* k?rrr. 
And ihrrcfcre tit hic itrne that I were h«encc : 
She that doth tall aKbi:t'jar.d,ei*cnrryfcik 
Doth for I wife abkorre. But her hi'e fiCet 
Podeft with fu<h a gentle fouf ugnc vrv:^ 
Of fucS in£hantir.gj.rcrcTKe ao<Jdi.;w:r{c, 
Hath almoO made cse Traitor to my Ctlfc : 
Buileil>rr7ft!reb« gviltv to frlfe wrocg, 
He fU»p rmne ewes agaioR thcMemuiJt fortj 

Ewer tyfn^tk »iifi the Chajie. 

Ami I. I ihai'i my namt. 

Ang 1 know It well fir, lo«hcxe'it>i»th*ine, 
I thougSi to haue lane yoti at Cat f,jrftntjx. 
The chtir.e vnfinifh'd cade roe ftay ttr long. 

t^»f/ What it yo«« w:ll that ] flici do wi:S tfcu? 
Whai pleafe your fe l/e fir : 1 haue made it for 



Mide It for rae/ir, 1 befpoke it not. 

Not ooce,(u>f twice, but tv.entie utocjyco 


Co home with it, and picafe jr«ur WifcwiibaJJ, 

And forne at flipper ritne lleviciyoo. 

And then rccciuc my (Booey for the chaine. 

Mmri. I pray yoo fu re^eiue ibe tnor><y oov», 
Forfearerounerefeechiine, normooy more. 

Am^. Youarearoerryminrj-, fare/ouw;ll. Exu, 
Am. WhatKhouldihinkeofthJij-'cacPciuU 
But thij 1 thinke, thcre'i no man it fo viine, 
Thit would rcfofe fo faire ta offer d Chaioe 
I fee : man hecre needt not line by (hiftt, 
Whenfntheftreetthemcetcjf'JcbGoidimgifu : 
He :o the Mart, and there for DrfT»/»ftsy, 
Ifany (h'lp put out, then firaight 2w;y £xa 

Aftus Quartm. Sc:sn4 Trima, 

Cater a MerclnBlfitldfmi:}i^a>i<f> Ofmr. 

M*r. You Know fince Pei;tecoft tbe ficn is iae, 
Andfincel haue not rwcb itr.poriun'dyeu. 
No; r:ow I had not, but tha: i am bccr^d 
To ?«•/!<, and want Gilders f^rnsy voy:ge 
Therefore maJfe prrfent farit^^oo, 
OrJIestiachyoa by thitOtfi-o. 

Ct'.A, Hum icft the fca it.-A ' do (3\\i,t3 ycu. 
Is growing to me by Amifhtim, 
And in the infiant chat I met with ^ou. 
He had of me a, a t fiiw e clocks 
I (hill recciuf the rsorr/ for th> itme . 
Pleafeth yoa waJke «:th me downe to hi* houfc, 
I V7ill dikbarge ny bond, and chaare ycu too 

Zrter %^TitipMk'i £tfief.'Premiefrtt\. . ikc Court i^au, 
^.Thatlabcyrmayyou raue;Sff where he com»s. 
«<'v;t. While J go CO the Gold(mith£ houfe, go :hou 

The Comet&eofErran. 


And buy « ropes end, chat will I beU^vr 
Among my wife, aod their confe>da:3tei. 
For locftioe me out of my dooretby day ; 
But foft I lee the Goldfinith ; get thee gooc. 
Buy thou & rop^t and bring it home ce me. 

Dn, I buy a thoufaadpound a ycaie, I buy a rope. 

Cxit Dromio 
Epb.jiBS. A toao is well bobe vp that trufts to you, 
I pcoiniA;(S your picfencd, and the Chxine, 
But tiathei,Chaine norGoldrrDith came to me : 
Relike you thought cur loue would lafi too long 
If it wcfv chzb'd together : and therefore came not. 
CoiL Sailing yout menie huint>c : here's the note 
How much yout Chaioe weight to the vtmoft chare^s 
The finenefle of the Gold, and chargefuU fafliion. 
Which doth amount to three odde Duckets mote 
Then I ftaud debted to this Gcntlanan, 
I pfiy you Ue himpreiemiv difcharg'd, 
For beUbound toSea,aiui llaycs but for it. 

^hti; I am not (ismilh'd with the prefent raoute : 
Bcfideslhauefomeburineffe in the towne, 
Go^ Signior take the ftranger to my houfc. 
And with you take the Chaine.and bid my wife 
Disbutfe the fumme, on the reccit thereof. 
Perchance I will be there attfoooeat you. 

Ceid. Then you will bring the Chains to her your 

Jmti, Nobeare it with you, leaA I come not tlim e> 

Ca/d. Well fir,Iwill^Haucyoathe Chaine about 

%^t. Aod if I haue not fir, 1 hop« you haue: 
Otdfeyou may leturne without your money. 

Ccld» Nay come I pray yon iir.giue me the Chains: 
Both winde and tiJe (^aycs for this Gentleman, 
And I too blame haue held him heeie coo long. 

t^nti. Good Ltxd, you vfe this dalliance to escuTe 
Your breach of ptomife to the Parfer/tiiu, 
l,(hould haue chid you for not bnnging it. 
But like 8 (brew you firft bxrgin to btawle. 

M^r. Thf houreflfalcson, Iprayyoufirdifpatch. 
C«Jd. You heate how he importunes mc,thc CbaiiK. 
/frit. Wh y giuc it to my wife, and fetch your mony. 
C»iJ. Comc,come,you know 1 gaue it you euen now. 
Either fend theChaine, or fend mcby fomc token. 

tyfnt. Fie, now you run this humor out of breath, 
Coiire whert's the Chaine, I pray you let me fee it. 

(JUar. My bu<ine(re cannot brooke this dalliance, 
Cothi £f iay, whe'ryou I anfwet me, or no : 
If nct< lie leaue him to the Officer. 

jie,t\. lanfweryooJWhaifhooldlanfweryOB. 
CoiJ. The mooieibafyoBo-wemcfbt theChaine. 
jine, I owe yt>u none, till I receioe the Chaine. 
GfkL YouknowIgauettyouhaJfcanhourefuice. 
/int. You gaue me Donet you wrong mec much to 
(ay fo. 

y »£(£. Yon wrong me more fir in denying it. 
Coniider how ic fianda vpon my credit. 
Mar. Well Officer, aneft him at my fuiie^ 
Offi, I do, and charge you in the Dukes name co-o- 
bey rnt 

Go/cL This touches me in repuracion. 
Either confencto pay this fum tor iney 
I Or I attach you by this OfScei- 
I ji»t. Confenttopay theechatlneuerhad: 
I Aneft mefoolifh fellow if ihoudar'ft. 

GiJd. Heere is thy fee, aacA him OfBcer. 
I would not (pare my brother in this cafe, 
Ifhe (hould (come me fo app^rantly. 

Offi*. Idoarref^youfiT, you hearetbefaite, 

/imt. I do obey inee, till I giue thee bslle. 
But firrsh, you (hall buy this fpon at deere. 
At all the roettall in your (hop will anfwer. 

Go/d. Sir,fir, I fhall haue Law in Efhefm^ 
To your oororious (]aame, I doubt it not. 

Entir 'Dramia Si rs. from the Bay. 

'Dra. Maflet, there's a Barke of tpuUmitms^ 
That ftaies but till her Owner conoes aboord. 
And then fit (he beares away. Our fraughtage fir, 
I haue coooei'd aboord, and 1 haue bought 
The Oylc, the Balfamufu, and Aqua-viiz. 
The (hip is ip her trim, the merric winde 
Blowes faire from land : they flay for nought Kalf, 
But for their Owner, Mader.and your fcKe. 

^«.How now/ a Madman? Why thoupeettiih (h?ep 
What fnip o( EpidamiMmRkkt forme. 

S-Dro. A (hip you fent me too, to hier waftage 

wrf»/. Thou drunken flaue, I fent thee for a rope, 
Afid told thee to what purpofe.and what end. 

S.Dto. You fent me for a ropes end as foone. 
You fent me to the Bayfir,fora,Birlce. 

A>u. 1 will debate (his matter at more Irifore 
And teach your eircs to lift me with more heedei ^ 
To t^<^>4«4 Viilaioe hie thee ftraight: 
Giue her this key, and tell her in the Desk« 
Tbic's couer'd b're withTurkifb Tapiftrie, 
Tbereisapurfe of Duckets, let her (end it : 
Tell her, 1 am arrefted in the ftteetc. 
And that fhall baile me : hie thee flaue, be gone, 
OnOfficcr to prifon, till it come. Exeum 

S.Dronm. Toc/^<^«sM,thatis wTierewedin'd, 
Where Dowfabail did daime me for her husband. 
She it toobiggc I hope for me to compafTc, 
Thither I mu{l, although aeainA my will : 
For feruanismufl their MaAersmindesfulfiU. £xit 

Enter AirioMa and Lticiaita. 
Air. Ah Lucuma^ did he tempt ihee fof 
Might'ft thou perceiue aofleerely in his eie, 
That he did plead in eameft, yea or no : 
Lopk-'d he or red or pale, or fad or merrily ? 
What obfcruation mad'ft thou in this cafe i 
Oh, his hearts Meteors tilting in his face. 

Lue, Firft he deni'deyouhadinhsmnoright. 
Adr. He nneanc he did me none : the more my fpight 
hut. Then fworc he that he was a ftranger heere. 
Adr. And truebefwore, though yet forfwornehec 

Imc. Tben pleaded I for you. 
Adr, And what faid he ? 

Lite, That loue I begg'd for yet:, he begg'd of mc 
Adr. With what perfwafjon did he tempt thy Icue ? 
^^v.With words, that in an bone({ fuit might mouc. 
Firli, he did praife my beautie, then my (peech. 
Adr, Did'ftfpeakchimfairc? 
Liu. Haue patiencei befeech. 
Ain- \ camtot, nor I will not hold nte flill. 
My tongue, though not my heart, (hall haue hit wiQ. 
He is deformed, aooked, old, and fere, 
IlUfsc'd, worfe bodied, .'haptle.Te eucry where. 
Vicious, vngtntle.foolifh, blunt, vnkinde. 



Scigmiclcall in miking w orfe in miade. 

L-(. Wlio would be leiloui ibcn offuch a one ^ 
No will loft li w Jird.whcn It II gone. 

j{<l/. Ah but I thinkc liim bcucr then I fiy ; 
And yet \woulJ licrcin oilicri cic» were worfe : 
Firrc from her neft the Lapwing cneitwiy | 
My heart prates for him/hough my tongue doc cuifc. 

Tirt. Here t^oc: the detkc,the purfe/weet oow mike 

I^jzc. How hart thou loft thy bteath? 
S Dr». By running faft. 
A4r. Where ii thy Maftcr Dr«»M«?Iihewell ? 
S.Dro. No.hc'j in Tartar litnbo,worfe then hell : 
A diuell in an cuerla^ing garment hjih him ; 
On whofc hard lican ii buiton'd rp with ftctle • 
A Fcind.aFairie.pittilefTc and ruffe : 
A Wolfe.nay worfc, a fellow all inbof^e . 
A back firicnd.a fhouJder-cUpper, on: that countrrmadi 
ThepafTagej of ailicj,crcekes,and narrow lands : 
A hound that runs Counccr.and yet draws dnfoot well, 
One that before the I udgmctcirriespoorefoulesiohcl. 
y}Jr. Why nun.what isthe fiJitccr ? 
S Dro. I doe not know the matter, hce b reficdon 
the cafe. 

j4dr. What is he arrcftcdPiell me at whcfe fuite ? 
S.Dre. I know noiaiwhofcfuite he is arefted well; 
1>ut is in a fuite of buft'e which rcAcd him^hat can I tell, 
will you fend him Mifhis rcdecnprion, the inonie in 
biS dcske. 
Adr. Go fetch it Sifter : this I wonder at. 

Exit Lueumt. 
That he vnknovTne to me (hould be in debt : 
Tell tne.was he arefted on a band? 

S.Dr9, Notonaband.butonaftrongerthing: 
A chaine,a chaine, doe you not here it nng. 
jidrta. What.the cbaine ? 
S.Dro. No,no,tbe bell, 'tis time that I were gone : 
It was two ere 1 left him,and now ttie dockc ftrikes one. 
jidr. The houres conic backe, that did I neue here. 
S.Dre. Ohye$,ifany hcareiuseie aSaicar.t.a tumes 
backe for vcrie feare. 

Atiri. A$ if cime were in debt: how fondly do'fi thoo 

J.i>#.Time is a rerie bsnketoas^d owes more then 
he'* worth to feafcn. 

Nay .he's a thscfe too .- haue you not heard tTien fay. 
That time corzes ftealmg on by night and day? 
If I b€ ia d;bt sad theft,and z Serieant in the way, 
Hath be uot leafoo to tume bicke ao boui : in a day? 

EKttr LttcioHM. 
Adr. Go Dremid, there's the monie,besisitfL'sigbt; 
And bring thy Mafter home icnediately. 
Come fifter, I am preft downe with concdt : 
Coaceit,my comton and cny iniurk Exit. 

Enter Antifbclai Sirastf^ 
There's not a man I meete but doth fajutene. 
At if I were their well aequaitued frien^ 
And euexi e one doth call me by my n a m« : 
Some tender monie to me, fome inuiit me ; 
Some other giue me thankcs for kindne^es ; 
jome offer me Commodities to buy. 
Eucn now atailot cal'd me in his mop, 

The Qomedie of Errors . 

And (}x>w'd m< Silkr i that he h«d bovghi for mt, 
And thcrtwithall (ookc mcafnrc ofmy body 
Sure th«f« ate but imag'.rttnc wilei. 
And lapUod Sorccrcta lohtbitr hcrr 

Smrr Dr*mm Str. 

S.Drt t the gold you fmt ret for what 
haue yoagotiSrpidtireofold yf«t«ji»oew ippjrtl'd* 

»yfni Wnatgolditibu? What i/f^U* do'Q iho* 

S Dt: Not that Adsmxhn kept the Paradife : bta 
thu /fW«M(hat keepei thepnfont heethat gets id the 
caluri-ikm, thatwas kjl d for the Prodigill : hce that 
came behtndcyou fu Jikesn euiil angeled bid you foe- 
fake your librrtie. 

Att. I fnderfUnd thee not. 

S.Dro. No? why 'til a plaint cafe: h« that wetit like 
aBafi-Violein acafeofirather; the man fir, that wh«n 
genilrmcr are tired giuci them a fob, and rrfti them; 
he fir.that takes pittieoD decated rren, md gioei them 
fuitts of durance: he that fets Tp hii reft to doe more e»« 
ploicf with his Macr.tbrnaMoru Pike 

%yimt. What thou mean'ft an officer? 

S.Drt. I fir, the Serieant of the Bind : hethatbfiagt 
any m«nto anfwer it that breaker his Bind: one that 
thmket * man alwaies going to bed, and giue 
you good relt. 

Am. Well fir.rhrre reft in yoorfoclcrie; 
Is there any fhips puts forth to flight? or.ay vrt begone?*. Why fir.l brought you wof d tn hotue f.r.ce, 
that the Barke ExynUtioi put fonh to night, and then 
were youhindred by the Serieant to tarry for the Hrj 
Dtigj : Here aie theangeU that you Iltotfor todcLttet 

Ant. The fellow is difkaSond foam I, 
And here we wander inillulains : 
Some bledcd power deliacr vs froia hence. 

Inttr d Ctrrtiuit. 

Cur. Well mct.well met, lAi^n*yfntifb»iM ■ 
I fee fir you haue found the Gold.fniith now . 
Is that the chaineyoupromis'd me to day. 

jtitt. Saihan auoidej charge thee terrpt tnenot. > 

S.Dra. Mafter,isthisMiftriji'<rAW 

A>it. Itistbediueil. 

S.Dra. Nay,fheij wcTfe,l}ieis the diuels dam : 
And hrrefhe comes in the habit of a light wench* ani 
thereof comcf, that the wenches fay God dam mc,That's 
as much to fay, God make m:a light Acnch.'It iswiif 
tcn,they appeaie to men like angeU of 'i j,ht, Ji^ht is tz 
effeft of firCjind fire will burne •• e?j»,iigb: weacba vrill 
buTne,€ome not ncere her. 

Citr. YourmanaadyooarcBiaruailooirP.etTiefir. 
WiU you goe with me,wfe'Ii mcd our dinner here ? 

5.£?r*. Mafier.if do cvcpefi fpoorvmcKe^crbsfptaks 

Ant. V.'hyZhvirs)} 

S.Dre. Mi-iie hemufthacealong ^ocse thatBHiT' 
eatc with the dii>elL 

Ant. Auoid then fiend, what tefft thou lae of Gip- 
Thou art,ai you ate ail a fotcereiTe : (pTJg'f 

I cotuure thee tc Icaus me^nd be goo. 

Cm. GiuemethcringofreiDeycuhadai dinner. 
Or for my Dia.Ticnd the Caaine you promis'd, 
And lie be §oDe fir ,sad riot trouble yoa. 
5^3.Somediucls aske but the panz^ of oocsnsile, 


The Comedie of Errors. 


irufli.ahairc, adfopof blood, spin, a out, ichcrric- 
done :butfheinorecoaetou5, woldhauca chaine;Ma. 
fter be wife, and if jrou giue it ber, the diueU will (hake 
her Cbaine,and fright v» v»Uh it. 

C«r. I pray you fir my Ring, or elfc the Chaiae, 
1 hope you do not meanc to chcate me fo } 

Ant. Auant thou witch : Come DremUln vi go. 

S-Drt. FhcpfidefaicsihePea-cockc, Miftns that 
youjtnow. Sxn 

CiT. Now out of doubt Atitipkaliu it mad, 
Elfc would he neuer fodcroeane himfelfc, 
ARmghchath of mine worth fornc Duckets, 
And for the fame he promij'd me a Chamc, 
Both one and other he dcniei me now : 
T he reafon that I gather he is mad, 
Befides thu prcfent inttancc of h>$ rage. 
It a mad tale he told to day at dinner, 
Ofhisownc doorcs being (hut againft hijctKrancr. 
Belike his wife aequahned with hi5 (its, 
On porpofe (hut the dooics againfl his way ; 
My way is now to hie home to his houlc. 
And tell his wife, that being Lunatickc. 
He rufh'd into my houfc, and tookc pakirce 
My Bang away. This coutif I (iite(l choofc. 
For foitic Dackect i% too nnuch to looic. 

Enttr jititi/h«ka Ef^f virh* tailar. 

Ao. Fearc me not thin, I will notbreake away. 
He giue thee ere I Uaue thee fo much money 
To warrant thee as I am re^cd for. 
My wife is in a wayw£7dinoo«Se today,. 
And will not lightly tnj(^ the Mrffengcr, 
That I (hould be attach'd in Ephrfitt, 
I tell you 'twill found har(hly in kwi caret. 

eater*E>fvmio Epb .visit a repes tri. 
Heere comes my Man, 1 thinke he brings the monie- 
How now (\\} Haucyou that I fcniyouTor? 

E'DrO' Here's that IwanaiuyoQ will pay them alL 

Anti. But whcre'f the Money ? 

£. Dra. Why fir, I gaue the Monie for the Rope. 

Azt. FiUe hundred Duckets villalne for a rope? 

fi. Tho. He fetue you (irfiue hundred at the rate. 

AHt. to what end did I bidthce hie thee horned 

€.Dra. Toaroj»c»emlfir,an<ltothat end ara tre- 

Ant. Ard tc th«t «t»d (ir, I vnll welcome you. 

Ofi. Coodfirbe patient. 

£. Dn. Nay 'tlj for metob« padcnta I aia In idua- 

Ofi. Good now hold thv tongue. 

E.Dro. Nay, rather]»«iwade him to hold his hands. 

Anti, Thou-whotefonfcnfelelT* Villaine. 

£. Dro. I would 1 were fenfelefle fir, that 1 migbj 
not feek yo«r blowes. 

ft/^ort. Thou art fenlible in nothingbut blowes,atid 
fo is an Affe. 

E.lh-o. I am an Affeindecdc,yoan»ypr»ooeiiby 
my lcng«are$. I haoe fetoed him finom the houte of tny 
'Natiuitietothitiaflant, and haue nothing at bis hands 
for my feruice but blowes. When I am cold, he heaies 
m« with beating •. when 1 am v»arme,hc cooles «»€ with 
beating : I ammk'd with it when I flccpc t tais'd with 
il when I fit, di7tieaoutof doorcs with it when I got 
{roinhaine, wclcotn'd home with it wbeni tetume^y 

1 beare it on mv {houldcrs, at a beggc: woont her brat : 
andIihinkewnenbebathlaiB''daK, Ithallbegge with 
it (rom dsore to doore. 

Emter^driat/t, Littiofia, CvfmixMt^axd aSchotL'^ 

mufier, caffdPmch. 

lAnt. Come goe along, my wife it commingyoo. 

E.'Dra, M\(\tit reJpsc*fiatm,xeCpe& your end, or ra. 
ther tho prophefie like the Parrat^brware the ropes end. 

iimt. Wilt thou flilltaike? Bears Drc. 

Curt. How fay you now? 1$ not yoor husband mad ? 

AJrt. His inciuility confirmcs no lelTe : 
Good Do&m Pinch, yoyx are a Coniurct, 
ERablitl) him in his uac fence agaioc, 
And 1 will plnfe you what you wUl demand. 

LiK. Alas how fiery, ax>d how (harpc he iookc«. 

Ci^, be trembles in his cztafie. 

ftitdi. due me your hand) and let tnec fcde your 

%yfmt. There itmy hand, and let it fcele your eare. 

Pweh. I charge theeSathan^hoos'd within this roan, 
Toyceld poffeffton to my belie praicrs. 
And to thy ftate of datkncife hie thee (Vrtight, 
I coniorc thee by all the Saints in beaiMfv 

Anti, Peace doting wizard, peace ; I am not naad. 

Adr. Oh that thou wet'tnot,pootc diftrelfedfoule. 

Aiti. You Minion yoo, are thcfeyour Cudcmert? 
Did this Compaoicn with the faSroo face 
Reuelt artd feaH it at my houfc to day, 
WhU'i!^ vpon me the guikic docres were (hue. 
And I denied to enter in my houTe. 

Air-O husband, Cod ooth know you dJa'4 at Ikjitiv 
Where would you had remain'd vntill this time. 
Free from ihefe Qanders. and this open (haine. 

Ami. DinMathome?TboaVillaine, what feyeO 

Drg. Sir fooih to faj^, you did not dine at home. 

Ant. Wercr>ot my doorcs lockt »p, and 1 (hut oiu ? 

Tiro, Perdie, your doorcs were lockt, and yon (hut 

.Anxi. And did not fhe her felfc reaile methert i 

Dro. Soiit Fable, (he her felfe reuil'd you there. 

Anti'. Did not her Kitchen nsaide raile, taunt, sad 
fcome me ? 

Lre. Cfttm (he did, the kitcbio veihll fcotn'd yoti. 

Am, And did not I in rage depart from therue } 

Dn. Invsritieyou did, my bones beares vyicnct&t 
That iince haue fck the vigor of his rage. 

A4r. Is't good to footh him in thcK crooaarisi/ 

Pmch. It is no (hamc, the fellow finds bis vaio«. 
And yeelding to him, bomors well his frenfie. 

Am:, Thou ball fubbom'd the Goldfinith (o sircft 

Adr. Alas,IfefKyot]Monietoredeeme,yoo, 
By 1>remto heere, who came in ha(^ for it. 

Drv. Moniebymc?Heartandgoodwinyouaughl 
Btit fuTely Ma(?er not o ragge ofMonie. 

Am. Wentflnoithou toher forapur(eofDuckets. 

Adri. He came to me, and I delioer d it . 

JLtfcf. And J am witnefle with her that (he did.- 
Vn, God and the Rope-maker beat« me wiineCfe, 
That I was fent for nothing but a rop«. 

Pinch. Itftiftris, both Man arul Mafier is polTeR, 
I)ioow it by their pale aod deadly loolus. 



The Qontedte of Errors. 

Xhey muft be bound indliideinfomcdsrke rorm« 
yif«r.S>y wherefore didft ihou locke m« forth today. 

Artd why dof\ ihou dcoie ihc baggc of gold' 
jidr. I did not gcniic Itusband iockc thee fonh 
Dt». Attd gentle M' I receiu d no gold : 

But I confefle fir, «^^»t v»e were lock il out. 

yldr Di(Tembling Villim, thou fpejk'ft ftlfe in both 
oint. DifTemblitig hirlot, thou irt falfe iQ all. 

And art confederate with a damned picke. 

To oiake a loathfome abiefl fcorne of me ; 

But with thcfe nailei, 1 1« piuckc out ihefe falfc qr«, 

Ttut would behold in methitOumcfull fpon. 

Euttr three erfomre, dni gffier U tittde him: 

AAr. Ohbioilehin), binde him, let him not cooic 
neerc me. 

f/fffA.More company, the fiend isftrong within hiro 

LKt.\ye me poote man, how pale and wan he looki. 

j4at. What will you murther me, thou I ailor thou ? 
I am thy pnfoner, wilt thou fuffcr them to make a ref- 

Ojft. Miflerj let him go : he is ray ptifooer, and y oo 
(hall not haue him. 

Ttftfb. Go bmdc thii man, for he it franticke too. 

ty^dr. What wilt thou do, thou peeuifh Officer > 
Haft thou delight to fee a wretchetJ man 
Do outrage and difpleafurc to himfelfe? 

Ofi. He 13 my ptifoner, if I let him go. 
The debt he owes will be rtquir'd of mc. 

^Jr. I will difchargc thee ere I go from thee, 
Beafi;?t« forthwith vnto his Creditor, 
And knowing how the debt growes I will pay it. 
Good Mafter Doftor fee him fefc conuey'd 
Hottte to my houfci oh moft »nliappy day. 

tyfm:. Oh moft vnhappic ftrumpet. 

T)f*. Maflcr.Iam hecreentrcdinbondfor yoo. 

t/ht ■ Out on thee VUUioc, wherefore daft thou mad 

T)rt. Will you be bound for nothing, be nudgood 
MaA«r, crj the diucll. 

Lkc. Godhelp«poorefotilet, howidlcly doe they 


jidr. G« beire hiro hence, (if^er go you with me: 
Saytiow, whc^c fuiie ishc arte ftcd ai t 

Exeunt. Manet Ofic. tyfdrt. 

Off. One w*»^'/»3Goldrmith,doyooknow hiro? 

ytelr, 1 know the man : what is the ftitomehc owes ? 

Ojf. Two hundred Duckets. 

AJr, Say, how grovves it due. 

Of. Due for a C'naine your husband had ofbim. 

yidr'. He did befpeake a Chain fdr mc.but had it not. 

Cmt. V/hen ai your husband all in rage to day 
Came to my houfe, and tookc away my Ring, 
The Ring I Taw vpon his finger now. 
Straight after ditl 1 mcete him with a Chaine. 

AJr. Isroay befo, butldidneuerfee it. 
Come 1 ailor. bring mc where the Goldfmith ia, 
I long to know the truth hecrcof at large 

£»/rr jintipbeiM Srrtenjia •viithis Rafter imwne, 
end Dremio S&cc. 

Lut. God for thy mercy, they ire loofe againc 
Adr. And come with naked (words. 
Let's call mote helpe to baue thein bound againe. 

EjtnfieaH ottt. 

OjfAway.theylkiU Tt. 

Exrmmt tmmei, tufd^ 41 wifj i>e,frirhttd. 

S\Am. I fcetUfc Witchciare afftaidof fwords 

S.'Vrt She that woold b« y eat wife, DOW ran ftoiD 

cx/Mf. Coote to tbc Ceotatir, («tch oux Aufe froiB 
thence : 
I long ihat'wc were fafe and found aboord. 

Dr; Faith flay heere thii night, they will forely do 
Ti no harme ; you faw they fpcake ti fairc,giae ti gold: 
mt thinkes they are fuch a gentle Nation . that biit for 
theMountaincofmad 9it(h thatclaimes matiagcofmc, 
1 couldfiodcinmy heart to Bay herre ftJI, and ttusc 

Am. I win not Aay to night for all theTowr.e, 
Therefore away, 10 get our fhiffcaboord. Extmet 

JUus Quintuu SccenaTnma. 

Enttr tbi MerchaM aoA the C«Lifrrmh. 

Cetd. I am forry Sir that I baue hindrtd you. 
But I prolefl he had tho Chaine of me, 
Though moft difhoneftly Kedothdenieit 

Mar. How it the man cftecm d heere m the Gtlc? 

Geid. Of very reuerent reputaxiooiK, 
Of credit infloite, highly belou'd, 
Second to norve that uuei heere in the Citie : 
His word might beare my wealth at any time. 

(>£«■ Speake fofd/,yoodcr as J thtnkc be walkci- 

Enter Aatrphilm undDnime ^f^UK. 

Goid. Tufo: and that felfe chaine about hit neckc. 
Which be forfwore mo(i morftroufly to haue. 
Good fir draw neere to me, lie fpeoke to hiaj : 
StgmoT Amifholia, I wonda much 
That you would put me to this fhatrre and uouble, 
And not without fome fcacdall to your fclfe, 
With circumflance and oaths, fo to denie 
This Chaine, which now yoo weare fo openly. 
Befide the charge, tb; (haroe, imptifoatneot. 
You haue dooe wrong to this my hoocft friend. 
Who bat for flaying on oor Controuerfie, 
Had hoifted faile, and put to lea to day: 
This Chaine you h-dofme, can you deny h? 

Ah*- I thinke 1 had, I neuer djd deny it. 

Mar. Yes that yoo did ur,and forfwore it tco. 

Ant. Who beard me to dcnie ic or forfwearc it ? 

M<r.The(t caret of mine LSou know ft did beai thee ; 
Fie on thee wretch, 'tis pitty that thou liu'ft 
To waike where any honeft men tefort, 

.4e». Thou art a Villaine to impeach roc thus. 
He protie mine honor, and mine bcnefhe 
Againft thee prefitntly, if thon dsr'ft Rsnd: 

Msr. I dare and do defie thee for a vilUine. 

Tf-ij ires*. Enter Adruxa,Lucuma^ Ccurt^z.a/f' ether:. 

Adr. Hold, hort him not for God lake, be is mad. 
Some get within hi.nQ, take his fword aw&y : 
Biode Drxpia too, end aeare them to ny hoafe. 

SJ>rg. Ru.nne mjftCT rjn, for Gods 'ike tike a houfe, 
Thisii feme Priorie, in,or v.e arj fpo) I'd. 


The Qomedk of Errors, 


BKtir Ladie Ahitffe 

Ak Be quietpwple; wSffrefore tfireng you hither? 

jidr. To fetch my poorediftraftTtd husband hence, 
L« »» come jn,th«"wetnay binde him lift. 
And beate him hoirc Fot Kn recoBcrie. 

CUi* IknewhcwastrotinhisprrfeAwitj. 

Mar, I am fony ncnvthac I did draw on hi<?. 

Ab. How long hath this pofTedion hdd the man. 

Adr. TUi» weclce he hath oeei^e heauic, (owa lad, 
Knd much difftrent frocn the man he veas : 
ftut tiUthis aftemoonchis paflion 
Nc re brake into eirtitinity of rage. 

At. Hath he not loft much wealth by wrack offca. 
Buried feme de«c friend, hath not clfc his eye 
Stray 'd his affeftlon in vnlawfull loue, 
A (tone preuailing much in youihfiill men. 
Who giue their eies tbeliherty of gazing. 
WhichofihsfsforTOweiisherubicft too? 

Adr. To none of thefe, except it be the Uft, 
Namely, fomc loue that drew him oft from home, 

Ab, You (hould for that haue teptehended him. 

AAr. Why fo I did. 

Ab, I b«R not rough enoujjh. 

Axir. As roughly as my tnodcBie woold kt mi 

Ah. Haply inpnuate. 

j9;ir. And tn aiTcmblies ttx)i. 

Ah. I, but not enough. 

Adr. ltwasthecopteofoorC<mfcTence« 
In bed he flept i>ct for my vrgi ng it. 
At boord he fednot formy vrgine it; 
Alone, it was che fubicft of my Tbeame : 
In company I oficn glanced it : 
Stindid I icli b^m, it was Vilde and bad. 

Ab, And thereof came it, that the man was mad. 
The venome cbiwws of a iealous woman, 
Poifons more deadly then 3 mad dogges tooth. 
h fetmeshis flecpes were hindrsd by thy railing. 
Aim! ther&f comes it that hb head is light. 
Thou £sifl hismeate was fawc'd with thy vpbraiding;, 
Vuquier mesles make ill dige Aions, 
TTwreof the raging fire of feauer bred, 
And what's a Feauer, but a fit of madnelTe? 
Thou (ayeft bis fpons were hindred by thy bt-tilei 
Sweet tecteation ban 'd, what doth eiwie 
But moodie and dull melanchoUy, 
Kinfman to grim and cerafoitleffe diff aire* 
And at her hecles a huge infe^ous troope 
Ofpale diftemperaturcs .and foes to life? 
Inn>od,infpatt,and lifc-prdtiuing reft 
' To be dif^urb' d, would mad or man, or bealt : 
ThccOnftquencc isthen.thyieaiousfits 
Hathfcat'd thy husband ftx)m the vfeof wits. 

Imc. Shcneoerreprehsnded himbutmildely. 
When he <kmc3n'dhimfelfe,roagh,tude,and wildly. 
Why jbeareyou chefe rebukes, md arifwei not? 

A4ri. She did betray me to my owne reprooft. 
Good people enter .and lay hold on him. 

Ab. No ootacrcatuicentersinmyhoufe. 

Ad, Then let your (ernants bting my husbanJfohh 

Ai. Neither : he tooke this place for fanduaty. 
And it (ha!! ptiuiledgc him Irom your h?ilds. 
Till I haue brooghthim to bis wits agasne. 
Or loofe my labour m affsyingit. 

.Adr. Iwillttxenimyhutt>and,behbm}irev 

Diet hts fickneffe, for it Is my Office, 
And will haue no attumey but my felfe, 
And therefore let me haue him home with mt. 

Ah. Bepacient,for I will not let Mm ftirre, 
Till I haue vs'd the approoucd meanest haue* 
With wholfomc firrups, druggei.aod holypiayei? 
To make of him 2 formail man againe : 
1 1 is a branch and parcel! of mine oath, 
A charitable dutie of my order. 
Therefore depart, and leaue him heerc with me. 

Air. I will not hence, and leaue my husband heer**: 
And ill it doth befeeme your holinefle 
To feparate the husband and the wife. 

Ab. Be quiet aiui depart, thou fhalt not bane him. 

Lmc. Tnto the Duke of this indignity 

^(fr. Come go, I will fill proOrateat his fcctc. 
And netiCT nfc vnttll my tearea and prayers 
Haue won his grace to lomc in perion hither. 
And takeperforce my husband from the AtbeflV, 

Mjt. By this I ihmkethe Diall points atfiuec 
Anon I'me lure the Duke himfelfc in pcrfon 
Comes this way to the mc'.ancholly vale; 
T!ie place of depth, and forrie execution, 
Bchinde the ditthes of the Abbey heere. 

Cold. Vpon whatcanfe? 

MiXr. To fee a rcucrcnt SirttcM^tm Merchant, 
Who put vnlockily into this Bay 
Againft the Lawes and Statutes of this To wnr. 
Beheaded publikely fr}i his offence. 

C»li. See where they come,we wil htX old hit death 

Liu. Knedc to the Duke bdotehe pafTe the Abbey. 

Etaer the DuketfTpbefi/ijandibe Mtrcbanttf Siramfe 

bare bead, with the iJcadfrnnti, C other 


Dul^e. Yet once igsine prociaime trpxiblikely* 
1 f sny friend wiH pay the fumme for liim, 
He fliall not die, (o much we render him. 

Adr. luHicemofr facredDukeagajnOtbc Abbcffr 
Duke. She is a vertuout atid 3 leuertnd Lady, 
It cannot be that Hie haih done ihe^ wrong. 
^^^'.May it pleafe your Grace, ^«i^pAoi!fBi myhusbad^ 
Who I made Lord of me, w»d all I had. 
At your important Lechers this ill day, 
A moft ou tragioi)5 fri oFmadncfle toc^ him : 
That dcfp'rattly h&i)urricd through the (he«e. 
With him his bondman, sH as mad as he, 
Doing difpUafurC to the Citizens, 
By rulhing in their houfes : bearing th^flce 
Rings, Icwels.any thing hlsrage did like. 
Once did I get him bound, and fent him home, 
Whil'ft to take order for the wrongs I went. 
That heere and there his fnrie had committed. 
Anon I wot not, by what ftrong efcape 
He broke from thofe thatliad the guard of him, 
And with his mad attendant and himfelfe. 
Each one with irefull paflion, wfth drawne fwords 
Met v$ againe, and madly Dent on v« 
Chac'd vs away ; till raifing of more aide 
We came againe to binde them : then they €cd 
Into this Abbey, whether wenurfu'd them, 
And heere the Abbcfle fftuts tne gates on VS, 
And will notfutfcr Ts to fetch him out, 
Nor fend him forth, that we tray beare hitn henre. 

I Therefore- 

t 98 

The QmeSe of £mrt. 

Thtr<{i«< moft graciooi Dske with thy command, 
Lxt him b« brou^hi fonh,«ivl bom« h<nce iot K<lpc. 

/)«<^». Loognn<ethy huib»ndfcTu'd mcinmy w»fi 
And liothecingig'diPmuei ^*(Old, 
When ihou did(i mjke him MUlcr or'thy bed. 
To do him »II the grtcc and good 1 could. 
fio fomeof you. knocVc it ihe Abbey gitr, 
And bid the Lady Abbeffe tome 10 mc : 
! will d«terroin« ihu before 1 liirre. 

Oh MiftfU^iflrii, fhift and l^ut yo«" felfe, 
My MaAer tr.d hli nran are both broke loorr, 
Bcitcn thcMitdi a-row, «r.d bound die Do^or, 
V/hofc beard chcy hauc findg'd otf wuh brand* of fire, 
And eucr as It b}a2.'d, Uwy threw on him 
Greit pailtD of poddkd myrc to quench ihe hairt ( 
My M prcjehe* patience 10 him, ai\d th< whiU 
Hitman v»ithCitcT» nuket him hke a foole ; 
And fure (vnleffe yoo Tend lomc prefeni heipe) 
Bctwf etv them they vxill kill the Coniurer. 

j4dr. Peac« foole, thy MaAcr and hii man ar« her(, 
And that is falfc thou don report to»$, 

Melf. Miftris,vpon my hfc I lel you true, 
I haue not brcath'd »lmo(i fin re I did fee it. 
He cries for you, and vowesifhc cmiakeyeOf 
To fcoich your tace, snd co disfiguie you : 

Cry wtitun . 
HaTl<e,l>aiK*. I hears hsm Mirtrii : flie, be gor«. 

Du.'^- Comeftutd by me.feaccnochuig: guard with 

jittr. hy me, it it rny husbtnd : wiincfTe you, 
TJutbe is Dome nbout inuifible, 
Euennovf we hous'd him in the Abbey heere. 
And 09W he's ihere,p&A thought of humaoe ceafco. 

€iiisr ty4atifh»iiii, siui E.Dremuff Efbefat. 


t-jint. TuRice ooft gracious Ouke,oh grant me tu- 
Eoen for the ftraics th« long (ince 1 did thee. 
When I betlrtd tbee m the warrea, and tooke 
Deepe fcorres to faue thy life ; euen for the blood 
That then I loft for thee,now grant me iuftsee. 

i^[^^,fa, Vnleffe iha fearcof death doth nwke me 
dcreo I fire sny finns AMipLdm and Dr^mso. 

£..^/sr.£Qftice(f«ett Prince) sgainft ^ Woman there: 
She whom thou gau'dto me to be my v/ife; abufed and difiionorsd tcx, 
Euen in ths flrength tod height of :n:uri« : 
Beyond imagination is i))« wrcM 
Ttut (be this dsy 'r;£ih fliamelefi* ihrowne on rae. 

!DtJ^f. Difccucr hsw ,2o;> t^oa { finde rrtc iui. 

E.A/ti. This day (grciiiDaice) fiicfnw tbcdix-res 
»pcn crse. 
While fhc wkfc Haflon fca(hd in ray houie. 

iWy. A grewoui fault •. fav w r ■nas^d i dft thoti To ? 

Air. S»io try good Lcii M7le!fe,he,jndcn;;fiftc-, 
To day did dine together ; lb bctil! my fouics 
As this is falH: hs burthens me withsil. 

Lfu. Nerc may ! lookeon day^or Heepe on night, 
Bui Qie tels to yoarl-I-ighr^eiTc (imple train. 

Cold. O periur'd v/o;n^! They are both fcefviora?, 
In this the Madman juftjy cbargcch thsm. 

EtAitt. Myl<iege, Israsdjifedwhatifay, 
Neithsr difturbed with the cffcftof Wine, 
Ncr hea<5is--o(!h prouojk'J v/'?h raging ire, 
A'bsit my ">vrcngs rnigh'. .'Tiake cm 'a ifsr 

This woman lock dmcoai thjs^jy ftomdtmer; 
Thsi Coidfmich there. i*«tc K< koh pnk'6 with ha 
C owld WKr.efTe it fo« he was with m« iKer 
Who pa/ted with mctoco ftteb aChamc, 

I'romifui|> to brtn^ it to iKc Porpenttne, 

Where B*lii>*ftr tad I did dioc togriher. 

Otti dnner dooe. and be not cofTmrmg thfther, 

I •renKofeck.chim. In :h« (Hcet Imcthim, 

Andinhiitorrtpanie th*iGentJrmn 

There did this penor'dGola/mith I'wrarc mecJo¥»ne, 

T'lat I this dsy orh;nifcieni'd cheChame, 

Wh)chG'>dhekjrewei, J fawnci. Forihewhkh, 

He d'ld arrirt m* with tnOfree: 

I did obey, 3rd fmt my pciant home 

For ecriair.e Duekcu ; he v/iih none teturr. d 

Then faudy I befpoke the Officer 

To go in ptTfon with rrx to r*^ houfe 

By tH'wjy, wemetmy wife.hei fifttt,andarabbirr!!ore 

Of vild: Confcdf rates . Along with t.Scm 

They brought one ?«j»d>,a hungry leanc-^d Vtlla<a« ; 

A me^rt Anatomic, a Muuctcbarwe, 

A ihicdbzrelaglet. snda Fonune-teller, 


A Iiuing dtad maa.« T hn permcioui Pauc, 

Forfooih tooke or hun a» a Coniurn : 

And gizing in mice eye», feelmg my pulfe. 

And with no>faee(aa'twerc)ot;t-fa<lngmc, 

Crieaouc,! wasp.'idef. Then aitogeibei 

Theyfdi vpon ate, bound r;i&, bore me thence, 

Andinadarkcsnddsnkirh vault at home 

There Icf: rr.e and my rozn, both bound togfth<T» 

Till gnawing wuh my teeth my bondsin fitridcx, 

I gain'd Wf ncedome ; £nd immediM^ty 

Ran hethet to your G raor, whom 1 befeech 

To gi«.'e m; stnple fetist'aftion 

Foe thcfcde«.e fhame>, and great indigruties. 

cud. My Lord, in truth, thta fax I wimes with hun: 
That hedin^dnoiat home, bur wu locK'doot. 

T«^;. ButhadbefuchaChaineofthee.of no? 

G»U. Hehadmy Lord,2r>d when her»«inhcere( 
Thefe people fjw the Chaine about hiirktcke. 

M/^. hi(\Cii,\ will be fwcrne ibefjeareaornuAe, 
Fleard y cm :aahSe you iiad the O^tiii* of hic-.3 
A.'^t^ you firit for fwore it on the Msxt, 
And tlwrcupon I d4-rw my fworo on yoo» 
Ancthen you fied into lii.s Abbey heere. 
From whence I thLnke you are cor;^e by NTiracie. 

Z.tyfKt, I neuefcatne within ihefe Abbey vrii&, 
NoTeQ'.;r diCii iiv)u draw thy fword or, tr.e : 
I neuErfaw tht Chair.s, fo heJpe me heauea: 
And this ii falfs you burihen me wit.S^li. 

Ddy. Why wlvit an Intricate impescB is thxj ? 
I tl'Jjde yec all hs;.>c Jriaike oiCtrcti cup : 
If heere you hoasdhi!!!, heere he wookihauehla.* 
I.^he -were mad, he wo^!d co; pleade (o coldly ; 
You (xj he dio'd st hocBe9tbi: Gci4^ith betre 
Deries :het faying. Strra. what fay yoc? 

E.Drt. Si£hewir.dewithheriiise,at ibePor/?n- 

Car, He didjfiodiTeasKjy finger fr.2cht that Ri-g. 

i.Jtri. T>^ '_■ jt (raj Liege) t& Ring T bad of h«. 

1>*kf, Ssw'ft thau t/tD enttT at tie Abbey bc«s ? 

Cyrt, As fere (my Liege) « I do fee your Gra££. 

Deii. Why this is fTraunge : Co«llihtfAbfc«irfehl« 
: thlnSK yo'J 3fe tl! y.iCfi, or fisrJts n>ad. 

7be Comedse (f Errors. 


S. Z)r«w. OninyoldcMafter^ v*faoJ»th bound him 

^Iri. Who nier bound him, I will lo/ebis bonds 
And game a husband by his libntie: ' 

Speake olde S^emi, if thoti bcc'fl th e man 
That had A a wife oocc cali'd ^/£miluL^ 
That bore thee at a burthen t mpo fa ire Tonnes ? 
Oh if thou bee'ft the fame^ren, fpe&ke; 
Aod fpeake vnto the lame */£mtUa. 

Duke. Why hecre begins his Morning llor ietighc : 
Thcfc two AwtifkelmsXhiit two fo like. 
And ihefe two Dreim* /, one in femblance: 
Befid"! her vrging of her wracke at fea, 
Thcfi are the parents to thefc children, 
Which aceidcntally are m« together. 

Fa I f I dreame nor, thou art t.j£imiIU, 
!f chou art fhe. tell me, where i$ that funne 
That boated with thee on the fatall rafcr . 

yf^. Bymenof ffKirRKwn*, he,andl. 
And the twin "Vretftu, all were taken vp ; 
But by and by, rude Fifhermcnof CorMir^ 
By force too ice Drvmto, and my fonne from their, 
And me they left with thofc of Epid^tmrnm. 
V/hat then became of them, I cannot tcU t 
I, to this fortune thzt you feemce in. 

Dtd((. jiittfj^6liathouc»mfiftomf9r{m1ffufi. 

S. Afit. No lir. not I, I csmc from Stracuft. 

DukSf Stay, ftand Bpart, I know not which t< which. 

£. Ant. I came from Cermtbarj mofi gracious Lotd 

E.Dro. And I with him. 

B.Ant. Brought to this Town by that mofi famous 
Duke Memofbcn, your moft renowned Vockla. 

jd^t Which ofyou two did du>e with ne to day? 

S.^nt. I, gentle Mirths. 

Adr, And are not vou my hatband ? 

£. jint. No, I fay nay to that. 

S. Ant, And fodo l,yet did Hie call me fo : 
And this fairc Gentle^^;oman ber nftcr bccrc 
Didcal! me brother. What 1 told you then, 
I hope I Atail haueSeifure to make good. 
If thij be not a dreame I fee and hearc. 

Celdfimtb. That is thcChaincfii, which you Pi:)d of 

S Ant. I thinke if be fir, I dcnis it net. 

£. AKt. And you fir for this Chaine arrvikd roc« 

^aJ^i. I thinkc I did fir, I denv it not. 

AJj'. Ifcntyoumoniefirtobeyocrbaile 
By 7>#«ife, bat I thinke be brought it noi. 

S.Dn No.nonebymc. 

S.Ant, This purfc of Duckets I recciu'd .^tomyc^. 
And Drom:o my man did bring them nve : 
I tee we ftill did meete each others man. 
And I was tane for him, and he for me. 
And iherenpon thcle errors arearofc. 

S.Am. Thefe Duckets pawne I for ojy father boerc. 

Di:kf. It fliall not ne«3c, thy father ha::h his life. 

Chr. Sir I muAhaue that Diamond from you. 

E.Ant. There cake it,and much thankafor my good 

Abb. Renowned Duke, vouch&fc to ta*e the paine; 
To go with vs ic:o rhe Abbey hecre 
And heare at large difcourfed all our fortunes 
And all that are aiTcmbled in this piacei 
That by this fin2p3;hi;i:d onedaiet error 
Hsuci'JfFet'dwrOilg* Goe, kecpcvs compame. 


Exit one to the j^biife. 

Ft. Moft tnightj? Ouke^vouchfafe me fpeak aword: 
H jply 1 fee a friend will fauc my life. 
And pay thefum that may deliuctine. 

Dtis* Speake freely 5rr4n!/(«» what thou wile. 

ftab. It not your name (ir cali'd t^nii^-htlui } 
And is not that your bondman 'Dramio ? 

£. Tiro. Within this houre I was his bondmsn &, 
B«i he I thanke him gnaw'd in two my cotdsy 
Now am 1 'Dromit., and hie roan, vobound . 

fdib. I am fure you both of you remember me. 

1>ra. Our fel Je« wc do rememba fir by yoy : 
For lately we were bound as you are now. 
VoM are not Ptntbt> patient, ate yoU fit ? 

Tatbar, Why lookcyouAtangeoiiint? </suknow 
me well. 

E.Ant. I never faw you In my life till now. 
F-a.Oh! gricfebath chang'd me finceyou favrmelfift. 
And careful! houres with times deformed hand, 
Haue written ftringe defcarurei in my face : 
But tell me yet, do^ thou not know my roiicc/ 

Ant. Neither. 

f4r. X>r0mM, nor thou ^ 

Dre, Notruftmeiir,norL 

Fi. 1 am fure thou doft > 

E.Drtxtio, I Hr, but I am fure I do not, and wtiatfo* 
euer a man denies, you are now bound to bcleeue hiai. 

fdtb. Notknowmy voice, oh times e tremity 
Ha(^ thou fo crack'd and fplitted my pcore tongue 
In feuen fliort yearet, that heere my onely fonn« 
Knowes not my feeble key of vntun'd cares? 
Though now this grained face of mine behid 
In fap-confuming Winters drizled fnow. 
And all the Conduits of my blood froze h^ i 
Yet hath my night of lifi: fomc memorie : 
My wafting lampcs fome fading glimmer left i 
My dull d^afc ezres a little vfe to neare : 
All thefe old witnelTes, I cannot erre. 
Tell me, thou art my Conn&z^nti^bo/m. 

ty4nt. I neuer faw my Father in my life. 

Fj But feucn ycares fince, inSirjicnft boy 
Thouknow'ft wepartcd, but perhaps my fonne. 
Thou fliam'ft to ackr.ow!edge me in miferie. 

yjat. The Duke, and all that know roe in ihe Gcy> 
Can witneHe with me that it is not fo. 
I uc'f e faw Stracufa in my life 

1>*k.f' I tell thee Sirectt(Un, iweatie j-cares 
Hsue 1 bin Patron its-t/^ittif bolus, 
Dujing which time, bene re faw StraettjA ; • 
I &e thy age and dangers make thee dote. 

£»f*r th Abbtft vkb %/ifiiifheliu Siracitftf 
tnd DromtJ Sir. 

Abbe ft. MoH mightie Duke, behold amsnmuch 

Al gather to fee ttKm. 
jidr, I feetwo husbands^cr mine eyes decsiuc ai'i 
DtJif. One ofthefc men is^nitM} to the other: 
Apd fo of thefe, which is the naturall man , 
And which the fpiric ? Who dec iphcti them ? 
S. Dnaio. J Sit am Dremn, commantl him cway, 
£. Dro. 1 Sir am Ihmuo, pray let me ftay. 
S. Am. Fgen on thou not? os dfc his jj^oft. 



The Comedie of Errors. 

And wc fKall nuVr fu U ftiiiladion. 

Thirii* l^>"*yf»"•^'•^' ' ^"^ K'>'^''i trtutile , 

Ofyoy my fonn»i,»n<l till ihiiprffenihourt 

My hetUKburthi-Tflrt dcliucrfH 

TK« DuVe mf hu«band. tni my children bo«h. 

And you {.ht Kjlcpd«Ti of ih<u N»iiuiry, 

Go toaGo(Tipife»n. ind go wiihmre, 

After To long (■recfc fuch Natiume. 

Dmkj Witti ellmy heariiUeGofTipat thitfiuA- 
^nCf/f corr^/. t^At^^tithttwi/Drenmi and 
imt Brcihm. 
S.D^f M»u.fh»Il I fetch your ftuffe from fKipbord* 
E y4« TJi-^'/fliWhat ftuffe of mine h»ft thou imbirkt 
S D'fl-Youi goods thac Uy »t hoft fir in the Centaur. 
S jlft Helpe»kettomc,J ttnyo\i( nufia Dro/v/o. 

Come go with »», wee i toott ca etiw f^im 
Ennbraeethybfothef there, reio^fe With Kim, /,rt; 

JT>». There lit fat friend a: yootmaftrtihou:* 
Thaikitchin'dra«foTyoutodfy af<^r * 

Sh«now ftullbcmyfifter, f»ot nny w»ift, 

CD M«ihinki yo«i«rtmy gUfT^^ rvMmy biodKx: 
1 Cre by you, I am a fy»tei.fae^ d y owth. 
Will you walke in to fee then goffippmr' 

SDro Not 1 fir,yo«aren»yeld«. 

£.7>». That'iaqix^ujr.howfKiJi vrrrrif it, 

S.7)r». Weeldft^rCutjfotthcSuniof, till thetw 
lead thou firA 

f.Dr*. N»y then thui ■ 
We came iflto the wotJd J Jie brother and broths : 
And now !«•» go hand m h»od, not oiu before anoth'f 





Much adoe about Nothing. 

^ABu^prtmus, Scenapftma. 

Etittr Letnato CouernoKr ofAfefflna, Itmogen lots wift^Hc' 
ro hu daughiti , aad Btairlce in W<tce,with a mejftngtr 

LeamemthisLecier, that T)«i P«»#r of jirra. 
gen^ comet this night co Atfffma. 

Mt/f. He II very necre by this : he was not 
(hree Leagues ottwheti I left hire. 

Leon. How many CeniUmen haue youlott in this 

Jlfef. But few of any fort, and none of name. 

Leon. Aviflorie is twice It felfe, when theatchieuer 
brings home full numbers : 1 finde heere, that Don Pe. 
ttr hath befto wed tnuch honor on a yong f/#r(«/M«,cal> 
led CUudio. 

Me§'M\ii.)\ deferu'd on his part,aiui equally remem> 
bred by D on Ptir», he hath borne himfelfe beyond the 
promiicofhis age, doing In the figure of a Lambc, the 
feats of « Lion, he hath tndeede better bettred expefb* 
tion, then you muft expert of mc to tell you how. 

Lt9. ^e hath aa Vnckle btere in Mt]fina,yN\\ be very 
much glad of it. 

Tflejf. I haue alreadie deliuered him letters , and there 
appeares much ioy in him, euenfo much, that loy could 
not (hew it felfe modcd enough, withouca badg o/bit- 

Lto- Didhebreakeoutintoteaiei? 

Mef. In great meafurc 

Lee. A kinde ouerflow ofkindneflc, there are no fa- 
ces truer, then thofe that are fo waih'd, how much bet- 
ler IS it to weepe at ioy .then to ioy at weeping? 

Stii, I pray you, b Signior MMntante retum'd from 

Afeff'. Iknowncncof that name, Lady, there was 
none fuch in the armie of any fort. 

Leca. Whatishethatyouaskefor Neece? 

Hero. My coufin meanes Signior Benedick ofPtJua 

Mejf. O tie's retum'd, and as pleafant as cuer he was. 

Btat. He fet »p his biU here in Mejfmafii chaileog'd 
Gipid at the Flight : and my Vnckles foole reading the 
Challenge, fubfcrib'dforCupidi and challcngd him at 
theBurbolt. I pray you, how many hath hee kil'd and 
eateninthefcwarres.'Buthow many hath he kil'd? for 
todeed, I promis'd to cate all ofhis killing. 

Leon. 'Faith Neece, you taxe Signior Benedicke too 
much, but heel be meet with you, I doubt it not 

A/^/He haA done good feruice Lady in thefe wars. 

Beas. Youhadmuftyvi(£HiaU, and he hathholpe to 
cue it : h«'i a very valiant Trenchct-mant bee hath <in 
excellent ftomacke. 

Ti/leff. And a good fouldier too Lady. 

Beat. And a good fouldier to a Lady. But what it he 
to a Lord ? 

Me(f. A Lord to a Lord, a roan to a man, ftuft with 
all honourable venues. 

Be4t, It isfoindeed.he iinoIeiTe then a (luftman: 
but for the ftuffing well, we are all mortall. 

LeoH. Youmuft not (fir) miftake my Neece, there is 
akind of merry war betwixt Signior Benedick, & her ; 
(hey neuer meet, but there's a skirmilh of wit between 

Sea, AIas,he gets nothing by that. In out laft ctxi* 
fliA, fourc ofhis hue wits went halting off, and now is 
the whole man gouem'd with one : lo that if hee haue 
wit enoughtokeepehimfclft watme, let bim beare tt 
for a difference bet weene himfelfe and his horfc : For it 
is all the wealth that he hath left, to be knowne a reafo- 
nable creature. Who is his companion now ? He hath 
euery month a new fwome brotner. 

Meff. rstpofliblc? 

Beat. Very eafily pofTible : he weareshis faith but as 
thei^lhionofhishat, it cuer changes with^ next block. 

C^r/. I fee (Lady) the Gentlcmaols not in your 

Bta. No.and he were, I would burne my ftudy. But 
I pray you, who is his companion ? Is there no young 
fquarer now, that will make a voyage with him to the 
diuell ? 

t^ttf. He is moil in the company of theright noble 

"Beat. O Lord, he will hang vpon him like a difeafe: 
he is fooner caught then the peftilence, and the taker 
runs prefently mad. God helpe the noble CUudio., if hee 
haue caught the Benedict, it will coft bim a thoufaod 
pound ere he be cur'd 

Meff. I will hold fnends with you Ladyt 

Bta. Do good friend. 

Leo. You 1 oe're run mad Ncece, 

Bea, No, not till a hot January. 

Mejf. Dei PeJro ii apptoic\)'(i. 

Enter dtM Pedro, Claudie . Benedicke ^ Ba!ihafar, 
and lobn the bdjiard. 
Pedro. Good Signior Leanato, you are come to meet 
your trouble : the fadiion of the world is to auoid cost, 
and you encounter it. 

Leon. Neuer came trouble to my houfe in the likenelT 
of your Grace : for trouble being gone, comfort (houid 
remaine : but when you depict; nom ffle,forrow abides, 
and happinelTe takes bis Icaue. 

I 9 Ptdrv. 


Aluch adoe about ^^^(^hing. 

Ttir* Youcm'jrocc your charge too willinijly : I 
chinkc (hit It yoiu daughter. 

I.toHAit. Her mother h»rti mjuiy tlmci told me fo. 

Bimtd Were you in doubt thst you :»jki her ? 
Lt0inu0. Signior, for then were yoo a 

Pedr» You hiue it full Rcnedicke, wc m»y glicffc by 
thii.wliat youarc, bcin|; a man, ttucly the Lady fithi:!} 
her felfc : be happic La Jy , fur you mc like an honorable 

BtH. If Signior £,r(7»»4fo be her father, Hie would not 
haiie hit head on hcc (houldcn for al MelTini,*! like htm 

"Btu. I wonder that you will ftill be talking, fignior body (lutket you. 

Bun. Whatniy dcereL.iilIc Oifdaine ! arc you yet 
liuing t 

Beat. Is itpofTibleDifdaine (Viould die, while fhce 
hath fuch mcetc foodc to fecde It,?i Signior Benedickt? 
Currcfic it fclfe mu(i conuert to you come in 

"Bm, Thenis curtefie a turne>coate, butit iiccr- 
taine I am loued of all Ladies, onely you excepted: and 
Iwouldlcouldfindi- in my heatt thjc I had oot 3 hard 
hc.trtffor uucly I loue none. 

Beat. A deere happineflc to women.they would elfc 
haue beene troubled with a pemiiious Suter, I thanks 
God and my cold blood, I am of your h'Jmour for that,( 
had rather neare my Dog barke ata Crow, thn a man 
fweare he louct mc. 

"Etna, GodkeepeyourLadifhip ftill in that minde. 
fo fome Gentleman or other (hall Tcapc a prcdellinatc 
faatcht face. 

Bust. SaatchiDg could noEnuke it woru^and 'rwcie 
fuch a face as yours were. 

"Sent. Well,yoaareafareParraitea«HcT. 

Beat^ A bird of m^ coDgue, it better than a bead of 

Ben. I would my ht>rfe had the fpeed of your tongue, 
ioA fo good a continucr , but kecpe your way a Godi 
name,I hauc done. 

BtAt. Youalwaiea end with a lades cricko, I Itoow 

Vedrt. This it the fumme ofaJI: I.«»i8»»,fignior C^an- 
((>«,and fignior Beneiiicke ; my dcere friend LeonAto, hath 
tnuited you all, I tell him we (hall flay here, at the lead 
antoncdij and he heartily praies fomc occalion may der 
taine vs longer : I dare fweare he« is rvo hypocrite, bac 
praies from nis heart. 

Leem. If you fweare, my Lord, you G»all not be for- 
fworne, letmee bid yoo welcome, my Lord, being re- 
conciled to the Prince your brother t I ov7a you all 

Ms. I thinkc you, lam not of many words, bat I 

Leom. Pleafe it your grace leade 00? 

Padn. Your hand LenatOy'vii will goe together. 
Exitnx. AiantiBeniJickeanScLtudif. 

CjMk' Sentdieke,iid& tboD note the daughtaof (ig. 

Biee: Inotedhernotjbutllooktonhet. 

C/tfX. IsrtienotafTiodeftyongladie? 

BtKt, Doe you qoeflion me ar an honefi man (liould 
do«, for my (>mple true iudgemcnt i or would youhaue 
m« fpeske after my cuftome, as being a ptoieir^ tyrant 
to tbdc fexe / 

CUt. No, I pray ihe« f^ke in fobcTtudjrrrxin 

2I«m: Why yfaiih mc ilimki n>ce'i too Iom (ot t K>« 
praiff,ioobro»rpe for tfairepTaifr, ird loolittle foi » 
gr<ti ptitfc.orely ihii corntnmdtuon 1 can tffr>otJ Krf , 
chat ¥«ere fhcc other tberi (he it, fl< were ynban^forut . 
and being noother.bui at fhtitj dofnot like hrr. 

CLtu. Thouthmk'ft i amin fport, Ipray iKccuiIt^r 
trucly hov* thou lik'ft her. 

tent. Would you buie ha, that yoa cnqtticr afirr 

^4K. Can the world buie fuch a leweH ? 

Brt. Yea,andacafctoput it into,bu(fpnkeyoathii 
with a fad brow ? Or doe you play theflo vrtjng 
tell v$ Cupid IS a good mre-nndrr, ar.d Vulcic a rare 
Carpenter: Come, in what key (hall arsan take you to 
goe in tVie fong ? 

CUm. Inminceie, (beitthtfwctteftLadiethatcua 

Bme. I can fee yet without fpef>aelci, and I fee no 
fuch matta : thcre'i her cofin, and Die wae not poTeft 
vriihafutie, cxccedcthn atmuchinbcautie.attheFiA 
of Mtie doth' the laH of December : but I hope yoo haue 
no tnum to turne hu>band,h&ue you ? 

CUu. Would fcarce truft tay fclfe, though fbad 
fworncthecontrarie,if//r-9 v.onjdberoy wife- 

"Bene. 1ft come to this? in filth H»th not thcwotldonc 
man but he will wcare hit cap with fufpuior. } (ha'J I oc- 
uer fee a batchcUer of three fcore againe ? goe to y fairh, 
and thou wilt necdct tlituft thy ncckc into a yokc,we2r5_ 
the print of u,and ftgh away (iatidaies ; lookc. d»m ftir^ 
is returned to feeke you- 

Enter dsm Pedro John tb* hajliiri. 

Ptdr, What fccret hath held you here, that yon fol- 
lowed not to LtonMtet ? 

BneJ, I would your Grace would conRrain: met to 

Pedn. I charge thee on thy allegcance. 

£*». You heare. Count CZ*«6«, I can be fccret as a 
dumbcman, T would hauc you thinkefo (bur on tny tU 
Icgiance, marke yoo ihii, on my allegiance) hce is jn 
loue. With who? now that is your Graces part :m^ke 
how fhort hisaofN^ere is, \yixii Hero, Leneata (bo.t 

CUn. If this were fo/o were it rttred. 
Btwti. Like the old Lord^t is not ft>,nor 'twas 
not fo : but iodeede.God forbid it (hocld be fo. 

pM. If my paflion change not (bonly, God forbid it 
(hoilld be otherwife. 

Pedro. Ameo, if yoo loue her, for the Ladleb veri* 

CLu. You fpeake this to fetch me in,my Lord. 

pudr. By roy troth I fpeake my thought, 

^/j«. And in faith,roy Lord J fpoke mine. 

BeMd, And by my two faiihs and itQihs>iTi| Lck!, I 

Ctan. ThatIloueheT,Ifeela 

Ptdr. That(teiswonhie,Iknow. 

Baud. That I neither fede how (hee (liotiki be Ic- 
ued , oor know how fhee (houldbe wonhie, h the 
opinion that fire c«nnoi melt out of totJ will die in it u 
the ftake. 

?#4r.Tbou waft eiKi an obftinjte hfiretiqt«ln the de. 
fpight of Bcautie. 

CZac And neuer coald p^"»'"^ hi] psit, buc in the 

Rem. That 

<iS^'ftic^ cidoe ahout J^thing, 


£nr'Tha(*«MOin8ncoaceiuednie,t thankeher : tVot 
(he brought oscerp, I likewti'e gioe her moO humble 
chankrs ; but that I will haue a rechace vtinded in my 
ToTchead, or haug tny bugle in aninuidble baldricke.alf 
women fhall pardorvme: oecaufe I will not do them the 
wrong to nViMrufl any, I willdocmy felfe iberighc to 
truft none : and the fine is, (for the which 1 may go* the ' 
finer) I will liue a BatcheUor. 

peJro. 1 fhall fee thee ere I die.lookc pale with lone. 

B«»f- With anger, with fickneflc, or with hunger, 
my Lord, not with loue.-proceihzt tucr 1 loofe more 
blood withloue, then I will get sgaine with dtinking, 
ptckeout mine eyes with a Ballet-maker* penne, and 
hang me vp at the doore of a broiheLhouie for the ligne 
of biinde Cupid. 

Ptiktt Well, ifeuerthoHdooftfaM from (bis faith, 
thou wilt prone a notable argmnanc. 

Bent. If I do.hangmcinabottlelikeaCat.&lTioot 
at me, and he that hit* mc^t him be clapi 011 1 he iTioul- 
der, and cal'd Adam 

Ptiro. time ftiall trie: In time the finagt 
Bull doihhejrr the yoakc. 

Bent. Thefauagcbuilnvjy, botif euerthe fenlible 
g»jr«iifi^rbeaTcit.pluckeot?thebiille»hornc«, and fct 
theminmy forehead,andletmebevildcly pamrcd.and 
infucb great Letters as they write, heere i* gooil horfe 
tohirc :lei ibem fignifie »n/ler my figne, lieie you may 
fee Bmeiickl the married man. 

Cl<m. JfthisOiouldeuerhappen, ihoo wouSdftbee 
home mad- • 

fcirt. Nay .ifCupid have nm (pent all his Quiuer in 
Venice, thou wUt quake for thU Otottly. 

Befit, 1 looke for an estthquakc too then. 

ttJ»». VVell, you will tempof lie with the hourcs, in 
tbe nwane tinse.good Si^niov Sn:edtHi£^ repaire » Lto* 
Mf««^iConimend me to hire, and tell him 1 vwill rot faite 
him 91 fupper, for indeede he bull imdc great pfepara- 

lion, ,./..• 

"Bene. 1 haue almofl matter enough in me roifuch <n 

Embaffage, and fo 1 fomnin you. 

CIjim, To ih« tuition of God. From my boife, if I 

had It- 

Ptebv. The fi«t ofloly . Your loulog friend,i««v(!iin^ 
Beite. Nay mocke not, n»ockef»ot ; the bodyof your 
difcouifc is fometimc guarded with fragments, and the 
guardes are but flightly baftcd on neither, ere joo flout 
old ends any further, examine y out cocfciencej end fo I 

iciucyoo. **'/• 

CUu^ My Liege, yoof Highnefre new vosj doe vaae 


feJra. My loue is thiaeco »»cb,teKfa ttbu^ bciit, 
AnJthou ftaltfeehowapt it isco learne 
Any hard Leflbn that may do ibcc good. 

C/w. Hath L$»Mto any fonne my Lord ? 

?«ir#. Nocbildebur Wtro.ftieabiioocjpheirft 
Doi\ '.hou affc£\ her C^Mtdn } 

Cfau. O my Lord. 
W1>eQ you went onwaritcnthls ended action^ 
I look a yponher with a fouldierg eia, 
That hkd, but had 8 rougher taske ia fcard 
Than to driue liking to the iiame of lour 
Bomow 1 am reiurnd, and that wtrre-tbooghlJ 
Houe kft their pbces vacant : in ihnrroomes 
Com^ ih«>nging foft and delicate dsfir^j^ 
All prompting tnec how f?dre yoog f/.Toa, 
Say iog I lik'd ber ere I went to W3;;s& 

PtJfo- Thou wilt be like a louer prefcntlv, 
A nd tire the hearer with a booke of words: ' 
If thou doft loue fiirc Hen, cherifh it. 
And I will breake with her : v/aft not to this end. 
That thou beganft to twift fo fine a ftory ? 

CLm. How fweetlydoeyouminiftcrro loue, 
That know loues gricfir by his complexion ! 
But left my liking might too fedaine feeme, 
1 would haue filu'd it with a longer tteatife. 

Pi-J. What nes^d^bridgemuchbroder then the flood? 
The fiUcn graunt is the nccefTitie : 
Looke what wtll feruc,it fit : 'tis once,thoti lotted; 
And I will fit thee with the remedie, 
I know weHiall haue reuelling to night, 
I will affume thy pan in feme difguile. 
And tell faire Her* I am Cl'tudio, 
And in her bofome He Pndi!f»e my heart. 
And take her hearing pnfonct with the force 
And ftrong incounterof my amorous tale : 
Then after, to her father will 1 breake. 
Sad the conc'ufion it, (hee fhall be thine, 
Inpraftifclet vaput itprefently. £i-«wr. 

EiterL<-eiarc andan eld manj^other t* Leeiaeo. 

Leo, How now brother, where \% my cofci your (on : 
bath he provided this muficke } 

Old. He is very bufie abour It, but brother, 1 can tell 
you newes that you yet dreamt net cf. 

Lo. Are they good/ 

Old, As the euents ftamps thefr,but they haoe e good 
iouer: they (}icw well outward, the Prince and Count 
Claitdu walking in a thick pleached alley in my orchard, 
were thus ouer-hcard by a man of rwine : the Prince dif- 
couered to Claudiaihii heeloued my nicceyour daugh* 
ter, and meant to acknowledge it ih:E night in a dance , 
anriifheefoufwl her accordant, hce mear.t to take the 
prefeni time by tbe top , oad infianvly breake with yon 
of it. 

Lf«. Hath the fellow any wh that told yon this ? 

Old. A good ftiarp? fellow, ! will fend for biro , and 
quert lOfl him your fclfe. 

L*o. No, no; weev^i^lholdttaiadresmcjtiUit a»- 
peare it fclfe : but I will acqaamt my daughter withaH , 
tliat flie may be the better prepared to* an anfwer.ifper 
adueoture this bee true : g4>c you anii tell her of it : coo- 
fins, you know what you naue to doe, O I-crte you mcr- 
f ie friend , pee yoo with mse and I will yfeyour skill 
jood cofin haue a care this bufie time. Exeunt 

' Mntfr Sir foiintie Bafiard/md Cmrade hit etfuparnem 

Ctm, Wbatthegoevdyccieinf Lord, whyarcyou 
tbus out ofmeafuie dd ? 

M. There ia no meafure !o iSieocfs/sco th»; hntds 
tfaer efoic the fadnefTe is witKont linm. 

C«o. Yoaftio^ildheareicaTon. 

/<w<«. And when I blue beard:!, wh&tbkfling brm 
geth it ? 

Cm. If net a p^cfent remedy ,y<t a patient fufFerance 

. I»b. I wonder that thou (being as tbou faift thou an 
borne vnder Sitttcr^ ) gocft about to apply a morall me- 
dic!fie,tosTeortiiyingmifchi£fe: I cannot hide what I 
am : I mijft bee fad when I haue^aufe, and fmlle at no 
raansiefts, est when I haue Aoinacke, «nd waii for no 
mam leifure-.neepe when Ism drowfie, »nd tend on no 
macs bufinefTejAUgh when J am t&erTy^^d claw no man 
in hij humor. 

Cm. TeSfbtitvoumuAnetnaalcetbefiilihowofthis, 
(ill you may doe It withoar ccnnollnent, you haue of 


1 Q4 

tJA^uch adoe about DsQjthing, 

Uic ftood out igiinft your brotSct , tnd h«;e lutht.ine 
you newly into hii cticc, where it u impofFibU you 
ihoulJ t»kttroot,bui by the flint wcatheithie yoamsk*e 
your it Dccdful that you frMM the fcafcMi for yout 
ov/nc liaiucft. 

/#i*». I rtfhei be a canicr In a hcJgc, x\\<r\ a rofe 
in hit grace, »nd it better fii» my bloud to be difdain'd of 
all.thcn to fifhion a carnage to rob louc from any : in ihi» 
(though I car>riot be fiid lo be aflattering honeft man ) 
I't inuft not be defned but I am » plainc dtahnp villaine.I 
amiruftcdwithamufTell, andcnfranchjfdc withaclo);, 
tVaefore I hauc decreed, rwt to finj; in try cage : if 1 had 
mv mouth, I would bite ; if X had my hb«rty,l would do 
ray liking in thumearKtimeJet nicbv that! am , aad 
fecke not to alter mc. 

C»». Can youmakcnovfeof yonrdJfcontcnt? 

hhn. I will make ali vfe of it,for I vfc It oady. 
Wbo comes hcic? whainewes Bordcbui 

Enter "Borachi; 

Bar. I caiTw yondw from a great fupper, tb<Prbc6 
your brother i» royally entertained by I.»»o4Ja,andl caa 
giue you intelligence of an intended mart iig«. 

lohn. Will ic fcTue for any Modell to build inifchiefe 
en T What b bee for a fooie that bettotbes htmlielfeto 
vnquietnefTc ? 

B»r. Mary it isyour brothers right hatid- 

Jthn. Wbo.thenjoftesquifiie Clandiot 

'Ber. Eucahc.' 

Jo'bH . A psopex fqwisr, and who^od who, wWch way 
k>ol:et he ? 

Btr^ Maty on Hiro, the daughter and Heire of Lec- 

lobn. A very forward March^hjcke , how camcyca 

fi#r. Being cntcrtsin'd for a perfwuCT.aj Iwa» fmoa- 
king a nju(ly rooms , cotH« me the Prince and €/*«/«», 
hand io hand in fad conference : 1 whipt behind the Ar- 
ras.and there heard it agreed vpoo.that thePrioce fbould 
wooe H»r<»forhimfclfe, audh£uingobtaio*db<5r» giu« 
her to Qovav^laadio, 

lohn, Cocne,coa»e,let ts thither, this osay proue food 
ID my difpleafure.that young ftart-vp hath all the plone 
ofmyouetthrow ; if I can croflc him any way, Iblcfii 
myfeifteoetyway, yoosreboth (oie, ao^ will a&St 


Cttir. To ;:be death my Lord. 

ich». Let vs to the great fupper, their cheere 't% th« 
gtcMcr that I am fdbdued, would the Cooke were of my 
roinde-.&all we goe proue whats to be done? 

Bat. Wecll wait vpoo youi Lotdfliip. 


^Btis Secmdus^ 

EnOrLteiuf^ bit hrether, bis w^, Scrobu dau^zsTy tan 

Leortato. Waa not Count /afei here at foppetf 
JBiochw. I&whim net. 

3uurice. How tartly ihst Gentleman lookes. Ineuer 
canfte him.lwt I am heart-bum'd an howrc after. 
Hero. Hcis of a very nvslaocboly difpofition. 

T.ntTtct. Wn wcf r »n ft rtl^cm t»«n that wrrrmade 
iuf^ in thi- mid- way beiveent htm and Etntdti^j^^ one 
II too like an image and Itici r<of h:ng, and rh' oibci too 
Lkenny Lad^irldcf) (onnc, eocrmoretatlms 

Lttm, Thmhatfc fignioT 7<i*n^f i toa^n : id Coani 
/«!»fi momh, and halfcCoimt/fW/ mrtaochoiy inSit- 
niar "Btmdt riw face. 

Btat. Wiih a good legge.tfld a j^ood foot 'ncklc,ind 
money enough in hit parte, fuch a man would winn««ny 
womin in ih« world, if be cooW get her goo*] wilL 

Lron. By my troth Neim:, thoo wilt rcMV g« tber « 
huiband.if thou be fo Oirewd of tWy torgic 

Bruhrr. Infaith fhee'i too cuifl. 

Btat. Too cuA ii more then curft.I ftiall lefTcn Coda 
finding that wiyi for it ii (aid, Godfmdai curftCow 
Qion hornti,but to a Cow too curft he fer di .-)ooc 

Lnm. So, by being too civft, God will (md yo« to 

B$at. luft, irhefendmenohtJjbind, for tS< which 
blcding.Iamathimvponmykneei eoery mor^mg and 
euening : Lord, Icouldnoteodureabuiband wcha 
beard on hij ficej bad rather lie in the wooUcn. 

Lem«t», Yoanniiyhghtvpaaabiubsndthathathao 

Barritt. Whatfhould I doe with hrm ?drefre him hi 
my apparell.and rrtake him my waiting gcndewoman?he 
that hath a beard.ismore then a youth : and he that hath 
DO bearrt, is leffe then a man : end hec that n loore then a 
youth, it not for mee: and he that is leflTe then a mar J fcm 
notfcrhim: therefore I will euentikefixcpcnceioca 
nefl of ihe Berror d,and leade his Ape» inu» bclL 

Leeyt, Well tSen.goeyou into hell, 

h*at No,buttotnegate, and there will the DruTl 
meete wee like an old Cuckold wit hcmM on his head, 
and fay get you ro heaocn S<em<# , getyovto Weauen, 
hecre's 10 place fcK you maids, fodehucrl Tpn^Apcsi, 
and away to S.P^f<T : fot the heauens^ bt^e flicvi c» mee 
where tie Batcheliets fit, and there liar wwssmizryss 
the day » lorrg. 

Brctler, Wtfl oeece, I ittft you will be roTd by y otif- 

Beare^.Tet faith, it i$ my cofens dutie to make c«n 
fie,and f^, as it pleafe you : bat ret for all chat cofia, let 
likn foe ehandfome fellow, o; elTe make an other caz6&, 
and fay, ather,at it pleafe me, 

L*9MLg. Well neecej hope to fee yoa one dSyHtted 

Veatrce. Not till God make men of fomc other met« 
tall then eash, would it not grieoez woman tobeoacr- 
mallred wi^a peece of valiant cuft ; to make account of 
her lifetoadod of waiward mark ? no rr.cVie, lie none : 
Atbmt fonnes are my bretbrea,and truly I hold it a Hnoe 
to match in my kinred. 

Leon. Dwghter, remember what I told yoo. if the 
Prince doe fdidt you in that kicde, you know yocr Bn» 

B^atria. The fenlt v<iill be in the muficke coiin.if you 
be not woed n good liirje : if the Piir cc bee toe itr.por ♦ 
tant, tell him here is meafore in cuery thing, 8c fo dance 
out the anfwetjfor hearetT>e /, 8c 
repenting, iss a Scotch ijgg«> a mczfure, and a cinqi>e« 
pace : the BrftTijice is hoc and haf>y like a Scotch ijgge 
(and fiiU as fanafticall ) the wedding manerly modcft , 
^as atneafurc) "uilof ftatc & atmcbtntry,and tben-cooies 
repentance, and with his bad legs f&Ib into tbecin<}u«- 
pace faffer and hfter, till he finkes into hi^graue. 


t^^uchaJoeahut 3^(othii^: 


Iseaiijta. Coftnyou apprehend pafiing fbtewdly. 

SMtnce. I b&uc a good rye vnckle^ cza Tee e Church 

L<nm» ThsKudlers 3:e eatring bmthet , make good 

£tfr«- Pfa$ec,*Pttirc,C/MJi9,amiBeaedtckg,end Sahlhifav, 

ardiaol>« Idan, M^iktrJ *^th a drum. 

Pedro. Lady , will you walkc about with your fVien<I? 

H«r«. So you walkc fottIy,and lookc fwcetly.and fay 
nocVdng,! am yours for the waike, and efpeuaUy when 1 

Pedrt With n»e in your coiBf any, 

htn. 1 may fay fo when i pfcafc 

Ptdn. And whfn pleafc you to iiy (b ^ 

Htro. When I like your fauour . for God dcfaiJ th« 
Lute (hould be (ike tbe rafe. 

PtJrt My vtfor is Philtaum roofc , wt(hu) the boofe 
i) Loue. 

Her** Why dbcit your vifor (hould be thatchc 

T*Jiro. 5p«ske low if you fpealte Lcuo. 

Btnt. Wcilfl wou]dyoudid|ikerrc 

KjHriar. So would not i for your owoc fak£,foi I h^ue 
va^mc iH qaalitiet. 

Bti^i. Which i< one? 

Ai^. ifaymypraycrtalowd. 

Ben. I loue you the better ,the hearers may cty Aoen. 

jnar. Cod nuuh me with a gooddaunccr. 

B^A. Amen. 

Mar, And God keepe him out of my (ight when the 
dftiinceis done : snTwer Clarke. 

"Btdt. NoinofC words the Cl«ke banfwcfcd. 

VrptU. 4 know you well cnough,ycu tue Stgaiori£i> 

^Hth. Ata'word,Iamnot. 

VrfuU. I know you by the waglingofyour hea<i. 

Atth. Totellyoucnie.lcounierfeth'tm. 

Vrlu, You could neacr doe him fa ill well , vnleffe 
you were the very man : Yon a hia dry hand r p & dowD, 
jrooare he, you are he. 

Anth. At a word I am noc 

Vrfda. Come. come,doe you thinke I do: r^et know 
you by your excelleiu wit ? can venue hide tt reU'e i goe 
co,mumme,you are be, graces will appeare, and (here 3 

Seat, Will you not tell me who told you (o } 

Bent. No, you (hall pardon me. 

Beat. Not will you not telJ mc who you are i 

Bt/ud. Not now. 

Beat. That I wa« difdainfull, and that I had my good 
wit out cfihe hundred merry tale* t well,this was Sigoi* 
or Beiudiekg that faid fo. 

Sens. What's he » 

Beat. I am Cure you Vaovi htm well enough- 

Be^te. Not I,beleeuemc. 

Beat, Didhcneuer make you laugh? 

"Beiu. I pray you what IS h; ^ 

Beat. Why he is the Princca ieafier.a »ety dull foole, 
onely his gift u , in deuifing impofsibleflanders , none 
biK Libertines delight in him, and the commet>dflCton is 
ooi in his wstte^but in his villanie, for hee both pleafeth 
men and aneers them , and then they laugh at him , on d 
beathhn: lamfurehei} in the Fleet, I would he bad 
boorded ik. 

Bene. WbciiXknowdieGcDtkiran^Rlllucnwhst 

Si^XT, Do, doybeel but breake a eotnoanien or two 
oninC) which peraduenture (not ntarkt, or cot lau^4 
at) ftrikes him into melanchoUy, and then there's a 9tr<- 
thdge wing n-ced, for the foole wiii eate no (upper that 
night. Wc muf% follow che Leadara. 

Be». In cuL'ry geo<i thing. 

Bta. Nsy, iitbcyleadetoany iU, XwUI leotsethem 
at the next turning. I.tcmt 

Mvfcktfar tniedaas9. 

labn Sure my brother is anioroua on ^<rv, andbsth 
withdrawne her father to bieakewith him about it: the 
Ladies follow her,a(tdbst one vifor remai net. 

Baraebi0.Aod that is ^aadettl know hun by bis kea- 
riiig. I 

lAtu Are not yon (Tgnior Eeuedidg} 

CU». You know me well, 1 am hee. 

lehn. Signior, you are verie rwere my Brother in his 
lone, he is cnamoi d on Here, I prty lyon dtfiwadc hfcn 
firom her, (Ik is no equall for bis binh : you oay doitte 
pare of an honel) man in it. 

Claudio. HowknowyoobeloQcshcf? 

loht, I heard him fweaie hit affcdioo. 

Bar. Sodtd I too.aod he fwotebe would nsrrit he; 

Idm. Come,I«tvscothebanqtiet. Sxjtuaet Ctait. 

Clan. TbosanfwerelinnamevtBcnedicke, 
Bo t heare ihefe ill ncwcs with the care& ofC/auduK 
*Tis ccrtaine fo, the Prmce woes for himfelfe : 
?i:endfhip iseonftam in all other things, 
Sauc in the Office &nd aifftircs of loue: 
Tb^xcfbre aU hcatts in lotK v(e their owoe tongue 
Xe: cuecieeye negotiate for it felfe, 
Arul truftno Agent : forbeauiic isa witch, 
Againftwliofecharmes, faith mtlltth into Wood ; 
Tnii is an accident of hourely proofc. 
Which I mifttufted not. Farewell thctetote Hen. 
inter Btnedak^. 

Be». CouiuCiaudit. 

Cha. Yca.the fame. 

7m. Come, will you op with (ne? 

tloH. Whither? 

"Ben. Euen to che next Willow, about your own bo* 
fineCTe, Count. Whatfafhion will you weare the Car« 
laod off? Aboot your itecke, like an Vfurers chaioe ?Or 
voder your arme, hke a Lieuienaots fcarfe ? You muft 
weare it one way . forUje Prince bad> got your Hero, 

CLaf. I wifhhimioyofiier. 

Be*. W^hy that's fpoken like aoSvjncA Droutcr, fo 
chcy fet Buliockes : but did youcbiokc the P:htce wold 
hsue ferued you thus ? 

CloM, Ipray youleaueme. 

Beti. Ho now yt>u Orike like the blindman.'twas the 
boy that dole your meace, and you1 beat che poft. 

r/oM. (fttwillnotbe,Ileleaoey(9u. Exit 

Bet, Alas poore hurt fowlc, now will he crcepe inVo 
fedges : But thatmy Ladie Beazriee thould Know me, & 
notknow me : the Piinccs foofe.'Hah? It may b« 1 goe 
vndet-that tide, becanfe I am m^rrie : yea but fo I am 
ipt to do my fclfe wrong : I tan not To reputed, it is the 
bafc (though bitter) difpofitioiiof Beatrice, that puti'i 
the wctld inKo her ptrloD, acJ To giu«3 me o«r. wiUJIc 
ber«ucDg,«d as I may. 

Pedro. New Signior, whste'stheCount, did you 
fee him/ 



cS^/fuch adoe nbout ^(uhing. 

Bnt, Troih my Lord^I kaucpljyed the part of L»<iy 
F«mc, I founHKtmheere atmelincholy na Lodge in i 
V/<trcn,l lold hiin,and I thlnke.toM l)im true, that your 
grace had got chc will ofthit young Lidy. and I oRftrd 
him my company to a willow irte, either to make him a 
garlan'l,ai being forfakcn.or to biadchim a tod , ai be- 
ing woi thy to be wKipi. 

Peira, To be whipt,what'» hif fiuli } 

Btite. TheHat tranfgrcffionof a Schoolc-boy, v/ho 
l>cl:ig aue:-ioyed with finding • birdinen, Otcwet it h:t 
companion, and he rtealet it. 

Pedro. Will thou make a truft.atranfgreffion > the 
tranfgrefTion ij in the ftealer. 

Btn. Yet it had not bccneamiffeihe rod h«d beetle 
made, and the garland coo, for the garland he inight haue 
worne himfelfc,and the rod hee might haue beOowcd on 
you,wtio(at 1 take it Jhaueflolne hit birdt neft. 

TtJrc. I willbutu:^cluhemiofing,3ndteftorethcm 
to theov-'ner. 

Bent. If their finginganfweryout my faith 
you fay honeflly. 

Pct^a. The Lady Btatrice hath » quarrell to yoa , the 
Gentleman that daunfl with her , told her fhee u much 
wrong d by you. 

Beit, O me mifufde nw paft the indurance ofa block: 
Mioakebut withonegreene leafconit, would haue an. 
fwercd bet: my very vrfor began to afTumeliTe.and fcold 
withher: flieeteldmce, not thinking I had beene my 
felfc, thai I wu the Princes leOer, and that I wai duller 
then a great thaw, hudling iefl vponicft , withfuchim- 
pofltbleccntieiancerpcnmr, that IfiDodltkeaman at a 
inatke, with a whole army fhooting at me : fhee fpeakes 
poynyzrds, atii euery word flabbes : if her breatA were 
as terrible as terminations . d>ere were no lining neere 
her, fhe would irfeft to rhe north flarre ; Iwouldnot 
marry heir,tlioi:sh fhc were indowed with all that ^con 
had left him before he tran(greft, fhewoujd hauemarJe 
Htrmlts haue tumd fpit, yea, and haue clef: hii club to 
raake tbefire too : come.taike not Oiall finds 
her the infnnall Ate in good apparell. I would to God 
Come fchoUer would cor.iurc her.for certainely while fhc 
it beeie, t man may liue as quiet in hell^ in a fan^uary, 
and people fmne vpon purpofe, becaufe they would goc 
thttber, to indeed all dilicjuict, horror , and perturba ticn 
foUowcs her. 

Enter CUtiiii ani Beairiee.LmtdSe, Hire. 

pfdn. Lookeheercfhe comes. 

BcM. Will ytturGfoce command mee any feruieeto 
the worlds end ? 1 will goe on the (lighted arrand now 
to the Antypodss thst you csn deoife to fend me on : I 
will fetch you a tooth-pick rr now firota the fbrtheft ir^ch 
of Alia : btingyou the kn^lh of Pre/ftr Ichms foot; fetch 
you ahayre oft the great C^^ms beard : doe you any cm- 
baffage to the Pigmies , rrtherthen hotild three word? 
conference^ with this Harpy ; you haie no etnploytnent 

PeJr: None.but to defire your good company. 

£<!». O God nr,heere$ a difl) I Icue Dot,I cannot in- 
dure this Lady tongue. £jr»f . 

Pair. Coro« Lady, co«2«, you bauc loA the bear: of 
Signior "Sait^ke. 

Brair. Indeedmy Lord, hee lent it me? while, and! 
gaue him vfe for it.a double heart for a fingle oae, tnirrv 
once before he wonneit of m«e,with Calfe dice,ih«refore 
your Grace may well fay I haue loft iu 

Ptd/t. You haue put Kim down« Li jy, joti Ktu«|^i 
hiflo downe. 

Btai. So I wcjld not he Hiotj'.d do me, my Lord,Ieft 
1 fHould prooue the mother of focirs : I hac: brought 
Count CLui(li',\ihijn\ ) oj ftnt me to fecke. 

Ptdrt. Why how now Co-'nt, wherfbf c art^oa fa^ 

C/trnd. Not fad my Lord. 

Ptdro. How then ? ficke ^ 

CItud. Ncithcr^mvLord* 

BtM. The Count iineltl»etfad,nef f.ckr, nor trtrry, 
nor well ; but ciuili Couot,cioi!l at aii Orange,and fonr.c- 
thing ofa icaloui cocnple^ion 

Ptdrt. 1 filth Lady, 1 thmke yci:r bltien to be true , 
though ]!tbefwoin«, if hee be ("o, hii cotieti'. ufalfe: 
hecrc Citudf, I hi.x wooed \a thy name , axvd faire W»r» 
ii V/on, I luucbrokc with her father, arvi hit food will 
obtained, naxnc the day of nutiage, and God gue 
thee ioy. 

Ltimik, Count, take of me my daughter, and with hn 
my forttines : his grace hath madcthen>u;b,& all grace 
fay, Amen to it. 

ItttTt Speake Coast, tit your Q^. 

Clmd. Silence it the perfedleftHeTaoltcrioy, Iv^ert 
but little happy if i could fay, how much ? Lady, at you 
are mine, I im yours, J giue away my felfeforyoa, and 
dott Tpon the exchange. 

BtMt. Speake co(L-i,ot (tfyou cannot) Aop bit mouth 
with a kifTe, and let not him fpeake ceiiher. 

PtJtn. Infaifh Lady yoo iiauc a tTJeny hesrt. 

Btatr. Yeamy Lordlihankeit.poorefooieitkeepei 
on the windy Hde of Care^my coofm tells htm in his care 
that he i J in tny heart, 

Cln. And fo (he doth coo(in- 

Lut. Good Lord ftn alliance : thus goes cu try one 
toihe world bat Land I amran'-bom'd,!mayfitin a cor* 
Dcr and cry, heigh ho for a husband. 

Piir: Lady Btttrkt, I will get you one. 

Best. I would rather haaeone ofyout fathers getting^ 
hath your Gncene'rea brother like you ? your ftther 
got excellent husbands, if a maid could come by thets. 

PriKc*. Will you haue me ? Lady, 

"BtfJ. No,03y Lord,mle{re I mi^ht haue another for 
wcrking-daies, your Grace is too coftJy to weare euerie 
day : but 1 befeechyour Grace pardoi: tnee, I was borne 
to Tpeake all mirth, and no matter. 

Prnce, Your filence moft offendj tnc, and to be mer- 
ry, beft becomes yoo,for out ofqueft;on,you were bom 
ia % meny howre. 

&«rr. NofuremyLofd.rey MotherCTiedjbutthen 
there was a ftarredaucft,aadrndet that was I bom<:: co- 
fins God giue you ioy. 

Letmgt. NeecejWiUyoBlookecotbefsriiingtltold 
you of? 

Us:. 1 cry you raercy your Graces pirdcn. 

'Princt. By my troth aplcafant fpirited Lad)'. 

Znsw. Tncre's little of the tnelaccholy dement in her 
my Lord, fte is netierfidjbut when rhefleepes, and not 
euer fsd thcn:fcr I hau: beard my daughter fay,fhe hath 
often drevu of mhappineife, and wakt her felfe with 

Ptdn. Sbetcaiu\otmdi.TetoheireteUerahutbasd. 

Ltvtao. 0,bynotaeaaet,(he[£ochsdiher wocen 
out of foite. 

Prines, ShewCTeanexceilenrwifefor 5CT«£if^ 

Ltmueta. OLord,my Lord,ifthey werebotaweelte 


<i5Vf «rA adoe ahcut ^J^thing. 


m»Tned, they would eslke thttnMuet tmdde. 

l^riitct. Couoce ClAstdit , when luetnc you to goe to 
Church i 

CIm. To morrow my Lord, Time goes on crutches, 
till Loue haue all hit rites 

l.t«:>Md. Not till mondsy, my detre Tonne, which is 
hence a luft feuen night.and a time too briefe too.tohaue 
all tWngt anfwermindc. 

Print*. Come, you fhake the head ae fo long a bre&> 
thing, but I warrant ihcc CUuJit, the time fliiil not goe 
dully by ?s, I will in the imeritK , vndcrtakc one of Her. 
cults labor J, which is, to bring Signior^wfiifi^ and the 
Lady Bratriee into a mountainc of affefiion, th'onc with 
th'oihcr, I v/oulJ faine haue it & match , and I doubt not 
but to fafhion it, if you three will but mlniftcr foeh affi- 
ftance as 1 (hall giue you dircflion. 

L*»K6t0, My Lord, I am for you , though it coRmee 
ten rights watchings, 
Cliuitl. And I my Lord. 
¥ri». And you to gentle IIer$ } 
Htrt. I will doe any modeft of{ice,my Lord, tohelpe 
my cofio to a good husband. 

Prim. And B<i»f<{ffit» not the ynhopefufleft husband 
that 1 know : thus farre can I praifeVim.hee is of a noble 
ftraine, of approued valour ,»nd confirm'd honefty ,1 will 
teach you how to humour your cofin, that fl»ec (hall fall 
loSoucwith 8*iwiirkt,tad I,wit>iyour twohelpes.wil! 
fopraaifeonBw<iiri», that in de^ptgiitof bis quicke 
wjt.andhisqueafieftomscke.hee fiiallfaU in loue with 
Seittrke : t( ^vce can doe this, Cupid is no longer an Ar. 
cher, his glory (hall be ours, for wee aretheonely lout- 
gods,goeinwithme,andl willtellvoumydrift. £xLt. 
Enter hkt tatd 'Surackio. 
lab. It is fo, the Count Claudit (lial marry the daugh- 
ter of LrM<«<*. 

Btrm. Ye»myLord,butlcanaoffeit. 
Ichn. Any barre, any crolTe, any impediment.rr ill be 
cnedicinable to me, I am ficke in difpleafure to him, and 
whatfoeuer comes athwart his affcfkion , ranges euenly 
with mine, how canR thou crotTc this marriage ? 

Bcr. Nothonc(^lymyLoid,butfocouertly,that do 
difhone(\y (Viall appcare in me. 
JeAn. Shewmebreefciyhow, 
lor. I thinke I told your Lord/liip a ycerc {incc,how 
muchi am in the fauour of //^^-irir.the waiting gcotlc- 
vrooiftn to Htrt. 
Mh. I remember. 

Bar. I can at any Ynfearonable infhnt of the night , 
appoint her to look out at her Ladies chamber window. 
Joim, What life is in th«t,to be the death of this mar- 

Bar. The poyfonofthat lies hi you to temper, goe 
you to the Prince your brother /pare not to tell him,that 
heehalhwrongea hit Honor in marrying the renowned 
(^iaiuiJo, whofe enimation do you mightily hold «p, to a 
contaminated ftale.fuch a one ss Htn>. 
John. What proofe (hall I make of that ? 
Bor. Proofe enough, to roifufe the Prince, to vcxe vndoe Htrtt apd kill Lfnato, looke you for a. 
ny other ifluc? 

/oAn. Onely to defpight them^ vrill endeauour any 

B/T» Gocthen,findemeameetchowre, to draw on 
'Ptdn and the Count ^«a*A» alone , tell them that yoa 
. know that H*r» loues me, intend a kinde cf zeale both 
to the Ptince and CUntAh ( as in a loue of your brothers 

honor who bath msie this laitch ) and his friends re pu> 
tation^i who is thus like tc be cefeu'd with the fcmbiance 
ly belecuc this without ttiall: offer them inftances which 
(hall beare no leffe likdihood , than to fee mee at her 
chzmbcr windovw,hearc me ca!l {^f*rgarcty H^i'»;heare 
Margaret terms mc Claudia ,3rd bring them to fee this 
the Terynigbt before the intended wedding, for in the 
mesne time, I will fo fsthion the matter, that Htro (hsil 
be 3bfent,and there (hall eppeare fuch fccming truths of 
Hoitt diflcytltie} that i(:alcu(ie fnell bccaJ'd atfurance , 
and all the preparation outTttirownp. 

hhn. Grow this to what aduerf; ifibe it can , I will 
put it in pradife : be cunning in the working this , and 
thy fee is a thoisfand duca^n. 

Bor, Be thou confttni in the Qccufation, and my cun> 
ning fhall not /hime me. 

iolm, I will prefentlic goe leame their day of merri- 
age. £xit. 

Enter BenedJcke fJtef. 

'Bene. Boy. 

Bof. Signior. 

3ene. tn my chamber window Hcs a books, bring it 
hither to me in theorcbard. 

Bej. J am heere already fir. Exit. 

Bene. I know that, but I would haue thee hence, and 
hecre againe. I doe much woRd<>r , that one man feeing 
how much anotherman is a iboie, when he dedicates his 
behaiiiours to loue, will afler hee hath laught at fuch 
(hallow follies in other?, becotnetheargumene of his 
owne fcome, by falling in loue, & fuch a man is CUutdia, 
I haue kn^wn when there was nomulicke with him but 
the drum and the fife , and now had hee rather heare the 
taber and th: pipe : I haue knowne when he would ha ue 
walkt ten mile afoot , to fee a good armor, and row will 
he lie ten nights awake carulng the fi(hion of a newdub- 
let: he was wont to fpeake pUinc.Sc to the purpofe (like 
an horeA man U a ftHtldler) and now is he tum'd ortho- 
grjphy.his words are a very fsntanicsll banquet, iuH fo 
msny Arange didier : may 1 be fo conuerted, & fee with 
rhe^ceyes? Ircnnottell, ] thinke not -. Iwillnotbee 
fwome, but loue may traniforme me to an oyner4>ut He 
take my oath on it, till he haue madeanoyAcrofme, be 
khall neucr make me fuch a foole: one woman is faJre,yet 
I am well ; snother is wife.^t I am well : another vertu- 
ou^, yet 1 am well : but till zli greces be in one woman, 
one woman (hall not come in my -grace: rich Ihcefh all 
be,rhat's cerraine : wife.or lie none x vettuoos.or lie r.c- 
uer cheapen her: faire,orIleneuerlooiceon hcrtmilde, 
or comenot neere me : Noble, or not for an Angell t of 

food difcourfe :an excellent Mu(iti°an,and her haire(hal 
e of what colour it pleafe God , hah I the Prince and 
Moniieur Loue, I will hide me in the Arbor. 

EHtar PrineefLeoeateyCtaiJif, attd lackg WUfcd. 

Priv. Come,fhall we heare this mulicke f 

Ct/ttui. Yea my i^ood Lord : how (till theeueoing is. 
As hu(ht on purpole to grace harmonic. 

Pra. See you where Benedickg bath hid himfelfe ? 

CUtt. O very well my Lordzthemulicke ended, 
Wec'll (it the kid>foxe with a penny worth. 

PritKf. Come 5«/ri>4/<r,wee11 besre that fong again. 

Bsltb, OgoodmyLoTd,taxenotfobadevoyce, 
To (lander muf7cke any more then once. 

Prm. ItisihewitnefleAilloftxcdlcney, 




(z^^ucb adoe ahotu !h(othmg. 

To flandci Mufickc any more c hot once. 

Pnu<t. It i» the Witocffc ftlll of nc«llcn(K, 
To put a fliangc face on hit oMrne pcrfrdioo, 
1 pray thcc fxi\g,Tn/i let mc woe no more 

Balth. bcciufe you tilkcof wooing, I will Ting, 
Since many a wooerdothcommcnct hi*(uit. 
To ftw he thinlrct not wonhj, yet he wooci, 
Yet wt II he fwe»re he louci 

Piat€i. N»y pray thee come. 
Of if thou wiiiholdlongeitrgumcnT, 
Doeit iarkotci. 

Btdth. Note thu before my notci, 
Thwci not « note ol mine thai'* wortli the iMting. 

Prmct. Why th*f« art very ciobcbctt that he fpcaki, 
Noce notes forfooih,an<) nothing. 

Btm, Now diuir.e alrc,nov« it his foule rauifht, it it 
aotftrbTigc chat Q.ceprrs guu Oiould hale foulea out of 
mr.w bouct ? v cH , a hotnc foi my mcnej when aU i 


The Sdt^ 

Sit^nomare Ladm,figbnomort^ 
mini' were JLectmerj cci.t , 
Orcfeotl m Sts, <wd erne jn pxart , 
To en* thiMg cotijiimt ncitcr. 
Tin It figl* tiM f», bmt (€t tbcmfoef 
jind icyeu bitthi and bcnait, 
Comurting mU yimr fcmtds fffi*»t^ 

SHig no men ditties,fir>g la au$, 
Ofdtar^ffo dftHandbtjfr- , 
Tbefr^/ud ofnten jvtre cucr Co^ 
Strtc* fnctnuT firfi wts» leauj^ 
That figfi net fo, (^e. 

Triuct. By my troth a good Coog, 
BatiL And an ill finger ,my Lord. 
Priace. Ha,no, nofaiih.tbou fiogft well enough for a 


Ben. And ht had been a dog thai fiiould lianchowld 
d»Hj , ihcy would hauehan^d him, and I pray God bis 
bad voycetode oo mifchirte , I had as licfc haue heard 
the nighwauoijcomc what pl^uc could bauc come al- 
ter it. 

Prmet. Yea marry, doft thou heare 'Balthsfir ? I pray 
tbecgetvs fomc excellent mnfick : for lo morrow nigbi 
V»c would haue it at the Lady H*roes chamber wi.idow. 

Balth. ThcbcftI Lord. Lxa B^ttbdftr. 

fVwic*. Dofo.ferewell. Come hilt erL«wui/#,«( ha* 
was it you told mc of to ddy , that your ^Izcc'SeMtricr 
was in loue with Hgr.ior Bteedichf i 

CU. OI,ilalke on, Aalkeon,tbe foule fits. Ididne. 
aer thiake tha: Lady would haue lou^d any .man. 

Lcn. No.nor I neither,bur moft wonderful, that Qie 
ihould fa dote on Signior 'Bt7ud:£ks, whooi fliee bath lo 
all outward behsuiour: fcemed cuer to abhorre. 

Bsae^ Is't podible ? fiu the winde in that comer ? 

Lea. By my ixOfh my Lord , 1 cannot teU whaT to 
th](Uu of i:^ but that (he louesbim wi A 3ii imaged life* 
ftJODsi: 15 paft the infinite of thought. 

friiKi.-M&y be Giedoth butcountiri'cit, 

Claiid- Faith lilte enough. 

Leottt OGodlcoaatcrfeitPsbeTOvrasncnercounKcr- 
feit ot psISonjCamc fo r.eete tbe life of pafiioc u (he dif- 

f'rutf. W>ryv«ha(rffed»ofp*(r>oa(}trwctfhc 

CUmd. Eaitc t>^ Vtooke wcA. tttnfilb willbu«. 

Lm* What efftftf my Lord' fhce will fii you, y«« 
heatfl my daughter tdl you bow 

CUm% She Old indeed. 

Prm. How, how I pray yoti>yooaTMierT»e,T would 
haue thoughi her fpirit Lid been* ir,<jx>c.hli minfl all 
affauitt ofaffe6:on. 

L4». J would bMirfwomc it bad ny Lorti cfpccMli) 
•gainQ 'Bfuf^ci:*. 

Bn* I f}iould thinkethiiagoll.but that tbe whitc- 
betrded fellow (peakei it - knaocry cannot Turt bttft 
bimfelfe in fuch reueier^cc. 

CUa^ Hehathtanethinfe^en.hoU^rp. 

Prtnct, Hath (hee made her atfrebon koowti to >w». 

L*«n4io. No, and fwearet (be oeutf wiU, tkM % bo 

CUni. Til true indeed, Co ycwrdaocKta faiet . (tuH 
I, Caici (he,'.hat haue To oft enceui)t:rd bun with rct>rrt«, 
write to him that 1 loue htm ? 

Let). Thi» faiet (riee iicw when (Verit beginning to 
wtiietohim,forfbeelibeTp IweMy timet a right, t^d 
t^xTewlll(bcfitinherfmofkf, till (hebaueAruafhecx 
of paper ; wy daughter tellt v« all. 

C!«n, Nowyoutalkeofj (K»«* of paperJrcncmbCT 
• pftt: y left your daughtrr told »» of 

fjnm, O when fhch»d writ it. Scwat reading It oua, 
Qie found BrmrtLcke vi^'Banru-c b(?:v/f*ic ihcfl-.e«te. 

CUii, That 

Ltn. O (he tore the letter h»to a thoifftnd halfpcaee, 
raild at her felfthat Hie fhouM be fo irtwooden to wnte, 
to one that IKee Itnew v»oijld floin her : 7 meafure ^m , 
(aietfhe, by myowncfpitit/otl (hoi;ld flout bmiifbe* 
writ to mer;,yea though I loue hinv,! fhould. 

CUm. Thendowr.evpcnhet knee5fhe£int, weepej, 
fobt,bcat« herhean, rearcsherbayrc.praiet, cnrfci, O 
^cet Bnrdickf,Qo<f. giuc ms patience. 

L<9n She doth imieed, my daughter faiet fo, and tbc 
extalie hath fo much ouerborae her, tlui my daughter is 
(bmtime afeard Oie will doe a defperate oiu-ragc to her 
felfc, ititvery true. 

Print. It were good that Sentdakt knew oAt by fome 
other, if ft>e will not difcoucr it. 

CUm. To what rad .* be would bat makes fpor: of it^ 
and torment the poore Lady worfe. 

Prm- And he (hould, it were an alntet to hang him , 
fViee't an excellent lv/c«t Lady, aDd(oat of all fufpiuc^J 
(he ii vertuous. 

CUnd/c And (he is exceeding wife. 

^utce. laenery tbin^,biuinIouing5f»»faK^^ 

Ltgn. O my Lord.wiicdome and blcud coicbacing in 
fo tender a body, we bauc ten proofes to oie,iha: blood 
hgththevidory, lamforry forher,3s] haueuiAcatdc 
being he: Vncle,and ber Guardian, 

Trma. 1 would (hee had beltewcdihisdoegson 
mee % I would haue daft all other refpefts-. trd mide ber 
halfemyfelfe: Ipray you cell Bentdttkivi'v.-^ aadbcKC 
wha: he will fay. 

L**t. Were it good think •: yon ? 

(Um, Hero thinkcj futely Cie wil dk^oi (he fsies ihc 
will die , if bee lous not , and Qiet will die ere (hee 
make ber louekoown^, and (he will die if bee wooe hcr» 
rather than (he« will bate one brsatb ofbei a ccw horned 

PriK. Sbc doth well, if flvcf}Kn.ldmahete>d€tofhet 


Much adoe about J\(oChmg, 


ioue, 'tis very podible hee'l fcoroe it,for tboinan^ai you 
know all) hath a contemptible fpirit. 

Clm. He is a very propet mao. 

Prin. He hatik indeed a good outward happines. 

CLot. 'ForeGod.andinmymmdevcry wiie. 

Prin. He doth indeed (hew fome fpaikcs that are like 

Zach. And I take him to be valiant. 

Prim. As Htliar, i alTureyoUf and in ihe managing of 
quarrels you may fee hee is wife^ for either hee auoydcs 
them with great difctetion , or vndenakes them with a 

Lua. If hee doe feate God,a muft necelTarilie kecpc 
peace, if hee breaks the peace, hcc ought to enter into a 
quarrcll with feare and trembling 

Prm. And fo will he doe, for (he man doth fear Gad. 
howfoeuer it feemes not in him,by fome large ieafls hss 
will nuke: well,! am forry for your niece, ihaU we got 
(€tB*Hedickg, and tell him of her loue. 

CUud, Neuer tell him, my Lord, let her weare it out 
with goodcounfell. 

Ltm. Nay that's impofTiblc.fhe may weare her heart 
out firA. 

Prin Wclljwe will heate further of it by your daugh- 
ter, let it coole the while , I louc Bmedscki well, end I 
could wilh he would modeRIy examine himfelfei to fee 
how muc;)) he is vnworthy to hiue fo good a Lady. 

Ltm, My Lord^wlU you walke?diiiner is ready. 

CUm. \i he do not doat on her vpon this, I wil ncuer 
truft my erpeftation. 

Prin, Let there be the fame Net fpread for her , and 
that muA your daughter and her gentlewoman carry: 
the fpert will be,wheo they hold one an opinion of aoo- 
thcri dotage,and 00 fuch matter, that's the Scene that I 
«(fOuld fee.which will be mecrcly a dumbe (hew : let vs 
(«nd her to call him into dinner. Exeunt, 

Bent. This can benotricke.the conference was fadly 
borne, they haue the truth of this from Hero, they re«fne 
eopittiethcLady : it feemes her affc£tions haue the fuU 
bent : loue me t why it mu(l he requited : I heare how [ 
ttP. ceo(ut'd,thcy fay I willbearc my telfe proudly, if I 
bcrcdue the loue come firoirfher : they fay too, that (he 
will rather die than glue any l^.gnc of sffcaion: I did ne- 
ver thinke to marry, i inuA not feeme proud, happy are 
they that heare their dettaf^ions,' and can put them to 
mending : they fay the Lady is f;^iie, 'tis a truth , I can 
bcarethem witnefTe : and vertuou$,tis fo , I cannot re- 
prooue it, and wife, but for louing me, by my troth it it 
DO addition to her witte, nor no great argument of her 
folly; for I wil be horribly in loue with her, I may chance 
haue fome oddc quirkcsand remnants of witte broken 
on mee, becaufe I haueraii'd fo long 2gain(^ marriage : 
but doth not the appetite alter i a man loues the meat in 
his youth, that he cannot indure in his age. Shall quips 
and fentences, and thc(e paper bullets of the braine awe 
a man from the careere of his humour } No, the world 
mu(^ be peopled. When I faid I would die a batchcler ,1 
did not think I (hould liue till I were comes 
Btatrtee : by this day, (bee's a fairs Lady,I doc fpic fome 
OMtkca of loue in her. 

Enter BtOricr 

Bern, Agilnfl my wU I am feni to bid you cotne in to 

Bnt. Fatre Beatrice^ I thanke yoo fo; yoar paines. 

"Beta. I tooke no morepaines fcrthofe thankes,ihen 
youtakcpz'inestothaake me, if it hadbeenpainefull,! 
would not haue come. 

Bene, Youtakepleafurethenin themefTage 

Beat. Yea iul) fo much as you may take vpon a kniues 
point,and choake a daw withall : you haue no (tomacke 
(ignlor, fare you well. Exit. 

Bene. Ha, againfl my will I am fent to bid you come 
intodinoer: there's a double meaning in that : I cooke 
no morepaines for thofethanket then you tooke paines 
to thanke mc, that's as much as to fay,?.ny paines that 1 
take foryouisatcaAcftsthankcs : if I do not take pitty 
of her I am a villaine, if I doe not toucher 1 am a lew « I 
will goe get herpidure. Exit. 


inter Here 4ndiw» gentlemen, Margaret ^ mid frfnU, 

Her«. Good Uk^r^arrrrunne thee tcihe parlour, 
There ilialt thou finde my Qit^wxBeAtrite , 
Propofing with the Prince and Ctimdit, 
Whifper her carr, and icll Iwr I and krfala^ 
Walke intheOrchard.aod our whole difcotirfc 
Is all ofher, lay that thou ouer.heard A v> , 
And bid her (leale into the pleached bower. 
Where hony-fuckles ripened by the funne , 
Forbid rhe funne to enter : like fa'jourittn , 
Made proud by Prinret,that aduance their pride , 
Again(t that power that bred it.therc will (he hide her 
To lifteo our purpofe, this is thy office , 
Beare thee well in it, and leaue vs alone. 

2M4rf . He make her come I warrant you prefently. 

Here. Now f^rfuU, when B^'etTKe doch come. 
As we do trace tnu alley vp and {'.swne, 
Ourtalkemuft onely be of 'Beittdirke , 
When I doe nantehim,iet irhe chy parr, 
To praife him more then cuer man did merit , 
My talke to thee muft be how 'ienedukt 
U (icke in loue wi(h£M/r«cr : of this matter , 
Is little Cifidx crafty arrow made , 
Thatooely wound»byheare-fay;naw begin, 

Enter Beatrice, 
For looke where Beatrici like a Lapwing runs 
Clofe by the ground, to heare our conference. 

ff/". The pleafani'(l angling is to fee the fi{lj 
Cut with her golden ores the l^uer Orcame, 
And greedily deuoure the ircftcherousbalte; 
So angle we for Beatrice, who euen now. 
Is couched in the wood-bine coueriure, 
Feare you not my part of the Dialogue. 

Hrr.Thcn go we neare her that her care loofe nothing, 
Of the falfe weete baite that we lay for it « 
No truelyr>yiii/4,(he istoodifdainfull, 
I know her fpirits areas coy and wilde. 
As Haggerdsof therockc. 

ZfrfuU, But ate you fure, 
That Serndtcki loues Beatrice fo intircly ? 

Her. So faies the Prtnce,3nd my new trothed Lord. 

Vrf. And did they bid you tell her ofit.Madam t 

Her. They did intrcate me to acquaint her of it, 
But I pcrfwadcd them,if they lou'd Beneditk^^ 

K To 


1 o wifh himxMiaftlc with tlfcdtioo , 
An J o«»e« io\ct'BiJUn<i knov< of It. 

yrfmid. Whydidyouf3,do(kaoi(heG«ml<aMe 
Dcfcrue u f^ ii fottunuc « bed, 
A I con Btdirict fh»U couch vpon ? 

Hrr». O God oflour! | know he doth dcfenic, 
A» much is may be yc f'dc J lo i mtn . 
But N'cure neuerlriind iwomtni heirt, 
Ot prowdcT Ouftc ihen tlui of Btttrltt ; 
Difditne ind Scorne tldt fpjdilmg in h« eyei , 
Mif-priring what thty Igoke on.jnd her v«rU 
Vjluei Ic felte fo highly, ih»t to her 
All matter elftfecnieiwe»ke:fhe cannot loue, 
Nor toke no fhipe nor proie6l of ilTedioi), 
Shec IS folclfcindeired 

yrfm/d. Sure I ihinke fo , 
And thacfore certaincly it were not good 
She knew hii loue,left (nc make fpor^ at it 

Hero. Why you fpeake truth, 1 neuer yet faw man, 
How wife, how noble, yopg.howrirelyleatut'd. 
But fhe would fpell him backward, iffaire fac'd, 
She would fwejre the gentleman fhould be her fifter 
Ifblacke.why Nature diawmg of an anticke, 
Made a fouic blot, if uli,a launce ill headed : 
IfloWjSnagot very vildlie cut « 
Iffpeaking.why avaneblownewithall windes. 
If lilent, why a blocke moued with none 
SotumtJ (heeucry man the wrong fide out, 
Andncuer giuei to Truth and Venue, that 
Which fimplenefle and merit purchifeth, 

frfu. Sure, fure.fuch carping u not commendable. 

'>» No^not to be fo odde,a<id from all faihion*. 
As Beatrice it, cannot be commendable, 
But who dare icll her fo / tf 1 (UoM fpeake, 
She would mocke me into ayre.O (he would laugh me 
Out ofmy fclfe.preflcme id death with wit, 
Thcreforeitl Penidakt liVe coueted fire , 
Confume away in fighcs, wafte inwardly . 
Jt were abetter death, to die with mockei , 
Which is a» bad as die with tickling. 

Z^rfu, Yet tell bet of it hearer hat fhre will fay. 

Here. Na,rathct I will goe to Bmtdickf , 
And counfailchimto fight againft hispifEon, 
And truly Iledeuife fome honefl flandcrs , 
To ftaine my cofin w doth not know, 
How rouchjn ill word may impoifon liking. 

Vt/». O dec not doe your cofin fuch a wrong. 
She caRnot,bcforouch without troe iudgc-tien:, 
Hauing fo fwifi and excellent a wit 
A! (be 1$ prifde to haue, as to tefufe 
So rare a Gentleman as fig»dorit«»f^jct?- 

Hero. He is the oncly tnin Ckf luly, 
Alwsies excepted, my deAre CletuLo. 

Vrfu. \ pray you be not *ngrj' with tns.Midarae, 
Speaking my wncy: Signicr 'Btticduke, 
For HiapCjfor bearing argument #nd v^ur , 
Cv2J formoft m report through Iu!y 

Htr». Indeed he hath an excellect good name. 

Vrfu. HisescelI«icedide*nieUeiehei«dh: 
When ate you married Madasje? 

H<r». Why eucrie day to morrow^ooie go«iq> 
lie (View ihe£ fome attkci, and haue chy coutifell, 
V/hich is the bcf^ to fumi(li me to morrow* 

VrfH. Shee's tan e F warrant yon. 
We haue caught ho Madam? ? 

Hrrt, If it proue fo^thcn louiog goes by hap», 

<if7[/fuch adoe ahout J^<(othmg. 

SooM Ctftd kiU« withMU>w«,foiM With traps, ijm 

9#«f . Vt'hat firt it ui rrAo9tttti> ran this be true' 
Stand I Qrjndttnt d for pr»dc tr.d lc*rrK fo much/ 
Coniempt/«e«eIl^ft<i m»jdn pnde, tdcw, 
No glory I uei behindeihebtckc of fuch. 
^.ndBmtdtdft ,\oMt on, I will requite tS««, 
Timing rr>y wildr Heart to tby Ioq.Ti^ hand ; 
IfthcKi(5o(llotic,mykkvi«r.tflriftuU tociUih«« 
To oindc ou; loucs vp in a holy btfld. 
For ot}i«rt (ly tbou doft dtitnH, %nd I 
Bcleeue It better thmeporungly. £". 

futfr PruKi, [)/uuL*, Bi'niiiif, mi Lr»m4i9. 

Primt*. I doe but Ray till youtmirtiagc be coolsin- 
mate, and then go 1 toward Arrtgon. 

CU» lie bring you tnithci my Lofd,ifycuT7»«<h. 
fafe me. 

Prm, Nay, that wouldbeai great a foyle intbe orw 
glofft of your marriage, alio fhcw achildehii n»wco»t 
andfc-rbidhim to v/eare It , I w.ilonely bee bold with 
Brvtd/ryt fot hii ccnripaoie, for from t'r< crow.'.e of hii 
head, to the fole of It all mirt'.i.he haih twice 
or thrice cut CufuLi bow Axing.and the little htog'inan 
dare not fhoot at him, He hath aheait asfoundas tbti!, 
and his tongue ii the clappcr.for what his heart ihtr.ku, 
his tongue ipeaket. 

Bnt. Cailaqtvltmno: at I hauebin. 

Lre Sofay I.tBCthinkes you aretadder 

Cttutd. I hope he be in loue. 

Prim. Hang him truant, there's no trae drop ofbloa^ 
in htm to be truly toucht with lou<,ifKe be fad,hcw«mi 

Jtn4. Ihaueih«t90th-ach. 

Prm. Draw it, 

Een*. Hang it. 

Clatd. YoumuR hang it(u(>d draw n afieiwcda. 

prim. ^\'hat ? fighforihetooth-ach. 

L*»». Where iibuiahumout ora. worme. 

Dtfie. Wcil,etteTyoiKcaanotffi«Oci« grief^bmbee 
thai has it. 

Clan. y« fay l,he ism loue, 

Prpt. There is no appctr^ncc of fatjcie in hun,vnJe(Iie 
It be a fancy that be ha:n to (\rtnge d;fguifes^ to bet a 
Deichmsntoday^a Frenchman tomorrow; »iileffet>ec 
haueafiaacy tcthiifooiery,atit appcareshee huh, hee 
is no foclc for fancy , as you woud haue it to tp pcare 
he is. 

Cl-at, Ifhe be not in loue fTJtbfbtne woman, that 
is no beieeuing old figne:,abru(hca h«s hat a (Kcnucgt, 
VVli&c tbould that bode? 

pTis. Hithany manfeenehiroaiibe3«bers? 

CidK, No.but the Barb:ri ratT hcth beeae fee.T with 
h-ca, and the olde oniftcus: of bit checke ha;b tlietite 

LuM. tndcedbclookayoogetcbanhec(i}4) by the 
lolTe of A beard. 

?riJ9. Nay«rubibK3f«ifeTvithGuit,c£iyoc Qseil 
h'KB out by that ? 

CLs», Tbat'taj irucb u to fay, the fweet y cuih't h 

Prrt. Thegre3isftoo:eoritl»hi$n>el»ncholy 

CIm, Aisd when «VKb€woatborva{h his face? 

Prin. Yea,or to paiot himCdfe ? for the which I bearc 
what ibey &y of hjm . 

Ciom. Nay,bLtbisicftiQgrpint,vthichii(ie9 ci<pi 
iu:oalat«.JbJ"£,i!>daowgauera'dbyCo3« . 


Much adoe aifcut ^N^foing, 


VrtH. I ndeed that eels a heeuy ale for him: conclude, 

poH. Nay. but I know who louei him. 

Prmct. That would I know too, 1 womRtonethat 

CU. Yes.snd hit ill conditions,and io deCpight of Ml, 
diet for him 

Prm. Shcefhallbe buried with he? faccvpwards. 

B«». Yet is this no charmefor the looth-ake.old fig- 
nior, walke andewlthmee,! haue Oudidd eight or nine 
wifewords to fpeskcto yoa, which thefe hobby-horfe* 

Priif . For my lift to breake with him about Uttt'iet. 

Ctat. Tit cucn fo , htro and Mxrgaret haue by thl» 
played their parts with 5*4'r»«,jnd ch«J the two Bearei 
will not bite one another when they nieete. 

Eaier hhn tkt 'Ballard. 

BmJI. My Lord and brothet.God faue yoa. 

Pri>u Good den brother. 

Ba/f. If your Seifure feru'd, I would fpealfC with you. 

prt>ic6. Jnpriuite' 

B^p. if it pleafe you, yet Counr Cltrndte jnsy heare , 
for %vhat \ would fpeake of.ccnccrncs him. 

Trm Wft»t*5 the matter? 

Ssjla. Meaoes yourLordlhiptobe marfkdtofnor' 

Prm. You knowhe does. 

BmJI, I kno'.v notihat whenheVnowes >K'hat ! know. 

C/«e. If there be any impediment} Iprayyoodifeo* 

£»Ji You may thinke I loue you not,Iet that appeare 
heicafrer, and aymebetter at me by that I now will ma- 
nifeft, for my brother (1 thinke.he hoWt you weli.and in 
dearcneOe of heart) hath holoe to effect your enfuing 
otatriage : furely fute ill fpent, and labour ill bedoweii. 

Prm. Why.what'stfceenEtteT? 

'Sttfiard. 1 came hither to tell you, and circumftancn 
(iiortned, (for (he hath beene coo long ■ talkiag of) the 
lA^y is dilloyall. 

a*«. Who ffert} 

Stfl. Euenlhee, Lena/cet Htrp,yom Htro, cQeiy 
rnixt* Hrro. 

CImh. DjfloyslI? 

Baji. The word Ittoo gtwd lopoint out her wicked- 
nefii?, I could 6y (he were worfc, thinke you of a worfe 
title, and I will fit hsr to it : wonder not till further war* 
nntt goe but with mec tonight, you fhal fee her cham- 
ber window cntred,eucn the night before hrrwcdciiag 
day,if you loue her, then to morrow wed h?r : But >t 
would better He your honourto change your mindc 

CiiuuL May this be fo? 

Prhts, I will not thinke It. 

Btt!}. Ifyou dare not truft that you fee, confeflenot 
that you know : if you will follow mee, 1 will (hew you 
enough, and when you hauefeene ix>o:e, & hesrdtnore, 
proceed accordingly. 

CUm. If I fee atiy thing to night, why I fteuid not 
latrry her to morrow in thecongregstioo.where I (hold 
wedde, there will I fhsmeher. 

Prim. AndatI wooedfor thcetoobtainehet , IwtU 
ioyne with thee to difgraceher, 

B^>/f. 1 will difparage her no farther, till you are «y 
witiiefTej.beare it ccldly but till night , and let the iffue 
(how it felfe 

Prm. O day vntowwdly turned' 

Claud, Omifchicfc (^ngflie thwartlbg ! 
Bajiard. O plague right well preuentcd ! (b will you 
fisy,vrhen y^n haue (mie the fequele. Exit. 

Efitir Dogbtrj tuihie tern^ttrtntr rtith t&t wstcht 

^«£' Are you good men and true f 

Ferg. Yea, or elfc it were pitty but tbcy ftiould fu&r 
(aluntion bcdy and foule. 

Dogb. t^ay^ that were a punilhmeftt too good for 
them.iftheyfhouldhaac^ny allegiance in them, being 
chofen for the Princes watch. 

yergtt. Well , giue them their charge , ncighbout 

Dog. Firfr, who thinke you the moA dcfarctede man 

tVMtch. I Hugh Ott^ake fir , or Cterge StM-toaU , for 
they can write and rcade. 

Dcgt. Come hither neighbour Sea-coale, God hath 
blefl you with a good name : tobea wel-faubuted man, 
it the gift of Fortune, but to write and reade, comes by 

jt^dtch 7. Both which Mafier Confiable 

Doi;l>. Y'ou haue : 1 knew it would be your anlwrre • 
wcll.toryourfauour fir, why giueGod thankes,& mske 
no boaS of jr, and for your writing and reading, let th«t 
appeare when there is no need of fuch vanity , yon are 
thoupht heere to be themoft fenflcffe and fir man for tht 
Conllable of the watch : therefore beare you the fin- 
thorne : this ia your charge : You fhall comprehend all 
vagrom men, you arc to bid any manQand in the Prin* 
ee$ name. 

tyarch » . Ho w if a wfll not fiand ? 

D«git Why then take nonotcof him.butiethfin go, 
and prcfently call the rti\ of the Watch cogetbtr , and 
thanke God you ate riddeof a knaue. 

Vergef. If he will no: fland whenhe is bidden^ hee is 
Doneoftbe Prtncesfubic£ls. 

Dogi. Tr\ie , and they are to meddla with none but 
the Pnn^cs fubicdls ; you fhall alfo mjke tto ooife in the 
ftrcetes : for.for the Watch to babble and talftf, it roofl 
tollerable, and not to beindured. 

kS^vcb. We Will rather flecpc than talke, wee know 
what belongs to a Watch. 

1)>>g. Why you fpeake like an encienr and moft quiet 
watchmjn.far I cannot fee how fleeping A>ould offend . 
only hauea care tba<you:bil!j be not flolne ; well, yoo 
arc to call at all the Alehoufes, aJid bid ihcm that aie 
drunke geithem to bed. 

HTaub. How H" they will not ? 
Degb. Why then let them alonj till ihey are fober.if 
they tnake you not then the better may foy, 
they are not the men you tooke theai for. 
U^escb. Well fir. 

T>i)gi. If you meet a may fufp«£t him^by 
vcHue of your office , to be no true man : andforfuch 
kmde ofai<m , thelefle ysumeddle or make with them, 
why the more is for your honelly. 

H''attb. Ifwee know him tob3atbiefe,l})al!w«e'not 
lay hands on him. 

2)#f^. Truly by your office yoo may.bflt I think they 
tlut touch pitch will be defiPd : the modpeaceable way 
for you, if vou doe take a, to let hirnfhew hitn- 
felfs what he is, and (^eale out of your company. 

f^er. You haue bin alwaies cal'd a meretful mX parttit?, 

I>eg. Truely I would not hang a dog by my will,mt>ch 
(Boit a man who hath anie hon«(lie in htm. 


(i^Muchado^ about O^(othing. 

i^rrgti UyouhcKci child cne in (he night you muH 
cill (o ihcnurfe, and bid herfl'itl ic. 

ifdith. How if the nutfe be iflecpe iixl will noi 
hfjrt VI? 

Pe^. Why then dcp«n m pejce, and let the childe 
\wiUfhffwith frying, foi the ev*e that will not heart 
her Lanribc (.vhco ii bar »,will ncucr anfyvcie a calfe when 
he bleatci. 

yrr^n Tit vene true 

l)a^. This IS ihe end of the charge: you conflablc 
are toprefent the Princes ownepcrfon, if you mectethe 
Prince in ih» night, you may flaie Wim. 

I^tr^ei. Niy biriariie iliii I (hinkci lannot. 

Dfg- Fiut fliillingj lo one ont with anie man thai 
knowes tlif Sutucj.hc may rtaiehim, mar ne not with- 
out (he ptincc be billing. for indeed ihc watch ought to 
offend no man, and it is an oFFcnce to ftay a mtn tgainH 
his will. 

Utrgd. Biriadie 1 thinke it be fo. 

Dog. Ha, ah ha, well m»Aers good night,and there be 
anlemicict of weight chances, call vpme, keepe your 
fcllowcs counfailcs, and your owne, and good nieht, 
come neighbour 

tVatcb. Well maHets , we hcare our charge, let v5 go 
fit here vpon the Church bench nil two, and then all to 

Dng. One word more, honefi neighbor!. I pray you 
wairh about figniorZ.?»»».ir(;«doore,for the wedding be- 
ing there to morrow, there ii a great coylc to nigHc, vigitant I befeechyou. Exewtt, 

Snitr Eorachta »nd Qenrtide ^ 

Bar V^\\tt,Conradt} 

ty^tch Peace, ftir not, 

"Ber. Coar/iJf I {^y . 
aCoi Here man.I am at thy elbo-w, 

Bcr. Mas and my elbow itcht.l thought there would 
a fcabb« follow. 

Cen, I willov^ethee an anfwere for that, and now 
Forward with thy tale. 

Bor. Stand theedofe then vnder thitpenihou1e,forit 
drifTclsraine, and I will.liicr a truedrunkatd.vttCTallio 

H'aich. Some treafon maders.yet nanddofe. 

Ber. Therefore know, I hauc earned of D*" lohn a 
thoufand Ducates. 

CoH.U itpolTiblethat anie vHlaniefViouldbeCodeare? 

Bor, Tboufhould'ft rather aske it it were pclTiblea- 
nic viHaniefhouid bcfo ticL'for when rich villains haue 
iieedc of poore ones, pootcoQcstnay make what price 
they will., 

Con. ] wonder at it. 

Bor. That Oiewes thou art vnconfirm'd.thou knoweft 
that the fafhion of a doublet, or a hatjoradoake, is no- 
thing to a man. 

^en, isapparell. 

Bor. 1 meant the fatlvion. 

Cm. Yes the fafhioD is thefa{liit>n. 

Bor. Tufh.I may aa well fay the foole's the foole.but 
feeft thou not what a deformed theefethis fafbion i$? 

H^atch. I know that deformed, a has bin a vile iheefc, 
this vii. yeares.a goes vp and downc like a gentle man * 
I remember his nam*. 

Ber. D idd thou not hcarefomebodie? 

Can. No.'twajthe vaine on thehoufe. 

Bar Seeft thou notU fay) what a deformed thkfe 
thisfafhion is,how giddily a turnes about all the Hou 

bloudt,betwefncfouieteenr &f)Be •( tbirtie,fo<r.eiu»ri 
fifhioningt^irm like 7A«r«##/ fould.oun m ttic rcch^ 
painting, fomrtimc like ga^ iicJi pneflt in iV^ «ld 
Chofch Window, fometia)elik« the uautn HircaUj m 
ihefmircht worm eaten tapcftne, where hi* cod-feet* 
fcemct at maffie at hit club. 

Cm All th.i 1 fee, and fee that the fafti. on wearei otfi 
moreappattcll then (heman;bui art rtot thott thy felfe 
giddiewith thefafhion too i^at ihoa haHOwftcd out of 
thy (lie into telling me oftbe fa/hionf 

Brr, NcM fonei(l><r, but kitow that I hau« to night 
wooed M€rg»tt\\\t LadyWrr»*/gcntle-wofTun,by the 
name o{ Htrt^ ftie Icaoet roe out at her miftni ehambrr- 
vvindow.bidirne a thoufand timet cood nigVt: I tell 
tht ttic vildly. I fhould firO i«Il the* how the Prince 
(^Uudio and my Mafler p!anted,and placed, and poflefied 
by my Mafter D»<f/#^, faw afar off in the Orchard ihu 
amiable mcounter. 

Con. And thought thy iM«/irrtwai Wlrr*/ 

Btr. T^*oofthemdid,the Pnnc«and Cl*MJ*ohvx\\\t 
diuell myMancrknewO)Cv*ai./i/«-^^r{ and partly by 
hit oathet, which fiiftpoflVft them, partly by the daAc 
night which did deceiue tbem.but chiefcly.bymy viHa- 
nie,whichdid confirme any (lander thai Drm lo^ had 
made, av»ay went C/<i«<6# enraged, fwoie nee would 
meete her at he was apointed next roorcjng at theTem- 
p!e,and there,befor« the whole co-.gregat!©" fhameher 
with what he Ciw o're night, a.nd fend hex borne again* 
without ahutbaud 

Wttch. 1 .We charge you in the Prirtcei name 9nai. 

jr'4/ffc.t.Call vp the right maftcr CoofHble.we hatK 
hcic recouered the mort dangeroutpeece of lechery ,thai 
euer rvaiknowneio thcComiBoo-wcahh, 

Vatch I . And one Deformed it ooc ofthcoi. I know 
him.a vveares alocke. 

Conr. Mafiers,mafleTJ. 

U7Mch I. YolIc be nude bring deformed fonh I war- 
rant you. 

Com. Mafteri.neoer fpeake,7ve charge you, let »» o- 
bey you to goe with vt 

Ber. We arelike toprouea goodly commoditie, be- 
ing taken vp of thefe mens bils- 

Coirr. A commoditie in qucflion I warratrt you,coffie 
VYcele obey you. Exttmt. 

Enw Hcro^and Margaret /udVrf-lx 

Htro. Good yrfmU waiic my cofia Bcaricct and de- 

VrfH. J will Lady. 

Her And bid her come hither. 

Frf. Well. 

Mar. TcothJ thinke your other rebato were better. 

Btro, No pray thee good Meg^Wt vveare this, 

Marg.^'j my troth i not logood,and i warrant yoor 
cofin Will fay lo. 

'Bira, My cofm't a foole, and thou art another, Ue 
v»eatenone but this. • 

Mtr. I like the new tire within excellently, if the 
haire were a thought browner : and your gown'j a moft 
rare fa/hicn yfaith, 1 (aw the DutchciTe of AitiUiaa 
pownechai they ptaifefo, 

Bero. O that exteedes they fay. 

Mtr. By my trothsbuta night-gowncin rcfpeft of 
yours,cloth a gold and cutt,and lac owithfiluer,fet with 
peaHe&,downe nceues,fidefleeue$^d sliirt$,tout»d viv* 
cierborn with ablewifh tinfel,but for a fine queifv £p«^ 
full and excellent fafhran.yours ia worth ten oo't 

Urv. Go^ 

e5^Mcl& adoe about JS^thing, 

l&r. Not a Talfe gallop. 

Hen. GoJgtuemeoioy to weajeic, forniyhean is 

<JMjr^a. 'Twill behesuiex (bone , b) che walghc of a 

JWoro. Fievponthee,srttic»alhamiy/ 

JM27/;^. Ofw^iStLady? of fpeakinghooourably ^ is 
not mufriags haaourabic in a beggar ? is nov your Lord 
hoflourebk without imniage i I dunkc vou wonld hi u e 
■K (ay* (iuung your reverence a hustnno : and bad shin* 
kingdoc not wrcft true {peaking, tieo(!«ndnobody, is 
diCTC any hamte in the beauin for « husband ? none I 
d^oke, and it be the Vf}\\ husb«nd, and the tigbt wife , 
other^ife 'tii light and not heauy^oske oty^dy Bturist 
dfCfhcre (he comet. 

Enter Beatrtct, 

Ifero, Good morrow Coze. 

fliaat. Goodmcweow fwect l/m>. 

Bsro. Why how now^ do you fpeakc in the Cnk tone? 

Bgat. I am out of a!l other tbiakes. 

iHar. Clag^ into Light a ioue , (that goes withauia 
bardcitj) do yon fing it and He dance iL 

Beat. Ye Light alouewiihyoMrheelea, thenifyonr 
botLaod liaue Ajbles ciuiugh, you'll looke he Oisll bcke 

Jttsr. OiUegittmatecoaflni&aoJIfcoToethstwich 
iny bodes. 

Ba.^. Tis almoO fiue a clockc cofia* 'tis tinse you 
vere ready , by my troth I am exceeding ill^ey \m. 

Mar. For a hanke,a horfe.or a husband ? 

B.'<A Fcf the letter that begins them «Ii JH. 

Mar. Weil, and youbenottuin'd TUrke, thei«l*( no 
ir.OTcfayllng by the ftsne, 

BfMt, Wha:ineaoesthefooletTow? 

&rar. Nothing 1, but God fend eu>.^ one their halts 

Hero, Thefe gloues the Coom lent mee . they are an 
excdlrnt perfiime. 

"Beai. I am iluft coHn, I cannot QnAX, 

Mm. a maid and &dk! cbeic's goodly catching of 

Bitta. OGodhclpemc^Godbslpme^ciwloDghaue 
you profeft oppreheofion * 

hSar. Euorfiacc you left itydoth not my v;li become 

t:xa. It taDc»fecne enough, youQiouldweare ic in 
your cap, by my troth I am (Kke. 

liiar. Grt you fome of this diAilfdr^cfui-'d benBiiHn^ 
end lay i£ toyoor heart,it is the Gncly thing for a qualnu 

ILra. TherethoDpfickfthcrwiwachiliclL 

a:«t. &»a^M,whyi«K^£7«.^youhaue focnemo* 
tall is ^asboK&Ximt, 

A£7. Mocall ? CO by my trcth,! haue no morall uses- 
obsg, I meart plaice ho!y thiAell , you may thinlie per- 
dsaoce that I thinke y ou are in loue,nay birlady ! am cot 
fucbafboleto thlnkewhatI]tft,noTlli(^not tothloke 
viis! can,oor ind^d I cannot tbinke,iri would think e 
my hsrt oat of chinking.tbst you a:e io loue,of that vou 
wUlbc in loue,or that you can be in Icue : yet Beuciieki 
was fudi another, and no;9 is be becoaoe sman4>e fwcre 
hcc would ncncr mstry , and yet now to defpiebt of bis 
brtrt be eaces his meu without gradgiag, aod bow you 
icay be canucn«d I know iMtJbut me thinkayou locke 
with your eics as osher -jcomea doe. 

Btttt. What pace is this that thy t«rr3uekeepes. 


Eater rrfuU. 

Vrfula. Madam,withdraw«thcPriace,theCount,fig. 
nlcr iknsdiekjt Don lahot sod all the gallanu of the 
tovme are cometofctch you to Chutch. Htlpe to drdTc mee good cote, goodUKr;, 
good i^rfuia. 

ff::f3r Leaaato, atdtbeCoitjktitlt, aadtbe Hiadbaramb. 
Ltstaao. What would you with mee, hoocftaeigb- 

Conft.Dcg. Mary fir I would haua (mdc coofideoce 
with yoo, that deccmes you neaiely . 

Lean. Bnefc i pray you , for you (ec u is a bufie time 
with me. 

CcnflfDog. Mary this it is fir. 

Heedt. Yes in truth it is fit. 

LfMi. What is it my good ftiendi? 

Cen.'Da. Goodman Verges fir fpeakes a little of the 
muter, an old man fir. and his wits are not fo blunt , as 
God helpe I would de(ire they were , but inf itlch boocft 
as the skm bet weene his browes. 

tSftd. Yes I thank God, I am as honeft aa any man li- 
uiog,that is an old man.and no hooefler then I. 

Caa.Dog. Compaiifons are odoroui,palabtas,oeigtw 
hour Verges. 

L€ca. mSghbours, you arc tedious. 

Cm.'Dog. It pleates your worfhip to fay fiajbot weare 
thepoore Dukes officcts.but uuely for mineowne part, 
if I were as tedious as a King I could fbdein my bean to 
beftow it ail of your worftiip. 

Leon. Allthytedioufneireonffle,ah? 

Cartfi.Dag. Yea, and 'twere a ihoufand times more 
than "tiSf for I hcare as good exclamation on your Wor- 
ihip 3> of any nun in the Citie , and though 1 bee but a 
poore man,! am glad to bcare it. 

Head. AndfoacnL 

Lem. I would fainc know what youhsue to fay. 

tfUki. Uktv (ir our waech to night , excepting youi 
wor^ips preUmce , haue tanc a couple of as attant 
knaues asany in Medina. 

CtmJitg A good old man fn , hre will be talking as 
they fay,wStn the age is in the wit is out.God helpe » j, 
it is a world to fee : well faid yfaith neighbour f>^«/ , 
wen. God's a good man, and two men ride of a horfe, 
one muft ride behinde, »n honefl Ic ole yfaiih fir » by my 
trodihe is, at euet broke bread, but God is to bee wor- 
(hipt, all men are not eli ke, aJai good neighbout. 

Lem. Indeed neighbour he comes too (hoitofyott. 

Con.Do. Gif;$ that God giuet* 

Liom. Imaftleaueyott. 

Cm.Tyoi . One word (ir , cor watch iir haue iodeede 
compreoeoded two afpitious perfons, fit we would haue 
tlieai this tnoroing eaamined before your worOitp. 

I.«0if. Take their examination your fclfe, and bring it 
me, I am now in great haftc,as may appcare mto you. 

Ciuft. It (hall be fufTigance {ExU. 

Lttn. Drinlreromewinecreyougoe: (are you well. 

Afeffingtr. My Lord, they Aay for you to giue yoLX 
daughter to her husband. 

Le^. lie wait vpon rhem^ **" rtady. 

Dtv^.Goe good panr.etfgoe get you toiVtfm-w Sea- 
«ia2r,Eid him bring his pa> and inkehotoe to tbeGaole: 
we are now to examioc tbofe men . 

Vtrget. And we omfi doe it wifely. 

"Dogb. Wee will fpare for nowittej wairsntyou : 
K ) hefre, 



af^uch ndoe about D^^hing, 

\\rttr'\ «h«t fhall AttMr fome of thfoi to i non-come, on- 
)y get the Ic-irnrd lAriiirr in frt downcour excommuni- 
cation, wd meet mc a( ihclailc Exttutt. 

Liter Prince, HalJjrJ. Ltontto, Fritr^ CUndit, Bimdttki 
Htro, attd'SiatTict. 

LttmoTo, Come Frier fr4»i«r,bebricfc,oneljr to the 
plaine forme orm3rriage,and you (hal recount their par- 
ticular duties afterwards. 

Fr^irt. You come huher,my Lord, to marry this Lidy. 

Cl.tu. No. 

Leo To be married to her : Frier, you come to mat- 
rie her. 

Frier, Lady,you come hitlierco be married to this 

Hira. I doe. 

Frier, Iftitherofyou know any inward impedlrnent 
why youfhould ootbe comoyned,l charge you on your 

Ctand, Know you anic,/ftr#/ 

HiTo. None my Lord, 

Fmr. Know you anie, Count ? 

Ltciu Idsremakehisanfwer, None. 

CiM, O whst men dare do / what men may do ! what 
men drily do! 

Bans. Hovrnow ! interie£itons ? why then, fome be 
of laugbing, as ha, ha,he. 

ClrM. Stand thee by Frier, father, by your Uauci 
Will you with frea and vnconfitained foule 
due me this maid your daughter ? 

Leem, As freely fonnc as God did giuehrrme. 

CU. And v^haxhaue I to giue you backjwhofe wonh 
Msy couriterpoife this rich and precious gift? 

Vria. Motbing, vnkffe you render her againe. 

^.cx, Swest learn me noble ihaokfuloes : 
There Lemato, take her backe againe, 
Giue not this rouen Orsn ge to you r friend, 
Shees but the figne and femblajicc of her honour : 
Behold bow like 3 maid (hcblufftesheere ! 

what autho-itie and (hew of truth 
Cao cunning finne couer it feife withiill ! 
Comes nof tn« b!cud, as modeft euidence , 

To witBcSe fimple Vertuc ? would you not fwetre 
All you r.hst fee her, that (he were a maide. 
By thefe exterior fhewri ? But (he is none i 
She knowes the heat of a luxurious bed: 
Her bluCi ij guihsneiTe, net modeftie. 

Leojusts, V/hct doe ycu (r.esue, my Lord > 

Cl;3u. Mot to be raJTTicd , 
No* to kait my foule to an approued wantort. 

Leen. Deere my Lord,ifyou Inyour owneproefe, 
Hauevanquifht the refiftsnce of her youth. 
And made defeat of her virginitie. (Ijo, 

CLiH. I kuow vihat you would fay: ifi haue koowne 
You wi'l fay, flie did imbrace me as a husband. 
And foottenuate the forehand (\ant:l^oLenat» 

1 neuer tempted her with word too large. 
But a J a Brother to his fifter, ftcwed 
BafiifuH finceritieand comely loue. 

Hero. And feem'd I eacr otberwife to you ? 

p^- OjttonfHceff*^""* T— "vnitc t^lrfk. 
You fcerrr tome «» D*' <■ , 

AichaAcaiiiihe buAd'. . .. utrnt- 

Bur you art more intcinpf rate ir your Llood , 
Than f^maw , or thofe pampred MitmaJlt, 
That rtgc m (aoagc f'-nfualitie. 

Htre. It my Lord well, that hedothfpeaVefowidt/ 

Lion SweetcPnnee.why fpcakertotyou^ 

Prm. Whatfhould! fpeake/ 
I Hand difhonour'd thai haoe gone about , 
To linke my dear? fncnd to • eo«Tm>on ftale 

Lt»v. Arefhcfr thingifpoifen.or doe I but dretme? 

Bsft. Sir.tb<y are fpoken, ard ih«fethtngt arc true. 

"Bent. Thitlooiteirtoihkeariupiidl. 

//#r9. True, O God.' 

CldM. Lttiutf^ ftand I here ? 
Ii thii the Prince ? is this the Pririctt brother ? 
Itthtiface Ht'Mt ? arcoureieJourowr\e? 

LtfK AH tljij is fo.but whti of tVii my Lord } 

Cltm. I^mebutrooue orequeO'ou toyout daugH- 
Andby iharfatScrlyar.d kindly power, (tet. 

That you haue in her, b<d her ar^fwcr truly. 

Let 1 charge thee doe, at thou art rry childe. 

HfTo. OGod dtfwid me how am I befet , 
What kindcofcatechizinr call you this ? 

C/4K. To mike yoj anrvver truly to your name 

Hero. Ii it not Hiro > v.ho can blot that name 
With my luft reprc;eh ? 

CLmi, Mirry ihsi can Hert^ 
Hertix. felfecan blot out HerottvtrXMt, 
What man was bc.talki wiih you ycftcrnighi. 
Out aiyout window betwiyctwelue ard one? 
Nowifyouaream:id,a«ifwcf to this. 

hre. ltar<f.viihr.o at that bowrt my tori 

Pntxt. Why jheryonsrervofruiden. Lttnjtc, 
I am forry you muft heare : vponmint honor . 
My felfc, riiy brother, and this gneueil Count 
Did fee her, heare her, at that hcwre laft riight, 
Talk? with a ruffian at het chac.ber window. 
Who hath indeed moft like a libenJl villuoe, 
Confefl the vile encounters they haue had 
A thou^nd times in feciet. 

Icha. Fie,fie, thcyaicnotcobenamedmyLo;d, 
Not CO be fpoken of, 
There is not chaftitie enough in lengoage, 
Without offeree to vner them: thus pretty Lady 
I am forry for thy much mifgouemmcrit, 

Ctoid. O Hero ! what a Hiro hadi't thou bee« 
Ifhalfethy outward graces had beers placed 
About thy thoughts and counfiiles of thy heart? 
But fare thee wel],a:crt fcule.icoR faire, tiXVHfii 
Thou pure impiety, and itnpioui purit;?. 
For thee lie iockevpal! thegafescfLoje, 
And on lay eie-lids Ihal! Coniethire hang , 
To tume :Ii beaur^ into thoughaof harme, 
And neuei fria'.l it more be gracious. 

Inys. Hsth no mans dagger here 2 poincfcrrx? 

Btnt. Why how now cofjiiwherfoie fink you dov/c? 

Bafl. Ccn?,lsr vs go:tbefe things coins thus to >i^. 
Smother her fpirits v->. 

Line. How doth the Lsdy ? 

Etat. Dead I ihinJiCj hslpe vnclCj 
JSiro, why Hrr> Vr.cle,Signor Sr»«irfy, Frier; 

Lfematt. OFate! talcano:awsyibyhe£uy hsod. 
Dead) is the feireft couc; for ber ftanx 
ThatoQsy be ^l^i for. 

'&a. now 



fn. Haue comfort Lsdie. 
Lata, DoCltiioDlookcvp? 
frier. Yc?,,\whefcforoft»oulc! flaeoftt? 
1^09. Wherfoic? Why doih nee euery earehly »hir»g 
Cry (hams vpon her ? Could (he hcCTs dcnie 
Tiw ftotic that is printed in her blood ? 
Do oot liue Htr9, do no: ope thine ey« : 
For did I thinkft thou woaldft not quickly die. 
Thought I thy fpiritj were flronger then thy fhzmes, 
My fcife would on the reward or reproachei 
Strike at tliy life Gr ieu'd U ^ had Gui oac ? 
Chid Ip for that at fr ugsl Natures frsrre } 
O one toorauch by thee : why had I one? 
Why cuer wsi't thoo loueUe in my cie* ? 
Why had I not with chiricable hand 
TooKc vp a beggars ilTuc at my gJtes, 
Who fftKcrtd unuii, and Rur'd with infsiniet 
i might hme dia, no part of U it mine i 
This (hamc deriues it fcifc from vnknowne loioe;. 
But mine^ancTmine 1 lou'd, and mine I prais'd, 
And mine that 1 was proud on mine (o much. 
That I my feUc. wti tomy felfe not mine: 
Valewing of her, why fhe, O fhe i j falne 
Into t pit of Inke, that the wide fea 
Hath dropa moicvi to wsfh her cleans agafne, 
Acd f &lt too little, which may fe&fa n giuc 
To het foiijetainted HeH). 

Bea. Sit, fir, be pKcient : for my pan, I cm fo anired 
to wondett I know not what to fay. 
B«<3. OonmyfoulemycoCuiiabelied. 
Bev, Ladie.wcre you her bedfellow laft nlfihs? 
"Bm. No truly : not although v niill Ial% niglit, 
I haue this iwcluemoneh bin her bedfellow. 

LeiM. Coni\mi'd,coof!nn*d,0 that » Wronger mods 
Which was before birr'd Tp with ribs of iroo 
Wottlti the Princes lic^ and ClaiMiM lie. 
Who l9U'd fctr fe, thtt fpctking of her fotrtnefle, 
Wsfii'd it with lesres ? Hence from her, let 'asv die. 

Frt. Hcite iTK s little, for I haue ondy bine fdent fo 
tins of the Ladie, 1 haue markt. 
A tnoufand blufhing apipamions. 
To fUn rntohcr face, a thoui'snd iniMtceoi(l>VT.^f 
In Angcl whiccnclTc bcare away Khofe bltt^rt. 
And in her etc there htch appev'd afire 
Tohumethcerrortthattbelc Princcthdtd 
Againfther maiden truth. Csli mea foo!e^ 
TtuA not tBf reading, oor my obferuations. 
Which with experimental feileddthwamrs 
The temzre ofmy booke : tsuR oot my t^, 
KfKosieaitf cellir^, uor diuinitie. 
If thLi ^veet L»d:c Ijt not gutlticfie heere, 
Vnda Cotoe bitisg error. 

Lt9- Friar ,ii cannot be : 
Thon feefl that til the Gioce thit fi« hath left, 
Is, zhut (he wil not adde to her dsmnstioQ, 
A inne ofperiury, ihe not denies it : 
Why fcck'ft thou then to ccuer with exeafc. 
That which appeares in proper nake^eife f 

Fri, Ladie, what man is he you are aco»'d of? 
Hero. They know that do accule me, I know none: 
If 1 knorr more of any man alias 
Then that which maiden modeftie dotfi vrananr. 
Let an n<y finnes lacke mercy. O my Fithcr, 
Pfove you that any man with me conucrft. 

At hocres vame^te, or that X yeftem5»Kt 
Maincain'd \he change of words with any creature, 
Reftife me, hate mc, torture me to dtaih. 

t>-u ThereisfomeftrangemifpTifionintlic Princes. 
Bta, Two oftJiemh&iK the vt^ie bent of honor. 
And if their wifcdomes be milled in this : 
The pndUfe of it lives in /<t>£» the baftard, 
Whufe fpiries (oile in frame of vilianics. 

Leo. t know not : if they fpeake but truth efhcr, 
Thcfe hands (hall lecrchet : If they wrong her hcnour. 
The proudcd: of them HiaH wcl heare of it. 
Time hath not yet tb dried this bicud of mlne^ 
Nor^e fo eatc vp my rnumtion. 
Nor fortune r7?ccs fucb hauocke ofmy mcane?, 
Nor my bad life reft me fo much of friends. 
But they (hall iRnde, awak 'd in fuch a Kinile, 
Both ftrength of lirnbe,and poiicie of minde , 
Abibty in meanes, sod cltoiie of friends, 
To quitme of them throughly. 

Iri. paufe awhile : 
And let my counfell fway you in this csfe, 
Yoiif daughter hcere the Princeffe (loft fcrdcad) 
Let her awhile be fecretly kept In, 
And public it, that (he is dead indeed : 
Masneatne a mourning oflcntation. 

And oo yoor Families oidroonumetn. 
Hang motirnfiillEpiuphes, and do el! zk^s, 
Thatapperiainevmo aburiall. 

iMffi. What fhall bet ome of th35?Whst wil thlf do? 
Fri. ^tsrry this wei carried, (hal! on her bchalfe , 

Change (landtr to remorfe, that Is foroe good, 
But not for chat dreame I on this (irange courfe. 
But on thai trauaile lookc for greater birtb ; 

She dying, as it mull be fo maintain'd, 

Vpcn the vnTasn that (he was accus'd. 

SHs3beU.':ientrd« pittiedjSnd cxcus J 

Ofeuery hesrer : forii fc faisout, 

Thar whir we haue, we prise not to !he wonh, 

V/h'lcs we cnioy it| bu: being lack'd apd lo(^, 

Why (hon we racke the value, then we jinde 

Ti^r vertue that podel^ion would not ihew ts 

V/hiles it was ours, fo vo\\\ it fare with CUoKt'o: 

V/hsnhc (hal heare (he dyed vpon his words, 

Tb'idsa ofherlvfe (ha] iwcetly CKcepe 

Into hit (ludy ofimaginti^ion. 

Andeuery louelyO;g4nofhn life, 

ShRi! ecme spparcl'd in more precious bablte : 

More mouing dslic^te, tni ful of life , 

Into the eye acdpirofpe£Vcf his fouls 

Then when (he liu'd indeed : then (hal he mourne. 

If cuer Loue had intereft in hi; I.ijcr, 

And wi(h he had oot fo accufed her : 

No, though he thought his accufation true : 

Let this be fo, and dotibt oo: but fucccHe 

WU fa(hion the euent in b?ittt Oiapc, 

Thea I can lay it downe in likelihood. 

But if all ay me but this be teuelld falfe. 

The fuppolition of the Ladies draih, 

Will quench the wonder of her infamie. 

And if it fort not wel!,you may conceaie h«, 

As beft befits her wounded reputation. 

In fome rcclu(iue and rdigsous life , 

Out of all eycs.tongnes.mindcB and iniuries. 
B#w. Sigoior^«iG«rj,IectheFvicr«duire jroo^ 

And though you know my in rsardncffe and louc 

b very much vnxo the Prince and paudit, 



Vct,bjminehonot,I willdrsieio dui 
A* fccrctly and lufllic, tt your foulc 
Should vrithyourbodir 

Lf*m. Being (hii 1 flow in grcefle, 
Thf frniUeft iiwinc m»y Ind mc. 

fV«T. Til well conftnced.prtfonly twsy. 
For to Qrangc foiei.ftrargcly ihcy Arftinc thccntt* 
Come Lady , die to liuc.diii wedding day 
PerKajM ii bui prolongd.haue paitcnce 6t endure. EjcH 

gene. Liij Bt4iriei,huieyo\i wrpi (II ifiii while # 

Biat. Yea.and 1 will wcepe • while longCL. 

Bftt, I will net dcAre thar. 

Feel. You hiue no reafoo, I doe it frecljp. 

Brue. Surelie I do belecae your fair cofin il vrrongd. 

Bt4t. Ah,boi*mach ratghtthe mandeictueof inee 
thai would right hcrt 

Bene, li thete anyway CO (hew firth friendlhipf 

£«4i. Averieeucnway.bumofucbfnend. 

Bent. May a man doe it f 

Bfdt. It il a mant office,but not youra. 

7;«r. I doe h>ue nocbing in the woild fo TiiJl ts yoo, 

T*at. Atftcangeasthethinglknownot, kwereu 
pofTiblcfoc mr to fay .Iloued nothing fo welt atyou.but 
belccue mc not, and yet I he noi.I confeiTe nothings nae 
Idenyaothing.I am forry for my coufin. 

Brnt. By my fwotd Bfinrice thou lou'fl oie. 

BtiU. Doe not fweare by It and eat it. 

Ben*. 1 will fvvearrby it that you louetnec.andlwiQ 
make hia cat it thu fayei I loue not yoa 

JJraJ. Wil! you not eat yoin word t 

Dene. With no fa wee chat cao be dcuiTed to it, I pro* 
teft 1 lour thee. 

Beat. Why then Cod forghjemc 

Beut. Whit offencefweet Beatrice t 

Btat. Ycu hauensyedmcinahappyhovrre.Iwua* 
bout to protcft I loved yoa. 

"Sffte. And doe it with all thy heart. 

'BsAt. I loue you with To much of my batn^tkatcsDse 
il left to protef). 

Betted. Come, bid me doe any thing for tbee. 

£e^: Kill CUmdt*- 

Butt. Ha,notfof thewideworld. 

"BiAt. YoukiUmetodenie^farewelL 

Bene, Tarr Je fwcet "Be^rki. 

Stat. I am gone, though I am neere, there }i no lose 
tQ you, nay I pray j?oh let me got. 

Bene. Dettrtst. 

Btai. Infaich \ wi'.I go«. 

Bene. WeeH be friends firft 

'Bitt. You dare eafier be frienda with oae, than fight 
with mine enemy. 

Bene. Is Ciij»(/# thifttetwmjc ? 

Beei ■ Is a not appr(»ied in the height a TiSdbie, that 
hath (landered,fcomed,di(honourcdmy kmfwoaan ?0 
that I were a roan ! what , bcare her in bsod n:till they 
come to take hands , and then with publike accufatioa 
tnccniercd flander,»nmittigated rancour ?0 God that I 
wete a man ! I wouid ea; hit hean iothe taaiket-place. 

Ben*. WtaxtraiBcetriee, 

Se4t. Talke with aaianootat a windovf; it ^\.ofa 

Bent. Nay bat £r«rif«. 

"Bedt. S weet Hen, Qic is wrosg'd, Qxec it flaoictd, 

Btae. Beat) 

<i!^/fucb adoe nhou t !^ottin^. 

Stm. PrineciardCoMKka I IWchc a PtirKdyieiH. 
tDonic, a goodly Count.CooitA. a fwm Galliot furt- 
lie, O chat I were a mil for ha fake ! or that I bid aoy 
friend woul J bi: a man fb: my Cakc.'Bot rnvbood ii mel- 
ted into curSca, valowiatocanplcncot. and men arc 
onelit turned tot« toa|»e,aBd ola onca too he it ix>w 
ai »»Jiant ai ///roi&/,thatort7«dba He,ind fwwea If. 
fsan with gnruing. 

"Btnt. Tarry good 7*crfif/,bythii,haadnooeih«. 
B*M. Vfe It formy loue fonie other way u'xn fwea- 
ringby u. 

Bm4i. Thinkeyou in your f oq V'tf-f Coom ZLm£$ 
hath Wi'ong'd Htrt} 

Bedt. Yet, tifurca»Ih«ieatboogbt,orafo-l«t 
Bene. Enough,lamer.gtj,deJwillchaIlmgehim, I 
will kifTc your hand^and fo Ictue you : by ihii b wd f /k»- 
^«fhall rendermeadeereaccoutn : uyooheare ofmc , 
fo chinke of me goe comfort yoor coofvU oMd Uj (hs 
Udcad,aiu) fortfeweU. 

iMter tbt CmftdJetf Berdehit, md tht T* 


Xftfcr. Iioor whole difTcmblytppeardf 

Cvmlej. O a floole and a cufhion for the S 

Stxxom, Which be the ma!ef»&or»f 

^•rirnr. Marry that ami, andoiy 

Ctwlrf. Nay ilut'i cenijne, w«c haue the exhikltioa 
to eramms. 

Scxtcn.Zat which are the offmden that are to be eft* 
amined, let them come before maflerCmftible. 

Ktmf. Yea marry^Jrt them cose before taec.wbat ia 
your name, friend } 

Bar. BcTdcbu. 

Kev. Pray write downe?«r4e^«. Ycuriftrri. 

Ctm. I am a Gentleman fir,andt3y name il C#<i7'4(k 

Ret. Write dowrieMafter gentleman C«»iy*irr one- 
fterajdoeyouferoeGod ; maiftcrs,iii»ptc3ed al'eadi': 
that you are little betterihanfalfeknauet,»tidit wil! co- 
oecre to be thought fo (]botdy,bow aoTwa yoo for yor 
fclues } 

Cm. M»TTy fir, we fay we J?e nooe. 

Ktmf. A roarueUoui witty ftllov? I ifTurc ye« , btit I 
will goe aboot with him : cone you hither fura, a word 
in yot^r care fii , iGy loyoa, it is thought you are falPe 

Bet. Sirjfjy toyotLwearenooe. 

jCnM. Well, f^aod liide, tote God they art bod> b 
a tale J naue you writ d o wne that they are nooe } 

Stxt. Mat^erConOable, yougoe Dotthewayeoesu 
amine, you moA call forth the waufa that aretbeitae« 

Kemf. Yea nurry, that's the eftefi way ,lettbewnc!i 
come forth : maBezs,l cbajge you in Khc Princes name , 

tTdtcbi. This man £ud6r, that Z)w/«iif the Pfinca 
brother was a viUaioe. 

Kemf. Write down,Prin<t lebn a viHaine: why this 
is flat periune,co call a Prioca brorber Tiliainc 

Btra. MaOerConthble. 

JbM}>. Pray thee fellow peace, I do not like tbylookff 
Ipromife thee, 

Sexftm. What heard you hin> lay eUc? 

ffmehi. Marythasbiehadreceiueda thooiand Dv* 
katea of Z)« letm, £or acenfinc the l^dy Hcr« wrong* 
fully. ^-/». 

Much adds ahotsi !I^(othing. 


KeriV- Fit Bitrgluieu ever was conunitud. 

Cmfi. Ye» by th'mtfle that it is. 

S*Kt«H, Wh<t clfc Miow * 

WJtch I . And that Coant CUadi* did meane vpoo bit 
Tfordf , to djfgt*c« fftrt before ihc whole aiTembfy, aiid 

/>ff^ O Tillatnelthou wtk b« condesin'd into cuer* 
}afttngcedempcion for this. 

Svctm. Wbatdiie^ 

ifMUb. Thiiisall. 

StxtoM. And tbit is more mafters then foa can deny , 
'Pnnce /ohn it this nwming fecrctly f^olne awey : ffert 
vnt in thit manacr accut'd , in this v«ry nuinncT refus'd, 
and fpon the griefc of thta fodainely died : Maftcr Con- 
ftab{£, let ihetecneo be bo<ind, and brought to LtrMfj, 
I witi got bcfore,and {he>w himthcitexaminauca. 

Cte^, Come.Ict them beopinion'd, 

S€x. Let them be in the handcof ^raremo^r. 

n.iw$. Godi my Ufe,wbere*» the Setion^et him wtiae 
down«rtie Prlhees Officer C^xctm6t : cotacjbmde tbcm 
tboa naughty vailrt. 

Ctulrj. Awty, you art an i((c yoM arvan arTe. 

Ktmf. Ooft thou not ia^yzcH my pkce? dof) thou not 
fiifpcA Try yeetes ? O that hec wert; heere to wrtM nee 
downc an a(fe ! but maftert.temember chat i am an ade : 
though it benot written down, wet forget not ]^1 am an 
a&:No thou villaine,^ art fuii of piety as (hall bcpiou'd 
vpon the« by good witndfe , I am a wife i«Uow , and 
which it ofBcer.and which n raore.a hoaO>cul- 
(ier.ind which iimore^preRy apeec: of flefiiai aoy in 
MeCma, and one that koo wes the Law.soe to, gc a rich 
felicrw enough.goe to, and a fellow chat hatfa had loffes , 
and one that hath tyro f^wnes. and ciierv thmg hand, 
fooie shouc him: bring bin •W8y:0 ch&t I Md been writ 
dtnnie ao z£k .' ^ Exa 


Erter Ltonatt andhit brother. 
Bnthtr. If you goeoo thut^ou will killyour feife. 
And 'titnotwifcdomstlvvstofccoad griefe, 
AgainA your fclfe 

Lam, Ipraytbceceafethy counfails. 
Which ftlU into mioc e»vn m prolitltiie, 
As watn io a frae : gioe twt me caurklai k. 
Nor let QO coenfott: delight mine esre. 
But fuch a one whoie wrongs doch ^bce r ith tnu^e. 
Bring me a father that fo lou'd kit chil^, 
Who£e loy of her Is ooer-whelBJed Kke mine, 
Meafurchis^Toe ibe length and bredch of mine, 
And let it anfwae euery ftraine for ftraine , 
At thus for thus, and fuch a ^riefe for fuch , 
In euery lineament,branch,fnat>e .and forme i 
If fuch a one will fmtle and ftroKC his beard. 
And forrovv,wagge. crie hem,wh«n he (hould grone. 
P^ch griefc with prouerbs, make mi.foitunedruoke, 
WIA candle- wrafteri: bring hhn ye: to me , 
Aim I of him will gather p«tietK« : 
But thert h no fuch man, for brother, men 
Can coanfaile^aod rpcakecomfotttothatgrtefei 
Which they tbemfdoes not fstfc, but ca/Ung it. 
That couniaile tunies topel&3n,whlch befoice. 

Would glue precepiiall medicine to rage, 
Fetter ftrong madnclTe m a fiiken thred , 
QurmeacKe with ayce, and agony with words, 
No,no, lit all mens office, to ^eakr patience 
Tothofe that wring vnder the load offorrow t 
Boe no mant venae nor Aifliciencie 
To be fo morall, when be fhall endure 
The like himfelfe : therefore giue me oo counfailc, 
M/ griefs cry lowda then aduertifement. 

Broik. Therein do men from children nothmg differ. 

L*e»ao. 1 pray ihce pcdcc,I will be flefh and bioud 
For there was neuer yet Philofopher , 
Th7t could endure the tooth-ikepstiently, 
How eoer they haue writ the f?ilc of gods. 
And made a pufli at chance andfufFcrance. 

Sretlier. Yet bend not ill the harm* *pon yoor felfe 
Sdakethofe that doeoffend you, fufFft (OQ. 

Ltf^ There thou fpcak'ft rearor>,n4y f will doc fo. 
My foule doth tell me, JMrro IS belied , 
Atid that (^i\\{1aaJto (hall the Pnnce, 
And all of them that thus difhonour her. 

Enter Pmeratd ClaudJo. 

Srtt. Here comes the FrSnce and CIm^Uo hsfbty. 

frim. Good den,good den. 

Clam. Good day to both of you. 

Leea. Hear? you my Lords? 

PrtM. We haue fome hafte Ltauno. 

t**. Some hafle my Lord! wel/areyouwel my Lord, 
Are you fo haOy now ? well.all u one. 

frftt. not quaneil with vs ,good old m an 

Brat. Ifhe could rite hinifelfe with quarrelling. 
Some erf vt would lie low. 

Cltmd. Who wrongs him } 

Lttn. Mirry^ doit wrong m«,thoudtilemblcr,thou: 
Hay . neuet lay iny hand vpoo thy fword, 

C^mC Marry bcHwew mv hand. 
If U (hoold glue your age fuch caufe of feare, 
Iitfaith my hantl meant nothing to my fword. 

Lteaaso. To{h,tu(h,tnan. ocuer fleete and reft at me, 
I fpeake not like a dotard, nor t foole , 
As vnder priuiledge of age to btagee , 
What 1 haue done being youg.ot vrhat would doe. 
Were I not old,know CltunUo to thy head , ' ' 

TKou baft fo wrong'd my innocent childe and me. 
That I am forc'd to lay my reuerence by, 
And with grey hsircs and biuifeof many dates. 
Doe «.ha!t«i\ge thee to triall of a man , 
I fay thou hafl belied mine innocent childe 
Thy Rander hath gone through and through her heart, 
And (he lies buned with her anceHors 
O ln« torr.bc where nener fcandall flept, 
Sauethisof hers, fram'd by thy vUlaoic 

CUxL My villany } 

Ltoruao. Thine CUtuUt^ thine I fay. 

frm. Yoa fay not right old man, 

Uv. My Lord, my Lord, 
He oroue it on hu body if he dare , 
Dcipight his nice fence, and hit s^ae praAife, 
His Male of youth, and bloome of luRihood 

Cisud, Away, 1 will not haue to do with you 

Lio. Can(t thou fo daSe mehhco haft kild my child. 
If thou kilft me,boy,thou (hale kill a man. 

"Sro. He (hall kill two of vs, and men indeed, 
But that's no tnancr, let him kill one firi^ i 




filMuch ado: ahout 3^{^hing. 

Win iBC nod wct/c tre^n t him «nfv»e:; tr-r, 
Come foIJow mt boy.comc (it boy,coinc foIJotr mt 
Sir boy ,ile whip yo'. I'rom your foyning ftncc, 
Nay^t I am a rcntl:m<a, ] v<ilj. 

Ltf. Rroincr. 

Brti Contrnt your rdfjCod knowi I \o\iAmjnttCt, 
And (Kc II dcad.fltnjcr d todctih by Tilliinn, 
Thee d»ic ai well anfwci • mm indccdc, 
Ai Id irctaVeartrpcntbytheiOD^. 
Boyu ape(,bi3ggar(i.]icket,milke-fopi. 

Lnn Brother jimlttnj. 

Bret. Hold you contcntfwhst man I Vnow themjea 
And wKat they welgh.cueo to the »lmoft Uruple, 
That lye, and cog «n(r£lout,dcpraue,and lltndn, 
Goc antiquely and(bow outward hidioufncfTc, 
And fpcakc oi' hsite a dozen dangVous words. 
How they oiighc hurc their ciiemica.ti' they dutft. 

L':on, But brother Aulhmtr, 

jittt. Come, ti5 no miner, 
Do not you meddie,Iet me deale in thit. 

/'n.Gentlcmen bnth.wc will not wake your patience 
My heart ii forry far your daoghtcrj deaili : 
But on my honour fhc wa» charg'd with nothing 
Bat what wej iruc^and T«ry full of proofe. 

Ltm. My Lord, try Lord. 

frtti. i wiU not hearc you 

Xm. No come btotheT,avv^i!'wiil be heard. 


^rv. And ihalt.or foT.e of7i\#iH &nart for it. 

*Prtt. See,fee,hcre comcjthe tran we went to feeke. 

CUu* Now figr.iorjWhat newes ? 

2^. Good day my Lord. 

triv. Welcome fignior, you are almoft come to pan 

CUa. WeehadliktrohauehadourtwoBofes foapt 
off^ with two old men wichcunecih. 

Prin. Lf9n*te*ni hi» brothcr.what rhJnk'ft thou?had 
wee foQghc, I doubt we fhould haue bcene too yotig for 

Ten. In a falfe quarrel I there ia no croc valour^ came 
to fee^cyou both. 

0Att. Wehaucbcene vpand downcto fceke thc:,£i>f 
we are fugh proofc mclancholly^and would fainc hatte U 
be»tcn away,wjlt tbou Tfc thy v; it ? 

Btn. It isinm'y(cabbcrd,tlulll drawn? 

friH. DocR thou wcate thy wit by thy fide? 

Ci«,NeueT any did fo.though verie many haue been 
befide their wic,! will bid (he« drawe,at wc do the mia- 
ftrelt,dnw to pleafure vt. 

Trin. As I amaa houcft manhelookes pale^yart thou 
• CUu. \Vhat,courage man: what ihoug)»CKekii'd« 
catjthou haft mettle enough in thee to kill cars. 

BiH. Sir, I Qiall meete your wit in the careeie , aod 
you charge it againd me, I pray you chuTe tnoiber Tub. 

C/4». K27 then giue hLti toothsr ^tSt, thii laft wu 
broke croffe, 

jyw.By thii ligh:,hc change* more ladtuote^ thiitdte 

CUm. Ifhe be he koot/ej how to tome bU girdle, 

Ben^ Shalllfpe&keaworaioyourifar:? 
Cltu. God bkCVcic from a challenge. 

ttn. YovMC a rill2lr.(,nrfl not.I w'ttlmike itgoed 
hoTT yoa dare, w.tS. you^af*.af»d r»hmyoodifc 
dofnr ritfht.or F will f rotrfl your cowar<iife: you t'.aue 
kill da fwecte Ladir.and her death (hall ftU heauie r-n 
yotj^et rri« heair from yoo. 

tl»» Weil, 1 will seetejoM, fo I suybaiM ^oorf 

Pri„, Wh»t.aftaflaf«af\ ? 

^*M. I farth I tharVf him,Kehiihbidfo«toa rilurs 
head and a Capon, the winch if 1 do* no? (true rr»ot1 cu- 
ritfuRy, fay my knife trvaugbt, (hall J not findaawood- 
cocke too? 

7«M. Str.yoor wii amblerttell.ii goei eafily. 

Fri*, IletcUihcchow 5/«(ri«/' prais d thy wrttheo- 
iher diy:l fiidthouhadn afinevsKtrvt fatet f-K.aFM 
liuleone :nof«id I,a great wx. right fain fhte, agtcat 
grcfTe one : nay faid I, a good wit ; ikrt (aid (he,it horti 
nobody :nayfaid J.thegemleminii y/ift :ccr(ain faid 
(he, a wife gentleman -.nay fa id l.behaihihe lorguti 
thaclbtlfcuefaidihee, for hee fwort a thingtomeon 
munday night, which he for/wore on tuefday momirg ; 
iherc'i a double tongut , thcrc'irwo tongaei ; ihui tfjd 
fhee an howre together ttanf-fhape thy puticulartct- 
cucijet at liO (he concluded with afigh^thou wiAi^ 
propre^l mao in 1ii!k. 

CImmA. Forthc wbirf-.(}ieweptbewtny,tndCi»d£hec 

Ptih. Yea that (he dld.feut yet for al: that^d if (^ce 
did not hate himueadlie, (hce would iouchim dearelv , 
the old mans daughter told vi alL 

CLut. All,an,andn>orecucr,Oodfiwhim vvbeahe 
was hid in the garden. 

yrifi. But whcT fhjll we fct the fa«age EjUs homes 
on the fenfible B*^**^.'^; head ? 

CUm. Yea and f ext vnder-ocath, hetre dwcUs Zcm- 
tLekf the mixricd man. 

Et*. Farcyou well, Boy. you know my tr.iD<ie,I wiD 
leaue you now to your gofrep-likc humor, you breike 
IcHs as b;aggards do their blades, which God be t'oinlu. 
ed hurt not ;mj' Lord, for your nsanie coutreilesl thank* 
yoo, Imoftdiicontinue your coaipanir, yoor brother 
the Baftard ii fled from CMt/fma : y ou haue amorg you, 
kill'd a fweec and inrjxent Ladic : for mv Lord Licke- 
beard there.hc and I (hall meete, aod tul ihcoptKc b« 

PriK. Heisineame.'^. 

CLm. lomcftprofouuJeaaieftttadllewuruityott, 
for cbe loue of Beatrice. 

Priit. And hath cballeng'd tiiee. 

C/«». Moftfincrreiy. 

A'rM.Whai a pretxie thing nuo tSjWfice be {oe> ia hu 
double; aodhore,and Uaoei offbia wic. 

Enter CnJfaiU,Cenr4Je^BirtH,>x ] 

Clau. Heir tbea a Giaot to an Ape,but th(n \a aa Ape 
t Do^or to futb a :air, 

Prp!. B Jt foft yjQ^ltt me b«^tucke Tp my hcart^ind 
be {«d,did he not fey my brcxbo waafied ? 

C<ie^. Come you fir, if iofface csnnot uase you^^ce 
fhall nerc weigh (tiore teafoi^s ia ha billiace, luy, and 
fKi be a curfing hypocrite once-j oc tcafi be Icokt tc« 

prit. How no w,t\jie of my brothers otea bouotif B»- 
reshi* cce. 

fika. JUfteti after thtiroScocc my Lord, 

Prim, OCxctt^^hai o£^ce haae (hcfe toea <ioDe f 

C«*. Uarrie 

iSS^ucbaioe about S^(nthing. 


C'jt/J- MMsie fir, ihey haii ccmmhic^ 'dfe report, 
aioreoutt th«y h«uc fpoken <taiiv^.2^ fceondirily they 
Kfi, fixt aftdiaflly, they hiiK bilyt6 itM'i^ 
ihis^lf^hty Wauc vctiilcdvnjuii tkwgSsarirfl to conclude 
ti)e7 9i€ lying kpiucj. 

J=yio. Firit 1 «kc ihec what ihey haus done, thitdlie 
I *4l:« th« Vfhjt' J thcU ogensCjfiEt «nd )sM\e why diey 
arccoaKoitted. and to coaclwle, wiU4 ycuU/ to their 

CkK. HightUe rc&roned,and in hu owr.3 diut(tan,«zMl 
by my «roth there's on« meaoing vt«U fated. 

i>r/». Whohsueyouoireii(iedni£Oeti, ((ut you are 
thus bound CO your anrwetPiImlezmsdConnable if too 
cunning to b« rnderftood.vvhit i youro3^:n£e ? 

Bor. Sweetj Piiacc,le£ me go no farther to mine in- 
fwcrc ; do yoo hearc me, and l« this Count kill mee : I 
hauedecnoed'euen yourvetiseies: v?h« your wife- 
domes could not difcauer, thefe fli«l!9w iooles haue 
brought to ligl'.t, »Trho in tfcfenight ouetKcird me con. 
feiTing to thisinanJ'.owDjcs/ofcj yowhtozhc: incenfsd 
me to (lander the Ladie jfitro, how fou v^trc brought 
iatot!ieOrchaid,andfawmecfiU[cA?^;f!W« in Herett 
gatmsntSj Sowyoudifgtac'd her vvhesj you fiiould 
mvrie her; my vdiacie they heuc Vjpon tccu(d,T«hich 
I^drathnfeale withmydnth, thcnrepeacc oucr to 
nty (h«me : the Ladle i«cicad vpofi min« and m/ maimers 
f»ffeiccuf2don:eiui4»he4C«ic, I dcfite nothing but (be 
mrard of a villftine. 

'Pti*, Hens not this fpeech [tkc yron through youi 

C'/m. I haue dronJke poifon whiles h€ vttet'd it. 

Trtn* But d»d my Brother fe r.hc« on tv> this ? 

£^> Yea^nd paiJ me richiy fur ihe pta^ife of il, 

JPtm. He it compos'd t^&t^ajii of ueacheric. 
And fi<:d h« is vpan this vilUnie. 

CLm. SvreetW«r*,now thy (nft^c doth appeite 
In th« rare fcnobSancethat 1 lou'i >t iirO. 

Cr»;l^. Ccjoe.bfing away the plamtlffts jby this time 
oy< 5».rt« hath reformfrd Sfgvitr Lci^aito of the matter : 
erid mafietSido not forget to Specific when tim<: & plsce 
fbill fctye.thtt I am an Aife. 

Cm. I. Heri,bercconncsn3&flcr5{^£(r ^«a<{;0, and 

Enter Ltsnito, 

Lna, Which istheviltiinrMeRllM frehl«cl«i, 
Tftit whoi I note oiotK^t (nwr 5ike hitu, 
I uwy tuoide hifn : v^hidi of th«fe ii he ? 


/vw*. Art ihcoikoutijcnave thJt with thy '&t«cfh 
h«ft fcild mine innocT.nt child* i * 

i[^«. No^noi foviUainvhoubtlieft thy felfe, 
Hci<: uand a paire ofhonoanbis men, 
A thi^ d "A fied that had a ^and in if ; 
I thmJce you Pirinces for my d»aghir*s d«se.h, 
Kec'Xa it wfiifl yourhigh sj»d worihie decdas, 
^^r WM lbntt::iy done.if yoa batVjnVuyna of it. 

CIm. I kncAW nc( how to pray your patience 
Yet I nsuft fpe3kc,cboofc year reuenge yoorfelf*, 
Impofe mr to what pensnceyouf inuentian 
C^ hy vpon my finnc,yflit finff d I noj, 

Prsn. Symyfonlenorl. 
Andyettolati^ethidgood oldmstiy 

I »vouid15<sd »nder arne heauie vvaigSt, 
That h?e!; enioyrc me to. 

tsai'* I cannot bid you Bid my dau'^'hver f iuc, 
Thst were impoiTtble^ut S pr«;ie you octb, 
P'circ(rs the people in iW^jj/Jjw herej 
How innocent ihe died,M:d if your louc 
Can labour aught m fad inuention, 
Hfng her an epitaph vpcn her toomb, 
And ftng it to her boneit,{ing It to night : 
Tomorrow morning come you to my houfe. 
And fince you could not be my (bnne in law. 
Be y«t my Nephew ; my brother hath a daughte?, 
Airaoit the copie of my childe that's dead, 
And ihe alone is hiiireto both of 7«, 
Giuc her the right yoks (kouJd hriuc gio'n her ccii«. 
And fo diei my rcucnge. 

C/W. O noble (ir ] 
Your ouerkindnelTs ootK wring tesrea ftom mc, 
I do embrxce your o&'cr,snd di^afe 
For hcnecfonh of pooreij^iasiitf. 

Lean, To morrow then I will eicpeft your cotarelng, 
To ni^hi I take my ieane^this nsuzhde man 
Shall t'jceto face be brought to Mergtrtt^ 
Who Z beleeue was packs in all this wrong. 
Hired to it by yoiu' brothe?. 

Bvr, Nobymyfoulefhewasnot, 
Kor knew not whit fhe did when five (poke to me^ 
Bat aiwaies hath bin tufi and vertuous. 
In anie thing chat I do know by her. 

Cm^. Morcouer Sr.which indecde is not ^^nder white 
sod bjackjthis plaintiffe here, the cffendour did call mce 
a»Te, 1 befiech you let it bcremembtedmhispunifh- 
mcnc,and alfo the watch heard r'AcmtaIke of one Defer- 
r?iec^,th!y Csy he wearcs a key io hij eaxe 8.nd a lock t^uig- 
h?2 by it.and borrowesnwoie in Gods/iamc,che which. 
hrhithvs'dfolcng,andneuerpeted,shatnov; men grow 
hacd-harted and will lend nothing for Gods fake : prais 
y?u examine him vpon that pointt 

tAtn, I (hanke thee for thy care and hone^ paincs. 

/«•/?. Your »»or(hipfpeakes like a moft ihankefuU 
vvire-jerendyouthjand I praifeGodfaryou. 

Ltet:, There'sfotihypaines. 

Cim/?. God faue the foundation. 

Ltm. Goe, Idifchargc thecof ihyptifoner, trni ! 
ih.'c?fe thee. 

Cr>?. I lesae snanan: knauewith your vvot{hip, 
which \ befeech your worfhip to iomdt your felff , for 
theessmple of o;hert: God kecpc your rrorfhip, I 
wifh your wot fhipv»ell, God reftore you to health, 
I huiwWi': giL<9 you Icius to depart , and if a met- 
ric meeting may be wrfiit, God ptohibiie it s come 

LeoK, VntiU to morrow motoingj,Lordt,ftrewell. 

Sm, Farewell my Lords ,we looke fos you to mor- 

Piifi. Wa will not faile. 

C/m. To right iI«m^UTne with ^^0< 

iUw. Bring vowdiclefrllowcs on, wee! talke vrith 
4^i;r^4m/^whcz2CC}usinunccgrcw vvith this iswd 
fslbvi. Ixttnit. 

Enttr Senediekf ctid JUargtrtt. 
'Ben. Pt^J« thee fweetc Miftru "Margcm^ defrrue 
well ac my hatids, by helping mce to the Ipecch cf ^w- 

Mr. Will 



t^duch aJoe ahont l?>(othing. 

Mtr. Witlyotithtnv'rict mc» Sono« in prtil^t of 

Btnt. In fo high s Oilr Marj^artt, thii nomn liuuig 
fli»H come ou« \t, for in moft coincly m»th thou defcr- 

M*r. Tohwennmii>corRcounioe,why,(}ullIal> 
wilct kf cpf b<f(o«» rt jirei ? 

frwr.Thy v«i( it ai quickc u the grej.houndt mouth, 
it catches. 

il/jr.Andyoor(,u blunt ai (he Fenceriroiiet,which 
hii.but hurt not. 

Btmi A moft manly wit M^nj^rrr, it will not hurt a 
^(omsn : and fo I pray thee call BtaiHct^ I giuc thee ihe 

Mitr, Ciue Tt the fwordf , wee haue bucklerr of our 

"Btnt. If you wfc MiCfTj Ttfitrgrrtt^ you muf< put in the 
plkci vvitha vicC| and they are dangeroui wcaponi for 

Mar. Well, I will call Btmrlet to yoo, who I ihmke 
hath leggei. Exit Margarnt. 

Bt». And therefore vviJIcome.The God of loue that 
ftti abouCjind knowes me, and knowei me, how picii- 
fulildcferue. I meinetn Tinging, but in louing, Lean- 
dcrthc good fwinr»meT, Troiloui the firft imploier of 
pandsrt, and 3 whole booke full of thf fc quondam car* 
pet-mongcra, whofe name yet ninne fmoothly in the e. 
uen rode ofablankeverfe, why they were neuer fo true- 
ly turned ouer and ouet 3» wy poore felfc in louc : mat. 
rie I cannot fKew it rime, I haue tried,! ean finde out no 
rime to Ladiebutbabie, aninnoe^ru rime: for fcome, 
borne, a hard time: for fchoole foo!e. a babling tirr«: 
verie ominous ending! , no, I was not borne vndcr a ri* 
mmg Planner, for I cannot wooe in feftiuall tearmes : 
B<*l*r 8e4irkt. 

Tweett "Seatnet would fl thou come when I cai'd 
thee? YeaSignior.and dcpjil when you bid me. 
Reie. Of^ay but till (hen. 

Beat. fpokeu : fare you well now, and yet ere 
Igoe.let me goe wKh that I ct»me,which is, with know, 
ing what hach paft bctweene you and Cltudh, 

"Stn*. Onely foule words, and thereupon I wiD kUTe 

Beait Foule words is but foule wind, and foute wind 
it but foule breaih,andfouic breath Is noifome, there* 
fore I will dtparivnkift. 

Bent. Thou hiR frighted tiK word out of his right 
rence,(ofotciblei$thywit, butlmuft(ell theeplainely, 
C/iwtirt vndcTEoesmy challengeiand either I muft fbon- 
ly heare from him, or I will fuofcribe him a coward.and 
I pray thee now tell me, for which of my bad parts didft 
thou firf^fall in loue with me ? 

'Be4tt. Forthemall together, which maintain'd Co 
politique aflate ofeuill, that they wilIno% admit any 
good part to intenninelewhh them: but for which of 
my good parrs did you nrft fuf?ier Icue for me ? 

Bnt. Suffer loue! a good epithite,! do fufi«r toae tO' 
dccde.for I loue th^e againft my will. 

Btat. In fpight of your heart I think.slas pnore hean« 
if you fpight it for my fake,I will fpight it for yours,foc 
I will neuer loue that which my friend hates. 

Baud. Thou sni I ar« too wife to wooe peace>> 

7m. It appeares not in this confeffion, there's not one 
wife man among twentie that wiilpraifehimfelfie. 

B*m, An old, anoldinf^ince Bimtict, that ltu< in 
the lime of good rveighbouri, ifa man doe rot ert A In 
(hliagehi ownttoftibtoehediei, het fhall l.'^no 
longu in monumccritthen the Bda ring^ the Widdow 

Biai. ^jm! how long if that tkbkc yea 

Btn. QntfVion.whyanKoweTisclaRMMtrMidanMfw 
ter inrhe^me.iKerfore it it mcnnpvdimt for \\< wifc, 
if Don worme ( hu confciencr) finde no imj>tdinr.«T» to 
the contrarie, (obeihe^rurrptr cfbij ownc vcrtucs, as 
I am ro my felft fo much for praifing my fetfe.wbo I my 
fclfewlllbrtrtwitm:(r>-ispt»A£«wotthie, aodoovt lol 
mc,howdo(hyourcofu / 

But. Verie ilU 

BfK. And how dorr you? 

Bi4i, Vcric 111 too. 

EAin Vrfuta. 

frw.SerueGodfloof mCfind inend,ihrre will I leaoe 
you (oo,for here comes one in hafte. 

yrf. Madam, you muf^ com« to your Vncle, yoo* 
ders old ccilc at honte, it is prooucd my Ladte //e. 
ro hath bin falfclie actufde , the ^inct and Q^>t^ 
mijhtilfe abufde,arvd !)«<» /ofri is the author of all,who 
is Red and gone : will you come prefenilje ? 

Bta*. Willyougohearethii rrrwctSignior? 

Bent, I wiHiiu<in(hyi)eart,diein(hy Up,»ndbcbu. 
riedinthyeies:andmotcoiier, I will goe with thee to 
thy VocWt. e»t»». 

EvtnCUadio^Pnnn^iithrtterfturtvHh Tf*rs. 

Clmi. IsthLsthemornnnrruofLraMrc^ 
L»fd. It is my Lord. f^afi. 

Done to death iyfLawdtTfiu Wftitt, 

H'ar tht Hero thttt Ixrt luj > 

Dfith iagutrd^ ofhir wro^g 

Ciitft her fame which oruer iUt 5 

So ibt Hfe thuithtd »».' hpf^mt^ 

Limt in death nah^/oritmfarnr. 
Ho'l t^ thfTt vfOD Xbt tctnhtf 
Vraifuig hrr when I dm drmbt. 
Qau. Now rmifick found &nng your ro'cnutbyokne 

pardon g»JJef* ofiht »^, 
Thoje th*ijlrff liy virgin ipi^bt. 
For thr »hfch wabfoagt of mot, 
Round aiout her tom^i tbij got s 
Tiftdmfht afifi »m mmtJMf* w to^i adpmt- 

Craaei j/noae aniynldejov diid^ 
Tiiidtiib tt vutrcd, 

(this right. 
It. Now Tnto thy bones good night,yeeTeiy will 1 do 
Vrio, Good morrow malierj, put your Torches out. 
The wolueshauepreied.andlookc.tbc gentle day 
Before the wheelesofPhoebuSjtound about 
Dapples the drowfie Eaf^ with fpcts of grey : 
Thatiks to you ?ll,and leaut vs.fart you v^ell. 

^ai. Good rxwrrowmafleri.each his feuerall way. 
Vrin. Come let vs hence, and put on othei wcsdes/ 
And then tc Ltmuaou we will goe. 
Cljoi^ And Hyrrten now with luckier ifliiefp«<ds. 



a^ATuchadoeahoat 3's(otbmg, 


Then thU for whom we rcndred vp iKii woe . Exetnn, 
EMter Ltciuis^etM. Marg.VrftU^^mtiHj'ritr^Htrai. 

frm- Old I not tell y ou fhc wu iunoccnt ? 

Ltt, Soaietliei'^rtwctndC/^ittdlrdwboauut'dber, 
V]>oo checrroOf chat vou heard debated : 
But AfargattC wst in tome fault for chit. 
Although againd her will as it appeartt. 
In the true courle of all the queilion. 

on. Wcil.l am glad that all things fottiowcJL 

Btm. And io am Ubdng elfe by fkiti) enfoic'4 
Tocall young CLmdic to a reckoning for it. 

Lto. Well dtaghcer.tnd yougentlewotneti all. 
Withdraw into a chamber by yout fcluei, 
And when 1 fentf for you.comc hither mask'd : 
The Priact and C/oMiApiotnis'd by this howre 
To Tifit know your office Brother, 
You mu() be fMherto your brotbert daughter , 
Andginehertoyouiig^iuai/f. Extnss LMdiet. 

Old. V/!iirh I v<iU dqs with confirru'd coanteuaiKc. 

"BtM. Fricr.I mutl intteat your paiaes,! thinkc. 

Ffkr. To<3oe what Signior ? 

Ptat. To binde me,ot vndoe me,one of thetni 
SigMor LtnAto^txv^ it is zood Signior, 
Your neece regards me with an eye of ^uoor. 

L>»* That eye n^y daughcsr Unt bcT, *titmoftertie. 

Bnt. And I doe with an eye of loue requite her. 

Lto. The light wheteoflthinke you hsd from Q^e^ 
From C/Wi>i,and the Prmv,but whir's yout will? 

Bentd, Your anfwer (ir ii Enigmatical!, 
But for my wili, my will is, your good will 
May (\3n(3 with ours, thia day ca be cooioyn'd. 
In the ftitr of honcutablc marriage, 
In which(good Frier)! (hall dcfire youthctpe. 

lieen. My heart ii with your likiag- 

fritr. Androyhclpe. 

€bttrPfnieta^tlCtaiiJM, vitbattenJUntt. 

Prm. Good mnirow to this Aire alTcmbly. 

L«e, Good morrow Pr>Jt»,good morrow Cla»di» i 
Weheere atcendyou.tteyouyetdetermtn'd , 
To day to marry with my brothers daughter ? 

Clmd. lie hold my mlnde were Hie an Ethlop«. 

L*t. C^l her forth brother,heret the Fticr ready. 

Prin. Good morrow Setseiiikf,'mhy wh«*« the maitet? 
Thniyouhauefucha Febtuaric face, 
So fill! of froft,of ftorme,and clowdinefle. 

Ct4»d. I thinke he thinkea r poo tiie (auage bvO : 
Tu(h, <caie net cnan, weell tip thy homes VTiib gcUi, 
And all Europa (hall reioyce at thee , 
At once Eitrtfa did at lu()y /omt. 
When he would play tbe noble bea(^ in Iou«. 

Btn. Bull /#«r(ir,hadantmiab]e low. 
And fame fuch Bnngc bull leapt vour fatl)ers Covr , 
A got a Calfe io that fame noble ieat. 
Much like to you/or youhaue \\i& his bleat. 

Enter haber^Htrty ButtrieiyMtrgwrtt^ yrfuU. 

CU. Eor this I owe you:hcre comei otbei reckniogt. 
Which is tl>e Lady I muft feize vpon i 

Ltt, This fame is Hie. and 1 doe giueyou her. 

CU, Why then (he's mine,fweet let roe fee yoor (tct. 

Ltmi. No that you Oral not, till you take hicr hand. 
Before this FrieT,aiid fweare to marry her. 

CUa- Giue me your kuid before chit holy Fdet, 
I am your hutbonc if you Uhe of me. 

Hcr». Anu when I iiud I was yoor Other wife. 
And when you lou'd,you were my other hnabani 

Cim, Anathet Hn-of 

H*r». Nothing certainrr. 
One&fvtfdied, outldoeliue. 
And rurelya* I liue, T am a maid. 

'Priv. The former ftro./iff-a that is dead- 

Le«». Shcedied my Lord.but whiles her flanderliu'd 

Frigr. Ail this amaxetnent can I quahfie, 
When after that the holy rices are ended, 
lie tel) you largely oi ii\rt ITerHs death r 
Meane time let wonder feeme familiar , 
Ani aothc ehappdl let v$ prefently, 

Btm, Soft and fa ire Frier ,which \%SiMtrke} 

Bta. I Mifwer to that name, what iryou: will ? 

Stite. Doonotyouloueme? 

Eea. Whyno,no more then reafon^ 

Btae. Why then your Vncle,and the Prln<i;,4(C2«i- 
<fio. heue breoe d<;ceioed, they fwote you did* 

Beai. Doc not you loue mee } 

Sme. Troth no, no more then reafon. 

Sedt. Why then my CotinyCitgtrtt and VrfaU 
Arc much deceiu'd/or they did fweare you did. 

Btn*. They fwore you were alrooft fuke (at me. 

"BtKt, They fwore you were wel-nye dead for me. 

B^.'t. 'l\i oo m*ucr,chen you doe natioue me> 

Bat. No trd/,but in friendly recomprn«v. 

Lew. Come Cofsn,! am fure you loue the genilema. 

(ha. And Jlc be fworoe vpon'i, that h< louu her. 
For hercta paper written in his hand, 
A halting fonnet of hit owne pure braine , 
Fefhkjncd co Beetrttr, 

Htro. And hcerts another, 
Writ in my cofins h»nd, floinc from her pocket 
Containing her a0ie£lioo vnto Bintd/ckf. 

Bat. A miracle, here J our owne hands againfl cur 
beans: come Iwillhaueihce, but by ihii light I take 
thee forptt tie. 

j8r4f. 1 would not denht you.burby this good day4 
yeeid vpon great perfwafion, & partly to fauc your life, 
for I was told, you were in a confurnption 

Ltm, Peace 1 will (lop your mouth. 

1>n». How dofl thou B«»«6v^* the married man? 

"Bate, lie tell thee what Prince t a Cdledge of witw- 
crackers cannot flout mee out of my humour, dofl ihou 
think 1 care for a Saiyre or an Epigram i no, if a man will 
be beaten with braiRes.a ftiall weare nothing handfome 
about him : in briefe.fuice I do purpofe to marry. I will 
thinke nothing to any purpofe that the wotld can fay a. 
gainft it, and tnerefote neucr flout at me, for I haue laid 
againft it : for man Is a giddy ihmg, and thia is my con- 
elufion: for thy pan CUmdit, I did thinke to haue Dcatcn 
thee.but io that thou art like to be my kinfinan, Luc vn. 
biuit'd, and loue my coufin. 

CU. I had well hop'd wouldft haue denied Bntnef,f 
1 might haue cudgcld tW out of thy fincle I j<e,to make 
thee a double dealer, which outof queAid thou wilt be, 
if my Coufio do net looke exceeding ottrowly to thee. 

Bnt. Coroc.come, we are friends, lei'a haue a dance 
ere we are oitrrled.thai we may lighten out own hevta, 
and our wiues heelei. 

Uin. Weell haue dancing afterward. 

BtM. Fif(V,ofmy vvord.therfbreplay roufick.^nwv, 
thoo art fadjgct thee a vvifcge« thee a wife, there is no 
(hfTmore leuerend then one tipt with horn, Enter. Mif. 

Mt^tn. My Locd,your brother him it tane in flight. 
And brought with armed men backe to OMeffuiAt 

Bern, Thinke Dot on him till CO mosrow, ile dcnife 
th» brauepuni/htnents for him: flriko vp Pip€ruf>4»c.. 



Loucs Labours loft. 

9^ But primus. 

Enter FerdtnA»d Kingvf Nntrrt, Btrnmi, Lcn^ceiH, a»d 

EtF-owe.tVnt all^jnraftfT in their liufi , 
Liuc leglfhed 7poti cbr br arcn Tombci , 
And then grace 7 tin thedilgracecfdciih. 

^„^^ wbfn fpifynC of cotmoruK deuourin^Ti'tne, 

Th endcaoor of th»» prefent breath may buy : 

That honour which (Vv»U bate his fythcrktciie edge , 

And make vs heyrcs of all etemitic 

Therefore braueCorqaetouM, for fo you are. 

That war:esg3ir.ft your owne ^ffeflions , 

And thtehuge Atmie of the vjorldi dcTirei. 

Our laic edict (hall ftroogly ft«!id in force, 

N«uo'(tii\i beihc wonder of the world- • 

Our Court fhall be a Ihilc Achademe , 

Still and contemplatiuc fn huing An 

You thrte, 3ertwt^e,DMm4ine^^x^A LfgtitiJtf 

Hauc fwome for three yceres terme,to liuc with n:;e : 

My fellow SchoIIers, and to kccpe thofc ftatotci 

That arc recorded in this fccdole heac. 

Your oarhej are f 3ft,and now fubfc ribe your natuei: 

That his cwnehandnnyfttikeSis honour downe. 

Thai violaceittjcftnalkft branch hccte-n » 

iryouorearm'd^odoc,3»fN*omciodo , 

Subfcribe to your deep? oathcs, andkecpe it to, 

Lanf^eniU, 1 am refolu'd, 'tis !>ur a three yecres faft^: 
The fTjtnJefliallbaiqoet, though the body pine. 
Fat paunches hauc Icine pste? : and dainty bit/. 
Make rich the ribs, but bankerout the wits. 

DMuue. My iouing LordjTJwwiew is tflort'iSed, 
Tbe groflVr of thcle worlds delighr? , 
He throwes vponthc groffc worlds b«fcr fiaues • 
To pompe,! pine and die, 
VJkh all thefeliuing in Phrlefophie. 

'Ser<r»9£4 I canbut fay their profcftationcuer. 
So much.dcare Liege, Ihaue already fwome. 
That liue and Rudy herre tliree yeees. 
Bot there are other ftrii^ obferbances ; 
As not to fee a womanin that lerme. 
Which I hope well is not enrolled there. 
And one day in a weekc to touch no foode : 
And bat one meale on cucry day befide : 
The which 1 hope is not tfnrolled there 
And thentofleepebut three boiires iu the mght, 
And not be feene to wrnke of all the dsV. 
When I was wort to thinke no harme al ni^i , 
And make a darkc night too ofhalfe the day : 

V/hich I hope well it oot enrolled there. 
O, theft art bmen taikes.too huQ to kvrpt. 
Not to fee Lxijes.fludy, fift.notOee^. 

FcrA. Your oath is pan.topiflcawtyftotnihefe. 

"Btrtm. Let me fay no my LKdge.and ifyvB pleiTe, 
I oncly fwciero ftudywithyTvirtjrace, 
And Hay httre in your Court for tr^reey fere* fp«tc. 

Lt'ig*. You fwoie to that ^rr#5»»*.jr,d lotbettft 

Eirem. By yea jndniy fir, than I f^ort in Left. 
What ii theendofrtudy,!ftrr.ekr5ov» i 

frr. Why that to know which clfe wee (Sould cot 

BtT. Things hid & bar<}{yo^i meaneyfio tomoa ftufe 

Ttri. I, that is ftud;es gocUlike recorpptnce. 

■^o-o. Come 00 then, I •»ill fweare to lti»di« fo. 
To know the thing I am fotbid to know : 
Asthuj, to ftjdy whtrf I well mayduie. 
When I to fart cipreflely tm forbid. 
Or fiudie where lotnect fofr.c MirtrefTeFne, 
When Mirtreffcj from commoo fenfe are hid. 
Or hauing fwcrne too hard a keeping cath, 
Scudie to breake it, and not breake tr^y troth, 
if rtudies gaine be thus, and this be fo, 
SfJiiieknowejthat which yet it doth not knoTTi 
Sweareme tothii.and I wiiir.erefjy no 

Feri, Thcfe be the Bops that hmiicr ftudie qujtc. 
And traine »ur inieiiafis to vsinedelight, 

Brr. Why? all delights are vain«,»t><i iK« tocft TSir.e 
Which with psineptjrchas'djdoth inherit p4»ae, 
Aspainefu!lyropos;eTpcn i 6ooke, 
To feeke the light cf truth, wh<te truth ih« while 
Do'.h falfcly blirdc the ey«-fight efhii looke : 
Light fteekmg light,doth light of light begeiic: 
So ere you finde where light in darkencffe lie:, 
Yojr light growes darke by lof ng of yow eye*, 
Studie rue bow to pleafe the eye indeede , 
By fixing It vpon a fairer eye, 
Who dizlmgfo, that eye (hall be his heed, 
And gtae him Hght that -.t wss blinded by. 
Studie is like the heacenegiorioDs Suiioe, 
Thz: wiU not be deep* fearch'd with fawcyiooites : 
Small hataeecndnuallploddeisecerwonne, 
Sjuc bafe suthcrkie from others Bookes. 
Thefe earth!)' Godfathers of heauens lights, 
That giuc a name to euerv fried Stane, 
Hau; no mere prcnt of their fhimng niohJs, 
Then ihofe that vviike and wotco: wharthwsre. 
Too much to ltff0w,is to know cooght but ume? 
And eutry GodfithfT «n giue a name, 

Fer, How Vkcii fccc'sread.toreafeo agarnft reading. 

Louss Labours lojl. 


Duw. PrcKccdcd wdl, to s^op ail good prece«fib3g. 
Ijm. Hee weedes thecornc, and ftUJ lets grow the 

Btr. The Spring it oearewhcn grecne gselTc are a 

Dum How followei that > 
Btr. FuinhijpUee andeim*. 
DuKt Inreafonnothjngi 
'Bet. Someihtng thco in rlree. 
ftrd. 'Sfro»M i% like an enutoun fneapiog FroA, 
That bitej the firft borne Infants of the Spring. 

S/r.Wel,C»^ I am.why (hDuldproudSummerboaft, 
Before the Birds haue any caufe to Ting f 
Vfhy fhould i toy m any aborciue binh ? 
AtChriftmas 1 no more dcfirc a Roft, 
llien wiftiaSnow inMivcsnew fangledfliowesi 
Bui like of each thing that in feafon grown. 
So you to f^udit nowc istQolat^t 
That wrrc to civmbe ore the houfe to rnlotke the gate. 
Fir, Well.ncyouout : go home "Frrjww : »du«. 
"Ser.lHo my good Lord,t hiuc fwarn to ftay with you. 
And though I haue for barbarifme fpoke roort, 
Then for that Angcll know»!ed<rc you can fay. 
Vet confident lie Kccpe what I he.ue f^vorne, 
And bide the penn jnce of each three yearn di.y. 
Giue nwthe pspcr.lci me reade the fame, 
And to the ftiiaeA decreei He writs my name. 

Ftr»Hovf well this ycetding rcfcuei thee from (hame. 
Scr. hem. That no woman (Ivtll come wiibm & nuk 
of my Court 

Hath thi« bin pToclalsred ? 
L»»a Foure daycs agoe. 
Brr. Let'i fee the penal tic. 
On pains of looTing her tongue. 
"Who iciii'i this pcnaltie } 
Lm- Matr; that did I 
J?»y<, Sweete Lord, and why? 
Lt.». To fright them hence whh that(irc2iperi3hie, 
A dangerous law againft g9nci!u?t. 
.htiff^ !f any ?nan be feene to taike with a woman with- 
in the tewme of itsree ycares, hee (hall indorc finh 
jpubltqurfbame »s the re(t of the Court (hall pofiftbly 

2?#r. Thia Article my Liedgeyour fidfe tftuft bfeake, 
for well you know here cotnes in Erabalfje 
The Frfl»f AlCmgj daoghter.with your felfe to fpcalsc : 
A Maide of grace and compleate maieflfCi 
About furrendcryp of -Wiyx/f*/** . 
To her dccrepit,ricVc,and bed«rid Father 
Therefore this Article is made In vaitw, 
Or vainly cotnes th'admired Princefie hith«r. 

f *r. What fay you lord* ? 
Why,tbic wu quite forgot 

'Btr. So Studic cuermore it ouerfliot, 
While it doth ftcdy to haue what it would, 
It doth forget to dee the thing It ftiould ; 
And when it hath tlic thing it huntcth moft. 
Tit won at townes with fire,fo wen, fo loft. 

r»r. We muft offeree difpcnce with this Dccit:« 
ShemuCt lye here on meerc neccfiitic. 

'Bcr. NcccfTity will mak; v$ all for>wome 
Three tboufand times within this chreeycerej fp«ce : 
For euery man with his affs&s n borne. 
Not by might maOred.biit by fpeciall grace. 
If I bre&ke faith.thit word fl-tall breake for me, 
1 am forfwomc on nwae ncceffitie. 

So cothtf Lav^es a; large I write my name, 
And he thct brcakes thnsi in the lea(t degree. 
Stands in attainder of etemallihanie. 
SuggcQiiio* are to others as to me : 
Ben i be leeuc alciiou^h I fecme fo loch, 
I am the laft that wiiliair kccpe bis oth. 
Out is there no quicke reaeation granted } 

F'jr. 1 that tlrere it,our Court yoi8 know it banted 
With z refined ttauailct oiSpatne, 
A iTHm in all the wcrlds new faOiion planted, 
Tlta! hath a mint of phrafcs in his breinc : 
One, who the muficksof his ownc vainc tongue. 
Doth raoifh like tnchanting hst.'nonte ; 
A man orcomplcmentt whom right and v7rong 
Hau? chofc as »mpife of their mutinie. 
This childe offancie that yirmtda hight, 
For interim to our ftudies fhall relate, 
In high-borne words the worth of many a Knight . 
Fro-in tawnie^/tittwiofliothe worlds debate. 
How you delight my Lords,! know not I, 
But I protein I Iou« tohearehim lie, 
And 1 willvfe hita for my Min^YrcIfie. 

Hire. Arnrndt isa moft iiloihlsus wight, 
A manofBre/iew wordStfaCiions ovme Knight. 

Lm. Cefiard the fwatne ami he,(hall be our fpott, 
And fo to (iudie, three yenes is but fhoic 

Emrr a Cavfithk vith Cojiard wUb a Lttter 

Confi. Which is the Dukes ownc perfon. 

B«r. This fellow, What woold'rt? 

Cttt, 1 my Telfc reprehend his o wne perfon, fot I am 
bis grace* Tharborough:Buc I vrould ice his own pexfon 
Ifl Eefh and blood, 

Ber, This is he. 

drs, Signeov A7me.,%yinna commm«l« yoo j 
Ther's viilame abroad^jhts Ictiu will ;ell you more. 

C/bk^ Sir tl)e Coat'^nnpu thsFFof Ai-e at touching 

Fir. A !e:t*r ^tom the msgnificeot jirmado. 

Ber. How low (atuet the matter, 1 hope b God for 
high vfords. 

^«.t. A high hope fof tlcvi hesuen,Cod grant ts pa* 

Ber. To hcarCjOt fcrbeare hearing . 

Leu. To heare Tneekciy C\t,ir.d to laugh moderately, 
or to forbeare both. 

B<r. Wetlflr, behutheAilefiiaU giuevicaufe to 
clime in the merrinclfe. 

CIcThe matter it to tne f]ir,at concerning h^tatiur. 
The manner of it is,! was taken with the manner. 

Ber. In what manner / 

r/o.Tn manner and forme following fir all thofe three. 
I watfecnewithberlnthe Mannor houfe, fitting with 
hcrvpontheFotme, and taken following her into the 
pJrke; which put to gether, is in manner aodfomle 
following. Now fu for the manner ; It it the manner 
of a mao to fpeake to a woman, for the forme in fooc 

"Ber. For the Following fir. 

Ch. As it (hail follow in my eoRe£lion,andGod de- 
fend the tight. 

Fer. Will you heare this Lener with attention ? 

Btr. A« we would heare an Oracle. 

Ch. Such !s the l3o:pUcii;is of man to hatken after As 

L s Fir. Great 


Lottes La hom''t left. 

mattr t/' N iu ic , ot; [mtti t^ihi O^d , ttsAlttdui ft- 

C»fl. Noia yyocd of^</?^Jye«. 

rtrd. Stitu- 

Cifi It may be (o. buiifScfty K(>ro,heiiiotciUag 
true.*, bui To. 

Ffrd. Peace, 

Clf» Be(ome,indeuc/yman(hu(iafef notflgHi 

Ferd. Nowoidt, 

Clew. Of other men* fecret* I befeech f ou. 

FtrJ. St It u ixfitftd nribfiilt coiffwrcj mfltxcho/t* , / 
didctmtrtendlheblackieffTffftn^yumomrtt ihemtjl wh»lt- 
f*m* Phjfickrefihj htMijif-jimig dyre . jImdM I sma Ctrf 
ttemm, Ixtoekf myfolftlt »)dk* the limeiyhm f abant tht 
pxt inure, ^yhtfi buft/ mofl graft, btrdj b<j}ot(ks, 'I'd r-tn 
fit dawmt to that Hgitrifbnuni which u caltedjmpftr : Se much 
for tht tirrK t*'ien, NiM fv iht graund Urhich ? >fi>ich I 
metnt I WMlk' vmh. << u fc{i^,7hj Park*. 7l»e» ftr the 
fltct Whfre ? «f/vrr / mttitt I dtdeKtumter that tbfcene dnd 
mtltfref»Perim ftuni that drjwtihfremm) fnm-.whiie feu 
the ebon cUaured Ir.kf . which hefrtlhc-JVieyttfi, tshcldr/f , 
ftrrwtytjl, »r feeji fim i» the pitce Whrrt i It ii/in<ieth 
A/artb N«rth.eafi tuiii bj Etji frem the lyeft cprmer af thj 
cvniu knitted ^ffdev ; Tf>ere did I fee ib^ Imrfpiri- 
tti Straine , thtti h*f* TUhMwafibj mjrih, (CJcwn Mee?) 
thdl vir(eceredfirtdnkjia>i'i/>gf'>u/e,[^Ct<nf Me?) thM/hallow 
V4ffdll(Clew. Su\\iT^ti:?)rrhicbM I rtmtmbtr, bight Co- 
fiard, (Ct9ir.O(t9)foried andcMftritdttKirart taihj e- 
/tubfi/hedprec/jrmed Edj3 Mid Ctnthnt, Cannon : O^hitk 
wttb, i With, but wtththn Ifjffun tafay wherivitb : 

Oo. Willi a Wench. 

Ferd, With » thildeof o-AT Cra^dmotitr Eve,4femdle ; 
trfar thj mare fiveet vnd^Jf«'idt-i a vaman : him, l{Aimj 
tttrr ejleemtddittie prtctft me »») htm t feat te ihee, te receme 
tie meedafpujiiptnfeat by ikj fwtet (Jr^cri Of-cer Anthony 
Daii.4 m/i<i ofgaodreptne,Cjrri^ge,beArimg,i^ tflhtuttan. 

^nth. Me,a»'t fhall plcjfe you? I am yl'itbeay Dud. 

ferd. Ftr laqucnetia (/i i>the we^kfr vejfti Cdied ) 
which I atprthenAtd iviih the aftrefud Snaine , Ikfefcr her 
M a ve^cU of thy Laves fitTii,*adfhaddt tht Utfl af thy 
/wett^etice.brbighertgrrutlL Thittiii aU eomflewctni ef 
demottdtuid heart, bierving hejt ffoMtie. 

Don Adiiana de Arroado. 

7rr. Thit U not fo wcU as I looked for, but the ht{\ 
thjteuer Iheird. 

fer Iihebcrt.fof theworft But firra,WbaiC»yyou 

Clo. Sir I confefie the Wench 

Fer, DidyouheiretheProclamatioit? 

CU. I dcK con^(rc much of the heating U , bot littk 

Fer. It was proclaioKd ayeere9 imprifotDent to bee 
taken with a Wench. 

CUw I was taken with none fu J was taken vf kh a 

Fer. WcU,ii wa» proclaimed Daroofell. 

C/t. Tbi»w-3» no DatDofeU neyiher fir, fliecvwas 

Ffr Itisfo varriedto.for it WM proclaimed Virgin. 

Clt. Ifitwcrc, IdcoiehetVirginiiie : I was taken 
with a Maidc. 

Fer. This Maid will not fcrueyocTturoe lis. 1 

Ch. This Maide will (etuetsy tome fir. 

Km. Sir] will ptonouDcc your fcDtcxirc i Yo« (bail 
fan a Wcdic with Braonc tsd water. 

C/#. 1 had rather frty a Mooeth with Mutton and 


Km AndDrrj Wrr'M/ijfbftll beyctirkfyprr 
My Lord 'Brrfrmte, fee him ddiuo'd ore. 
And goc weLordtiopttttnpt«6iicetlux, 
Whicheachtoochcthaihfofbofigh/ fwome. 

Rrra. I!« lay my bc^ to toy g(x>d mtni ht^ 
Thcfe oat>>ei and lawes will prottt an iiSc fcome 

CU. I fgffer for the truth fir : f©r tnie it ia , 1 wu u- 
kcn witS/(i^/»<i»#rM, ind /«^Brwif,»ii atniegrrk, awl 
therefore welcome the (bwre cup ofprofpericie, afR>6»- 
on may ot\e day froiJe agaiiK , and vntiil ibea fo tvnn'^ 
forrow. h}?.:. 

Ffttr /{rmada aid Mctb tv f'W!' 

tArm.1. Boy, Whaiftgnei^it wbenntotn of grext 
fpint growet melancholy } 

'Bey. Agrcatfignefi/,ih3tH«wuI!ookefad. 

'Brag. Why? CjdnefTe is one aad tbc Icife-faxne thicsg 
deare mpe. 

j8»7. No 00,0 Lord fir do. 
'Bra^. How canH thou pan (kbcCeafldmelaocboTy 
my tervdcr ImtunaH} 

"Bcf, ByaftnuliaxdemooAniionoftbcworlung/jy 
tough Cigncux. 

Lrtg. Wbytoogbfignct»? Why tough CgTKur? 

Toy Why tenda Ivunall} Why tcsder lumen *R 

'Brag. I rp«ke it tender Immnai^ as a congrucrrt apa* 
thatoii . appei taining to thy youog daies, which we laij 
r)ominau tender. 

"Sfj And I tough figneur,a> an tpperuncnt title to 
your oldc t)rTK,wh>ch we iruy oaise tongL 

"Brag Pretty aiwlapt. 

Bey. Howmeaneyoufir.] pmty,«adiny{«yipgapt? 
or I apt,ind my faying prettie ? 

'Brag, Tboupreuybecaufe tittle. 

'Bey, Little pretij^ecaule littlc;wbeT«fort8f t? 

'Brag Andiberetoieaptibecaiifequicke. 

'Bay. Speakcyoothisiomy prul'cjtlafler? 

'Brag. In thy condigne praife. 

"Bay. I will praife aoEele with the fame ptalTe. 

"Brag. What/ihatsaEeleisingeaoooa. 

Boy, ThatanEeelcii<)v;cke. 

'Brag. I doe fay tboua4t<)iuckc io taifmH, Tboa 

"Sty. I am anfwer'd fir. 

frdj. Ilouenoitobecroft. (Us. 

'Bay. Hefpeake3thea>eerecootrary,ao(Iesl»ueno: 

?r.IhauepromJsd cq Rudy iij.yeres with the Duke. 

"Bei. Youroay doeitinaoboiirefir. 

3rag. I;npo{fible. 

"Bay. Howmftoyisenetlvicetold? 

3rA, I am ill at ;e;kmng,it fiu tbc fpirit cfaTapner. 

"Baj, You3rea«ritieqfiaaaodagame{lcr&. 

"Brag. I cpofefTe both , they arc both tbe Tamifii of a 

"Bvy. Then I ug (bre you knew btiw much tbe gro£c 
(binmeof deufi.4ce ^nounuw. 

"Brag. It doth amount to oae mere then rwo, 

"Bay. Which tbe baf^ vulgar call three. 

3r. True "Bay. Whyfiristhiifucbapeeceofftody? 
Kow heme's three fhidiedtereyoull thrice wuik,0< how 
eafie it is to put yeres to the word three, ix\6 ftudy chsee 
yecres io ewe words, tbe daocingbot£e vrilJ tell you. 

•Brag. A 

Louei Labours lojl. 


Brag, A moft fine Figurer 

'Boj. Toptoaeyou Cypher. 

Srtu. I will heereupon confdTel am inloue : and ax 
itisbJiefora.Souldt«r coloue ; foam I inloue^ith'a 
bfli^ vv<7ich. If drawing my fword againd the humour 
of aiTedion, would dcliuet mee from the reprobate 
thought of it, I would take Defire ptifoocr , and ranfome 
him tOAiry French Couitier for a new deuis'd curtHe. I 
thmkefcome to fi|h , me thinkes 1 fhould out-fwcare 
Cttptd, Comfort me Boy , What great men hauebeene 

Bij. Hercules Maftcr. 

Brjig. Mofl fwceic HerevUs -. more authority deare 
Boy. name nwre; and rweetmychUdcletthembemeo 
of good repute and carnage. 

Bvy. SawffoM Mancr.he was a man of good carnage, 
great carriage : for hee earned the To wne-gatci on his 
backe like a Potter .-and he was in loue. 

Brag. O well-knit S*mffon,(iToag ioyntcd S^miffem 
I doe exccll thee in my rapier as mwh ai thou didft mee 
to carrying gates* I am in louc too. Who was Str»f{«ns 
loue my deare Moth ? 

Boj. a WoTn3n,Ma(!er. 

Brag, of what complexion • 

B«ij. Ofallthefbure, ortbct}irt?iOrthetwo,oione 
of the foure. 

Br/ig. Tell me precifely of what complexion t 

Boy Of the fca- water Greene fir. 

Brag. It that one ofthe foure complexions? 

7«7. As I haue read (ir,and the befi of them too. 

BYng. Greene indeed is the colour of Loueri : but to 
hauea Xoue of chat cok>ut.methinke$ S«raff«» had fmall 
reafonfor it. He furely 8ffe(5ied her for her wit. 

Bij% ItwasCo(ir,for(hehadagrecne wit. 

Brag. My Loue is moflimmaciilate white and rcd- 

5By„ Moft immaculate thoughts MaHer, are mask'd 
vndcT fuch colours. 

Urag, Oe<iac,define, well educated infant. 

Bfj, My fathers wttte.and my mothers tongue aflift 

Bra^. Swca inuocation -sf a childe, mofi preitr and 

Boy, Ifnieebemadeofwhiteandted, 
Her faults will nerebeknowne: 
For blufh-tn checket by faults are bred. 
And fearet by pale white (hov^ne ; 
Then if fhe feare.or be to blarney 
By this you (hall not know, 
For Bill her cheekes poiTefle the Cime, 
Which natiut ihe doth owe : 

A dangerous time maAer againft the reafon ofwhice 
and redde. 

Brag. Istherenot&balletBoy, of the King and the 
Begger } 

Boy. The world was very guilty of fuch a Ballet fome 
three ages (ince.but I thinks now tis not to be found:or 
if it were, it would neither fcrue for the wruing,norcbc 

Brag. I will haue that fubicA tiewly writ ore»that I 
tnayexamptemy digreflionby foroe mighty prefident. 
Boy, I doe loue that Countrey girle that 1 tooke in 
the Parke with the ratiooall hinde CtftMrd: (he defciuci 

Boy Tobeewhip'd: and yet a barer loue then my 

Brag. Sing Boy ,my fpiriit growsheauy in ioue. 

Bcj. And that's great marueO,louing a light wench. 

Brt^. I (ay fing. 

Biy. Forbeare till this compaiy be pa(!. 

Enter ClnmtjConfiaiUtaidfyaicb. 

Comjt, Sir, the Ouknpleafure,ts that you keepe Co. 
y?<jr^fafe,andyoumuftlethimukenodehght, oot no 

Ecnancfjbuthetmuftfaft threedaies aweeke : for this 
>amfeU,| muft keepeher at the Parke, ftee is alowd for 
the Day-woman. Fare you well. Exit. 

Brag, IdobctraymyfeifewithbluffiinpiMaide, 

TUmd, Man. 

"Bra^ I wil vi(it chee at the Lodge. 

Maui. That's here by 

Brag I know where it IS (ituate. 

Alat. Lord how wife you arc ! 

Brag I will tell thee wonder*. 

OWS*. With what face/ 

Brag, llouethee. 

Mai. So I heard you fay, 

Tirag, And fo fareweO. 

Mai. Faire weather after you. 

CU. Come /o^MM^r^, away. Exnutt, 

Brag. Vitlaine, jthou (halt f8(^ for thy oflences ere 
thou be pardoned. 

Clo. Well fir.I hope when I doeit,l(haJl doe it on a 
full ftomatoJce. 

Brag. Thou (halt be heauilypuni(hedL 

O"- ' •n' niore bound to you then your fcUowes, for 
they are butlightly rewarded. 

Clo, Takeaway this vilUine.fhui him v(b 

So)f. Come you tranfgre(Eiig (l4ue,away. 

Clow. Let mee not bee pent vp fir, I win fsSl being 

Boy. Noficthit wercfaA andloofe : thou (halt to 

Clow. Well, Ifeuerl do fee the merry dayes of defo- 
lation that I haue feene, fome fhall fee* 

Boy. What (hall fome fee > 

Com. Nay nothing, Mafter J/«;/&. but what they 
lookevpon. It is not forpnfbnerj tobe Glcnt m their 
wo{ds,ind therefore I will favnothmg : I thinkeGod.l 
haucaslitde patience as another man, and therefore'] 
can be quiet. ^j^^ 

Brag. I doe affeA hevery^cund ( which is bafe^ 
whereher(hooe (which is baler) oUi'ded by hrrfoote 
(which is bafcft)doth tread. I (hall be foriworn(which 
ia a great argument of (alfhoodj if 1 loue. And how can 
thatbetrue loue, which is falfly ailemptcd? Loue is a fa- 
miliar, Loue is a DiuelL There isnoeuiil AngeJlbut 
Louc.yet Sampfim was fo rcropred, and he had »n excel- 
lent (hength : Vet was Salomt<t fo feduccJ, and hee had 
a very good wittc, Cuftds But(hafi is too hard for Htr, 
tules Clubbc, and therefore too much od» for a Spa- 
niards Rapier: Thefirrtand lecoodcaufe will not ferue 
my tunie ; the P»f[ado hee refpeds not , the TltuOo he 
legardsnot ; his difgrace is td be called Boy , but his 
glorieisto fubduemen. Adue Valour, ruft;R«pier, bee 
M\ Drum, for your manager is in loue ; ye« bt« loueth. 
A(rtft me fome cxtemporail god of Rime, for I em fure I 
(hall tume Sonnet. Dcuifc Wit, write Pen, fori nm for 
whole volumes in folio. (x$t. 

fprn Adtufrmm 




Lxmes Lahour's loft. 

AUui Secunda. 

4aJ ihrtt Lfrdi. 

ttjit. Noy» Mtdani fommon vp your <Je*rrfl fpirit* 
ConGdcr vwho khc King yout Cathei fendi 
To v*hon> he reo<U, tnd v»hat i hii EmbafTte 
Your I'elff ,held pr rcioui in the world* cfleerre, 
To p J' ler ^\ iih the (ole lohcf hcUT 
Orill perfcdlioni ihji a min may ov;f , 
M»tchlc(Tf N*uarTf fhi pica of no leffe weight 
Then /4^miMne,i Downe for a Qjieenc. 
Be no^ li p'odi^ll of aJl dwe grace, 
/n Nature wai in m«king Gricej deare, 
When fbe did ftarue the generill world bef)de , 
And prodigally paue them ajltoyou. 

Qtieen. Good L-^ojef, my bcaiuy though hot mean. 
Necdi not the pamted flouri(h of your priife 
Beauty is bought by iudgement of the eye , 
Not vttred by bafeftle ol chapmeus tongues 
l»m lefTe proud to heareyou tell my worth, 
Then you much filing to be counted wife. 
In fpei\ding your wit in the praife of romc. 
But now to luVt thetatVet.good Bfjrf, 

Prtn You are not ignorant all-icllingfame 
Doth noyfe abroad hl*nir hath tuade a vow. 
Till painefull ftudiefhill out. weare three yeares. 
No woman may approach hi» fi!cr)t Court ; 
Therefore id's feemtthitanecdfuilcourfe, 
Before we enter hi$ forbidden gates , 
To know his pleifute, and in that behiJfe 
Bold of your worthinelTc, we fingle you, 
A« out btft mooing fajre foliciter • 
Tell him.thc daughter of the Ktng of Frince, 
Ob feriout bufitiefl"; craning quicke difpatch. 
Importunes perConall conference with his grace 
HxjRc, fignine fo much while we attend, 
Like humble vitg'd-feiMrj his high will. 

Bey. Proud of imployment, willingly r goe £jn/. 

Prin. \\1 pnde is willingpride,»nd yours :» fo 
Who are the Votaries my louing Lord* , ihatarrvow • 
fcllowei with this vcrtuouj Duke ? 

Lpt. LfsgduiS If one- 

frmt. Know you the roan ? 

I LnJtf. I ki>ow him Madame ata marriage feaA , 
Betweene L, Perigcrt am' the bcdutious beire 
Of /4^«« FtuKf^idgi folcmnir.ed. 
In Nermanitt faw 1 this Lan^atiU , 
A rTt*n of foueraignc parts he is cfteemM : 
Well fitted in Arts, glorious in Arme* ; 
Nothing becomes him ill that he would well 
The Qociy foylc ofhis faire vertugj gloffe, 
If »ertues glofTe wil! ftaine with any foile, 
Isartiarp witm2tch*dw.'ithtocblunta Will. 
Wbofe edge hath pov.'er to cut whofe wiUilill will*. 
It fViould none fparc that conw within hi? power 

T>riH, Some merry mocking Lord belike.ift fo? 

I, oil. iTbey fay fotnoft,th*t moft his humors knc^. 

Pnn. Such fliort liud wit j do wither as they grov.. 
Vr^io are the reft? 

a XW.Th« yoDg Z)««»<M«,a well «c complilht yo- th, 

Ot ail that Vertu*I©«e, for VtaotloBe^. 

MoH powet lodof moAhartM,lMnVnowki^ilJi 

For he htth vmi ro tnaVe an iD fbape jood. 

And fhape to win grate thoo|h me had rvo wit, 

I faw him at the Duke AltoifMi 

And mufh too little of that good I Crw, 

|i my report cohis great wcft'riir»cfie. 

"Ktf* AnothfT of thefe SikKlemiKihMtir»e, 
Wai there with nim,ai Ihauehcafda trwlk 
BertttHi they call him, buta raenin man , 
V.'ithin the limit of hecommlng mirth , 
Irtcuafpcn:an nouiei talke withalL 
His eye begtti occafjon for hit wii , 
For euery obied that the one doth citth 
Theoihcrturneitoa mirth-mouingiefL 
Which his faire tongue (ccrceiu eipofiior ) 
Deiiuert in fuch apt and gr acioui words , 
That aged rarcs play creuir.t at hii talea. 
And yonger hearings are quire rauiftied. 
So fweet and roluble i> his difcourfe 

^rm. God Ulcfferoy Ladies, arc they all inlot)e> 
T^at cuery one her owne hath gamifhed , 
With fuch bedecking ornaments of ptaife 

Aia Hcere comts tora 

Emo Bojtt, 

Prim. Now, what tdmituix« Lord ? 

ttjrt. Naujtr had notice of yourfaire approacti , 
And he and hu competitctj ir. oath , 
WereaJletkbefl to meete you gerrtJe Lady 
Before J came - Murie thus much J baue ieamt, 
He rather mcanes to lodge you in the field, 
Line one that comesheeretobcfiegehij CoBti, 
TftefTfeckc a difpenfaiion for his oath ; 
Tolct you enter his Unpeopled houfe. 

Emter N^mjt, L»ng*uiB, Duanmt ^txd Butane. 

Heere comes Ntmtr 

NdH, Faire PrmceiTe,weIcom tothe Court o^N^Mtr 

Prm. Faire Igiueyoubacktajfaine , and vielcorr** I 
hauenof yet : thert>3fe of thu Court js too higluobt* 
yourt, and welcome to theiK icefields, toobafet«W 

Nam You (ball be welcomr Midam to my Court. 

Prm. I wil bcwelcomether,;C&*iduftme;h)thef. 

N4» Hearemc cetreLadv.Ihauefwom.i in carh. 

Pnn Our Lady help: my Lord,he II be forfworrje. 

A'4» Not for the world fai.-f ?(lidam,by my wjlL 

PrjM. Why, wjU dull breabe it v:ill,ar.d noibing eli 

K(yt. Yoar Ladifhipisignorant whsr it is. 

Prtf. Were rT:y Lord fo, his ignorar. :c \"?cre viife, 
Where now his k.nowledgc mufl pro'je -gnoranc*. 
I heare your grace hith fwomc oui Houfeckeepisg : 
Til deadly fir.fie to keeps that oi'ch my Lo;dj 
And fmne to breaks it.: 
But pardon ms,I srs too rodainc bold, 
7 o teacH'a Ttacbf: ill befeeciKh tot. 
VottchftTe to ttM the purpofc of my ctxmaing. 
And fodainly rtfolue me in my fuite. 

A'lW. Midara.I wili, if fodainly I tntf. 

Pritt. You will the foonsr that I*were away, 
^EpryooTl proueperior'd if yoo make mr fhy. 

Sertw, Did aot I dance with you in Brtler^ once? 

Rffa, Did oo: I (i^nce With you ic Br(i^<< once ? 

B«r. I 

L oues: Laicurs loft. 

Ber. ! know yoc did. 

Rfifit. Hof needldTe was it theoto uk th« que{!ien? 

BfT. Youmuftnoibefcquicke. 

R$f». Tis long of you y fpar mc with fuch queflicos. 

TSer. Youf Wit's too hotpc fpeeds coo hH, 'cwill tire. 

Rtfd. NotcillitleauethcRiderintheaiirc. 

Ber. WhutitT.eadjy ? 

"Rfif*. The howre that foolei Csould a$k«. 

Bif. Now falre befall your maskc. 

Rof«. Faire fall the face Is coucri. 

Ber . And fetid you many touers. 

Rcfa. Amen.l'o you b&none. 

Btr. Nay then Willi b« gone. 

Kin, Madsmc^youi father hcere doth intimair , 
The paiment o^a hundred thoufand Crowncs, 
Being but th one haJfe. of an intire futnine. 
Drtburfed by my father in hii wanes. 
Btit fay that he, or we, ei neichn haue 
Rerciu'd that fumme ; yet there remainej vnpald 
A hundred thoufand more : in furety of the which, 
Orifipareof yf^tftfiiwisboiuid tova, 
Although not valued to the memeys wotth. 
If then the King your father will reftore 
But that one halte which ii vnfatiified. 
We will giuevp cur right in ^(jstitgme. 
And hold faire hiendOiip with hii MaieAie ; 
But that itfeemeshelittlepurpofcth. 
For here he doth demand to haue repaie, 
An hundred thoufaml Crownej, and not deiiands 
One painif nt of a headred thoufand Crownes , 
To haue hit title liuc \nt/4emitam<f. 
Which we much rather had depart ivltha!! , 
And haue the money by our father lens. 
Then tyf<ji»ii^f, (o gnslded ts it it. 
Desre Ptincefle, were not hi» rcquefts fo fiirre 
fttxn teefont ycelding^your faire felfe fhould iT«cke 
A yet-lding 'gaind foffle reafoa in my brcft , 
And goe viell Catijfied to framrt agains. 

frin. You doe the King my Fasher too much wrcng. 
And wrong the repoiation of your name , 
In fo frtfeeming to confefie recevi 
Of chat which hath fo faithfully l>cene paid. 

tin. 1 doe protein Ineuer heard of^it, 
A»difyouproueit,l!ercpayit bsdrct 
Or yeeid «p A^uit^ne. 

friti. We atreft your word : 
S«/cr,you cttn piodeccscqaittanen 
For fuch 3 fucmne, tironrv fp«ci£il OfHcers, 
Of Ci^-Zw his Father. 

Ktn. Satisfie me fo. 

Bojct. SoplcjfcyouiGraeCjtbepackttisnotcofl'e 
Where that snd Jthn fpedalties ere bound. 
To morrow you fhall haue« fight of them. 

Kiw . It (hell fufSceme } 6S vwhich cntenriew, 
All liberall rcafon would I yeeld vnto : 
Meane time, receiue foeh wckomc at my hand, 
At Honour, without breach of Honour may 
Make tender of, to thy true worthiricfie. 
Yms may not come faire Ptinccffe tti myf;«tC5, 
But htrere without yon (hsll be fo reeciu'd, 
A» you fiiail rieeme your feife locig'tiin r-ry heart, 
Though to dcni°d farther hatboutin my boufe : 
Your owne good thoughts cxcaft tnc,aod htzsiHSX , 
To morrow we flKafi ?i(it you a j^aine« 

Prm. S V. t« health & faire dcfires confort your grace. 
Kiso Ihy own wifh wifli I theciiti eatsf place. EjtX 


Dry. Lady, I will conimcnd you to my ownc heart, 
l^.'S.tu Prsy you dcse my ccmmendjitions, 
I would be gUd to Qte it. 

Bey. I would yon hesrd it grone. 

L*.7^. It ihefoulcficke ?. 

B^. StckeflL the heart. 

lM.Re. Aiacke,Iet: it blood. 

Bey. Would that doc it good ? 

l^JLt MyPhifickefjictl. 

'B(^ Will you pricL'c with your cycr. 

i^ Rf. Ke feprtt with fry knife. 

Bsj. Now God faue thy life. 

La,Hp. And youtsfircm long iicing« 
''Ser, I cannot Ray ttiankf-giuing. 


Emttr Dnaane. 

Dxm. Sir.TpTAy ycrti 8 word: What Lady it that fam?? 

licy. The heire of Ahafin^lUfaln her ti&me. 

*Ditm. A gallant Lady, Mounfiet fare yotj wcU. 

LtJig. 1 bcfccch you a wordj what it fht; in the white? 

^■*J, A wcHD&n fomtimvf , if yeu Taw ber io ilie licht. 

Lemg. Perchance light in the light -. I de{ire her tuuie 

'3ey. Sheehanh hue one for her feife, 
Todefitcthat weteafliame. 

L^. Pray yoti fir, whoi'e daughter ? 

B»f. He: I^Iothcrs, I haue heard. 

Lmi^. Godi blefHng s your beard 

Bej, Good fir be not offended , 
Shce is in heyrc oiFasalconhtJge. 

Long. Nat*, my cholkr is endni : 
Shce it a mot^ fwect Lady. EKct-Z^ao, 

B»f. Not volikeTir, that may be4 

GfttiT Bcronme. 

Ber. What'i her rjstr.e tn the cap. 

Bey. Katbertmth^oooAhi^. 

Ser. Ii fhe wcd^ied, or no. 

Ssy. Toherwil!(tr,cr fo. 

Bur. You ate wekomc fir, atliew. 

T'fj, Fave welitomefir.and weLcooiejoyou: Exit. 

^4 AfAThat i«(t it Berf»fte, the mefy aiid'Cip Lofti. 
Not a word with Kjm, but a icft. 

E«^. And eucry hfBbut a word. 

Fri. It was welldonecfyou to tckehtnia;:bi£WCT(J. 

Bejf. I was at willing to grapp!e,u he wss to bsord 

L4.M1U Two hot Shcepcs m&rie : 

And wherefore net Shipj ? (!ip». 

B»j. No Sheeps^fwcet Lsiiib)vr.le(re we fwd on yot« 

La. Yo!i Sheep & 1 paflure : fhaJl chat r;ni{}ich€ ifcft ? 

"Bcj. So ycu grant oaOure for ;!iae. 

JL-t. Not fogcnjlc bead. 
My lipt ^' noCosimoni tltoughfcuer^J chey be. 

8a, Belonging to whom? 

Ltt. To ray fortunes end me. 

Prm. Good wits wii be ianglriY^ bue gentles Igrtf. 
Thisciinil warreof wiu wereinuih better vfcd 
On Nanur and hijbooktroen.fcr hcere "ti: abac'd. 

Bi. lfroyobferuation(which rcry feidon-iclieB 
By the heart* ftill .l»eto:lcic,dirclofcd with* f y si) 
Dcc^iuc me not new, A'^tawrir JofjJied. 

JPrw. With what? 

IS: With chat which we Lcijetsinutls a££e^%ed. 

Prin. Yourreafon. 

Be, Why all hit behsoioWx doe make cheirt-etirc. 
To ihecoun of hit eyc,peeping thorough dtfire. 
Kit hart like aa Agot with your print impreiFcd, 



Loues Lahourt lofl. 

Proud With hit forme, In hiteicpritkciprcfTcd. 

Hit tongue ill impatient to fpokc and not fca. 

Dirt (tumble with haftc in hit nf-fight to b«. 

All fcncci to (hat fence did make their rtpaifC, 

To fecic onely looking on fsireft of fiire : 

Mc thought all hli fcncei were lockt in hi« eye. 

A» lewcli in Chiifttll for fome Prince to buy. (r)>**> 

Who tcndring their <jv»n \wonh from whetice ihey wcic 

Did point out to buy ibem along at yoa paft 

Hii facet ovme mirgcnt did coacc fuch zmarci. 

That allcyetfauvhiseici inchanc4cd wichga«ea. 

lie Piucyou >4^«<rA<i)f,and allthat ishii, 


'Prtn. Come to our Pauillion^Sc^n ii dilpofde 

Bro.But to fpesb that in words,which hi* ctehttb <bC 
loneiiehfccmadcsmouthofhiseie, Reload- 

3/ adding a congue,whirh J know will not lie 

^tfi^.^a.Thoo arc an old Loue-«Dooger,and fpctkcA 

Lad. Ma- He is Citfidi Grandfaiher^aod lesroet orw« 

Lai. \, Then vayimui like her mocher, foe bor (a ■ 

Baj. D o y ou Iieare my tna d wencho t 

La,\. No. 

Bty. What thca,do you fee ? 

Lad-x. I,oi2Tvraytobegoac* 

"Sty, Yoo ars roo hard for tor.* fwjnr o/m*i 


Eater Braggart cud Boj. 

Fm. Warble childt,makcpa(nonaten^fenfec»?haa- 

Bvf Coflcol'mel. 

"Brag, Sweetc Ayet, go tendemeffe of yeares : cake 
this Key, g'lue et^Urgcmen; lo the fwatne, bring him fe- 
ftinady hither: I muft imploy him in a letter toroy 

Bey. Will you \Min ycur loae with a French braule? 

Bra. How ipean^f) ihoa,brsulJng in French } 

Boj. NernyconipleatrnafteT, buttoIiggecj^Tanffls 
St the tongues end, csnane to ii wUb the feete, humour 
k wid) turning vp youreie : figb a note and (ing a net?, 
foceetime through the tbrosc? : if yoti fwallowcd loue 
with (inzing, loue focnetvns throogh : nofe ais if you 
fiiaft vp lOue by fmelling Joue with your hat pemhcHife* 
like ore the fliop of your cies, with your anaes croft on 
youTihinbeliic doublet , like a Rabbet on s fpl:,c» your 
hands in your pocket, !ik< a man after the old painnrg, 
and keepe not too long in one tune,but a fnip and away : 
thcfe arc complements, thef? are htjinotirc, tbefe bctraic 
nice wenches that would be betraied w<ihot» thefe^tnd 
mak e them men ofnote : do yoc note oen that aoS are 

Brag, How haft thoQ pureb^Ted :his espcticoct ? 

Biy. By my penne of obreraetioxi. 

Bnt^. BwO.buiO. 

Boy. The Hobbie-horfe I s forgot. 

Br». CalftthoumyloueHotjbi-horfe. 

Bty. NoM»fter,theHcbb4e.bcrf«isbut&Cc.%and 
andyottx Louepcrh£p:yt Hacknie : 

But Kaoc you forgot yoiH Lou«> 
Brag. AlrnoAl had. 

bij Negligent Hudcnt,ie«nK ho by beet. 
Brag. By heart, and in hesn Boy. 
Bof AoaoutefbcanMaA«r:ciJibo£t dKtr I will 

Brag. What wilt thou prooe^ 

"Bvf. A tnan,ifl Lu<(ar>Jthu)by,M»andw^chc8r,r^ 
onthe tnftant : by heart you loue h^,becau!e)^(xtr heart 
cannot come by net : in ncart you loae Kcr,bccati(« your 
bean ii in loue with her : ar>d out ofbcin yoo loue ba, 
betr>g out of heart that you caoooi cnioy hex. 

"Brag. I am all thcfe three. 

"Bvj. Arid three times aa much morc»Md yet f\a(hlag 

Prag. Fetch hidi£r the Swalnc, he ibbQ cairie mat i 

Bay. A meflJgewell&mpatbLs'd, aKocfetobeem- 
bafiadour for an AfTe. 

Brag. Ha.lia.Wbat faieft thoo > 

BcjMuxx (ir,you roofl fend the AfTc rpoo ih«Ko(£l 
(or he is Tcrie flow gated : biu J goe. 

8rag. Theway isbutfbort^w'y, 

B»j Aa fwtfc a« Lead fit. 

Brag. Thy meaning prcTtie ingentaua, k noiLaAJ i 
cne-iTsll heauie,duil,arvd flow } 

Btj. A//M<jpwboa£AM after .or rather blci^cui 

Brad. I fay Lead ii flow. 

Bay. Yoa ate too ^wifi fir to fay (o. 
If thu Lead flow which is fir'd from a GuTJte:^ 

"Brag. SweeteCiDokeotRhetorilts, 
H: reputes me 3 CanncTsand the Balkt tbaM.he I 
I fhocte tbee^t the SwiitK. 

2*^. Tbtimp then^and I flee- 

i>r<i. A (nofi accic lut2et^!,relabk>itd£rce "^f^nAj 
B V thy fanoor fweet Welkin^ taufi figb In thy bc& 
Inofi rade oxlancbQlie,Vaiour giuei thee plaice. 
Mj hex«ld is retoot'd. 

tntir Vc^ aad Gownct 

pjg. AtroadcrMaBer,bcre'seC)l?.in^brckxn In a 

Ar. Soneetupna, Ibaenddls, come, cby L r s, ' ^ 

CU. No egn}3,geridd]e,ne^n3^, {>eUnc, in thee 
mcle iir. Of hr, Plaotao, « plaice Plantao ; ooicnv^iOO 
teac7,no Salus fujbut a Plsntaiv 

jir. By rernM thoa inforceft lasghter, thy QStitt 
thoaght,tay rpletme,the heauing of my iunget prouokca 
OBC to redJcttlous fmyliag : O pordco ire icy ftara, iotb 
the :nceR6deratfrtaJice/J<te for Cna^'. aod the word^<*- 

PiV. Doe the wife cbioketfaoo other, u tut iirMvy 8 
fiimf (pii^ae, 

Ar. No ?agt, it is aa ^ilogtxr or difceorfe to caake 
Some obfintre precedence that harh tofcre bin hsiZ 
Now will ?begin your momUj aod do yoafallovir wiih 

The Foxc,th€ Ape,and <ix Hambte-Bee^ 

Were 8ill at oddes.bdng bsu th?ce. 
Arm. VatiiitheGoofecaoeositofdooie, 

Staying the oddes by adding foe;?. 
'■S-Agao^ ttsc^.eading intheGoofe: wotddfcy 

O* The Boy hath fcld hfm abercaine^Goofe,tJB;*5 

Loaes Lahoms loJL 


Sir,your perny-worih is good,afl<J your Goofe be fat 
To itU a bargaioe well it t$ cunniog as fftfi aad loofe : 
Let me Te^ a hi Letsnsj,\ thsc's a fac Goofe. 

Ar. ComshitheifcomehJcher : 
How did this a)gurAsntb«ein^ 

^. Byfa;irgthu3C(7yr,:n/w&$brokeuina(hin. 
Thco cal 'dyou for tb« ZaJ/j^c)' 

CioM. Tnie,and I for a Plsntan : 
Thus can>e yo ur argument in 
Th«n the Boyei fat Lrtaey, the Goofe that you bought, 
Aiid We ended the imrftet. 

jir. But tell me : How wAt ibere a Coftard btoken in 

a (Villi' 

Pag, I willteUysufencibly. 

pow, Tliou haft PiO feeling of It A/«fk, 
I wtll Ppcalw that l^emtey, 
I C(>/?<jr<^ funning out.thatwai fifely wuhin, 
Fell ou«r the threfhoId,and broke my (Viin 

Arrn> We will lalke oo more of ihu mattei 

Cluw. Till there be more matter in the (hin. 

yfTO7. Sirra^tf^W,! will infranchife thee. 

Ciav, O,m»memetoone/>««w,irmell fonieLw* 
iw}-, fomeCoofe in this;. 

Ana. By my fweete foule.I meane.fetting thee at li- 
bcrlie. Enfreeclomm« thy perfon: thou wenetnured, 

Clfw. True,true,aDd now you will be my purgatiot), 
end let me loofe 

Arm. I gioe thcf tby libe rtie, frt thee from durance, 
and in Ilea thereof, impofe on thee nothing but this : 
Beire ihit fignificant to tbe couniray Maide la^enettt. ; 
there ii remuntraUon.for the b«A ward of tnint honours 
is rewMdmg my depend JOfc>. Aietb,(o\)ovt, 

Pag. Likctbefequelll. 
Signeur C*^ardsievi. £tit. 

Clout, My fweenounoeofmaAtflelhimy in-conK 
ItTif- Now wiUl lo«ke to hit renHjncratioo, 
Kemurveration, 0,that'>th< l^atme word for thre€-fat- 
ihingsi Thres-fatthingstemuration, What's theprice 
oftht$yncle?,Ucgiue you a remuneration ; Why? 
It carries it tcmuncrauon : WhyPIcbalbirerrame then 
aFrench-Cjowne- I will neuerbuy and fellout of this 

Bnttr Seraime, 

Ber. O my go^d knaucCty/dn/.esceedingly well met 

^iow. Pr&y yju (ir, Kowmuch Caiaatiort Ribbon 
may a man buy for a reRiuneracio>n i 

Ber, Wbctisaramineration? 

C«//, Manic fir.hslfc pennie farthing. 

Bff, O.Why Ihen threeCuth ings wo rlh of Silk*. 

Cofi, I ihankc your worfhipiGod be wy you. 

Ber. O ftay flaue,! mvft employ tbee : 
A| thou wilt win my fiuouf,gQcd my knaue. 
Dee one thing for mz that I {haUiDUeate. 

Cieof, When would you hsuelt doiM dt i 

Ber, O thjiafier-n3cne, 

Qo. Wcll,IwLlldoeitfir:'F3reyouv»8lL 

SeT, Otlicukncw€{\notvwhati{l». 

CU. I (hall kaovi {ir,when I hat;e dotvc Ic. 

B*r, Why viltaine thou mvtd knov? fir3. 

C£3, 1 wU ctMiK to your wotfbip to morrow morning. 

Ber, I: nufl be done this aftcT-noone. 
Harke it but diss : 
The PrtBceffe comci to hunt here 1 n the Parl<e, 

And in Ler trsinc there is 8 gentle Ladic .- 

When tongues fp*8k fweetlv.then they name hernamc, 

And RojaliiU thry call her,a<];e for her : 

And toher white hstid fae thou do commend 

Thisfcald-vp counfaile. Ther i tliy guerdon ; goe. 

Ch. Gzrdcfl.Ofweete garden, benerthenrcmune. 
iBtioo, a.leu(mpence-farthing better : moR fweete gar' 
don. I will doe jt Gr la print : gatdoo, temuneiation. 


Ber. O, ond I forfootb in loue, 
1 that haucbeene locet whip f 
A verie Beadle to a humerous figh : A Criticke, 
Nav,» night-watch Conftable. 
A dotnineering pedant ore ilie Boy, 
1 hen whom no mortall fo megnmcent. 
This wimpled.whyring.purblinde waiw^rd Poy, 
This fignior /*«/#/ gyant di»wfe,do,T Cupid, 
Regent of Loue-iimet,Lord of folded srmw, 
Th annointed foueroigne of fighes and groanes : 
Liedge ofall loycerers and malecooteiTts : 
Dr&jd Prince of PlaccatijKjng ofCadpeeces 
SolcFjnperatorand greatgenerall 
Of trotting Parratoft ^O my !itll« heart.) 
And I to be a. Corporal! of his field. 
And weare hir coioun like a Tumblers hoope. 
What? I loue,Ifue,I feeke a wife, 
A Nvoroan that is like a Germane QoaSte, 
Still a repairing i euer out of frame. 
And tJesier going a right,being e Watch : 
Bu^being watcht.thai itm&y flill goeiieht« 
Nay,tobepenurde,whichis worO of all. 
And among ihn>e,(o loue .the woifl of^Jl, 
A whilly wanton, wiiha veiuet brow. 
With two pitch bals ftucke in her face for eyes, 
I,and by b«uen,ooe that will doc thj deede. 
Though ArfUfweie her Eunuch and her garde 
And 1 to fi jh for her, to wajth for her, 
Tbptayforhfr,goto it u a plague 
That C'*f"^ ^'11 impofc for my neglvA, 
Of his abmgbty drsfldfuU little might. 
Well.I will loue,wfite,righ,pray ,*)vue,grone. 
Some men mu A loue my Lady, mid fo.iw lon<7. 


Enter ihe Pnnn^i^a ForteHer, htt Laditi,cmd 
her Lord/ 

£u. Was that the King that fpurd his horfe fo hard, 
Againfl rhe ileepc rprifiog of the hill ? 

8aj. 1 k(V)w not,but I ihinke it was not he 

Qu. Who «e*viras,aniow'd a mounting mjnde J 
WellLordi, to day we fcall haue oiw difpatch, 
OnSatttdjy wc wdlrctume to Ttjza:. 
Then Forr^termy fticod,Wheje Is the Bcfti 
That wcmuft Ratid end play th« murtherer in ? 

Fv H«»ebyvpon the edge of yonder Coppice, 
A Stand where you tvscy make thfifor^ft Oiccte. 

.^ 1 dianke my bcautie,] am faiic that Ihoote, 
And th«reupoo thou fpefik'fithefairtft fl- 1 -te. 

ler. Pardon me Madam, for I tnearx *. o. 

*}()■. What.whatlFtrfl prailV me,8c then again (ay no, 
O fliori. Kir'd piidc. Not laitc ? alacke for woe 

F«T. Yes 



for. Yci MaJimfsire. 

Qu. Nay,ncucr paint mc now, 
Where fiirc li not.praifc cannot mend the brow. 
Hcrc(good my glafTe) take thii for telling true : 
Fairc paiment for foult \worrJ(,ii more then due. 

Ter. Nothing but fairs ii tint which you inherit. 

^. Sec,fec,niy bcauiie v/i!l be fau'd by merit. 
O lierefic in for thcfe dayea, 
A giuing hand,though foult, (Viall haue fairc praifc. 
Biitcomt.thcBow ; NowMcrcicgocieokiu, 
And fhooiine wcll.u then eccounied ill : 
Thui will I (auc my credit in the flioote. 
Not wounding, piitie would not let me do't : 
If wounding, thoi it wat to (hew my skill. 
That more for praifcthen pmpofe meant to kiiU 
And out of qucAion/o it ii fon:ctimes : 
Glory crowcs guiltie of detcfted crimes. 
When for Fames fakc.for prsife an outward paR^ 
Wc bend to ihat,the working of the hart. 
As I for praifc alone now feeke CO fpili 
The poore Deeres blood.ihat my heart meanrsno ill. 

Bay. Do not curft wiues hold that felfe-foucraigntie 
Oiielv for prailc fake.when they ftriue to be 
Lords ore their Lords ? 

^. Onely for praife.and praife we may aiford. 
To any Lady that fubdewcsa Lord. 

Enigr Clawnt. 

Boy. Here comes a member of the common -wealth. 

Cle, God dig-you-den all,pray you which is die head 

<^<.Thou fhalc know her fcllow,by the reft that hiuc 
no head;. 

Clo. Which is the greatcft Lady.tbc higheft^ 

Silt. Thethicken.and the tallcft. 

Clo. The thickeft,& the talleft : it i j fo, truth is truth. 
And your wafteMifttis, were as (lender as my wit, 
One a thcfe Maides girdles for your.wa{^e fhould be fit. 
Are not you the chiefe wom3?You are the thirke(t here? 

Qjt^ Whats your will (ir ? What's ybor will ? 

Clo. I haue a Letter from Mon tier !3n-«t»Rc, 
To one Lady Rofaline. 
Qjl O thy lectcr.thy lc«er:He« a good friend of mine. 
Stand a (ide good beafer* 
'Fojetf you can carue, 
Breake vp this Capon. 

"Bcjet. I am bound to ferue. 
T hisLetter is miftookc : it importcth none here : 
It is writ CO fatjtteaetu. 

Qjj, Wc will reade it,l fweare. 
Breake the necke of the Wue^and euery one gkieearc. 

"Boyet reades. 

DYheaucn,thar thou art faire, israoft infallible: true 
that thou arc beauteous, truth it felfie that thou an 
ioucly ; more fairer then faire,be3UtifuU then beautious, 
truer then truth it felfc: haue comifcration on thy hcroi- 
call Va(rall. The magnanimous and moft illuftrite King 
(^of'settM f« eie vpon the pernicious and indubitate Beg. 
get Zentlcfhni: and he rt was that might rigiitly hy^e- 
rt,vidi,viei: Which tc annothanire in the vulgar, O 
bafe and obfcure vulgsr ; viitUftt, He came, S€e,and o- 
uercame : hee came one; fee, two; couercame three. 
Who came / ihe King. Why did he come ? to fee. Why 

didbeteef to ouerrom«. T6 whom earache^ to the 
Brggrr. What (aw he i" theBegger. Who cuer^ince 
he ? the Bt^gtf . The condafion ii T»^one : On wViofe 
fide? thcKirg (hcraMio« is inrKht : OnwF^ofcfide? 
the Beggcri The caialtrophc is • Nupitall : Kjr\ wtkofc 
fide r tne Kmgi: no,on both in occ,ot one in both. 1 am 
the King (for fo Hands the comparfon) thou rS« Beg- 
gcr, forfo wiinelTeth thy lowl,nc(rc. Shall I (omcae.nd 
thy loue > 1 may. Shall I enforce thy lout I \ could. 
ShaUIentreitcihyloue/ I will What, ^.ttc tnoutx* 
change for raggci, roabes^ fortiti^ci titles, fof thy felfe 
m«. Thus eipe^ing thy reply, Iprophancmy^pt on 
thy fooie, my eyes on thy piaure, and my heart <>n thy 

Thim in the Jea-tfi 'iefi^n* nfindajhtt, 
Don Adtianadc Armacha 

Thus doft thou heare the Nemear. Lionroare, 
GainH thee thou Lambe.ihat fta.ndcfl aihupray : 
Submifnucfall his princely ftete before. 
And he from forrage will incline to play. 

But if thou llriue (poore foule) what an thou then ? 

Toodc for his tage, repallute for bis den. 

Sin- Whatplumeof feathers is hee thai InditeJ thii 
Letter ? What veine ? What Wethercockc? Did yoa 
etKT heare bcaer .■• 

"Bij. I am much decetued,bot I remember the f^ile. 

^.Elfcyour nnemoneisbad, going ore it ercwhilc. 
^•y.This ArmAio is iSpaniard that keeps here in court 
A Ph»ntafut»e>aMonarcho,afld one that nvakes fporr 
To the Prince and hit Booke- mates, 

Sll^ Thou fellow, a word. 
Who gaoc thee this Letter ? 

^W. I cold Lord. 

Qu. To whomfhouid/^thougiucit? 

Clo. From my Lord to my Ledy. 

Qu. From which LordjCo which Lady? 

Clo. From my Lord Bcrawne^^ good maiVer of miner. 
To a Lady oiFranet, thu he call'd Ripdru. 

^.Thoflhaflmi(taken his letrer.Come Lords away. 
Here fweece, put vp thi>,'twiil be tlime anot!;cr day. 


"Baj. Who is the (hooter? Who is the (hooter # 

^ft. Shall I teach you to know. 

3^. I my continent ofbeautie. 

Ropu Why ffie that bores the Bow. Finely put off. 

"Bey.lAj Lady goes to kill homes, but if thou tsiarrie. 
Hang me by the necke, if homes that yeart mi(canle. 
Finely put on. 

R»ft. Well ihen.I am the fhooter. 

"Btj. AndwhoisyourDeare? 

Rof*. If we choofe by the hornes.y our felfc come ux. 
aeare. Finely pu; on indetde. 

Maria. You (lill wrangle with her "hcjet^ aftd fhee 

(hikes at the brow. 

'Bojet. But flie her (elfe is hit lower: 
Haue 1 hit her now. 

Rjofi. Shall I conwvpon thee with vn old fayingjthat 
was a man when Kir.g?(;f«ofFr<tB« was a little 
touching the hit it. 

'Bajtt. Sol mayanfwere cbee with one as old that 
was a woman when Queere Cairtcutr Q^'Srinam was a 
licde weoch, as touching the bit it. 

5*/k. Thou 

Ijxtes Lahours lojl. 


Hit inteliedis not replenished, heeit onely an animal I 
ondy renfible in the duller parts: and <uch barren plants 
are fet before rt,that we thankful! fhould be : which vvf 
ceAe and fi:eling,aie tot thofe pattt that doe fiu^ifie in 
vs nore then he. 
For as it would ill become tnc to be Tainefindifcrect^or 

a focle { 
So were there a patch fct oo Learning, to fee him in a 

But emnc htne f»y I.being of an old Fathers mindr, 
Many can btooke tlic v/cather,that loue not the winde. 

Did. Youtwostebook-men: Can you tell by your 
wit, What was a month old itCains birth; thai $ not fiue 

Hot. 'Didifim* goodman Dull, di^ifirm goodman 

Dul. yN\\M\idiQiTnA} 

Nath, A tide to Pht6e,tQ Liin/i,xa the Meone. 

Hot. The Moone was a month old when y^aUfM was 
no more, (fcore. 

And wrought not to fiue-vveejtcs when he came to fiue- 
Th'slluHon holds in the Exchange. 

Dm/. 'Tis tiue iodecde, the Collufion holds in the 

//i/.God comfort thy capacity^ fay th'alluHon hoide 
in the Exchange. 

Dttt. And I fay the poluiion holds in the Euchange : 
forthc Moone is neuet but a monch old : and ( fay De-> 
fide that, f was a Pricker that the PcinceHe kill'd- 

Hal. Sir Nath^otiel, will you hcare at) cuemporall 
Epytaph on the d««th of the Deare. and to humout 
the ignorant call d the Deare, the PrinceiTc kill'd a 

Niuk Ptrgt, good M. Ho&fejvei,per^ef foiilhall 
pleafe you to abrogace fcurilitic. 

Hot I will fomething aBcA the letter, for ic argues 


rtpretrteplej/ing Prickft, 
Some faj a Sore, but net efore, 

till now made fore withjhopttag 
The Dogges dtdjetl^ne ell tn Sortt 

then Soreli iumpi from tbiekef : 
Or Pricket, faret or elfe Strell^ 

the people fall a boating. 
If Sore be fore, then ell to Sore, 

rmkesjifiiejam Oforell : 
Of one fore I an hundred mak» 

iy adding 6iu oat more L. 

Nath. A.rare talent. 

Did. If a talent be a claw, lookehowheclawesbim 
with a talent. 

Nath. This is a gift that I haue fimple: fimple,a foo- 
liiKextrauagoni fpirit.fuU of formes,(iguret,fhapes,ob- 
ie(^s,Idcas,apprehennons,motions,rtuolutions. Thefe 
are begot in the veotiicle of memoric, noun(ht in the 
wombc of ptim3ter,and deliuered vpon the mellowing 
of occafloa : but the gift is good in thofe in whom it is 
acu(e,andlamthankfullfor it. 

Hoi. Sir, I pcaife the Lord for you, and fo may my 
parishioners, for their Sonnes are well tutot'd by you, 
nnd their Daughters profit very gtea tiy rndei you : you 
ate 3 good member of the common-wealtlL 

Nath. WfS;CTfi>, IfthciiSor.ncabcingennous, thry 

I 2 

fsfa. Thou canA not hit it,hh it,hlc v.. 
Thou catuil not hit itmy good-man. 

"Bey. I cannot, c2nnot,ctnnoc: 
/ind \ cannot,another can. Exit. 

Clo. By my uoth mcft pleafant,how both did£t It. 
T^ar. A marke marueilous well ,(hot, for (bey both 

did hit. 

Hoy. Amark,Omarkebutth«tmAike lamatkef&ies 

my Lady. 

Let the mark haue a pricke in' meat at, if it may be. 

Mnfo Widea'th bow hand.yfaith your hand is out. 

Cle. Indecde a'muA (boote oeacer, or hede ne re hit 

the clout. 
"Soy, And ifmy hand be out, then belike your hand 

is in. 
Clo. Then will Qiee get the vpShoot byde^uingthe 

is in. 
TtU, Cojiie,come,y ou talJte greafcly, your lips grow 

Clc. She's too bard for youat pricks,(ir chollengeher 

to boule. 
BcJ. I feate too much rubbing : good night my good 

Clo. By my foule a S waine,a mod Simple Clowne. 
Lord.Lord, how the Ladies and I haue pUt him downe. 
O my troth moft fweeic icfts^moft inconie vulgar wit, 
When it comes fo finoothly ofr,fo obfceneIy,M it were, 

Armtxtheti^ to the fide,0 a moH dainty man. 
To fee him waikebcfore a Lady^nd to beare her Fan. 
To fee him kSfl* his hand, and how mof\ fweetly a will 

fwe are : 
And his Page atother (tde,diatb«nd(ullofwit. 
Ah heauens,it is moS patheticall nic 
Sowla/owlz. Sxeunt. 

Shoote within. 

Enter Dali^Holoferres /he Tedant and HathanltL 

Kdr. Very rcuerent fpon iruely,3nd done in the refti> 
mony ofa good confcience. 

Pcd. The Deaie was(as you know)ranguis in blood, 
ripe as aPomwater.whonowhangeth like • Jewell in 
the cate ofCelo the fkic •, the wclken cheheaueo, and «- 
nofl fallcih like a Crab on ihn face ofTifrrjjthe royle,the 
Uod.the earth. 

Curat JIath. Truely M.Helofemet ,tnt epythithes are 
fweetly varied like a fcholler at the leaft: but (u I aSTure 
ye. it was a Bucke of the firft head. 
Hoi. Sir Nathaniel, haudcreds. 
liul. Twasnot aAl4<Micmi','cw^ta?ricttet■ 
Hll/. Kioft barbarous intimation : yet a kinde of inli- 
mtatioo,3s it were OTvi4,tn way ofeapltcation/if^r*: as 
it were rcplication.or rather oJi:ntaTe,to fhow as it were 
his inclination after his vndtefled,vnpoli(hed, vneduca* 
ted,ynpruned,vntrained,or rather volettered, or rathe- 
reft vnccnfirmedfa(hion,toioiicxt againe my hand credo 

"Dul. . I faid thcDearc was not a baud credo, 'twas a 

HoL Twice (odlimpticicie. iiieo^uif Othoumon- 
fler Ignorance, Jjpw dcforn^ed dooft thoulooke. 
Nath. Sirhcehathneucffedof thctjainties that are 
He hath not cace paper as it were : 


L Qvis Labours toft. 

I v/ill cue i; CO I htm. But 'A'rfcfn (jut feuca l»<jiuiuf, a 
fouU Fcmiiitnc faJutcch vt. 

Faltr loqutvtTta aodiftt ^ownt. 

laqu. Cod glue you good morrow M.Psrfan. 

Njth. Mifler Pcffoii,fi/j/» Pcrfof>^Andifoncft)euld 
be perft. Which i: the err? 

C/«ALit[y M. Schooletr«fler,ht: ihnc is Hltrft to t 

Nuih, OrpcrfingaHogsfirad, a good luRcr of con- 
ceit in a turpKcf Earth, nrecnau^hToraFlirt, Pesile 
enough for a S wine i'tlipreitie,hi»wdl. 

t/iifit4 Good M^fltrPaifon b^fo good K ipademet 
ibis L(tter. itwasgiuenmee by C^/iz/ri, •odftoimee 
(torn Di/f jdrtnaiho f I bcfcccb yon rcwl* It. 

l^jtft. tccilcsrecor gtllidc ^tjuandopKOs otmiiafub t/nj- 
braiuminat, «na To forth. Ab geod old Mettuan, I 
may fpeakc of the e « the trauttler doch of yio/te, vtiry 
chie^vancha, qua tton te vuds.ifue nanicfemcht. O I d Afon- 
tuanifOid AiiOTtuim, Who vndcrftandeih thee noc, vt mo 
folUmlfa: Vn<Jcrpjrdoo(ir,WhaieretbecoBtrms?or 
rather as ^oTTiifiersy&i in hit, Wh«t(nyroalever(b$. 

Hot, I fujindve/y learned 

fftjh. Let inc hcsi« a (lafie,a n^nxe.a verft, ^^j^ do- 
If Lou« make me fbrfwomeihow Shai] 1 f«eaf« to io jef 
Ah neuer faith could hold,if not to betutie vovred. 
Though to my ftHe forfvworn^o thee lie f»ithfo!l proue. 
Thorethougtttstomec'wCTe Okcs. to theeUkeOfien 

Scudlehis byisleaues, and m«ke»hitbooke thine ryes« 
Where all thofe pieafurei liue, ih«c Ait would contprc 

I fknowledge be the (narke,to kno w thee (hill fuffice. 
Well learned is that tongue.thai well cnn ihcc cotocnd. 
All ignorem that foule,tn3t fee* thee without wonder. 
Which i» to me fotne prfti(V,chat i thy pans »<}mke ; 
Thy ^e fon*i lightning belies, thy voy ce his dicadfull 

Which not to anger bent, is m«fique,and (vf^t fire. 
Celcftiail as chou art.Oh pardon loue ihii wrong. 
That fings heauenspraile,with foch anearihlv tongue. 

/•rfi YaufincJcnottheapoiVraphas, an^ (o mifle the 
accent. Letmefu^cruifethecsngenet. 
• Nath. Here arc onely numbers ratified, bot for ihe 
elegancy, facility,& golden cadence oCpotCiecaret : O- 
itUdiM h7afo was the man. And why in deed N^f*, bot 
for fmelling oin the odoriferous flowers of fancy ? the 
ierkes of inuencion iroittrie is aothirg : So doth the 
Hound hit ntsHer, the Ape hii keeper, the tyred Horfe 
his rider : But DtmofefU virgm^ Wss this (lireAed to 

la^. I fir from one mounfier Uernne, one of the 
flrangc Queenes Lords. 

Natb/\ will ouerplancethc fuperfcript. 
T«the fHOvz-h/oitt: finrui sfihe ate/f ha^tieui LiUtjRohlmei 
I wilUooke againe on the inccllefi of the Letter, for 
the nomination of cbcpartie written to the pefTon writ- 
ten vnto. 
TeurXadipjips maSdiJired tmflo)-ment, Berowne. 

Ffr. Sir Wo/(7/t7j»/,this Berawne is ont of ^e Vct/ir Je$ 
with theKingiand here he hath framed a L«lcer to t fe- 
qucntoftheflTangSi-Quccncj; which acridenially, or 
bytheway of progreffion, Wj:1 mtfcanied; Trip and 

ft«c my fweri*, deiiuer thiiPrpw imo ththrvd of iKc 
King^ inty eoocrTneii»u<b iflxy not thy cofcplcmcrx^ 
lof giue tby dcc(t«,>duc. 

Alaid. CiooiCcfijrdgownYkmti 

(o0. Hauewiihther mytlrk. tzi'^ 

fid. Six yoa hau« done tni i m th« Ciare of God vtr/ 
religiouily r and aa t ceruioe Fat^iCT Ctith 

ftd. SiirtUnot ircofibcF»i>>«rJ tioffart colour*, 
ble coUMtriBtft 10 retwnc to the VcTfetJ>td they pteafe 
you fix NatKiuitJ } 

Natt. Mamdlous well for ibe pen 

Paia. I dodinecoday (I theftihme/i ent]irkePu- 
pillofmincv«Scr«i^(b•tngr«^f^) ufWipFnCeyobro 
gratific the cable with aCrace-I wdl oomy prtuOedgt I 
haue with the pcrrau of the fcotbid Cbildc or Vvtu), 
vndertake your tten vcvuvo, where I wkll prooc (bofe 
Verfet to be very vnleamtd, tieithcT f»»K>unftg of 
Poeirie, Wit , oor Inucntion I befeech your So- 

NiU- And thanke voa to; for Cocietie (faith the ttii) 
is the happlnciteof Uw. 

Pedu. And certej the text loofl ic&Uibly cxjo^min it. 
Sit I do inoite yo« too, yov ftiaU not £iy txx twy : fau 

Awf y,th« gentle* arc at ikdr gaxoe, and we will toovr 
icacauoo. £xrjn:. 

Enttr Benufve with a Vofv in hit haad^snc, 

Bifo. The King he h hiiating the D eare, 
I dm coarfing my fdfe. 

They have pitch t a Toyle, lamtoyliog in apyitii, 
pitch thitdcfilet; defile, afouJeworo: Weil, let tliec 
downe fotrow ; for fo they fty the fcolc Ciid, aod fo fay 
I, and I ifae foole : WeD pioocd wn. By ;he Lord tbu 
Loueiiasmadasy^i3x,iikiJsfhecpe, itkilsmee, I a 
Gieepe: Wei) protied agamc a my lide. I will not louc; 
If I do hang me : yfaiih i will not. O bu: her e^'e : by 
this light, but for her eye, I would ncM lout her; yvi.foc 
her two eyes. Well, 1 doe nothing in the wo.ldbjt lyr, 
and Nc in my throate. Byheauenidoel&u;,3od it hath 
kaugi)tineetoRiAe,andtoi7em3l!ichoI>e: tmi here it 
part of my Rime, acd heere my mtiUcholie. WtD. fte 
hatb ope a my Sonnets already, the Clowrve bore ic,the 
Foofe fent it, and the Ladv h«f h it : rweet Clowne.fwee- 
terFooleJWecten Lady.Ey the wor(d,lwculd0ot rai< 
a pin.if the other three were to. Here cotnes one witks 
papcr.God giue h«n grace to groae. 

Htfiistdja/iXt. 7be XnigtntKth. 

Kit}. Ay meet 

Ber. Shot by heauen- . f rDcee3efweef^«y.ii,thea haft 
thumpt him with thy Birdbok vntier oxkft pap dr. faitil 

K/J^. SofwettcakillethegoldenSuonegitiCjno^ 
To thofe firfh morning drops vpcrn the Rof;, 
As thy eye bewftes, whin their fre(h rayfehaae tmot. 
The nigbt of dew that on my cheekt-J downe flowes. 
Nor ftiines the filua Mooneone halfe fo brigSci 
Through the tranfptrent boforae of the despe, 
As doth thy face through teares of mit>t giue ifght : 
Thouftin'ft ineuery tearetbatldoewcrpe. 
No drop,but as a Coacb doth carry thee : 
So ridert chou triumphing in my woe. 
Do but behoid tl.c teares th^ i well in me, 
Aodthey thy glory through my grie& will (bow: 


.lams Jj<tkm$ lojl. 


Butdoci»clouethyrd&,ch«n(hou wiltkcepe 
MyteareiroiglifCs^and flillmakemewecpe. 
O Queene of Qu^cnes^w fanredoft thou eicell, 
No thought caoxtrink«,norcongue of itwrtall teiL 
How fhsU (he know my griefes ? He drop the paper. 
Sweet leauci (hade fbUJr. WhoMhccotMshccfC^ 

Eitn LnngaiiU- Tbe King fief s ajide. 

What LongmiUy and reading : liften ecre. 

B*r. Now in thy hketidle, one more fools appearr. 
L<mg. Ay me, I am forfwome* 
'Bar. Why hecomecinltkeaperioreiWearingpspCTS* 
L<w^. Inlouelhopt,fwe«feilowihip infhame. 
Bsr. One drunkard looei another of the mme. 
L«fi. Amltbcfirft^hauebecupeiiur'dfo? (kiv9w^ 
"Btr. I couldput thee in comfort, nocbytwodnt I 
Thoomakeft the uiumphery.ihecorDercspoffoci^Ke, 
The Hiapeof Loucs Tibum<;,thK hangf vp (implicitie. 
L»n. I feare ihefe (Kibborn h*nei lack power to moue. 
O fweet Mixria^ Emprefle of my Loae , 
Thefc nombetf will I tcare.and write in pro(e. 

Ber. O Rimes tic gards on wanton C/^iifbofir, 
Diifigurenoi liitShop. 

Loft. Thi I fame (hall goe. H* fta^s the Smart. 
Tiid iM th* htauenhf Rhftorkkg tfthinttj*, 
Cainfl whtm the world caantt bM argnmint^ 
PerfMjde mj httrt to tbiifMlfi permrte f 
A iVojiun I forswore, but I wiOprvue, 
Thou bemg « Ceddffftjl farfwort not ibte. 
My Vew tutt tarthfyt th«* a he4itenly Lom. 
Thj^racthewegain'd^cvrtt *Jldi/grae» in tnt, 
Vmct art hutvrtath, «ni breath a vafeur it. 
That thfU fairt Sitt,mbicii tmmf earth doefi/hinff 
Exhateflthie vtftr.vem, tn the«itm : 
Ifbrtbf then, ituwe fatlt efmine : 
If by me broke, lyitat f»»U u net ft i^fe 
To leoft <nr omth, to win 4 Paradife ? 
Ber. Thtt it the huer veineiwhich makei {Idh adcky. 
A grceoe Goofca Coddefl'e, pare pure Idolacty. 
Cod amend vt, God anxnd, we are ranch otKo'tb'iraj. 

Efiter Dm»4nie. 

Ltti, By whom Hull 1 fend thit (company? ) St>y. 

Bere. All hid.all hid, an old infant play , 
Like a dcmie Go6^ here fit I in the ikie. 
And wretched fooleiCecrctrheedfully ore-eye. 
More Sacki to the myll. O heaocna I base my wifti, 
/}w?i<«mrtrahifoTm'd, foore Woodcock* in a di(h. 

Dum O moft diuine ItiAr. 

Bert. OmonprophanecoKcombe* 

Dum, By heauen the wonder of a mortal! eye. 

Beret By earth (he i» ootKorporall, there you lye. 

Dtrm. Her Amber hairei for ♦oole hath amber coted 

Ber. An Amber coloated Rauen was well tMxed. 

Own. At vpright ■< the Cedar. 

"Ber. Stoope I fay her (houldo is with*child. 

Dnm. Asfairc aa day. 

Ber. I ai fomc daie«,but then no futuK muft (hmc. 

Dmn. Otb« I had my wi(h ? 

L»n. And I had mine. 

Kin. And mine too good Lord. 

Ber. Amcir,fo I had mine • It not that a good word ? 

Dum. I woutti forget her.but a Fcuer (he 
R«igne» in my bioud^uxl will remembred be. 

"Ber, A Fcuer in ^nout bloud why then locilion 

Would let her out in Sawecn, fweet mifprifion. 

Dum. Once m6re Ik read the Ode that I haue writ. 
BfT. Once more lie marke bow Lotie can varry Wir 

Dumamnadts hi Semttr* 

Onadojt, eJae^ the dtrf : 
Leue, wbcfe Month is ettery M^f 
Sfied a hloffotai facing fjisre 
Ptfjfifig in the wantma^/t • 
ThroMgh the Feifwrr, ietOa As wtak, 
jSUxmfimefean pcff^efmdti 
Tb/it the Louer fickf to JeatHj^ 
H'tjhbimfelfe the hetueni brettb. 
jijrt ((jmth he) thy eheekft easy Mw<r, 
^)1jre, wMtlA I might triumph fo. 
Butalaike "^ htmd i/ Jivgryie , 
Nire re plucky theefron thy tbreae.' 
Fom' tUcke forjcmh v tam tt t ^ 
Tenth fo apt te pintle nfwoet, 
'Dee not caB afimte tn mr, 
7hM lamforjwarve/be thee* 
TioH for whom loti would fwttm^ 
luno bia an t^tt^ uwv, 
AndJeniehimfetftfar idoe. 
Tumh^ mertnJlfer ity Levi* 

This will I feod.and (ometbingeHe mete pUine. 
That (hall tx^xaSt my tniCTlouet faAing paioe. 

would the King^eraame and Ltm^tuilU 
Were Loueri too, ill to example ill. 

Would from my forehead wipe a peritu'doott : 
For none offend, where ail alike doe daic« 

loH. Z)rM»/Mnr,thyLoueitfaxTefioiocbaritief 
That in Loues griefc defir'ft focietie : 
Voumay iockepalc,but lihotrid blu(Kl know, 
Tobeore-heard,aod taken napping fo> 

Kin. Come nr,you blo(h : as hit,your c«fcit (uch. 
You chide at him,offcndtng twice at (nuclu 
Yoodoe not loue Maria > LengoMiUf 
Did neuer Soimet for her (akc compile ; 
Ndrocaet lay hit wreathed armcs athwart 
His louiog keepe dov«ne hii hearts 

1 haue beene dofdy (hrowded in this bu(h , 
And matki you baih,aiHl for you both did bt\i(}a. 
I heard your guiitv KuT>et,offcru'd yourfa(hion: 
Saw fighe* reeke from you, noted ^^ell your psflion. 
Aye me.fayei one ! O /«stf,the other cnelt 

On her haires wereGold, Chiiftall the others eye) 
You would for Paradife breske Faith and troth, 
And lem (or your Loue would infringe ao oath. 
What will "Seraume fay when that he (hall heart 
Faith infringed, which fuch zeale did fweare. 
How will he rcoTne?how will he fpend iris wii ? 
How will he triQmph,leape,and laugh at it ? 
For all the wealch that euer I did fee , 
I Would not haue fnm know fo much by tne. 

Bere. Now Rep I forth to whip hypocri(te. 
Ah good my Liedge, I pray thee pardon me. 
Good heart. What grace naft ihou thus to rtprouff 
Thefe wortnes for lotfiog,that an moft tn knie ? 
Your eyes doe make no couchet in your teares. 
There is no certaine Prince3ie that appeares . 
Youll not be perim'd, 'tis a lietefbll thing i 
Ta(h,nonc but Minftreb bke cf Sotmetdng. 
But are you not a{hai»'d ?n3y, are you not 

WI All 


Lotiej Lahovrs loft. 

All ihrrr oryou,tot>cihu)murhore'(hot? 

You found bii Moih.thi King your Vloth did fct i 

But I a Bvamc do*.* finje in CKh ofthice. 

O wh« > ScCTi of fool ry hiue I ftcnt . 

Of r.ghei.of groncs, of loitow, »iui of treat : 

me, with what ftrif^ patience hjue I fat. 
To fceaKing trimformedtoaGnai? 
To fee g'CJt HrrcuUs whipping i Giggc , 
Arxi profound Wo/nen tuning a lygge f 
And Nr/tvr plav at pu(h-pin with the hojn , 
And Cntiickf If nun Uughat idle toy ra. 
Where liet thy gntfe^ O tell me good Dumanf; 
And gentle l,a»t*uiB^ where lie« thy paine f 
And where myliedgcs/ailaboutthrbicA: 

Xia. Too bmcr i$ thy IcA. 
Are wee betiayed thui fo thy ouer-vitw f 
3tr Not you by mc,but I betrayed to yoo. 

1 that am honefl, I that hold ii finne 
To brejJte the vow I am ingaged m. 
I am betrayed by keeping company 
Wuh men of inconnancie. 

When (hall you fee me write a thing in rimt? 

Or grone for /awe f or fpend a minute* tirrw, 

lu pruning mee, when (nail ydu heare tbai I will pr aife a 

hand^ foo<^ ( eye t a gau,& (bte.a biow,abf efl, 

a wal^e.a Ucge.a limme. 

X./j. Soft,Whitbera-way fo faft > 
A true man. o? a thecfe, thfit galiopi fo. 

"Ber. IpoftfromLoue.goodLouertetmcgo 

£Mer lat^uinrtta and Chwne. 

lofi. GodbldfetheKing. 

Kin. What Prefeni haft thoo tliere ? 

C/a, Some certaine treafon. 

KiM. What makes treafon heere? 

Cla. Nay it makes nothing (ir. 

Ki-i, lfitm8irenothir;g neither, 
The tfcafon znd you goe in pcac* away together 

/*7«. I btfeech jwit Grace lei ihii Lelter be retd, 
Onr perfon mif-doubts it : it wutreafon he faid. 

Kpk 'B<rcwnt,':tii\\t>Mit. Ht nodes the L ft ler. 

Kji, Where had(t thou it ^ 

/^j. Of Cefiard. 

Kwf- V\'herchadftthouh> 

Ken. How now,what is in youPwrhy doft thou tear it? 

'3er. A toy my Liedge, a loy : your gr^ee needei not 

Lwg. Ii did moue him to p«0ion,and therefore let's 
heare it. 

"Dum. Iti»!F«r»n'i»/writing,andheCT?is hiioame. 

Ber. Ah you whortfon loggerhead, you were borne 
Guilly my Lord,guiUy : 1 confefle,! eonfeffe. 

Kif}. What? 

Sgr. Thai yon three foole5^cktmeefcole,to make 
vpth€ mefie. 
He.he, and you : and you my Liedge, atid T . 
Are picke-purfes in Loue, and we defeme to die. 
O difrniffe this audience, aad I (hall tell you more. 

'Dmm. Nowcbenuinb«riseuen 

"Bcrerr Tni€ true,w« arefowre : will thefe Turtles 
be gone? 

Ki". Hence firs.a way. 

Ch. W4lk afidethe uue folke,8c let the traytots ftay. 

'B*y. Swcci Lordt.rwcct Louns, O In vt unbrac*, 
Ai true we art OS fltfh and bloud caa be. 
The Sea will eLbe and flow, hrcoen will fhev* bia facr : 
Young bloud cloth not obiry an oid decree. 
Wccarwot cTofl^c cht caufc why we artb<;rfitt 
Thetefoie of ai! hzi\di muft wi- bi forfwocT*. 

/Ctn^. What, did thefettT>tlin« (hew fonvVue of 
thine' {FJJ,-^^ 

'Ber. Did they, quoth you > Who feet iKt houenh/ 
That , like a rod« and fauagt man o^ tnd^.y 
At the fir(^ opening of the gof geoui Eaft, 
Bowe) not hii va(Ull head, and (irooken blindf . 
lCi(ret the ba/c ground with ob«di£ct bretfl 
Wbut pciemptofy Eaglc-fightcd eye 
Daxet !ooke vpoo thehesucnofherbrtTiX , 
That it not blinded by her maienic ' 

Kim. What zcaie^whaifune.hatbtofpirdthcc now? 
My Lo«lc(hCT Miftrer^ u a grtciout Moor;e , 
Shee (an attending Stane)rcaice feme a light 

"Btr My crw are then oo ryet^or I bmramt 
O.bui for my Loue,day wooJd turnt to oigM, 
Of all complexions the cul'd foaeraignry. 
Doe meet at i: a faire m her feire chetkt. 
Where feueral) Worthies make oot dignity , 
Where nothing wtntt, that want it frift doth feeke. 
Lend mcthefiounfh of all gentle (cngue», 
Fic painted Rethorickc.O (he needs ii not. 
To things of (Lie, a fcflenpraifc belongs: 
ShepalTcs prv/fe, then pray fe too ihott doth blot- 
A withered HeTreite,fiu«fcore winters woroe. 
Might •'hakeotf fifiie, looking lo bet eye : 
Beauty doth vaini(b Age, av if n«w borne. 
And giuet the Crutch the Cradles infiincie 
O 'tis the Suune th»t makeih alt things fhine. 
Kiag. Byhcaum.thy Loueisblacke it Ebooie. 
BcTfw. IiEbonielikehcr ?Oword diu'ine.^ 
A wife of fuch wood were feiicttie. 
O who can gitje an oth ? Where i$ a books ? 
That 1 may Iweare fie«uty doth beauty hcke, 
Ifihat fheleamr not ofher eyetolookt i 
No face ti feiie that is not full fo blacke. 

Km O paradoxr, BUckeisihebadgeofheU, 
Thehuc of dungeor«, and the Schoo'.e ofnignt . 
And beauties creft becomes the he^uens weU. 

Ber. DiueltfoonefttempifefemblirigfptriUofrigh'. 
O tfin blacke my Ladies be o wes be deckt. 
It mtnimes, that painting vfurping haire 
Sbouldraui(hdotefj wichafaifealpeA : 
And therfore is (he berne to make biicke, faire. 
Her fauour turnes the hfhion of ih« dsyes , 
For natiue bloud 1 1 counted painting now ; 
And therefore red that would auoyd difpraiie. 
Paints It felfe bI»cke,to imitate her brow. 
2>aw>. Tolook like her are Chimny-fweepert blackc- 
Loa. And (iiice her citn«yire Colliers counted bright. 
lC//:y. And «/i£rA«^ of iiieirfweet complexion crake. 
Tfrnn. Dark needs no Candles now.for dark is iight. 
Bir. Your mi(tTcflei date oeuer cotT>einrain*, 
For fcare tbsir coiours (hould be waftit away. 

Ki». "T were good yours did: for ftr to tell you plaii*e 
lie frade a fahrer Esce not wa(ht <o day, 

"Bfr, lleproueh€rfesre,o;:;!^sill docrrrr-dayhereLJ >A 

K/n. NoDiueli wili fright thee then fo much as Ihee. ;H 

2)«nkj. 1 nsuer knew man hold viie ftuffe fo deer*. 

Lea. Looke,hce['sthy loue, my foot arid h^r fa^e fee, 

3er, O iftheftrctts were pauedwitfi thine evej. 




LoutT .LahouKS lojl. 

Her fr«t were much too dainty for fuch u«ad. 

Dumoi O vile.then at rhe goes wiiatvp ward lyes/ 
The ftrc«n»outd feeasflK wa!k'<!«t'erhc«d. 

Kitt. But what of thit,aTe we not'all in louef 

Ber, O nothing fo fure,flnd thereby (1\ forfwome. 

Km- Then leaue this ch«t,8e good ^<7;m>i3 now proue 
OuTlou)nghwful!,andou( fsyth not torne. 

7>uph I matie theie.fotBe Hattsry for this euili . 

Long. oron^eAuthoncyhowt3proc««dy 
Seroe cric]($,roine quillets, how la cheat the diucll. 

Dt4n. Some faiue for periutie* 

"S/r. O *us more tiifn need*. 
Haue at you then afTe^ions meo St armcs , 
Cor.fidet what you firft di<l fwea)re»nto t 
To faft^le ftudy,end to fee no wonMn : 
Flai ireafooaeainft the Kingly fbt'j of youth. 
SaypCan you fafi > your ftonracltaaje too young; 
And abf^inenceingenders maUdto. 
And where chat you haue vow'd to HutHe (Lords) 
In that each ofyou haue forfwome his Booke. 
Can you ftill drcameand pore/ind thereon iooh& 
For when would you my Lord,or yo«»,or you, 
Haue found the ground of ftudies eiccelleacc, 
Without the beauty of a womans face t 
From women* eyesthii doftrinel dmuc. 
They are the Grouad^the Bookes,th« Achadsms, 
From whence doth fpring the true Prornttbont Bk* 
Why, vniuerfall plodding poyfooi vp 
The nimble fpiriu in ihe arteries. 
As motion and long during a^ontym 
The (innowy vigour of the ueuailer 
Now for not lo«Jtine on a worrjjis face. 
You haue in that fotiworne the v fe ^«ycs i 
And ftudie too, the eau&r of your vow. 
For where is any Author in ths vfotSd , 
Teaches fuch beauty as a womsnt eye : 
Learning is buton adiun^ to our felfe » 
And where w« are,pui Learning likewrfe »; 
Then when our fe'ueswefee in Ladies ey«, 
WidiooT ftlutj. 

Doe wetMi likewid fee our learning there ? 
O we haue madea Vow to fludie, Lords, 
Atid in thac vow we haue fbrfwom; out Booke&i 
Per when would you (my Leepe) or you, or you ? 
Itt leaden contemplation haue found out 
OfbeeutiestutoH haue inrich'd you with : 
Otherflow Arts b^iirely keepethebraine : 
And therefore finding barraint ptafitzeri , 
Scarce fhtw a hartseu of their htauy toyle. 
Eot Loue firA lesraed in a Ladies eyes, 
Liues not alooe etnured in the brzin* : 
But with the motion of all eletaenn. 
Cc\sfes as fwifi as thought in «uery power, 
And gkacs to evety power s dcobteprrwet > 
Aboue their fun^onaand thc^Toflices. 
It add«s a precious feeing to the eye : 
A LoueiTeyes will gaze aii Eagltbiiiide. 
A Louers ears will hearethe loweft found 
V/hen thefufpicious hiad of theft is Ropt. 
LcL»e$ feeling is more Qjfc and feofsbls , 
Tbe;i ore ci'ietender homes efCockled Snayles. 
Loues tongue proues dainty, Bacbw groiTe In tdrtc, 
for V'alour,isnot Lone a Hrvu/ei } 
Still diming trees in <he Hifperidn 
Subtill as Jp&^/TV,«s fweerand muficall , 


As bright ApQllo I Lute, ftrung with hii haire. 
And when Loue fpeakes, (he voyee of all the Gods, 
Make heaoen drowfic with the harmonic. 
Neuer durO-Poet toucha pen to write, 
Vntill Im Inke were tempred with Loues ftghesr 
O then his lines would rauifh fauage eares, 
And plant tn Tyran^jnilde hinnihUA. 
From woment eyes this do^tnc I deriue 
T7«y fparclei^l the right promethean fire , 
They areUveKookes, the Ans^theAchedemet, 
That (hew,contain«, and nouitiVi aJI die world. 
El(e none akall in ought proues excellent. 
l*h«n foolw you were thefe womeo to forfwcare : 
Of keeping what is will proue fooles , 
For Wiftdomes lake, a word that all men loue : 
Or for Loues lake, 9 word that loues all men. 
Or for Mens f8ke,the anthor of thefe Women . 
Or Woment lake, by whom women are Men. 
Let's once loo (e our oathea to fiiide cut feines. 
Or clfe we loofe our feiues, to keepe our oaihes ( 
It is religion to be thus fcrfv/orne. 
For Charity it felfe fulfills the Law : 
Aod who can feucr loue from Charity. 

Kiv. SaimCMx/ then, and SniildierAto the field. 

Bfr. Aduance your ftandards, St *pon them Lordj. «ith them : but be firtt aduir'd, 
InconfliflthatyougettheSunor oflhcm. 

L<w^. Now to plline dealing. Lay thefe glozcs by, 
Shall weKfolue to woe tlicfe girlc* orFrance> 

JCw. And winne them too.thercforelei vs deuife, 
Some entertainment for them m their TentJ. 

Ber. Flrfl firom the Park let »$ conduit them thither, 
Then hocnsward euery men arcsch the hand 
Of his faire Miftreflir, in the afternoonc 
Such as ihefhortneiTe of the time can ftiape, 
ForRaucls,D3ncetvM8skcs,ADd merry hourct, 
Fore-runne ftire Loue, (dewing her way with flowtes. 

Kin. Away av/8y,nolJmeOiallbeomi(ted, 
That will be time,and may by v« be fitted. 

"Str. Alooc.alonefowed Cockell, reapd to Come, 
And lui^icealwaies whitles !neqii:rilnianuce: 
Lteht Wenches mayproue plaguej co-mrn ferfworoe, 
If to,our Copper buyesnobettet treafuic, fxeunt. 

AUus Qhohus. 


Pedant. Sath fJi'dfufiO, 

Carat. 1 praifeGod for you (ir,your reafons at dinner 
h4oe beenetlvirpedcrenieiitioustpleafantwilhout icur> 
ritliey,vmty without eifcdioQ , sudiciouswitliout im* 
pudency, learned without opinion, and ftrange without 
nerefie: I did conuerfe :his ^u<;fitiM7n d«y with a compa- 
nion'ofthe h>n2i,whoii intttuledytominatedjor called, 
Don Adftaro S yirmctlro. 

Bed, Ncothomtnumtcji^iuiinic, Hit humour is lofty, 
histfircourfe pcremptone : his longue filed., his eye 
ambitious, h»s gate maieflieall, and hit getierall behaui- 
oi*niameridicuIouj,anduSr£foni«ll, He istoo picked, 
too fpruce.ioo affeded , loo odde, a* n were, coo pere • 

M 3 Curat 


Lgu€S L/ihourslojl, 

Curat, A mofl Gogulvt and cbokfc Epuhiic , 

Drttju out hit Tctli-6co^, 

'P«dix Ht<4(»wicth')(jttheihreii ofhis vabofinc, fi- 
ner then the Otple of bit arf^nmcut. I abhor furh phft- 
n»cl£»ll phkRUlimi , fuch infociiblc ind poyn; ^icuiit! 
cocnpaniont, fuch tack'rrt of or ugrlpbit, utofpnke 
doiic hne.vvhcfi he (heuUJ fay doutx; <i?t, when h« (boM 
pror.ouocc dcb(;d eix^noc drchc clci>cth t CAlf^Ctofe: 
nalfc,ha«i(ctneighbouT w^t/rncbour;nrigh ibreuiMcd 
nc: thJtU •bhoi;iiaable, wtiichh« orould callabhom»~ 
nabiait tnTinuicahmeoriDfanite : muHteii^uiiowtffr, to 
make francLcke^lunarickt f 

("tra. Laui dro, itrtr mtt/liga, 

Ttda, 'Bnme bocx for A-?r»»/»rf/oi^^littlefcratcbt,"WBil 

bnerTr^ig<srt, "Bcj. 

Cur/itt Vtdts rrt tfujj vmtt ? 

PcJt. yidcc,(ji'gaw!iOi 

Bmg, Qiirrz. 

fwffl. ^i^iCbirrt.notS'itra? 

'Brcf, Men ofpeftce well mcaimtrrd. 

P«C Moft TMliitsnc Ur (aiutation. 

^M. Tb;y haue becoe at a greit fcaA ofLangmgn, 
tnd ftolne the fcrsp*. 

Cla>^^. Othcy hao« lia'd long on the almet-btiket of 
worda? I maruell thy M.hafhnoc eaten ihee for a Motd, 
for thou art not To long by the head as hooonficabilitu- 
dinttatibut ; Thoo.afteaBeifWa!iowedciieoaBap<lr»< 

P^- Peace,thepe«Iebeg«ni. 

'Br<^. Mauorier.arc yoa not letCrcd f 

P<jgif. Yea,y«, he teaches boyet the Horoe-booke • 
Vf\\tt is Ab (l>eld back ward with the horn oo his head ? 

Peda. Qi,f:ifrtciti With a home added- 

Pag. BamQftfcelySbecp«,wichahorn«jyou brare 
hia learning. 

Peda. ^is quif,thxs\x Qjnfonant? 

Pag. The laft of the Buc Vowels if YoB reptw them, 
or the fift if I. 

Ptdxi. I wiU repefit them : a e L 

Pag. THeShecpe,ih«otheitwocondude«UoUi 

"Srag. Nowby ihe&U waueofthemedittraniutn , 
fweettu!ch,2quicke»enc weof w!t,Cnip fnap, quick & 
homc^it reiovceth my intclle^.troc wil. 

Pa^, OSiered by a dulde to an olde roan : which U 

Pfd/i, What is the figure? What i«he figure? 

Poff^ Homes. 
.PMa. Thou difpute? like an Infant : goe whip thy 


Pe^. Lend me yourHorne to make one, and I will 
whip iboi-'t your Infsmie vmamcitd a gigg« of a Cuck- 
cldi horne. 

C&w. And I had but one penny in (he world, thou 
fh-Tvldfthauc it co buy GmjEcr breadi Hold.chere ii the 
very Re?nunevaiion 1 had otthy Maincr,ibou halfpcnay 
pwrfeofwltjibou Pidgeon-eggeof difciettoo. O & tbc 
SeatjctiJ wcf c fo p!ca(ed,that thou wcr» buimy BaAardi 
What a icvfull father wouldflthou make roee ?Goe co, 
thou haduadduH^ die fingasead«,ss tbey fay. 

Petiu Oh 1 iVnell falfe Latme, duft^hl fof vngurm. 

'Btpt. ^r^-menfrMmbulat,\\<. will bee fingUd froiP 
thjbarbarcms. Do you not cdiKate youth at the Charg- 
boufc on tl>etop ot the Mountaine? 

Ptda Or W<wi thcVfll. 

"BtM. Ax your fwret DU«iiiit, foe the Mocntai v. 

^•M. I doe yi»» i^Mpivi. 

hrtk. Sirjt u t;>t JCmgi mofl fwcet pK-afute ifvj «f- 
fe6t:on, to coneriiuir tc uk Priocrflir at her T'au Jion, io 
the pt^mijri of ihitdtj , w hid) the rude nwkuadc all 

/*i-i The ^^«rMr of the day ,inoAg<3^cTO«s£r^ lia- 
ble, rongtucra,a(idinca/urabU for ihca^trr-nooc^: the 
word If wefl cuJd.chofc, fwect, aod aft I doc aHurt yoa 
fir, I doe aCTure. 

"Brtf. Sir, the King is ■ t>obIe Gentlerrwn, and my fa- 
miliar, I doe a<fuic ye very good fnend : for what jsir>' 
ward betweene ti , letitpafTe. Idocbcfwctb thee re- 
member thy curtefie. Ibtftech chc« jopareli ihy head I 
and among othtx importurviu Ct mc t^ (criotu defignea, 
and of crcM i»-npoTt :/>d«d too i but Ut that paffe, fox I 
r»uft tellihee it wJJ pkaie hia Grace (by the world) 
fometime to leaoe »poo my pooce Otouidcr , acd wiib 
h» royall fiwger thus dallie with my excrement, wirS n>y 
tanftachio : but fwcet bean let that pxSTe. By ihc world 
I recount no fable ^ fome certaine fpeoaJl horwuri ic 
pleafeth his greatneCe to trnpart to tyfrrrutki i Souldin, 
aroanofrraueU, that Ikathfeene the world : bet let that 
pa£re;cheferyailof»ni»j but fwcet heart, I do implore 
feaecie , that the Kirg wouid haue mec prefent the 
Prtnccfle (fweet chuc kej with (bme d*l»g^a^^J ofl<nc»^ 
tion, or (how, or p»geit«, or anticLc, or fire-woike; 
Now,Tndcrftand>og that the Curate and your fvaeet feif 
are good atfucheruptiotu,«Ad fodame breaking olm of 
myrih (at it were ) I haue acquajmed you wttbali , to 
the od (o craoeyour aiTi/^ancv. 

Pe^. Sit, yoa ftiall prefeot before her the Nit»e Wor- 
thies. S*r HaUfamtt, ai concaaing fome eniaiainrDcnt 
oftime, fomefhow inihcpoftcnor ofthisdiy, to b«e 
rendred by our aniftants the K:ngs coo-imand : and this 
tnoR gaUam.Uloflrateaiad learned GenUcTTv^, befofc 
the PnncciTe : I (ay none fo 6t u to prefait the NirK 

Curtt. Where wi(I you fiodenvn worthy eiKMgh to 
prefent them ? 

Ptie. IcfuA, your fclfe:my felfe.arwl ihii gallant eeiv 
tleman Iiidiu Machal>f:i3 ; ihif Swame (beca»Ji:ol luj 
great lujune or icynt ) /haJl paffe Pomfty the great , irc 
Page Hrrada. 

Brag., Pa; don fir, error: He iinot quantliieenougn 
for that Wotihies thuntb^ bee ii not To big at tbc end of 
hit Club. 

Pttia. Shall I haue audience^ he (hill prefcot Hcrrtt- 
Ui inminorjtie: his «*r«r and txit (hall bee flrangljng a 
Snake ; atKJ I will haue m Apologie for that purpofe. 

P^. An excellent dcoicc : fo if any of the audieiwe 
hifTe, yoo may cry. Well done Htrcuiti^ rrow thou cru- 
fhcft the Snalif ; that is the way to tcake an offence gr*- 
cious, (hough few haue the grace to dtK it* 

'SrMf^. For the reft ofihe Wotihjes i 

VteU. 1 will play three my felfe. 

P^, Thrice worthy Geudeman. 

Bti^. Shall I tell you t thing ^ 

PtiLi. We attend. 

"Brag, We will b£t)e^ this fadgendt,aoAiirique. I 
befeecn you follow*. 

ftd. riAgood-tnaal^Lt/i^tbou baft fpokca no^wcr4 
ail this while. 

DniU Nor voder^loodnofK neither (U. 

Ptd. Aione,wewiU employ thee. 

Dt^!, Ue make ooe in a cknce, or To t cs I will play 


Lows Labours kfi. 

on the wbet to the WortWei, flf let fhem dance thchey. 
Ptd. Mofti^u/AhoReilCu/i^co our Tpon away. EMtr. 

^u, SweetheaitiweQiallbericherewedepoct, 
If huriogt come thus plencifullj in. 
ALa<^y wal'd about v«uK Diamondsi LcokTOUtVuhflt I 
baur from r.h» loiimg King, 

/^o/^ Madamscamenothingdfefllcng with chat?'' 

Qu^ Noihii)gbutihi$:yctasmucblouein Rime, 
At «v«uld be cram'd vp ina IJnMt of paper 
WrU OQ both /idet the leafetntargtiiK and all, 
Titat h« wa» fwne to (eaJe on ^iff^^/ name. 

Rofa. Tb2tw33theway com3k«hisgod.hfidv/&x; 
Porbehacbb«<mefluethour&ndy(«r«sa Boy. 

Kath, l,»Rd sG)r«w^ vnhappv gallowss too. 

Rof. You'll acre be frJoidi with htRwa kild your fiAcr. 

Ktifh. Hcutadeher(ncl«nrbo)y, Gid,andheauy, end 
fo Q)e d)«d : h^/he beene Lighclikc youjof fucb a mer- 
ric nt*nblc fining Tpirit jhe might • Din a Grandam ere 
Cm di«d. And To may you : Fors light heart liucs long. 

Jif, What's your oark< meaning moure,of this light 


Kai. Alightconditiflninabeautyddike. 

Rcf. Wcoeed more light ta finde your meaning out 

Ratt YouU <narrc cheli^ht by uKing it in fnuffe : 
ThereCore He darkely end, tht orgumcni. 

Rof. tookvyhatyaudof^oudoeKnil i'thdarke> 

lUt. Sodonotyouiforyouarealight Wench. 

Rof Indeed I waigh not you,and ibetefore ligbc 

JCo.'You w^igh me not,0 that's ycu c«reno<lbrn>e. 

Ref. Greet reaibo : lor Aill psft cure. 

^. Well bandied both, a fet of Wit well play«d« 
But RefaUnc,^ you haue a Fauour too 1 
Who femh ? atid what is i t ^ 

Rju. Iwouldyoukn«w. 
And if rey face wore but ai fairc as yourr. 
My Fsoouf w^jre M great, be v.'jtneire^ii. 
K.y,I 'n&ue Vcrfes :oo,I tbank;^ "Btrtmnn, 
The r.umbcri true, «nd were the numbring too 
I were the faueft goddcffe on the ground, 
lam compar'd to twenty ihoufind fairs. 
O be hath drawne my piaurc in his I etter 

j2f. Anyihlncllke? 

B^af. Much in the letters.Dothing in the vraire 

J^. Bf«ut«ou3 as luckt : a good cooc'ufion. 

Km, lrBi;«natextB.iDaCoppiebooke. 

Rof. W&te pealiiU.How?Let meuot dw your debtor, 
My led DominiczJl, my goU!en lettn. 
O that youf face were fcll of Oc». 

^u. APoiofihaiief>^dIbe(br<waUShrowti. 
But Katherm*, what wae feat toyou 
From foire Daauume ? 

Kat, Madame, this Gloue, 

^M. Did he not fend you twaine ; 

Km. Yei Madame: and ctoreoL]«r, 
Some tboufand Vt%Sf% of a (aithfull Lotier. 
A huge trand&iion ofhypcrrtfic, 
Vlldiv compiled, profouodfimplieiHe. 

Mar. Tnta.and thcfe Pcarla,to mefsnt Loagauilt 
Tbe Letter is coo long by halfs aimile. 

jS^ I thinkeao leiTe : DoiVthou wi<h inhoire 
The Chaine were longer, and the Letter Oiort. 

Afar, I,ot I would the&iiends might neu<» pan. 

£nte. V/e arc wiftr girlcs to mocke am Loueri fo. 

^' They are worfe fooles to purchafe mocking fo. 


ThBtfame^R^jpffeflctottupsere Ig,oe. 

that I knew he were but in by tb'weeke) 

How I would nuk? him fawRe^and begg'>,«fld feckr. 
And wait tbe fetfoa, end obfeiue the times, 
Aod &cnd hia pcodtgall wita in bootelei rimes. 
And mspe hiflcnike wholly to my deuire, 
AndflMKehim proud tomaktiD«{>roudthat ieAs. 
So penou»tlik« would I o'refway his flate, 
TiMt Wi fhcid be my fsoie^scd I hit fore. 

Sjt, None arc fo furcly caught,when they 8rec3tchij 
Aa Wie tum'd foole/oilicin Wifedome hatch'd i 
Hath wifedonos waminci and the heipe of Scheolc, 
And Wtu o wne grace to snce a leuinfld Foole ? 

iZdf. The blottd of yoa£ buma HOC wl ih fuch exec He, 
As grauitiet reucU to wgntooa be^ 

Mtr- I'ollie to Fooles beares not fo fttongaoocc. 
At fool'ry in the Wife, when Wit doib dote : 
Since all the power thereof iadoUt apply, 
To proua by Wit, wovih io Cropliciue. 

Enter Bejtf. 

Qjij He?recomesff07<r,8od mirth in hia face. 

Aw. OIamftab'dwtthUughteF,Wh«*'ebetGrace? 

^iy Tbyncwes/Jcyrf/ 

Bc)!. Prepare Mad«ine,prepare, 
Arma Wenchei at me, incounten mounted ar^ 
AgainByoktrPcace,LoiKdocb approach^difguit'd : 
Armed in arguments, you'U be iurpri&'d. 
MuAer youf Wiu.ftand i.*) youx owne defence , 
Or hide your headt like G>wsrdt,aDd fire h«n«e. 

Qjf, Sain* 'Dnttit to %Ci^i What are they. 
That charge their^reath a^einft va? Say fcout fay 

Boj. Vndet (he ccole made of a SScct>inof e, 
Ithought tr clofi; mine eyes fomc halfean hourc : 
When lo to interrupt my porpoa'd reO, 
Toward that fhadel might behold addreft. 
The Xing and his companions: wuely 
f ftolc'uiiaa neighbour thicket by, 
Andouer-heard, whss you Ihall oocr-beare : 
That by ind by difg'jii'd they will be heerc. 
Their Herald is a prttty knauifti Page : 
That well by hcert hsin con'd hiiembaflage, 
AAbn and accent did they teoch him there. 
Thus nuifl thou fpeake.aad thus thy body beare. 
And eoer aad aoon they made a doubt, 
Prefcnce msid^icall would put him out t 
Pot quoth the Angeil fhalt thou fcC) 
Yetf«&rs nottliou, but fpeakeAudjciotHly. 
T1»e Boy teply'd. An Angeli isnoteuiil i 

1 (heuid haue fear'd her.had fhe bseoe e deuill. 
With that all laugh 'd,Bnd cjap'd bim on the A^ovtder, 
ftiEaking the bold wagg by their praifes bclder. 
CmeruVd his elboe cnus.and flecr'd, and fwore, 

A b<?tter fpeech was newer fpeke before 

A.tficher with his finger end his thumb, 

Cry'dvtf. we willdoo'c,come what will come. 

The thifti he capet'd and cried. All g09» well. 

The fourth rum d 04) the toe, and dovm 3 befell . 

With that they all did tumble on the groand , 

With fuch a lelous laughter fo profouod. 

That in this Tplecoe ridicuTous appeare'? » 

To cheeke their folly paiTioos folemnt teares. 
SliJtt. But what.but whar,cenie they to Tifit vi } 
"Barf. They do, they do ; arid arc Jppatel'd thus, 

Like 7Httfccuites,ot Ru/JLuu, as I gefTe. 

Their pvrpoCe u to parlec,to court, and dance, 

M ? Ar.d 


LcuesLaiottr's lofi. 

^ nd cucij one hit Louc-fcit imIII •duanff , 
Vntohufeucrill Miftrcffe: which tlvy'll knov? 
By^auouri feucrall, which they <)id bcAow 

Queen. And v/ill thry fo?tl>r Gallant* (btll beUfkti 
For Cadica j wc will cu«ry one be maikt , 
And not a mtn ofthcm 0»a1l htur the grace 
Drfpight of{ute,to fee • Ladies ftcc. 
Hold g^falmt, rh.t Faitout ihou (halt wcare, 
And then the King will court thf« for hi» Dure : 
Hold, take thou this my fwrtt, and giue me thmc. 
So fhall B*rff»»t take mf for Fofatine. 
And change your F^uourt ioo,fo fhall your Loun 
Woo contrary, deceiu'd by thcfe remoocj. 

Rcfa. Come on thf n,wear« the fauoun rno(k in fight 
KmIi. But m thiiehang'fngjWhatia your intent? 
Qwn. The cfFcdt of nr»y intent it tocrofle theira « 
They doc icbui in mocking menriment, 
Andmocke for mocke i$ onely my intent. 
Their feucrall counfeU they ^nbafomc fhall, 
To Louet miftooke,and To be mockt withall. 
Vpon the next occafton that we meete, 
With Vilages difp'ayd to talkeand grrete. 

Stf. But (V\tH we dince,if they dcfire vt too't? 
Q»t. No, to the death we wiU not mou* a foot , 
Nor CO their pen'd fpectrh render we no grace ; 
But whik'tls (poke,each tume away hit face. 

£iy. Why that coruempt will kill thekecpcn heart, 
And quite diuorce his memory from his part 

^mit. Therefore I doc it.and 1 make no doubt. 
The reft will ere come in. if be be out 
Therci no fuch fport by fporr t>rethrowtw ; 
To make theirs ours.and ouri none but our owne. 
So rtiall we ftay mocking entended game, 
And they well mockt.dcpart aw&y with ftiame Scimd. 
B»j. The Troropet founds, bemaikt, themaskcrs 

EntiT Blacky moerei Wffi muficke , th* 'Boj vitb tfftub , 
snd the refl »fiht Lords difguifed 

Ptift AHhadefbeticfuft 'Seaahti »" the earth. 
Ber. Bcauttei no richer then rich Taffata. 
Pa«. A helj fMrcell af t'm farrefi iamtt thai ruer rvrnd 
tbcr pac^fxte m«rt^vtf»et 

The Ladies lurne their backca to him. 
Ber. Their eye* villaine,their eyes. 
P4'>, That enertHnfd their ef a tQtnortaMvfewtJ 


Bfj. True, out indeed 

Peg . Oat cfysi^rfMUKtrt heatttnlyfftritt vatchfcfi 
Hot te t>eho!3e 

Bit. Oncetobehold,rogue 

Pa^ OnntebehaidtHthyeur Sfttmebtaojtdejes, 
tf^Uh jctir Sfinnebeatnedty«t. 

Bey. They will not anfwer to that Epythite, 
You were befl call it Dauohter beamed eyes 

Pa9 Theydonotrr«fxen»€,andthatbring»ii}eauL 

Bero 1» this your pcrfc(5tf»efle ? be gun you rogue. 

Raf* What would thefe ftrangera ? 
Knowthetr mindes'B*/*?. 
Ifthcy doe fpcake oar language, 'tii our will 
That fomeplaioe maftrecount their purpofes. 
Kno^v what they woold ? 

'Bajet What would you with the Princes / 

Brr. Nothing but peace .and gentle vifttation. 

Ref. What would they, fay they ? 

Baj. Nochirtg but pcact,and gentle vifittiuwi 
Rf,(it Wli* that thcji hauc.and bid ihctti fo U |on 

'Btj. She fai't you rtaue it, and y&u may It goa 

Xm. Say fo hrr v»« bMie meafai'^ f^anj mi «i , 
To tread a Meafure with you on ilir grafie. 

B*) TV.ey fay iliat they hauemrtlor d rnanyarwiU, 
To tread a Meafure with you on iV.n grt€t 

R»fM. It It not fo. Aikeibcm howmany int>tri 
I( in one milt > If thiy haoe meafur d m<nie, 
7 h« n»eafiuc then o. or?e it etflie told. 

"Bey. If tocomchither,yo<jhauemea'ar'dreiles, 
And many milea i the Ivioce/Tc bids yoii cell, 
How many inch«s doth i \\ »p one mile } 

Ber Tell her we meaforc them by wcvy rtep*. 

'Ef.j. She Scares her fclfe 

Rof». Howmmnie wcarief^s, 
Of marry wearie miles you haue or&-gooe. 
Ate numbied in the trtucU of ooe milf t 

"Brro. Wenumber nothingihst wcfpcodibryoo. 
O'jrd'Jtie it fo rich, fo inhmie. 
That we may doe it fti!l without accompi. 
Vouchfafe to fhew the funfhinr of your face, 
That wc f like fauigcs) may worfhjp jt. 

Rofa, My faceribut aMoonc inddoiKlcdtDD, 

KtM Blcffcd are doe u fuch clouds da. 
Vouchfafe bf;ght Moone.and ihcfcd.y ftart tn^.\nt, 
(Thofe clouds remoouedj vpon our wateric ryne. 

'Rtf* O vainc pe*icioncr, beg a gicatet mai tn, 
TUoo now requcOs bt)t Mcyoi:eSn'mc in the v»atcT. 

Kiti. Then io our rr,carurc,vouchfafc bui one ciunge. 
Thou bidft me beggc.fhisbegging is rot fii^np c . 

Aofa. Play mufickcihcn: ntyyoumufrdoeit fooae. 
Not yet DO dance : thus '. like the Mocnc. 

JTm. WtilyouiUit dance ? Kow come you d-iin e«' 

Rtfa. YoutookciheMoofwai full, butnowC-.M't 
changed } 

Ksn Yet RillfheisehcMoorte.and I thcMin. 

Rsfs. The mufick playes vouchfa/c fotne motiOB to 
It; Our earet vouchfafe it. 

K$i. But your leggcs Qioutd doe tt. SinreyouarcHrangcrs.&confKhereby chance. 
Weell not be nice.takc hands.we wiil not daoce. 

^oi. Why take you hands then ? 

RafA. Onelie to part friends. 
Curtfie fweet hearts, snd fo cbe Mcaftire endi. 

JCi». More meafure of this meafure be not nice. 

R»pi, We can afford no more at fuch a price. 

Kit. Priff your fclues: Whac buyes your cocnpacie ? 

p^aft. Your abfence ondie 

Ktn That canneuerbe, 

Rofa. Then cannot wc be bought:iQd(badoe, 
Twice to your Vifore, and hilfc once to you. 

Km. If you dcnie to darice,!«t's bold more chat 

Rtf In priuate thesi. 

Kifi. I am befl picas'd with that. 

i)*.>Vhite handed fweet word withlhse. 

^u. Hony .xnd Milkc.aiKl Suger-.thcre is three. 

"Ber. Nay then two crey~S;an if you grow fo nke 
Metheg!ine,Wort, and Maimfey ; well rnnne dice : 
There'i halfe a dozen fweets. 

^ Sruenth fweet tdoc^et you cen ecgg, 
Deplay nomcr: with you. 

3ir One word in {etrei. 

^. Letitaotbefwret. 

"Ber Tbou gferu'ftroygall. 

Loues Labour's lojl. 


Qii. Will they rctutne? 

Bty, They wiii ihey wilf.God knowes. 
And leape for loy, though they arelame withblowo: 
Therefore change Fauours, and when they ccpaire. 
Blow h'ke fweci Rofcs, in this fummct aire. 

Sa- How blorv? how blow? Speake to bee vnder- 

"Boj. Fairc Ladies maskt,are Rofes in their bud t 
Difmatkt, their dam«kefwcetcomfnixtur«{hownc, 
Are Angels vailing clouds^ or Rofes blowne. 

Q». Auant perplcxitic ; What fliah we do. 
If they rccuracjn their owne fhapcs to ytoi 

Reft- Good Madam, if by me you'l be aduit'd. 
Let's mocke them (till as well knowneas difguis'd > 
Let ?t complaine to them what fooles were nearc, 
Difguis'd like Mufcouites tn (h»pele0°e geare : 
And wonder what chey were, and to what end 
Their Shallow (howes, and Prologue viidely pen'd ; 
And their rough carriage To ridiculous. 
Should be pre(cnied at our Tent to vs> 

"30)11. Ladies, withdraw : the gallants are at hand. 

Q^c. Whip to our Tents, «s Rocs runncs ore Land. 

inter tbt King airJtbg rt^ 

King. Falrefir.Godfjucyou. Wher'iihePrincefle? 

Str. GoOc toherTent. 
Pleafe it your Maieftie command oie any ferulce to her? 

King. That {he vouchfifeme ludienceforone word. 

"Soji. 1 will.andib will fh«,lkr>ow my Lord. Exit, 

"Bet, This fellow pickesvp wit as Pigeonspcafe, 
And vtters it agsme, when Iqm* doth pleafe. 
He is Wits Pedler,and tetailes his Wares* 
At Wakes, and WarteJs.Meetingi, Markets. Fanea. 
And we that fell by gro(Te, the Lord doth know^ 
Haue not the grace to grace it withfuch Oiow. 
ThisGallsm pins the Wenches on his fleeue. 
Had he bin ^inm, he had tempted f«». 
He can carue too, and lifpe : Why this is be* 
That kt A away bis hand m courtefie. 
This IS the Ape of Forme, Monfieur the nicei, 
That when he plates at Tables.chides the Dice 
In honorable tearmei : Nay be can Bng 
AmeanerooOmeaniy, andin Vfhcring 
Mend him who can : the Ladies call him fweete. 
The f) aires at he treads on them klde his feetc. 
This is the fiower that fmiles on euene ooe. 
To Ihew hit teeth as whlre as Whales booc. 
And confcienccs iha t wll not die in debt, 
Pay himtheduiie of honie-tongued "Bajei. 

Hi-g- A bliftcr on his fweet tongue with my bait. 
That put Armatboei Page out of hit part. 

Eeter the l^idiet, 

7«r.See where it comes. Behauiour what wer't thou. 
Till this madman (hew'd thee ? And whet art thou now? 

King. All hailc fweet Madame.andfaire time of day, 

,^1^ FaireinallHaiieisfoulcasl conceiue. 

King. Conftrue my fpeeches better, if you may. 

Quj Then wilK me better, I wilgiue you leaue- 
Kme. VVe came to vifu you,and purpofe now 
To leade you to our Court, vouchfafe t: thea 

j^. This field Aia! hold me, and fo hold yonr vow : 
Nor God, nor I, delights in periut'dmes. 

^i»g. Rebuke roe not ion that which you prouoke > 


Qtt. G»n.bitt«f. 
"Ber, Therefore dweteu 

7)u. Will you vouebf&fe with me to ct'^angc a wocd? 
Aiar. Name it. 
Dmm. FalccLadie: 
Mar. Sa y y ou fo ? Paire Lord i 
Take you that for your faire Lady. 

Dk. Pleafe it you. 
As much in prluaie.and lie bid adieu. 

Mar. What, was your vizard made without a tong? 
Loug. I know the icafon Ladie why you askc. 
Oiiar. Q for yout i6afon,quickly fir, I long. 
L^ng. You hau3 a double tongue within your mask. 
And would affoord my fpeechlcffe visard halfe. 

Mar. Vealc quoth the Dotdurfnan : U not Vcale a 

Loyig. A CiXU fsire Ladie I 
M*r, No,afaireLordCaire. 
Long. Let's part the word. 
Mar. No, lie not be your balfe ) 
Take all and weanc it, it may ptoue an Oxc. 

Long. Looke how you but your fclfc to thefe (harpe 
Will you giue homes chad Ladie ? Do not fot 

A/iw. Then die a Calfe before your boms do gro wi 
Lofi. One word in priuatc with you etc 1 die. 
yjiiitr. Bleat foftly then, the Butcher hcares you cry- 
'Bvjet. The tongues of mocking weoches ate as keen 
As it the Razors edge, inuifible : 
Cutting a fmaller haire then may be feene, 
Aboue the fenfe offence fofendble » 
Secmeth their coBference.theit conceits haue wings, 
Fleeter then arrows,bullets wmd.ihoght.fwifta things 
Raft, Not one word more my maidca, breake off, 
breake off. 

Her. By heaueo, all dne beaten with pure fcoffe. 
Ktng. Farewell maddc Wenchea, you haue fimple 
Witt. Exeunt. 

^. Twenlie adieus myfroxen Mufcouits. 
Are thefe the breed of wits fo wondrcd at f 

'Bejet. Tapets they atCt with yout fweete breathes 
puft out. 

^Je/i-Wcl-liking wits they haue,gToffc.groffe,fat,fai. 
^. O pouertie in wit,Kingly pootc flout. 
Will they not (thinke you) hang ihemfelues to otght ? 
Or euer but in viurds fhew their faces: 
This pert 'Beromu was out of count'nance quite. 

Ropt. They were ell iolamenublexafes- 
The King was weeping ripe for a good word- 
^. "BeroTtne did fweare himfelfe out of all fuitc. 
Mar Dmmtune was at my ferutcevand his fword i 
No point (quoth I-} my feruant ftrsight v vas mute 

Ka. Lord L9f>g0^iUii\6 1 came ore bit hart > 
And trow you what he call'd me^ 
J^w. Qualm* pethapt. 
Km. Ves in good faith, 
Sll*. GoAcknefTeasthouart. 
Rof. Well. better wits haue worne plain ftatute caps* 
But vvil you hcares the King li my loue fworne. 

Qtt. And quicke 'Btro»n« hath plighted faith to me. 
^^41. And Long-will wat for my Icruice borne. 
Mar . Tyumaint is mine as fure as batke on uee. 
"Bayer. Madam,and pretiie miftrctfes giue eaie. 
Immediately they will againe beheere 
In their owne fhapes : fot it can ncuer be* 
They will digeAtbisharihmdigmtie. 


Lottf I Labours loft. 

ThevcTturof your fie muft bmkrmy (hK. 

^^You nickname »crTue- »ke you fhould tuuc fpoke° 
Fo( vcTtati oHicc rtcuer brcaket ram troth. 
Nijv* by my miid<m honor, yei ai pure 
A« the ynfillled Lilly, I pro* eft, 
A vvorUl oftormcau (hough l(h»u\6 mdtitt, 
I would not yerlcl lo be youthoufei gucfti 
So much I hpcc a brtaking cavfc to be 
Ofhc^ucoly oatht, »o\* a«nh mtejnti*. 

Ki't- O you hme lia d in dciolanon hecre, 
VpfccnR, vnoifued, much ro out fhame. 

^u. Not{'omy linot fo I fweare, 
VJt tijoe h»d piftime^ hcrre.and plcafint game. 
AmcfTc ofRufTun? left nbutofliu. 

iC/f>. HowMatlarrW Rufiiinj? 

Qu ] m truth, my Lord. 
Trim gallanu, full of Courifliip and of ftite. 

Rtpi, MadAfTtfpeaketrue It itnotfotnyLord: 
fi<y Ladic (to the manner or ihedaicj^ 
\n eurrcfie giucs vndefcruing praifc 
We foure indeed confronted were with fourt 
In Rufiia habit : Herre they flayed an houte, 
And talk d apace . and in that houre(my Lord) 
They did not bleffe »« with one happy wiend. 
I dare not call them foalei; but ihi* I thinke, 
When they are i hirfW, foojca woukJ fajne h»o« diinlce 

B*T. rhiaieft isdiletome. Gentlef^eete, 
Your wit5 rmkcs wife (hingi fooli 0) Mhcn we gTMte 
With «€» bcft f«inB, heaueni fierie tie : 
By light we loorciignt; your capacitic 
1% of that rwiurc, thjit to your hu ge ftoore, 
Wife ihirgj fceme foolifh, and rich thmgi bot poor«. 

kef. Thii proue* you wile ar>d rich : »of in my nt 

Brr, I am a foole.and fuH oTpoucrr^e. 

Rof. But that you take what doth TO you bdong. 
It were • (iiult to fruirh word* from my tongue. 

"Str. O, I am youra and all that 1 pofleile. 

Rof All the foole mme. 

Ber. 1 cannot eiue you lefTe. 

jf»/C Which ol the Vixatdt what it that ytHlwtJir? 

Ber. Where? whtm? What Viraid? 
Why demand you ihi> ? 

Rof There.then, that vtisrd, that fupcrfloous nfe* 
That hid the worfe, and (hcw'd the bcuet (ue. 

Km. We are difcried, 
Tbeyl mocke »s now downerighc 

Du. Let vtconfefTcand turne it to t icl^. 

Q^. Amaz'd my Lord f Why lookei your Hlghncs 

Rafs Helpc hold bit browes^ee*lfosnd: why looke 
you pale t 
Sii-fickc I tbinkecomanng firom Mufcouie, 

'Ber. Thmpoure the ftars down plague* for pCiiury. 
Can any faecof brafle hold longer o«t ? 
HecreHind I, Ladie dart ehy skill at me, 
Bruiie mc with fcome, confound me with a flouc 
Thruft thy f}i3»|>« wit quite through my ignorance 
Cut me to petcca with thy Veene conceit : 
And I will wilb thee neuer more to dance, 
Norneuermore in Rufsian habit waite. 
O! oeoer will I avQ to fpeecb« pen'd, 
Norioth«motJonofaSchoole-boi« tongue 
Nor tamer cotntf to vrtard to ray friend. 
Not woo in rime (ike a blind-barpers fongtic. 
T«.f»taphraf«/4lhen teansei precife, 
Tbree-pil'd Hfp«rboks, fpruceaffeelion; 

Fijuter pedaotlcall.ibffc fwmtTxi Pm, 

H»uc blowTxm«full«''niiggot onenin>«n 

I do forfwearc thrm, and I heetf prateA, 

By thu white Clout <'Vow M,hitt the hand God kntm;^ 

Henceforth my wcmg mmdtfV.alJ b< riprrft *' 

In ruder ycu, an4 honcf> kcrfit ooe;. 

And to begin Wench, fo God helpe me Uv» 

My loue to ihce ii found /*//cra<ke or fl«^ 

iKr, Yet IhnucatrKke 
Orthe old rage btare with me, I am fJcke. 
Ilelcaueubv degrtci foft.let »jfe«. 
Write Ltirihtm mrrc^ an v/. on thoft chrtt, 
They art inft^cd.tnthtir heart* II |,f. 

They haue the plague, and caught u of your eyei; 
Thefe Lordf art vifited, you are not free 
For the Lor da token* on you do I lee. 

i^No.ihey aie free that giue thrfe toArn-, ro v.. 

Btt Oui ftatcj >re forfeit, feekenot to »ndo ti. 

Kef. It II not fo;for hov* can thu be true. 
That you fland forfeit, b<uig thofe that fue 

Ar/. Peace, for 1 will not haue to do wiih vou. 

R*f, Nor (hall not, if 1 do u I intend, 

Str. Speakeforyoorfeluei.mywii uttaaend. 

king. Teach vc fweetc Madame, i^ owr rude trwf. 
gftlsioo , fomefafreencufe. 

^-. Thefaiteftiicor'^efjion, 
Were you not he^fre but eoen oo w, difguU'd i 

Km. Madam, I was. 

J^, And were you well adaii'd? 

Ein. 1 wai faireKladarrt. 

^ Whcoyouihec were heere, 
What did yoo whi I'pcr myouf Ladies egre? 

*■'«/. Thar more ihtnaJl the world 1 didrefpe^hrr 

2»: When (het l>»aJl challenge thu, you will reiefl 

if*»y. Vponft»hwHof«>f no. 

^o. Peace pesqp, forbore: 
your oath once broke, you force not to forfweare. 

Ktug. Defpifeme when I breake thuoathofmioe. 

Qjj^ I will, andiheteforektepeis, Jitfa.'/m, 
What did the Kuliian whifpcrinyooresrt f 

R»r Madam, he fwore th;>t he did hold me detre 
Atpreciotis t^>£ght, fnd did value mc 
Aboueihif WeiM : adding thereto moreourr, 
Thathevvouid Wedme, ordfediemy Looer. 

Qti. God gtoe che« toy ofhim the No5i« Lord 
Mol\ honorably doth vpholdbit word 

King, WhatmeincyouMadarrr*/ 
By my life, my troth, 
I DTucT fwore this Ladie fach anotb. 

Kef By hcsutn you did , and to confuine it plsinf, 
you gau« mtthis : Bjc uke it fu agame. 

Kiig. My faith and thu, the PrinceiSe I did giue, 
I knew her by this lewell on her fleeue. 

^^ Pardoottxrir.thu lewell did fheweare. 
And Lord Sirsume (1 ihanke him) is my detre 
What? Will you haue me, or your Pearle igaioe ? 

3(?r. Neither of either, I rercit both twaine. 
I fee the tricke eo't : Heer« was a coofcnc, 
Kocwin^ afbrehaod of our memrrtent. 
To dafh It likeaChrAmsi Comedie. 
Sotne nrry-taJe.fome pleafs- man, forne flight Zanic, 
Some tnumble-newcj, feme treocber-knight.fom Dick 
Tb:t{iniie>hi)checkcinycare> andknowestheuick 
Tomtkertiy Lady laugh, when (het difpcs'd; 


Loues\LahoMrs lojl. 

Told out intenu before : which once difdos^J, 
1\ie Ltdies did change Fauours^ aiid then we 
Following the figncs, woo'd but the Cgoe oUh^ 
Now to our periuric, to addc more tenor* 
We ate againc forfwornc in will and erroT.r 
Much vdon this tij : and might notyou 
Toieftall our fport, to make vi thus vntroe ? 
Do not you know my Ladies foot by'th fquiei f 
And laugbvpon the apple of her eic ? 
And ftand bctwcciic her backc fir,and the fire. 
Holding a trencher, iefting merrihe ? 
You put our Page out : go, you are alowd. 
Die when you wjli, a fmocke (liall be yout fiirowd. 
You Iccre vpon me, do you i There's an cie 
Wounds like a Leaden fword. 

Bej. Full merrily hath this braue manager, this c«r- 
reere bene run. 

"Ser. Locjhe is tilting flraight- Pc3ce,Ihaucdoil 

£iitifr Clnmt. 

VleXcotne pOre wit, thou part'ft a faire fray. 

Ch. O Lord fir, they would kno. 
Whether the thrcewotthiet fhall come in^oroo* 

Her. What,»re there but thr«c? 

C/».No fir.but it is vara fine. 
For eucric one purienis three. 

"Ber, And ihicc times thriccisnine.^ 

f /•.Not fo fir, vnder correftionfir, I hopek iinot fo. 
You cannot beg vs iir.I canaflureyou fir,wc know what 
we know : I hope fir three times thrice fir. 

"Ber. It. not nine. 

CU. Vndcrcorreftionfo, wee know whcre-votin it 
doth amoinit> 

£tT. By loue, I alwaies tookethree threes for nine. 

Ctgw. O Lord fir, it were pittieyoo Hiould get yout 
lluingby rcckning fir. 

"Brr. How much it it? 

Clo. O Lord Ar, the parties themfelaes,t>ie a£tewj fir 
will (hew where- votill »t dcwh ampunt ; for mine owne 
part, I am (as they fiy, but to petfcdt one tnao in one 
poore man) Vctnpion the great fi t . 

"Btr. Art thou one of the Worthiest 

Clo. 1 1 picsfed them to thinke me wonhic ofPempej 
the great : for mine owne part, I know not the degree of 
ihc Worthie, butlamtoftandforhim. 

2(.f. Go, bid them prepare. fir»f. 

^. We will turne it finely off fir, we wif take Ibme 

Ksjtg- Btrmme, they will (KanMVS : 
Let them not approacn. 

"Ser. We are Oiame-proofe my Lord : and 'tis Tome 
pblicie, to haue one (hew worfe tncn the Kings and his 

Kin. I fay they fhall not come. 

iiu. Nay my good Lord, letmeote-nilevounow; 
That Iportbtftplcafes, that doth Icaftktrow how. 
Where Zcale ftriues to content.-and the contents 
Din in the Zealc of that which it prefents : 
Their fdiaie confounded, n^kts moft forme in mirth. 
When great things labouring perilh Intheir birth. 

"Ber, A tight ^cfcription or our fport my Lord, 

SrstcT 3rag9aft 
'Stk£. Annointcd.liroplotcforouch expenceofthy 


toyaU fweet breath, at will vttcr a bract of woids. 

Qu. Doth this man ferue Cod? 

"Btr. Whvaskcyou? 

^. He (peak's not like a man of God's malting. 

"Brag. That's all onemy faire fweet honie Monarch: 
For 1 proteft, the Schoolmafter is exceeding fantafticall: 
Too too vaine, too too vaine. But we wil put it(at they 
fay) to Fertima dchiuar^ I wifli you the peace of minde 
moA royall cupplement, 

KifigMttz islike to be a good prefenee of Worthies; 
He prefents Heiior of Troy, the S waine Pamfej ^ great, 
i.\\t?x\ii\C\MKZ j4Uxa»de^^jimut4eei Page HfrtttUi 
the Pedant Ittdas Machabciu : And if thefe fourc Worl 
thjes in their firft fhew thriue, thefc four« will change 
habitet,and prefcntthe other fiue. 

Bir, There is fiue in the firfl fhew. Youarcdeceiocdjtisnot fo. 

Btr. ThePedsnt.the Braggart.the Hedgc-Prien,ihe 
FooIe,and the Boy, 
Abate throw at Novu m, and the whole world agalne, 
Carnot pricke outfioc fuch, take each one in's vaine! 
/Cw.The (hip is vndcr failc,3nd here (hi cooiJ amain. 

ZmcT Pomfej. 

Clo. tPtrnfejam, 

Btr. You he, you arc not he. 

Clo. I Pomfey am. 

"Boy. With Libbards head on knee. 

"Ber. Well faid old mocker, 
loiuftneedsbc friends with tliee. 

Cl». f Pomfty am, Fewftjfurtiam'd ibt iio. 

1)ii. The great, 

Clo. It is great (ir : Pomftj fumam'dthemat : 
That oft itftld^ mth Targt and Shield, 

did make mjfee tefwcat : 
Jndtrauailii^dong thu cooft., / htere am comt tj chatee. 
And Uj mj Armet before tht legs efthiifnttt Lajfe of 

If your Ladifhip would uy thankes PooifSy^l had done. 

^4, Great thankcs great Poiw^ft 

Cle. Ti« not fo much worth: butlhope I wasper- 
feQ. -I made a little fault in great. 

"Ber. MyhattoahaJfe-penie, Potnpeyproouesihe 
b^nWorthie. ^ 

Enttr Curate f^ Macandtr. 

Curat, ffitefi in the aorldlliu'd, Irvat (iewerldst ^cm* 
"By ta^,Wifl, North, & Seutfj^ llfredrnfcohfieriKgrvigfii 
My Scutcheon flaine declares that lam Altfander. 

Boitt. Yout nofc fjies no, you arenot :'' 
For It ftandj too right. 

"Ber, Your nole fmels ner, in this moft tender ftnel- 
ling Knight. 

Qu^ The Conqueror is difniaid ; 
Proceede gooxJ j^Uxandtr. 

Cur. tybt/t in the world [lined, I waflhfwrUet Cam* 

Toiet. Moll true.'tis right : you were fo jilifendsr. 

Tier. Fompcy the great. 

Clo.^ yout feruant and ^e;?<7r4, 

3<T.Take aWay the GonqOcror, take away AUfanisT 

Clo. O hauecu?T(hrownc yil/fandfrthe corr-. 
quetor : you will be faa}> i curof tbep:inted doth for 



Loues Labour's ioji. 

(hii : youf Lion that tiolHthiiPollai ruling on ■ clofe 
ftoole, will be ffKitnto Aii». He v»;ll br the ninth ^ot- 
ihie. A Conqoerot. ind iftnid tofpelke >Runiif iwsy 
fof ftiJfnC Alif»ndtr There in'cfhill ple«fe you : a foo. 
lifli milde m»n, »n honen mm.looke you,8< Toon difht 
H< u «fnjrv)eiloui good nnphbour infooih, «nd a »fr\e 
good Bov»ler bulfor ^///^n^^r.alaj youfef,bo\w tii* 
little tre-p»r>fd Bulthrreatf Worthiri • comming, 
wtJI fpcakc ihf If niindc in fomc othc f fort Lxi Cn 

^u. Stand ifide good Porrpcy. 

EttIT Ptdant far Imdti , tndi'ot 'Bojfvr Hercultl. 

PtA. Great Hemtlr' it prrfentedby thn Impe, 
WhofeClub kil'd^er-^^i^ that three-headed C«;mi, 
And when he was ai}abe, a chi!d«,| (hrimpe, 
Thus did he ftrangle SerfWTirs in his Mtum 
^^omiHm,\\t feemeth in uninorkie, 
Ergo, I come with this Apologie. 
Kcepe feme ftate in thy m //.and yani(b Extt 'Btj 

Pcd. Iudai/(8w. 

Dttm Aludai? 

Pid Ntl Ifcuritt f'T 
ludoj lam.jcliptd (^adtdteui. 

Dum ludtt Muchabetu dipt, is plaine ludat. 

" kiftmg tnitotHow art chouprpud fud/ui 

Ptd. ludiu I Mm. 

"Dum The more fharwe for you /•(!«. 

Ptd What mcanc you fir? 

"Boi. To make /k^ hang hMflfelff 

PeJL Begin are my elder. 

"Ber. Well foUovx'd, ludoj was hangd oflSh Elder. 

Ted. I will not be pnt out of couritcnanet 

"Bit. Becaufe thou hafl no fac*. 

Ptd Whatisihii? 

"Sot. A Ciuerne head. 

1)um. The htad of a bodkin. 

'Ber. A death! fact m 1 ring 

Ian. The face of an old Roman come, fcarce feene 

Titi, The pummcll o^C^P"" F*ulchion. 

Z)ww. Thecari/d-bonefateona Flaske. 

'Btr. S.Geof^ej halfe cheekc in a brooch. 

Hum. l.ahd in a brooch of Lead. 

'Ber. I, and wornein the tap of aTooib-drawer 
And now forward, for we fiauc put thee in ceut\cenance 

Pii. You haueput me out of countenance 

'Ber. Fslfe, we haue giuen thee faces. 

Tied. But voo h^ue out-fic'd them all. 

"Ber. And thou wci't a L iou, we would do fo. 

"Sej. Therefore as he is, an Affe, lethimgo : 
And fc adieu fweet tuie. Nay^ why doft thou fhy f 

"Dam. Forthe lattq end ofhij nan>e. 

Ber. For the Ajfe lo the ludi • giue it hiro. lui-ai %» 

Pei^ Tl>is is not gencrou»,not gentlc.oot humble. 

Bej. A light for iMOD^eui ludai, it gtowei darke, h< 
may ftunftble. 

Qite Ala* poore LMackaBeiu, how hath hee beene 



Ber, Hi3e tViyliead v/iehHUi.^ttc comes RcOgr in 

'Diim. Though my roocketcomehomeby me, I wilJ 
novi be laecri*. 

Kir^ H^fiVrwaabutaTsroyaninrsfpcftcfehis. 

Bri. B«ittithi( M/a«r? 

Km I thinke HfQ" wai no: fo clean* « imbei'd 

Len. His legpe n tocbijfot //rf/»r 

Dnrrt. More Cslfe eertaine 

B»t. No,he I', befl indued nthefrralL 

Brr Thi t cannot be HiUtr. 

Dnm He's a God or a Painter. for he makes fjcr*. 

Ti'r4£ Tht Arr.fifeinn Atari ^f L^mm it thi 4lm4^htj . 
gtue He ^or seift 

Dnm. A gilt Notmegge. 

BfT. A Lemmon. 

Ltri. Stucke wi'.h Clooei 

Dtm. Noclouen. 

Brdi*. ThtyQrr>ntj:mH.AOritfLMUifiiri,t4tm4^iity, 
Cjdut HtOar »gift. the htnt »f lllim , 
A mMitfo^tMihfd, that cert Mite hi i»»u!d^.fbi jt* 
fr»m merni till "ifht , tut tf hii P«mlU»n 
I im ihar Flower 

Dtm. That Mint 

Lofig. That Cullambme. 

"Brag Sweet Lord L««^4«iffrelne thy tongue 

Lon. I mufl rather giuc it iheretm for it (unret k^> 
gamO Heller 

Dum 1 ,and HeBsr'i % Grey-kound 

Brag The fweci War-man ii dead arid rot ^eo, 
Sweei chuck eSjbeai ro'. the bonei of the bunco 
But I will forward withmy deuice i 
Sweet Royaltiebeflowoo me the fence ofhMnng. 

Brrvikmtjtffpei ft^tk. 

^u. Speake braue Hedor.'Ae aremuc^ delighted 

'Brtg. I do adore ihy fweei Graces flipper 

Brj. Loues her by the-foof 

Vnm He may not by the yard 

Brtg Ihu HtClcr ftrrt fmrmemwltd HarmitfJi. 
Tht fart le u gene. 

Qe Fellow W#d?#r,fhe it gone ;.f}»e is two monetha 
on her way. 

"Betig. Whet mejneH thou ? 

C/» Faith vTilcffe you pLiy the hoRef) TToyan , the 
poore We nch ts ca(\ a way . (he s quick, the child brags 
in her belly alreadx ; tis yours. 

Brdg. Dod thou infamonize me among PotenUteiP 
Thoufhalt die. 

Cl». Thci) fhallHei^orbe whiptfor /(jfu^rrtir iliai 
isquickeby hirD,andhang'dfor ^»n»^,ihat u dead by 

"^Mm, Mcft rare T'i7»>p<7. 

Bqi, Rcnowced Penrpe^ 

Ber. Greater thea gre<t, greir.great, great Pom^rf 
^»fnp<7 the huge. 

Dum HciSpriremblei 

Ber. PiTTTjej is moued, more Aieei otor e Ateei ftiirc 
them, or ftjrre ihem on. 

D«m. He£^or will challenge him. 

Ber. I, if a'h.&uc oo (norem&os blood in sbelly, tken 
wil! fupaFlea. 

Breg. BytheNorth-polc I do challenge th« 

C/tf I wil not fight wi:U a pole like iNorthernmtn; 
DeflaQi.Iledoitby thefwoni ; Iprsy youlet(Beehgr> 
TOW my Armesaoains, 

Turn. RoonKfbitheJncsnfei Worthies. 

C/» lie do It inmyOiirt 

J)um Moft refbluu/oflwy. 

Pttgt. Mafter, Ic! metake you a button hole lower ; 
Do yon net fee JteiL^^uvneifiDgfot checcinbai; v,hii 


Lmes Labours lofi. 

tRszaeyott? you wUl loft vout reputation. 

Vr/^. Gentlemen ana Souldiersp&rdon me. 1 will 
not combat in my Ihirt. 

*Dtt. Youinaynot<lenieit, Ptfmjw/hatbraadetbe 

'Sr^' Sweet bloods, I both may.and.wlU . 

'Str, What reafonhaue you for't/ 

Brag. The naked truth of it i} J baueno (biR» 
I go wool ward for penance- 

"Btr. True, and It w8« inioyned hint in Rome for want 
of Llnren : fioce when, lie be fwornehe wore none, but 
a diQicIout of /tf^wYKT/Af, and that hecweaies next his 
heart for a fauour. 

Enter a Mt^mgtr ^MenficHr Marcade. 

Mar. God faue you Madame. 

i^ Welcome Mareada, but that.thoo Intenupteft 
our merriment. 

Matc. lamforrieMadam, forthenewes I bring is 
heauie in my tongue. The King your father 

Qjt. Dead for my life. 

Afar. Eucn fo : My tale is told. 

"Ber. Worthies away, the Scene begins to cloud. 

"Brag. For mine ownepart, I breath freebreath : I 
hauefecne the day of wrong, through the little hole of 
difcretion, and 1 will tight my felfe like a Souldier. 


Kin, How fare's your Maieftie? 

^Ih. "Sojrfp repair, I will away tonight. 

Ktn. Midame not fo, I do befceeb you Ray. 
Qu. Prepare I fay. 1 ihanke you gracious Loids 
Tot allyour faireendeuours and entreats *. 
Out of a new fad.foule, that you vouchfafe* 
In your rich wifedome to excufe, or bide* 
The liberall oppofuion of our fpirits, 
Ifouer-boldly we hiue borne our felues, 
In the conuerfe of breath (yotir gentlenefle 
Was guihie of ic) Farewell wonhie Lord : 
A heauie heart bcarcs not a humble tongue. 
EKcufeme fo, commin5fo(hortofthanKeS| 
For my great fuitc, fo eafily obtain'd. 

Kin. The extreme parts oftime,extreineliefonoet 
All caufes to the purpofeof his fpeed: 
And often at his verie loofe decides 
That, which long ptoceflc could not arbitrate. 
And thongh the o^ourtuog brow of progenie 
Forbid the fmiling curtelie of Loue : 
The holy luite which faine it would conuincr. 
Yet (ince loues jrgumenc was firft on ft>ote. 
Let not the cloud of forrow iuftle it 
From what it purpos'd : fince to waile (rtcndi IcA, 
Is not by much fowhoifome profitable. 
As to reioyceat friends but newly found. 

Ou, I-vnd«ftsnd you not, my greefes are double. 
^rr.Honeft plain word5,beft pierce the ears of griefe 
Andby thefebadgesvnderftandtheKirig, 
For yout fiaire fakes haueweoeglc6led time. 
Plaid foale play with our oaths: your beautie Ladiei 
Hath uuich deformed vs^fafhioning our humors 
Euenro theoppofed cod of our intents. 
hai. what in vs hath feemM ridiculous : 
As Loue is full of vnbefitting flraiaeSi 
AU wanton as a cbiide, skipping end vaia(>» 
Porm'd by the de, and therefore like the ele. 
FuUof ftraying (h8pes,ofhabit5,3nd of formes 


Varying in fubie^s as dteeiedoth rouk, 

Toeucrie varied obieft in his^Unce .- 

Which parcic-coated prefeoce of loo(eloue 

Put on by vs, if in your heauenly eier, 

Haue misbecom'd ourosihcs and grauities. 

Thofe heaticniie eiei that locke into thcfcfaula 

Suggefted vs to make : therefore Ladies 

Our loue being yours, the enor that Loue makej 

Is Itkewife yonrs. We to our ieiues prouefiJfe, 

By being once falfe, for eucr to be true 

To thofe that make vs both, faire Ladies you. 

And euen that falfhood in it felfe a (inne. 

Thus purifies it felfe, and tumes to grace. 

^«. We hsoe receiu'd your Leuers, fiill of Loue: 

Your Fauours, the AmbafTadors of Lone. 

And in our maiden counfaile rated them 

At courtfliip, pJeafaot left, and curtcfie. 

As bumbad and as lining to the time: 

But more dcuout then thefe are our refpe<fts 

Haue we not bene, and therefore met your loue* 

In their ownc falhion, like a menimenr. 

Dk.Oot letters IWad3m,(h£w'd much Oocc then kit 

Lou. So did our lookes. 

r^4. We did not coat them fo. 

KtM. Now at the iateft minute of the boure. 

Grant vs your loues. 

Qjt. Atimemethiii)(estoonK7t, 

To make a world>without><nd bargaioe in } 
No,norey Lord, your Grace is pcriur'dmUcbf 
Full of deare guiltinefle, and therefore this : 
If for my Loue (as thcie is no futh caufe) 
You will do ought, this VmW you do for me. 
Your oih I will not trufl: but go with fpeed 
To fomc forlorne and naked Hermitage, 
Remote from ell the pleafures of the world t 
There flay, vniilt the twelueCclefhall Signcs 
Haue brought about their annuall recbooing. 
If this audcre iribciablclife. 
Change not your offer made in heaie ofblood : 
If irom, and fafls, hard lodging, and thin weeds 
Nip not the gaudie bloflomes of yotir Loue, 
But that it beare this trialI,anH lafl loue : 
Then at the expiration of the yeire, 
Come challenge me, challenge me by the(e defen». 
And by this Virgm palme, now kifling thine, 
I will be thine : and till th» inAant (hut 
My wofuH felfe vp in a mourning houCef 
Raining the tearesoflamecnation, 
Forthe remembrance of my Fathers death* 
If this thou do denie, let our hands part. 
Neither intitled in the others hart. 

Kin. Ifthis ormore then this, I would denie, 
To flatter vp thefe powers of mine with reft. 
The fodaine hand of death dofe vp mine ele. 
Hence euet then, my heart is In thy brcft. 

"Btr. And what to me my Louci^ and what to me? 
Rff. You rouft bcpurged too.ycur fins we tack'd. 
Ton are attaint with faults andpcrhirir : 
Therefore if you my fauor mesne to get, 
A tweluemonth Otall yotj fpend, and nsu« reft, 
Bot feeke the wearie beds of people fickc 

tiu. But what to me my loue? but whst tome? 
JCa, A wife? a beard, fairehealth, and honcflie. 
With three-fold loue, I wifhyou all thefe three. 
D*. O OivUI fay. I tKanke you gentle wife? 
Kai. NotfomyLord.acwelnemoDthandaday, 



L(mt Labour ilofi. 

lie nurkc no words itru imooxhhc'i wooers Ity. 
Come when the King <io(h(o my Ladle comet 
Tlicn if 1 havcfTiUcblouc, Itegiueyou fome. 
Dm*.' Ik (cruf thee (rue and ftichful^y all then. 
Ktib. YetTwearcnot, letnycbeforfwomeagcivl 
Lm. What laics iVfTM? 
Mtri. Artherwcluetnonthtend. 
Ibchange my bbcktCownc, fori faithfull rcien<I. 
hf- lie nay with ptctence t but the time ii long. 
M»fi, The liker you, few taller trrfovong. 
Btr. Studies my Ladie ? MiRre£'e,looke on me. 
Behold the Nvindow of uy hesrt,mine eie : 
What humble fuite attend; thy anfwer there, 
Impofc Come fcrulcc on me for tny loue. 

R»f. Ofthtoelhcardofyoumy LordVrrvumtf, 
Before 1 law yout and the worlds large tongue 
Proclaimesyou for a man rrpleatc with mockes. 
Fall of romptrifons, and wounding floute* : 
NAThkh youon all eOates will eiecutc. 
That lie within the mcrcie of yotir wit. 
To weed this Wormewood frocii your fruitTaQ hnioe, 
And there99khall to win me, if you j>leafey 
V/ithout the which 1 actmot to be won : 
You (hall this tweluemonih tsrme (rotti day to day, 
Vifue the fpeechleCTe ficke, and ftiiJ conuerffl 
With groaning wretches : and your taake (hall be. 
With all the fierce cndcuourofyourwit. 
To enforce the pained impotent to (mile. 

fi#r To moue Wilde laughter inthschrosteofdeath? 
It cannot be, it is impoffible. 
Mirth cannot mone ft fouie in agonie 

Vfif. Why that* the way to choke a gibing rpirlt, 
Wbofe inBuencc is begot of that loofe grace. 
Which (hallow laughing hearers giuc to foola i 
A ie{)sprorperitie,liesiiuheeare 
Of him that heare$ it, netier in the tongue 
Of him that makes it ; then, if fickly taxes, 
Deart with'the clamors of their owne dcare gnaoes* 
Will hsare your idle fcornes', contlnoe tKefi,- 
And Iwill haue you,an<i(bat ffult witfaaJL 
But \fchey will not tkrov* aw^ytbasfeiritf 
And I fha! Bndc you raiptie of ihet fiMiIt, 
Right ioyfull of your rei'ormatkiR. 

Btr. A tweluemonchf Well ; befall what wiH befall, 
lie icfl a twelugmooihlrt^nHofpitall. 

^. I Nvcet my Lord,a(Kl fp lokemy Icaoe. 
J^aig. No hiadiim,we will bring yop on your wsy. 
Tier. Cur woing doth not end like anoid Playi 
Ucke hsth not Gill at hc^ I,adtes courtefie 
Might wcl haoe nn^de'out fport a Comedie. 

Km, Come(ir,itvirantsat\«Aeluemonthsndad2y) 
And then 'twIIenA 

"Ber. Thai's coo long for play. 

Sfittr'Bregfwrt . 
'Br^t ^westMsiefly vcucnfaieoKi 
g*. Wisro^thacHeAot? 
Dttm. The vrorthie Knight ofTroy. 
"Brsg. I wil kiffe thy tcvyal nrger .and take leaoe. 
1 3{P a Votarie, I haue vow'd to laquepetta to holdethe 

Plough for ha Tweet looefhrreyeares. BtMrneR cflre- 
m«d gtcatne/Te.wil you heart rhe Di«logi« i>m th* two 
Learned fT»c/i haue compiled, in priifeoMhcO^Ie tod 
the CuckovWlt/houldKsue followed in the end of our 

Kin, Callihemforih<^uick«Jy,we wiUdofo, 

Brag Holla, Approa<h. 

This fide is Hinrt.Vfxnt^. 

This FVr.the Spring: theoneottinuinedbyilicOv/lc, 

Thother by iheCuckow. 

Krr, begin 

WhenOafies pied, and Violeu blew. 
And Cuckow-buds of yellow hew : 
And Ladte-fmockes ail filucr white, 
Do paint th« Mgdo wei with deligbt. 
Xhe Cudcow then on euene tree, 
Mockcs married roen,foT thu fiogs he, 

Cuckow, Cackew ; O word of fear*, 
Vnpleafing to a mcrrled earc. 

When Shepheards pipe on Ojtf a ftraw«» 
And merrie Larkcs are Ploughmens dockrs ; 
When Tortles tread, and Rookes and Dawes, 
And Maidens bleach their Xamn\<x Quockct . 
The Cuckow then on euene tree 
Mockcj married men ; (or thus Gnp he, 

Cuckow, Cuckow 1 word of feare. 
Vnplsa£ng to a nurrtcd eare. 

When Ificlej bang by ihrwall, 
And Dicketbe Sphepheard biowcshis cailc; 
And Tom bearcs Logges into the haU, 
And M'llke et>mtt &oren hofl« <n pailtf : 
When blood IS nipt , and waies b« fowle. 
Then nightly fuigs the ftaring O wk 
iTu-whit tO'Who. 

A merrierotc, 

WbUe greafie lone ^th kede the po4 

When all aloud the winde doih blow, 
And coffins dtownes the PaWoos faw : 
And birds nt bcoodmg Ln the fnow, 
And Maui ans nofe lookcs red and raw : 
When roaftcd Crabs hi(le in ihs bowleg 
Theo nighdy finga the (bitogOwle, 
Tu-whit ra who I 

A meme note, 

While gifsfie looe dothkcils-th tpot, 

Brti-^. The Words ofMurctia?, 
Are hanh afttJ the fong j of ApoUo J 
Ycuthac way; wethis way? 










1V/f T T^ Q O i^>ff T^'^ 1^ "D 

iVl 1 J_y o V> 



i^Hui prtmut. 

EmUT Tkfetitt Hiffoitta, vnh Nhert 

With cunning haft thou filch'd my daughters heart. 

Turo'd her obedience (which .$ duetome) 


To HubborDC har^neffe. And my gracious Duke, 

^8j^*Owfl5r;KtppolJia, our nuptiall hourr 

Be it fo (he will not heete before y out Grace, 

'[jb^ a Dr3-,7e5O0 jcpacc: foureh»ppy diiesbringin 

Coafent tomarrie with2)rK3fm»i, 

9Lg^M» Another Moon:bai (hinkes,houi; flow 

I beg the ancient priuiledge of Athens ; 
As (he is mine, ! may difpofe of her ; 

*^^*^^* Thi5 olid Moon wane* j She '.ingen my dcfirca 

Lil<ecosStcp-dame,or a Dowager, 

Which (hall be eiibcr to thisGendeman, 

Long Withering out a yong mans reucnncw. 

Orio her de2tb, according to out Law, 

///jr.Foure daie* wil quidcly ficep thcftlucs in cighti 

Immediately prouided in that cafe. 

Foaic nighri wil quickly dreame away the linjc; 

Tbt, What fayyouHermia?beadui«'dfaire Maidc 

Andibcnihe Moooc.Hketoafilucrbow, 

To you yonrFacher (hould be at a God ; 

Now beni in heauca, (hal behold the night 

One chat compos'd your beauties; yea and one 


To whom you are but as a forrrw in w«e 

7*r. Go Phtlofirttt, 

By him imprinted : and within his power. 

Stirre vp the Athenian youih to merrimmc:;. 

To leaae the figure, or disfigure it: 

Awake the pert and mmblc fpint of minh. 

Dff^Tnttitt worthy Gentleman. 

Turne melancholy forth toFuneraU; 

/iV, So\i Lyftader 

The p«ie companion is not for our poin}>«. 

The. Inhimfclfeheis. 

Hippolita.l wood thee with my fword. 

But in this kinde, wanting your fatben voyce. 

Andwonnethy loue. doing thee miunes. 
But I will wed thee in another key, 

The oth<»- mufi be held the worthier. 

//r-. 1 would my father lookd but with my eyes. 

Withpompe, with ttiuniph^and withteuelllng. 

Ttf.Rathet your eics muft with his iudgment looke. 

Her. I do entreat yoor Grace to pardoo me 

Eittrr E^ntsatdfrj doK^hfir Hcrrma, Ljfatdtr, 

J know not by what power I am made bold, 

arij CurtTi-n IH3 . 

Nor how it may coocernc my modcflie 

Egt- Happy be Tt-f/rw, our renowned Duke 

In fuch a prefence hecte to pleadc my thought* : 

Ti^^.Thanks goc\J £^M/:what'$ the news with thee ? 

But Ibcfeech your Grace, that I may know 

E^e Full of vexauoD, come I.wjih complaint 

The worft that may befall me in this cafe, 
if T refufc to wed VcTj^cr^au 

Againft my childc, my daughter Hemtia. 

StoKifirtb D^jtrrivr, 

Tk*. Either to dye the de&tb, ot toabiure 

M;' Noble lord. 

For euer ihefociety of men- 

Thii oian hath my confent to mame bei- 

Therefore faire Hermia queftion your defires, 

S( and firth Lyfoider 

Know of your youth, examine weHyoor blood. 
Whether (if you yeeld not to your fathers choice) 
You can endure the lioerie of a Nunne, 

And my grscioutDuke. 

Thi«m«n hath bewitch'd thebofomeofmy cbilde 

Thou, \ho\i LrfandfTt thou hallgiuen herrimea. 

For ayetobeinfhadyCloiftermew'd, 

And inlerchangd iouc-tokeos with my childc: 
Thou haft by Moonc-light at her wshdowfung, 

To hue a barren fiftcr all your life. 

Chanting faint hymnes to the cold fruitlefle Moonc, 

With iaining voice, yerfes offaining Iojk, 

Thrice bleffed they that mafVer fo their Wood, 

And ftolne the imprelTioo of her fani2fie, 

To yndergo fuch maiden pilgrimage, 
Btft eirthlier happie is the Rofe diftil'd, 

With bracelets of thy baite, tings, gawaes.cooeetM, 


Then that which withering on the virp in thome, 
GroTves,liuc$,an<J dies, in fingU blcficdnefie. 

Of ftrong prcuailineni m ?nhatdocd youtb^ 

N Bpt. 


JUr So vfill I grow, fo liije,(b die my Lord, 
Ett 1 will yccld my virgin Paccdi vp 
Vnto hii Lordfliip, wliofc vnvrifVicd ycrUtc, 
My foulc coofcnis not to glue foufraijjnty, 

Tl)e Take time to ptufc, and by the octt new Mom 
The fealing diy b«twixc my louc and me. 
For cuerltmng bond of fcllowfhtp 
Vpon that day cither prepare to dye, 
For difobedicnce to your fathers will, 
Gr clfc to wed [umetri/u u hec would, 
Or on Di<aati Altar to pfotell 
For sic, aufterity.andriii^jleiife. 

©<777. Tlclcm fweet Hrnfia, and Lyfudir, ycelde 
Thy CTtred title to my certaine right . 

Ljf Youhaucherfathcrjlouer'Z>rr»«rr/K; : 
Let me haue Htnm^Mj : do you mirry h'lm, 

Egtut. ScornfMli£,7y<i»3(i^r, true.hehathmy Loacj 
Atidwhstitniine, myloue fhall render him. 
And fhe is mine, and all my right of her, 
I do eft ate »oto DemetriM. 

l^f. lammy Lord.atwcllderib'd ashe, 
A» well pofTeft : my louc is more then his : 
My fortunes enery way as fairely raturk'd 
(ir not with vantage) at "Derretriiu : 
And (whtcb is more then al) thefe bo«fti can he) 
I am belou'd of b^uteotn Hrrmia. 
Why ftiould not 1 theaprofecute my. right? 
l^rvtrius, lie auouch it tc his head, 
Made loue to ffeiars dauehcer, HtlenOy 
And worUv$rfoule t and (ne (fweec Ladic)dotcs, 
Deuovtl y dotei, dotes in Idolatry, 
Vpon this fpotred andhKonlUnt man. 

•The. I rnttft confcflc, that I haue heard To mudi. 
And 9(\\!nO*oMriui choucht to hauefpokc thereof: 
But being ouer-fuN of felie-affsires, 
Mymindedidloblt. "Bvli Demttriai comt., 
And cotnef'^na, you (lull go with me, 
1 haue {(Kite prtuste fchoal'tng for you both< 
For yoo ftitt Htrmia, )oolc?you arme your (elfe. 
To nt your fancies to your fathers will ; 
Or dferfiel-avw of Athemyeclds you vp 
(WWcb by 00 meaner we may extenuate) 
To detth, or rp a vow of C»gle life. 
Come my R/fcol>ts, what cWcare roy loue ? 
Demetrius and £/«« go eioog .• 
I muft.implcyyou ioibnufbufinefre 
Againfi out nuf ttali, wd confcrre with ysu 
Orfomething, neer cly that ^ooccmes y»ar felves. 

Egs. With dotie and defire we follow you, pcetsit 
.Manii l^fiodir and Herona, 

tjff. How no w tny lot»c?Why b your cHeelt fo paJc? 
How chance the Rofes there dof&de fo aid? 

Her. Belike for want ofraJo3, which I could wdl 
Bcteemc ihcm, from the ccmpeflofmine cj-cs 

Lyf- Foroughtthateue;] could rezde, 
Could euer bearc by uie or hiftorle. 
The cpurfe 6ftrue louc ncuei did ruofoicodi. 
But either it wasdifF«rentin blood. 

fitr. O crofie! too high co be enthral'd to loue. 

Lvf. Orclfemifgraflfed.inrefpedofyeares 

Her. Ofpil^tlioooldtobempag'dtoyong 

Lyf. Ox-elfeiftftood vpon the choife of merit. 

Her. Obeli ! cocboofeloticb/sjJOtheTseie. 

Lyf, Or if there were a luhpatlue in choi fe, 
VVarre.deatiioi iicl-rK^e, did lay fiege toi;^; 
Making it monieotark^as s fcuod: 

JlMidfcmmer mghts Dreame, 


Swifc as a fhadow, nu>:t at any drt^tae, 

Hrtefc as ibc hghtning in the coUicdnrght, 

Tb*C (in a fpleane) r^ol^ boili i^*nen *ci ccb . 

Aod ere a m«n hath pc««rr cc &y, bi ;.;.ld, 

Th« iawet of darkrwITc Co ituotui 11 yp -. 

So quickc bright tkingicv^sieceofjiW. 

Hv Jf tkin uue Loucrs ha*e buix c»f craft, 
It ftxid: «s an edid in dcft.oke : 
Then le: rs teach otir triaU pKierKt, 
Bccao(e it is a cunoraaric croffe. 
As iuc to Io«K, SI thoughn, and drear»ej,aixJ fig-ici, 
WiiJwrsandreaiTM ; poore Fancies 'follorjers. 

A7/.A good perfwiAoo ; therefcre ^rsCaicHe^mc, 
I haue a W"iddow Aunt, a dowagn, 
Of^reat reuennow,«nd fl>« hath no childc. 
From Athem ii her houTc rcmou'd feuen lesgao. 
And ftie refpc^ mc, as bcr onely (onnc : 
There gentle Hermia^ m%y I marrie tbe«, 
And to that place, the ftitrpftAiheniar. La.T 
Cannot purfue ti. U titou lov'O me, then 
Steik fonh thy fatherihoijCe K) morrow right 
And inthe wood, a league w I tlu>ux the (•»•□«. 
(Where 1 didraecietboeorce vjitb n<!.ru. 
To do ob(erutnce for a moroc o(\ir() 
There Willi ft«y for thee 

Her. My spad Lj father, 
I fwearc to thee, by Copitis tJfongefl Sow, 
By hit beft anow wl;h the gc ioea hesd. 
By the fuoplicine ofVenus Docss, 
By that which kmtteth fouJes, and prefpers lotM, 
And by that fuc which bumrd the Canhage Qujene, 
When the fajfe Troyan vrnJer faiie wac fcene, 
Byallthevowet that euer tnen haue broke, 
( In number more thee etier wcH»>«n fpokr) 
In that (ome place thou baft appointed idc, 
Tomorrow truly will latme withxhec. 

lyf. Keepe protaifc loue . loekc bete cocci Iliina. 

Enter HeUra, 

Her. God fpecdi- uitc Ai'«a'c'^,wi>ither away ? 

Hel. Cal you me faired the* faire acainc vofay, 
VcKiAriKs loucs you fairc ; O bappie isirc ! 
Your eye* are lo»dftarres,and vour tongues f wcet ayxe 
More tuneable tiien Larketo mepheards earr , 
When wheate is greenc, when hauthoftie buds appeare, 
SIckoeiTe is causing : O were fauor fo, 
Your words 1 catch, fsire fJermU etc I go, 
My earefhould catch your voice, my eye, you' eye. 
My tongue fhould catch your tongues fweet azlodic, 
Were the wotld mine, Demutrim betng bated, 
The reft Lie giue to be to y^u traftlUc^ 
O teaehioenowyou locke, &cd with whacart 
you fway the motion oi Dnmtrmt han. 

Her. Iffowne»ponbtm,yeihclo«csn>efti!l. 

HtU O (hat yot'^ffowoes would teach Riyrm;Us 
fach skiL 

Her. Igii:clMca»rfe$,vethe£tuesmel©tfe. 

tttl. O that tay prayer* couidtuchaffe5ionc^4o«e. 

Her. Tberaote I hate, theioofehefoilowcoe 

Hel. Therticrel!oue,themoreheh3tc:hB:«. 

Her. His foiiy HelctM s^ionecf mine 

/iW.Nontbut yo«r bowy.woid thai raolt wermiBC 

Htt. Tskecomfonr^hcnomorcihaillecoiyfice, 
LjfifjkrMA roy Celfe wIlJ ft ie-»hi« place, 
%c(o:t the tUDf 1 AM L^janier fee, 
Sectn'd Ath«QS like, a ParsdUc 10 due. 


AMitfommer nights 'Dreame. 


O then, whet gracttinmyLouexiodwelt, 
Thst he hath turn'd a hcaucn into bsll- 

l,}f. iyifp,t4) you oUr tnindes w« W>U vnfold* 
TA morrow night,when PbaSe doth b<ho}4 
Her filner vifagcin the w^cry glafle. 
Decking with hquid peatlctthc biadeU gniTe 
(A time that Louct} flight* doch fttll coiK««le) 
Through Athtt/t gatcs,hauc wc deuit'd lo ftcale. 

htr. And in the wood,wbereo&en you and I, 
Vpoa faint Primrofe bedv^were wdiir lo Ive^ 
Emptying our bol'onies,Qf their counfeUKMstd : 
Theremy Zjx/*»rfjy,iin4my Crffc (hall miscte. 
And (hence itdm /Sihnt-timi ar/ay our syc* 
Tofcckc new friend* and.firangecoiiifwiions, 
Farwell fwaet play.foliow, pray thou for vs. 
And good lucke grant thee thy Demitriu*. 
Keepe word Ljfunder wc muft (iarue our fighti 
Frorn louers foode, till mttfraw deepe nridriight. 

Exit Htrmia. 

tjf. I will my W(TB»«. Helmitt6\w, 
As you on b\ni,DtMetrius dotes on you. Ex/i Lyftnitr- 

title. How happy rome,ore othcrfofnc <od dc / 
Through Athens I am thought as faite as (he. 
But what of that t'Dcmttritu thinkes not fo : 
He will not know^what all,but he doth know » 
And as hee orre3,doting on BtxmUs eyes ; 
So I, admiring of his quslttiei : 
Things bale and vikle, holding no qvaAticy . 
Loue can tranfpofc to forme and dignity , 
Loue lookes not with the eyes^but with the mindly 
And therefore it wing'd C<<^/<ip«iiuedblinde. 
Nor hath loues mindc of any iudgemeht taBc : 
Wings and no eye«, figure, ynhcedy Mlc« 
And therefore it Loue /aid to be a child«, 
Becaufc In choifc he is often beguil'd , 
As waggilh boy et in game ihemfeluet fotfwesrc} 
So the boy Lone ii periur'd euery where- 
For ere D^m^riMulookc on Hmmst eyne, 
He hail'd downc oathet that he war oneiy mine. 
And when thi % Haile fome heat from Htrmut felt. 
So he difTolu'd.and (howres of oathet ilid cneka 
f will goe tell htm of faite Hermiat flight : 
Then to the wood will he,to morrow night 
Purfueherjand forhii intelligence. 
If I hauc thankcs, it is a deerc e^pence : 
But hcerein meane I to ertrich my oaine. 
To hauc bi« fight thithetytBilbacKe agaiae. Exit. 

Eater ^inee the Carpenter, Snug the lejnery Battowit tht 
t^etude^-, Flute the belUwes^-mfnitr^Sngift the Toiks^yMti 
Stamelit^ tha-T/fiter, 

£m>i. Is all our company heero ? 

"Btr. You were beft to call them geoeratly, man by 
man,accojding tothc fcrip. 

0^1- Here is the fcrowie of euery mans namc,which 
is thought fit through all jitbmit, to play m our Enters 
ludc before tht; Duke ai4 the Dutche*, on his wcddit^ 
day at night. 

Sot. Fi:ri,eo«d Peter Qmmce.fty what the play treats 
on : then read the names of the Aaprs ; and lo grow on 

QtM. Marry our play is the inoft lamentable Cotrc- 
dy. and moft audi death o« T^ramv and Thtstue, 

2«t. Aterygoodpeecfiofworkclafltircyou.anda 

t^ierry. Now good P«w.gj«ifBs?, c2lllortb you: h&oxi 
by die («&v(k. Maftets fpread y our (eluet . 

Simwe. AnTweie^ss J call y<wi. KiekBcttoipt thfc 

B*tttmK. Reedy ; lume what parti am for, atid 

Ss*""' You Nx^Bfttwuu^ fee davra« for ?j- 

Bet, What: is Pp-amut, a looer,or a tyrant > 

jQium, A Louer that kills himfcife moft g^lantly for 

"Bis. Thato\)Ia>ke fome tearcs in the true pcrfor- 
tning of icif I do it, let the audience looke to their eiss; 
I wiU mooue Rotmes ; i wiitcondoleio<omc mcafurc. 
T6 the reft yet,my chi«fe humour ts for a tyrant. I could 
play £r(-/«/tarely,orapanroteareaCat]n,tomake ail 
folit the raging Rock% and {hluerine fhocks (hall break- 
liie locks of prifon gate*, and Phiihus carre (hall (hinc 
fromfarre, and make and marre the foolifh Fates. This 
was lofty. Now name the re(t of the Phycis. This 
it £w/«vaine,atytant8^oe : a louer is more condo- 

i^m Fr4nc»FAnex\ie Beliowes-mender. 

i-M. Heere ?/rtT ^«mff. 

Qmn. YoumoAtakeTtWio^enyou. 

Fine What is T'&t;^/«,a'wandring Knight? 

^m. ItittheLadythat/^rinRMimuflloue. 

f/iM. Nay faith, letootmcapiaya^onian. Ihstiea 
beard comming. 

^. That's all one, you fhal! pby it in a Maike,3i«J 
you may fpnkt t» fmaii as you will. 

Stff.And i may hide ray f)ue,let me play 7Ut^ too : 
lie fpeake m a moMftrout litilevoycc ; Tbifm .Thifve, ah 
fjrtmm my louer deare, thy 7^^ dcare , and Ijdy 

Qtim. No no^yoo mufl play Pyramui, and flute, you 

"Btt. Well, proceed, 

^lu. RoitHSiartuliwftiieTiylor, 

St4tr. Hctre Peter ^iDMce. 

^mee. Mm Sttritttitig , yoO milfl play TbMitt 

T»m Stuvtjthc Tinker. 

Snoat, H^tzVeter Qjihct. 

QwH. You, Pjrameu father ; my h\^,Tbuiiet father ; 
Siti^e the ( the Lyons part ; and I hope there 
if a play fitted. 

Smtg. Haue you the Lions part written 7 pray you if 
be,giue it me.for 1 am Oow of Audie. 

^Hin. You may doe it extimparie , for it is nothing 
but roaring. 

3*t. Let mee play (he Lyon too, I will roare thaci 
wfU doe any roans heart good to he«re me. I wHl roare, 
that ] will make the Duke iay. Let him roare agaioe^let 
bim rt>are againe. 

^«s>. If you fhottld doe it too renibly, yoa would 
fright the PiKchefTc and the Ladies , that they would 
(hrikc, and that were enough to hang vt alL 

jill. That would hang vt cue^ mothers fonne. 

"BMtomt. I gr^unt you friends , if that you /hould 
fright the Ladies out of their Wines , they wotiid 
haue no more difcretion bat to hang vt : but 1 will ag. 
grauate my voyce fo , that I will roarc yoa as gently as 
any fucking Doue ; I will roare and 'twere any Nightin- 

Jigin, You cao play no part but Pwemnt , (or Ptrs- 
N 2 mMf 

K 2 


nm It nft^crt-fac'dman. J proper man ai oncfliaJIIcc in 
a fjmntrf t d*y ; a muO loucly Gcr.[lc>nan-likc aM(i,(hcT> 
focc ^ou mud nt^dt play Ttr Anew/. 

Ttoi. Well. I Mill fnileriaAc tt. Whi: bciid were 1 
beO 10 play it in? 

QitiM. Why, what you will 

"Bti. I wjlldtfchargcii, in either your ntiw-^olour 
beard .your orange tawnie bcaid, your t)urpte in grahM 
braid, or your Ptcacluctovwnc coluur'd beMd.your per- 
fect Vellow. 

J^«wr. Somcof your FremhCrowncj hiue nobajre 
ft >l), and then you will play bare-fac'd JVii manert here 
aie vour pan*, and I am to intreat you, rcqueO you, md 
dcfire you, lo con ihem by too morrow nigbt: ar»d reect 
me in the paUce wood, a mile wiihoui t he Towoe, by 
Moone-lighr, there we will lehearfc for if we n>cetc in 
the Citie. we fbalbe dog'd wiih company.and our dcuii- 
fetknowne. Inihemeaneiime,! wildraw abilofpio- 
pr>'iie«,fuch ii our play wanti. i pray youfaile meooc. 
Bancmt, We will mcete. and chere we may rchcarrc 
roore obfcenel j and couragiouHy Take painct^bc per. 
Ccdt, tdieu. 

Qain. At the Dukri oake we meet c. 

"Sae. Eoough, holdor cuibow-ftnng*. Cxntr^t 

^Bi^Stcundus, . 

AMidfommtr nt^hts Dreame, 

En'.er 6 Fcp-ie ai <me dagre , ^nd Rettm g9»d. 
fcliasr *■• another. 

Rot How now fpirulwhether wander you ? 

fM.Ouer hil,ouerdale,chcoughbu^, ilirouzh briar. 
Oner patke,ouerpale,thfO0gh Hood, through nre, 
Ido wander cue:ic where, fwvfier ihci>^Moon» fpherc; 
And Iferue the Fairy dew b«r orbs »ponth"e 
The Cowflips tall, her pcnrionifi bee. (g'een. 

In their gold coaif, fpots you fee, 
Thofe be Rubie»,Faiiie faaort, 
Inthofe freckles. liJC their fauor>, 
I mud go fecke fotne dew drops hccre. 
And hang a pearle in eoery cowflip* eare. 
Farewell thou Lob of fpirits,llebegon. 
Oar Queenc and all her Elues come heete anon. 

Ro(>. The King doih keepe hisReuelshere tonighi. 
Take heed the Queene come not wiihin hi» fight. 
For ObervM is pafsing fell and wrath, 
Becaufe that (he, as her attendant, hath 
A looely boy (lolne from an Indian King, 
She neoer had lofwcct a changeling. 
And iealous O^eran would hauc the childe 
Knight of his trame, to trace thelorrefts wilde. 
But (he (perforce) with holds the louedboy, 
Crownes him with fiowen,and makea him all hei iay. 
And now they neuer meert in groue, or greenc, 
By fountaine cleerc.or fpanglcd ftAT-light fliecnc. 
But they do fqusrc, that all their Elues for featc 
Creepe into Acorns cups and hide them there. 

Fai. Either 1 mdhWeyour fnape and makmg quite. 
Or elfe you are that (brpw'd and kruuiCh (jpint 
Cal'd Robin Good -feljow. Are you not hce. 
That frights the maidens of the VUlagrcc, 
<>kiro milke, and fomrtimcs Ubour in the quemc, 
And bootlciic mskc thebreathlcfle hufwite cneine, 
.^nd lomctimc make the drinkc to beate no barme. 

Miflcadc oight-w.aa'1-iers, laogh«og « iWi harntr, 
Tliofe that Hobgoblin cv*lyow,an^7wcaP«cke, 
You dutbcix«vock«, arid .l«y (baUhauc gr>«d Uickc 
Are not you be i" 

Rii. Tboufpcak^ar)f{hc( 
J aiT) that (iKmc wamierer of ibc nighit : 
I IcO to O^rTM, and make hiAfraile. 
When I a fat an<l beane -fetl horfc brgcule. 
Neighing inlikcncffe oft diiyfoalf. 
And roroetimc lurke I in • Gcflipt bok, 
in very likenetfeof a r«aRed crab: 
And when (he drlnkea, againf: ber lip* I bor , 
AikJ on l»er witnered tJewioo poure t he Aie. 
The wifrfl Atnn uUiag tl^e ta<ideA tale, 
SometicDcfor t,hrcc-footOoole,miftjknbr»e, 
Then flip 1 from bet b(mi,dowoe toppks (he. 
And lailour cries, and fals into a coife. 
And then the whole quire bold thcu hips, and loffr. 
And waacn tn their mirth, and neexe, aod fwcare, 
A merrier houre v»as never wa(\ed there. 
But roomeFairy , hcnc cocbc* Oinnm 

f*tr, AndhcercriiyMiflru: 
Would that be v?crc gotie. 

Enter tlx Kt-g ofT»tr%(i oi emrdt»rt wtti htu trmar, 
tnJ ih* Q^tnu a: ofithtr stzA hcrj 

Oh. inmcibyMoooe>l4gb(, 
Proud 7)/*»i4, 

Qjtj What, icilou*0^*i«?'H»iry skip hcnc«. 
I haue forfworoe his bed arid companie. 

Oi. TarricraOi Waoion;amnot 1 thy Lord? 

^jr. Then 1 mvift be thy Lady .but I krM>w 
When thou rvall lloine away fiotn Fairy Land, 
And in the /Tiapc of C«>-n Jaie alJ day, 
PISyng oo pipes cfCorne, and verfiog looe 
To amorous /^/Zii«. Whyari thou heerc 
Cooie from the faiihcfl fleepe oi India > 
Uni that fotfooth the bouncing Amat^om 
Your biukio'dMinreire. aod you: Warrior iotx. 
To Tht((M* roufr be Wedded ; and yoo come. 
To giue their bed loyaodproijpeiitie. 

Ob, How canH thou thus for OtameT/t^ojc, 
Glance at roy crediie, »vjth Hiffciits i \ 

Knowing I know ihy loue to Thtfemi i 

DidO thou not leade himthrough tbe ghnuoeringoight 
From FrrtgnM^ whoen he rauifhed ;* | 

And make hiai vviih faire Eagles breake hk faith j 

With .^riifi^, and ^(i:/^P ; 

Qut. Thefeareihefcrgtrjesofiealoofw, ! 

And neuer fiace tbe middle Summeri fpring 
Kfet we on hil, in dale, forreft.oi mead, 
Bypaucd fountaine, or by ru(hie brooke. 
Or in the beached margeru of rhe fea, 
Todaoceoiunnglecsro the whiftUng Wmde, 
But rvitli thy braulct ihou ha(^ diflutb'd our fpon. 
Therefore tbe vV'inde»,pipiug to rs in value, 
As in reuengc, hauc fockd ?p from the lea 
Contagious foggcs : Which fal;i.^g in the Land, 
Hath encrie petty Kiuer made foproud, 
That they haue ouer-boroe their Cootinems 
The Oxe hath therefore flretch d his yoakc m vaine. 
The pJoogbman loft his fweat,3nd the greenc Coroe 
Hath roc ted, ere his youth ztuin'd a beard 
The fold (hnds empty in the drowned field, Crowes at fatted with the munion oocke, 

A Mtdjommer nights Dreame. 


Th«ninc mens Morris itfildvp with mud, 

And the quejfit Maxes in the wanton grcetie . 

Fot lacke of ctead are vndiiiinguiihabie- 

The humaix: moriali want their winter hrcrs, 

No night isnow With hymno or caroll bleft; 

Therefore the Moonefme gouerncAe of Soodt) 

Pile in her anger ,wafhcs all thcairt J 

That Rbeumaiickedifcifei doe abound. 

And through ihii djftemperature, we fee 

The feafoni alter; hoared headed frofts 

Fall in ihc h-efh lap of the aimfoii Role , 

And on old Hjant chinneand Icieaowne, 

An odorous Chaplet of fwcetSommer bud j' 

Is at in mockry fet. The Spring.tSe Sommer, 

ThcchildingAuiurrfte.angry Winter change 

Their wonted Liueries.and the tnazed world% 

By thcit increale. now knowesnot which is fltihich* 

And this fame progeny of euilU, 

Comes from our debatrrftomour di0ention, 

Wc arc their parents and otigmall. 

Obtr. Do y 00 amend iithen.ii bes in you. 
Why Oiould T"«'»i<»crolTe her Otertn i 
1 do but beg a little changeliiig.boy, 
To be my H enchman 

Om. Set yooi heart at t«(V, 
The Fairy land buytvnoi the childe ofme, 
Hii mother wa» a Votreffe of my Order, 
And in«hefprced/>ii/<n» anc, by night 
Full often hath ihe gblfipt by nvy fide. 
And fat with me on Ntptuittt yellow fands. 
Marking th embarked traders on the flood. 
When we haue laught to fee the fades conceiuc. 
And grow big bdlied with the wanton winde : 
Which (he with pretty and with fwimming gate. 
Following (her wombe then rich with my yongfquire) 
Would imitate, and faile vpon the Land , 
To fetch mc triflei, and tcturne againe , 
As from a voyage, rich with merchandize. 
But fhe bemg mortall, of that boy did die , 
Aod for her lake I doe rewe vp her boy, 
And for her fake 1 will not part with hwD. 

Oh, How long witlnn this wood intend yon ftay 

.^- Perchance till after T^be/aMi wedding day. 
Ifyou will patiently dance in out Round, 
And fee our Moonc-light rcueli, goe with vj ; 
If not,(hun me and I wilt f^re your haunts- 

Oy, GiucD^e thai boy and I will goe with thee. 

$lt*. Not for thy Fairy Kingdotne Fairies away : 
We fhall chide downs right,if I longer Aay. Exennt 

Ob. Wel.go thy way.tliou (halt not fromchis grov*. 
Till I torment thee for ihis iniury. 
My gentle Pucke come hither \ thou remcmbreft 
Since once 1 fat vpon a promontory 
And heard a Meare-niaide on a Dolphins backe 
Vi terin 5 fuch dulccr and harmoniou* breath , 
That ihc rude (ea grew cliiill at her fong. 
And certitnc Darrcs (hot madly Horn then Spheares, 
To hear c the Sea matds inurickc. 

P*e, I rcmcrobCT. 

Ob. That very tmie 1 fay ( but thou couIdH notj 
Fly me be: weene the cold Moon« and the caith, 
CmftdiW arm'd ; a certaine aime he rooke 
At a f aire Ve(hU, throned by th« Wcf*, 
Andloos d his loue-fhaft fmatllyfttxn hh bow 
Ai it (liould pierce a hundred thoufand hoairs. 
But 1 might fee youflg,f^(<i/ fiery ftiafc 

Q«nchi In the cfvaftc beamcs of tnc w*tr7 Moctie ; 

And the imperiall Votreffe palTcd on. 

In maiden tncdiuiion, fancy free. 

Yetmarkt I where the bolt of Cxp/rffelL 

Ic fell vpon a linlewefleme flower ; 

Before,milke.white ; nowpurple with lours wound 

And maiden* call it, Loue in idlenefTe. 

Fetch me that Bower *, the hearb I fhew'd thee once 

The juyce of it, on fleeping eye-lids laid. 

Will mak c or man or woman madly dote 

Vpon the neit hue creature that inces. 

Fetch me this heaibe.and be thou hecre againe, 

Eie (he.Lfniathft can fwim a league. 

Piirkf lie pur a gitdle about the esrih, in forty mi- 

Oier. Hauing once this luyce, 
lie watch Tj/rfwij.when fhe 11 afleep^ , 
And drop the liquor of rt m her eyes 
The^ent rhingwhcn fhe waking lookei vpon 
(Be It on Lyon,Beare,or Wolfe or Bull, 
On medling Monkey. or on bufie Ape) 
Shee (hall purfueit.with the foule ofloue. 
And ere I take this charme off from her fight , 
( A » 1 can take it with another hearbe ) 
I le make her fender vp her Page lo me. 
Bur whocomcs heere ? I am inuifible. 
And I wiU ouer-hca;e their conference, 

E/}tcr'D^-nictriHJ,HetenafoUawing htn 

"Dime. I loue thee t>ot,therefore putfue mr not. 
Where u Lyfiuider, and faire Hermta ? 
The on^ 1 le (hy , the other f^ayeth me. 
Thou toldfi me they were (lolne into this wood ; 
And heere am I, and wood within this wood, 
Becaufe I cannot meet my Hrrtytm.. 
Hence, get thee gone, and follow ineno more. 

Hcl. You draw me. you hard-hearted Adamant, 
But yet you ckaw not Iron, for my he»rt 
1$ true js fleele. Leaae you your power todraw. 
And I (hill haue no power to follow you. 

'Dene. Do I entice you ? do I fpcake yot fair€ f 
Or rai her doe loot in plaineOtiuth, 
Tell you I doe not, nor I cannot loue you? 

H*l. And euen for that doe I loue ihec the more ; 
I am your fpaniell.and Dtmttrim , 
The more you beat me, 1 will fawne on yftiK 
Vfemebutasyour»paniell ; fputneme, ftrikcmf, 
Negleif^ me,loferee ; oncly giue»T>e Icauc 
(Vnv?orthy as 1 am)to follow you. 
What worlor place can I beg in your loot, 
( And yet a place of high rcfpecQ with me) 
Then to be vfed as you doe your dogge. 

Dtm. Tempt not too much the hatred fcf my fpltlt. 
For 1 amficke when I do looke on thee. 

Hi^. And lamfickewhenllookenotonyoo 

'Dfm. You doe Impeach your modef^y too much. 
To Icauc the Ciity,and commit your felfe 
Into the hands of one that loucsyou not, 
Totruft thcopporrunity of night. 
And the inrounfell of a defert place. 
With the rich worth of your virginity. 

Hd. Your vsrttjc is my priuiledge : Tot thfe 
It IS not night when I doc fee yr.jr face- 
Therefore I ihinke I am not in the nit!it , 
Nor doth this wood lacke worlds olcompany , 

N ? For 


A Mtdfvmmer nizhti Dream e. 
tx . 

^ Of yoM in mj ftfpeCt ^rt n\\ lUc work). 

Then hov» can it b< fiid 1 »m ilofw . 

When all the world it hcerc to lookc on rec ? 

"Dtft. Ilerunfronrtthrc.indhidtmc inihrbnkcii 
And \et\tt fhcc to ih* mercy of wtlde bc«fb. 

Hel. 1 bf vvildrO hsth not fuch ■ heart a» vou | 
Bunnc wSm youv^ill.che Hory ^ail bcchic^'d i 
j4polle flici, trd Oiphnf holdt the chafe ; 
The Dou^: pctfiKt the Griffin, the mild< Htnde 
Make* ff<ed to catch the Tyger. Bootleffc foecde, 
When co»vardifc jturfuei , and > »lour fliet. 

Demet. 1 will not Hay thy nnclhoni, let rriC gp ; 
Or if thou follow m9> do* not oelceue, 
Bui 1 rt»»ll doe ihce nnifchiefe in the wtxyi, 

H*l- the Temple m the Towne.ind Field 
Youdoe memifchiefe. fyc Dtmttrm, 
Youi wrongs doe fet a fcandall on my feic : 
We cannot fight for looe,aifr.cnrnay doe; 
Wc Otould be woo'd, ar d wet e not made to woov. 
I follow thet, and makf a heauen of hell , 
To die vponfSc hand ! louefo well. Erit. 

Ob. Fare thee well Nymph,ere he do leaue ihij groue, 
Thou rt^«lt Ole him. and he (hall feeke thy louc. 
Kift thou the flower there? Welcome watHJeter. 

tntrr Puc^t. 

Puekj I.thcreuia 

Ob. I pray thee giue tt me. 
I know 3 banke where the wilde time blowei, 
WheteO«nips8ndthenoddinj' Violet growei, 
Quite ouet^annoped with lufoous woodbine. 
With fweetmoskerofes, and wiih Eglantine ; 
There (lecp«T)t4w'«.fomctin«c of the night , 
Lul'd in thefe flowers, wiih dancet and Jelighr 
And there the fnake thro wes her enammeld ikinnCj 
Weed wide enough to rap a Fairy la 
And with the luyceof this lie flreake her eyci , 
And make her full of hatefoH fantafics. 
Take thoufomeofit.aadl'eekjhroiigh ihisgtou:; 
A fwcet '^thraiaH Lady i$ in loue 
With 3 difdflincfull youth : annoint hii eyes. 
But doe it when the next ching he efpies. 
May bethe Lady. Thou fhau know the man, 
By the Athtfiian gaonrnts he hath on. 
■Effect it with fomc carc,that he may proue 
More fond on hcr.then flic vpon her louc ; 
And lookc thou meet me ere the firrt Cocke crow. 
Pa. Fcare not my Lord.yout (eruant (liall do lo.Exit. 

Enter Queene of Fairkt ,Vtith bit trann 
Qj(^e/>. Come, now aRoundell,and a Fury forj j 
Then for the third part of a minute berjce . 
Some to killCaiikeri jntherTH. kcrofebodf, 
Some warre with Rcrcmil'e, frr thcii leathern wings. 
To make mv fmall Elues coaiei.and fome keepe backe 
Tltf clamorouj Owle that nightly hoots and woodcra 
At our qucint fpirit;! ; Sing me now afleepe. 
Then to yout ofSces, and let rtje reft. 

Fairies Siif£. 

Tof '^rrVrf.^JR-i^rr with doub{e terrain , 
Tiismflie^hgfjs be notfeene. 
Newts and Utnt^e »<7rmes do ne wreng, 
Comtfiat neer:e:'* Ftury ^ueent% 
PUtLmeJt vith naicdu. 

Stnt lujrur fiftft LmlUby, 
A/fUrr hgrm* ,nfrf^O,m0r ckm mio^ 

a . Fmrj ffttunnf Sftirri ttrm itti ttcr^t, 

H*»ttJ«H l»yf^ ItglSfimnm^lnitfe. 
Bttl/is bl.tcit tfyr»4tch mM iHtrt ; 
tVormt met Smsjft ier •« eftnti. 
PhiljemeU wtih mtl»4j^ ^c. 

\.F»try. HnKrew0j,mom*3iftetU; 
Che altfft , /)Vii CcnuatS. Skftftnytj 

Entrr Ohtrem. 
Oier. What iKoufrell when thoodortwtke, 
Doe It for thy true Lone lakei 
Louc and languifh for hit fake. 
Be it Ounce, or Catie, orBeare, 
Pard, or Boare with briAled hairc« 
In thy eye that fhjil ippeare, 
When (houwak'R,ii ii thy drtTf, 
Wake when fame vi!e ihmg if oeere- 

EntrrlttfcMdrr atd Htrmu* 

LiJ. faint with wandriilg inf woodj 
And lo Tpeake troth I htue forgot our way * 
VfetWxt^w HermiA, ifyou thinkeitgocd , 
And tarry for the comfort of the diy . 
, Her. Beit fo£;/4ii<^'-;fu)deyouob(abf J, 
Pot I vpon thii banke will reft my head. 

Ljf. One turfe fhall fcTue as pillow for vihoth, 
Onetaean,onebed,tw<;boromci,andoce troth. 

Her. Nay good Lyff-derjox my fake my dettt 
Lie further oft yet, doe not lie fo netr* 

l^. O take the fence fwe«,of my inBccrnre, 
Loue takes the meaning, in loueiconfereoce, 
I meane (hat my heart vnto yours t» knit. 
So that but one heart can you make of it. 
Two bofomet interchanged with an oatb , 
So then two bofomes, tnd a hagle trotK 
Then by your (uk, no bed-roome me deny. 
For lying (o. fferfx>M,\ doe not lye. 

Her. Lfftader nddlei very prettily j 
Now much befhrew my manners and r:iy prid^i 
If W^»ji<i meant to fay, Xr/2iciar lied. 
But gentle fnerkd, for Loue andcoiutcric 
Lie further off, in humane moJefly, 
Such feparatioa, as may welt be laid , 
Becomes a vertuous bMchelour, and a maide, 
So farre be di(^ant,and good night fweet friend ; 
Thy loue nere alter, till thy fweet life end, 

Lrf. that faire prayer, Cay I, 
And then end life . when I end loyalty ; 
Heere is my betl,flcepe giue thee ail his refl 

Her. With halfe that wifb.ihe wiftieri eyes be pf sft 
Enter Packe Ti>yjfieeft. 

puck. Through the Ported hiuc I gone. 
But Athenmn Rnde I none , 
One whofe eyes I might apptoce 
This flowers force in fhrring loue. 
Night and filence : who it heere ? 
WcedM ofAthenrh^ doth wewe : 
This IS he (my ma/ler fajd) 
Defpifed the .AiheTn^me,6c '. 
And heet e ihc msideo fleepiag fcxzrk^ 


AMidfomermghtt Theame. 


On the dankc and durty ground 

Pretty foulc,flK durftnot lyt 

Ncrre (his lacke>loue,thi} kill-curtefie. 

Chufle.vpon thy eyes I ihrow 

All ihcpovkcrthu charmedoihoNNci 

When thou \Mtk'(t,lct loue fotbid 

Slcepc hi» fegtc on ihy cyc-lid- 

So awikc when I am gone* 

For 1 muft now to Ol>er»i. 

Shut Dcmttruu <»«J HdtM rwming . 


Htl Stay.though thou kill mc,fweetc Dntuirtm 

De. 1 charge ihec hence,and do not haunt mc thus. 

Hei, O wilt ihou darkling letue met donot fu. 

D*. Stay on thy pciill,! alone will got. 

Sxa DtnMtniu 

Hel. O 1 »rti out of breath,in thit fond chacc^ 
The more my prayer, the leffer iJ my grace, 
Happy is Hermsu, wher efoerc (he lies ; 
For rhe hath blcffrd and attracSiue eye*. 
How came her eyej fo bright? Noc with fait teirei. 
Iffo.iny eyesareoftner wafht then tiers. 
No,no,l am *s vgly at a Reare ; 
For beafls that meete me.runne away for feare, 
Therefore no matuailc.though femctrsut 
Doe as a monncr.flie my prefencc thus. 
What wicked and ditTembltDg glatfeof mine. 
Made mc compare with Hfrmtot fphery eyne ? 
But who is here ? Lff*ncUr on the ground ; 
Deade or afleepe f I fee no bloud,no wound, 
I.rftndcr, if you liue,good fit awake. 

Ljf. And run through fire I will for thy fweet fake. 
Trinfparent //Wr«4,nalure her (hewes an. 
That through thy bofomemakesmefee thy heart. 
Where is Dtrnttriw } oh how fit a word 
b that vile name, to perifli cut my fword I 

Hcl. Do not lay fo Lrf/trtdtr ,(»y not fo •. 
Whitlhough he lone your //^»»»iii?Lord,whM though.* 
Yet Htrmia ftill loues you ; then be comtent« 

Ljff. Content with Hermia ? No,I do repent 
The tedious minutes 1 with her haue fpent. 
Not Wfni»/«,but Hfltn/t now I loue ; 
Who Will not change a Rau«n for a Doue^ 
T>>e will ofmin is by hii rc^fon fway'd : 
And reafon faies you are the worthier Maide. 
Things growing ate not ripe vnttU their feafoftj 
So I being yong, till now^ripenottoreafoo, 
And touching now the point of humane skill, 
Reafon becomes the Marfhail to my will. 
And leadcs me to your eyes, where I or*Jooke 
Loues ftoriesjWritten in Loues richeft booke. 

HH. Wherefore was I to this keene mockery borne? 
When « your hands did I defer ue this fcome? 
1ft not enough^iO not enough.yong man. 
That I did neuer,no nor neuer can, 
Deferue a Iweecelooke from Demetrim eye, 
But yeu muH flout my infufficiency? 
Good troth you do me wtoDg(good-foothyoodo) 
In fuch difdainfuU minner,me to v»ooe. 
But fare you well ; perforce I muftconfeffc, 
I thought you Lord of more true gentleneiTe* 
Oh.ihst a Lady of one man rcfusd, 
Should of another thereforebeabus'd ^xit. 

\ Ljf. She feet not Henmj : Hhrata flecpe l)iou there, 
I Andneuermaift thou come iJ^vir-tKere; 

For as a furfeit of the fwectell things 

The deeptft loathing to the AomacKc biiAgs 

Oi as the herefies that men do leaue. 

Are b&icd moA of thofe that did dccdue ■ 

So furfeit.and my hcrcfjc. 

Of all be hated; but the moft of me ; 

And all my powers addrede your loue and mi ^, 

To honour Hr/r»,and to be her Knight. ~ EjtiX- 

Her, Hclpe me Lji/antLr,hidpe roc ; do thy beft 

To plucke this crawling ferpent from mv breft. 
Aye me.fot pittyjwhat s dreaote was here? 
Lypmder I do quake with feare ' 
Mc-thonght a Icrpent Mce my hean away, 
And yetfat fmilingathis cruellprey. 
Lr/iw^fcrjwhat rerooou d? Ljfvsdtr, Lord, 
What.out ofhcarmg,gone.''Nofound,no word? 
Alackc where are you ?fpcikeond if youhea<es 
Spcake of all louet ; I found al^oft with feare. 
No, then I well pcrcf lue you ate not nye, 
£ithcr death or you Jle 8nde immediately, £.tn. 

JHtis Tertiut, 

Eat fT the Clewnet^ 

Bat. Ate we all met? 

^M». Pat, pat, and here's a marosilousconuenient 
place for out rehearfiU. This gtcene plot fhall b« our 
ftage.this hauthorne brake our tyriog boufe.and we will 
do It in adton,as we will do it before the Duke. 

j5of . peter aumca f 

Pttrr. Whatfaiftthou,buIJy.5jfra»w? 

Bot. There ate things in this Comedy oi'Pirdirnm and 
7<»iJ^/,that will ncucr pleafe. Firft P/r^wwrnult draw a 
fword te kiDhimfelfe; which the Ladies caanot abide. 
Howanfwereyou that? 

SnoHt. Berlaken, a parlous fnre. 

St jr. Ibdeeue weiBuftleaocthc killing out, when 
all is done. 

Bot Not a whit, Ihiueadeuice to make all well. 
Wrhe meaprologue.and letlhe'Prologue feeme to fay, 
we will do no harme with our fwordi, and that Vyramm 
is not kill'd indeede : and for the more better alTurance, 
tell them,thatl Vtrttmtu am not PirAmm ,b\nBottome the 
Wcauetj this will put them out of frare. 

Qwu. Well,wc will haue fuch a Prologac.and it Hiatl 
be written in eight and fixe 

S«t. No^make it two morc^Iet Ube written in eight 
snd eight 

Snout. Will not the LiJies be afcar'd of the Lyon ? 

Sur. I feare it, I promife you. ought to conGdcrwtthyourfeIuet,to 
bring in(God (hietd vs)a Lyon among Ladies,isa mo(\ 
drcadfull thing. For there is not a more fearefull wildc 
foulc then your Lyon liuing : and wee ought to lookc 
to it, 

Sn§»t . Therefore another Prologue muft tell he is oot 
a Lyon. 

3»f . Nay .you tnuft name his name,and halfe hii face 
muft be fcenc through the Lyons necke, and he himfelfe 
muft fpeake through,faving thus, o» to the fame defcd ; 
Ladies, or faire Ladies, I would wifhyou, oi I would 



A Midfomer nights Drunne, 

rcqucft you,or I would entreat «<?u, not to frarc, not to 
^roTiblr: my life for ^ouri. if youthlnkel comehithtr 
tit Lyon, It were pittyof tnj lif« No, lamnoiiich 
tKtng.l tm • man it cih^r niefl tre ; »nd ihtrt mdrcd let 
him name his name, ajxiielihim pla.nly htcuficMj ibe 

i^iita. Well, it ftuJ] b< Co; but ih«re ii rwo hard 
chinci, that n, eobrinp thcMoone-light mtoachtno- 
bcr-.tor you know,/'/'' AOMM ar>d Tlndiy mecic by Moan;- 

Sn. Doth the Moenc fbine that nigbi wee pity oilr 

7«f A Calendrr.t Calender, lookeintheAlmanack^ 
findeout Moooc-fhme.findeout Moone-fhioc. 
Fntrr PLfUf 

Qmh. Yei, u doth Oiinf that night, 

7i*t Why theT>m»y youleaueacifemmt ofchr great 
(htrnber window(vvhere we play)open.and the Moonc 
n»»/(V\if>e in at the cafcment. 

^ vW.I.or elGffoncrnuAcomem wiih i bufh ofthorni 
indalaDthorne.and fay become* toditfigure.or to pre- 
fcnt the perfonof Moone-fhine. Then there ii mother 
thing.ivemufihauea wall in the great ChambCT;fi>r^r- 
r^ieautt and Ttuij (faies th« ttoxjj did talke through the 
chinke of a wall. 

So, You can neticr bring in t wall What fay you 
'Bottom* f 

Sti. Some man or other muf^ prcfeni wall, aixliet 
him haue feme Plaftcr, or fome Lome, or feme rough 
caA about him, to figntiie wall ; or let him hold hn hn- 
gcra that { and through that cranny, ftuU Pirtmmi and 

Qmdm. If that may be, then all i|. well. Come, fit 
downecucry mothers Tonne, and rehearTc yoor partai 
J^ be^in;wheay-<uJ:et)erpok«nyout fpeech, 
enter into thst Br«k(,3nd ^0 tuctj one according to hit 

K^. What hempen home-Tpunt haue weCwagge- 
ring here, 
Soneere the Cradle of the Faierie Qjjeene ? 
WKat.a Play toward ? He be an auditor, 
AtiAftot too perhaps, if I feecaufe. 

^2«»ni. Spcsltt P ird/im* 7l//i^Aand forth. 

Prr. 7^^/,tHc flowers of odiout fauort (wcete. 

Qmii. Odour*, odoufi- 

Ptr. Odours fatiors fweete, 
Sc hath thy breath, my dearefi Thitbj detn. 
But harke.a voyce : (lay thou bat here a while, 
Aed by and by I will to thee appeare. Extr^sr. 

pack, A ftranger Piramut.i^tn ere plaid here. 

Tlhjf. Muft I fpeake now ? 

Vft. I marry muH you. For you mull yndeidand he 
goeabui cofeeanoyfeihat he heard, and is to come a- 

TMf Mo(tradiant/'j*-an)/«>,mon Lilly whiteofhue, 
Of colour like the red rofe on triumphaot bryer, 
lAod brisky luucnall.aod eke meft louely lew, 
A* crite as tntcd yet would oeuci tyre, 
lie meet e thee ^fr4i>»»»,at Ninmtt totfmbe. 

fet. No>»» teonU>c maa: why, you moft noe fpeake 
that yet ; that you anfwereto Pirtincm . yow fpeake ell 
fvOT part at ooce,cues arid all. Poxm encet >you: c% is 
p«ft ; II it neucr tyre. 

Tl>j{. Q,u tnte as uucft boiCc^thK yet woold c^uer 

7-rr. Ifl wcr:f:irc,T*i«iyI wereortely rhr>>r. 

Pk. OoMoftioui. Ofttangc We a/c t<»bt«;<l( pi ly 
maf>eTi, flye roaBert, hdp«. 


Pi^t fie follow you.Ile lead* »0U about • Hound, 
Through bogge, through buiyi.ihroujh bf»ke,ihi»owgb 
Sometirr»f aboirdle bt,fon>etimeaho«KJ: Tbrycr, 
A hogge,ahc«dlcffebeare,r»m*tirr>ri6fe, 
Andneigh.and baike.and grunt, and rorr,tAdbu<nr, 
Like horfe,hound. hog, beaxe, fire, at euery lume. £jta. 
EMfT Pirsmis wuh tht ylffr UmJ. 

"Bet. Whydoihcyruo away ^ Thu ii akoaueiy of 
thcmtormkcrrAsfeafd. EmtnSmmrt. 

Sm. O SmMi, thou an chang'd; What doc ICtcoo 

"Btt. Whitdoyo»fe«?YoufetanA8ip4»«*dofy«of 
owr>e. do you f 

Inter pttrr ^KmC4, 

P*i. BleiTeAee'i(»M*««r,ble<rethe«tthoianrr»nft»- 
««<! Exu. 

'Bm. I fee theix knadery;»hjj n to make an afie of me, 
to fright me if they could; but 1 will not ftrrre fiooi 
thii pl»ce,do what they can. 1 wi>| wtJkevp and dowtte 
here, and I wiUfuigihat they (Kail heaie 1 aai Qot a- 

The Woofrtl cotke,fo blarkeof hew, 
WithOrengetawoy bill. 
The Throftle.with hii note fo true. 
The Wren and little qoiU . 

Tyid. What Angcil wakes rk frooiivy flowry bed .> 

"But. Th«Fin<W, thcSparrow.andtkc Larka, 
TheplatnfongCuckow gray ; 
Whofe now fuJI ro3r>y a cum <loih Ru*k«, 
And dares not anfwercnay- 

For indeede,who would fct h» wjt to fo foohlV a bird ? 
Who wodd giiKa bird the lye;though he cry Curkow. 
neuer fo * 

TpM. 1 pray thee gemlemorialI,fingagaine. 
Mineeareii much enamored of thy note ; 
On (he firO view to fay , to fwrare 1 loue tbec. 
Soismirteeyeenthraliediothy (hape. 
Aod thy farrt vertuct force (perforce^ doih moue me. 

"Bm. Me-ihinkei roiflreiTe , yoo fbould haue Iitiie 
reafon for that : and yet lo fay the truth, reason aso 
looe keepe Irnle company toeether , now-adayes. 
The more the pirtie, that fame KoneAnogbboias will 
not make them hiendt. Nay, I can gleeke epon occa- 

Tjtm. Tbaaa;iuwifie,asthou artbeautifolL 

B01. Not (o neitbci .- but if I had wit ertoughiogei 
out of this wood, I haue eaou gfa to Ccxuc txuoc owee 

T}U. Outofihiswood.donot ddirccogoe. 
Thou (halt retoaine here, whetha thou wilt 01 do 
I am a fpirii of qo cooimon rue : 
ThfiSummer fiill doth tend rpen oay (late. 
And I doc louc tbce^ tbervfoec goe wttKoc, 
lie giue thee Fairies to attend on thcc} 
Andihey DmII fetch tbee lewcU fiore tittdeepe. 
And iing.while thou 00 preifed flowers dofi (Icepe 
And I will purge thy mortal! grofiendlc {o. 
That thou Oialt 1 ike ao au te Cp iiit ge« 

farer P*c[t.!>i4$mstt,C^kv^ ^td) ^M»fitsri- 

Fts. Ready^t and I.»«»d I,and 1. Wbertfliailwfo? 

AMtdfommer nifh^ *Dreame, 



Tita, Be kinde and curteous to this Genttemim, 
Hop ill his v«alkes,and gambolc in hisctes, 
Fccdehim with Apricocks,aod Dewbcrtici, 
With purple Gr«pe>,greeneFigf, and <iriuibcrries, 
Thehonic-bagsficalertoni the huaiblcBeCf, 
And for nighc-tapcr j crop their waxen, 
And light ihem at the fierie-Clow-wotnacscyct, 
To haue my looe (o bcd,and to artfc 
And pluckc the vvings from painted Butterdict. 
To fan (he Moone-beamct trotn hisQcepingelca 
Mod to hicn Eiueti and doe him cuitefica. 

I. fat. Haile moitall.haiic. 

i.Fai. Hailc. 

j./'di. Hjilc. 

Bit. r cry your worfhips mercy hanily; I bcfcech 
your worfhipt natna 

C*l>. Ceinrfl>. 

"Bat. I rhaildefire you of mor« acquaintance, good 
Mafter Cohvpeb : if I cut my 6ogcr, I (hall (uake bold 
with you. 
Your name honeOGcntlemao i 

Peaf. Peafe l>lo([ome. 

"Sot. I pray you commend fn«e to miftre(Tc.J^M<i(fe, 
your mother, and to maftcrPf</f«(;/your father. Good 
maflcT Vtafi-hlofjome, I ftial drmeofyou moic •< 
tancc to- Your name I bcfcech you fit t 

Maf. O^i^fttard-fcide. 

Ptaf. PeafK-bU^nmc. 

Bot, Coa'irM^ct Mu/i or d faeJ^, I know your pati> 
ence well ; that fame cowardly gyant-likc 0«e beefe 
hath deuoured many a gentleman of your houfe. J pro- 
mife you, your Kindred hath made my eyes water ere 
now. I dcfue you more acquaintance, good Mafter 

jltt. Come waite vpon him,iead him to tny bowei . 
Th«Mnon« me-thinki,lookei with » watrieeie. 
And when ft»cwccpe«,¥r«epctu€rie little AoAcr, 
Lamenting (bme enforced cbaRitie. 
Tyc rp my louers tonguc.bnag bin Glcntly. £Mt. 

Sattr King 9fPbericj,fclui. 

Oi. rwonderifTtrMbfbcawak'tj 
Then what It wai that anct came in her eye. 
Which Qie muB dotc^n, in excrnuitie. 

^Kter Pucke. 
Wen comes my mdTenfier t how now mad fpirii, 
What nighc'-role now about thii gauntcd grotiei 

V^kj My Miftria with a monitcr is in loue, 
Neere to herclo/e and coniiceratcd bower. 
While (he waste her duU anddcepioghower, 
A aew of patches, rude Mcehanioals, 
That vrorke for bread vpou Athemaa flaU, 
Were met together to rehearfe a Play, 
Iiu ended for great Thtfeiu nuptiall day : 
The ftialloweft thick-tkin of that barren fort. 
Who ^irdnuu ihcw fport, 
Forfooke hit Scene, and entred in a brake. 
When 1 did him at this aduantage take. 
An AlTea note I Bacd on bis head. 
Anon his ThubiemviX be anfwered. 
And fonh my M imnuck comes : when they biin fpie. 
As Wildc-geefe.that the creeping Fowler eye» 
Or rulTed-pated choughes,many in fort 
(KiAng and c&wing at the guns repon) 
Seuer themlelu€j,and matHy fweepetbeskye : 

So at hit light, away his feUowes (lye. 

And at out (lampe.nereore and ore one fials; 

He miiriher aies,and heipe from ^tbin$ cals. 

Theu fenfe thus weake.loH with their fears thus ftrong. 

Made fenfekfle thinga begin to do them wrong. 

por briars and thorncs at their apparel! fnacch. 

Some (1ecMCS,foinc hats,from yceldersall things catch, 

1 led them on in this didra^e d fearc, 

And left fweete Ptramtu ttanOatrd there ; 

When in that moaieni(fo it came to paiTc) 

7)rdn(4vvaked,aadnraigh(way lou'dan Alfe* 

Ok. This fait out better then I could dcuiTe -. 
Bji Sad thou yet lacht the Aihmtant eyes. 
With he touc I did bid thee doc } 

f^. J (ookchimnecpmg (chat isAoilhl 
And the AilitniaM woman by his fide. 
That when he wak't.orforce Qic mii(\ be eyde. 

£3fer Demea-iui end Heru^ta, 

Ob Stand clofe, (his is the fame .^i&cVTtdn. 

Reb. This is the woman.but not this th« man. 
Dtm. O why rebuke you him that loues you To? 
Lay breaih fo bitter on your bitter foe. 

/f>r. Now Jbut chide, but 1 (houlu vfc thee worfe- 
For ihou (J fcare^oH giuen mecaufe lo curfe, 
If thou haA.naine/.^y<in<^r »o his Qeepe, 
Being ore (hoocs in bloud, plunge in the deepc, and hill 

mc too: 
The Sunne was not fo true vnto the day. 
As ho to me. Would he haue ftollcn away. 
From flwping Hermiai lie bclectie as foonc 
This whole earth may ba bord,and.ibac the Moone 
May through the Center creepc.and fo difpleafe 
Her brothers noonetidc,'y^»7r/^c^j. 
It cannot be bat thou haft murdred him. 
So (hould amutrherer looke.fodsadj^ogrim. 

Dem. So fhould the murderer looke,and (o ^ould I, 
Pierft ihrotJgh the heart with your Heatne cruelty . 
Yet yod the murderer looks as bnght ai cleare. 
As yonder Ve<uu in her glimmering fphearc. 

Her What's this to my Lyf^ndtr ? where is he ) 
Ah good Demetruu.WxU thou giue him w ? 

Dem. I'dc rather giu« his carkaflTe to my hounds. 

Her.Oai dog.out cur thou dnu'ft mepafl the bounds 
Of maidrnt patience- Ha/} thou Gaine him theof 
Henceforth brncuer numbred amottgmeiu 
Oh, once tell true,euen for my lake, 
Dur{\ thou a looki vpon him.being awake } 
And haft thou kill'd him deeping ? O brauc tutcb : 
Could not a Adder do fo much ? 
Ao Adder did it : for with doubler tongue 
Then thiae(thou ferpenr ) neuer Adder ftung, 

Dem. Youfpend yourpaHionon amirprfsdnood, 
I am not guiltle ofLjfdiuUn blood : 
Nor IS hedead for ought that lean tell. 

ffer. I pray thee itll me then that he is well. 

Dem. And if I could, what fhould 1 gel therefore i 

Htr. A priuiledge,ncuer to fee me mote ; 
And from thy hated prefeocc pan I:lcetne tu> morr 
Whether he be dead or no. ExiU 

'Vcm, There is no following her In this fierce vaine, 
Here ;hercfote for a while ( will renuiine. 
So forrowes hcauinetTc doth heauier ^^w: 
For debt that bankrout Ilip doth (btrow ovk e, 
V/bich now in fomc flight mciCjn it willpav^ 



A Midjommer nights Dream c» 


Ok. Wh»t h»(l thou done?Thoo h»fl miftiVcn (juiw 
And M\i (he lour luycc on fome true louct figka • 
Of thy mifprifion.muft perforce enfue 
Some true loue turn'd.jnd not a filfe tum'd fine 

Af»^.Thcn fnf f>re-rulet,ih«t one m»n holdini? troth, 
A million fiilc, confounding oath on oiih 

oy. About the wnod,co« fwiftcrihcnihe witulCj 
fiodJ/rlmtoC ylthrni looKC thoo fiode. 
Allftncy ficke fhr ii, md paJeof chcere , 
With fighei of loiic.that coftt the frtfh blojddetre* 
By fomc illufion fee thou bring her heere , 
He chirtiJ* hiseyei againft (ht dotKappcare. 

RfiiH. IgOjIgo, lt>okehowv 1 goe, 
Swifter then arrovY from the Tdridrs bowc txtt. 

Ot. Flower of thii purple dij, 
Hit wi^h Cupidj archeryt 
Sinkt In apple of hia eye, 
Whtti hi$ loue he doth cfpit , 
Let her fhine at glorioufly 
A« thcynms oftheaky. 
When thou wak'O ifOxbcby, 
Beg of her for icmedy. 

Pmci^. Captaincofourpajty band, 
H^Unm ij heere athan4l, 
And the youth, mif>ooke by roc, 
Pleading for a Louer J fee 
Shall we their fofldPaseaat fee t 
Lord, M»bat foolet thele mortab be ! 

O^. Stand afide: the noyfe they make, 
VVill caufe 'Der^trhu to awake, 

Fmck^ Then will two at once wooe one. 
That muft need* be fport alone . 
And thofe things doc bcr picafe me , 
That befall prcpoftort>ijfly 

tnter Ljfdtder atd fjtliiie. 

Lyf. Why ftiouid you think^ I (hould V900e in fcoro ? 
Scome andtferifion ncuer cotnet in tearca : 
Looke when I vow I we«pe ; and towcj Co bortie, 
In (heir natiuity all truth appcares- 
How can thefe things m mc.feeme feone to you ? 
Bearing the ba<Jge of faith to proue them troe 

Hel. Youdoc aduanceyotti cuanln|inorc8ctz)orc , 
When toith kils truth, O dioeliOi holy fray ! 
Thefe vowes are //msiss.Will yoa giueha oft > 
Weigh oath with oath, and you will nothing wrigh. 
Your rowcj to her, and me, (put in two (ct\tv) 
NATill euen wcigh,and both at light u tales. 
Ljf I hatioo iudgemctu, when to bei I fwcre. 
Htt, Nornonclnmy tniodcnowyongioehsrore- 
^^y; Cfswsrwaloucs hcr,andhclo\Jc«Dotyo»J../ftwi. 
2>rtw.O Hf^.goddeflc,nioiph,perfc^, ciiuine. 
To what my loue,/hall 1 compare thine eyne. 
Chriftall i» muddy. O how ripe m (boW, 
Thy lips.thofc kiffmg cherrie*. tempting grow I 
That pure congealed whitc,high T/ufrm fnow, 
Fan*d with theEafterne windc, tomes to a crow. 
When thou hddftvp thy hand. Oletmekiffe 
ThitPrincelte of pure wh\te,this feale of blifTe. 
l*IL O fpight / O heJl ' I fee you are all bent 
To fei againft rue, for your merrimeflt : 
If you were ciuill, and knew curtcfie , 
You wcuitS net dee me thoi noucb iniur^ 

Can yotiriot htrr I knew yoa doe, 

But you miirt loyne infouleito cnorVr rnc to? 

If yo« art men, at men yo« are in fhow, 

You would not tfc igemle Ljidy foj 

To TOW, md fw««:r, and fuperpfaifc my p'JTf, 

When I im forr you hate me with jn it hcaru. 

You both are Riu*li,indtovc //«n»-«| 

And now both R lualt to mocke IklenA. 

A trim exploit^ nunly enttrpf ize , 

To f onluie team vp in apooremfidicyM, 

With your drrifion ; none of noble fort. 

Would To offend a V'l r gin, and n tort 

A poore foulct pat^<c, all to ^^ake yoa fpiru 

Ljfd. You arc vnkind Dr,»fTf«r;,bc not fa. 
For voo loueff '>v«« j thii yoM know I know ; 
And here with all good wdl.with all my heart. 
In Hrrmtdi loue I yceld you rp eny partj 
And youn of ftiUna, to me bequtirh, 
Whom I do loue and will do to my death. 
//»/.Neuef did mockeri waft more idle brctK 
Dtm. LyfvuLr, keep thy Hrrx).c,] will none: 
If ere I loud her,all chat loue is gone. 
My heart to her, but ti grefl-wife foioum'd, 
And now to //#/#■ it li houe return d, 
There rorcmaine. 

Lyf. It It not fo. 

D* Difparage not the faith thou doftno: know, 
LcH to thy perill thou abide it deire. 
Looke where thy Loue comci,yondeT is ihy deiie. 

E^ter Hrrmis. 

ffer. Datk night.that from tUe eye his fun<3lon :akej. 
The eare more quicke of appr then fionmakea 
Wherein it doth impauetne feemgfenfe , 
Ir paies the hearing doable recompence. 
Thou art not by mine eye, LjfinJrr found , 
Mine care (I thaoke it) brought rrte tothat found. 
But «(hy f nkiodly didA thou leaue me To ? (m go? 

LjfM. Why mould hee flay whom Looe doth preffe 
Hrr. What loue could prefle Lyftaderixom my fide' 
Ljf. LjjtndtTt lour(that would not Itt him bide) 
F»ire Hclam ; who rriore engildj the night, 
1 hen all yon fierie Oet,and eiet of lighu 
Why feck 1) thou toe? Could not this ffiakecbee know. 
The htte I bare thec.made me leaue thee fo r 

Her, Youfpeakenot atyofl thinkei it canootbc 
hUi. Loe,(heisoneofthii confeiieracy , 
Kow I perceiue they haoe conioyn'd all three, 
To fathion this falfe fport m fpight of me. 
Inittrious Hermia, trvoH rograiduU maid , 
Hatie you confpir'd, haue you with theft csntrio'd 
To baite me, with thia foule derifton ? 
Is all the counfcil that we two haoe (har'd. 
The fifteri vowe$,the houres that we haue fpenc. 
When wee haue chid the hafty fooced titre } 
Tor parting 7i i O, it all forgot ? 
All fchooledaie* fTien<^tp,chil<14u>od trmeceoet ^ 
We Hertnia, like two Artificiall god«, 
Haue with our needlet.acated both one fiowei. 
Both on one fatnplcr,iiinng on one cufhioo. 
Both warbling of one focg,both in oric key ; 
A$ if our htnds,our fides,7oices, ctwj roirvdes 
Kad beene incorpor«e. So we grew together, 
Likeio a double cherry, feemmg parted , 
BtK yet a ypj on ia ptTviiion , 



A Midfommermgks Dreame. 


Two louely berries molded on one fteni, 

So with two Teeming bodies, but one heart, 

Ttvo oTthc firll life coasi in Her jJdiy, 

Due but to one aniji crowned wicli onecreA* 

And will you reiu our ancient loue afundert 

To loyne with men in Icoxning yout poore friend ? 

Jt is not fricn Jiy,'iis not nnaidenly. 

Our fexe at well as i.may chide you for it^ 

Though 1 alone doe fcclethc iniurie. 

Bir. I am amazed ac your paHionate wot di^ 
I fcorne you not j It feemes that you fcorneme* 

Htl. Haue you not fet LyfatxUrfn in fcotnc 
To follow me.and praifemy eies an<1 face? 
And made your other \o\iz,Demctrif*t 
(Who eucn but now did fpurna me with his footc) 
Pieciout.celcniall ? Wherefore fpeakeihethii 
To her he hates ? And wherefore doth Lyftudcr 
Deni? your Ioiie(^fo rich within his foulc) 
And tender mc (forfooth^ affe^ion, 
Butbyyour fettingoii.hyyourconfent ? 
"What though ( be not fo to grace a> you, 
So hung vpon with loue/o fortunate ? 
(Butmiferabkmon,tolouc vnlou'd; 
This you Hiould pUtie,raiher then defpife. 

Hrr> I vndeifiand not what you meane by thiSs 

Hit. l,doc,pcrreuer,coonterfeit fad iookes, 
Makemonthesvponmewhcnl turne mybacke, 
Winkc each at other,liold the fwecte icft vp : 
This (port well carried, (hall be chronicled, 
i f you haue any pitt ic,grace,or manners , 
You would not make me fuch an argument : 
But fare ycwell.'tis partly mine ownefault. 
Which death or abfentfe foone (halircmedie 

Ljf. Stay gentle //r/Md^hearemyexcufCi 
My lifc,my fouie/aire Htlena. 

Htl. OexteHenr! 

Her. Swcer«,do not (corn herfo. 

Dtm. l/llie cannot entrea«e,I can comj»ell 

Lyf. ThoucanH more then Hie entreate. 
Thy (.nrcais haue no more flrcngth then her weak praile. 
Heicn,] loue tl)ee,by my life I doe ; 
1 f Acare by that which I will lofe for thee. 
To proue him faire.that faies I loue thee not. 

Dtm. I fayjllouctheemorethenhecando. 

JLy/. Ifthou fay fo.withrdfsw and proue it too« 

Dtm. Qujck,come. 

Her. t7p)»</n\,wheretotmdt all this? 

2)071. No,no,5ir,f<cme to breaVc loofe ; 
Take on as you would follow. 
But yet come not: you are a tame man,go. 

L)f. Hang off thou cat.thcu bur: vile ihinglet !oo(c. 
Or! will niiKcthcefrommelikeaferp-nt. 

Her Whyareyougrowneforudif ? 
What change is this fwfete Lone ? 

Ljf. Thy Icuc? out tawrty TttrtaffiWt^ 
Out loathed medicine ; O hsted poifon hence. 

Hit. DoyounoticA^ 

Hd, Yes footh,and fo do ytMl. 

Ljf. Dtmrtritu-.l will kecpc mV word with thee. 

DcM. I would. I had yout bona t for I percciue 
A weake bond holds you,; Ilenottruft your word. 

L//: Wliat.ftiould I hutt her^ftrikobcr, kUl bcr dead ; 
AUboUgb I hate her, He nothnrme her fo. 

Her, What,can you do rrw greater harme then hate? 

Hate me,wheriefofc?Om«,^f^at^ ewes my Sxsue? 

Am not t Htrmia 7 Are not you Lyfandert 

I am as faire now^ J 1 was ere while. 

Since night yoo k>u'dme:yet fince night you left mc. 

Why then you.'cf: me (6 ihc gods forbid 

laearned, Oiall /. fey ? 

Ljf I,by my life j 
And neoer did dcfire to fee thet more. 
Therefore be cMit of hope.of qocftion,of dcabr I 
6c ccrtaine,noth(ng truer: titocieft^ 
That i doe hate thec,and loue Htltn<t. 

HiT, Ome,you iug]er,yoU canker bloHbRie, 
You iheefe of loue ; Wbat,haue you come by nigbt, 
And ftoJnc my loues heart from him ? 

Htl. Fineyfaith: 
Haue you no maiden (bamc, 
^Jo touch of bafhfnlneffe/ What, will you teare 
Impatient anfwers from my gentle tongue ? 
Fie,fie,you CQunteif<MC,you 

Htr Puppet? why fo ? I,ihat way goes the game. 
Now I perceiuethat ftic+iath made compare 
Betweene our ftaturc$,flu' hath prg'd her height. 
And with her perlonage,her tall pcrfonagc. 
Her height (forfooihjrtic hath prcuatl'dwith him. 
And are you growne fo high in his eOecmC) 
Becaufe I am lo dwarBfh, and f6 low t 
How low am I, thou painted May-pole ?Spcakfj 
How low am I ? J amnotyet fo low, 
But that my nailci can reach vnro thine eyes. 

Htl. I pray you though youmocke mc,genilcmen. 
Let her not hurt me ; 1 was neuer curH : 
I haue no gift at all in nirewiOindTe; 
I amarlgntmaidcfbrmycowardizei 
Let her not ftrikc mc : youjperhipt may thinlc, 
Becaufe Aie is fomcthlng lower then my felfe, 
Thai I can match her. 

Hrr. Lower? harkeagaine. 

Hit. Good /;/'*Tw/<ij,do not befobittctwith me, 
I euermore did loueyouZ/irrWd, 
Did cuer keepe your counfcls.neuer wronged yon, 
Sauc that in toue vnto Df^m'/r/m, 
I told him of your Realth vnto this woo<L 
He followed you.for louc I followed him, 
But he,hath cnid me hence.and thrcatned me 
To ftrike mc.rpume me,nay to kill me too j 
Atrd now,fo you will let me quiet go. 
To %/1th*tn will I beare my folly backe» 
And follow you no funher. Let me go. 
You fee how limpte^and how fond I ami 

Hit. Whj' get you gone : who ift that hinders yot) P, 

Hit, A fooli/h heart,chat I leaueheiebchinde. 

Her. yNh\Xfy>i\x![\ Ljfandert 

Her. Vfii^^emetrim. 

Ljf Be not afraid,(he Diall not hirme thee Heletra, 

'Dtm. No fir.fhe (hal! not, though you tskehcr patf . 

Htl. O when rhc*« angry,fhe is reene and (hrewd. 
She was a vhen when fte went to fchoole, 
And though /he be but littlcjfhe is fierce. 

Hit, Little agiine ? Nothing but low and little? 
Why will you fu^er her to float me thos ? 
Let me come to her. 

Lyf Get you gone you dwarfe, 
Yoa «>»/««/, of hindring knot'gtalTe niadc^ 
You acorne. 

Dtnt, I ou ere too ofHcious, 
lahcrbehalfe thaifcornes youireniices. 



A Mtdfommer nhhti 'Dname, 

tei hei ttonc,fpeik(no( oiHilma, 
1 ike ru>i hci ptrt. For iFd^audoH micod 
Ntuer folittlc (liew oflouc to hci, 
ThoufVttU abiuCK 

Iff. Novf rhe holdi mc not, 
Now follow if iKou dar'H.totry whoferighC| 
Of ihiOf or minf nmoft in Hrltna. 

Dem. Follov* f N»y, He goe wuh tH<tcfircke hy 
lowlc Exii L^f-nArr Mnd DtmtTDm . 

HtT. Vou Mif<ii«,»!l iliii coyle it long ofyou. 
N »y, P,o» no' bitlic. 

Htl I v*ill noi iruO you I, 
Islorlonger fljy m your curft cornptnie. 
Your hind> ihcn mine ,»re quicker for i fiay. 
My Irgi »rc longer though torunncawiy. 

C'-tiT Ohoron £*d Pitcke . 

Cb. Thii ii thy negligcnce.ftiil thou mi(t»k*ft. 
Or clfe cotninm 11 thy kniuCTJCJ willingly 

fuik^ Bclccuc me. King of (hadowei.l mirtcol.c, 
Did not you tell nne, I (l^ould know (he mm. 
By the j^tbfwmm garmentt he hath on ? 
And To farrc bUmeklTe prouc» my entcrpiie, 
Th«tl haue nointcd an Athcnunicici, 
And fo fwTC am I glad, it fo did fort, 
Aithiitheir langlmg I eftecmc a fport 

Ot. Thou Iccft thcfe Loueri feeke a place to fight. 
Hie therefore ^»ir/»,ouefcan the night, 
The ftarrie Welkin couer thou anon, 
Wiihtlroopingfoggeatblacke as Achtrtii, 
And lead thcfe tcftic Rjtjalt fo aflray. 
At OfX come not wiihm anoihcri way 
Like to Ljf*n<ier^ fometimc frjme thy tongw, 
Thenftirre Demct^*-* vp wuh buter wrong-, 
yVnd fornetime raile fhoo like Demetrnu ; 
And from each other looke thou leade them thu», 
Till ore their browei, death-counterfeiting, fleepc 
With Leaden legs.and Battle-wmgf dtnh c rccpc ; 
Then crufhtbis hcarbc into Lyfandfrs eie, 
Whofc liquor hath this vertuous propcriie. 
To take from thence all error, with his might,. 
And make his cie-bjU role with wonted nght. 
When they neat wake,all this denfioo 
SbaH feeme a dreMnc,aod frui JeiTc vifion, 
AtKl backe to jithenj fhaJl the Louets wend 
With Icaguf.tvhofe date till death Ihallneuerend. 
Whiles 1 in this affaire do tiiec imply, 
lie to my Quctne.and beg her IndiMn Boy i 
And then I wifi her charmed ete rcleafe 
prcmmonftcTi»icw,and all thing* fhall be pesce 

?«c^.MyF*irie Lord.thumuft be done with haftc. 
For night-i'wifi Dragons ait the Clouds fullfaO, 
Aadyotwler fhines y^j^^oi harbinger 
At *»hofe approach Ghof^s wandruig here and therCj 
Troope home to Church-yards; damned fpirits aJl, 
That m crolfc- waics and fiouds liaue burnli, 
Alfcidie to their wormie beds arc gone; 
For feare Icaft day fhould looke their (hanin vpoo. 
They wilfully themfcluea dxilc from light. 
And muft for aye confort with blackc browd night. 

Ob But we are fpuitf of another fort : 
I, with the mom;i->gi loue hsoc oft cnccic fp^rv 
And like tForrefter^hegroues may ttcsd, 
tocntill the Earterne gate all fieric red. 
Opening on A^'prww.vfiih faire blcfTcd beamei, 
Turnes into jrclbw gold^ia Cilt grccnc ftreainej. 

But noiwirhf^aridinghaftcmtkc no delay 
We may fffrd clui tufincfTe.yet c« Hay, 

Puci-. Vpanddowne, vp ar^i downe, f will leade 
them »p arwJ downe lam (cji'd m field 4f*d toymc 
C^ilm, lead them rp and down* : here tot»«rj ooe. 
Cnle.- L)fiaUif. 

l.jf Where art tl.ou,proud DtwnriM } 
Speak* thou now. 

Roh Here fit r;»dic. Where in i>»(»o> 

Ljf. I wiU be withrheeflrtighf. 

"Fjf^ Follow me then lo plainer ground. 
Etirr ti^ffUTTuu. 

[yrr. Ly fm:d/*, (-^iVt ig%int\ 
Thou rur»«way,thou toward ,«it thou Bed ^ 
Speake in fomcbufh: Where doH thou hide thy head 7 Thou coward, art thou btaggtog to the (tan. 
Telling (he bufhet that thou look'H for wars, 
And «ilt not come i Come recreant , come thou cbilde. 
He whip thee with a tod He is defild 
That drawet a fword oo thee 

D/t«, Yc3^rt thou there f 

7^ Follow ray roice.we*! iry no mvihocci hercjEarif. 

Lyf- He goes before me,and ftiii darei r»* oo. 
When I come where he calt.thcn he » gone. 
The nllain* ii much lighter hetid then 1 : 
I followed faf^, but farter he did flye ; fktfimgflMti. 
That fallen am I in darke vneuen way. 
And here wU reft roc. Come thou gentle day : IjtAemi. 
For ifbut once thou fhe w n>e thy gray light. 
He Rude D<mamtt,2n<i reurnge t hit (plght. 
fttrr Rtim jr.t' I}tmtiTiiu, 

T'ji. Ho,ho,ho;cowaid,why com'fl thou Dot 7 

DetK. Abide mc, if thou dar'd For well 1 wot. 
Thou runft before me.fhifiing euery place, 
And d»f n not ftand,no[ looke mc n the face 
Where art thou } 

2^. Come hither,! am here. 
Df«Nay then thou mock fl me ; ihou fht'.t boy ihli 
If ctier I thy face by day-light fee* 
Now goe thy way ; fa>ntr>efie conftraineth me. 
To meafure out rr.y length on this cold bed. 
By <^ie3 approach looke to be vifited. 
£irT*r HettuM. 

Het. O weary night,0 long and tcdiotn night, 
Abate thy houres.ftiine comforts from the Eall, 
That I mav backeto jitbt?ij by day-light. 
From thcfe that o*y poore companie deteft ; 
And Qeepc that fometiroe flours vp fonowes c'.e^ 
Steak me • while from mine owne comptrue. SUift. 

Rai. Yet but three .' Come one more. 
Two ofboth ktrtdei maker vp foors. 
Hae ftie comea.curft and fad, 
Ce^ii a knaui(b lad, 

Enrr HerwuJ. 
TT>iK to make pcore females road. 

Hfr. Neuer fo wearie neuer fo in wotf. 
Bedabbled wich the devr.atxd lorrxe with briars, 
I can no further crawle^no further goe ; 
My legs can keepe oo pace with my dciires- 
Here will I rc(^ me till the breakeo^day, 
Kesucns fbield Ly^'auUr, if they tt>e*nc a fray. 

Rei. Oo ch: gruuad Qccpc 
Jie apply yout cic gentle louer,rcxDedy. 
When tbou wak'B.thoutak^ 
ln>t debgbt in the fight of thy forser L«die* rye, 



AJS/Mfommer tnghts ^Dreame. 


And the Country Pfocerb knowne, 

Ttut euery noan mould tike his ovuoe. 

In your waking Qiall be rhowne. 

lixk* fhall Kauc /tit, nought fl^iall goc i}l, 

Th? man OiallhaucbiiKlarc ag9ioe , zaA aUQi&Ubes 



^Bm Quartus, 

iCing hthoid* tb*m. 

Tits. Come, fit ihce downe vpon this flowry bed. 
While I thy amiable cheekct doe coy. 
Andfticke muskcrofesm thy fleckefmoothe head. 
And kiffe thy faire large eares, my gentle loy. 

faf. Ready 

(^Ifw Scratch my hcid,?et/*'bl.^ffme. Whei « Moun- 
Cruer Ccbjaeb. 

Cob. Ready. 

Ciovfna. Mounfieur C»^(i?*^, good Mounfier get your 
wespcns in your hand, & kill me a red hipi humble. Bee, 
On the topof a thiftie ; and good Mounfieur bring oiee 
the hony bag. Doe not fret your felfe too much in the 
ti^ion, Mounfieur; and good Mounfieui ha\ie a care the 
bonybagbreakenot,! would be loth tohau? yonouer- 
Rovfiie with a hony-bag figniouj. Where i Mounfieur 

Mtif Ready. 

C.'c. Ciue me your neafe,MoaiT{icur Mufiardfeed, 
Prsy you loue your courtef)e good Mounfieur. 

M >J, What* yoor will ? 

{■/j. Nothing good Mounfieur, but to help Caualety 
C«l.'-y;c(t tofcratch. I mufl to the Barbers Mounfieur, for 
mcthinket I am marueilous hairy about the face. A nd 1 
Ai::i fuch a tender afle^fmyhaiie do but tickle mc.l muA 

TiSn. Wh:tt,wile thou hcaie feme fwcet 

Cl6v, I tisue sreifonabJegoodeareiomuficke. Lei 
ys hatK che congs and the bones. 

Tiia, Or fay fweete Loue, what ihoU defiteft to cat. 

CIkpks. Truly a pccke of Prouendei ; I could munch 
«oui Ofioi dry Oatcs. Me>thinkei I haue a great 
to a boide of hay : good hay , fwcece hay Rath no frl> 

Tita, I haue a venturous Faiiy, 
Thf^t (bail fceke the Squirrels board , 
Ar.d ffsch thee new Nuts. 

Cinrftf. 1 had rather haue a handfull or two of dried 

Et?fe, Qui I pray you let none of your people ftirre me,i 
iuc an expofttion of fleepe come vpon tot. 
Tjt4u Slcq>e thou.and I will winde thee in my ormi, 
Fairies be gone, and be alwaies away. 
So doth the woodbine, the fwett HonifucUek 
Gently cntwifi { (he female luy b 
Enring: the barky fingers of the Hliae. 

how I loue thee I how I dotvon thee ' 

f r?iT RoiisftgoedfiEiiw ind O&iram, 
Ob. Welcome good Rubm ; 
Seefl thou this fweet fight } 
Her dotage now 1 doe begin to pitty. 
For meeting her of late behindc the wood. 
Seeking fweet fjuor? for this hatefull foole, 
F did vpbraid her, and fall out with her. 
For fhe his hairy temples then had rounded. 
With coronet of frefh and fragrant flowers. 
And that fame dew which fomtime on the buds 
Was wont to fwell like round and orient pearlcs ; 
Stood now within thepretly Bouriets eyes, 
Like tcarej that did their owne difgrace bewaile. 
When I had at my pleafure taunted her, 
And (he in milde termej beg'd my patience, 

1 then did ajke of her, her cliangeling childe, 
Which f^raight Die gaue me.and her Fairy fenJ 
To beare him to my Bower in Fairy Land. 
And now I haue the Boy, J will vndoe 

Thii hatefull imperfcftion of her eja. 
And gentle ^Mf^^ take this transformed fcalpe. 
From off the head of this y^f)t»«fM>i fwainc i 
That he awaking '*hen the other doe , 
May all tov^rfcrt/backeagainerepaiie. 
And thinkc no more of this oigbu accidents . 
But as the fierce veiation of a dreame. 
Buifirfl I will releafe the Fairy Qu^eene. 

B* rhot.1 u thou u»rf/? -gent te be ; 
Sei tu then weft cvwf teftc. 
7)taintvd, or Cfipidi flatter, 
HAibfuflj farce and buffed pawtT 

Now my Tuanid wake you my fweei Queens. 

T^f*. My Oieror>,<NhtX vifioni h»uc I fcent) 
Me-thought I wasenamouKd of an Afff. 

Ob. There lies your loue. 

Tit*. How came thcfc things topaffe? 
Oh, how mine eyes doth loath this vifage now ! 

Oh, Silence a while. Robm take off hi? head : 
7»/«i»u mufick call, and f^nke more dead 
Then common fleepe ; of all thefe. fine the fenfe 

T<ia. Mufi<ke,homufickr,fuch aschartneth flerpe. 

RiA. When thou wak'O. with thine owne fooies e its 
P'fpf- ,'me 

Ob Sound mufick; comcmy Queen, take hands with 
And rocke the ground whereon thefc flcepert be 
Now thou and 1 are new m amity , 
And will to morrow midnight, folemnly 
Dance in Duke T'fci/fMjhoufeitiumphanily, 
And blcflTe it to al! 4ire pofterity. 
There fhall the pairca of fairhfull Louers b« 
Wedded. With 7Tv/f/w,all in lollity. 

Rob, Faitc King attend, and marke, 
J doeheareihcu?o.nir.g Larke. 

Ob. Then try Quecne in filente fad. 
Trip we afies the nights fhade ; 
We the Globe can compafTe foone. 
Swifter then the wandting Moone 

Tif4. Comemy Lord, andin otu flightj 
Tell me bow it canw this night , 
That 1 (IcepiDg hevre Aasiouod, 

Sin pert Lje (^iA 
O W„h \ 


With (hcic mort»li anihc grouad. titnnl 

WtnAt Hemii, 
Fnttr Ttr.fitiJ4r:ii,Hii!poiiiaar>JaJJUj rrtttmc. 
Tbt/. Cocor.cotyou^mdeout tbtbatttda , 
For now oar obftruiiion it pt rforai'd ; 
AndfirKcwt hii>«ih»v»wMdofihtd»y, 
My Lout (hall heart the onifidie of my Souoii. 
Vncoupit in the WtH«rncy.ill«y,lce tKcm(oc f 
DiTpitch I fjy, ind find* the Forrcftct. 
Wtf will fairt Qacrn<,vp to the MoufiUinct top. 
And mtrkethemufictl] coofiifion 
Of houndi and cccho in coniundlion. 

Hip I wti with HtrcuUi uid Cttdrmu onca« 
When m n wood of^rtttt they bayed the 6et:« 
With houi>d» of Sparta ; neuer did I htire 
Such osllant<hidjng. For befides the grouttj 
The iKiei.tljQ fowiumw.tilery region nccrc, 
Sccmeall qnennutuall cr/. Ineutrhesrd 
So muficali idifcord, fuch fweet thunder. 

Ticf My houndi ire bred out of the Spartan V'lnie, 
3o Btw'd, fo ftnded, andthcir heads are hung 
Wuh tires that fweepe awey the morning dew , 
Crooke kne«d,tnd d»w-lapt,[ike Thtffalum BuU, 
Slow io|nufuii,bui(r>ttch'd in mouth like belt, 
Each vnder each. A try more tuneable 
Wis ocvwr hallowed chetr'd wih horns . 
In CrtHe, »n Sparta, nor in Theffalj ; 
Judge when youheare. Bntfoft,whatnifnfhi9Trthe^? 

Egeus. My Lord.thts it my daughter bcefcaOatpey 
And this L)/aMJfr, abis D*m*trms it, 
This Helena, oldc Ntiari Helttia, 
I wonder ofthis being hecre together. 

Ths. No doubt they ro(cTp early, to obfamc 
The right of Miy ; and hearing our intent. 
Came haere in graceof our folemnity. 
But fpeake ^g»ii, \t not this the d<^ 
That Hermui Otould giue anfwer other choice^ 
tftnu. Itt^^^rLor(i. 

'Pxf. Gc«bid the wake diem with tbdr 

Hents ami tiity 9^, 
Sheet oitbm^thej oRfiart vp. 
7hef. Gocid morrow. frfcnds ; Sstnt V^lntsm U p«ft, 
Begin thefe wood birds.but to couple no w^ 
Lyf. Pardon my Lord. 
1%tf, I pray you all ftand Tp. 
I know you two are Rmall eoemie*. 
How comes this gemle concord in the world , 
That hatred is is lo farrc from ieslouTie , 
To fleepe by hate, artd fearerw enmity. 

Lyf. My Lord.l fhall reply amaxidly, 
Halfe fleepe, b.ilfe waking. But at yet, I ^eare, 
I cannot truly fay how I carrie he«e. 
Buteslthinke ^forttulywodd Ifpcakc) 
And now I doebethinke me, (b it is i 
1 came with Hermta hither. Oor intfla 
Wis to be gone from Athens ,'m\^at we might ba 
Without the perill of the Atittnijn Law. 

Egt. Enough, enough, my Lord: you haueenoogh; 
J beg the Law, the Law.rponhis head's 
They would haue ftolne away, they wot}ld DcTUCtrUrt, 
Thereby io haue defeaud you and vrHi 
You of your wife.and me of my confeitt ) 
Ofmyconfcnt.thatdie Oipuld be your wife. 

Vim. My Lord,faire/J(riwtoldm*ofcheirn«!th, 
Of Ihistberrpurpofc buher, to this wood* 

A MidJommemights*Dreame. 

And I infiiric hither CoUoiwedihcmi 

Fane H*irma, in fi/KyiiDliciwe<itBC. 

But my good Lord, I wtxnotby wbal^owei, 

(But by (ome power an) try louc 

To H*rmta (cDchcd u ihc fr;cw^ 

SecTTt CO me DOW of a.i ii^rtudt, 

WV.ich inmr childtbood 1 did doat vp<yi : 

And ell the* veriueofmy hean. 

The obicfl and the plcafur c of mincryc, 

1 1 oociv Helena To her, my Lord, 

Wasl lice///— :m , . 

Bat l:kf a fuker^riTt did 1 k«tti '.hitfo^. J, 

But at iDh«alth,corrctomyDaiurtlltaft«^ 

Now doe I wiO'i II, louc It, long tor it , 

And wjl for CUL1 more be irue ton. 

Tbff. Faire ue fortunately cE»i j 

Of thit djfcourfe wt fhalJ herrt more K.Orj. 

Egtua, I wtU ouCT-btare your wiU ( 

For ID the Temple, by and by wub rt , 

TbcCecouplai Q>aU etcroaily b«knil. 
Aodfbr tbc morning now u (bm«thing woriM, 

Ourpuipoa'd booting OmU be fetaAci-. 
Away, withTstOw^ri^y; three and thrtt, 
Wce'll hold a feaA ui great foiemnitie. 
Come Hfpf/iK. €xu D lifmtdLarii. 

T)cnk. TWefe ihi.igi feeme (m;ill fa vndihinguirnasi*, 
Like farrr ofTmcuntanm turned into Clouds. 

Her M*-(hinks I fee thefe things With parted cyt, 
Wh«n cueiy ihinet feeracs doable. 

Hel Soroe-tJiinkeii 
And I haoe found Demerruu, like a iewe3, 
Mine owne, and not mine owoc. 

De^. Icfeemet tome« , 
That yet we fiwpe.we drejme. Do net yws thitle^ 
The Duke was hecTe.and bid vj fallow huD ' 
Her. Yea^nd my Father. 
He/. And Hipp^iita, 

Ljl> And he bid v$ toller? to the Tempfc. 
Hera. Why then we are awake ;leci foUowhios, and 
by the way let vs recount our dreacsn. 

"isi'i7^t9ikit. Extt L^ttm. 

Ch. When try <ik comej,call roe, and I wrti ar.fwer. 
Myn«t is,moflfairef/r4>jw« Hty ho peter ^i»mct} 
fiir/thcbellowej.mendcr ? i/i««r the (inker ? Siirrvc- 
ltng}Qodiatj life I Stolnehen<e,3r.dlffc roeafleepr : I 
hauehadamoft rare ri/ion, Ih«dadre3tn«,paA the wit 
ofrean. tofay,what drrvneit was. Man it but an AGe, 
ifhegoe about to npouod chisdreamc V.e-chcugi}:I 
was, there IS no man can tell what. Me.tboucbil was, 
and me-cho«ght I had. But man is bt:t spitcn'd fbcLe, 
If he will offer to fay,what I'Oe-tbough; I had.TJfe eye of 
manhathnothcard.ihewrcofnaanhnth not fecn, mam 
hand is ttot able to taf^e, hit tongoe to concetue, nor hit 
heart to report, what my dreamc wai. I wUl get Peter 
i^«tt«r to write a ballet of this dreame, itQiall becalled 
£»tt»mesDrerm .becsufeithathnobottome; and IwiU 
fing it in the latter end of e play , before the Duk ;. Per- 
{duuuure.tomaketttheoMte graci9t», iCmUftr^'xK 
at her dcabx. Extt. 

Ijotr QttjbKsJl$at,7hit^jSt6^,mtdSt4MettMg 

Sum. HaBeyoafcEtio^^rflearrboufe? Ishscotne 

Star*. He cujm; b?bt«iiio£ Cukol ^ubtheeli 

Tinf. If 

A A&dJommertdrUs'Drtime. 


Thif. If be come not, tbcn theplay is nur'd. Ic go«s 
tvax. fcrwardjdotb it ? 

^in. It is nocpoflible : you htoeaotamao io all 
_^tb»Ufih\a to difcharrc Piramta but be, 

71^//: No hfC bath bmpty the bed wit of aoy bandy* 
erafic mania tyitbaa. 

Qfun. Yat^dthebeAptiibatoo, aodbeeissvcry 
P3r3monc,fot a fweet Toyce. 

Thif. You muft fay. Paragon. APitamouris(God 
bkfli vO « «!»»"& of noufibe. 

&ffl' Smug iht Ityutr. 
Sm^. Maftcrs.the Doke is connming from the Tero • 
n!c,and there "o two or three Lordtfit Ladiec morctnar- 
rie«L If out fponhad gone forwaid,we had aU bin made 


Jhif. O fweet bully "Bottcme 1 thu* hath he loft fixe- 
pcnce a day.dyhng his life;be eonld not h>ic fcaped hx- 
pcucc 3 day. And thcDake had not giuen him hxpence 
aday farplayingPi><»wi«,llcb€ hang'd.HewouId hau« 
dcfcruediu Sixpence a day in ^/r^taw.orootbing. 
Enttr ^ottomt. 

"Btt. Where ate tbefe Lads / Where are thefe hearts ? 

^uijt. 2?ca«»iw,&tsoftcotiragiousday!Oniofthsp- 
pie boure I 

'Boi. Maftert^ am to difcourfc wonders (but aik me 
ootvrhat. For if! tell you, 1 am no tnc j^tbnuui. I 
will tell you euery thing as i c fell out. 

^u. Let V* hcare.fwect Bottoritt. 

'Bet. Not a word of irc-.all that I will tell yoa,t5,that 
the Duke hath dined. Get your apparcll together.good 
£bio«stoyooT beards, new ribbands to your ptimps, 
mcctcprefcmly at the Palace , cucry nnan lookc ore hii 
part : for the fhori and the long is^ur play is prefcned : 
In any cafe let TTsisl^y haue cicanc lionen: and let not him 
that play cs the Lion, patrc his naitet, for they (liall hang 
out for the Lioos clawcs. And moft deare A.6>or$, eate 
00 Oiiioo J , nor Garlicke ; for wee arc to ftter <V/ecte 
brcath^od I doe not doubt hot toheare them fay , it is a 
fvteci Comedy. NoojoKwordsiaway, go away. 


ABus Quintus. 

Enzcr Ttefctu^ippoUia, EgcMs and his Lerdi. 

tup. Tis ftrange ir.y Thafea:,^ tliefc louert fpsake of. 

Tbt. More Orange then cnie. 1 ncuer may bcleeue 
Tbefe amickc fables, northefe Fairy toyes, 
Louers and mad men haue fuch feething braines, 
Sttch (Kaping phsntafies, that apprehend more 
Then coolc rcafon euer comprehends. 
The Lunatickc, the Loacr,and the Poet* 
Arc of imagination ail compad. 
One fees more djucls then vafle hell can hold ; 
That is the mad man. The Louer,alI as fraotickci 
Sees HtUns beauty io » brow ofE^^t 
The Pceis eye io a fine (reray tolling,doth glaoce 
rtom bea^9B to eanh, from earth to heaucn. 
And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things 
Voknowne ; the Poets pen tumes tbem to ftiapes. 
And giues to aire nothiogy« locall habitation. 
And a name. Such Ricks hath fboog fanagtoation. 

That if it would but appieheod fomeioy. 
It comprehends fomc bhnger of that joy. 
Or in the night, imagining fome feare. 
How eafie is a bufh fuppos'd a Beare ? 

ffif. But all the ftorie of the night told ouer 
And all their minds tnnsfigur'd fo together. 
More witnefleth than fancies images. 
And grgwes to fomething of great conftandej 
But bowfoeuci, (hrange,aod admirable. 

E»trCT- tttters^jfpmder,DnnetTiiu,nermidf 
4md Htlcaa, 

"The. Heerecoracthe Ioncr5.fiill of ioy and mirth :' 
loy, gentle friends, ioy and frclh daycs 
Otlouc accompany your hearts. 

Ljf More then to »», waiic in your royall walicj, 
your bootd, your bed. 

Thf. Come now, wlwt maskes, what dancw (hall 
we haue. 

To weare away this long age of three houres. 
Between oar afterfuppcr, and bed-time ? 
Where ts out vfuall manager of mirths 
What Reuelf arc in hand ? Is there no play. 
To eafe the angui(h of a tonutiog boure \ 
Call Egeui. 

Ege. Heere mighty Thefetu. 

The. Say, what abridgement haueyoo for this eoe- 

What maske? What muficke ? How fliall we beguile 
The laiic linrte, if not with fome delight ? 

Ege, There is a breefe how many fports arc cifc: 
Make chojfeofwhjch your HtghneiTc will fccflrft, 

Lif, The bjttell with the Centaurs to be fuog 
By an Athenian Eunuch, to the Harpe. 

The. Wee'l none of that. That haue I told my LotJc 
In glory of my kinfman Hercules. 

Lif. Tha riot of the lipfie Bachanals, 
Tearing the Thracianfinger,in their rage / 

The. That is an old deuicc, and it was plaid 
When 1 from Thtbtt came la/i a Conqueror. 

Lif. The thrice three Mufcs,mourning for the destb 
of learning, late deccift in beggeric. 

The. That is fome Satire kecne and ciiticaQ, 
Not forting with a nuptiall ceremonie, 

Lif. A tedious breefe Scene of yong/'«r4w«f, 
And his XoMcThiitj ; ?eTy tragicall mirth. 

The. Meny and tragtcall ? Tedious,and briefe? That 
is,hot Iceland wondrous flrange fnow. How (hall wee 
finde the concord of hisdifcord? 

^e. A play there is, my Lord, fotneten words long, 
Which is as breefe, as I haue (inowne a play ; 
But by ten words, my Lord, it is too long ; 
Which makes it tedious. For in all theplay. 
There is not one word apt, one Player fitted. 
And tragicall my noble Lord it is : for Ptrdmn 
Therein doth kiiniimfelfe. Whichwhenlfaw 
Rehearft, 1 m«ft confeflc, made n>ine eyes water : 
But mote raerrie tcares, the palCon of Loud laughter 
NeuCT fhed. 

Tiftf. What are they that do play it ? 

Ege. Hard handed men, that worke in Atheni heere. 
Which neuei labour din their mindcs till now ; 
And now haue toyled their vnbreathtd memories 
With this fame play, againft yeur nuptial]. 

The. Andwcwillheareit. (^ 

O a ?*,/. 


A MxdJQmmtr jrights Drenme, 

fhi. noble Lord ,uiinotfcr you. I VvMKhtard 
I( ouet,u)d It II nothing, nothing in the wotld t 
VnltfTe you cm ftnde fport us their intcnct, 
EktrcwDfly fUcttht.ftndcondwi'hcrue'.lpMOc, 

Thtf. I wiL.l>«f(»thit play. For n#o«t iny thing 
Cm be sniifTc, when (\rap\tnt(i» and duty tro<i«r K. 
Gocbringihm) in.ind take vour plarn, Ladin. 

Hif. 1 louc not to (tc! wretchadnHTe otrthargtd^ 
And duty in hi» feruiCe periQiine. 
Vfe'/T VVhygbnif fw»ct,yoo (hall fe«no fo<S thing. 
Htp. H« files, th»y eta dotnofiimg in (nn kinde. 
Thtfl he kmdft we. to giue thcin thank* Tor nothing 
0>ii fpon take what iT^eyminake; 
.^nd what pourtvduty catmocdtM, noblt refpcd) 
Takeiii m might, not mtrtit. 
Wl^/p lKto«cvm(,gTcaiCleirkei hauepurpofed 
To grceie me witbprenieditated wclcerrxi | 
Where Jii«"Jffeen£ them (hiuet and lookcpalf , 
Mike periods in the mdrt of fentencei. 
Throttle thejt ptadiz'd af<:«ni in th«ir fearri, 
/kiid in condufion, dumbly haue broke off, 
Not paying me s wctconie. Truftme fv«eeic. 
Out of tbis filenteyct, Ipickt ■■welcome: 
And inthemodelly offearcfoUtJtHV, 
I read ai much, at from the ritlmg tongue 
Offaucy and audacious eioc)0(nce. 
LouoihJetefore, and tonguc-ddr funphcity, 
Inleaft.fpeake rry capacity, | 

f^ci^ So pleafe your Cra£e,thc Prologue if iddreO. | 
ZJ*'.^?. Let biro approKh. flf^Truw}. 

Eninihi Ffele^m. ^ttice. 

Prt. Ifwte offend, It 1$ wieh OUT good v»ill. 
Tint you fliDuld tbinkc,we oome not to offend, 
But.wtth gtiod will. To/he«v our fvoplc ik'ill 
That II the true beginning of our eru). 
Confider then,>»ccojDe but mdefptghu 
\Vc do not fotne, at njmding to cooieni ytJO 
Our true intent ii« AH for your delighr, 
Wearcnotheerc. Thai you (hould liwe repent yoo, 
The Ai^ors Vc at band ; and by their (ho\n , 
You fbAli know all, that you are likeicknot*. 

7~hef, Thufellowdoth not Hand vpoo point*. 

Ljf. He hath rid his PnsJogue, like a rough Coll : he 
knowevnotihe Rop. A gootimorallniy Lord. Itisrvdt 
cboujjhro fpeake.buttofpeaketnie, 

Hif. Indeed heehith plaid on hit Prologue , like I 
chrlJe on a Reorder, a fouiul.bui not in pouetnment, 

7 hef. His fpeech wai like a tangled chairw: nothmg 
itDpa>ied,but all difordered VVho is n*it > 

Tdvrer with a Tnc'tnct btftrt them. 

Enter pj'::mne and T^jtsbj, lVeU,Moa>ie.p}U»*^rd Lyon, 
Pro!. Gentles, perchance you wonderat this (how, 
Bu: wonder on, till tcuch make ell rhmgs plaine. 
Thi» man m PtrnruM, if you would know ; 
This beauteous Lady, 7hukj is ccrtalrve. 
This roan, with lyme and rough-can,dotb prefcnt 
Will, chat vile v»all, which did thel'e louert fonder : 
And through walls chlnk(poor foulci) they arecontent 
To whifper. At the which, let noojan v.onder. 
Tljij man, with Lanchotne,dog,andbafhof thome, 
Prcfenteihinoone-fhine. For if you wilHtnow, 
By moone-Oilne did thefe Louers thinkc no fcorae 
To mtetat Ni'^ts toombc^thcre, there to wooe i 

Thii gtizy bttn( whirh Lyor r^ ^'j i by nime) 
The (roPy Tbukj, ecnrmirghifi I) rijh^. 
Did fcarrc away, or rith«r did •ffrieki : 
And II fhr f^rd, her rrcolle (ht did fall | 
Which I yot> viic with bloody ii>ouih <3id Htxx 
Anon torwet Pirtmnijyt*rt yowth a&C tali, 
And findei hit Tb*'lutVttDue(\t\r,t i 
Whae»t,with blade, with blocdv blrmcfuK blade, 
He briuel* broacht hii boilicg bicudy br;nfl , 
Aid 7T»«<f;, tarrying inMu)bctry Ov.dc, 
Hit dtggir drew, and "^.led. For al! the reft, 
Let Ljtm,M*—t [yiit 0'd|,aDd Lo"jeii twa.'rK, 
At large diffoitffe,v»hileh«feth«y do* rename. 

t^f I wonder iftbeJ.ionboto fpetht 

Dnru. No wonder, roy Lord : one Lion miy, wheo 
many Affei doe. 

fxa Ly**^Thtsin ,)md M»antfirmt. 

W»i. In Ihii Time Interlude,!! doih befall, 
That I, one Sutwt (byname) ^it[vX a wall : 
And fuch a wjW,ai ] wonidhaue youlrurvke, 
Thai had in it a crannied hole or : 
ThroMgh which the Ltweri. Pmaiiu and Thit^ti 
Did wthilpcf often, very ftcretly, 
Tnis Icenie.rhli rougH.c«ft .tnd thii fione doiKfr.eW, 
That I am that fame VVall ,ihetiuihii<o. 
And this the ctflony ii,ri|ht and fuiifte t. 
Through which ibefeerctuULouera ate ro whiTper. 

Ti>ff, VVould you derrre L\tot~iC\6 Hautto fpeake 

Drmc, It isiheTTirtiefl partition, ihtt euti J beard 
difcoMrfejOiy Lord 

Th*f. Jjramm drawei neert the WalLfileocc 
Eitter . 

fa. OgritnliX)lttEignt,6^iigfM with hue fo black?, 
O night, which euer arLvvbefi doy :» oot^ 

oight, 6 night, tlacke, alick e, alickf , 

1 feare mf^lbtthiti ptomife is forgot 
Aodthouov?al!,{hou fwertand louely y»»Il, 
That flandi Letweeneh«r lai.Kers grooPKJ and niirx , 
Thou r?iM, 6 wall, 6 fweet andlouely vmII, 

Shew me thy cliinke, to bltnkr Lhrougr. with mioveinc. 
Thankcicourtcoui wall. /*«/(hield thee well for this. 
But vthat fee I? No Tbu^ doc I fee. 
O wicked »Tan, through Tvhonolfecno bliffe,, 
Curft be thy ftoncs for thus deceiuing tree, 

7h(f. TKe » rail me-ihinkei being fcnfib.'e, (hould 

Ptr. Noin trtithfir,bcQx)M!d not 7>^.'i"»^ .f/w, 
Ii Thisih*: cue » fhe is to entet, end I am to I'p/ 
Her thrcnigh the wall. You Qiiliret it»villt»tl. 

Pat as I told you ; yonder fhe comet, 

7*»/;0 vralUfulI often haft thou heard my tnofles, 
For parting my faire Ptr^amis, and roe 
My cherry lips haue often kifl thy ftonesj 
Thy ftooei v»uh Lime and Hairc knit rp lo th« 

Pjrd. lf??8voyce ; oov^t villi to the , 
To fpy and I can heare my Thuktet face. Thishte} 

Thif. My Loue tboti Louc I thirke. 

Per. Thinke what thou »Yilt,l am iby Louers grace, 
And like Lmecda «m I truf^y fliJL 

Thif. And like //f?f« till the Fates rpe,fc^ 

Pit, Not Shafdlies to Preerui.vna fo t'l- e« 

Tiif. At Stjfa/ujzoPrecm^i to ycv. 


A MiJfommernights *Dreame, 


Da. Y!eUtunThij6y. 
Dttt. Well {hone Moone 
Tniij the Moone (hinct with a good grace 
Dm. Wei mould Lion. 
Dem. And then caroc r<r«0mi. 
Ljf. And To the Lion viniftu. 

Entfr Piremta, 
Pjr.Svittx Mooocyi thank thee for thy funny beanMS, 
I thankc thee Moone.for (hiniog now Co bright: 
F«r by thy graciout.ffoidcn, glictering beames, 
Itnift lo taife of truffi TJoAim fight. 
But flay ; O fpight ! but markc.poore Knight, 
What dreadful dole ii hccre> 
Eyes do you fee ! How can it be • 
O dainty Ducke : O 0«ere : 
Thy tnande good ; what ftaiod wviih blood ! 
Approch you Furtc* fell : 
O Fatcj.'cooK, come : Cut thted and thrum, 
Quatle, cnith, conclude, and queli. 

Dm. This pa(!ion,aod the death of a deare frieod. 
Would go necre to make a man lookrfad. 

Dta. BeHirewmyheart.but I pittie the man 

Pir. O wherefore Nature, did'f^ thou Lions framed 
Since Lion vildehath hecre defiour'd my deerc : 
Which is : no, no, which was the faireft Dam« 
That iiud. that lou d, that lilt d.that lool'd with checrr. 
Come teares , confound : Out f word.and wound 
The pap of Pirtorau : 
I , that left pap, where hean doih hop \ 
Thus dye I , thus, ihut.thus. 

Now am I dead, now am 1 fled, my fonle ir in »hf sky. 
Tongue lofe thy light, Moone take thy flight. 
Now dyc,dys,dye,dye,dyc. 

Z)e«. No Die, but an ace for him ; fot h? if but one. 

Lif. LcfSit ihea an aee man. For he u dead, he is no- 

Dm. With the heipe of a Surgcon.he tn|ghi yet reco. 
uer, and proue an Afie- 

Dmt. How chance MooneUTiine it gone before / 
Tbttbj comes backe, and findes hci Loucf. 

Enter Thutj^ 

Dtdcg. Shewil finde him by ftarre light, 
Heere (he comet, and her paflion ends the play. 

Dia. Methinket ftiee Should not vfe along ont for 
fuch Aj>ira.-7)its : I hope (he will be brcefj. 

Dtm.A Moth wil tume the baUance, which Ptratnmj 
which Thu ^ i s the better . (< 7 ct. 

Lff. She hath fpyed him already, with tbofe fweetc 

Dtmm And thus (he me»tx%.mtielidt, 

71m. Aneepcmy Looe } Whai.dead myDoue > 
O Piramii arife : 

Speake.Spcake . Quito diimbe? Dead,dea47 A totabc 
Mufl couer thy fweet eyes. 
Thefe Lilly Lips, this cheny nofe, 
Thefe yellow Cowflip cheeses 
Are gone, are gone : Louers make moot : 
His eyca-wetegreene as Leekes. 
O fifters three, come, come to mee. 
With haodi as pale as MUke, 
Lay them in gorctiinco you haae (hot* 
With (heeres. his thred of filke. 
Tongue not a word : Come trufiy f«W):d x 
Come blade, my bteAiinbrue : 

Of Ani 

Pir. OkiiTe me through the boiC of this vile waU. 

Thtf. I kilTe the w8Uholc,not your lips at all 

P<r. Wilt thou at /\^i»»tf/ lombemtcte meftraight 

thif. Tide life, tide death,! come without delay. 

WAd. Thus haue I tfaUfXa^ part difchargcd fo; 
And being done, thus ifatl away doth go. ErH CUm. 

Dm. No w is the motall downe betweenc the two 

'Dtm. No reroedie my Lord, when Wals are fo wtl- 
ftiU, to heare without vvamitt^. 

Dmt. ThisiithefillieAftuitcthaterelheard. 

Dm. The beft m chit kind arc but (hadowes, and the 
worA are no worfe, if imagination amend them. 

Dmt. I( muA be yout imagination then,& not thein 

D«^ If wee imagine no worfe of them then they of 
themfeluet, they may paifefor excellent mcn.Hrfc com 
twonoblcbcafis.inamanaada Lion*. 

E»/fr Ly»odni Meene-lhinr, 

Ljan. You Ladies, you (whofe gentle harts do faara 
The fmalleA monftroui moufe that creepes on floore) 
May now perchance, both auakc and tremble hecre. 
When Lion rough in wildeA rage doth roarer 
Then know that I, one 5«*f the loyoer am 
A Lion fell, nor elfe no Lions dam : 
For if I (houldaa Uoo come in ftrife 
Into thu placcj 'twere pitiie of my life, • 

Dm A veris gentle bcaA, and ofa good cenfcience. 

Drm. The VCTtebeftaLabeaA,my Lord,)^CTclCaw. 

Lif, This Lion is a veric Foa for hia valor* 

Dm. True.and a Goofe for hit difcretion. 

Dtm^ Not fo ray Lord : for bis valor cannot carrie 
his difcretion, and the Fot carries the Goofe. 

Dm. Hit difcretion I am fure cannot carrtchls valor: 
iat the Goole carries not the Feui. It is well ; leaue it to 
hii difcTction,aod let vs hearken to the Moone. 

Moom. Thu Laothome doth (be homed Moone pre-, 

Di, He (hould hiuc worne the homes on his head. 

Dm. Hee Is no crefcent. and hii hornes a^ inuifiblr, 
within the circumference 

Mtan. This lamhoroe doch the homed Moone pre» 
fent : My felfe, the man i'th Moone doth fccme co be. 

Dm. This is the greateft error of all the reft; the man 
(kould be put imo the Lantbome.How i» it els the man 
i'th Moone ? 

DfMi. He dares not come there Cor the candle 
For you fee, it it already in fnuffe . 

Dw . I am vrearle ofthis MooiM \ vTould he wotild 

Dm. Uappearesbyhis fmal light of difcretion, that 
be it in the wane : but yet in courtefie, in all teafot^ v«e 
muft Aay the time. 

Ljf. Proceed Moone. 

Moom. All that 1 haue to fay, ii to tell yoo, that the 
Lanihome u cheMoodei I, the man in theMoonc) this 
thorne bu(K,my thome bufh; and this dog,my dog. * 

Drm. Why sll ihefe fttould be in the Lanthome:ft«r 
tbey sro in ih* Moooe.But illeoce, beere cotncs "Visstrf, 

Thtf, This h old Niiamt lombc i where Is my looc } 
LyoiK Oh. 

Tht Lmo rtaru^Thigtyrmt «^. 
Dtm. Well (oar'd Lion. 


^ Midfommcrniphts ^Drecsmt. 

And farwdl fiienHi,thui7A«w#enHij 
Adieu, adieu, adieu. 

Du\^ Muoru^hiiW tt L40n i^eieft to buric the dnd 

Daa*. 1,111(1 W^'ltQo. 

Bit, No, I iffiirc jou, ihewall it downe, that pirtcd 
thrir Paiberi. Will it plc»lt von ro fee the Epilogue, or 
to hcar« ■ Bcrgomaik d«ncc,bctv«ecne two ofoui (on»> 

Di^ NoEpilogoe,Ipr*y7oii{ for your play neeHi 
no excttie. Neuercxcufe j Jot when the piticriirc all 
dcad.thcre necJ none (o be blamed. Marry, if hee that 
writ ithadpltld7>/M«r«/,andhung himfdtein Thitiut 
garter,it would hauebccne J fine Tragedy: indfoit ii 
trucly, and very nosiiblytltfcliirgd. Butcotne, yooi 
Burgomatlce; let yout Epilogue alont. 
The itoti totigu« of noidnighe hath old tVfClor. 
loucr* to b[e(i,!t>t aliDoft Fairy time, 
I tcare v»e fhall out-fljepc the fomming momc, 
A« ruuch arwe thu night haue outr.wiuht. 
Thi» palpable grortc play hath well beguiIM 
The heauy gate of r)ight. S\«ctc friendi to btd. 
A fortnight hold vsre this (bUmnity. 
la nightly RtrJcIsgandDcwiailine* Sxtmirt. 

Sifttr Futhe. 
PMe](^ Nov? the hungry Lyons rora. 
And the' Wo'ft beholds tht Aloon* : 
WhlleA (h« beauyploa^^bman tnores, 
AU wirh wesry tatke fore-done. 
Mow the wflf^edbxafids doc glow, 
Wl«l'ft the!e,fcrUchinglood, 
l^utj the wreccU that Hcsinwoe^ 
In remembradce of a (})«»«d; 
Nov? it i« the time of ni^tj; 
Thst the graun, all g3ptng'«;<Je, 
SttcryoncJetifarthliis/pnghl , 
tn th^ Church-waypaths ro gl'.d:> 
Ami wc Fairies,tbacdo runn^ 
By the triple Hecates teame , 
Fpflmihe prderrccotlbcSunrtiffs 
Following daf^eucfie liks a drcsmc, 
f^vo ate hrotlieke J not a Moufc 
'SHall difturbe this hallowed hooie. 
I am fenc witiv broomc before , 
Tb fwecp tht duft behittde the doorz. 

Entttt Ki>i£ tmd ^sent efFaJries,r9ith :htx7 Crsxi. 
Oi. Through the houCc giue glincmering tight « 

B/ the dead tncf 'frov»he nn , 

Euerie Elfc amiFairie rprtrht, 

Hop at licht ai bird froci brier, 

And thn Ditty ificrnx.f.r.g and daiKeittjipB 

Tud. Fitft reheatfe ibii fongby toau. 
To each wof da warbling no^e. 
Hand in hand, with Fame grace. 
Will we fiog and bleffe thh ptae*. 

779m VHtiK ik* hr/df bJ^ , 
Tlrm^hibx htKJt tdch fnti) Jhcj. 
r»iy*lnfiBTHU htdvitu; 

■ytmd At ifmt ihrr* crtMt, 
kmrfliatt* fertkr^ut : 
S^fliMBaglhtcnrp/n ttrtt, 
Imtr tru€ m Iftur ki t 
And tht hlttt^ NMuTti li<md, 
Sh*2mi m thetr iJfmfi4aA 

'Dtffijidim NMruttii, 
SidOvcvmlhtir C^dftnbt. 
tVah tbi, fittd dtm CrufKn^ , 
Eutrj Fairj takt hii gtae, 
yiMdc4ch/tmerAilchdmitr iUJff . 
Ttrtrvb I'mt ?m>4c* \aiti' fwtttftdCt, 

jiiid f'a^ 1/0IH? fftt bl^. 
7nf twaj, m^kf *tfit^ % 
Mtti nuttily irttk/ ffi^. 

Ro^m. IfMreOjadoweihaoeo^endf^, 
Thinlic but thit (and all is mended) 
That yea haw but fl^oibted b«««. 
While tbefctiiior.i did Dppear«. 
And thit wcake and tdJe theame, 
Naraore yeclding but s dteanc, 
Cendes, doe not reprehend. 
If yoa pardon, vrc will m«r>d. 
And as Iiir an honcft Put^ , 
If we haue vneamed lucke, 
Now to fcape the SrrpenrrtDagix'f 
We will meke am«Ddi ere luogi 
Elfe the Packf* ly»r Cill. 
So good night voto yoti aR. 
Gitx me your hands, if we b« fnatOtf 
Aod Reiis (haB fei^ore lOQCodi. 




The Merchant of Venice. 


Entrr Awtbeiii»,SMl/arime,0ni$»l4)ti9. 

LN footh I know not «yhy I cm fo fad, 
)h wearie* me : you fay «t wearies yoo ; 

iuchow 1 caught ityfoundit.or came by it, 
'Whai ftufife'tumade of. whereof 11 is borne, 
I am to learnt: : and fucha Want-wii (adnc^Te make* of 

That ! haue much ado to know my felfe. 

Sal. YoUf minde is tofting on (he Ocean 
There where your ftrgofies wiihponty faile 
I tkeSigntors and rich Burgers on the 6ood, 
Or as it were the Pageants of the fea, 
Doouer-peerc the pccue Traifiquert 
That curifie to ibem, do them reuerwice 
As they flye by them with their wouen wings. 

5<t/^. Bcleeue me fir, had ] fuch venture forth. 
The bciict part of my a^c^iions, would 
Be with my hopes abroad. I (hould be (till 
Plucking (he grade to know where fits the winde. 
Peexuig in Maps for ports, and peers, and rodes : 
And euery obietS^ that might make me fejic 
Mi${crtui>e to my ventures, out of doubt 
Would make me fad>. 

S^d. My winde cooling my broth, 
Would blow me to an Ague, when I thought 
Wbatbarme a winde too great might doe at fea. 
I (Itould not fee the fandie houre-giaffe runne. 
Bur I fhould (hinke of (hallowt.and of flats , 
And fee my wealthy ^«<ir«»^docks infand. 
Vailincj her high top lower then her riba 
TokiflTeher burial! J fhouidl goe to Church 
And fee the holy edifice of (^one, 
And not bcihinke mc Rraight of dangerous rocks. 
Which touching but my gentle Veffels fide 
Would fcatter all her fpices on the ftreamc , 
Enrobe the roring waters with my filkes. 
And in a word, but eucn now worth this. 
And now wotth nothing. Shall I haue the thought 
To thinkt on tbis, and (hwll I lacke the thought 
That fech a thing bcchaunc'd would make m« fed f 
But tell noitne, 1 Vna^M Arthtnio 
Is fad to thinke vpon hismcrchandize 

jinth. BcJccucmcno,! thankemj'fGnuw (brit. 
My »niturcs are not in one bottotT.c tru(\e«i, 
Not to one place ; i>cr4S nty wiiols c£Ute 

Vpon the fortune of this prefenf y*«Te : 
Therefore my mcrchandir.e makes mcnot Cid. 

SoU. Why then you arc in louc. 

uinth. Fie, fie. 

Sola. NocinloueneitbeT;thenlet vs Ayvouirefad 
Becaufe you are n<rt merry ; end 'I were as eali? 
For you to laugh and leape,and fay you ate merry 
Becaofeyouarenot fad. Now by two-headed lamts. 
Nature hath fram'd Orange fellowesm her time: 
Some that will euermore peepe chrongh their eyes, 
And laugh like Par rats at a bag-piper. 
And other of fuch vineger afped , 
Th«t theyll not fhew their teeth in way of fmile, 
Though Hefior fwcate the ieH be laughable. 

Sola. Hcere coires "Bujfaatg, 
Your moA noble Kinfman, 
Cratiaro,BadLcrenfo. FaryewcH, 
We leauc you now with better company. 

Sola. ] would haue (hid till { had madeyou merry. 
If wththier friends had not preuented me. 

e^or. Your worth it very deere in my regajd, 
I take it your ownebuHnes calls on you. 
And you embrace th'occafion to depart. 

Sdl. Good morrow my good Lords. (whet^? 

"Baf. Good fignlors both, when (hail welaugh^fay,' 
You grow exceeding flrange : muft it be (o t 

Std. Wcell make our leyfurcs to attend on yours. 
Sxtunt SaJifrttiOf andSoiaith. 

Ler. My Lord^j/^w.finceyou haue found Antbe^Ha 
We two will leabo you,but at dinner time 
I pray vou haue in mindc where we rouft mc«te, 

Btff I will not fade you. 

Cjrat. You looke not well fignior AntboMh^ 
You haue too much refpe^ vpon the world: 
They loofe it tbat doe buy it with much caie, 

Ant. I hold the world but as the World CrtiSiiSaff 
A flage, where euery man mu() pby a part , 
And mine a (ad one. 

Cratu Let me o'ay the fboJe, 
With mirth sx>d laui^bscr Ut old wrinrkks com€ j 
And let my LiuerrathevheiteVirith wine , 
Then ray heart code with roonifying grones 
Why iTiould a man whofe bloud is warme u Ithia , 
Sit like his Grsndfii-e, cut in A!abkQer> 
Gleepe when hewakes t an;^ ctte^i iA;o cirt leimdies 

L 2 


Tlx tSXftr chant ofOemcr 

By bcmg pccuifli i I idl ihcc whti jlmkomt, 

I louc ihce, and ti ii mjr louc thai fprikci 

Thf»e Mt a Cofi of oicn, whoft »if;^'e» 

Do crramc and mantle like i Aanding pood. 

And do a wfllfull fttlntfTt cntCTTaine, 

With purpofc to bf drrH \T\ an opinion 

of w iff dome, guuK ^.profound conceit, 

A« wtio fhould fay, I »rn fir an Of jcle, 

And when t ope my lipi. In no doggc bvVc. 

O my Anihtitit^ I do know ofdiefe 

Thai cheictore ooely are rcpuicd wiiie. 

For faying noiSing ; \»(hcn I am »ene fure 

If ihey (Viould fp«»kc, would aimoP dim thoft extt* 
Which hearing them would call ibrii btocheri foolei . 

lie ull thee more of this aoother time. 

Buififhnot wuh ibiimchnchoHy baite 

For tbii foolc Gudgin, thU opinion : 

Come good Lorrnt^i farycwrll a while. 
He end my eihonatton a/iri dinner. 

Lor. Well.wcwrlJ leaue you (hen till dinna titne. 
I muft be one of thcfe fame dumbe wife men. 
Pot Grtxlant ncuer In « mc fpcake. 

Cr*. Well, kecpc mr company but two yearn mo, 
Thou (Vialt not know the found ouhinc ownc longoc. 
%^Kt. Far you welJ, Ilr grow § talker for ihiigeare. 
CrAThanket ifaiih/o< filrnce i> oncly commendable 
In a neact tongue dri'd, and a maid not vendible £xi/. 
Ant. It It thai viy thing now. 
"Sd/T CrtHidmg fpeakesan infinite dcale of nothing, 
(note (hen any man In all Venice, hit rcafoni arc two 
ctainei of whcite hid in two bufhcU (hall 
ieeke all day ere you finde ihem, fit when you haoe them 
they are not worth the fearch. 

yla. Wrll : tel me now, what Lady 15 the fame 
To whom you fwore a fccret Pilgrimage 
THa( you to day promis'd to tel me of? 

"Btf- Til ooi imknowne to yoo /1*ihmn» 
HanM much I haue difablcd mine eOate, 
By foincthing (hewing a more fwe lling pon 
Then my faim meanei would grant continuance : 
Mot do I now make monc to be abridg d] 
From fucb a noble rate, but my cheefe caie 
It to cotne fsirely otf from the gt^at debts 
Wherein my time fome thing too prodigal! 
Hath left mc gag'd : to yen yimibtnit 
I owe the moft in money , and in loue. 
And from your louc I haue a warrantie 
To vnbur'.nen all my plots andourpofes. 
How to get cleere of all the deois I owe 

An. I pray you good 'Bajfsmo lei me know it, 
And if it (Hnd as you your (elfc Aill do. 
Within the eye of honour, be affur'd 
My perfon,my cxtreaaieft ineanes 
Lye all vnlock'd toyouroccafioos. 

"Bi^ I n my fchoolc day es, when 1 bad lofl oM (baft 
I (hot hit fellow of the fclfefame flight 
The felfcfaroe way, wjth more adutfed watch 
To findc the other forth, and by aducncuriog both, 
I oft found both. I »rge this chjld-hoede proofe« 
Becaufc what followet is pure innocence. 
I owe you mach,and like a wilfull youth. 
That which I owe ii loB : but if you pleaTe 
To flioote another arrow that felfe way 
W'hich yoo did (hoot the firft, ] do not doabl. 
As I will watch the ayrrc . Or to finde both, 
Or brJDg your latter baiatd bicke againe, 

And thankfully rrf) dcbto Tot iKefirA 

«>^. You knew rrKwd1,*T»d rierertifpendl*^ time 
To winde obotii my Icxte with circu(j.f(joc*. 
And out ofdotibt yen doe moie wron| 
Ir. majiiiig ciueftion of my vtirrrrvoft 
Then if yoiihad made waOeof all 1 haue : 
T^en dot but fay to rrw what 1 fhojid doe 
That in your kr>owledgf may bytpu be do'ie, 
And I irr peeft »oto it i (Keiefof c fpeakc. 

tl*ff ln'if;irv»/ II a Ladynchly left , 
And (he II ^ixc, and (auct then that word, 
'Df wondrooavertuei, fomctmei frocihn e^ 
1 did rcceiue fure fpeechJrde raseffagei 
Hot name l« PtrjtM, r>oibing TndervaJlcwd 
To ^«r«'i daughter, hrmui'ftnut , 
Mtjf iilbt widt woikl igno:iru'vfhsi vrorth . 
For the fourewsodct blow m froa>cueiy co«f> 
Renowned fuicn I , and her funny lot ks 
Hang on her temples like a golden fleece , 
V/hich makes her feat oi iilmmm (h^c^j (bood. 
And many iMfrm come in qu«(\ of her. 

my j1nthant», had 1 but the cnearci 
To hold a riuall place wHb one of tf-em, 

1 haue aminde prefagei mefuch thrift. 
That I Tnould quef^iorJe fTe be forrunaie. 

Axth Thou koowO iha< all my (onunes tie at Tea , 
NeithcT haue I mooey, oot commodity 
To raifc aprefent famme, therefore goe fonh 
Try what my credit can in /^(wicr doc , 
That (hall be rackt even to the ytterrrvoO, 
Tofurnifh thee to 'Btlmtni to faite Ftrnt. 
Goeprefently enquire, and fo will J 
Where money ii, and 1 no queOion rruJre 
To haue it of my irud.ot lor oiy fake (xnurt. 

£mttr PtrtiA mi k her wdttmg mtmrna Nrr^d 

Partiit. By my troth N*rrifft, my htile body la a we»- 
ne of this great world. 

Ner. I ou would be fwveet Madam , jf your miferies 
were in the fame abundance as your good fortunes are . 
and yetforoDght J fee, they arc ai ficke thai furfct wuh 
too mwch, at loey that flatuc with nothing ; it is no fmal 
happiaeUe therefore to bee fcated t^ the tneznc , fupet- 
fluitic comes foor>eT by white haircs . but competcocit 
lilies longer. 

tenia Good fentericn, and well pronoBiK'd. 

Ner. They would be better tf wcU followed. 

Pfms. If CO doc were as eafie as to know what were 
good todoe.Chappelshad beene Churches, aodpoort 
(Dcns cottages Princes Panacesj It is a good Oiutne that 
followet his owne infhuSions; I can cafier teach twcn- 
tie what were good to bedone.thenbe ooeof iheiwctv- 
tic to follow mine owne teaching : the braine inay de. 
uife lawes for the blood , but « hot tetpper Icapes ore « 
colde decree, fisch a bare it madncuc the youth, to skip 
ore the meihes of gcx>dcounCai]c the cripple ; but this 
reafon is not in fafhioo to choofeme a husband : O mce, 
the word cboofe, I may neither choofe whom I would, 
not refufe whcmi I ii the wil of a huing daugh- 
ter curb'd by the will of a dead fatha :it ii do: hzrd Ntr. 
rift, that I cannot cb<x>fe ooc/ior refufe aone. 

Ntr. Your father Wat eueTenuout , and holy n>en 
at their death haue good iofptrarions, therefore the lo>t- 
tciic that bee hath deuHed in thefe three chefts of gold, 
(ilusr, aodlesde, whereof who cboofes his iucMting, 



ihe ^^Mercbant of Venice. 


choofes you.mloo doojtx neuer be chofen by any righc- 
ly^but one whoyou ^11 righcly Joue.buc what wsimcb 
it there in your aifcdlioa lovvaf ds any of thcfe Princely 
fuccrs chat are already cojne ? 

Par. I pray thee ouet-name them,and as thou nameft 
them,] will deCcnbc them,and accoidtogco ipy dcfcrifv 
lion Icuell at wj affe<flion. 

fjer. Firfl tnere is the Neopolirane Prince. 

Par. J that's a coh indeede, for he doth ooihtng but 
calkc of his horfe. snd hec roakct it a great appropha* 
tton to his owne good part^ that he cai> fVioo himhim- 
felfe: I am much afraiti my Lidie hit mothet piaid£alf& 
with a Smyih. 

J\/er ThaniitherctheCountiePaientine> 

Ptr. He doth nothing but ftowncCas who (hould 
ray,andyou vviUnothaueihc.choofe: he heaici roerrie 
tales and fmiieaoot, I feare face will pioucthe weeping 
Phylofophccmhen he groweaold, being foiuti of vn- 
manncrly fadne(re»nhisyogth.)lhad rathft lobe marri- 
ed to a deaths brad with a bone in his mouth, then to ci- 
ihct oftbefe God defend *ne from thcfe two. 

Ner. Howfay youby the JFrenth Lord, Moonfier 
L* Bcmte } 

Pro. God madebiui. and therefore let him paffc for a 
man, in truth I know it is a Gntte to be a mocker, but he, 
why he bath a horfe better then the Ncopoliiaos, a bet- 
ter bad habite oFfrownine iben the Count Patent me ,hc 
IS coery man in no man, il« TrafTell fing. he fals Araight 
a capring.he will fence vf ith his own (hadow.If i Qiould 
marryhim, I fhould marry iwentie husbaods^ < iFhec 
would defpife fne,l would forgiuc him,for tf he loucme 
to midnefTe.l Oiould neuer requite him. 

N«T. What fay you then to/4a(C0a^«^, tbeyong 
Baton of £nf toad) 

PffT You know I fay oothinf; to him* fot hcc vnder-' 
flands notnie,aor I him .■ he hath neither LAttat, Frtnth, 
nor /t4tiany and you will come into the Court & fwearr 
that 1 haue > pooxe pennie-wotih in the £vgti^ ■ hecit a 
proper mans piilurr. but alas wbocan conuerfc with a 
dumbc fhow } how odlyhe it fuitcd,! thinkc he bought 
his doublet in /r<s/ilr,his round hofe in Frantt)^n bonnei 
in C7«rRMn(r,and bis behauiour cuery where. 

Ntr. What thioke you of the other Lorii hit neigb- 

Prr. Thai he hatha neighbourly charine in him, for 
he borrowed a bote of the eare of the Eaglilbman. and 
fwore he wotild pay him againe when hec Mras able : I 
thinke the Frtarhvum became his furcticaod fcald vndn 
for another. 

Nn. iJow like yoo the yoogC«r7iguriv. the Duke of 
5«*w»«>/ Nephew ? 

Per. Very vildely in the morning when bee it fober, 
and moft vildely in the sfuinoone wtjcn hec it dninke : 
when he it befi.he is a little worfc th«t) aman, artd when 
bels worfl.he It little better then a beaft: and the woift 
fall (hat euer fel|,Ibope I (hall make Oitft to goc with- 
out him. 

A^<T.lfhefhould-<jffertoehoofe,aAd choofe the right 
Casket ,you Hiould rcfufeto performe y oui Fathers will, 
if you rhotild refufe to accept him. 

VoT Therefore for feart of the worft, I pray thee fet 
adffpeglafleofRcJniJhwWioeon the contrary Casket, 
for if thediuellbe within, and that temptation without, 
1 know he will choofe it. . I will doe any thing Nfmfa 
at I will be married to a fpunge. 

Iftr. Y«u neede not feare Ladf the hautng any QjT 

tbefc Lords, they haue acquainted me with their deter- 
minations, which it indeede to retume to their home, 
and to trouble you with no more fuite, vnlefle you may 
be won by fome other fort thmyour Fathers impoHtl- 
on,depcnding on the Caskets. 

Per. irtliuccobcasoldcas 5(^/'^, I will dye es 
chafleas DitnM voJcfle 1 be obtained by the manner 
of my Fathers will : I am glad this patcsU of wooers 
are fo reafonable , for there it not one atnoog them but 
i doace on hit vene abfence . and 1 Wifl) theio a fairc de- 

/Vrr. Doe you not remember Ladie in your Fr 
thers time, a t^emtciatt, aSchoIler and a Souldior that 
came hither In companie of the Marqueffe of (J^wir- 
ferrtit } 

V»T. Yet yfi,rt was "B^^iui*. at I thinke, fo wa$ bee 

Ner. Trae Madativheeofall the men that euer my 
foolifh eyes (ook'd vpon, was the befi dcfcruioc a faitc 

T'or. I tamembet him well, and I rcroember bim wot 
thy of thy praifc. 

Enter a Strmttigmttt, 

Ser. The foure Strangers fee kr yop Madim to take 
their leiue : tnd there is a fore-runner coma from a fift. 
the Prince of /i/flf»e», who brings word tbe.Srinrc hit 
Malflet will be here to oighc. 

Par. If I could bidihefift welcofflrwith fo good 
heart as I can bid the othet foure farewell; 1 fhould be 
glad of his approach: if he haue the condition of a Saint, 
and the rompleiion of a diuell. I htd father hee fhould 
Osnoe ma then wioeme. Come Nsrrift^Citfa go beforr; 
whiles wee (ht\t\ the gate vpon one wooer, another 
knocksst thedoote. Exeunt 

EmtiT Baffatin aith Shjlctkf 'he lem. 

Sh^. Three (houfand ducatettWeU. 

"Bilf. 1 fir, for three month*. 

Shj For three mantha,well 

Buff. For the which,a« 1 tqld ytai, 
jlnchonto fh»n be bound. 

Shf. ^HthoftiafhtlX becomr boand, well. 

'Baf. May youftedme^ WiUyoupIcafurc me^ 
Shall I know your anfwere 

Sh^ Three thoufaod ducats for three (Dontht. 
and AfithoMu bound. 

'Baff'. Your anfwere to that . 

S^} ■ .^tr'^enit it a good man. 

5«2^. Haue you heard any imputatioa to the con. 

Shj Ho ; my meaning in faymg he is a 
good man, ittohaue you vnderAand me ihit he is fuf})- 
ent. yet biimeanea are in fuppofitron i he htth an Argo- 
fie bound to Ttjpolia, another to rhe Indies, 1 vnder- 
fiand moreoiKT hath athiiJ atMcxi- 
eO,a fourth fot England, aod other ventures hee hath 
fquandred abroad, out fhipt are but boordt,Saylert but 
men, there be land tats, and water ratt, wjtet theeuat, 
and land theeues, I meane Pyrais, and then there ia the 
perrill of waters.windes.and rocks r the man it notwiih- 
ftanding fuftcicnt^hrettboufand ducats J thiokei may 
take h{} bond. 

"Baf. Be soured you may. 

1 66 

/rw, I will be ifTurcd I trmy: vtd t)iit 1 mtyb« afTu* 
led, ( wil) bcthtnkc wtt, mi/ 1 fpeakc wiui Amh^ 

Bsjf. ifiiplcafeyootoiJirM uriih VI. 

/rw. Yci, tofmell pofke, cociteo/ th< hibitnion 
which youf Prophet the Niiarnc comurcd ihe diucll 
ttUQ t 1 will btiy <wtthyoa, fell <,vi(li you, calkc with 
you, walkewkch you, tnd To following i but ( will 
not cate with you.drinict with you, nor pray with you. 
Wnil QCwc> on ihcRyaIca, who it hccotnci hCT«^ 

Efier /tnthtnta 

taff- Tl)«s II Agnior Amhtnip. 

lew. How like a fawning publican he lochcf ■ 
I hire him tor he it a Chrinitn i 
But more, for chat in low Gmplicttie 
Ke Icndi out money griTis.and bnngi dowtK 
The rate oftfancchCTe with viinf^tittct. 
If] can catch him once vpon che hip, 
I will feede fac the ancient grudge I beare hiro. 
Ke hates our faacd Nation,and he tailet 
Eucn there where Merchants mofl doe congregate 
On mc.roy bargaines.and my wcll-worne thrift, 
W>iifbhccal3:nterteft Curfed bcm/Trybe 

Di^. rt/A>c^.doeyoohearr. 

Sb^ I am debating of my prefent ftorr. 
And by the neerc gcfie of my memoric 
I cannot inftantlyraife vp the groffe 
Of full three (boufand ducats : what of that? 
Ttt^i wealthy Hcbrev^' of my Tribe 
Will furnifh m^,buf foft,how many rrxjnths 
Doe you defire /Reft you faire good fignior, 
Your'^orfhip waiihelaft man ioourmouihe*. 

uim. Shylockc , albeit I neither lend nor borrow 
By taking.nor by giaingof cxcefle, 
Yet to fupply the npe wapts of my fneni, 
lie breake a cuHome : is he yet poCeA 
How much he would ? 

5^. 1,1, three thoufand ducaci. 

Ant. And for three monthi. 

Shj. 1 had forgot.three months, you toldmeio. 
Well then,your bond : and (et mefee.but heareyou. 
Me thoughcsyoufaid^you neither lend nor boiiow 
Vpon aduantagc, 

jint. I doe ncuer vfe it. 

Shy. When Itcah graz'd his Vncic L^^tnt th«epc. 
This lacob from our holy yllfrjmvfti 
( A» his wife mother wrought in his behilfr) 
The third poffefler; I.he was the third. 

.Anf. And what ofbim,did heKkeioterreft^ 

Shy. No.not take intereft.not as you would fay 
Dircftly intereft, tt)arkr what Idcei did, 
When L4^ and himfelfe were compremyz'd 
Thai ail the canelings which were ftreaktaod pied 
Should fall as Idcfh hrcr, the Ewes being ranckej 
In end of Autumne turned to the Rimmej, 
And when the wwkeofrererairon was 
Brtwecne thcfe woolly breeden snihe a£V, 
Tne tkilftill fliepheard pil'd rac cCTtaine wandj, 
And in thedooing of the drjde of kinde, 
HcKucke them vp before che fuifome Enn. 
Who then c onceauing.did in eaning time 
F&j! p:rty-colour'd lambs, and tbole were /«•«*/. 
This v/as a way co thnue, and he was bieft : 

The alMerchant of Venice. 

Aodii^nft tsbleir^ng iftemHeaJe itrvot 

Am. This wai a veatare fir that l»tti Ccr»'d f»f , 

A if.iDgnotinhit powertobrrrropifTe, 

Eut fway'dandfalhicndbythehardofhemcn, 

Wai chii inferied to make interred g'^od t 

Or is yoor gold and (iluer Ewea and Kimi 1 
Shy. icannot teli,! makeitbtccdcMfxA, 

Datoote meficnior. 

Ant. Marxe you this St^tnM, 

The diuell canciteScripttirefor hiiporpo(«. 

An eutll foole prodocin? holy v/irneffe, 

Iilike avillainc wiihaimi)ingch*eke, 

A goodly apple rotten a; tl^hean- 

whit I goodly outfide falfchood hath. 

ihj. Thrfe ihoufand ducaii, 'tis a good retmdfiU'J 
Three months ^rom twelue.then let me fee the rrte 

Alt. Well Skylteit ,(hi\l we bebeholdrs' co yot. / 

Shy. Signior y^»f fe»»)i#,many • unetn^ ofi 
In che Ryalto you haue ntedme 
About my monies and my »fanc« : 
Snl! haue I borne it with a patient ftirog, 
(For fiiffrance is the badge of all our Tribe.) 
Vou caUmemiibeletuer, cut-throite dog. 
And fpet vpon my lewifh gaberdine, 
AndallCorvfeof^ihat wf^ch ismineowr.e. 
Well then, It now appearei you nctd.t my helper 
Goe come to me, and you fay, 
Shylorkf,'^ty/oQM haue mor>eyes,you fiy fo : 
You that did »otdc your rume Tpon fry beard, 
Andfooie me as you fpume a Hranget curre 
Oueryour lhrefhold,rT)onfyes isyoorfuite. 
What Oiould I fay to you ? Should I not fay, 
Hath adogmoney ^hitpolTible 
A curre fhould lend three thcufar.d ducats 7 at 
Shall 1 bendlow.andtn a bond-mans key 
With bated breath, and whifpTJog hombleneffe, 
Say this : Faire fir, you fpet on tae on Wednefday l»ft| 
You fpurn'd me fuch a day; another rime 
You cald me dog : and for rhefe tunef>es 
lie lend you thus muchmoneyet, 

Anu I am as like to call iKce Co agatne, 
Tofpet on thee againe^o fpume thee loc. 
If chou wilt lend thi! money ,lend it not 
Astothy fricnds,forwhendicifricrdQ".iptake 
A breed* of batraine mcctail of his fricrvd? 
But lend it rather to thine tnemhc-. 
Who if he breake,i!iou osaift with better fWt 
Ea»d the penalties. 

St^. Why lookeyou hawTouflorme, 

1 wotild be friends with yoa,s!)<SS3i:e your lotie» 
Forget theCiames that ycm haue fiaindope witb, 
SuppHc your prefent watrtitfcd tike nodotte 
Ofvfancefor mymooeye«,»Hlyoa}enothcue3K, 
This ij kinde I offer. 

"B^. This were kmdaeSe. 

Sl^, This kindoeiTe will 1 (howe, 
Goe wUb me to 4No:ane,feale me Jher* 
Your fi.igle bcnd,acd in a merrie (port 
It you repaje me cot on fuch a day, 
la fuch a place, <och fuir or fums as arc 
Exprcfl in the coadition.let the forfeiie 
Be nominated for an eqoaH peund 
♦■^f your faire fle{h,to be cur off and takca 
In what part of your bodie it pleafeth me, 

Aift. Contem infaiih,Ile fealc to fuch « bou^. 
And fay Uieie is tauch kir.dce£e in ihs lew. 



The <i5Kfercham of Venice. 


"Bajf- You £halt not feale to fuch a bond for me, 
He rither dwell in my Dcceffitie. 

Atit. Why fcarc not man,I will not fbrfaite it. 
Within thefe two mcnthij that's a month before 
This bond eapircs,! doe expcA tetJirne 
Of ihrJcc three times the va!ew of this bond. 

Shy. O father ^^rrfw,v»hat thefe Chriftianj are, 
Whofeowne hard dealings teaches them fufpeC^ 
The thoughts of others : Praie you tell me this. 
If be Ihould breakc his daie, what (hould 1 gains 
By the cxaflion of the forfeiture ? 
h pound of mans flefh taken from • ma(\. 
Is not foeftimablc.profiiable neither 
As flcfh of Mutrons,Beefcs,or Go»tcs,I fay 
To bay his fauour,! extend this friendfliip. 
If he williaJte ji,fo:ifnoi adicw, 
Andformy loue I praie you wrong menot. 

Ant. \ctShjlockt,l will fcalcTnto this bond, 

Shj. Then meete mc forthwith at the Notaricf, 
Giue him direflion for this mcrne bond. 
And I will goe and purfe the dMcats flraitc. 
Sec to my houfe left in the fearcFull gard 
Ofan vnihrifde knaue : and prcfentlie 
lie be with you. Exit. 

Ant. Hie thee gentle /ra*. This Hebrew will torne 
Chriflian.he growes kinde. 

2^ Ilikenotfaireteamet, andaTillainesminde. 

ty/ffr. Come on,in this there can be no difmaic, 
My Sbippes come home a mooch before the daie. 


JHrn Secundm. 

€nter MoTtchtu *ttt»tiit Maare all in white, tad thret ar 
ffHrc fellimer* dccordingly , with Pertitt^ 
i^errijl*, an J their traini, 
fio. Comttt, 

M«T. MHIikemenotfefnryeempUx'ion, 
The fhadowed liucric of the burnifhc funne. 
To whom I am a nrighbour.jnd neerc bred. 
Bring me the faireft creatore North-wsrd borne. 
Where /'^^«tt fire fcarcethawes they fides. 
And let vi make ineifion for your loue. 
To prouc whofe blood it rcodeft^his or mine. 
I tell thee Ladle this afpe^of mine 
Haih feard the valiant,^y my loue T fweare^ 
The beft regarded Virgins of our Clyme 
Hzuelou'd it ro : I would not change this hue, 
EKcept to fteale your thoughts my gentle Qycene. 

fer. In tearmes of choife I am not folic led 
By nice diredion of a maidens eies : 
3efide«,the loitric of my deftenie 
Bats fflethe right of rolunuriechoofmg: 
But if my Father had nM fcanted me. 
And hedg'd meby his wit to ycclde my felfe 
His wifc.wbo wins me by that meanrs I told youj 
Your ft! fe (renowned Prince) than ftoodtsfaire 
As any comrTier I h aue look'd on yai 

W(ir. EnenforthatlibanTieyou, 
Therefore I pray you leade me to the Caskctt 
To Rie my fortune : By thh Symitare 

That flew the Sophie^ and a Pertian Prince 
That won three nelds of Suliin Solyman, 
I would orc-ftare the flcmeA eies thai looke : 
Out4}raue the heart moft daring on the earth : 
Plucke the yong fucking Cub s from the fhe Bcire, 
Yca.mockcthe Lion when he rores for pray 
TowincheLadie. Butalas.che while 
If Htrcults and LychM phie at dice 
Which is the better man,the greater throw 
May turne by fortune from the weaker hand : 
So is AlcitUs beaten by his rage, 
And fo may I,blinde fortune leading me 
MiiTe that which one vn worthier may attaint. 
And die with grieoing. 

Port. You muft take your chance. 
And eithernot attempt to choofe at all, 
Or fwearcbcfore you choo(e,if you choofewrong 
Neuet to fpeake to Ladie afterward 
In wayofmatriage.thctcfote beaduis'd. 

Ji^or. Nor wiU not, come bring me vnto my chance. 

Par. Firfl forward to the templc.after dimmer 
Your h azard /hall be made. 

Mor. Good fortune then, Camett. 

To make meblelior curfcd'fl among men* Exeunt. 

Eater the CUwKealont. 

(7e. Certaincly, my confcienre will ftrue me to run 
from this lew my MaJfler : the fiend is at mine elbow, 
and tempts me,faymg to m^,/otie,LAHnceiet lotbr,gooi 
L^Mneelet, or good /Me, or good Launciltt Itbbe, v fc 
your legs, take the rtart, run a waic : my confcicnce faics 
no ; tokc heede honeft Ltuitcelet, take heed honcfl Joibe, 
or as afore-faid honeft LAuncelet lebbe, doe not runne, 
fcorne running with thy hcclcs ; well, the mofi: coragi- 
ous fiend bids mcpacke,/* faics the fiend, away faies 
thefiend, fortheheauens roufevpa braue minde faies 
the fiend, and run; well, my confcience hanging about 
the necke of my heart, faies verie wifely to me.- my ho- 
neft friend LMwcelet, being an Iioneft mans fonne.or ra- 
ther an honeft worn ansfonne.forindcede my Father did 
fomething froack.fomething grow toojhehadakindcof 
tafl^wel,my confcience dieiLnnce/et bouge not,bouge 
faies the f)cnd,bougenot faies myconfciencc.confcience 
fay I you counfaile well, fiend fay I you counfaile well, 
to be rul'd by my confcience I /hould ftiywiih the/ew 
my Malfter,(who God bleftethe marke)i$ a kinde of di- 
ucll ; and to ran away from the /ew I (liould be ruled by 
thefiend, who fauing your reuercnce is the diucll liim- 
felfe: certsrncly the /rM* is the verie diuell incarnation, 
and in my confcience, my confcicncf is a kmde of hard 
eonfciencCjtooftcr to counfaile mc to ftay with the /ftf, 
the fiend glues the mote friendly counfaile : I willrurne 
fiend, myheeles are at your commandcment, I will 

tfiter aid Coibo with a Befkp. 

Coy. Maif^ Ipraieyou,whicbi»the 
v/;ieto MaiftcrZ/jwr/? 

£.(W>. Oheaucnsjthis is my true begotten Father,who 
being more then fand.bhnde,hlgh grauel bIinde,kiiow$ 
ms not, I Will trie confufions with him. 

C"^. Maifter yong Gentleman, Ipraieytuiwhicnss 
th : wsic ro Moifter /<r/.-i'. 

Lenn. Turne Tpon yout right hand at the nejcttur- 


The <^^M^erchafU of Venice 

ninff, but at (he ncai iurnin|( of tU on yowr left ; mtitir 
at the «crirncii lucning.tumc of no hand, but (um down 
inJiic£\hc lo (he /fum houff . 

C»i bcGodt ro[i(i(i'(«»tllb« a hard «*aie to hi(,c*n 
^ou (rll mc vvheihn one l^mmttln ibat d<«rrla wiihhun, 
dwrll wtih him or no. 

L*-'. T'Ikc you of yon^ MtOrr L^mitcrUt^ mitkc 
(TIC now, now will I (life ihc v»a((n , talke you of yong 
Mairtcr Liit^rtlftf 

G*S No Maif^fr fir. but a poorc mam fonnc, hit f-a- 
(hri ihoof^h 1 Tay't n in honed cxccdirg poote man, 
andCod ix ihanked wrjl (o liue. 

L*" Well, let hit Fithet be what • wiU, wee talke ol 
yong M»<f\cr Ld-ttelir 

Ooi Your wotfhipi frifnd and Ljimmctlti 

tduu.bur 1 praic yourrf* old* 1 beCtech yoo, 
(kike you of yong Maimer L^nnceUt 

Q»^ Of LtuuKtltt ,in( plctfe your mainrrfhip. 

LM».i'f* Maiflft L^tfelrt calkc not of maiftct Lamct- 
^father ,tof ihc youg gWHleinan ac(ording to fitei »nd 
deniniei.arkd fufh odde faymgt.the firtert three, fit futh 
brancheiof Icarmog, is mdcedr de<e»red, oi at yoo 
would fay in plaine learmci.gortc to heauen 

^gh. MarricGodforbid, ihc boy \ffai (he fCTic (^afft 
of my age, my »ene prop. 

Lou Do I look like a cudgel) or a houell-pon,a Aafft 
or < prop ■■ doe you know me Father. 

C»i> AUcketheday. I know you not yong Gfitle- 
n>ari,bu( I praic you icU me, it my boy God leAbii foulc 
aliucoi dead 

L<M. Doc you not know me Father. 

0«t Alackc ftr I am fand blinde,! know yoo f>oi. 

L^f. Nay, tndecde if you had your etc i you might 
faiie of the knowing mc: k u a wife Father that known 
hiJ owne ehildc. Well, old man,J will tell you ne^et of 
your ron,giueme your blcffing, truth will come to light, 
mordcT cannot be hid long, a mam fonnc otay.bui m ibc 
end truth wH] out. 

Coi Praic you (\i Hand vp, 1 am furc you arc (kx 
LAfCtlet my boy . 

L/tn Praie you let i haue no more fooling aboin 
i( , hat giue met your bleffiog : I am LunttUt your 
boy(haiwaa, your fonnc that it, jfoui childc that 
fhall be. 

Gei. I cannot thinkeytju are my fonnc 

Ltn. I know not what I OialJ chinkc of chat: bm I am 
L^acrUi the Icwti mAf^and 1 ana fuic Ai^gfrm youi wife 
ii Riy mother. 

G*y. Heinameii A/^^«'»ri(\dcede. He be fwome if 
thou be LMmtltt ^ thou.ari mine owne Befh and blood : 
Lord worihipt might he be.what a beard hafl thou got; 
thou haAgotmorchaii'e on thy chin, (hen Dobbin my 
phiihoffeh aa op hit taile 

LtH )t fhould fccmc (hen chat D(3>bbins tailc 
growet bcckeward. I am fure he had morebatre of hit 
tailethen 1 haoc of my face when I loft faw him. 

Goh. Lord how art ihou chang d : how dooO choa 
and thy Mafter agree, I haue brought him a prcfcntjhow 
grce yoo now i 

[Jui. Well,wcll.bui for muic owne pan,st 1 haue fet 
vp my refl to run«w«(e, fo 1 will nor ref^ till I haue run 
fom« ground • my Maifter's a rerie /op, giue hira a pre- 
fcnt.giue him a halter, I am famidit in his fcrvice. You 
may tcil euerie finger 1 haue with my ribs : Fatha I am 
glad you are come, giue mc your prefeot to one Mai(^er 
£^Uiiaio,vrbto indeedc giuesnic ocw Lniorin, if Iferuc 

no! him,] Will run a* (m a* God Kit tntr ("oui f O 'ti« cemcf iK< SMa. to ^>rr\ TtiLcf foilama 
/f» if I fcnK (he /<w ante iongc 

Baf Youmaydoafo. but let it be (o k«fttd ihit 
fupper St retdie at iS« (Hfhc/^ by f-.ut of liw cio<kir 
fee ihrfe Lritcii deliuered, put tKt Liuerio to fnik 
lOg , and defile Otm^Bim to (ouk aAooc (a vy l»d|. 

L^ft. Toh.mFaiKei 

6*^. God bleffe yo«( woeOiip 

'Bt^ Gran>cTcir, would I) i^Kju ought wiib me 

C7«^ Hrre'i my Contte fu.a poote boy 

Lo Not a poorr boy ftr.bui Che nch /'VT/ (Pac tkac 
would fif »imy Father fhad fpeetfie 

6*^. Hehaihagrrn mfedtftnTit, ii eoe woald (*y 

L^ut Indeedc the fhort aryj tK/ lr,r>jr n, J fnu* fh« 
/rv,and haue a defirc at my Fathci (Kail ^petiftr 

(7*^. Hit MaiOer aod h«(Tauiag youi woiOvipi leue- 
renccyare fctue catercoiint 

L4o>. To be brieve. iKe »ei>e itutb n . iKa« tKe Irw 
htuing done me wtong, doth caufe mc •> my Fatbcr be- 
ing I hope in old man lh*f i frutif^r vrx o y o<i 

Q»b. I Saue here a di(h of Douet ibtt i would bc^cxw 
vpoo your wof Qlip.and my fuicc ii . 

L««. In veiic briefe, the futte la impernnent to my 
relfe,ai your worfhip fhall k now by ihii horx-f^ oid man, 
and though 1 fty k, though old man, yet poore niaa rr>v 

'34t/. One fpeake fot both,whax would you } 

L*a Serue you fir. 

Go^ That ii the vcTic dcfed of tbenaurt fit. 

'Bm^. I know (bee well.ihou haft obtam'd tby r»iie, 
SbjUd(* thy Maifta fpoke with me thn due. 
And hathprefri d (hee,if n be ptefermem 
To leaue a rich /eve/ ( becornc 
The folio wn of fo poore a Gcn(l£(n»ft. 

Ct» Th< old proucrbc it veric wdl parted b«i wrrrte 
my MailieT Sh^iock^ aod you fir, you baoe the grace of 
God fir, and he hath er>ough. 

Bt{f. I hou fpcak'ft it well ; go Father wich tby Soo, 
Take leaueof thy old Maifter.and enquire 
My lodging out, giue him a Liuene 
More garded then his fcllowct fee it done. 

Cl; Father in, I caiuiot get a feruice,no, I Kauc nere 
a tongue in my head, wciJ : if anie roan in //«^haae a 
fairer table which doth otfa to (wearerpoo a t>ookc, I 
(hall haue good fortune} goc too, here a a fimple line 
of life, here t a fmall ttiflc of wioe*, ala$,frfiecne wiuet 
it nothing, a leuen widdowet ar.d nitK rrvaides ii a fan 
pie comming in for one man, aod iheo to fcapc diow 
ning thncc, and to be inpenll of my hfe with the edge 
of a featherbed, here arc I'lmple fcapea well. If Fortooc 
be awonun, (he'ta good wench for this gerc: Father 
conK,nc take my leaue of the U^ m the t wjckJmg. 

f r»/ C/twae, 

B*f. lpraietbecgt>odL«ii<eri»thinkeonrhii, 
Thefe things being bought and orderty bet^owed 
ReturTKin baft«,for I doe fcaft to oight 
My beft eftccmdacciuaiDtance.hiethee goe 

Ltm.My beft entleuors (hall be dooe hacau^^^-L*. 
Emer CrMtt^v. 

Crs. Wbrrt'iyourMaiftei. 

Lt*m. Yooiie 

TheiJM^erchant of Venice. 


Letn, Yonder fit he wtlkct« 

Gr*. Sx^mox "B A f tone. 

Bdf. Grtui^Ht. 

Cra. 1 hauc a fuce to you. 

Btf. Youhaueobuin'dii. 

Gtm. You muA noc denic nic,I mufi goe with yoo to 

"Bdjf. Why then you nuiA . but heare thee CrdtUte, 
Thou an 10 rude, and bold of voyce, 
Paiii that become thee Kapptty enough. 
And in fuch eyes as ours appeare not fauitsi 
Bat where chey arc not knowne.why (here ihey (how 
Something too libcrall, pray thee take pame 
To allay with fomc cold drops of modcHie 
Thy tkippmg fpiritflean through thy wildc behauiour 
1 be miuonnerd in the place I goC to. 
And loofc cny hopes. 

Gm. Signor 0«//rfm0,beare me. 
If I doe not put on a (ober habite, 
Talkc with cefpeA,and fweare but now and chin, 
Wcace prayer bookes in my pocket,lookc demurely. 
Nay raoxe,tMhile grace it laying hood mine eyes 
Thus vviih my hjt.and fieb and fay A(n«n; 
Vfeall (hcobferuinceofciuiilitie 
Like one well (^udied in a fad oBeni 
To pleafe hi I Grandats^neaer tru(\ me more . 
Bsf. Well, we (hall fee your bcarmr 

(^r4. Nay but I banc to ni^ (hall not gage n>e 
By what we doe to night. 

Bdf. No that were pittie, 
I would intrcatc you rather to put on 
Your boldcA fuite of mlrth.for wohauc friends 
That purpofe merriment : but far you well, 
Ihaue Tome bufiocife. 

O4. And I mun to Lertnft and the reft. 
But we will vifue you at fupper time. Exnut, 

Eater lej^Kd tnd iht Qtwnt 

l*{. I am forry thou wilt leauc my Father fo. 
Out houfe is hdUvtd thou a menic diucll 
Did'ft rob 11 of (bmc taAc of icdioufne(Tc ^ 
But fat thee well.lbcrcis a ducat for thee. 
And Ltnetlti, foone it fupper fhalt thou fee 
L«rciu^, who IS thy new Maifters gucA. 
Giue him this LcttCT,doe it feactly , 
And fo farwcll si would ooc^iauc my Father 
See me talkc with tbce. 

Clt. Adue,teares exhibit my tonguc,moA beautifoll 
?igan, moft fwectc lew.ifaChtiAian doe not play the 
koauc and get thee, I am moch dccciued; but tdueythcfe 
fooliOt drops dtK (btncwhat drowne my inanly fptm 
adue. Sxti 

Iff. Farewell good LtitciUt 
Alackc,wh«t hainout finncis iimme 
To be afhamed co be my Faiheri childe. 
But though I am a daughter to hit blood. 
1 am not to hit manners : O L«rr»c«, 
If thou keepe promifc I (hail end this Arirc. 
Become a Chriftian,tnd thy louing wife Extt. 

Enter CT4Uuuio_Ltreiu^,Slitrint,0nd S^SMft 
L»r Nay .we will ninke away m fupper time, 
Difguifc vs at my ledging,and rcturne ail in an hourc 
GrM. Wc haue not made good preparation. 
SmI. We hauc not fpoke v t yet of Torch-bearers. 

S»l. Tis ?ile vnloflc it may be quaintly ordered. 
And better io my minde not vndertooke. 

L«r. Ti» now but foure of clock,we haue two botiret 
To furnilh ra ; friend L«fre/rr what's the ncwes. 
Enter Ltm:elet tntb 4 Leitfr. 

Lam. And it (had pleafe you to break^ vp this, (hall it 
feeme to (ignifie. 

L«r, I know the faith 'lis a faire hand 
And whiter then the paper it writ on, 
I the (aire hand that writ. 

Gr^, Loue ncwes in faith 

Lju, By your Icaue fir 

Lar, Whither goef^ thouf 

L^. Many fir to bid my oldMiHcr ihe/inrtofop 
tonight withmy new MatVei (heChnnian 

Lor, Hold herc,take this,icll gentle Jtjfi(/t 
I will not faile hcr/peakc u primtely 1 
GoGentlemro, will you prepare yuu for this Ma ske to 

lamprouided ofsTorclwbearer. Exa.Clvwne. 

Sai. 1 marry, lie begone about it flrait. 

So/. And fo will I 

lor. Mceccme and CrsHMimt Gratumoi lodgioQ 
Some hourc hence. 

W. Tit good we do fo. I g^ 

Cr». Was not that Letter from fsire lejjicd ? 

Lor. I muQ nccdet tell thee all.fhe hath dire^ed 
Howl (hall take her from her Father 1 houfe, 
What gold and leweit (he it furmiht with. 
What Paget fuite (he haih in readincffe 
I fere the/*»hei Father totne to heaurn. 
It will be for hit grntte daughters fake ; 
And neuer dare mlifortune croiTe hei foote« 
Vnle(re (he 4ot it vnder thlt escufe. 
That (he is ilTueto a faithlrlTc /rw -. 
Cotnc goe with mc,pervfc ihu atihou goe(} 
Fane /i^j fhall be my Torch bearer £,„. 

Ejiier /fmt»»dhit anui ibtu V4i the Clowmt. 

Irm. Well. thou (hall fee.thy eyes (hall be thy ludge. 
The di<fercncc of old Shylockf md Bttjftuuo ; 
What Itffie*. ihou (halt not gOrmandize 
At thou haH done with me : what le0ica t 
Anddcepcaiid fnoie,and rend appartcil out- 
Whv feficM I fay 

()». Whj/efud. 

Sbj. Who bidt (hee call } I doaoi bid thee rail. 

CIt. Yooi worfhip was wont to tell mc 
I could doe nothing without bidding. 
€ntrr hffuA. 

I*f. Csllyou* what IS yoor will? 

Shy, J am bid forth to (upper Iejjic4, 
There «re my Keyct : but wherefore (hould 1 go^ 
I am not bid for Inuc,ihey flatttr me. 
But yet He goe in fccdc vpon 
TheprodigallChriftian. /r^«mygirle, 
Looke to my houfe, I am right loath to gor. 
There is fome ill a broing towards my rcA, 
For I diddrcame of money bags to night. 

Clo. I befeech you fit goe, my yong MaAer 
Doth t^tA your reproach. 

Shj. So doc 1 his. 

Ctt And they haueconfpited together, I will not fay 

you (hall fee a Mstkr, but if you doe, then it was not for 

nothing that my nofc fell a bleeding on bUckctDonday 

P la(f 


The Merchant of Venice. 

l»ft,»lfit t clockc ithmorniog, fillinp, out iSti yccra on 
afhwci^rd*y wjitouieyccr-jin th jftemooot 

Shy. Wh»t ate ihctt miikci f httxt you me t*fpt4, 
I.ocV vpmy doot«,and*hcn you horethe drotn 
And the vile fqiic»ling of the vr rf-necki Pif*, 
Cifmbci not you vp to the ciftmentj »hf n, 
Nor thrurt your heid into the publif|ue flte«t« 
To ctxe on ChrtflUn foolci wtih virnifht f«<ei : 
But Hop my houfcs ctrci.I m«»ne my c»(efntnti. 
Let not the found of iliaMov* fopperie enter 
My foberhoufc. By Inca'ci rtaffe I fwtare, 
I hiue nomirwle offcirting forth to night: 
But I Will goe ; goe you before me firra, 
Siy I will come. 

Cl». I will goe before fir 
Miftri* locVtf out «t window for til thu | 
There will come iChriftun by, 
Will be worth * lewejeye. 

Shj. Whit ftic»- th»» foole of H«g«TJ of?-fpnng ' 

Itf. Hijwordi were farewell miftrii,nothifipeKe. 
S'yj. The patch is kindeenough.but a huge feeder : 
Snaile-flow in piofic,but he fleepet by day 
More then the wilde-cat : drones hiue not withnw, 
Therefore I part with him, and part with him 
To one that I would haue him heipe to wafte 
Hii borrowed purfe Well hfficn goe In, 
Perhaps 1 wili returne Immediately ; 
Doc i% I bid you, (hut dotei after you, faA binde, fad 

A prouerbc neper ftale in thrtftlemlndc. Exit. 

Itf, Farewell, and if tpy fortune be not croft, 
Ihtue«Fatheryyou«daughterlo(t Exit. 

Ejuer ths M&i^, Crattsno mi Stlmt, 

Ct4. This itthepenthoure pnder which iw#«!6« 
Defired vs to make a Aand. 

Sdt. Hishoorcistlmon pa(f. 

Grtt, And it is merusile he out-dwelt his houre, 
Per1d«4fr4cuerrun before the clocke. 

. StU. O ten liroea faftei rcan Pidgiont flye 
To fteaU loues bonds new made,theD they are woot 
Tokeepe obliged faith vnforfaited. 

(jn. That «uer hol<ls,wha rifeth from a feaf) 
With that keene appetite that he fits downre ? 
Where is the horfe that doth vnrrtad agiine ■ 
His tedious ineafures with the vnbated fire, 
That he did pace them firft : all things thai «re, 
Arewith more fpirix chafedthen cntoy'd 
How lilce a vonger or a orotic;*!! 
The skarfed barke puii From ner natiue bay, 
Hudg'd and embraced by the ftrujnpet windeJ 
How like a prodigall doth (he ictorne 
With cuer-wilher'd ribs andragged failtJ, 
L«ane,rent,and bcgger'd by the ftrumpct wiode t 

fnier Ltreixu. 

Sahva. Hnte co^e% Ltnnt^ Dtoreof this here- 
Lor. Swcetc friends, yoot pKienec fo< trsf long! 
Not l.but my affaifta httie made yon wait .- 
When you fhall pleafe to p)»y the tbceues for wioo 
lie watch as long for you thetii approach 

L ■ 

Here dwell my fatnct Jew Moa.wbo'i withinf 

Itfftf tkmu. 

Itff. W)y»»:eyoo^ttIlfT>efor more ferTiinry, 
Albeit Ilefwrtfci'nat Idoknowyour ton^t;<. 
L0r. /.frmc.«,and thy LotK 
Irf. L^tntA certaine.and my low* irvdrtd, 
For who lo«»« I fo muc^i arvl dow who knowcs 
But yon L«rr»«^, whet her I am yeurt ' 

L»r. Heau«n atul thy thoughti are wnoeb that thoo 

lif HceTe.catrh tbi4 n wonh the pui>cs, 
I am glad 'tis nlght,you do nat look* on mt, 
For I am much iftiam'd of my n change; 
But loue isblindc.and loueri cannot fee 
The pretty follies that thcmfelues commit. 
For if they could, CMpVihimfelfe would WuO) 
Tofeeroethus tranjfornwd to a boy 

L«r. Dercend,for youmufl bemy lorch-bnref 
t*f. What, muf^ I ho/d a Cindle to my {himct > 
They in themfclues go<x)footh are too too light. 
Why, 'tis in office of diCcouery Lout, 
And I (hould be obfcur'd. 
Lor. Soyouirefweci, 
Eum in the looelj girnfli of a boy :but tome tt onct* 
For the clofc nicnt doth play the run-iwiy, 
And we are naid for It 74^ot>«'s feaf^ 

/*/*. I willmikcfjfl the doom and guild my fdft 
With fome more duci:i,and be with y t>u ftraighi. 
Crd, Nowby my hood, a gentle, and no lew. 
L»r. Befbrew me but I loue he: heartily. 
For fheis wife, if I can ludgeof her, 
And faire (he ii , iFihat eyes be true, 
And true flie is,as (he hath proud her fclfe : 
And iKerffore like her fflft,wife,fiire,and Iruf, 
ShiUfitebeplacedinmyccnnar.t foule. 

Emtrr leffit*. 
What, art thtfu come ? on g«ntlemefl,l«»3y, 
Our masking mates by this time for vi<l«y, t,xtt. 

Attt, Who's there? 

Crt. Signior>4»rA««j#f 

v^irr. Fie,fie,C7r4ri/»»», where are all the refl ? 
Tis nine t clocke, our friends all flay for you. 
No maske to night.the winde i $ come about, 
^</7"<«f/«prefent?y will goe aboord, 
I haue fern twenty ou: :o feeke for you. 

Cr*. I am glad on't, I'defire no more delight 
Then to be vnder fsile,and gone to night Sxt»tt. 

Ester fffTutri.'h 'bitrrtch0/t>idh9tbthwrr4intt, 

faf. Goe.drawafide the curtaines, and difccucr 
The fcuerall Caskets to this noble Prince : 
No':<7 make your choyfe 

M«r. The firft of gold,who this infcription bearei, 
Who choofeth me,fhall gaine what men oefire. 
The fecond filuefj-which tmt promife carries 
Who choofeth mc,(hal] get as much as he defettiCTi 
Tliis third:dull Icsd.with warning all as blimt. 
Who choofeth me.muft glue and haiard all be hath. 
How ftj all I know if I doe choofc the right > 

far. The 

The tsS^^trchmi vj Venice. 


How Hiall I know if 1 doe choofie the right. 

F<'r^ The one of them contatncimy piAurt Prince, 
If you dtoofc thaCyiheo 1 amy oars withaJi. 

M«r. Som« God dircA my ludgcmem.lct me fee, 
1 will furuay the infer ipciOiu,backe againe : 
^^at fates ihii leaden casket ? 
Who choofeih m9, ipuB giuc and hazard all be haih. 
MuA giue.for what > foi lead, hazard for Irad i* 
This casket threatens men that haziid ail 
Doe it in hope offairc aduaniagcs . 
A golden mindc (loopea not to mowc* ofdrodr, 
lie then nor giue nor hazard ought for lead. 
What fties inc Silucr wjih her virgin hue i 
Who choofeih me, (hall get as much as he dfferues. 
As much as he deferuei ; plui'e there Mortchc^ 
And weigh thy value with an ruen hand, 
Ifihou beef) raced by thy cniination • 

Thou dooH defcrue enough, and yet enough 
May not cstcnd fo farre asio the Ladic ; 
And yet to be afcard of my deferuing. 
Were but a wcake Htfabhng of my felfe. 
As much as I deferue, wby that's the Lady. 
I doc in birth deferue her, and in fortunes. 
In graces, and in equalities ofbreeding : 
But more then ( loue I doe deferue. 
Whit if 1 rirai'dno firther.but chofe here ? 
Let's fee once more this faying grau'd in gold. 
Who choofetb me fhall game what many men deltrc. 
Why that's the Lady, all the world defues her ; 
From thr fourc comers of the earth they come 
To kilTc this (btine.this morcall breathing Saint. 
The Hircanion dcferts,, and the vaBe wildea 
Of wide Arabia are as throughfarei now 
For Princes to come viewfajre/'«rru. 
The waterie Kingdome,whofc ambittoas head 
Specs III the face ofheauen, is no barrc 
To flop the forrame fpirin,but they come 
As ore abcooke to fee fare Parttd. 
One of iheCr three containes her heiuenly piAure. 
Is'c like (hat Lead containes hcr?'twrrc damnation 
Techinkefobafea thought, it were toogrofe 
To rib her fearecloaih in the obfcure graue ; 
Or fhaJl I thinke in Siluer (he's immurd 
Being ten times vndervalued to tridc gold j 
O finfijll thought, i\oua fo ti ch a lem 
WiJ fee In worfethen gold .'They Saue in England 
A coyne that beares the figure of an Angell 
Stampr in gold, but that's mfculpt vpon : 
But here an Angell In a golden bed 
Lies all within. DeUuermethekey: 
Here doe I choofc^nd thnue I as 1 may. 

Por. There take it Prince, and \(a>y fonne lye there 
Then lam yours.'. 

Afor. O hell • what haae we hcrC,a carrion death. 
Within whofe emptie eye th«c u a written fcioulc ; 
Ilercadc the writing, 

.^ J ihtt^ri/ftrs u act w/rf, 
OfitH hdMgjtH hedrJ tha taU ; 
Miny a wuot ht life htitbfttd 
"Shi mj oMlfiit lo bthold \ 
Gmilded ttmt/frdM wvrmej infolds 
Haijett bttrn m vrtft tt hlJ^ 
Tong inlmAs^in ittdgemmi old. 
Tear ditfi9«rclMdnot btrm 4tfcr»id, 

Afar. Cold indeedc.and Ubour loft, 
Then farewell h«2tc, and wclcotne froA .- 
Pertia adew, J haucteo grieu'd a heart 
To take a tedioin iesue : thus loofers pzn. Exit. 

Ptr, A gentle riddance : drav< the cuxtaiocf,go . 
Let all of hia complexion ehoofc mc fo* ixtwu, 

iettr SalenoQ *nd Sdmiitt 

Sat. Why man I Taw "Saftnjo f ndet fiyle. 
With him IS Crttiaat gone along; 
AikI in their fhip 1 am fur e Lcrm*^ it rkot. 

Sol. The f iUainc/ni' with outcnes raifd theOnke^ 
Who went v»ith him to feaich Ref[a»iot fbip. 

Sst. He comes too late, the fhip waa voderfailei 
But there the Duke was giuen to vnderftand 
That in a Goodilo were (eene logerhct 
Ijortn^M and his amorous tt^tc*. 
%t^\iizi yAnihento certified itie Duke 
They were not with Baffanta in his (hip, 

Stl.i neuet heard a pa/Tion fo confufd. 
So flrangc,cni(ragious,and fovariabla, 
Aitbedogge /eicdid vtter in the A;eets( 
My daughter.O my ducats, O my daughl<». 
Fled with a Chnftian,Oiny Chnftian ducat* 
luftice.the law,my ducats ,and my daughter ; 
A feaied bag.twofealed bags of ducats. 
Of double ducats. (lolne from mc by my daughter. 
And icwels.t woAoneSjCwo rich and precious Aoaes, 
Siolne by my daughter ; iuflice, finde the gjrie. 
She hach the (tones vpon her, and the ducat*. 

S<U. Why all the boyes in Venice follow him. 
Crying his (\onet,his daughccr.and hii thicat*. 

Sal. Let good y^;ir^0m«looketKkcepcb»da7 
Or he fhallpay for this 

Sal. Marry well rtmtmbrct}, 
I reafon'd with a FrcnvhrninyeAerday, 
Who told njc.jn the narrow leas that part 
The French and Engllfh, there mifcatied 
A vctTell of our countrey richly fraught ; 
1 thought rpon Anihottia when he told tne. 
And wi(ht in ftleruetbatit were t>ot his. 

Sal. Yo were bert to teil Avthmta what you hearc. 
Yec doe not fuddainely,ro( it may grieue him. 

Sal. A k irtdet GentlerDsn treads not the eatlb, 
I faw 'Bafftuito and jia^miofttif 
3ajftnM told him he would make fome fpecde 
01 hit rcturne 1 he anfwered.doe not fo. 
Slubber not bufineflefor my fake Teffanit, 
But (^ay the very t iping of the time. 
And for the lewti bond which he hath of me. 
Let itaoceoCerinyoucmindeoflouet 
Be mcny ,and imploy your chiefe() ihocghts 
To courifhip, and fuch faire o()en(sof louc 
A« fball conueniently become you there i 
And euen there his eye being big with teartt, 
Turning his face, he put his hand behind? him. 
And With aifc6tion wondrous fenciblc 
He v/Tting^4//Ii/M#rhand,and (othey psrtetL 

SaL I thinkehe onclylouet the world for hien, 
I pray thee let vs goc and Rndehim out 
And quicken his embraced heauinelTc 
With fome delight or other. 

SaL Doe^wfo. E.rtin>f. 

E'Utr N/rriJ* and a Sfneitxra. 
/^«)r.Qu»ck,<juick 1 pray theajd-raw ihecurtai.TftrBit, 
P* Tfce 


l^he Merchant of Venice, 

TSe Ptinec ©f Arrtgon hith em* hii ©• ii>, 
A(\d cotpct lohlt cic Aioo picr«nt]y . 

Znttr j1rr4t9Hjaft tramtOndPor.i*. 

ftt. Behold,thcft nand the rtiketf noble Prloe«, 
If you choofe that vKh«fein I imcontain'd, 
Straight fhall our nuptiall righti be folrrTuitz'd « 
But ifthou faHe, without moiefpeechnry Lortf, 
You muft be gone from hcr»c< Immediately. 

jlr. I amenioyndby oath toobfcrtiathicxihingt) 
Firft, Muer to vnfold to inv one 
Which cuket twa» I chofe ; oexl.ifl fails 
OAhe right cttket,neuer in my Tift 
To wooe a maide in way of marriag^i 
Laftfy, If Idocfailein fortune of my choyfir. 
Immediately to leine you, and be gone. 

P«r. To thefe iniuni^tionj euery one doth fwctrt 
That comei to hazard for my v*oi(hl{(Te felfe. 

Ar. And fo hauc t addrefl me, fortune now 
To my hearts hope : gold, filuer, and bafe lead. . 
Who choofeth mc muH giu« and hazard all he hath. 
You (ball looke fairer ere I glue or hazard. 
What faies the golden cheft.ha, let me fee i 
Who choofeth me,fhaU gaine what many meo Acfix9: 
What many men defire.that many may be meant 
By the foole multitude that choose by (how, 
Not learaing more then th e fond eye doth teach. 
Which pries not to th'interior.but like the Maitlet 
Builds in the weather on the outward wall, 
Euen in the force and rode of cafuahie. 
Iwillnotchoofevrhit many men defire, 
Becaufe I will not iumpe with common fplritt, 
AikI ranke me with the barbarous molthiide*. 
Why then to thee thou Siluer treafure houje, 
Tell me once mote,what title thou dooA beare i 
Who choofeth me (hall get at much ot he deferuei : 
And well faid too; for who (hall gov about 
Toeofen Fortune,and be honourablt 
Without the Aampe of merrit,let nont prefuioe 
To weare an vndefenied dtgnltie i 

that eftatet, degree j, and offites, 

Were not deriu'd corruptly, aod that cleirs honotit 
Were purchaft by the merrit of the wearer } 
How many thcnfhoutd couer that (land bare f 
How many be commanded thai command } 
How much low pleafantry would then be gleaned 
From the uue feede of honor t And how much honor 
Pickt from the chaffe and ruine of the tiicei, 
To be new vamifht : Well,but totpychoife. 
Who choofeth me (hall get as much as he deferucr, 

1 will a(rume defert ; giue me a key for this, 
And in(\antlv vnlocke my fortunes here. 

7«r.Too long a paufe for that which you Bnde there- 

Jlr. What's hcre,the portrait of a blinking idiot 
Prefenting me a fcedule, I will reade ii : 
How much Tnlike art thou to Partia } 
How much vnlike my hopes and my deleniingj? 
Who choofeth n)€,fri9ll naue as much at he deferuea> 
Did I deferue no more then a tooles head, 
Is that nny pri te.are roy deferts no better ? 

Tw- To offend and iudge aredUtinA oSeet^ 
And ofpppofed natures. 

Ar, What is here ? 

The fUr ftauen tmes trkd thii. 

ThM dtdmtftrcbf.ffarru, 

Tirrr btfiJa Jit/i Jmt 
Sitmr'dori^ndft wm iku ) 

I wtitmr kt j«Kr tuidi 

Ar. $(lllcnorcfco!elQiABrf^?«rt 
By the time I linger hert, 
With ooe fooles inad 1 came to wco. 
Bat I goc away with two 
Sweet adue, ifc kcepe my oad>. 
Patiently to beailmy wroaiK. 

V»r, Thuf hath the candle (tng'd the rocaih ; 
O thefe deliberate fooles when tEcy doe choofe. 
They haue the wifdooie by iheu v.u to loofe. 

fjer. The ancient fajing is no hcrefie. 
Hanging aod wiuing goes by dedjnie. 

P^. Come draw the curuine JVrriJ^. 

inter i^effmffr, 

Mtf. Where b thy Lady? 

P»r. Hae.v^hat would my Lord ? 

Mtf. Madam,ther« is a-lighted at yoor gat« 
A yong Venetiui,onc that corries before 
TofignificT b'apprcachingofhisLord, 
From whof»hebringethfenfibleregreet»| 
To wit (bcfides commends and cuneoat breath) 
Gifts of rich value; yet I bauenot feene 
So likely an EmbafTador of lose. 
A day in Aprill ncuer came fo fwette 
To (how how coflly Somrner was at hand. 
As this fore-fpurrer comes beibrc his Lord. 

For. No more I pray thee, I am halfe a-f;ar4 
Thou wilt fay anone he isfomekiniothet. 
Thou fpend'f^fuchhtgh-day wit icpraifioghloi 
Comccome NerrjfftSoT I long to fee 
Quicke Ci4fidj Port, that come> fo mannerly. 

Ner. 'BuftuUt Lord»loue if thy will it be. Exermt, 

JBus Terms 

Bwter Seiufit 4sJ S/tfirpt». 

Sof. Now.whatnewesootheRyalto? 

Sai Why yet it hues there vncheckt, that Amhcma 
hath a (hip of rich lading wrackt on the narrow Seaj;the 
Goodwicu I thinke they call the place, a very daogaoui 
flat,and faiaB, where the caxcaffei of many a tail (hip, lye 
boried.astbey fay,i(my goffips report be anbooefl wo« 
(Dan ofher word. 

S9I. I would (he were as lying a gofTip in that ,aj euer 
knaptCinger,or made her neighbour* beleeue (he wept 
for the death of a third husband : but it is true, withwi 
anyflips of prolixity, or crofling the plaine high. way of 
taUte,that the gocxi >4<rr^»»*,the \\ont{lAmb3nt»\o thai 
I had a title good enough to keepe his name company! 

Sst, Come,thefull ftop. 

Sal. Ha^what {ayeft thou, why the end Js,h8 hath loft 
a (hip. 

The aSMmhoAtofVemce. 


S<t}. I would it mighcpmw the end of his liTfTes. 

Sd. L«t ro€ Tay Amen b«ime«, icafi the djuell crofle 
my prtter/or here he ccmes in rh?llkene« ot a /«ic.How 
oow £A;'/i(K^,vvhac newel among the Macbanu ? 

Shy. Youknrwnoncrovvell»noaefewd]af you,of 

my daughters flight. 

Sat. That's cetuios, I for m^ psrt knesr? the Tailor 
that made tlrc wings (he flew wicball. 

Sol. And Sbjiockf Tot his own part knew the bird was 
Sedg'^and then it ii the completion of them al to leaue 
the dara. 

Shj. Shetsdsmn'dforit. 

S^L That's ccnsine.ifthedioeU may be hwludge. 

Shf. My owiie Befh and blood eg rebdL 

Sot, Out vpon it old cAirion, rebels it atthefeycerei. 

Shy, lf»ymydaughccTtsmyficlh«ndbloud. 

Sal, Thete Is more difference betweene thy flc(h and 
hen,chen bctwe«uc Jet and luoricvnott betwecne your 
bl&ods,t^en there is b<;tweenrred wine and/ennin'.:bui 
ti-il vs,docyouhcare whether jLithoaie Hauc had ante 
lofTeat fcaorno? 

Shy, Ther« I hsue another bad nucch, a bankrout, a 
prodigill, who dare fcar^ e iltew i^ishead on the Ryallo, 
abeggrr that was vfd to come fo (mug vpcn the Mirt : 
let biiu look to hi} bond,tK was worn to nil tre Vfurer, 
let him looke to hit bond, he was wont to lerd money 
for a Chriftian curine.iet liim leoke to hit bond. 

Sdl. Why I am fure ifhe forfatt«, thou wilt not take 
his B<:fl>,«'h«t's that good for? 

Sliy, To bette fifti withall, if it will feede nothing 
clfc^it will £fit my reuenge { he hath difgrsc'd ms, and 
hlndred me halfe a gtvliion. Uught at my loifes, toocki a: 
my saines, I'consed tny Nation, thwarted my bargaincra^ 
cooUd my friends, heated mine en«miei,and what's the 
teafonM ama/ntv : Hath not a Itweyn} hath not a 
IcB hands , organs^dementlons, fcDces, a&iHons,pafli- 
ont. fed with the fame foodc^hurt with thefame wca* 
pons, fubicA to the (ame difeafes, healed by the fame 
rseaaes, warmed and ct>oled by the fame Winter and 
Sommmcr as a Chriflian is .• if you pricke vs doe we not 
blcede^ ifyou tickle vs,doe we not laugh } if you poifoo 
va Joe we not die? and if yoD wrong vs H^all wenotrc> 
uicnge?if we are like you in ihc reft, we will refcmble yoa 
in that. If a In* wrong a ^hnflkH, what ts his humility , 
rcticngc? If a Chr'tftimt wrong a /rnr,what Otoiiid his fuf- 
ftrance bebyChriflian exemple,wbyrcacnge?The vil- 
lante you teach me 1 will ciicctiuw^ and it {hall goe hard 
but I will bettet tbcinftro^llon. 

£fiser e Kca from Anthonio. 
Centlemenvsny raai^c; t^mbenie is at hU hou&j sod 
deGces to fpeake with you both. 
Scl. Wehai»bcenc vpMiddownetofeekehim. 

£»r(r Tuball. 
Sil. Here com?* another of the Tribc.a third ciaoot 
^e inarcht,va!c0c the diuell himfelfe titme ft». 

Cxaat Centftmem, 
Shy, How now T*d^,^hxt newei from Cimi»aihg& 
thea found my daaghttf ? 

7V(. I o(iei came wberc I did bearc of ftert bot cea. 
not Rade her. 

Sky. Why iheT«,thae,the»e, there a diamond eone 
eod me rvo thoufandducaa In Fr3nckTord,the cutk ne« 
uerfell Tpotiont Nittoo t.ll dow.I nevet fdi it till no\^, 
twothoufaadducao indiat,aado^srprccieoa, pr«ci> 

ous iewd* : I would my danghter were dead at my footi 
3ad the iewels in her C3r« : would (he wcrebearA at my 
footc, and the duckets in hs? cofSn : no newea of thrm, 
whjf fo?and I know not how much is fpeni io the fcarch* 
why thou \o(k vpoo lolTe; the iheefe gone with fo 
much, aadfomuthiofindethetheefe, and no (ktltfa. 
ftion,iio reuenge/ior noili luck ftirring b(u what lights 
a my (houlders, no (ighet but a my brcathing,no tcarci 
but a my fhedding. 

Tui. Yes.otbermenkaueilliuckrtoo^M/WMnsI 

Sbjf- Whai.whatjVfhat^llIocke.ill ludte. 

TftB. Hath an ArgoiU c»R away cotoming fhjXB TrU 

Sh*. I {hankeOod.l thankeGod,it]ttrtie,ls(ttra«? 

TtiS. 1 fpoke withiomeof the Stylersthat cfcaped 

Stf, I thanke thee good Tu^aB^ good newea, good 
ocwes : ha,ha,here in Genowa. 

Tirf. Your daughter fpeni m Genows,8s I heard.ooe 
night tocrefcore oocals. 

5^/. Thou fiickO a dagger b eie,I (hall ne«7r fe« my 

gold agamc.fourcfcore duntyataiitiingifourefcocedtt- 

T»A. There came diuera ofjfmtkseix- ae&zsnin flw 
company to Venice, that fweaie bee cannoe cHdole t«t 

Shy, larover/gladofit. ilrplaguebim, iletonuct 
him,I am %li6 ofii. 

rut. One o( ibem fhivtd me a riog iha« hcc bad csf 
your daughter for a Mookk. 

Sh. Outvpanhcr^thoutonvfeflnv Tuiatf, itwa^ 
(nytur}(ijn,lhaditofL«ic6whe(i I vn^ a Bscchcier: l 
would not haue giueo it for a vtUdtmti^ cf Mcnkicf. 

T>^- But j4mtb»tti» is certsiftcly undone. 

Shj- N'ay.that*«tiue> that's very true, eoe 7n^d/ir,rcc 
meanOfilcer, bcfpeake him a fortnight before, IwiU 
hauethc heart of him if heforfeit,(br were he out ofVe* 
tvce, 1 ten make what merchandize I will; goeT«^tf2, 
end meereme at our Sincgogue.goe good 7Kia8,u our 
SSnagogueri**fl. Etrru^, 

Enttr 'BaftMM, Pfrtis. CratiairCf Md<tSthtir rr/iint. 

Per, Ipr«yyou(arTie,paufi?adayortwo 
Before you ha7.ard,for in chooiinq wronj; 
1 loofe your companies thetefoic Rtibeare a while. 
There's lomeihing telt me (but it is not lour) 
1 would not loofe you,fnd you know your felfe, 
Hatecounfaileinot in fuchs {|uaUiiie; 
But leal) you (hould not vrtdcrOaiid oie well. 
And yet a maiden hath no [angue,but thcught, 
I would detaine }>ou here Tome month or two 
Before you venture forme. I coold teach you 
How to choofe right ,but then I am fbrfwome. 
So will I neu(i'ae,foro^youmi(reme, 
But if y ou doe-,youle rnike me wi(h a (inne. 
That J had beene forfwome : Belhrow your eyes» 
They haue ore-lookt me aod deulded ros. 
One halfe of me is yours, the other halfe yours, 
Mine owne I would fay : but ofrnine thenyouit. 
And fo all yours ; O tbefe oaughtie times 
puts bars betwceoe the owners end their rlghd. 
And fo though yours, not yours (proue it ic) 
Let Fortune go< to bell for it,not I. 
1 fpcake too *ctt to peiic the dme. 
To ich it^and to draw it ou: in length. 
To flay yoa from elc&ion. 


77;g MenharU ofVtn ice.. 

'Bd/f. LccrarchooCc, 
Fo r u I KTi^ liuc vpon ihc mcVe. 

PfT. Vpon the rack* 34^(M<t',tKcnconMCii 
Whet trctfon thcrt ii niingi^d v, idi y o«t lotic, 

iB</. None bar thii •glieirofor. ofmiOmA. 
Which (nakcirDcfearetKcenioytngofrDy lout: 
There (Dty ai wrll be a/nitic indLfe, 
'Twrecne uiowr and creafon and my louc. 

Ptr. I, but I fcarc you fpcakr Tponthcracke. 
WhrreiPCTimforceddoch fpcike any thirijj. 

Sm^. Promifctne life, and ilcecDfclIeihcU0th> 

Prr\ V/ell tSm.confclTc and liuc. 

Bdjf. ConTdTcandlouc 
Hadbeencthe vcnefumof myconfrilloo: 
O happic tormctJt, when rry tot turcr 
Doih reach me anfi«eri fot dchueraoce : 
But Ictinc to my fortune andlhecajkati- 

Pirt Aw3y thcn,| amiockt inoncoftKun, will find? me otit. 
Ntrry^c aod the reO, Oind all aloof«. 
Let mu^cke found while he doth mikc hit choifr. 
Thee -f he loofe he makei a Swao-Iik? end, 
Fading inirufiquc. T^: ihc comparifcn 
May (Tand mote proper,my ey< ftiall be iht Aitame 
And wttric death-bed for him : he may win. 
And what is muriquc than ?Than mofiquc ia 
Eucn a: the fiourilh.when true fobiefh bows 
Toaotrw crowned Monarch: Such it ii, 
Ai we thofe dulcet Couodi in breake ofd ay, 
Th&i crerpe into the dreaming bridc-gtoomca ra:e« 
Andfummonhim to marriage. Nowhcgoci 
With noleffe prefencc.but with much n>orciauc 
Then yong AUiJts, when he did redee me 
The vifgine tribute, pai«d by howling 7>«/ 
To the Scj-monftei : I ftsnd for facrince. 
The reft aloofcirc theDardanian wiucu 
VViih bleared ?if»gct come forth to view 
The ifTucof th'exploit : GoeHerculei, 
Liuc thou,] liue with much more difmay 
I VIS w Lhe fight,thcn thou thai mak'fl the fray. 

A SeKg tht wtnlfi Ba{r*nio comrKfnu fiS i^ 

TfS tMt vbrre ufanck hed^ 

Or w itt betrl ,er miht betd : 

Ht9 btgu^hev neanPxd, Reflie/tflit, 

is •» Cfotvdrcdm she rytt, 

tVith gOKjig frJ,iuid fatuM dut, 

Imth* fr/uUt mhtre h Ittt : 

Lit vttiRrmg fefHivkyil. 

lie bee in It. 


Ail- £>o»f,d<».;j,^4 

74r/f. So cnay the outward wioncs be IcsR ;hcc.fe!iJO 
The world is ftill deceiu'd wjth orium«nt. 
In Law, what Plea fo unied and corrupt. 
But being feafan'd with a gracious votce, 
Obfcurcs the (how of eutll ? In Rcligioo^ 
What damned error, but fomc fobn broif 
W Jl blefle it. and approue it with a text. 
Hiding the grofcneffe wichfaire ortiuaent : 
There is no voice fo (implc.but aituuies 
Some markc of vcrtue oa his oa;wa;d parta ; 


: !o-« auTJC co^MvIi, whcfc licaru ut lB at r4lf« 

At flayer* of fa oil, vicl.'c jcivpon tfinr iKm* 

Tu* (Kardi of Hntutts ar.d frowoiog Mart, 

Who tDwaxdfcarcht,h.auelyucri white umilkc, 

Aod thtfe a/Tinic but ralor* eirrctneot, 

To render ihcmrcdoabtrd Locke on beauiac^ 

And youft^aJlfce tn purcKafl by rf e weigU, 

Winch therein workei a mirKlc in rooire. 

Making them liehteH chat weateiaon of n i 

So are thofc crilped Dvakir golden leeka 

Which makri fuch wanton caiTtboli with tb« WU)d« 

Vpon fuppofed fiirenefTe.oiteti knowr^t 

To be the downe of » ftcond head. 

The fcull that bred thetji in i>^«SepaJ<f-«. 

Thuioroaroent ubut ir.eguiledrn^rt 

To arnoft dangeroui fca . t^,« bcautiogi fcwfe 

Vailing in Indian bcautie \ In • word, 

The feeaiing truth which cunning timn put on 

Toinirapthe wifefl. Therefore ih«n tl.ou gtudicg jld. 

Hard food for yt/ii4«,l wiUoonc cfthec, 

Nor none of thee thou pale and cornmcr, drud*e 

'Twcenemanandman : but thou, tho«i rT>cagcriea4 

Which rather tbrcaLoeA then doft promift ooght. 

Thy palenclTe crouet me more then eloquence, 

Ard herecho<kfeI,ioy betheccnfecuence. 

fer. How til the other paiTionilifct to arrr, 
Aj Joubifull thoughta,and ra(h imbrac d dr/pairt : 
And (huddnng feare.and grecne-eyed leilouhe. 

loue b« moderate, allav ihy exia/ie. 

In nxafure raiT.e thy loy.fcaot iha eicefle, 
Ifesle coo much thy blcfing^makcakiTe^ 

B4f. Whatfindelhere/ 
Farre/'tf«i4#count«>feii What demie God 
Huh come foneerr creation? moue ihefecei? 
Or whether riding on ihe baliofmine 
Secm«cheyio motion? Here arc feuer'd lip» 
Parted with fuger breath, fo fjvett a barre 
Should funder luchfwectfncodi : here in her Kairei 
The Painter plaie* the SpidCT,and hath wouca 
A golden roefht'mtrap the heart J of rr.n 
Faltrr then gnau in cobwebi: but her ciei. 
How could he fitt ro doe them ? hauing made one, 
Mr thinkei it rtiould haue power tc fteale both hia 
Andleaue it ftlfeTnfbnufht : Yetlookc how fsrrt 
The fubfhnce of mv priife doth wrocg thi» Ihtdovr 
Intndcrpfifineit^lofarrethij fhadew 
Do:h llmpe beninde the fablbncc- Hcrt'a the iuovlt. 
The cocuaenj,ir.d fumaarie of my for tuz:«. 

TmtbMt eht*f* mttjtbt iHr9 
ClitKt ddfirt^ tnAcb*o[c 4t trot . 
Spsct thiif»Ttiaitf*U re jai, 

IfjoM tt weSpUifd mtb thit. 

And ktUjQxrftTtvttferjgwrUi^t^ 

TKnKjw vhrrcjattr Lady w, 

^*i' A geotlcfcrofllc : Fairc fo^s la-jc, 

1 cotnc by co« to giue, and to receiuc, 
Likeoceoftwocoatending inaprixc 

That t'nmkj be hsih done wcli in pcoplci cits i 
Hearing applaufe and Tniaerfail Oiout, 
Giiiis if. rpirit, ftiU gazing in a doubt 
WhsUies thofc pcaiss ofprajfe be hu or no. 



tifi e^deivfiant ofVtmce. 


So thrict fiirc lad; &m& I euen To, 

At doabtfiiU wbether what I fee be crG« » 

Vniill con6rm*<J, figo'd, ratified by you. 

?«r. Youfecmy Lo;diS<i^»«'v«hcruI fi«Qd, 
Such at I am ; though for my it:\ic alcn« 
I would not be ambitious in my with. 
To wifh my feife much bct(cr,yet fbi yoU) 
I would be ucbled tweciy timet my i^it^ 
A ihoufaad times mof c faire^ten thoufa^d titles 
More rich,thai oneSy co Itamt high in your secouot, 
I might in veTtoet,bcautlca,i)uings, frlendt. 
Exceed account : but the full fumroe of me 
Ii fum of nothing t which to termc in groHc > 
Happy in thii, (he it not yet (o old 
Bui ilie may leame : happier then ihi«, 
Sheeitnotbcedfoduilbusfhecao learnej 
Hippie(t of all, is that htt genile fpiric 
Commits It I'elfe to yours to be direfied , 
At from her Lord^lKr Gouertwur^r King. 
My fdfc, and what is mine, to you and yours 
Is now conue/ced. But now 1 wis the Lord 
Of this faire manfion,mafleT of my feruants, 
Queene ore ray felfe : and etJtfn now,but now. 
This bo««fe,thefeftruants,ind ihii fame my felfe 
Are yourt,iny Lord, I giue them with this ring. 
Which when you pan from,leofc,or giue away. 
Let it prefage the ruineofyour loue, 
And be my vantage to euclatme on you. 

UiijT". M»(1djm,youhauebereftmeofall words, 
Oncly my bloud fpeajtes to you in my vaines. 
And there i) fuch confufion in my powers, 
As after fome oration fatrely fpoae 
By a beloued Prince, there dotli sppeare 
Among the buzzing picafed multitude. 
Where cuery fomefhing being blent together, 
Tumesto a wildcofnouiing,faucofioy 
BiprrQ, and not esprcA : but when this ring 
Parts ixocn rhu finger, then partslifc from hence. 
O then be bold to fay 'Beffaiio't dud. 

lier. My Lordand Lddy.uisnowwurtims 
Tbfit hsue Itood by and fecne our wifhesprofpcr, 
To cry good ioy.good ioy my Lord and Lady. 

C>4. My L(^(d Bufdmh.und mjrgentlc Lady, 
T wifh you all the ioy that you can wifh i 
Por T am Are you can wi^ none from me i 
And when your Konouts meKoe to folemnize 
The bargainc of your faith : I doe befeech you 
Euen at thn time I moy be married too. 

"Baf, WithaUmybeart.fothoucaoOgetawife. 

Cra. I thanke y Oils Lord/^ip, you gaue got me one 
My eyes my LordTcan looke at t wift as yours i 
You faw the miflret,! beheld tl>e m&id : 
You lou'd, I lou'd for iDteFmiftton, 
No morepertainrttomemy Lord theoyout 
Your fortune Rood vpon the caskets there. 
And fo did mine too, at the matter falls : 
For wooing Kccte vutill I fwet agaiiK, 
And fwearing til! my very rough was dry 
Withoathes ofloue,at laft, ifpromifc laH, 
1 got a promife of this faire one heeie 
To haue her loue : prouidfid that youi fortune 
Acchieo'd her mifbeffe. 

/><r. Is this true A/«m|^? 

Ner. Madamitiafojo vc!uftsindpleas''dwithall. 

Vtif. And doe you ^mhUiv me«ne g«»<l faith ? 

C'-x Yesr^i:hntyL3t(]. 

'S^f. Out fcaft n-idl be much honored io your roa?> 

Cft, Week play vrsth them the firfl bey for e thou- 

Ntr. Whajondftalteiowtje? 

Cra. No,we ftui oere win at that fpon, and QiJce 

But who comes heere ? Lertrt^ and hie TnfidcU ? 
What and my oki Venetian friend Ssl^ia ? 

Eitttr LorntxJtffka^ndSdttris, 

"Baf. Lntmjt and Stltrit, welcome hether. 
If that the youth of my new intercO heere 
Hauc power to bid you welcome : by your leaue 
1 bid my vcric friends and Countrimcn 
Sweet Porim welcome. 

Ptr. So do I my Lord,they are intirely welcome. 

Ltr, I thanke your boner; for my part my Lord, 
My purpofc was not lo hauefeeoe you hecte. 
But meeting with Jii/^K> b v the *hy. 
He did intreatemecpaft all faying nay . 
To come withhimeloog. 

SmI. I did my Lord, 
And I hsue reafon for it, Signlot Amtktnn 
Commends him to you. 

Bajf. Ere I ope his Lertei 
I pray you tell me how my good friend dJth. 

SaL Notfickemy Lord.vnlfflcttbeintTUDdc, 
Nor wel, vnleGc inmirule : his Letter tbciC 
Wtl fhcw y ou hit eRate. 

Oftftj tht Ltttir. 

Crs. A7*m^4,checTeyo*d her v»eIcom, 
Your hand .(«/mo, what's the newet from Venic e } 
How doththat royal Mcrchaoc good tytmtkotur, 
I knowhc vvilbc gladofour {1>cre0'e, 
We are the /«/#«/, we haue won the fleece. 

Sd. 1 would you had VTon the fleecK tbtt hce bath 

For. There axe fome(hrewd contents in yond fams 

That fleaJes the colour fjcro 'B4jfia»0t chtekr, 
Soo« deere friend dead, elf; noitung io tbe world 
Could tutnefomuchthecoonitution 
Of any cooflant roan. Whet.worfe and worfc? 
With leaue i?^[/«c/«I em h^ife your fc'tfe. 
And I muii freely haue the halfe of any thing 
Thet th'tt fame paper brings you. 

'Baf O fweet P«rt/4, 
Heere are a few of the vnpleafant'ft Words 
That euer blotted paper. Gentle Ladic 
When I did firft impart my loue to ycHi, 
I freely told you alj the wealth I had 
Ran in my vainest I was a Gentleman, 
A:tdtheo I told you rro« t and yet deerc Ladie, 
Ratingmyfetfe at nothing, youfLallfee 
How much I was a Braggart,wh«n I told yoo 
My date was nothing, I QK)U.?d ti>ea haae told yoo 
Thst I vras worfe then nothing : for indeede 
I haiK ingag'd my felfe toa deer« friendy 
Ingsg'd my friend to hit merre metnie 
Tofeedcmymeanes. Heereisa LcuetLadie, 
The paper t» the bodie of my friend, 
And euerie word in it a gaping woiuid 
Iffuii\g lifr blood* But ': j ii um ialaiCg 



The z^Merthant of l^emce. 

Ham all hit vcnturci ftil J, whii not one hii, 
Fro.n TripoliStfiom Mexico andEn^ind, 
Vtom LuDon, baibary,anJ lodta, 
And noc one vcfTcll fcapc the dreadful! coticb 
Ot Mcich«ni^r-ainngro<lt»/ 

SsJ. Noi one my Lord. 
BcfMlci, It rhould tppnr«, that if he had 
The ptefcnt money lo difchirgt th« la^i, 
He would not take it tneuei did I knov> 
A aeature ttot did beuc ihe (hapc of mio 
So kecne and greedy to confound t rrttn. 
Hcplycathcihikeat atorntng and at nl»ht. 
And doth unpeidi ihc frc cdome of ihe Uai J 
If they deny himiiiHicr Twenty Merchants, 
The Duke nimrelfe,and (he Magmficoci 
Of greatcfl port haue all perf'Atdcd wuli bkm. 
But nont can driur him from the enuioui pita 
Of forfciiure.of luftke.and hi« borx). 

tffft WhcQ I wai wUhhim,! haucheardhimfweare 
loTuiABinAto Chm^Kxt Countn-mcn, 
That he would rather hauc Jtmhomi0't flc(K 
Then twenty timet the value of the funniTM 
That he did owe hiro : and I know my Lord, 
if law, authotitie, and pow«T dmie not, 
It will goehard with poore jlniiumtt. 

P«r. Iticyourdcerefricod that n tVttt in troobW > 

"Baff. The deftrft friend to me.thekifldefl man. 
The beft condition d. and rrwwearied fpini 
In doing curteltei : and one in whom 
The ancient Romanc honour more appearea 
Then any that drawes breath in Italic. 

Par. What fumme owe* h* thclcw > 

74//! For me three thoaftod ducata. 

Per. What, no more? 
Pay him fne ihoufand, aiwl deface the boft^ t 
Double fi»e tboufand. and (hen treble thar , 
Before a friend oflhii defcriptlon 
Shall lofc a halre through B^dfam'i faoti. 
FirAgoe with me to Church. 9nd ca]lm«wife« 
And then away to Venice to yoor friend 
For neuer (hall you lie by Ptriuu ftde 
With an vnquiet foule. Yoo (hall haue gold 
To pay the petty debt twenty tia>*a ouer. 
When It is peyd, brine your true friend along^ 
My maid Ntmfd, and my felfe meane time 
Will liue as maids and widdowea ; come away. 
For you fhall hence vpoo your wedding day t 
Bid your firicods wclcome,fhow a merry cheer«, 
SirKe you are deere bought, I will loueyou decrt- 
Buc let me beare the letter of your frieruL 

Swnt BsfTaoio, mfpjipj haae aM mifcanitd, mn C^t^ 
ttngrtw CTtuO^ mf eliate it very Uw, my kpud r# tht lift U 
fvrfttt, <uidfiHCt iMf*ft"g It, it u Impejfiblr I Ihomld tmt , «// 
dehtsartcUerdyttviuiMjtH tftdt ^ ,f I might fu jov dt my 
dttth • nMvubftoKdsng , vfejour pti«fttrt,^joitrlmede»90t 
ftrfwMttyoH to come, te4 n«t my later. 

Ptr. O looe? difpach all bufinei and be gone. 
Bt(f- Since Ihaucyourgoodleauetogoeaway, 
I Will make ha(\ > but till I come *g>ine > 
No bed fhall ere be guilty of my (tay, 
Norreflbeioterpofertwixt vstwaine. Extatt. 

Eiutrtb*I*w,andSi>lani3, and %/(mh<miet 
a»dtb* liiylar. 
tctf. I«ylor, looks to him^teli not tse of mercy, 

T^iaii tht foolc thai Ictxhout nvonry /rjrv. 
laylor, loohr lo him. 

Amt. Heart me yei good 5^7/*^ 

trm lie haue my bond.fpeakc not a^smO my bond, 
Ihtucfworne an oath that I willhautmy bond 
Thou rtil dft me dog befort ihouhadft « tvtU 
Bui Ante 1 im a dog,b<w»rt my phangi, 
Tht Duke fhill grant mt itiflict, I to worvder 
Thou naughty laylor, that thou artio^ood 
To come aoroid with him at hit rcquef) 

Amt. I praythetheartrrxTpeakc. 

Irm He hauc my bor>d, I will not beare thee fpeakr, 
lie hauemy jond, and ihcxeforefpeakc nom&r*. 
He not be made a foft and dull ey'd fooic. 
To (hake the head.rcleni^and figh.artd yceld 
To Chnf^ian interceiTota : follow r.ot. 
He hauc no fpeakingj will h aje my bond £x4i /r» 

5W. lilt the molt impenetrable cur r« 
That euer kept with men. 

Ar*, Let him ali^e, 
lie follow him oo more with boctlefTc prtycrt: 
He feckea my liic^his reafon well 1 know \ 
\ oft detiuet'd from his forfeirurea 
Many that haue at times made reorn to mt. 
Therefore he hateimr. 

S»l. I amfurethc Duke will Dei>er grant 
tbts forfeiture to hold 

Am. The Duke cannot deny the covjrfc ©flaw 
For the coirmoditie chat (rrangers haac 
With vain Venice, ifii be denied. 
Will much impeach the luOice of the State. 
Since that the trade and profit of the ctty 
Confifteih of all Nation. Therefore go«, 
Thefegreefes and lofTeahaue fo batrd met, 
That 1 (hall hardly fpart a pound of Qefb 
To morrow, toroy bloudyCrtdiror. 
Weill aylor,t>n,pray God ^4^<f«i* come 
To fee oae pay his debt, and then 1 care not. txrwet 

Emir Portia^ tJmijft, Ltrtntjt, Jtffit^ **4 « mm> if 

Ler. Msdam, alihoogh I fpeake it b yooi preCctwe , 
You haue a noble aod a true conceit 
Of amity, which appcares mofl (hongly 
lob^ariog (htu the abfence of your Lord. 
But if you knew to whom yoo (hew this botiovT, 
Howtruc a Gentleman you fend releefe, 
How deere a louer ofmy Lord your hutbar^d, 
I know you would be prouder of the w«tke 
Then cuflomary bounty can enforce you. 

Pt. I neuer did repcru for doing good. 
Nor (hall not (u>w : for in companions 
That do cocuerfe and wafte the timetogetbcr, 
Whofcfouleidoebcarcanegaiyoke of low* 
There muft be needs a likeproponioo 
Oflyniameoo.of manners, and of fpirit 1 
V/hich makes m: th:nke that this A%ti>ac4* 
Bemg the bofome louer ofmy Lord, 
Muft needs be like my Lord. Ifitbefo, 
How little is the cofl I haue beftowed 
In purchafmg the femblsncc of my fouie ; 
From out the Rate ofbellifh cruelty , 
Thii comes too oecre thepiailing of r»^ feKe , 
Therefore 00 tsore of it : neere other thsng* 
LcrtBft\ coQunuinteyoDrhaod), 


The ^s^\derchant of Venice, 


The husbandry and mannageof my houic , 

Vpttll my Lords rcturoc; for mine owne pare 

1 hauc toward heauen bicath'<l a fcaet vow» 

To liuc in prayer and conccmpUtion, 

Onely attended by N*rnjfal\eetey 

Vntill her hu»band and my Lord* retume : 

ThercisaaionadcTy too milc}of{, 

Andthaewewili abide. 1 doe dc(^re you 

Not to dcnie this tmpofuion, 

TY.e which my loiie and (bme oecefTtty 

Now layes vpon you. 

Lorcuf Madame, with all my bean, 

I (Vialiobeyyouin all faire commands- 

Par. My people doe already know my mifKlc, 

Aod will acknowledge you and lefftca 

In place of Lord Baffanm and my felfe. 

So far you well till we (hall mccce againe. 

Lxn: Faire thoughts & happy houres atccod on you. 

leffi. 1 wifh your Ladifhip all hearts content. 

Ptr. 1 thaoke you for your wifh, and am well pleas'd 

To wi(hitbacke'oa you: faryouwell le^K*. Exrunt. 

tiovi 3alihiifir,a$ I haue cucr found thee hone A ttue. 

So let me findc thee Rill : take this fame Icttei, 

And vfethou all the indeauor cf a man. 

In fpcf d to Mantua, fee thou tender thu 
Intomy cofinshandfDo^oi BcJarto, 

And looke what notes and garments he doth giue thee , 
Ering them 1 pray thee with imagio'd fpced 

Vnto the Tr ane6> , t o the common FeJTic 
V^hich trades to Venice ; wafteno time in words , 
But get thee gone,] fhali be tbcie before thee. 
Halh. Madam,] goe with ail coouenient fpce<L 
Toy. Come on J^lerrffayl haue uuorke ifi hand 
That you yet know not of; wee1i fse our busbsods 
Before they thinkeofvs? 
Msmjfa. Shall they fee v$ / 
Partta. Tbay (hall Nerrifa : bat in fuch a habit. 
That they (hallihioJteweareaccomprjihcd 
With that we lacke; He bold thcc any wager 
When we ire both accoutered like yong men , 
He proue the prettier fellow of the two , 
And wrnro my dagger with the braue; grace. 
And fpeake bet wecne the change of man and boy. 
With a rccde voyce, and tornc two aimfing fteps 
Into a manly Ovide ; and fpeake of fisyes 
Like a fine bragging youth : and tell quaiot lyes 
Wo\i honourable Ladies fought my loue. 
Which I denying, they fell Gcke aod died. 
I couici not doe withall : then He repent, 
And wifh fo~ all ihat,that \ had not kii'd them ; 
^nd twcmieof thefepunie lies !le tell , 
That men fhail fwearel haue dilconticued fchoote 
Aboue a twelue moneth : I haue within my mmde 
A thoufand ra w tr I c ks of ihefie bragging lacks. 
Which I will pradhfe. 

Ncrrtft Why.fliall weeturnciomen* 
Portta. Fic, what t queftions that } 
If thou wcrtncrea lewd interpreter : 
But come. He tell thee all my whole deoice 
When I am io my coach, whiicb ftayej for vs 
At the Psrkc gate ; and therefore hafteaway. 
For wc muft mcafurc twentie nniles to day. Sxsftat. 

Esucr Clcivni, .-wd /effieo- 

Claair^. Ves truly ; for looke yoo,thefinnes of the Fa- 

ther are to be laid vpon tbechildren.therrfore I proroife 
yoo, Ifeareyou, I was alwaiespiaine with you, and Co 
now I fpeake my agitation of the matter : therfore be of 
goodchcere, foruutylthinkeyouace damn'd, there is 
but one hope in it that can doe you ante goctitand that U 
but a kinde of baitard hope neitlier. 

It/fictt. And what hope i$ that 1 pray thee? 

Ciow, Maitie you may partlie hope that yocr father 
got you not, that you venot t he lewes daughter 

Itf. Thaj were a kinde of baAard hope indced,fo the 
fios of my mother fhould be vt/ited vpon cne. 

Clow. Truly then Ifeareyou are damned both by fa- 
ther and n-ioti-.CT : thus when I (hun ScsOa your father, I 
fall into Chcrilfdo your tnother ; arc gone both 

Itf. I /hall be fau'dby my husband, he hath mxdcme 
a Chrillian. 

Clos>. Truly the mote to blame he, we were Chrifli- 
ana enow before,e'nea$inany as could wd iiue on« by a» 
nother : clus making of Chriftians v^ill raife the price of 
Kogs, if wcc grow all to be porke-eaters, wee (hall not 
n^ortlte Iiauea rather on the cosies for mooey. 

C-i':er Lore;rza. 

Iff Ilctell my bust :^d Latcdes what you Jay .hecrc 
he comes. 

Laivn. I (hall grow iealous of you ihortly LaxtUt , 
if you thu,-; get my wife into corner*? 

i'ef. Ny/, youpscdnotfsztsviLarernjo, Ltt'jnceiet 
and 1 are cut, he tells me flatly there i s qo mercy fov inee 
in heauen. becaufe J am a lewes daughter s and hee fates 
you are no good rjember of the commonwealth, for 
io conuetting lewes toChridians , you raife the price 
of Pork?. 

L:>r<^. ! fhail anfwete that better to the Common- 
wcallh.than you can the getting vp of tb€ Ncgrosa Jjclr 
Ue : the Moore IS wiih childe by you Lmvrticc ? 

CiiTcp. It IS much that the Moort (hould be morethcn 
reafon ; but if Qie belejTe then an honeft woman, (hcc a 
indeed mere then I tooke her for. 

Lorcn. How euerie foole can play vpon the word, I 
ihinke the befl grace of witvc Will .ln'ortly tutne into (i. 
'.cnct.anddifcourfcgrow commcndatkin dcrs oncly 
but Parrait : goe m firre, bid them prepsis fcr«i<noei ? 

Clcn^. ThJt 13 doneftr.they haue a!i ftomacks } 

Lcren. Goodly Lctd,what a wittC'lnapper are you, 
then bid them prepuc dinner 

Clsv), That is done to fir, onely coue? is the word 

iuTTO. Will yoacoucr than fir i" 

Ciaw, No: fo fit neither , 1 know my dutie. 

Lorm. Yet more quarreling with cccahcn.wilt thou 
(hew the whole wealth of ihy wit in an in(^atK ; I pray 
thee vnderOand a plaine man in his plaine meaning: goc 
to thy feilowes , bid them coucr the table , fcnie in the 
meat.and we will come in to dinner. 

CUm. For the tabic fir , it {hall be fetu'd in , for the 
meat fir , ic Ihail bee cooered , fot your commmg in fo 
dinner fir, why let it be as humor; and conceits fhall go- 
uerne. Exit Qowne. 

Lor, O deare difctetion,bow his words arc futed , 
The foolc hath plzmtik in his memory 
hn Armic of good words, aad J doc know 
« many fooiesthat ( in better pla.:^, 
Gdrriili-ii like him, ibi: for t rrichfi'-' '.vor.i 
Dcfie the matitr.howcheer'ff chou leffiCHy 
And now goodfweet fav thy cpiniD:!, 




Tlje zPidcrchant op^emce. 

How don thou liKc (he Lot J Tt^/'t^Mi wife' 

Itffi. Pifl illcipcrlTinif.n II Trrymrctc 
The Lord £4J^>tnio liuc •nvpn^ht lift 
For hiuing fuih i blcffing m hn LK^y, 
He findci Iht loyci of S«»ijcn hcfr* on curh, 
And if on rtiih K( doc not monc ii.k 
l\ leifon he (Vionld nf uc r rome lo hcium > 
Why.if iMo godt fhould pljy fofne h<iumly match. 
And on ihe wap,rt ljy twocirii)ly women. 
And ?#nu ont : ihffe muft bcfomeihing elfe 
Paund wi(h chc other, for the pooro rvide woild 
H»th not her fellow 

Lorrn. fcucn faih 1 hg»bind 
HaH ihouof fhe n for* wife. 

I'f. Niy, but aikc my opinion to of ih«i ? 
Lrr, I will anone.fiif) let vi goe to dinner f 
Iff. Niy.Iccme praifc you while I Siuea flomicke ^ 
L<r: No pray thee. let ii fcrue for table talke, 
fhenhow fom etc thou fpetkftrrong other thing*. 
I 0)tll digcA It ^ 

//^ Well, Uefet you forth. Exnut 

(t/^Hus Quartta. 

Imer the 'DcJ^, iht (JMa^ifcori , Anthon/o^ajfanJe^ and 

D^4 What, t$ y4rihonio Seer*? 

jint. Ready, To pJcalic your grace? 

'Dul(^. I am ferry for thee ,thou art conJ€t03nfv(/Pre 
A ftotiie aducrfary, an inhumane wretch, 
Vtujpableofpitty.voyd,and c'pty 
From any dram of mercife. 

^ni. Ihauchearti 
Your Grace hath t»ne great patties to qoaI'»fi« 
Hn ricorouj courfe : but fince he (^ands obdurate, 
And that no lawful me4r»ej can carrie me 
Out of his enuie* reach, 1 dooppofe 
My patience to hi* fury, and am arm'd 
Tolutfer with a quiemcffeoffpira, 
The very tiranny and rage of his. 

Du. Gooneandcal the lew into the CcrurC 

SaL He is ready zi the doore,he comes isy Lord. 

Erzer Shflxkt. 
DttJrfakerocm^.snd la him fland befcre our face 
Shlocks^^^ world thinkcj, and I thinke fo to 
That thou but Icadeft thisfafhionofthytnaJlice 
Toihelaft houre of afl, and then "tij thought 
Thoo It fhew thy mercy and remorfe more ftiange , 
Than it thy ftr uige spparant aueliy { 
And where tbou tujw exad ft the pciuhy, 
Which uapoundofthiipoorc Merchincsfi«&, 
Thoo wilt nee ooeiy ioofc th* forfeiture, 
But touch d with hamanegentlcneiTe endisue: 
Forgiuc 2 nioytje of the principal! , 
Glancing an eye of piety on hn loffes 
THu haucoflaic fo hudlcd on hu backe, 
Enowtopreffe aroysll Mcrchaaidownei 
And pluciteiommifcrationof Lis ftaie 
From bri^Tic bofomet, and rough hearts of fliurs , 
Fro.-oClubboraeTuiIus and Tartenccusrtr^d 

To offif ei of t»tv(J»t curiefje. 

We all cipe^ • jmile wifwct lew > 

I*w. I haiir p«(Tef< yowr gr*cc of wbti 1 ptirpofe, 
And by our holy Sabbath haoe I fwomc 
Tohawe the due and forfeit of my bond 
If youden>«it,lct the danger light 
Vpon your Charter. w»d yoyr Cii'.ei frcedorvi. 
You I like me v^hy I riihrr choofeio K»tie 
A weight of carrion fitfh, then lerecaii/? 
Thfcr ihoufand Ducat* > lie not *nfw<^ ih»t > 
But fay It limy humor i Ii it aofwerrd t 
What if my houfc be troubled with a Rat, 
And I beplcai'd to giiac ten thouftod Dwcatn 
To haue {« bain d < Whji,are yov anfwer'd yet } 
SocDC men there are Io«e not * gaping P'Cgc : 
Some thai are mad, if they behold a Cat 
And othrtf.when the bag-pipe fingt I'th nofr, 
Caonot coniaiiK thnr Vnr^e tot aifeflioo. 
MiBert of ptfTion fwayri i: loihe moo<i« 
Of what It likei or loath*, now for yojt anrwei 
At there n oo firmcreafon to bereodred 
Why he cannot abide a gaping Pigge? 
Why he a harmlefle nwrfTirit Git > 
Wny he a woollen bag-pipe : but of force 
MuA yefid to fuch ineuitablefhame, 
Ai to cffffld hirnfelfe being offended : 
So can ! giuc oo reafon, r>or I wil! nor. 
Mote then a lodg d hate, an<l a certaioc loathir>g 
I bcare Amibmn, chat 1 foilev/ thus 
Aloofing fuite agiinf^ him^ Arcyooarfwertd > 

"B'lf Thii It no anfwer thou mfeeliog laao, 
Toexcufetbe curt ant of thy cruelty 

frw. ] am not bojntj to pleaic iSre with my znfwfT. 

'ta(f. Doallmeo kil the thingi they do not iou«? 

Irw H»te* any man the '.hing be would not kul? 

"Bjlf. E uCTie offence 11 cot a Kite at firf^. 

/of. What wouldf^ thoo hauc a Serpent fli.-ig ti«f 
twite * 

Amt, I pray you ihinke yoo tjoeftion with the lev : 
You may at well goftanj »pon ine beach, 
And bid ihemame f)ooc butt hit vfuall Sright, 
Or euenai well vfequeflion wuh the Wolfe, 
The Ewe bleate for the Lambe : 
You may at well forbid the Mountair»e PirKS 
To wagge iheir high top*, and to make no noife 
When ih«y are fretted with thcgufttofhcaueo : 
You may as well do any thing moft hard, 
Asfeeke tofoftm that, then wmch wnathirdfr > 
His lewifh hcsri. Thetefore 1 do befeech you 
Make no more offert, rfe no farther meariei. 
But withall bnefe md pjjjne ctnueniencie 
Let me haue iudge!r.«)t, and the lew hi* wilL 

B*f For thy three theufand Ducacct hecras Gx- 

Ifv If etJCTie Ducst in fixe thoufand Ducatct; 
Were in fixe part*, ind euery psrt a Ducate, 
I would nt>t craw them, 1 would haue roy bond ? 

D' Hovr ftialt thou hope for tT»eToe,resu:;ng r.Witf 

/fw.What ludoetncntfkall I dread do:r.g no "*':c5g? 
You htue among you tcany a pv:rch2(^ (laut, 
Which like vour Afret,and your Dcgs and Mulc^ 
You rfe in abitft st\d in flisuifh pani, 
Becaufe you bought them. Shali I fzy to yf>u, 
L« them be free, nurrse thenrto yojr beir« i 
Wby fv»e?te they vcdtrr barthetw/ Let their bctls 
5« made ta fsft *s yourt : aiu ie-. their pa liats 
Be feaibn'd with fuel) V isad; - yt>u wtU ani'ws; 


The ^Merchant ofVeruce. 


The flauesare ours. So do I atifwcr you. 
The pound of fleOi which I demand oi him 
Is dcercly bought,'tis miae,aind I will faaue it. 
If you deoy me ; fie vponydur Law, 
There is no force in the decrees of Venice ( 
inandroriudgcmeni.anfwei.Shalll haueh } 

Du. Vponmypow« 1 may diftnifle this Court, 
\\\\^t'lit\Urio^ learned Oo^or, 
Whom 1 haue lent for todci«mtne this, 

S»l My Lord, hcere ftayes without 
AMeflcoger with Letters from the OoAor, 
New come from Padua. 

1)u Bring vs the Letters, Call the MefTengcn. 

Sa^. Good cheerey?/rt6<7-7fe. What man,corageyet: 
The lew fhall haue my flefh, blood,bones,and all. 
Ere thou fhali loofe for me one drop of blood. 

t^oi. lama tainted Weather of the flocke, 
Meetcft for death, the weakell kinde of fruite 
Drops earliefl to the ground, and fo ler me ; 
You cannot better be employ'd fiofftmit. 
Then to liue nill.aod write mine Epitaph. 

Evter ^crrlf[a. 

Du. Came you from Padua from 'Bellaria f 

Ner. From both. 
My Lord "BeUcne greets your Grace. 

"Stif. Why doft thou whet thy knife fo eameftly ? 

lew. To cut the forfeiture from that baukrout there. 

Cra. Not on thy foale ; but on thy foule har(h lew 
Thou ir.ak'n thy knife keene : but no mettall can. 
No, not the liangmans Axe bcare halfe the keenneflJe 
Ouhy fliii pc enuy. On no prayers pierce thee? 

few. No, noncihar thou haft wit enough to roake. 

^rt. O be thou damn d, inexect^iblc dogge. 
And for thy life let iuftice be accus'd: 
Thou slmoftmak'ft m« wauer in my faith i 
To Hold opinion with Pycfxtgcraj, 
Tbitfoulcs of Animals infill th«mfelue3 
Into the trunkes of men. Thy curtifh fpirit 
Gouctn'd a Wolfe, w|io hang'd for humane naughter» 
Euen from the gallowes did hit fell foule fieet ; 
And whii'O thou Uyefl in thy vnhatlowcddam, 
Infus'd it felfe in thee -. For thy dcfires 
Are Woluifh, bloody, {)eru'd,and rauenous. 

iew. Till thou cant^ raile the feale {TomofTnty bond 
Thou but offcndtl chy Lungs to fpeake fo loud : 
Repaire tliy wit good youtli,or it will fall 
Toendlcflcruine. Iftand hccrefor Law. 

Dv, This Letter fvom'Ter^/irta doih commend 
Ayongand Learned Doflor in out Couit; 

A/W-. Hcattendeihheerehardby 
Toknowyeur snfwei.whethetyou'l admit Mm. 

Di, Wiih all my hear r. Somethrecor foutof you 
Go giue him curteous condufl to this plafc, 
Meaue time the Couii (hall hem'Se/lArtoet Letter. 

YOur CrAceJhaUvndeTJiand, il^ta at the receite of jout 
Letter I am very f eke : but in tbei/iftaitthatyofjr mef. 
ffg^ came, in touing vifica/lan^ wot "wtth me cjtujig Do* 
B or of Rome, bit name u BMthafirj I axjieinedhtmwith 
thtcaufe it fetitrcHerpe, StiweetK the leW and Anthomo 
Ox Mrrchant : We twn d org many "Book*' t»gethe7 1 hee U 
furnipffd \*ith my cpimcft, which btltrvdwith hu ewnt Uar • 
irwij, the^eatnejff whcrnf I snrmot encughccmmend^omes 

with iim ai my imfortunity, tvfitl vfyour Graces rtejue ft m 
m^fied. I htfecchyou^ itt hu latl(t efyeaxt he no irrtftdjme »' 
to Ui htm Utke a reueread ofiunMim : far I ntuer kr:rwt fo 
yong a body, wuft fo old A lot ad 1 Uaiu htm toyourgraci-jut 
acceftawv, whofe trtal fhall tetter pu/^iifh hu commend^iton- 

Eattr Portta for "Ealthascar 

. "Duis- you heare the leam'd "Beltario what he writes 
And hcercCI take it)is the Doftor come. 
Giue mt y our hand : Catije you ftom old "Seflanvf 
Por. I did my Lord. 

Du. You are welcome ; take your place ; 
ft re you acquainted with the diflfcrence 
That holds this pre fent qucflion in the Court. 
Por. lamenformed throughly of the caufe 
Which is tlie Merchant hccrc? and which the lew? 
B«. Anthonto and old ShWoc^e, both ftand forth. 
Por. Is your name Shy/ockf) 
Jew. Shytocke i> *Tiy name. 
Por. Of a (hanpe nature is the fut^youfollov/^ 
Yet infuchrule, that the Venetian Law 
Cannot impugnc you as you do proceed. 
You ftand within his danger .do you noc? 
jint. I.fohefayes. 
Por. DoyouconfefTethebond? 
Ant. J do. 

Per. Then muft the lew be roercifuJL 
Itw. Oo what compulfion muH 1 ? Tell me that. 
Por The quality ofmcrcy is not ftrain'd. 
It droppeth ts the gentle rainefrom heauen 
Vpon the place beneath. It u twice bleft. 
It bleHcih him that giues, and him that takes, 
Tismightieft inthcmightirO, it becomes 
The throned Monarch berter then his Crowne. 
Hii Scepter fliewcs the force of temporall power. 
The attribute to awe and Maieftie, 
Wherein doth fit the dicad and feare of Kings: 
But mercy is aboue this fceptred fway, 
Itis enthroned in the hcaits of Kings, 
It isanattributeio God himfclfe} 
Apd earthly power doth then fliew lik?ft Gods 
When mcrcic fcafons luf^ice. Therefor* lew. 
Though luftice be thy plea, confider this. 
That in the courfe of Iuftice,none of vs 
Should fee laluation : wc do pray for mercie, 
jknd that fame prayer, doth teach vs all to render 
The deeds of mercie. 1 haue fpokc thus much 
To mittieate the iuftjcc of thy plea -. 
Which ifthou follow, this (hid courfe of Venice 
Murt necdes giue Icntcnce 'cainft the Merchani there. 

Shy. My deeds vpon rr.y head, I oauc the Law, 
The pcrnltie and foifcite of tny bond. 

Per. I s he not able to difchargc {he money 
Baf. Yei,heere I lender it for htm Jn the Court 
Yea, twire the ("Mmme, if that will not fufftce, 
I will be bound to pay it fen times ore. 
On forfeit of my hands, my head, my hear*. 
If this will not fuffice, it muft appczre 
That malice bearcs downe truth. AntJ J befeech you 
Wrcft once the Law toyour authoiicy» 
To do a great tight, do alittlc wrong, 
And curbe this cruell diuell of his will. 

Par. It muft not be, there is no powci in Vsnice 
Can alter a decree eflabliHied t 
Twill be recorded for aPrefidtnt, 

H 2 


And many »n error by ihe Gmc mtrupT, 
VYillruOiintothcftntc: Iitannoibe. 

ttw. A D^mrl crxnt to iudrrmmi, y ;-j i V^ittJ. 
O 'A'ifc young ludgt-, how do I hor.out thcc. 
Pm. J piiy you In fnc lon!<e vpon die bond 
/fw Hcerr 'ill iro« rrricicnd Do^oi.ticcrc itii. 
Pnr Shj/idrt^ (here i '-Snct ihy monir offcn-J tlicc. 
^^y Anoailt, an oath, I h*ut hd 04ih in hciucn 
Sh;)lll lay I'criufic vponmy fouled 
No not fc- Venice 

for. Wt-y thii bond it forfeit. 
And UwfuUyby thii fhe lev* may cliime 
A pound officii., to bt by him cut off 
Necreft the Merchanfi heart ; be mercifull. 
Take thricr »hy money, bid mr ctarc tho bond 

/rw When II U paid according to ihcirnurt. 
Ildoch appcsrc yauarea wouhy luder 
you fonaw t!ic Law, your eipofition 
Harh beencmoR found. 1 chargeyoo by rhe I jv», 
W}jcreof you are a wrll-defcruinq pillir, 
Procecdeto iudgenteni : By my foiilc I fwearc. 
There is no po>weT in the tongue of man 
To alter mc ; I flay hecre on my bond. 

yin. Moflbeartily I dobcfcecb the Coon 
To pue the iudgemenl . 

P«r. VVby then Uiuj ii i$ : 
you mu(T prepare yciirbofomefor hu knife 
few O noble lodge, O excellcTH yong man. 
Pa/. For the intent and purpofc of (he Law 
Hslh foU relation to the pcnaltie. 
Which hecrc appearech due vpon the bnnd. 

/ew. Tis vcrie true : O wife arid vp n^ht ludgt, 
Ho^A' much more elder aa thou then rhy iooket ? 
P>jr, TKeiefore Isy bare your bofomc 
/ea. Ijhijbreft, 
So faynj the bond, dolh it not noble ludge ? 
Neerellhij^ieari. fhofetxe the very word*. 

Per It IS fo : Are (here b&llance heerc to weigh the 

lew, I haut litem ready 

Pa7. Hauc by fome Surgeon Sh^loclt^on your charge 
To (lop his wounds, lead he fhould bietck to dcatb. 
lew T( is no( nominated in the bond? 
Prr li isnocfo exprefl: but whatofcbat ? 
Twene^good you do fomuth for charitie- 
Jcro. 1 rannot finde it, til noj in the bcnd- 
Pir. Come Merchant, haueyotj any th:r.g to fay? 
j^nt. Butliale : I am arm d and well pr^pard. 
Clue me your hand BalfoMio, fare you we!L 
Grccuc not tha 1 1 am faine to this for you : 
For heerein foriunf (hcwes her feife more kmde 
Thentsbcfcuflome. !t is flill her vfe 
To let the wretched man out- 1 lue his wealth. 
To view with hollow eye, and wrinkled brow 
An age of poucrty. From which lingnng penance 
Of fucbmiftrie, doth fht nit me off; 
Commend me to your honourable Wife, 
T«ll her the proccfle of Ant homes end : 
Say ho w 1 lou d you ; fpeakc me faire in deaih : 
Ard when ihc talc is (old, bidlier beiudge, 
Wbeiher Baf.ntohid no: once a Lcue : 
Repent not you thai you (hall loofe your fr'i«nd, 
A nd S-e repenri not that be payes your debt. 
For i f the lew do cut but deepe enough, 
lie p;y it inftantly. with ail my heart. 
'Si:f. ABthvnio, i am oi3rri«d :o a wife. 

TAe tSMerchant of Venice. 

Which it at d€«c to iT/c ai li/eu(dfr, 
Bin life it ftlft,mv w.f-.and lU ihe -AorU, 

Are not wiiS mr rii'^rt'd r.bouC ihj l»fe. 
I would lo<.i« tli, 1 fjicrihcc tKcrntU 
Heerc to iliit d«ruill, todHiMcryeu 

Ff Your wite would ^luc vou imlr tiuniu for \imi 
If fht were by to hesre y au make the otfer. 

Ora I hiue a wife .vKom I proteft I looe , 
1 would 0>c were in heauen, (o n^f could 
ItiUcjt fomcpo^erio change (hi., cwrrifh le^ 

Ntr Til well you offer it behride her bacKe, 
Thr wi'li would elfe an vnquier houfc- f tef 

//w. TlierebetheClififlian liutbwMi*:! (oucsdau^^ 
WcjJd any of the Aockc o^Tntrrmk^ 
Had beene her huib4nd,r«r.«r rl.en a ChriHiaa 
We uifls time.I priy ihetpurfue fttiterwt 

Pf . A pound of that time rearchanti f^eftiis thirke. 
The Cour: awards ir.end the law dotS giue u. 
Irw Hoft righuuUludge. 

Tte And you mufl vk this V<t'^\ (row ofThu bir»A . 
The La'.T aUowes I'.indibeCoun twudi it. 

/rw. Mofl leam'.d ludjje.a fer.rence.c omc prrptrt 
Par. Tarry ahtile.thereisfomethingelfe, 
This bond doth ciue thee hetre noioi cfblood, 
Thf words exprefly area pound of flefh ; 
Then takerhy bond,tike thou thy pound of flrOi, 
Bui in the conmglt.ifihou dofl (Ked 
One drop of Chriflian bJoud.ihy Unds ar>d goods 
Are by the I awes of Venice confifcite 
Vnto the ftfiit of Venic«. 

prA O vpnghf Ivjdge, 
Klarke lew.oleimed lut^e. 
Shf Is that the law 
P»r Thy feire fKall &e the Afl : 
For aethou vrgejl iuflice. beafTurd 
Thou (halt hMicluIlice more (hen t Woo defiref). 
Gr* O leamed ludgemark lew,a learned Tudge. 
lew. i take chisoiTeTU>en,piy (he borui thrice, 
AndhtthcC-'irifVnn goe 
"Baf. Heerejsthen»on*y. 

Prr. Soft,thcIew f>>a;ihauealliuflice,foftj»oh;fl«. 
He fhall haue nothing but the penalty. 
Cr.'~ O lew.aii vpright ludgc,aIc2rT>ed lodge. 
Prr, Tlicre'ore prepare thee to cut off ihe fiefh , 
SSed thou no blood, nor cut thou leffe nor more 
But luflapoundof flefh : ifthou tak'O more 
Or Icffe then a rufl pound, be it fo much 
As make) it light or heauv tn the fubftance , 
Or the deuifion of the rwectierb part 
Of one poore fanplc, nzy if the fcale doe tume 
But in tiie cftimatior of a hajTe , 
Thou diefl, and all tby goods are confifcatf. 

Gra A fecond Daiel^ £ Danul lew. 
Now infidell I haue rhee on the hip. 

1>:nr, VVhy doth the lew paufe.takc thy forfeiture. 
Shy. Giuememyprincipall.andleimegoc. 
Bsjf. I haue it ready for (bee. heere It 11. 
Per. Hebathrefusd it inthccpenCotutt 
He Ihall hauc meeriy ju.'rice and his bond. 

Oa. A Darnel ftiU fay I,a ferond h^^itt, 
} thanke thee lew for teaching me that word. 
Sh Shalilac:haueb«rciy tTTyprincipall? 
Par. Thotilhaltbatscrsothingbuicberorferture, 
To be taken fo at thyperill lew. 

Sbf, WhythentheDtuiUgiuehimgoodofk 
J\e flay QD longer quffliorL 

Per. Tarrv 

The Merchant ofVenice' 


Por. T«rylcw(, 
The L»vv h»th yet inothor hold on yoo. 
I f II f na^cd in ihc Lawcs of Venjet; , 
Ifitbc proutd *gainft an Alien, 
Thit by dircf>,or indircd) sttcmpta 
He fceke the hfe of »ny Cuixen , 
The party gsinrt tl>c which he doth comriue , 
Shall feaze one hslfe his good$,the other haife 
C«mei to the priuie coffief of the Sote , 
^nd «he offender! life li« in i4ie mercy 
OfthcDukeonely, g»inftaU'othct voi<e. 
In which piedicatncnt I fiy tSou Hand/i : 
For It appcjre* by manifcft proceeding, 
TWat inditeftly, and dirc£Uy to; 
Tbou haft cortcrlu'd againfl the very life 
Of «ht defendant : and thou haft ineiir'd 
The daneet formerly by nseTehearft. 
Oowne ihercfore.and beg mercy of the DuRe. 

Cra. Beg that thou ina>n haueleauc to hang ihv fclfc, 
And y«t thy wealth bdng forfejt to the ftate, 
Thou haft not left the value of i cord, 
Therefore thou rouH be hang'd at (he rtate* charge. 

2>a^ That ihou rtjali fee ihc difference of our fpif it , 
I pardon thee tby life before thou aikc it : 
For halfethy wealih, it is Antbctno'i, 
The other ha fe comes to the generall (hte, 
Which humblencffe may drme vnto a fine. 

for, I for ^hc ftatc.not for Atahento. 

Shf, Nay.take my life and all.pardon not thai. 
You take my houfe,when you do take th« prop 
That dcnhfuftairM my houfe : you take my 1 Jc 
When yon doe take the meanci whereby 1 liuc. 

P»r What mercy can you render htm jiKtbeai»t 

(jTo. A halter^r*r«,nothing elfe fofCodt fake 

yitit. So picafe (iiyXord the Duke, and all the Court 
Tc quit the 6ne for one halfe of hii goodt. 
i am content i fo he will let mc hauc 
Theother halfe in vfe, to lender it 
Vpoo his death, vnto the Getitlerran 
That lately ftolc hi » daughter. 
Twoihhigi prouided more.that for this fauout 
HcpYefently become a Chjiflian : 
The oihci.that he doe record a gift 
Hecre in the Coun ofall he dies poffcft 
Vntohiafoni^e L«Tnn.t,xn6 his daughter. 

27ii^ He (hall doc this.or clfe I doc recant 
The pardotsthac 1 late pronouocrd hcerc, 

Ptr. Kr\ thoo contented lew? what doft thou fay? 

Shy. Ismcontrat. 

Par. Claike.drftw a deed of gift. 

Shy. IprayyoiipiucmefrauctogoefromheocCt 
I am not well, (end the deed after me. 
And I will figneit. 

Did(t. Get lh«gone,butdoe'it. 
Cr4. In chriftnmg thou fhalt hauetwo godfathers, 
Had I been iudge^thou fhouldfthsue hii ten more* 
Tobringtb«ctothegallowe«,not to the font. Exit. 

T)" Sir 1 inirearyou with me h«ii>e to dinner. 

V«r. I humbly doe defire yourOracc of pafdon, 
I tnuA away thitnipht toward Padua, 
And it I! mpcre ( preCently let fonh. 

T)*^ I am forrv that your leyfurt feruc; y ou nor : 
Antbotto ,^t^\j^t this gentleman. 
For m my mind« you^ar^moeh bound (o him. 

E-Ht f>ii^ attd b'n irasn, 

'Baff. Moft worthy gcntlcrnun,! Jiiitd my fnend 

Hiue by your wifcdome becne tiiJs day acquitted 
Of gretuous penalties, inlieu whereof, 
Three thoufand Ducats due vnto the lew 
Wc freely copeyour turteouspaines wshaK, 

An, And fiiod indebted ouer and aboue 
In loue and (eruicc to you cuermore. 

Per. He is well paid that is well fatisfied, 
And I deltuering yoA, am fatisfied. 
And thereio doe account my fclfe well paid, 
My mihde was oeuer yet more merciharie. 
1 pray you know me when wt meete againe, 
I wi(ri you wcll,and fo I rake my kjue. 

Btg. Deare (ir,of force I mult Httempt you further. 
Take fome remembrance ofVs as a '.nbute, 
Not as fee : grant me two things, I pray you 
Nottodenie me, and to pardon me. 

P*r. You preffe mee »rre,and therefore I will yeeJd, 
Giue me your gloues.Ile wear* them for your fake, 
Andforyout loue lie take this ring from you. 
Doe not draw backeyourhand.ile takeno more. 
And you in loue fliall not deny me this ? 

3*/". This ring good fir, alas it is a trifle, 
I will not (hamemy felfe to giue you this. 

P*r. r wil haue nothing elfe but onely ihti, 
And now methinkcs I haue a lurnde to it. 

Btif There's more depends on this then ca) the valew, 
The deatcfl ring in Venice will I giue you, 
And finde it out by proclamation, 
Onely for this 1 pray you pardon me. 

Per. I fee (if you are liberall in offers , 
You taught me mH to beg. and now me thinkea 
You tejcb me how a beggar (Lould be anfwer'd. 

"Baf. Good fit, this ring was giucn me by my wife, 
And svhen fhe put it on, flic made mc vow 
That 1 (hoold neither Icll.noTgttK.nof lofelt. 

P»T. Thit fcufc fcrues many n>en to faue their giftt, 
And if your wife be not a mad woman. 
And kno'*' how well I haue dcferu'd this ring, 
Shee «oul<l not hold out ehtmy for cucr 
For piuirio It to me : well.peacebe withyou. Exnwt. 

Amt. My L'BaJfjf!ii,lei him haue rherirtg. 
Let hisdcfcruingi aiKJ my toue withall 
Be 'altted againft youi wiues commandcment. 

Bitff', Goe Cr4iian«jur\ and ouer-take him , 
Giue hini the ting, and bring him if thou canft 
Vnto Aiib«nt»r houle, away , mike hafte. £xit Craii. 
Come, you and I wiU thither prefently, 
And in the morning early will we both 
Flic toward 7//m««r, come Aotbcito, Ertpnt. 

Emttr TeriU and Ntrr^t. 
Por Enquire the lewes houfe out, giue him this iitA, 
And let him fig^e it, wee II away to night, 
And be a day Before our husbands home : 
This deed will be well welcome to Lermvt. 
E-ttr (jrariano. 
Cra. Fair e (ir,yo*i are weil ore-tane : 
My L.Baffaiiie vpon more aduice , 
Hath lent you heetethis ring, and dotb intrfai 
Yourcompaoy at dinner. 
Ptr. That cannot be ; 
Hit ring I doe accept rroft tbonkftjlly 
And (o I pray you tell him : furthermore, 
IpeayyotiOuw my youtholdf^ix^/ houfe. 
Cra. That will I doe. 
N<r. Sir, I would fpeake witb you : 

Q r.e 


The (i5V/ err bant of Venice. 

lie frc vf] cu\ get my Huibandi ivn^ 

WKich I didmiVchimfwcair tofVccpc forcuer 

Per. Tliou m»ifl 1 wirran(,vfc fbal hnuc old/wcsring 
Th»i (hey did ^ut th* riogi twty to men } 
But wtelt out- fact thrm,ind oui-fweuc th<mto • 
A wny.rrake h»flt ,thou know fl where 1 will ttny. 
Nfr. Coma good fti.will you Q>ow ate inthii hocfc 

z^Qus Quinius, 

Intrr Lcrgri*^ and UfficA. 
LfT. Themoont fhintt bright Infucbarnghi u ihit. 
Whto lite fwect wirule Jid giody kiflethcueet, 
And (hey did moke no fuel) a night 
Trenlm mc tbtnkei movmtcd (Ik Troiin wsllt, 
And figh'dhii foule coward ibc C*rccian tcoix 
When Cnlf^dhy that night. 

/*f. In fucn a nighi 
0>d T^M^Mfearefuliy ore>iripthe ()ewe. 
And faw (he Lyons (haJov^ crc himlclfc . 
And rinne dirmayed away 

LertH. Infuchanight 
Stooc Dtd? wiih a Willow in hrr hand 
Vpon '.ht wiMe fc«bankes,and wJi hei Loue 
To come aeame to Carthage 

/«f, Inluch a night 
Medta pachctcd th«- inchdniedhearbs 
That do renew old Efon, 

Lpren. In Aich anight 
Did /^'/Tic'uftcale from the weilihy Irvue, 
A'ld with an Vnthnft Loue did ruonc from Veoice, 
As ^arre as Beliuoni. 

Itf. In Tuch a night 
Did young Larevs^ I'wearc he loud bet well, 
SicalmgherCoulr wuh many vowesotfaitb 
Andi>€re8 trueone. 

L^eit. In fucb a night 
Did pretty /*//JraClike a litile Dirow) 
SlandcT her Loiie.aiid he forg3ae it her. 

Irjft. I would out-mght you did no body eotiM : 
But haike^ Scare the fooiiiigof a man. 

En:er Meffer.ger, 

'Lar. WKoccmesfo fill in lilence of the night/ 

A4r(. Afrieod. (friend? 

Leren A fVircd,wha( friend f your name I pray you 

Ttlif Sttfhaiio is iny nanie.and I brine word 
My Mift'cfTe will before the brcake of day 
Be hecre at Belmont, (he doth (Iray about 
By holy aoffes ^^hae fhe kneeles and prayes 
For bappy wedlocke huuret. 

Lorgn, W'hocome* with her ? 

Mtf. None bur a holy Hermit and btr maid • 
1 pr jy you "(t my Maflet yet rntum'd ? 

Lsrtn. He u twt.nor webauc not heard from him, 
But goe we in I pray thee Itff'Cii, 
Andccfcmonioufly let vsvs prepare 
Some v^elcome for dieMidrefTe of ih( houfe, 

Ifiter Clmmt, 

Clo. Sola.fol* vwohaho,fola,fola« 

Lunij. WKomIU? 

Clo. SoU.did jrou fee lA.Ltrrm^^tt fA M3nnco/o\t^ 

Lor. Lxaut hollowing man^oc/r. (fble* 

CL. 5&U.w^<ic,whrrt? 

Li/, Herri? 

C/s. Tcl hiiTi ilxr's 8 Pofl tofDefrommy M'<rtT,wUS 
hii borne ftjH ctpjcA nr^cn/rry Maflci will be nrrc eti 
rrorningfwcet (oulc 

Larm, Ln'ib^d tbertexpt^ tbnr commir|. 
And yet ticnutici : why OkmUI wc goc bi? 
My frierid Stt^cn, figmfic pr»y you 
Within the booCtjoui Miftrdleit Z'.h?.r6, 
A"'d bring yo-jrmufiqiitfocinh into tbe *jTt. 
How fweti ib« mocn«- light (leepcs rpon ihis ba/ike, 
Hf«rc will we (it^dlet cnc foonda of muf.cVe 
Crerpe in our cares foft flilnc<,aod iht rjigfj 
Become the tuiches of fwc« : 
Sit Iffflctt, looke howth^Aoorcof hrauen 
It ihicke mhycd with patten* of bright gold , 
ThcTc'i not tbe fmaild\ crbe which thou behol-Jf* 
But in his moaonlike an AngtJl fingt, 
Still quiring, to tbe youog ejcd Cherwbina ; 
Such hiff-ionie is in unrnorieJl foulcs. 
But wbilfi this muddy veftore of decay 
DothgroAydofein it, wc caQnotheaieu . 
Come h(K,and wakc'Z)M«a with a hymae , 
V/;th fw^aeft tutchei praxceyoui bliftr^CV c*ie. 
And draw her home with mufic^e 

I'Jfi. I «nr:^uer merry when 1 heaxe fweet rr.ufique 

Ltr. Tlie rcifon iSj your fpirits are attenuue : 
For doe but note a v/ildtr and wanton hevd 
Or race of youthful arul vcbandlrdcolti, 
Ferchlncmad boond».beltovfngand oeigbing '.cjod. 
Whieh 15 the hot condiiinn o f iheir bloud, 
If they but heare perchance* uumpet fouad. 
Or any ayTeofrmificketoych their eares, 
You fnallperceiuethemmakeaaMiiuallfbad, 
Their fauigc e^es tum'J to a modeft gaze, 
Py the fweet po-^er ofmuficke : ilierefore the Poet 
Did faine thai Orphcuj drew tret s^. ones. and fitcdi. 
i^incenacght roftotkirti,h4rd,siMl full of rage. 
But nsuficke for titoedoih change his oattue, 
TSe man that hAlh no muficke Ln himfelfe, 
Nar It not n>oucd vn'lh concord of fMcet fcuodS) 
Is fit for ueafciu,fit3t2gcmi,aDd fpoyles, 
The morions of his fpirit are dull unigbt. 
And his tffcSions darke as £rc6iu. 
Let DO fucn irrao be uufted : marke the muficice 

£iner fvtio and Strnffj 

Pt^. That light we fee is burning in nry hall. 

How &rrethst little ciTuleJIthro'Tves bii beamed, 

So(}iine5a|ooddeediD a naughty world. ((^'^ 

Nrr. When the mocoefhor.cvxe did not fee Uietif' 
Prr. So dolh the greater glorydiro tbsldfe, 

A fubftitule ihines brightly as a Eng 

VntillalCingbeby, loidthen hisftate 

Emptier It doth ar inl&nd bn>cJie 

Into the maine of waters .■Diuru)ue,hark€. TifafKk* 

Nrr, It 18 your rruficke Madame of the hotife 
Per NothLng is good I fee without refped, 

Methtnkesit founds rruchfweetcriWn by day? 
Ntr^ Siler.csbetlowistbatvertueonit Madam 
^C7. TheCrc w doth-Gng m fwceilyas »>>« larke 


Tie S^enhantof Venice. 


When n€ithrr i auended : and I thinke 
The Nigbiingelc if (He fiiould fingby day 
WKen euery Goofe is cackling, would be thought 
Nd bener a Mudcien then the Wren ■ 
How many things by feafoo, fcafon'd are 
To their right praiCe, and true perfeAion > 
Peace, how the Mooae fleCpes with Endimlbn* 
Aad would not be awak'd 

tor. That U the voice, 
Os I am n»uch deceiu'd o^PortJa^ 

Tor. He knovve» me ac rha blinde man knovve5> the 
Cuckow by the bad voice ?. 

JjiT. Deere Lady wclcoroc horned 

Prr. Wehaue bene praying for our ha bondcv^elfflte 
Which fpced we hope the better for cot: wotids. 
Arc they recum'd? 

har. Madam, they arejwt7e«:. 
But there is come a Meffengei before 
To fignifie ibeif comming. 

fvr. Go \n)Vtrrffa, 
Giue order to my leruantf , that they take 
No note at all of our being abfent heoce^ 
Nor you Lorenx.e, J»ffu:* nor you. 
tyl Tfckst founds. 

Lfir. Your huibandii at band, IbearehlsTxumpcc, 
We areno tcU'tales Madam,fe«re you nor. 

for. Thia night me thinkesia but the daylight fickc. 
It locket »iiule paler« 'tit 8 day. 
Such as the d)y ia,when the Sun t< hid. 

Enter "Bajfanio, j4t7thonio,GrafJa/>Ogaad their, 

Esf. We (hould hold day witbtbe AjitlptxIeSp 
Ifyou would walkein abrrnceofthert)ane> 

Prr, Let me giue ligl«,but Jet me net be lighl^ 
For a light wifodoih make a hrouic husband^ 
And neuer be "S^ffimh fo for me. 
But God fort all: you ere welcome homemy Xord. 

Bitlf. 1 tbankeyouMad»Q>,giuewelcomto(ny fiiend 
This It the man, this it Antbmio, 
To whom I atnibipAuitely bound. 

Pvr. You (hould'in all fence be much bound to him. 
For as I hcarc he fizs much bourid for you. 

tAnth. No more then I am wcl acquitted of. 

Ptr. Sir, you arc verie welcome to our houfe : 
Tt muft appeare iff otherwatCTthtn word*. 
Therefore I fcant this breathing curtefie. 

Cr*. By yonder Moone 1 fweare you do mc wrong, 
Infaith I gaue it to the ludgcs Clearke, 
Would he were gel t that had it for my part. 
Since you do take it Loue fo much at hart. 

Per. A quarrel hoe alreadie, what's the matter i 

Grd, About a hoopc of Gold,a paltry ^ing 
That ftiedid giue me, whofe PoefTe was 
For all the world like Cutlers Poetry 
Vpon a knift • Lcut/nre^aodleouerrutmr, 

Ner. What talke you of the Poefie or the valew: 
You fwore co me when I did glue it you. 
That you would weare it til the houreof death, 
And chat it (hould lye with you in your graue,* 
Though not for me, yet for your vehement oathtj 
You mould haue bcene tefpcdius and hcue kept '\U 
Gaue it a fudges Clearke: but wcl I know 
The Clearke wil nerc wearc haire on's face rhat had if. 


Cr€. HewiUandifheliuctobeitmsin. 

l/*rrijfa. I,if ^.Avoman line to be a man. 

Cra. Nowby this handl gaue it (oayeutlin 
A kinde of boy,